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Dec. 17, 2022


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0:03 This show is sponsored by hive mind CRM, it is more than just a CRM. It is a real estate and business mastermind that comes with an all in one CRM, you can have unlimited websites and users, you can call text, RVM, and email all in one user interface, and you can set up custom automations. For any type and multiple businesses. 65% of companies start using a CRM system within the first five years of business. Once implemented, the hive mind will save you on marketing give you more time and make more money. One of our users had his first $100,000 month using our system in June, we want to see you automate and accelerate your business text us at 2109728 t 42. For future meetings. And of course, to get our $1 course on how to make more than six figures on one land deal. You can schedule your free demo today at hive mind CR 1:02 Alright, welcome to episode 300. Episodes. Feels like a lifetime. And I don't think I would get this far. Or when I would get to it. But we're here. 1:14 How long did it take to hit 300? 1:16 When we launched September 2 2021. 1:22 September 2. Dang. So it's just been over a year, I was thinking like the inception of hivemind training, which is about 20 to 23 months, no pocket has only been around for what, 14 months, 14 months. 300 episodes, man. Yeah, I hope that the listeners that are here with us have been getting a lot of value out of this podcast. I gotta be honest, when we first started, and Daniel wanted us to start a podcast, I was like, Nah, dude, like, Man, I got other stuff to do. I still had a my construction company up and running. So I was very pressed for time between real estate. So I didn't want more meetings, you know, I didn't want to have more bookings, in my schedule. I like to leave my schedule, very open. And that's the opposite for a lot of entrepreneurs. But I like to have that flexibility. But I really gotta give Daniel the credit. Because this has been one of the biggest blessings, one of the biggest lead sources, one of the best connection sources that we could have possibly done. I'm a paid traffic guy, right. So I've been running marketing for almost 15 years. And I just pay for traffic, and it comes in and it's worked amazing for 15 years. But I gotta say it was a genius move on your apartment to launch the podcast and everything that it's brought with it. It's been nothing short of amazing. So far. 2:36 It's been cool having great conversations with pretty cool people, man. And you don't like a lot of the guests sometimes, I never even talked to them before. And we're just having a conversation. And it shows that you can learn a lot from random strangers, and it just takes the conversation to squeeze that out of that. So it's kind of cool having random conversations, and you guys listening to it. 2:58 Yeah, we thank the audience for all of your support. We just saw right now that it's gonna be funny looking back on this video when we move forward, but we just got notified that we were top 22% on Spotify, our views are going crazy downloads are starting to really ramp up. But we want to thank you guys, the audience and listeners, you know, you spending time listening to us and participating. It does mean a lot. You know, it's hard for us to touch everybody individually. But if you're taking the information, and it's benefiting you and your family and your friends, we would love to hear from you. You know, if you're seeing progress based on stuff you've learned on this show, we would like to have a conversation with you possibly get you on the podcast. And that was the whole point of this thing in the first place was to have those conversations. One thing I wanted to pointed out when he said that right now, I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to you know, it seems to be heading right to that one hour mark, when you're having a conversation with somebody, we start to go really deep in the conversation starting to get really good. It has been really enjoyable man, because you get to meet people at a different level. Like you're not having one hour conversations with a lot of your business contacts or other people in business. So that's been enlightening. And then something else we've talked about before other podcasts is that you learn a lot, right? And what are you going to do to capture a mentor like somebody that's super, super busy, that otherwise wouldn't have time to spend an hour on the phone with you. Having access to a podcast has allowed us to get like top tier mentorship from some really amazing souls. And we're just grateful that they wanted to spend an hour with us and we've hoped to relay that, that information and content to you guys. 4:28 And it goes what it really is is the amplification of time. I got a little went to lunch with a friend of mine yesterday and he was like, like, I do an hour cold calling and that's all I get out of this and you do our podcasting and it's replicatable and repeatable. And that's really amplification of podcasting. I hope like I mean Anthony we have we got an email from YouTube yesterday saying we had 123,000 minutes stream just on YouTube alone, not including all the podcast platforms not like that, just YouTube. So it really shows As the amplification and power of us just having these conversations and instead of us having wasted that one hour not only wasted an hour, but we have a one hour conversation, and it's gone. Now we have one hour conversation, and it's there forever. So it's really an amplification of time. That's really cool. 5:17 Yeah, that's been another thing, like I said, just like the the marketing aspect and the branding. So something I wanted to mention, maybe we don't usually mention this publicly. But if you've been watching our podcast listening to these episodes, thus far, then we'll let you in on a little secret. It's pretty cool that what some people reach out to us, they're so used to, like, they'll have already watched a ton of videos or listening to a ton of podcasts. And they're already kind of bought in, you know, to the brand