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March 6, 2023

Ep 349: What Is Hivemind With Daniel Esteban Martinez- Stuck In My Mind Podcast

Ep 349: What Is Hivemind With Daniel Esteban Martinez- Stuck In My Mind Podcast


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0:40 and welcome to another Live episode of stuck in my mind, I'm your host wi ze. I have a very special guest. He's a fellow podcaster. He's an entrepreneur. Oh man, he has a lot of hats. So we're gonna talk about all that when he comes on the show. Welcome to the show. Daniel Martinez. 1:01 Man, thanks for having me on. I like to start out with I do have a lot of hats. 1:07 I want to start off with what is hive mind. 1:11 So hive mind is a software SaaS company we started about two years ago. It's a, it's a software to help small businesses organize. So usually people are using spreadsheets and paper ready on their desk. And it's just like, a mess in most cases. So I've met as a Software crm to help them get organized, whether it's invoicing websites, collecting payments, texting, emailing, and a lot of courses, I mean, Link trees, you can go a bunch of different ways with it. But there's a lot more than just like a CRM, and there's a lot of cool things. And we use it in all our businesses in different ways, even podcasting, with Calendar integration, stuff like that. 1:55 So is it a way for you to help small businesses get automated 2:00 100% That's what it is. So a lot of solopreneurs, they have to wear like all these hats. So the sales man, they're the marketing engine, they're the, they're the coordination of whatever product they're delivering. They're the customer service, or they're doing all these different things. So this kind of helps them organize and automate in different processes. So you can automate your marketing to get more clients, you can automate your follow up, if they miss miss a call or miss a meeting, you can automate your nurturing to our upsells into other products and services. So it's kind of the one thing you need to like build an automate and scale your business. You gotta get a CRM, it helps with everything. If you have, if you have a podcast, I mean, what are you doing right now, hopefully building a list. If you have a podcast, if you have a product or service, you hopefully build your list of customers and clients that listen to your show, whether you're going to offer them freebies, or, Hey, we have an event coming up that you have a chance to meet me and sign my autograph book or whatever you know, it is, hopefully you're finding a way to build that list. And it's kind of one way to use a CRM. So you Yeah, there's a bunch of different ways to do that. Whether you're in car sales, podcasting, e commerce, like, you always need to listen and build your list, and you need products and services to build out and nurture that list. 3:13 And that's something when I first started podcasting, I had no idea. These are things you don't you don't learn. Like I am an independent podcaster. So these are things I've learned. On my path. Here are my journey in podcasting, that these are things that have helped me as a podcast, especially automation with getting my email, emails aren't canned newsletters, what if I want to help with prone to new episodes, getting that out to the audience out there? So having to build an email list is definitely something that I highly recommend for anybody out there for any business. 3:50 Any business. Yep, it's like that's step number one, the other big customer base upsell them that your base products and push them up to the higher tiers level of products, hopefully, get the most you can out of that customer. And if you have reoccurring products, it's always a bonus. 4:07 I saw something that interested me was that has been my nephew, one of the things that we our goal is to build a community build our own community, and you're into land selling land, and what's the difference between between buying land, and just buying a piece of property? With a house on it, 4:29 there's a lot of differences. So people always gotta take care of number one first, so they're gonna make sure they have a roof over their head. So if you want you to count what you think really think about this, okay? If they're gonna take care of house number one, that's why a lot of investors they like houses because the people are gonna think number one, well, on the flip side of that, this coin is people that buy land can afford to and it's not priority one, its priority, maybe five or 10 and they can afford to so what we're doing our whole niche in the land Space is we buy large tracts of land and we subdivide it and sell it to individuals that can afford to. So not everybody can go out and buy 100 200 acres, but they can buy up by 10 or 20. So that's what we do, we'll take the 100 acres down to 10 or 20. And then we'll sell it to 10 people versus one individual person owning that 100 acre lot. 5:23 You know, when you're kind of building your own community, we have people 5:28 100%, man, a lot of it is it's a lot of and this is, I know, you're familiar with this, but a lot of the property has been handed down generation to generation and nuisance inherited, it's just, it's just passed down, there's no, there's 100 equity on it, the banks won't lend on it. And the people that have it usually inherited, or they paid cash for it in most cases. So what we're doing is we're taking that land from them, and making it affordable to hand back to the individual. So most of our clients are minorities, and Hispanics, we deal a lot with them, we do a lot of like blue collar people. Our our space is like within 60 minutes of any major city, because people are willing to commute or hunt within their their range not going to travel. That mean that it's not that they're not going to do it, but they'd rather travel an hour to go hunt on their property versus six hours. You know, 6:24 is I understand it because I'm two hours away from New York City. And so a lot of people come I'm gonna I'm, I'm a Brooklyn boy born and raised. But I live in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania now. And so a lot of people commute to work from here to the city. Yep. And so an unlocked people by their homes, like they're the weekend homes where they want to get away from the city, like you said, hunting, hunting is big up here. A lot of people come up here hunting. 6:56 Yeah, and that's all it is, man. People, people want a place not too far away from where they work or live, to either have a second home, have a hunting land, maybe build another property out there and move out there. And they'll just commute to work. They have their space and land and they mess up on the property manhunt on their property. And I do all the above is recreational use or private use, you know, so that's kind of our end buyers that we're selling to. And like I said, the people that have it, they just inherit it, and they don't really there's no attachment to it. The thing about things I love about it is that they they don't have very many options. With houses, they can rent it, they can Airbnb, it, they can, they can let their cousin live in it, you know, they have all these different options. They can sell it, they can lease it, they can do all these other things, land dishes there. They really don't know how to monetize it. And that's where we come in, we know how to monetize it. We know how to create a win win solution with them. And we come up and that's what we do. That's what we do our land development and land acquisition. 