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Feb. 15, 2023

Ep 330: Million Dollar Land Deals W/ Hivemind Hosted By NoTimeZone | The Wealth Squad

Ep 330: Million Dollar Land Deals W/ Hivemind Hosted By NoTimeZone | The Wealth Squad


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0:00 Gotcha. So if you guys guys have any questions, we'll answer them throughout the chat. Some people do presentations like me and Anthony, we just free flow time. So we can talk about this for hours. So if you guys have any questions put in the chat, or I don't know if you guys on mute yourself, whatever, it gives me questions about this. But I'm Anthony, Anthony Anthony's to learn a lot to me. I'm Daniel, we run a company called hive mind CRM. But our main thing, as far as real estate investing goes is we invest in land. So I think we can kind of jump into that we kind of go back and forth. And 0:34 yeah, yeah, I just want to say, first of all, thanks for having us on here, man. We get it. We've been admiring your community from afar. We're really, really, really impressed by what you've guys have put together and the value that you bring into your community. So yeah, we were really honored. And we appreciate you having us on here to share with the community and let them know exactly what we're working on. 0:54 Absolutely. Appreciate you guys coming on and taking the time out of your day to you know, give us the information and spread the word about what you guys have created. 1:02 Yep. So um, to start off, we do land investing. We and Anthony, we both started, I'm originally a truck driver. I always like bringing that up because I traveled trucks like three years ago, like legit, I stopped my CEO. Anthony, it was in construction. So we're both blue collar. And we've been in the trenches. We've been doing a lot of like, we've been, we've been doing the the hard work that it takes to, like most people think like, oh, they probably Silver Spoon. Like they grew up with this, like, No, we really didn't. We both been doing this for about four years. And we're both my truck driver. He's from construction, construction design. And we both we both kind of fell into land investing because Mr. Reese here pulled heard of wholesaling and Wholesaling Houses and all this stuff. So we we were both trying to do houses at the same time. And I just couldn't get really any any good traction in the house space, and Anthony's like delicious to land. And we're kind of we both took the same real estate course about four years ago. And we're in the same little community that we want to extend course. So it's kind of one of the things we're like, okay, let's just try Outland. And we've been doing that ever since I'll kind of go through my first deal, just kind of give you an idea of how an idea of what we do. And we kind of taken it to another level. So my first deal was I was living in Atlanta at the time, I was trying to do real estate and trucking at the same time, because when I was doing trucking X started MT trucking business. So I drove for as a company driver for a company. And then when I quit, I started my own trucking company. So when I was in trucking, I was looking for something to pivot into. And that's when I started doing real estate. And my first deal I was doing PPC marketing, which is a pay per click Google ads. And I had a website out there trying to get leads to come in. I had a lady hit my she lives in a she lives in northern Atlanta. And she hit my hit my website. And she's like, I need to sell my property. At some Florida. It's a little small, little infill lot, which is kind of just covering up the loss a little bit later. But it's a little small. And for that I need to sell this thing. What can you give me for? Like? I don't know, let me see. Mind you, I never talked to this. I never talked to this person at all. The leak came in through PPC. And then I was emailing here. So emailing her. I look up what the what the nearby comps are. And it was worth about 20,000 Give or take. So I'm like, Okay, if I can get this around five. So I know I can move it at 12 to 14,000 pretty fast. So emailing her I was like would you take $4,200.33 It's kind of made up a number right around under 5000. Just to kind of anchor her low and see what she said. She's like, can you just do 5000 I'm like, Alright, so I sent her contracts gotta get a 5000 under contract. I sold it. I put up biggest basic marketplace in Florida because you can choose where you want to post this property. I found I put up this marketplace. I sold it in two days. Well, so one thing about land is that it's a it's we like land because it doesn't cashflow a lot of people like houses and real estate and rentals and multifamily all that stuff because it can cashflow and create, create. Create. What's the word I'm looking for can create monthly recurring cash. So with land is its opposite of that. It doesn't rent, you can't you can't put you can't put aside. I mean, you can't really do much with it. This is there. So that's why we really land as a whole. And we leverage that whenever we're buying and selling so we can get really good deals on land. And if you sell under price, you can move it a lot faster. So that's why that property was 20,000. I knew I can move it at 12 Pretty fast because it was underpriced. So you can get it you can get a cash buyer to come in pretty quickly to buy that property. So that's what we did. So I sold it in two days. I made six grand on it and it's been about three it took me seven months to do my first deal. And that's kind of like the short story of how I got into real estate land and I've been doing real estate and it resets. 5:02 Hey, guys. Yep. So I'm Anthony. And I wanted to kind of preface this, this call or this meeting tonight. If you'd get to know Daniel, myself, we're like the most humble people you ever going to meet. So I want to make a statement right now. But you know, at the risk of sounding like, arrogant, but we want you guys to know that if you notice, personally, though, that's not who we are as people and all of our friends and family and contacts know us as people that are very down to earth, our heads are not in the clouds. But I promise you what you're going to hear tonight on this call you have never heard before in the real estate space, and you're probably never going to hear it again, we're actually putting together a course it's going to be $25,000. And we're actually going to the information we're going to share tonight is that you know, probably the 99% of the information that you're going to hear on this call tonight. So if you stick around to the end, I promise you, you're gonna hear some information you've never heard before. And you're probably never going to hear again in the real estate space. Because the people that do have access to this information and the people that do know the strategy that we're doing, they're not sharing it publicly, I've actually had to block several people off of social media that are pretty upset that I'm sharing this information, especially showing it for free. So I've had to remove a lot of people from my social media channels, because they don't think that I should be sharing this information to the public. 6:10 So that's kind of that's kind of prefacing what we do. But like I said, we do land. So where do we have anybody familiar how we how how you guys do real estate? I don't know if, like, can you guys give me a one if you have like some type of real estate experience with an agent or broker? Let's let's see. Let's see some ones in the chat. If you guys ever done any type of real estate marketing, maybe you're successful wholesaler, or title company, here we go. 6:37 Yeah, I'd like to know what kind of deals people are doing in this room too. Are we doing a fix and flips or we're doing buy and hold rentals? Airbnb? Wholesaling? Yeah, I'm kind of curious what everybody's experiences in the room. 6:47 Yeah, just just to kind of preface though, yeah, wholesaler. Okay, that's fine. So we love working with wholesalers. So a lot of what we do is the same process I mean, to break down wholesaling, house hack, one just wrestles. Okay, so to break the break, break down, wholesaling. For people that don't know, it's just, it's finding property owners, you contract the property, you find a buyer that you're gonna sell that property to him, and you collect the middle middleman spread. That's all we're doing. That's all wholesaling is about we do a little bit, we do a little different, different things on this, just because with houses, you have to move quickly, really, really quick, like three weeks or less, two weeks or less, you got to move quick, especially for wholesaling. And if you don't have the capital to buy, meaning Anthony, we've been doing this for four years, we never had private capital, we've recently recently come into a lot of private capital, like within the last six months or so, to a year. And a lot of this a lot of our strategies we've been doing with no capital. So we'll kind of cover that a little bit. 7:51 Yeah, so I guess I'll go ahead and move in right to what the strategy is. We found a niche in farming ranch. So it's unrestricted land. And I think that it's probably the lowest hanging fruit that there is in real estate. Nobody's thinking about it, nobody's talking about it. So it's a low competition game. It's definitely a blue ocean strategy. There's nobody out there that's doing it that we know of that we've personally, you know, met, I think we've heard of now one person that's in Houston that's doing a similar strategy. They're not trying to work with