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Best land podcast

Love the consistent episodes

Great real estate content

Consistent episodes coming out every week

Great Podcast!!

I recently started listening to The Hive with Us podcast and I have been incredibly impressed. The podcast offers interesting, thought-provoking content that is both informative and entertaining. The hosts have a great chemistry and their conversations are engaging and relevant. Additionally, the show features a range of guests, from entrepreneurs to academics, who provide valuable insights and perspectives to the topics discussed. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for something new and exciting to listen to! 5 stars!

Attention To Detail

Daniel is the kind of host who listens and pays attention. His question style is smooth and transitional. Plus, he makes you feel comfortable right off the bat.


Hivemind is amazing. The tools , technology network and training will allow you to build wealth and become successful. Make sure to tune in to the network, implement the information and take massive action.

Great pod

Love the podcast and the hivemind. Giving away the value people pay thousands to get.

Anthony and Daniel are the Real Deal

Anthony and Daniel are brilliantly taking down land. They have an amazing approach when dealing with sellers and love helping others. Great content. Thanks for sharing with all of us. 💪💪

Great Podcast, System and Guys!

I’m new to the real estate investing world and I’ve learned so much from this podcast. I am a Hivemind user as well and the software is great too. In addition I’ve recently called on Daniel and Anthony for some help with a deal. Daniel responded immediately to my message and referred me to Anthony as he handles the deals. Anthony has been super responsive and joined me on a deal call where I learned a ton. Really impressed all around with these guys, their system and the hive in general. Keep up the great work!

One stop shop!

Almost every aspect of the real estate game is covered in the hive with us podcast. Great listens and an even greater community they have built. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!!

A+++++ Podcast and people

Phenomenal content to follow for all things CRM, real estate, land and more!

Best Community there is

I’ve been with Hivemind for at least a year now and wish I would’ve signed up way sooner these guys give great knowledge support and a product that helps us actually do the deals can’t say enough about them! this group actually does the deals they don’t just talk about them! Hivemind I recommend highly

Great info

Love the consistency

Forging their own path!

These guys have made a massive impact on the land investing community. They continue to add value with each call, each podcast and their massively valuable FB group, I’m glad I found them. It has been an incredibly life changing journey and it began with Anthony suggesting I check out land instead of investing in SFHs like everyone else.

Very Helpful & Informative

I’ve been listening for about a month now and the amount of well-rounded info I’ve learned is quite remarkable. I was new to real estate and this podcast has really helped me learn and take action.

Positive vibes

This guys are amazing. So much insight and very relatable.

Love this show

The guys are great! If you are looking to invest in land you need to be listening to this show. They have everything you need!

My Daily Listen

These podcast are great, Daniel and Anthony are the real Deal! I know them both and they add value every time.

Wow wow wow

Great podcast and great time .

Incredible real estate pod!

Super helpful and a great listen!