7:55 So what wouldn't What led you to this? What made you want to help people? 8:03 There's a couple of answers. So for the software side, I my pain point was I was struggling to be organized. So I saw an opportunity to create software. And then it helped me in my business immensely. We're now where we have multiple businesses, I'll run through the software that's helped us a lot a lot. And now we've had 16 clients that six figure months. So I'm like if I could have one 510 20 Like now we're hitting numbers where they're having $100,000 Gross Profit months, I'm like, okay, I can have 1000s of people. So that's kind of like my software wise, like a, if I if I can help more businesses making make more money, there's a trickle down effect from their employees to people that actually helping to people that they employ. That just trickles down to their family, you know, that might create wealth through other people's family. So it's kind of like a trickle down effect of helping people accelerate in. I mean, we live in the United States of capitalist capitalist country. Yes. When people make money, like people like Oh, flippers are the worst. We gotta think if a flipper is doing a lot of jobs in a certain space, there's contractors, subcontractors, plumbers, as refers, there's trash out companies, there's agents, there's all these different trickle down effect that people are getting paid to that one transaction. It's the same thing in business. So when we do land, there might be a blue collar worker, that's going to come come come in and clear some of the put the fence up there might be a handyman that's gonna lock the gate. There's gonna be agents there that do other things. Well, there's a trickle down effect that boosts the economy in its own way just by having so many different people who have put their hand in the pot that you need to facilitate and sell the land. So there's a huge benefit that comes around just by doing good business and doing business. Well, there's a huge trickle down effect that doesn't just affect you, it affects a lot of other people as well. 9:51 And that makes sense that makes sense where, with you, helping them build their homes and their lives and all that actually We giving businesses more than other small business opportunities to like you said electrician, handyman all these people, they gain employment from, from projects like this 10:13 100%. And that's not that's all it is. It's when you really think about it that way you bring a lot of like, in the middle of nowhere town that has little work. I mean, if you can build the development out there, I mean, there's that provides work for all new people that might come in just to work there. You know? It's cool process that happens. 10:34 No, listen, anytime you. It's a different feeling when you're able to help people and help small businesses because it likes it. It's a capitalistic society. But it's more focused and geared towards big business. And anytime that you're able to help small business owners achieve greatness and achieve thing, that's a plus man, because now you're helping so many different people, and the dynamic shifts. Because again, that's why I do my podcast is to be able to share the information from people like yourself to help small business owners growing and developing. And this, this programs like, there's so many different programs that they can use to help. Like, I need to get automated, I know that for the fight, I know that the automation is something that will help me immensely, because it'll take a lot of take off a lot of the hats that I wear being an independent podcaster. Yeah, 11:39 that's one thing that I did Cicely Hamilton podcast episodes, I had my VA, hey, I have here's this, here's the name of the title. Here's the YouTube link, and schedule it out for that day. So every time there's a podcast release, it goes out to the email list, boom, hey, we have an episode, check it out. Click below, watch it right now and YouTuber, Apple, Spotify, whatever. So it's really, it's really connecting with your audience, effectively, and then when you get when you get responses back or you get feedback back, or anytime any type of feedback is good, whether it's like hey, I love these emails. Just send them every time it helps build helps build more relationships with your audience. And I think that's the thing about podcasting and doing stuff like this in general, it helps connect your audience relationally without having a conversation with them. 12:26 That makes sense. I want to take a quick break out of this the moose This is one of well this is our newest sponsor. So we're paying attention all business owners. Are you tired of managing your finances and taxes on your own? Let the experts at one 800 tax masters help. Our team of experienced professionals offers a range of services to help you keep your finances in order from personal and business tax returns to monthly accounting quarterly and annual tax planning and virtual controller and CFO services. With our virtual services, you can get the support you need without ever having to leave your office. Don't let taxes and finances stress you out any longer. Visit www one 800 tax today and let us handle the numbers so you can focus on growing your business. Alright, and that is our sponsor tag. What do you guys have tags Max's? All right then. So what made you get into podcasting? 13:32 Um, I saw it as a way to build more credibility to my audience, because you can this is like, you can have a one on one coaching business and direct sell all your customers. But if you can find a way to connect with them in a different way and build the customer, customer comfortability where you can sell them without selling them. And that was the biggest thing for me. Like, I don't actually use like, sell on my podcast. But as long as things were like, I've had people come in from my podcast and spend money with me without ever speaking to them just because they felt they felt like they knew me through podcasting. 14:09 Well, it's well had I just ran actually, we've known each other the owner of the business. I've known her since kindergarten. I mean, and it's, I'm gonna I'm sorry, but I'm gonna put out I'm apologizing to her because I'm about to blast and play her I put out her age. Yeah, we've known each other over 40 years. And she, she, she's, she saw that I was podcasting. She was like, oh, and I posted one day I was like, I'm looking for smiles for the podcast and small business owners. And she was one of the first people to hit me up. Like, bro, let's do this. Let's get this done. And so to be able to have to have someone that I've known for such a long time and She's a very successful entrepreneur. She's very, she's very, she's very intelligent and smart. And it's just been able to, to connect, we connect with her because we had lost touch with some time to be able to reconnect. And now, at this point in our, in our lives, it's just an amazing feeling, man. No, that's, 15:23 that's the cool part about podcasting. Like, I've had people that that people reach out to me, I actually have had people reach out to me before I grew up, like, I see you with this hive mind thing, let's talk about it. And I'm like, That's cool, man. And it's like stuff, like you don't even like think about having reached out