anybody, they're not trying to partner with anybody, they don't need any capital, they don't want to JV with you. They allow you to send them a lead, they'll give you a wholesale fee, and they want you to go away. But our business model is the opposite. We're actually looking for partnerships, we're looking for people that can help us do these types of transactions. So I'll give you a for instance, one deal that we did here in San Antonio, I'm gonna go over the numbers. And again, we don't want to sound like flashy or like we're capping, or, you know, just trying to use big numbers for just to make it sound good. But these are actually just deals that we're working on right now. We bought 108 acres here in San Antonio, Texas, we do a lot of creative finance. And we bought 108 acres for 1.7 4 million. And we negotiated 200,000 down at closing and 2500 a month pay off in 24 months. And we actually paid that property off in less than a year. What we did is we we took the property, the 100 acres and we hired an engineer to start subdividing it down into 10 acre tracts. So while we're still waiting to close, right, we have a four month closing period, we got a concept from the engineer, and we started collecting down payments on those 10 acre tracts. So by the time it came time to close with a 200,000, we had already collected several down payments to give to the seller to use towards closing. And what we did is we sold off the tracks one at a time and 100% of the proceeds go to the seller. So effectively he paid himself off with his own property. So that's exactly those are the types of deals that we're looking for. We're looking for creative finance deals, minimum threshold of $1,000,000.50 acres and up and that's exactly what we're working on. So we're working on buying unrestricted land outskirts of any major city in Texas. And this strategy would probably works in multiple states, but primarily we've been working in Texas, but we're opening up Florida and North Korea line of South Carolina and I'm looking at Colorado. But it's a strategy where you can negotiate seller finance, from the property owner, sometimes Zero out of pocket like right now this gentleman has a farm, that's 2.4 million. And we offered 100,000 down no payments, no interest for 18 months. So you take control of the two and a half million dollar property for $100,000. Down, and then you subdivide the property and sell off the parcels and pay him off with his own property. And that that deal should bring in about five or 600,000. We have another property that we're working on. Question. 10:31 Yeah, I was gonna, I was gonna ask, if we better not creative finance, let's kind of break down like, like, like small credit finance, even to the office type deal with creative finance. So we did it. We did a deal about a year and a half ago and Anthro cover the next deal we did, as far as creative finance go. So what is creative finance in real estate? It's binding. This isn't always this is most of the deals we've done are like this, is we'll try and take over properties with as little to nothing as possible. So we did a deal about a year and a half ago. The guy was about a 30,000 $30,000 lot, right? How many $30,000 house are out there? 1000s. So the seller, the seller came in. He's like I want 15,000 For my property. Well, in the wholesale space. I mean, you're right there 50% of market. I mean, that's a deal right there. Anthony's like, Nah, I need I want a grant. So I was like, no, no, I want 15. I'm not doing a grant. He's like, Have a good day. So he left them on red, and let it let them go. 90 days later, the seller came back. And he's like, Ah, I thought I remember last night, remember, we wanted my property. Give me another thing, give me an offer. I want 15 grand for this property. And he's like, Oh, I remember you. I told you, I'll give you a grant. It's still a grant. And he's like, You can't do anything better. And he's like, not at all. It's a grant. He's like, I'll take a grant. So what we did was is we put that property on marketplace for $8,000. Down purchase price, we sold it for 35,000. And we essentially created a note we protect, we acted as the bank because $8,000 Down goes straight to the seller, and then we're getting paid 500 a month for five years. So that's a creative strategy we did just with a little 30,000. Not a lot. Now, who here can use 500 a month for five years on a deal you didn't put any money into put a two in the chat. Put it in the chip. It sounds pretty crazy. But like it's just like you're you're you're set with with with land you can essentially get, you can get really good deals on it. And if a deal is good enough, you can ask that as a down payment for another buyer and just act as a bank and get cash flow. So an extra 500 A month goes a long way, especially for five years. So that once we figured that out was like it was kind of like going down the path like how else can we do creative finance. So you want to tell the office story, how we got that originally from the sub two? Yep. 12:56 So the hive mind is a CRM, it's a platform that we use. So we can pull the data set for any market that we're targeting. You load it into the platform, you hit send, and it starts texting all of the people in that area. So that way, you're marketing to sellers without ever picking up the phone, right? So we're just talking to all the people we want. You can target by ZIP codes, area, property size, those types of things. We were running a text campaign earlier this year, and there was a new guy, his name is Gerard and he was working in our office and he was he was on the tax campaign. And he said, Hey, I have this guy who wants to sell a house. It's listed on the market for 750,000. And I said, you know, don't waste your time. Go ahead and move on to the next property. You know, we don't want to spend too much time on that one because it's listed, you know, you will wait for a better opportunity. So he's too new, right? He's too new to know that what he was doing, he kept texting the person. And like two minutes later, he says, Hey, this guy says he just needs to get out of the mortgage. Interesting. I said, see if you can book us a walkthrough tomorrow at noon. So we come to the property and check it out. Amazing, beautiful properties fully remodeled. They did a $200,000 renovation 5050 square feet. And after several meetings with with the family, we pitched creative finance, so we're just like what do you guys got to do to get out of hot water right now? All they needed was $10,000. So we gave this family $10,000 cash and they gave us the keys to a 5000 square foot house that just been fully renovated. fully furnished. 14:16 Hey, look the house. 14:19 Okay, if you put the link in the chat, okay. 14:27 So this is the house Anthony's in right now. This is he's like into the bedroom area. This is a five bed nine bath house that we got creatively with $10,000 and it's our office the Anthony's in right now. So there's nine doors was previously inside of 2017 build by bed nine bath. Inside is immaculate. It looks like a older time house type thing. There's upstairs to two kitchens stuff like this. And this is the house Anthony's in right now at the moment is Crazy. But it was meant to be like a church, they put a full remodel into this property. And now it's just it, we ended up getting it creatively. 15:10 Yep, so those are the types of transactions that we're after. We're not interested in bank financing. We're not interested in being bankable. We're not interested in anybody giving us permission to do transactions. So just to give you an idea of the type of deals that you can produce, we're looking to produce roughly 14 or 15,000 cash flow on a single property right now. Cash Flow monthly, okay, this is like, this is income. This is not like minus expenses. This is actual real cash flow. So this property is about 30 minutes, 40 minutes west of San Antonio, it's in a little town called Castroville. It's 122 acre tract. Right now they're currently using it as a farm. So they're growing hay on the front 40 acres. And then there's cows in the back. There's an Airbnb house on there that's booked like 20 days out of the month. So this property actually was bought by two brokers, right. So they understand real estate, they know that they have, they're not ignorant sellers, right. If you're doing like wholesaling, that kind of stuff. You're dealing with an uneducated seller, right? So you have to talk to them into accepting a far lower price so that you can resell into the market. The people that owned this property are brokers, they understand real estate they want they had the property listed for $3 million. And it didn't have any movement for about a year. So they hired a professional ranch broker that actually deals in land. And he had this property and he's a farm and ranch master, right. So these two brokers couldn't perform on their own property. They hired a professional to sell the ranch for them. He had it listed for over a year, and he couldn't move it. I can quote the guy he said we had no showings at all right? So this gentleman said that they had absolutely no showings on the property. $3 million asking price. And all the while I'm talking to the gentleman, and I said, Hey, I can move this property for you, I can definitely move it. And so he's thinking like, Well, what do I gotta lose? You know, I mean, this kid says he can move it, let's see what he can do. So what we did is we have a data list of every single real estate agent in Texas, he has over like 250,000 agents. So we put a radius around the property, and we blasted it out at $3 million. I didn't add anything for myself, I just said, let's see if we can get some traction, $25,000 an acre and $3 million flat, we had several interested parties, but nobody wanted to take it because the property has about 30 or 40% flood zone. So there's like low water crossings throughout the property. So our next strategy would be a subdivide, right? So instead of waiting for somebody to come by with a $3 million check, let's see if we can break it down into 20 acre tracts. So that that way. So again, we blasted it out to all the agents in the area, all the brokers at 25,000 An acre for 20 acre tracts. And again, we got zero traction, we had a few people ask them questions, I have a client that might be interested, still nothing. So instead of us lowering the price and blasting it out, we broke the property down even further. So we blasted it out at 34,500 an acre, right. So instead of going down to sell the property, we raised the price, what $9,500 An acre, we blast it out in 10 acre tracts. And again, I had a rough concept drawn up from an engineer, we sent it out and I got six loi, highs at 34,500 An acre with 10% down. Alright, so we added another layer, we can go into that later on. It's a financing, seller financing, selling, selling on notes, and then what you can do with those notes after you capture them. So I still don't have a contract on this property. The brokers know that I'm helping them sell it right. So I'm effectively actually acting as your marketing agent. I'm not under contract, I don't have an option. I don't have anything. So now I had a meeting with those sellers last week. And the beginning of the week, I brought them an offer for 2.4 million for myself. And I told them I have six loi is in place, that 345,000 For 10 acres. So the review, they're currently reviewing the contract right now. So Daniel is better at math than me. But what's a 345,000 times 12 tracks? 18:49 345 times 12 is 4.1 million. 18:53 Okay, so 4.1 million if I sold this thing and 12 acre tracts at 345,000. Again, this is seller finance. It's only 10% down and I'm offering the sellers 2.4 million, right. So I hope if you have a pen or a pencil, or you can type into the notepad on your phone, I would definitely do that right now just so you can look at these numbers with us. So now we're looking at a $4.1 million sales price on notes at 10% interest. I have six LOI. So I'm halfway sold out in 48 hours, just so I can let these gentlemen know that I do have serious buying power and that we are ready to move the property. I pitched it to them at 2.4 million. So you do 4.1 minus 2.4 sales price. Now they don't they have a mortgage in place that just over 1.3 million. So they're only looking at capturing 500,000 apiece right before taxes. One seller wants to get out. He wants 500,000 cash and he's ready to get out. The other gentleman wants to maximize his profit. So I might not even have to give that gentleman 500,000 in cash, I might be able to to pay him in notes. Somebody asked what is an LOI? It's a letter of intent. So it's like one step before an option or a purchase agreement. So it just says like hey I want to buy this property. So I'm collecting otherwise and asked and letting them know that it's going to be a $5,000 check for me to hold their place for that lot. So people are giving me deposits to give me otherwise, we're halfway ready to move this property. Now what you can do, anytime you have a mortgage or in place, it might not work as well with banks, but we have private sellers and somebody is on a note, you can always go back in and renegotiate the note. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to come in as soon as I get it under contract, right? Both brokers know what I'm doing, right? They're not ignorant. They're, they both know what I'm doing. They both know the entire process, I've been walking them through the whole thing. So again, nobody's being taken advantage of there's no sleight of hand, there's no double speak. I'm gonna as soon as I get it under contract, right, both brokers have agreed to receive 500,000 Each, I'm going to go back to the family that has that 1.3 ish million dollar note. And I'm going to ask them, if I can do a cash buyout somewhere right around my opening offer is going to be 600,000 cash. So there's two or three siblings, they're only receiving like 2000, maybe 2500 Max each, right every single month. And there's not a balloon is still five years away exactly five years away from right now. So if I go back in and this family is looking at, you know, one, three and a half million, I come back in and say hey, I'll give you guys 600,060 days from now, 90 days from now. So what's the spread on that? Now? Let's say they accepted? I don't know. 800. So what's what's the spread from 1.8 million 800 to the to the lienholder 1 million for the brokers. What am I looking at from 4.1 to 1.8? 21:26 It's like 2.3 2.4 $2.3 million 21:29 potential profit on a single transaction. If they didn't give me any kind of break, and they say, No, we really want to 1.3 million 2.3 in on a $4.1 million property already. So that's what we're looking at right now doing on this single transaction. 21:44 So I don't want to overwhelm everybody here. Like it sounds, it sounds crazy and ridiculous. But we have a guy in our office that was just we kind of trained on the hands on he lives in San Antonio, he locked up a $5 million deal. Working with us for like six months. Yeah, so like, it sounds crazy. But like real estate is just numbers, the same transaction that you do with with a small, little 30,000, a lot I mentioned earlier, is pretty much the same process, we're going to go through with the larger lot each character, there's varying details, we have to break down. But it's making its painting a good picture for them to understand, because it's a lot more zeros. So like, he sounds like he sounds crazy. And like maybe it's not for you, whatever. But like I'm telling you, we have a guy in the office. He played he's making omelets for maybe a year, year, and he liked a $5 million contract. Without us. 22:37 Yeah, he did it on his own. So he hung around long enough to soak up the game. So he picked up the property for 5.3 million, he was looking at 290 acres. Well, the seller said I just want cash, I just want to check. I don't want anything else. So he got it under option for $2,000 a month. And I had never seen the property. I never went out there and checked it out. But the guy's like, I want five, three cash, or I don't want to deal with you guys. Don't waste my time. I won't waste your time just a hardcore old man, super wealthy, he ain't worried about nothing. So I actually went out there to go view the property. And on the way out the door just casually I was quiet the whole time. And I just asked the old man when I was leaving, I said, Hey, can I ask you something real quick. I said, I don't even know what the deal is here. I'm kind of still I'm just brand new to this. I'm just looking. If we gave you like 500,000 or a million dollars down and then paid you off, like in a year or two? Is that something you'd be open to? And he looks around? He goes, Yeah, I would do that. So for a gentleman to say like I want 5.3 million, I'm not going to negotiate. Don't talk to me get off my porch. You know, I don't want to talk to you guys no more. I just instantly pitched him creative financing without even asking him. So again, same scenario. If we broke it down and just did a couple of engineers drawings and started collecting down payments on the property, we could collect the down payments from the guy's own property and give him the 500,000 from there. So really what's happening guys, right now we're living in a point in history, where it's a literal land grab, right? I always think about the time when, like the days of like panning for gold, right. So the gold rush, and everybody's like, Man, if I was around at that time, I would have did it. But no, you wouldn't. Nobody would have done it. Because right now that's exactly what's happening. Your question, Daniel. 24:09 Yeah. He says, can you talk about the capital needed to do this deal? So can you break that down a little bit more as far as where the capital is coming from 24:17 on the Ebony's do or our deal? Our deal? 24:19 Or I mean, Evans deal too, because we're, what we're doing is we're, we're contracting it for 90 days or more. And then we're using that while we have it under contract for purchase and sale. We're we're out there selling the property while we have it under contract just like you do with wholesale. You put under contract that you sell out to a wholesaler. We're doing the same thing, but we're doing it with 90 days or more. 24:38 Okay, so here's one that we're doing live right now. I had a property that was five acres here in San Antonio and it looked like a dump site. There's like 1000 Piles of shingles on it. So I was getting for 100,000 And the guy had a $20,000 tax lien on it. So I said, you know, I got an estimate to clean up all those shingles, those roofing shingles that were on the property and the estimates were coming in like at 70 or 80. $1,000 for like $150,000 property, so I ended up wholesaling the property as is with all the roofing shingles in place and make $50,000. So the gentleman that bought that property, he messaged me while I'm working on this track, I just signed the contract about three days ago. It's 208 acres, I got it for 1.7 4 million point 6 million. It's like 1.76, it works out to $8,300 an acre for 208 acres, a $300 an acre. on that property, I can easily wholesale that quick for 10,000 an acre. So what 1700 times 208 22 25:39 million 2,018,000? 