and to our method of doing real estate. So, you know, to meet our mission, even our mission do Yeah, yeah, so our, we're gonna do a lot to set that up next year to like, kind of lay off the mission a little bit better to let people know how they can participate. And they can go to the moon with us. So if there's any doubt in your mind about what the hive mind is doing, and the approach we're taking, this is not traditional real estate, this is not a traditional investment company, you know, what we're doing is really out of this world, I'll give you an example. I had a guy call me back probably like in March or April, and he says, Hey, I got about $700,000. I want to invest, like what do you guys have? And kind of didn't have a deal for him at the time, because we've been doing a lot of like seller financing creative stuff, but we're not really too capital heavy. We don't have a very strong need for capital, which is amazing for us, because it never leaves us over leveraged. But I called him yesterday. And I said, Hey, are you still interested in investing? He said, Of course, I laid out a couple of deals that we're doing. And he was like, Man, this is unheard of. He was like, This just sounds too good to be true. He was like those kinds of returns are. He goes, it's just not realistic. He's like, nobody's doing that. And I'm like, been doing it for four years now. So to talk to a seasoned investor that has access to plenty of capital, to hear him tell us like, I still feel like we're new kids, even though we're four years in, that what we're doing is like so far out of this world that it just doesn't make sense. It made me feel really good. You know, it made me just feel kind of like I mentioned this all the time. Because if you know Daniel, myself, personally, you know that we're super, super humble guys. Like we're just kind of like I said, like two kids just trying to figure stuff out. But it made me feel pretty excited, because I just thought like, even seasoned investors that are highly seasoned, see what we're doing. And they're like, this doesn't make sense. Like you guys are nuts. But it's just a combination of everything that we do, you know, large land subdivides creative, like we're doing the same thing that like pace. And those kinds of communities are doing some to shout out to pace and those guys to man, we love those guys. But it's like we're doing the exact same thing they're doing. But we're not trying to capture houses, right? We're trying to capture these multimillion dollar ranches. So just a weird little unique niche that we got ourselves involved in. And like I said, it's just, I'm proud to be doing it. And I want to talk about that, too, if we can cut into that here and a little bit about why we did hivemind. And how we led up to this moment. 7:52 Yeah, and like I said, we everybody else, as you get to this point, we kind of fell into it. Like it wasn't like a guided path, or, like everything that we teach and talk about was all learned through self discovery. It wasn't like somebody's like, Hey, do this, that and this, this will happen. It was all through self discovery. And we kind of ended up here. And it's kind of been an interesting journey, even going down this path. And where it's led us to, and everything we've learned over like the last like 18 months has been ridiculous. 8:21 I think that's what makes us so dangerous is that we, we don't have any like a sense of that, like proudness. Like, we're all it's all on me. It's all me, like, we've just made contact with so many good people, like Daniel said, like we just kind of learned just by doing by hitting our head on stuff, making ourselves looked dumb, putting ourselves into deals that you know, were very unorthodox. And we kind of didn't know what to do with. So just trying to just cut our way through it. And now looking at it, you say, oh, man, these guys are geniuses, but it's like, man, we're just trying to figure our way through it like everybody else. But it has been a heck of a journey. I think hog mines done so well. Because the original intent behind it was we were doing these nice land deals that nobody else was paying attention to, or not really talking about anyway. And people started I want to comment in groups like, Hey, you should do this, Hey, you should try this. And just because I love helping people, I've always been like that. I went to college and I took radiology and physiology for a cup, two and a half years, like quite a few semesters, Aced everything. But I remember like when a lecture was over, or the class was over, I would teach them a table right? So the science classes there's like four people at a table or six people at a table. I would teach the people with the professor just taught because it would help me learn and I just like to see other people win. So everybody's scratching their heads like what the heck is he talking about? I got lost I got confused on that. Let me break it down for you a different way. So I kind of started doing the same thing in real estate as I started to get more progress and I got better. And I started getting inbox messages on Facebook Messenger and people like Hey, I saw you posting this group so let me know what you're talking about. Can you help me with this? Can you help me with that and randomly I'm just texting people back okay, yeah, hey, can I try this do this try that try that. Never thought twice about you know anything else except other than just helping people doesn't take me about a few minutes to fired mess. Just back at people. And they started bringing back to us. We've talked about this before in other podcasts and clubhouse, but people started bringing deals back to us like, Hey, I got this really cool deal. Can you guys take a look at this? Can you take a look at this? And they kind of gave me the idea and the inspiration that if we helped enough people get what they want, right, then we would get what we want. So we created hive mind organically, right? Based on that concept in that model. But what if we could teach people out there how to find these amazing deals, how to find these one of a kind deals at scale. Right. And that