to them. But it's one of the things where they, they might find some type of connection that, like, I know, this person for I grew into high school for 15 years, you know, there's there's some type of standing relationship there. And it's cool to reconnect with old people, old souls, because it like when you wait, as you get older, your life kind of branches out in different ways. Yeah, in different directions. And it's not that there's no, there's no, there's no, it's not that there's that love there. It's just the love has been spread apart, whatever. No. 16:09 You know what, it's with time, like, you start, especially now with me the way I've been, I've been attracting the people that I that needs to be in my life at this moment that that helped, that needs to help me get to the next level. And so that's what that's what it is, is that you don't intend on stop being won't be. Because I have friends that for 30 plus years that we have friendships, and we might not speak for a few years. And then when we do speak, it's like, we pick up right where we left off. So it's those type of relationships. And then, but now, one of the key things is surrounding yourself with people doing what you want to do. Being where you want to be at, because you everyone needs a coach. Everyone needs a mentor you need you can't do this alone. I didn't, I didn't. Yeah, I went and did the research and started learning to courses. But I went and sought the help that I needed to help me improve. And there's still things I need to work on. 17:09 Yeah, well, what's cool about like, altruism in general, and I talked about this earlier today, is that when you when you go out and start something, people will come out and help you, whether it's somebody you're talking with or people that saw you in the past, they'll actually come out and help you because you're you're coming out and doing something that that's against the grain. So people want to support people want to support like, 17:30 they want to see the action going to the action they want to see they want to see the action. And it's amazing because I have so many fellow podcasters reach out and be like, Hey, what's up, let's collaborate. Let's do this. Because they see the grind. They see me posting every week. Um, I do three live shows. Three days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And then I go and I co host a couple of another show on Friday, Thursdays and Fridays, which is live. They shout out to my man snowman in the morning with Cole Johnson. He actually said good evening to us. Yeah. What's going on Ben yesterday network. We're live on his network right now on the Roku channel. And then I'm Rod what's going on rod? Another fellow podcast? And that's one thing I love that. Podcast is a very loyal to each other. Yeah. Everybody thinks that. This community No, this is one of the greatest communities out there. Because we know especially in the independent podcasters. They know the work that you put into your podcast. So some of them have become some of your biggest fans, because they see the work that you put in. And they like to keep doing what you're doing. And they just keep beating you up. And that's one of my biggest supporters and fellow podcasters. 18:47 It's a long term play, like how long have you been podcasting? Now, 18:51 three years, 18:52 three years. It's like one of those things like it's like a three to five year play. Yeah. It takes time. It takes time takes effort, it takes a lot of consistency, seeing no results. And that's why I struck a nerve apparently. 19:09 Because when you first third, like you get no downloads, like when I first started, actually, I understood why because I didn't know I was just uploading. I wasn't doing anything else. I won't put in descriptions I would. I wasn't doing none of the stuff that I needed to do. But somehow I still gained a little bit of traction. And not just and once I started doing those things, putting in creating thumbnails, creating descriptions, titles, because if you go back and you look at some of my audio files, right, and you see the thumbnails that I first did, compared to the thumbnail that I've done videos that I do now. 19:49 I tell people all the time because like I was afraid of speaking before I started my podcast and now I do this all the time like this is this is my second podcast today. And it's one of those things where like I was afraid to speak before and now I've grown comfortable. I know what I'm going to say I can I can free flow with like this conversation like, there's no scripted questions here. If you listen to this, he hasn't he hasn't, he didn't tell me what he's going to ask me. 20:14 Because my show was not scripted. Because those those credit to my show, I'd love to have him come on, have great conversation. And then of course, you're providing the service, you're providing something that people need. So that's why I love to have my guest on. And there's no script, because I want people to just, I want people to come on and just be themselves. I don't want I don't want to just want to be sounding all. Like they're just here to sell a product. Yeah, I want them to come on and be themselves to see people I want people to see them as a human like, Oh, this is regular dude. Yeah, he's got a product that he's selling. But he's just a regular guy like me, let's see what he got to say. 20:54 100%. And so that's a bit like, I've guessed it on so many shows. And a lot of them like, here's the five questions we asked, having read heavy estrogen. And like, I mean, we look at the questions. Like, like, I don't even care what questions you ask me. 21:11 I've had, I've actually had people, I've had guests, send me a list of questions that they would like to ask. And I'm like, Yeah, that's not happening. I'll take, I'll take the list. And it's not happening is that those questions are not gonna list it list is one of the questions I already had intended. I was gonna ask. Yeah. But other than that, you're not going to come on my show. I'm sorry, future guests. But you're not gonna come and dictate my show. I need you to ask me these questions. I know, for the most part, I have an idea of what my guests do. And I have an I know the product of this, this, this pushing or whatever. So I tend to ask those questions. But you're not going to come and have a list of questions for me. Yeah, well, my shoes. No. 22:01 It's crazy out here, man. And that's where like, I, whenever those guests come along, I'm like, I don't even want to have you on. Like, if you're not going to come on here and be authentic. I don't even want to have a conversation. 22:12 You just come on and be salesy sales sales in the morning. Just be yourself and that people see you as a regular person. 22:23 Yeah, 100%. And that's, that's the that's the key. For all everybody listen to me. Like, for me, I like podcasting because it kind of like, encapsulates me today, right now, forever. And if my kids that are five, three, and two, come back and listen to this episode, and they don't, I don't know, they might know what they're doing today. But their dad on February 13. This is where my head's at right now. And they might be able to see a difference from two years ago to now and maybe five years in the future, I don't really care, it's not gonna stop doing it. It's just that I hope they see progress. And I think that's one of the things that I wish I had with my dad is that you forget, like conversations you have with your loved ones. Just because time passes and stuff feels with other things that are more important at the time. And you don't really remember like, like cork core meaningful conversations that you had with your loved ones before they passed. 