25:44 No, 1700 times 200 acres, it's 353,600. So that would be my wholesale fee. If I wholesale this ranch. That's my profit, take home 350. That's without doing any subdivide. That's without doing anything. But again, we're going to break the property down, right. So where's the money coming from? This, I got the property under contract. It's like three days ago, and maybe about a week ago, that same gentleman who bought that five acres from me, he messaged me and said, Hey, my brother's looking for a property. Do you have anything available? I said, Yeah, I have 208 acres coming up. He says, Well, I'm looking for 50 acres. Bingo, there it is. And I said, Okay, well, I have this one available, but I'm looking for 10,000 an acre. And I sent them a video of the property when I was walking it. He said yes, that's the one we want. Just go ahead and call it soul. He said, But let me know when we can walk it. So we're walking that property Friday morning at 10 o'clock. This gentleman has $500,000 He's ready to put down for 50 acres. So I can take that right. Let's say that. We're wholesaling the property. Now I have another walkthrough with somebody who wants 100 acres on Saturday, right, I just signed the contract like four days ago. So I'm already looking at 353,000 minimum profit on this one transaction, I might be halfway sold out by this weekend. But let's say I gave myself four months to close, right? So I don't have to close until the end of January. So I already have 500,000 on 1.74. Right. So I'm 1/3 of the way paid off on this property already, just with one transaction, I still have 158 acres. So since it sold so quick, I actually boosted up the price that I'm pushing it out now at 12,000 an acre. So that would push the spread somewhere to about 669,000 on this one land tract. So if this person comes in buys the next 100 acres at 12,000, now 27:26 is actually the good. You do the math. But essentially, we have it under contract for so long. When we go to closing we use the seller ones 500,000, seller, twos, whatever he's doing the math for, and then seller three might that might all go to the bank that might come to us. 27:44 Yep, so the potential profit on this 100,000 Next 100 acres out of the 158, that's remaining. If I got 12,000 for it is 370,000 for the second tract, and that would still leave me with 58 more acres. So that's easily like I said, pushing for like a $669,000 profit. If if things get tough, and we're getting closer to the end of the sale, you know, I can easily lower my price back down to 11,000 10,000. We can also do seller finance with 10% down. So there's a lot of different strategies here. But on this property, we're gonna make no less than 353,000, you know, in the span of four months, and again, this is only on one land tract. That other one, I don't know, if we're going to get the Castroville one deal or not. Right, the seller called me two days ago for me to update the contract because I had the two names correct, incorrect. So that's probably going to be that's a pretty good sign that they still want to do the transaction with us. 28:36 So we're using zero bank financing. We're not even using private capital on most of these deals. We've, 28:42 we've, we've never used a bank, We've never taken out a loan from from a bank. Nobody's ever checked our credit. You know, this is just a seller finance deal. Bringing in the end buyers money to fund the transaction. So very 28:57 just like a double closed with a wholesale deal. Like people are overthinking it a little bit. It's the same thing. Double closing wholesalers just think this Jackson's this transaction stretched out versus tight. 29:09 If you've ever done a double close, or you ever done a wholesale deal, imagine that you had a house and you know it was a million dollars and you cut the house in the four pieces and you wholesaled off four different sections. Same thing but with Lent. What we love about land is that there's no upkeep, there's no maintenance, there's no roof, there's no toilets, there's no neighbors stealing your materials. There's no kind of drunk contractors that don't show up the next day. It's a pretty it's a pretty basic game. Very, very low risk. You know, worst case, we're paying $10,000 for the option for this property for the 208 acres. So let's say we don't perform in four months and we end up not getting the transaction done. Well the seller $10,000 But when risking 10,000 To make 350 where if you did like a flip deal and you put in 100 grand, you know hopefully you make 50 29:55 Andre has a good thing. So basically taking out the middleman 100% Like we're wholesalers sell to investors yours, we sell to retail buyers. So imagine if you're a wholesaler and you're trying to sell that $120,000 house, you know, you can only sell it for 150 and you have a contract for 130. Imagine if you can take it to retail at 200. How many how many deals you have to do. So like a lot of these these land transactions. Tell us about the China deal. 30:19 Okay, yeah, that one's good. And what Daniel mentioned to right everybody, like you see these guys on Facebook, and they're all having like a contest to see who can have the most cash buyers like on their list, how many cash buyers do we have? 30:30 Zero, we operate off with zero cash buyers because we sell to the retail. So when we sell to retail, we're always getting the max profit, Max profitability. We use agents to distort properties, and we push it out like a pocket listing. 30:43 Yeah, so like on the cash rebuild property? We got we did get some investors shoot us back prices, I'll give you 1.5 million. I'll give you 1.7 million. Right? Investors. Yeah, so they wanted like to, for us to sell it to them for like 13,000 An acre 14,000 an acre, when our final sales price to a retail buyer is 34,500 An acre when the property wouldn't move at 25,000 an acre to the general public. But since we incorporated seller finance and cut it into smaller bites, you know, a lot more people can afford 345,000, then somebody who can afford 3 million, you know, so your buyer pool goes up tremendously. 31:17 That's talking about, we cover the China deal in a second. But one thing that's cool about our buyers is our buyers are there, they're Mexican, minority buyers that have cash on hand. So the people that are going to buy land, they're buying land to buy land, people that buy houses, they need to live in houses to live in them, people that buy land, they buy it, because they already they're already set financially. So you got to think like who your buyer is on the flip side. So whenever when you're selling land, you can't do nothing with land. So who's gonna actually buy it, people that can't afford to? Yep, 31:51 so if you're, if your buyers trying to make a life changing decision, like I'm going to buy a single family home for my family, this is like the bare minimum, I need to have a good quality of life. The people that are buying a half million dollar ranch at $350,000 ranch, these people are not scraping up pennies together, nine times out of 10, they're not going to the bank to get a loan. So everything that's happening right now with the interest rates and all the scare that you're seeing inside of the market in real estate, if you're in that game, it doesn't apply to us at all. We're not looking at it, we're not thinking about it, we're not watching the markets, we're not concerned with it at all. Because worst case, we just let the sellers know is like, Hey, we're not going to be able to perform here's your property back. But we're only buying in areas that are 50 miles or less from a major city. So the buyer pool is tremendous. And we already have in buyer marketing campaigns for us to be able to pre sell the lots. So usually, before we go under contract, we already have a handful of buyers in that area that are already interested in the properties. 32:47 Yep, so let's talk about the China deal. The China deal like, like, imagine doing this deal with the house. So he's uncovered the China deal on the second. 32:56 Okay, so I got this lead. It's in a town called Brand New Texas over by Fort Worth. It was 46 acres. I get the call, like at 1230 at night, and I'm like China, I answered the phone. The lady says, Hey, I'm a school teacher. I'm in China. She's American, I have a property by Fort Worth. And, you know, I'm like, Okay, well, how much do you need to get for it? She's like, I want to get 250,000. And in my mind, I'm like, I just started real estate, I don't have access to $250,000. So I kind of like forgot about the deal. I'm just on the phone with the lady. We're just talking and laughing and sharing stories. And I wasn't thinking about the deal at all that she says yeah, in the back of the property backs up to i 35. And I said I'm 35 That's, that is like right on a main road. That's a main vein that cuts through Texas. And at the time, I had just negotiated the seller finance deal on a commercial property. So that's a whole nother story. I got a sub subject to house for free. And I traded that for a half million dollar commercial property just to even swap. And I still own that property today and leasing it out. But I thought about it. I just swapped 330,004.58 acres, right just over half an acre on i 35 in San Antonio. And she just told me she has 46 acres on a 35 by Fort Worth. And she said she wanted 250,000. So when I heard by 35, I said, Okay, this is going to be a deal. And mind you again, I didn't have the resources. I didn't have the cash. I didn't have no bank credit, nothing. So like I don't even know how