23:19 Definitely feel you're not. And for me, it's just for the for my grandsons and my grandkids. And yeah. For the listeners. Like, I have a grandson who's he's just he was a frequent guest on my show. Awesome, man. When he's in the house, he tends to just barge into my studio and make himself known. 23:43 And that's how I shouldn't be like, I've had episodes where you can hear my son crying or my daughter crying. And I mean, I don't let that stuff out. Because it's real. Like, this isn't 23:52 I don't have and this is really, really bad. Unless it's really bad. And you can then you have but for the most part, no, I don't. I wouldn't when when he I've had him cut the power on me a couple of times. And so I'm like frozen in the guest speaking and then when they realized that I'm like, oh, man, he's gone. So I've had guests who will fellow podcasters and they keep it going. So that but you mess around with so when I released those when I released that video or whatever this is prior to me going live. When I released those videos, I will just edit it and make fun of it. Like just putting a clip of please stay tuned while we recover from technical difficulties or whatever it is. Whatever it is, but you have to have fun with it. You have to do really he's done it a few times already where he see the bright light on the my desk and he just presses the button. You don't know what he's doing. 24:52 We don't have the luxury of we're on airs on air stereo sticker outside. Yeah. 24:58 That's one thing I need to invest in. Is that light is the sign on air. 25:05 And that's, this is one of the things we're like, I've seen podcast start with a cell phone and voice recordings in the middle of a car on a car ride. Like I've released a couple episodes in that, like me and my partner were just in the car. And we were talking like, she just recorded this. So we just record it. And it's an episode that we released. It's not like it's the audio quality is the best, but it's one of those things where like, Hey, we're having a meaningful conversation about stuff that other people can be privy and hopefully learn from. Let's just record it. 25:34 I remember when I first started, I didn't have any of the equipment that I have now. Then this microwaves, I love my mic. I really do is one of those one of my, one of my prized possessions is this mic is the way it is. But people just started you said he would start with anything. You just start with your phone. And I just felt that I just wanted to invest in myself. And to me, investing myself was getting better quality equipment, and stuff. What I started with was was decent when I started wolf was $160 Behringer studio from Amazon, that came with a mic mixer and headset. And it did everything you needed to do. It recorded it, I would connect it to my laptop, record my episodes, and then use Audacity to edit it. And so that's how I started. And my nephew's like Monday when I first released my first episode was probably like five minutes long wasn't even that long. So it was like Nah, we gotta wait to be perfect. can't release Yes. And now I want people to see where we started. I want them to realize this is where we come from. This is how we started. And look at the progression now look where we're at now to. So in then I just what i did was i i retitled The introduction, I recorded I recorded a, I left the first five minutes. And then I added another 35 minutes of Muqaam content and title, the introduction reintroduction and that in our re released episode, so so you get the original episode, the first five minutes and then you get a new episode following that. So it's cool to be able to do something like that. 27:23 Yeah. And like I said, he you don't even you do not even know the impact you'll make right now. You don't even know. 27:30 No, you don't. But it's there's been times where people do message you like I when I first started. I could go so many times. So many times they people will go speak because I'm most of the money podcast and they don't like yeah, digging out the numbers for me. I income ain't showing up. And then when but people start seeing you and they like okay, you're consistent. You're doing it more than you're doing it. Like I did the research. I was like, oh, after the six or seven podcast episodes, people kind of burn out and then they just disappear. Once I got to like 20 Something I'm like I'm good. This this and I haven't stopped I just been recording recorded and recorded. 28:21 Yeah, I did. I did. I probably did something crazy. I did. I pre recorded 50 Before I launched and then I launched and I did I spent a year and it's been about 15 months or so 16 months. I'm at like 330 That's crazy. Oh no 28:46 I know what you're doing. Like last year prior to me even going to video just recording audio strictly. I was probably recording six seven days a week maybe recording three four episodes a day. So as far as audio content I have over 300 and something episodes just an audio that I probably haven't released 29:11 you should release just release a man yeah 29:15 there's so much it's so much I'm gonna release them I'm releasing them little I'm releasing them here and I'm going back and I'm like I this was a good audio one Let me release this and but I have to go I have to continue to go back and I have like do this like we're just like two three months of episodes. 29:44 That's good. That's good. And this This is like I I commend you for for being extra extra because like ever But I talked to a lot of podcasters. Like I do one a week. And that's my schedule. I do two a week. And then and then like, I don't know, I'm like, Yeah, I was doing like, I released like seven a day for three months. 30:14 I feel you. I know. I was just, I was just there was 1.1 point. It was a day where I recorded four episodes back to back to back for different shows. It's exhausting. But listen, but the by the time I was bought into the fourth show, and I was done with the fourth one, the guest knew I had done three shows prior. And they're like, thank you so much. I'm like, Why? Because like, because you still have all this energy. And it's because the three prior episodes, were so much fun. Yeah, that the transfer of energy was just great. So I was just wired. By the time I was done with the fourth episode, I was just wired. Because all four conversations were fun conversation. So when you have those type of conversations, it doesn't drinking is actually recharges your battery. So you're like, Okay, so like after this show, it's gonna take me an hour or so to unwind, because it won't be wiped from the conversation. Just the transfer of energy. 31:17 Yeah, it's a, it's a cool space, still that opportunity out there. And I tell I tell my clients all the time, start a podcast, and make you make you uncomfortable for a little bit, but you'll enjoy it. And you'll see, if you do it consistently, for a lot of time, we'll see long term ramifications of that. 31:32 Especially when you talk about something you're not talking about. Just find something that you enjoy. So it's therapeutic. Therapeutic is definitely something I didn't know, I didn't know how to voice. And so it was like, oh, man, this is a great space to be able to express myself to be able to be myself and, and just hang out and just talk. 31:57 This is this is one of the cool things about it is that there's a lot of like impostor syndrome, when you first start, it's like, I have a voice, but I don't think anybody cares. Then when you start doing it, you're like, I'm doing it, because I know someone would care eventually. And then the people come 32:19 listen, it's me. Probably like, three, four months, five months even reach 100 downloads, like it took some time for me to even get into triple digits, like, I mean, I mean, total downloads. I'm like, it was one of just a couple 100 downloads could take me a few months. And then to see months where I'm getting now a couple of 1000 downloads a month. It's like you can just see the progress. And you're like, Okay, something something's going on. It's like you're doing something right when you're able to, to see the trends you can see your podcast is doing well. And in one on one big key is now people were asking you to be on your show, people send the new messaging, like I get a different email every day from someone like hey, this guy, this person will get perfect guest for your show. And I recall I remember the times when people just when we return an email when you return a message. But now I found pod mass which was which we use both of us use and actually got to meet Alex last year and actually got to hang out this year with Alex at pod fest that this this this this app is great this this programs because one thing for podcasts is one of the hardest things for you to find this guest Yeah, it's not easy if you join all these Facebook groups and all this other stuff and you end up getting podcasts from owners every day sending you can I promote you? That's why some sometimes. Yes. So that's why sometimes the Facebook groups can become annoying. So when I started using pod match it was like oh, man, this is this is awesome. Like, you mean you're I get to get I get to put in what kind of guests I actually want on my show. And it's linked me up with some great guests. I've had some great, great conversations with people from from the app. And I love it and and I recommend all podcasts if you haven't struggled finding guests for your show. You know, it doesn't necessarily have to be pod match. You can sign up for different ones, but I highly recommend you do use that service those services because it will make your life easier. 34:55 It's getting with people that want to do it because this is a very niche thing that now Everybody wants to do like, people just start, hey, let's just record this conversation in the car for 30 minutes. Like, it sounds strange to ask somebody that, but it's one of those things where like, when you're talking to the right people that understand the power of it that want to do it, it's it's not a it's not a sale. It's just like, Hey, when are you available? That's that's the conversation. 35:22 No, not not I've, I've learned I've upgraded I've gotten me a calendar in the last couple of and booked and booked my schedule, make sure. And now I'm, again, I'm always like this one thing. I'm always tweaking the show, and I started audio. Then I went to pre recorded video. Then this year, I transitioned to live doing three shows live. And so and right now I'm interviewing three guests a week. Now I'm going to cut back in this interview one guess what, I'm still gonna do three shows. But I'm coming back to Tuesdays is going to be the days that I interview a guest. Mondays are going to be Mindset Mondays, which is and Friday, Wednesdays is going to be more of a freestyle. I might have a panel come on and stuff like that. But it's it's just me, again, tweaking the show. Because this is just feels like the direction I want to go with it. And I never know I might hit it might be a hit might people might enjoy the mindset when this. And I figured it also gives me an opportunity more now to really focus on promoting my guest that we instead of having three guests and not have to spend time on each and every one. Now it's that time where I could just focus on the one guest and just promote them and celebrate them. 36:46 Yeah, it's a it's a cool man, I enjoy this I enjoy the conversation I enjoy the variety of guests, I think some people have, what makes what makes us individuals as as interesting as individuals is that we all have your own individual story in a way differently with different different listeners. Like I said, I used to be a truck driver, blue collar, a cement truck driver used to load trucks as a forklift operator. I used to and 37:14 and you went into creating a program to help small How does that happen, like going from being a truck driver to doing what you're doing? 37:24 So I think I think it was always in me, like I've always been like, um, I just turned 3031 This year, but I was younger, I saw the transition of like analog technology, whereas like people, like all my kids are gonna be like, technology everywhere. Like they have the iPads now and all this stuff. So like, I remember my brothers like typing on a typewriter, for their paperwork for their for the term paper and all this stuff in high school. And then like, by the time I got to the age, we had computers and like, I saw the transition happen, so I'm very tech savvy. And when I went to truck driving school, My trainer was like, he's like, What are you doing here? Because most truck drivers are known for being a little bit stupid. So by My trainer was like, Dude, what are you doing here? I'm like, I'm just here working like leave me alone. So it's one of those things where like even even my truck driver trainer like Kiki can recognize from something 38:22 somebody that you know, trucking man go go to technology do 38:26 things like I was like, man, because like he was he was doing like all this training stuff. I'm like, like the way I was in high school is like I never like actually studied for anything. I just read through the book. And then I was like, It's not I have a photographic memory, but I just knew the stuff because like as, as basic mechanics, basic, common sense. It's like when I go through the book, I'm like, what's the answer to that something pops out. What do you do in here? And like for me to 38:52 know these answers mentioned all these answers. 38:56 And for me school was like, it was it was boring, because it wasn't like there was no challenge. 39:03 This is this. Let's be honest, school is boring. But it's a lie. I'm not saying that to go to school people go to school get education. That's that's fine. 39:20 Do what you want to do. Yes, power doesn't guarantee a paycheck. Oh, no. 39:26 Listen, it really doesn't. We're again we're we've said this a couple of times in this episode. This is a capitalistic society. So even with our schools, they make money so 39:38 100% I took I took my oldest to a private school and I'm gonna get a tuition on with him. How many kids per class and I'm counting their pockets. 39:50 Yeah, it's amazing. It's amazing. 39:52 That's the business side of my brain work and even taking my kid to school my business size over here over. 39:59 I mean, you can ask me You see, oh 15 wishes how much? Oh, 40:04 teachers, staff, I see security. Yeah, on 100 acres, okay. You know, and that's that's just, that's just how my mind works is like, I'm always looking at, like, I go to events or go to events on average tickets cost 100 bucks. There's about 1000 people in here. Man, this is a really good dinner. Like I went to an event in Vegas. And they had a lunch, they had a medallion steak with chicken. I'm like this is at least 60 grand for 1000 people. Easy, maybe Saturday, summer to doing the math is crazy. 