I'm going to do the deal. I just knew at that price, it was going to be definitely going to be a homerun. So after talking to the lady, I said, Look, what if we did this? What if we and this is what Mike before I even had done a subdivide. I told the lady I said what if we cut it up into a few sections? I hope you sell the property off. And then if there's any money left over at the very end, then that'll be my profit. And if not, hopefully I'll just keep a little piece of land. She said awesome. Sounds fantastic. And I said, Hey, I don't have the money to do this deal. I said but if you can tell me how much you need right now. Then I'll give you that cash just to hold you over until we sell the property. So I gave her $10,000 is what we settled on and we have all the paperwork for these deals to get case Anybody wants to take a look at it, I gave her $10,000 down, she gave me the property, she needed me over the property with a vendor's lien on it. So now she has a lien position for 215,000, she received 10,000, she knows I'm going to resell the property to try to make a profit. So I mean, as soon as I took title, I immediately listed the property on the MLS for 330,000. And it sold in about 30 days, made $85,000 on one of my first real estate transactions ever. So that's when I knew like, Okay, I'm not going to do houses anymore, I'm just not going to look at it, I'm not going to think about it. Because even if you got the best sub to do, and you waited for appreciation for three years, or five years or seven years, you know, we're able to make 30,080 $5,000 on a on a single transaction over and over and over again, with little to no money out of pocket by using the freedom finance and seller finance. 35:45 And the reason why I say that is because if you try to do it with the house seller knows that can rent it out, they can Airbnb, it, they can put their cousin in the house, they know that worst case scenario is not going to sit vacant. With land, they have no options. So they're open to do whatever, whenever you offer. And they're there, they're negotiable seller, so like to take a $20,000 house and deed it over to you with $10,000 is going to happen with house, it's just not because it's a house, they know they can do many more things with that. So with land we get we get a lot more flexibility to do a lot of creative stuff with it. Yeah, so 36:21 if you look at like, from the investor standpoint, or from the investors world, like from bankers, or hard money lenders or private money lenders, they're gonna say stay away from land, because land doesn't cash flow. But on the cash flow, we'll do we're trying to create $14,000 a month in pure cash flow. 36:37 Let's talk about the three let's talk about cash flow a little bit. So how do you cash flow land, it doesn't cash flow, because we, we we tell sellers that like, you're losing money, actually negative cash flows, if they own land, because of the pay property taxes. If they own a solid piece of dirt, they actually lose money every year because they have to pay taxes. So we leverage that as a benefit as a negotiating tool. We've looked at a property and we're like, hey, what if we just took care of the tax burden for 12 years? And possibly so would that help out? Like, yes, take the burden away? 37:09 Yeah, so that's what I had mentioned earlier, is that you're able to take control of a property with a document with a sheet of paper, you can take control of a two $3 million ranch with a with a sheet of paper, two cent sheet of paper, right being an option, you know, be at some kind of sales agreement. So it's like we're living in fascinating times, right? We're living in a time where, you know, I think previously, most banks want 20 to 30% down to be able to finance you for a ranch. So if you do find a $3 million farm, you need a million dollars down to be able to buy that. And now you have a monthly payment of about $12,000 While he tried to work on the subdivide. But by adding creative financing seller financing these opportunities, I think we're about to lock up like $10 million right now, you know, maybe 12. So, you know, this is, this is the most the most momentum we've ever had since we've been in real estate. And it's cool, because like, we're not under immense pressure to pay monthly payments to pay notes. Like there's no debt to pay down. We're not in hot water. So there's really no way for the House to come down. Like I said, if the House did come down, we just have to fess up and tell the sellers like, hey, we can't get this deal done. We can't move it. You don't have any buyers. We could not perform we're sorry. You can keep our option money, and we're out. We can't help you. 38:19 So and that's that's what happens with wholesalers, whenever the lack of property too high. That's you're begging back to the seller, like hey, I need to give the contract back. So what let's talk about cash flow for a little bit because a lot of people aren't, I guess aren't catching the cash flow side of it. So the $35,000 deal, we're able to get $500 $5 in cash flow a month for five years. We're doing this with larger parcel tracks. Large larger acreage. So what's the deal with the do those paying 7000 a month? Was that the which one is this? The guy paid us him 7000 A month? Because he wanted to pay that to pay it off in 12 months. 38:59 Oh, the from jet road? Yeah. Jet road. Okay. Yeah. So people do that all the time. Yeah. So I had this actually a year on Apple White. So Apple White was 10 acres. That again, the lady wanted Oh, this is a funny one, too. This is a really good one. The lady wanted 100,000 for 10 acres. And I went and walked in. I'm like, had a big mountain of trash on the property. So again, I had just seen the shingled view. $80,000 cleanup. So I'm looking at this pile this mountain of trash on this property, I'm guessing they were letting people pay to dump there. So I'm like, that's probably like a 30 or $40,000 pile of trash, right? Just to get it off. She wants 100 I'm like, I'll do 90 I was like, that's probably the best I can do. And she's like, okay, fine, I'll do it. And again, she was just facing a pending foreclosure for 40,000. I said, Look, I'll put up the 40,000 to save the property. I said, But, you know, I'm gonna have to like have some I'm gonna have to like take control of the property like I need to own it for me to feel comfortable putting this 40,000 into the property, there's a pretty good chance that I have to clean up this mountain of trash. So she can wasn't my office and she deeded the property over to me for $0 with no vendors name. So I could have easily taken advantage and said, hey, the property is mine, I don't owe you anything. Obviously, we're not like that we're not going to do that. So I called my attorney and I said, Hey, I said, this lady is going to deed me over the property like 100%, free and clear while I work on work on this and try to get her paid. And he's like, You better have a record something. So he sent me a script. And he's like, You need to film her while she's reading this. And she's saying, like, Hey, I'm up my rights. Sound state of mind, nobody coalhurst Me, I'm giving this gentleman my property today free and clear. All that stuff. And so to get the deal done, I had to like talk to child support, had to do a million things help run lock this thing. But the person that bought it ended up putting down I wouldn't say they put down like $55,000, right. So we took with their 40,000. We paid off the pending foreclosure. And then I gave them a note for two years, at think has $155,000. So there's no I'm sorry, it was 250. We made 155,000 on the property. So we locked it up on Wednesday, we pushed it out at like 245 is what it was. So the gentleman had to pay $155,000 spread out over 24 months. But instead of him paying his minimum monthly that we had agreed to that was like three or $4,000, this guy is paying like $7,500 a month to pay it out quick. He paid it off in less than a year they paid it off, like in 11 months. This guy's paying 7000 5000 6000. I mean, he just knocked it out, quit. But that was 100 and $155,000. Spread. But I actually gave 5000 to Alma, I gave her her chunk for actually bringing me the buyer. But that's on a property that it didn't own a property that needed a bunch of cleanup the property that had a bunch of problems. $150,000 spread again, zero out of pocket on that deal. Think I think we're gonna get into q&a at this point. 