40:44 So we have a question. Right? How do you feel about women out doing men and earning due to higher education? 40:55 Women outdoing men and rotation? I think that is a great question. 41:04 I don't think it is. I don't think it's anything like I don't 41:07 know. It's just, I don't like education. Like if you're going to be a doctor, a lawyer, please go to school, I don't want you to work on my heart or my knee. If you have, like a spine of mine. If that's if that's what you're you're you're at all. And all goal and journey is please go to school. But I feel like for anything else, like you can take an online edge like even if you are making under 10 $15 an hour, you can take a Google or Facebook certification that go on Facebook is actually free. I think Google is there's an online cool ads training course you can go through it and get certified. Do that for Google and the Facebook blueprint. Just that alone will make you six figures. Plus, doing those 41:49 this this No, no, there's definitely so much more. You have access now to so much more courses and stuff to help you develop patient. Yeah, bro. I am walking by them in that. And I've learned so much. In just these three years, like, I've learned how to edit video, audio graphic design, I use Canva to design everything. Now of chat, GPT, GPT, and all these other tools that you're able to use. It's like, wow, like there's ways for you to make money like this the wait and the way it is now. To get into the digital realm right now is perfect time. 42:37 i This is the easiest time to become an entrepreneur for everybody here listening and watching. Whether you're listening right now or five years from now is the easiest time to become an entrepreneur 100%. And this is this, there's so much information like YouTube University will teach you more in most cases than anything else. Chat GPT passed a medical exam, you know, it's one of those things where like, if you if you want to code, you can use chat to me to code for you now. So like, Do I really have to learn to code? No, I just you need to prompt the AI to produce the correct answers. And that's it. Like it's no longer based off of your intelligence or your skills. Like if you know where to find the answer. That's, that's all RBR 43:20 it's so much. There's so many tools out there for you to use as far as in just in this room just in this digital world and all 43:29 that 100% And like I said, I have my own team. I edited a few of my videos. And then I hired a team and they do all the editing for me. Like 43:40 I'm not there yet. I'm getting working on that. But I'm not there yet. I see. No, you know what, honestly, no, you don't see me doing live. Because now I don't have to edit. It's just it's out there ready? So only thing I really have to edit this audio when I'm gonna release this and put it into my audio podcast. But other than that, I don't edit video anymore because I don't have to. 44:04 Unless that's the video about doing live. I asked you like, Is this live? Okay, I know it's live and I know I can't do that and stupid or something. You here all the time. I know I know. But like I like my kid walks in I know like 44:23 like, I have guests like can can we hurt somebody? Like yeah, I'm like there's no I don't know. I don't know. Like I don't I'm like I to me it's like if you don't Chris has problems. But I don't mean you got to drop an F bomb every word but there's sometimes the F bomb got to come out or or or shit something something I come out. It is what it is. Sometimes it is but it's fun. I enjoy it. I love being able to do this. I love being able to chat with people and it's it's funny because that for so long for While it was like, in my, in my very my selfish that I'm enjoying this too much. No, I don't, I don't know the answer to that 45:10 where it comes down to find what you love because if you find what you love, it never feels like work. 45:16 No, not at all. I got to probably do another three shows today. And, and that'd be fine. But that's because that's because I love talking. I love talking with people and learning and, and just being able to grow. I guess the and that's why it's not selfish is because I'm earning but at the same time, I'm also sharing with my audience, and you get to learn and grow with me. 45:44 Yeah, and that that's always the benefit to the host too is that the host, you get another perspective that never might have never been asked before. But it's one of those things we're like us as a host, this one conversation we're having can be heard 10,000 times versus having 10,000 conversations with 10,000 people. 46:01 So this is a good question. Do you think enterpreneurship is for everyone? 46:05 I would say no, 46:07 I agree not, not everyone is built for this. Not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur, realize you're actually going to work harder on your business than you would a nine to five job because once you feel like you're set a nine to five, you know, I'm going in at this time, and I'm getting up at this time. 46:29 And the paychecks come in on 46:30 Friday. Yeah. As an entrepreneur, you don't know when you're getting a paycheck. 46:35 I made a tweet the other day it was if you want to get into real estate, and you get paid every Friday, keep the job. 46:42 Yeah. So that's why sometimes when people do start the entrepreneurship, they don't leave their nine to five, until they get to the point where they're able to supplement that income. And I recommend if anyone was going into entrepreneurship don't unless you really feel confident yourself. And you really don't want to really want to be at your job, and you really want to go into it, then do it that's on you. But But they aren't that you're not don't think you're gonna get paid every week, like, you probably won't see a check for the first three, five years of your business that you can pocket Yeah, that you can put in not put back into the business to actually say, Hey, I could spend some money. 47:25 That is a true statement here. And my advice to this one is is that find somebody that and this is he mentioned early, find a mentor. And if you can find a mentor that's on the path that you want to go down. Usually they're willing to train or apprentice you in some shape, way, shape or form. And you can shortcut a lot of pain. That way. You can shortcut a lot of pain because most entrepreneurs are givers in most, most standpoints. And then real real entrepreneur will recognize another entrepreneur at heart and want to help. 47:59 Yeah, that is true. I've I've come to realize that. 48:03 And then the other thing is, too is that you don't necessarily have to align with their vision 100% As long as you dedicate two to three years or a year, that might be enough time for to get that apprenticeship and education, that you might be able to absorb 510 years of entrepreneurship to that one mentor versus going through the hard times yourself. 