41:52 This q&a wants to keep on going. Because I mean, we lost a little bit here. We can do q&a right now. If I go on. 42:01 Yeah, we can. I see you guys have a lot, a lot to put on us. So we'll do like we talked about before. And we'll I'll bring you guys back on. But yeah, let's let's open it up for some q&a right now. And then we'll go after that. 42:16 So how do we get started? We have a land mastermind. I'll put it here in the chat. We're doing like I said, it's not even crazy. Like, we charge I think we're charging like 40 bucks a month right now. You text the land 2210972 1842. I'll put it in the chat. And the reason why we even charged for this because we used to we used to do weekly calls like this. We did weekly calls three weekly calls for over a year. And the most people we had it was like 30 people. Mind you. We've had students that have just started weekly calls. What's new in Newton did like he did like 5555 acre splits already. Yeah, he's 43:03 already doing a bunch of deals. Yeah. So this guy started out and it's completely green. And but he was with us since the beginning. So he had been hanging around our content for about a year and a half now. Now he's working in his own subdivides doing multimillion dollar deals now without us. 43:15 And he like he learned all this stuff for free on a weekly call. So we did we did cause no one showed up. We actually got burned out with it or like if we have to lease charge for this. So now we do one weekly call for an hour. It's usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays every every week, and we charge like 40 bucks a month. But that's only just the show was committed to doing it. But we delivered to the whole strategy of how we find these sellers, which is RAVs question, how do we find them? We do PPC marketing and text marketing, we pull the list just like every other every other wholesaler, we pull a list of targeted properties that eight years or more, we're looking within 15 minutes of any major city in Texas. We're starting to do this in other markets. But right now we mostly do Texas, but fatigue within 30 minutes of any major market in Texas. Every given county in Texas has over 1000 lots that are 50 acres or more. So think of the potential opportunity there that's just sitting there. So it's a the the acres or more within within an hour of the city and then we're looking for if has good access. That's like one of our other parameters. So if it's like a flag lot which is small entrance to a big wide field in the back, we don't like those who like those that we like the largest large lots have good frontage, which is front edge on a street one good street. That's how we find these deals. Good question. Yeah, yeah, and that's how we find it. It's just pulling less man pulling lists are doing a pulling list or doing PPC marketing, which is pay per click. What happens if you can't get entirely sold before close? 45:01 So, yeah, I was gonna say so you can take those funds and give them all to the seller, right? So let's say it's a million dollar property, and you only have 800,000 sold. So that's our window and we know it's dragging on a little bit, we can always go in and renegotiate the contract, you can let the seller know and say, hey, you know, it looks like we need to close here, like in the next six to eight weeks, we're still waiting on other funds, because we always are right, we have other deals working, I would let them know, I would say, hey, you know, we're still at six weeks out, we only have $800,000 Right now, like, is it okay? If we give you the $800,000? And we push that 200,000 back with another 90 days? You know, they're gonna say no, some might, you know, somebody might say, No, sooner or later, but for the most part, if they're like, Hey, if you're bringing 6070 80% to the table, like, Yeah, I'll work with you don't worry about it. 45:49 So I think we got another question. So I just said, how do we find the deal? How much money do we need to get started? It's really, it really depends on each deal, because every deal, we're negotiating different type of creative strategies. Like sometimes we're using buyer funds to possibly double close on the transactions. We are not realtors or agents. Nicole to answer your question, our contracts, we use attorneys. The whole thing about this is you don't have to know how to do any of this, if you find this a deal we'll help you get we'll help you close the deal. That's the whole point of the land mastermind, that I put the put the in the chat text land at 210-972-8232. The whole point of that is you don't have to do anything. One of our first calls that we did were like, who here can raise $100,000 If you need it, and like three people raise their hand, the truth of that is we can help you do that, whether it's whether it's your deal, or my deal, we can help you do that. So if you have a good deal that you think is possible, you can submit it to submit big And our team will look at it and we will underwrite it. And if we can make a deal out of it, where all you do is bring us a deal. We do the rest, we'll walk you through how to do that deal from A to Z. And now you can learn how to do it yourself. So a lot of a lot of people think like, like wholesalers like Oh, I'm gonna I'm gonna do a one man show. I don't want to pay employees. I don't want to pay sales and acquisitions. I don't want to pay the agent because agents suck. Like, all that stuff is, is limited belief. And what's the mindset first? Yeah, scarcity mindset, a scarcity mindset. With these big deals we can afford. Everybody can afford to make money on this. Our first deal we did, we made 200 cash and 200 can notes. Like we made 400,000 on one deal. Like there's plenty of money to go around to just doing a small part of the transaction. So not all of it rests on your shoulders. 47:33 Yes. Well, we're marketing to agents, and they're like, Hey, are you gonna pay me my 3% fee? If I bring you a buyer, and I'm like, we're not gonna pay you 3% We're gonna pay you like four or five 6%? It just depends. How strong is your buyer? How fast can they close? 47:45 Yep. Is there an acreage amount that you can try to stay away from low and high? We're looking for 50 acres or more. We're working like, what's the Florida deal? We're we're looking at right now. 3500 acres, 3500 acres. So it's just 15 years or more? What are the main reason buyer wants land? 48:05 A lot of all of our buyers are blue collar workers. So they're mostly all construction guys. They just want to farm entrepreneurs. Yeah, they want to throw some goats and some chickens. Some people just know the value of land. They know how fast it's appreciating. So these ones kind of want to lock in their little piece of heaven. But a lot of our guys Yeah, and I sold recently sold a property that 13 and a half acres 100% in the flood zone. And they sold it to a trucking company. So they were going to do was just since it was off the highway. They just want to park their trucks there. If it floods, who cares? I got insurance and it doesn't flood often. Right. So a 500 year floodplain but then knowing the risk it was a nice enough for them to jump in there and want to buy that property and made $1,000 on that on that that sell that 13 acres. 48:44 So we're selling to businesses, we're selling to entrepreneurs, you're selling to people that have cash and funds available to buy this super invested in some jayvees or anything else you're doing on Instagram. So he's Anthony gonna hive mind, I'm Daniel hivemind on Instagram, it's California a good place to do these types of deals. 49:04 And any any bureaucratic area like that where it's heavily regulated where the population is decreasing, I would definitely stay away from those areas. If you're going to start I would say your southern states like Texas, Florida is probably gonna be the easiest places to operate. If you do happen to want to do a JV with us then we're only looking at Texas right now we're we're willing to place our capital. 49:24 Yeah, and you can send your system and big land that calm I'll put it in the chat I guess said we've we've had a couple people take this information and make a killing off of it. Would you recommend starting in your state you're going virtual Great question. That the remember my first year I talked the beginning. I'd never seen that lot. I lived in Atlanta. I've never been to that part of Florida. never even seen it. I took Google Streetview pictures and put that on marketplace and then the buyers went over there and like hey, do you have pictures like no? Oh, here's some pictures. So I updated my my listing. I do 100 We do 100% of this virtually, sometimes will, will anthemic a walk walk in my belly to belly with the seller, depending on if you're local or not. But like that China deal, we never even met the lady. It was our phone conversations. Yeah, we bought 123 50:12 acres in a town called commerce, Texas, it's like less than an hour north east of Dallas. We paid 175,000 for it using private capital. And we're selling it for 600,000 right now. So we're gonna give the private guy 25k. So we'll be in it for 200. And we're selling for 600, we have it pushed out at 675. So we have interest at 675. But we're willing to walk away at six. So there's a $400,000 spread, we just closed on the property 30 days ago, where you have a ton of interest at 600. 50:43 How do you go about dividing the land? What's your process, somebody asked that a little while ago. It's your hiring engineer, engineer, an engineer. So without owning the property, you can bring in as part of the individual due diligence period, because you can bring in an eight year engineer and chop off the property based off of the line locks of what it potentially could be. And Texas has a statute of 10 acres or more that you can subdivide lots without having to put in roads or electrical. So like a lot of people are like, Oh, why don't you subdivide it in smaller lots and put in roads and stuff. It takes too long. That's like a second development build. All we're doing is flipping paper, we bring in, we bring in engineering a couple lots, and we're just flipping paper just like a wholesaler to make bigger spreads. 51:24 Yeah, I would say that we're not even in the real estate business. We're not even in the land business. We're in the finance business. So we're just taking these properties. And then we're just using the property as collateral to create high interest notes. 10% interest. And we're gonna start pushing at 12% interest pretty soon. 51:42 And we can cover why interest in notes are important. So he's Anthony, underscore, Guyana, underscore hivemind. And I'm Daniel hivemind. On Instagram. We provide a lot of content in general. I have almost 1000 videos on YouTube, you can just YouTube pipeline CRM. We put a lot of content on Instagram, Twitter, all that stuff. If you login info taken, you said Thursday calls go more in depth. Yeah, we break down, we break down like actual deals that are being submitted. We did a call yesterday, and we had 140 acre deal sent to me in Oklahoma yesterday, and that we broke that down in the call. So any more questions? I think I hit them all that were in the chat. 52:34 I think I think we got about seven minutes left. Yeah, we 52:36 got about seven minutes left. You want to give him the juice on the notes that he could leave you guys only wanting people to bring deals that are located in Texas. I'm in Ohio, and oh, people will not some land will look and stuff in every state man. I'm telling you right now we're mostly doing in Texas. But like if you bring in deals outside of Texas and my takes a little longer because we didn't know the statutes. 52:55 Yeah. And then it Texas is low hanging fruit. So no matter where you are, you might as well just you can just start mining in Texas. I mean, you don't have to see the property. Like I said that commerce Texas property, we haven't seen it yet. And we're trying to make 400,000 on it. Yeah, even if somebody offers us five, we'll take it boom, 300 grand, you know, like in 30 days. So yeah, I would push Texas right away, because this is where all of our money partners are. So if you come across a deal that's so good, that it's going to require those 500,000 or a million down or whatever we can get it but it has to be here in Texas we have a lot of our buyers aren't going to or a lot of our partners aren't going to buy in other states. 53:30 And that's a good point. So the lenders, we do have like working in Texas, because they live in Texas and understand Texas law. So when you get to other states, you almost have to find private capital for those states to work in those states. Which is why like, we'll still look at them. But it's just if it's a deal, we'll try and make opportunity out of it. But it's just like we have to work through the other states and try and find lenders over there and try and move the property over there. You want to jump in the notes real quick and give them the juice before we leave? 53:56 Yeah, I would say again, this is why I said that we're actually in the finance business. So the people that jumped off this call, they're gonna regret it. So we're not necessarily in the land business. We're not We're not in real estate business. We're in the finance business. So our main thing is to create cash flow, and to create high interest notes. So once you create these notes off these properties, like I said, from that cash flow property, we're looking like at no less than $1.79 million in notes. So now we're selling the we have $1.79 million value on paper that people are paying us 10% interest every single month. So there's two things you can do with those notes. You can either sell them for cash right at roughly 70 cents on the dollar if you sell an unseasoned note. Or you can take those notes to a bank and leverage them at 50% Capital. So after I do the cash reveal deal, after we complete it, once point seven, 9 million, let's call it 1.8. We can take those notes to a bank and we can borrow $900,000 tax free because there's no tax on debt. So we take that $900,000 We go out and we allocate that to another nine or 10 or 12 deals and do The whole process over again, create all those notes at 10 to 12% interest, borrow against that paper and do the process over again. So we can start to recycle the capital over and over and over again. Meanwhile, all that park capital is generating 10 to 12% interest. 55:13 And if you guys know anything about interest rates 10 to 12% interest rates if you do an average of Oh, check in. I could show you guys this. Hey, are you there? Can you make can you make my cell phone as Daniel Martinez as well co hosts? Which one is it is Danny Martinez it's in the show you the power of this. 55:36 So somebody asked like, what what the process is or how they can get started. Just you can just JV with this will tell you how to find the deals where to find them. You just go bring us a deal. And then you just sit back with your hands in your pockets and just watch us do do the magic and you'll be included in the deal and you'll make bigger biggest paycheck you've ever seen in your life. 55:54 You just did an ace and I messed it up. Give me one second. I'm gonna join again. And then you gotta make me host again, ace. 56:00 Do we still have time? We got like three minutes left on the car we call. 56:03 I want to drop this. You guys are good. I'm back in a. Alright. Daniel Martinez again. Gotcha. All right, check this out. So high interest loans, why they're important. All right, watch this. So I have this app on my phone is called 10. Bi. I'll put it in the chat. One zero bi. Think my computer messed up before I got I tried to type it in real quick. Yeah, 110 Zero, VI, you can look it up on on Apple or the Google marketplace. Alright, so Ted, yeah, it's a it's a mortgage calculator. So 100,000 and notes, I should do even numbers. My face. Alright, 100,000 and notes. PV is and we can maybe do it on the column, this specifically 10% interest, 360 months, throw this out, that's gonna be 877 a month. On these notes, he said, you can sell these for about 70 cents on the dollar. So you can do 100,000 for him. Point seven they're gonna get a 14% interest. So a person buying that note saying since $1, he's got 14% on his yield 14% yield on his money. So let's talk about 10% interest, if we keep the note, if we keep the now 10%. amortization, over 30, over 30 years will make $215,000 in interest. So and total principal is nine 9000. So what's that look like? Let's say he wants to pay off in 10 years, or 10 years is 120 payments in the payoff would be $90,000 $90,000. So he paid you almost a grand a month for 10 years. That's needed. But if he pays you almost $1,000 a month for 10 years. At 10% interest, the payout is gonna be $90,000. So like, the long the way amortization schedules are built out is it's meant for that's why banks level. So as as interest rates go up right now. It's like 700% right now that the Fed is at 10%. You know, stretch, especially for land. banks are lending ally eight 9% right now. So 10%, we're not even above that board as as a land lender. But we can essentially get cash flow on properties. We're not even. We're not even in $0. So in the note game, they call it an infinite return. So if you can find multiple ways on small deals to get infinite returns, you're in the money for life. 59:00 What is it? What's the monthly payment on a $1.79 million dollar note? 1.79110 1.79. 59:12 It's 50,000 a month. I go to amortization, you can see that's almost three and a half, three, almost 4 million in interest payments over 30 years. 59:22 This is on a single transaction guys. This is on a one land deal. 122 acres. So what's 59:30 the other thing to think about? This is like what sort of have a mortgage? They got a mortgage for 30 years. So that's all the standard is they're paying out 30 years. Imagine the opposite side of that. Imagine that you create a mortgage that pays you for 30 years. How many deals do you need to do to get to where you want to be? 59:49 That's what I'm saying. So if you did one transaction, right, and you're making $15,700 a month on a single transaction, imagine if you did two of these in the year. You know or or three of these in five years, you know, or 10 of these in the year, you know, 1:00:04 half a year half one, it takes you two years to do one deal. Like, it's still not a bad deal. 1:00:11 And then like I said, you can either sit on those monthly payments, or you can borrow against that note, leverage it with a bank, pull out your cash, and then take that cash and do it again. So like, let's say you did it with a bird, or you're doing the BRR strategy, and you do a house that's worth 250,300 1000. What are you going to extract? 100 grand, right, you're gonna pull out 100,000 to go do this strategy over again. What if you can extract 500,000 or 900,000 on a single deal to go do more of these and go build yourself more properties like this and more notes like this? How long is it going to take you to build up you know, serious lifelong cash flow? 1:00:46 Yeah. It's crazy. So that's, that's the juice. That's crazy. But yeah, that's, like, legit. We're looking we're looking at $10 million to contract by the end of the year. Yeah, we'd like to 1:01:03 do that two to four out on the on Castroville. We just got the 174 signed for Pleasanton. I have another deal right now. Well, I just pitched Pleasanton. They had it listed for 450. I just got my offer accepted for 350 on the 54 acres in Pleasanton. 1:01:18 I didn't tell you that yet. Oh, nice. Well, this 1:01:21 is 54 acres, I'm getting it for 350,000, I'm selling each 10 acre tract, I'm gonna make five of them for 250,000. So that's gonna be 1.25. Right? In notes, I'm gonna have to liquidate a couple of those notes to pay the property off 350. But that still leaves me with three notes that are worth $250,000 each. So I'm gonna have $750,000 payable at 10% interest again, on a single transaction. It's crazy. It's not going to take that long for these numbers to get, you know, ridiculous, isn't it? It's kind of embarrassing. I feel kind of ashamed of myself to talk about these numbers on stage, because it's like, you're in a room full of investors, were talking about doing deals and making 100 grand or 50 grand on a house deal. And then we take the state award. We're trying to make 3 million on this one deal. It's kind of like it was kind of shameful. And it's 1:02:13 crazy as it seems, though, because like if you talk to any investor, they're always teaching doors and cashflow doors and cash flow, like how many doors that I get 1000 doors 100 doors, like a $1.7 million $1.7 million deal that's 100,000 a door that's 17 doors, sort of doing equivalent to a 17 door multifamily, but we're getting all the cash flow. 1:02:36 No overhead, no office staff, no cash burn, no maintenance, no crazy amounts of insurance, these pure cash flow with no burn at all. 1:02:49 That went over your head, listen to it a couple times. 