48:26 Absolutely. And I don't know who Facebook is. So by me, it probably is. I'm an avid believer in learning a skill that can get you paid immediately. Or you learn what you want to do in life. Do you think that is a waste of time? I'm not not really well. If you're actually getting paid like right now to learn what what you feel is your craft or whatever it is that you want to do. I don't see that. See it as a waste of time. I see that as a stepping stone. There's a lesson. 48:56 So I kind of answered this one is is our pay people to practice with me. Yeah, they're new. I'm not going to pay the going rate but I'll pay you to practice. Like am I like, for instance, I have I have an ad guy. He's newer at it, but I'm paying him a minimum amount. But he's he's spending my dollar still these practices practicing with my dollars, but I'm willing to exchange that for him giving me a discount. 49:31 Yeah, cuz yeah, he, he's, he's learning it's it's even with me, like even when I first started editing podcast, people would have given me a chance they'd be like, alright, this is what you got. And if they were happy with the recording, then we will continue business but it was them giving me the opportunity to show them that I knew and at the same time some of them knew what they were doing and They will just try to break it down like, Hey, this is this, use this program and to help you out use this and this will help you. And like you said, We're nice if when someone sees that you're really dedicated and see that you really want to learn. They don't they don't have a problem helping you. They're like, okay, dude, this is what you do this is this is because even with with the show, and me I want, I'm gonna go into coaching. And I've had coaches on the show. And at the end of the show, they reached out to hey, listen, anything you need, if you need to speak to someone, you need anything, any advice, just shoot me a message. Because they see they see the dedication. I mean, they see that I'm serious about what I'm doing and what I want to learn and, and some of these people, their time is precious. And for them to be like, Hey, here's my here's my number. Anytime you got a question or anytime you got anything, him shoot me an email, send me a message, I would love to help you. 51:00 Entrepreneurship is lonely. It is 51:03 very lonely. It is not not everyone is not everyone sees the path that you're you're blazing. It's it's a vision that not everyone shares with you. 51:18 There's some I want to say to what you said a little second ago was that a lot of people were like, where do I find a mentor? Where to find a mentor when there's a quote that says, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear? Yeah. That's kind of how it works. 51:32 How many? How many different career paths did you choose? Right. 51:40 Yeah, so I used to I used to do, I used to lawncare sales, as you said, I used to work at a telemarketing place. I worked at a forklift operator, truck driver. Now I do real estate in software. So that's kind of my path. And I said, I started my first my first entrepreneurship was 25. I was 25. So I've been doing it for five years. 52:01 It's crazy, because you don't like I'm 40. So before the seventh this year, and my generation, we really wasn't taught about entrepreneurship. We was go to go to school, get a chase and go to work, and retire from that job. That was a thing to do. Yeah, yeah, that's the that was the thing to do. And that's This is, as I got older and started meeting more people and connecting with more people and meeting entrepreneurs and speaking to them and realizing that, yeah, I still have my nine to five at the moment. But the ultimate goal is to be able to retired and focus on growing my business. And I've been at my job now for almost 10 years. I get paid to play games. I am a table games dealer. It's if you know how to count to 21 You'll be fine. But, but it's just it's podcasting and producing and doing what I'm doing in the digital realm has given me a purpose. It's given me something to that I didn't know I had, like, Dude, I was 40 some 44 years old, didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and have a purpose. Didn't know that. Podcasting would be what opened up so many different opportunities for me to get to get into coaching to do so many different things. 53:39 To awesome, man. What's your goal with podcasting? 53:44 What's your goal with podcasting? 53:46 Like, oh, my goal is I want to hit 1000 episodes. That's like my main goal. And for me, it's not really about downloads because I know that'll come eventually, but this isn't 1000 episodes. A lot of most podcasts fail after 10 and very few hit 100. So think 3333 30 years or Matt I'll probably hit that in year two, maybe three years. But I might go 1000 Because not many people will hit 1000 54:16 It's the smallest I feel you I don't see myself I don't see me stopping anytime soon. As far as far as my audio podcasts I just released last week 176 Actually today I should say tonight, I should be finishing up on releasing edit audio 177 and and then as far as video since I've been doing pre recorded last year I've probably recorded another honestly another 100 episodes or so. 54:49 It's got to release it man. I don't know the video the video portions are out the video released the audio ones too. 54:55 I know. I know. 54:56 Those are the ones that podcast is about aging. So, if you're sandbagging, I'm always gonna release it. It's gonna release it. 55:04 Oh, no, it's there's gonna be a time when we just batch release a bunch of them just go crazy. Just gonna see, like, 10 different episodes here release at one time. You know what? Yeah, that's that's how much content. That's good. It's good. So my reason for starting podcasting was, um, I actually wanted to do a sports podcast with a friend, and we just didn't do it. And I started when I got furloughed from work. I was the beginning of the pandemic, I had the equipment. And I was like, now's the time. And I just decided to press record and, and upload. 55:47 For me, it was a to get into the real estate space as far as like, coaching, like to get into like real estate real estate space in general. It once you get into it, you see, like normal faces all around, like everybody goes through coaching, like there's a coaching route, and then there's a product route. And then there's a podcast route, I see. Three ways. What am I doing, I got up, I got the product. I got, I got the, the podcast, and I'm releasing the coaching. So I'm doing all three. So people, people can't say that. This is where like, I want to create a sales funnel so big that people when they find you like Where the heck are these guys, but 56:30 But Daniel has been great having you on the show. Now it's time to show where you get the screen and you just get the plug away, brother. 56:40 Man, if you're interested in making six figures on one land deal, we have a free it's not free, but it's $1. And it's expensive. But you can take the course it as 56:48 the dollar knows expensive, 56:51 impatient as crazy these days, but it's been the same price for three years $1. Even with all the inflation, I'm probably losing money at this point. But if you tax course, you're you RSE to 21097 to 1842. With Sunday, we have a couple videos recorded for that. And then we're at hive minds here. I'm everywhere. We have our own podcast called The Hive with those podcasts, the hive mind brains, which she did not ask me, I was hoping you'd ask me. But this is a reason why I have so many brains around me is that these are all people that contribute to the hive mind, which makes us smarter every day. So that's why we have a really cool brand and a really cool mission. And we're changing people's lives and business and lives in general. We've helped a lot of people make a lot of money. And it's kind of cool to say that. And I want we're trying to make a bunch of millionaire. So if you can get behind that. Come check us out have mines here and we have a free Facebook group. And then we're out here creating all the content. If you look hard enough, you'll find us guarantee it 57:49 wouldn't want to be down with helping people make money. And well, I did I did see your background was cool, though. 57:59 You didn't say it was cool. But you don't ask why. So like whenever they were 58:03 minds and stuff, and it was a bunch of them. When I thought of hive mind, I think of bees and they look probably or like blue represent like bees and stuff with no different minds. But that's just me. 58:13 So this is where it comes down to like a lot of people they try and do it by themselves. And they can only get so far by themselves because you might not have the information, you might have them knowledge might have the money, you might not have all the tools that gets to get there. But when you contribute in a single organized like a beehive or hive, mind, whatever, you can get all get there together. So give me aspect. 58:35 This, like my team is not that big is this three of us. But we all know our rules. We all know like Brandi, she is she calls herself the app or she's always learning about a different app. And she's different. Like I find myself on platforms that I didn't even know I was on. Because she's putting it out everywhere. She's like, Hey, dude, I just found your podcast on this. And I'm like, Okay, I say oh, Brandy strikes again. But as that's her thing, she knows how to market she knows how to be out everywhere. And just like every day, she's reaching out hey, this is a new app you can check it out. Or you can go to this website that Nicolas picked on. And that's where she had me I'm more of the tech guy like the Mike's the the programs that I used to edit. Let's meet then we got my nephew's just he does a lot but yeah, he's just he's the character he's the one that better but he doesn't stick he he's the one who got me into don't really get into doing it because he had already started his YouTube channel. And he would just come on and talk and he didn't consider himself a podcaster. And so He did until I got him an interview on the show. And the guest and the host actually made him realize that he was a podcast. 1:00:09 Good. Just gotta go out there and produce man go produce content. It is what it is, like people say, Oh, you're just a YouTuber. I'm like, I'm a YouTuber. I mean, I'm everywhere. Call me. 1:00:20 I'm not only on YouTube. Right now, I am streaming. A div, like one of the questions is Facebook, your main platform? No, I'm learning that. I have a platform and LinkedIn that that needs to be really used. I'm going to right now I'm going to a different locations to Facebook groups, Twitch, LinkedIn, to YouTube channels, and a Roku channel the ps3 network. And, and that's where that's weird streaming to right now. 1:00:59 As you should you need to tell who's your who's your app person. Brandy. Brandy. Tell her to hook up a rumble. 1:01:08 She's on that already. 1:01:10 Good. Yeah. 1:01:11 Yeah, she's on. She's on. She's on swell, Rumble wisdom. Any of those apps. She's like, I'm telling you that download different every other week. Like, you need to get this app. 1:01:21 Yeah. See for me is I want to be found everywhere. So I'm literally everywhere. I'm on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok YouTube, 1:01:31 if streamer would allow me to stream to more than I would, but is eight. So that's fine. I'm good there right now. 1:01:39 Yeah, yeah. I use restream. And they're allowing the capability to stream to Instagram. 1:01:47 Okay, so what I love about stream yard now is a new feature that they added. And so well, now I can create reels directly on Stringer, like after this episode, like I can go back and repurpose little clips 62nd clips, and put it on Instagram as a real which saves me time because now I don't really have to download the app. though. I don't have to download the video. 1:02:20 You need to get an editor. 1:02:23 I do. I know. 1:02:24 As as much as you like editing. This is where I think this is that a lot of entrepreneurs to get in their own way. 1:02:33 I'm not gonna argue with feeling that way. 1:02:38 I'm a little bit 1:02:41 wrong. Sometimes you got to let go during sometimes you have to, like know when to let it go. But um, he says that's the where would you find an editor? It's everywhere. 1:02:57 I found I found editors. And this is the dope thing about technology. I found my I found two editors in the Philippines. 1:03:06 So people might like people might look down. But listen, when you look at like, what was it? For what is oh, man, I've just finished reading it. What is it? Anyway? Yeah, you can definitely find editors and so all types of for this for very low price. 1:03:30 People were like I told my family that I have I have Filipino workers and I have five right now. I really owe you Why are you why are you outsourcing in other countries? I'm like, Man, I'm taking care of families nation globally. I'm not respecting how I have support people anywhere. I don't really care. And for me, as a business owner, it's it's cost effective. Like we're not, I can do more effectively hiring outside of the US. Yeah, last thing I wouldn't hire us editor in the future. It's just right now the way my business is set up. 1:04:05 Yeah. You have to do it that way. It's, you're gonna pay a ridiculous amount for editor here in the States. Compared to someone if you're hiring someone from the Philippines or even India or somewhere else, a different country. But you gotta you gotta as a small business owner. You have to think about costs. Like, sometimes you just can't afford to pay all that extra money. You need to go with what's going to be the most cost cost effective for you. 1:04:37 The place I use is online. It's a website. It's just like LinkedIn, but it's for the Philippines. 1:04:44 So you see, you heard them online jobs pH, so Ah, yep, that pH Yep. But um, 1:04:51 that's where I found the more polite people but they're amazing people. No, they do great. They do great work. If you see anybody live online, that's all them 1:04:59 do. Okay, definitely. But um Don't leave just yet. Um, thank you for being on the show. This has been great. I appreciate you being on the show and this has been fun. But this Don't leave yet. I'm gonna close out the show and then we're gonna chat a little bit more All right. So let's do to close out all right, um, big shout outs. Everybody in the chat. Be snow. Ben. Rod. I guess hackers You mean this is hack? Yes. Yes. Thank you for being for thanks for the questions, man. Appreciate all the comments in the question, man. Appreciate it. But now it does some shout outs Big shout out to our real wise fan Bobby J brandy J love you guys. Big shout out to the boss lady fiend I love you and appreciate you baby. Big shout out to our guest Daniel Martinez for coming through and and just having a good time and appreciate it. And as always a big big shout out to all the essential workers out there. God bless y'all be safe. Boy wise does it? Peace out

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!