1:02:54 Do they post these calls in the group like in their private group or something so they can watch it again? 1:02:58 Yes, this is gonna be recorded, I'm gonna hop on here for a second and say a few words. A lot of information to take in. Hopefully I don't miss anything I didn't. I didn't write down some of the key things I want to say. But first and foremost, I want to thank you guys for coming on here to the squad, and blessing us with this information and knowledge, right? Because at the end of the day, people are either gonna to go forward with this or they're not. Now people have the information, they have it in the back of their heads. For some people, they probably had no clue what was being said. A few people probably understood some of what was being said, and I'm sure there's probably people out there that knew exactly what you guys are saying. So if you guys fall on either scale of those. Take advantage of what these guys have presented to us. Right. They presented us with a lot of great information, answered everybody's questions. You guys have some really good questions for these guys. I'm glad you guys. were tuned in and asking the right questions sometimes. You know, it's all about asking the right things. And you guys really did ask a lot of great questions. And I hope you guys do connect with these guys, whether it be on social media, whether it be with their mastermind group that they have, because I'll tell you guys what from my experience in real estate and life just to get me to where I'm at right now, the process sped up a lot more when I was working with people that knew what they were doing, right. And, and these guys clearly know what they're doing. They prove that today in this class. I spoke with them offline, you know, we're gonna bring them back again, because this isn't the only thing that they do. And that they put together. This was just this was something that kind of triggered me and I knew you guys would be kind of interested to hear and what else that I have to offer as well. I'm sure some of you will be even more interested. So I really do appreciate you guys taking the time out of your day to really put this together and really bless us with some Some amazing information. I mean, you guys really dropped some great information. And I want you guys out there that are listening. You know, a lot of big numbers were thrown around. And I don't want that to scare any of you guys, or I don't want you guys to think that's how it's gonna be right, these guys have put in the sweat. I know, Anthony, you've been in the game for what 15 plus years is what you told me, you've been marketing, marketing, right. And I know Daniel, you've you know, had your boots on the ground know, you've had your foot in the game as well, you know, before you transition over into this industry. But my point that I'm trying to make is, is these guys have skin in the game. So I don't want you guys to think that you guys are gonna hop on a call with them, they're gonna hold your hand through the whole thing, it's gonna take some work with like with anything, right? This is stuff that can be life changing. And they have the tools and the knowledge and the access to be able to connect you guys, but I don't want you guys going in it, I think they're gonna babysit anyone and hold anyone's hand. Because that's not how you get ahead, you got to, you have to bring something to the table. And if you guys are are going to work with these guys, I do hope you guys have a lot to bring to the table. Because I feel like this can change someone's life out there that is listening. So I hope you guys do take advantage. And once again, thank you guys a lot for taking the time out of your day to come on and give us this this information because you guys didn't owe it to me you guys didn't owe to the world squat. So I really appreciate that. And I salute you guys for this. 1:06:27 You know, we appreciate you, man, we appreciate you inviting us into your home and into your community and allowing us to share the information. We think what you guys have built is absolutely amazing. I think anybody that's in your group and in your community is beyond blessed to be around, you know, people that are successful in achieving and also willing to share the information. There's a lot of people out there that do that. So we honor you guys will respect you for that amazing. Appreciate it. 1:06:50 My final bit is if you're in doing something else, or if you want to get in real estate, just look at land. We have We've had clients that we have a client of bill, we have two clients about to be our first millionaires using our products and service and doing land education. In the last year and a half there abouts, we've come millionaires off of this stuff. So land is definitely a cool little niche that is overlap really overlooked. And I hope it piqued your interest today. 1:07:16 All right, cool. Cool. So Alrighty, guys. So the last thing I have for you guys to kind of wrap this up, it's kind of some of the same stuff. I always tell you guys, right, your dreams aren't going to work if you guys don't work. And I really mean that. You got to get out you got to show up every day. You know, the days you're sick the day, someone close to you passes away, you know what I mean? Like, take time to deal with the things that you need to deal with handle, make sure you're good mentally, physically. And you guys have to get after you have to get after your dreams and your goals because they're not going to magically appear at your door. You know, if you want more out of life, all it really takes us you got to, you know, cut out the BS, focus on your craft and get after every single day. Like every I'm telling you guys, if you get after something every single day, you're just going to keep making progress. Even if it's not going exactly how you want to go, it might not go that way. For the first three to five years, you might not see progress until you're six. But I promise you by year six, you might be an expert at what it is. And you can tell someone what not to do. And by that, you know saying by that year seven is when your life is gonna really change. That's how it happened. For me, it took me seven years to get on my grind to, you know, cut some, you know, make my circle smaller, pretty much, you know, if you weren't headed towards the direction I was heading, I had to let a lot of people go. And it's unfortunate because I had to let a lot of good people go. But sometimes that's what it takes for you to get to where you're trying to go. If you're trying to change your family's last name, if you're trying to see a life that you never had, that you you know you're not used to it's out there, you just have to go get it, you have to be hungry enough to want to change the things that you're reading, the things that you're learning about the conversations that you're involved in the type of music that you're in the people that you're around, it takes more than just one thing, but I promise you, if you got to stick to it, you guys will end up in some life changing situations. I really hope that for all you guys because the fact that you guys are in squat, the fact that you guys took time out of your night to come into this class, the fact that you guys are asking questions, all that stuff shows me that you guys already kind of have it in you. So just keep going and I promise you guys that that top of the mountain and far away, you just got to keep climbing up. So high man, I appreciate you guys. Daniel Anthony. I salute you guys. I'm looking forward to having you guys on again. Squad. I appreciate you guys. I hope you guys soaked up all this knowledge. I hope you guys do something with it. The best thing you can do when you get new knowledge is put it to use right away. Don't wait till next week. Don't wait till next month. Don't wait till next year. They got the number in here. You should already be texting them. If you're thinking about hitting them up. You should have already hit them up in the squat. In the chat. You should already hit them up. If you're thinking about it. If you're not thinking about it, that's cool. That's fine. Just get the knowledge continue about your day but if you guys are out there and you're thinking of about it and it seems like something you might be doing. If you haven't texted them. You're already wrong. Don't wait till next week. Don't put it on the back burner, either hit him up or don't. And let's get to this knowledge you guys. I appreciate you guys, everyone. You guys have a blessed night and I'll deal with you. Awesome. 1:10:14 God bless man. Good night. Bye

Daniel Esteban MartinezProfile Photo

Daniel Esteban Martinez

Host/ Ceo/ Speaker

I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!

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Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

You can learn more about our vision and join our free mastermind by joining hivemind CRM on Facebook and all social channels