was your original intent behind it. But it started like from a stage of purity, like, right that was even though that was the intention and the goal. From a business standpoint, we weren't doing it just to like help ourselves, we're just trying to help other people. And now I would say 20 to 23 months later, since hive mind was launched, the machine is running at full scale. Just wanted to update everybody that listens to this podcast, and has been following our journey, the machine is running at full scale, we're getting leads in such high volume that it's even hard to keep up with. So we're having to build systems to intake those leads, underwrite them, and then figure out what the next step is with those. And then for the last 90 to 120 days, since we've launched the million dollar mastermind, we've been getting million dollar deals every single day or leads anyhow. So it's led up to a lot of cool stuff, I want to say we've locked up somewhere between like eight and 10 million in the last like 90 days, the reason I give a spread in there is because some of them are still in the negotiations, but they're as good as done. They're just not inked yet. And we have another couple million in the pipeline, you know. So it's pretty cool to think about that such a little idea and a small company with two guys that are fairly new at real estate. Just based on projections where this thing is headed man, it's the future looks very, very amazing. And I'm glad that the people that listen to this podcast and that are in the hive mind community are coming along for the read. 11:44 One thing I do want to mention too, is that the reason why we did this is because the more we teach, the better we come at the product. So most people don't have the opportunity to talk to high, high, high intelligence sellers very often. And by us doing this, we get to talk to them almost weekly or daily, you know, and then like even like today, we settled on literally contract just went out today, we like we're locking up a 600k lot, or 300. 12:14 And it's cool, because those deals are starting to become more and more frequent. Right. So again, like those are pretty hard to find deals not gonna lie, or you're not just gonna come on board and find 10 of them in a week. But by us teaching people how to find them, they're starting to come to us more frequently. Right. And in exchange, you learn what those deals look like, right? Because we help you like, underwrite it and analyze it. And then hopefully, in the future, you'll start to get in front of more of those types of deals as well. So it's pretty cool to have these deals in the pipeline, you know, where there's a spreads for a million spread for 2 million spread for 400 500 700. It's like, it's pretty cool to think about that, you know, we went from just flipping whenever we could find infill lots mobile homes, to now like, every deal starting to look like 500 And up, because we know how to identify him, we know where to look. Oh, and then here's another thing right now we're like in pretty much like heading headfirst into a recession. So one of the main things we've been seeing on social media is all of the big time gurus and I say guru respectfully, because we love a lot of these people. They're saying that like, oh, the numbers are different. Now sales aren't happening the same way. Whoever says that is like, not telling the truth. And I'm like, dude, like, how many wrenches have we locked ups for on the sell side, and the buy side in the last like 30 days alone? I mean, our wrenches are still flying off the shelf right now, people putting in non refundable deposits. So I don't know that it's going to sustain all the way through the recession. People are saying it could be two years, it could be five years, I don't know. But for right now, I mean, we're still flying dude. I'm like, I'll be shocked if we hit a slowdown because the way things have been moving right now and this much uncertainty and fear in the market. And the interest rates. This is amazing. You This is crazy, crazy to think about. 13:48 So this some John Alexander said Johnson are one of our people that's been he's one of our people have been helping us out in the beginning for a long time, he said that the lower especially in land, the smaller the lot smaller price point, those get affected heavily by the recession. And he said the larger lots don't get as much of that of that of that feedback from the recession side of it. So I think we're really playing in a safe spot that isn't, isn't necessarily being affected as heavily as other sectors. 14:19 So let's give away some of the hot sauce right now. One reason to go after these ranches is because a lot of times the sellers don't exactly need the capital, so they're not in a hurry. Some of these ranches are slow movers, right. So they're they're kind of deals that take a long time. But if the seller is willing to grant you a long time and give you lots of time on the on the closing side, that helps us in the meantime to find buyers. So the reason that I think we've done so well is because something that we've realized from doing this long enough is that the buyers that are buying these like 10 acre ranches, or 20 acre ranches, they're not really hurting for capital. Right. These are these are guys that have been saving this money for years and years and years. Like they didn't just wake up last Saturday and say Dan I need to go buy a ranch like these people have it's been on their mind for a long time, they do have access to the capital, and they're not really going to banks. Honestly, we don't even know what the bank rates are right now you're seeing a lot of that on Facebook, if you follow a lot of real estate people, they're talking about, like what the interest rates are, and how that's affecting everything, and there's having to sell at a loss or break even. But we're not really paying attention to both, we don't really pay attention to comps. And we're not paying attention to interest rates. Again, which makes it very unorthodox what we're doing. It's like even strange to say that, especially in these economic times, but it's just reality, you know, it's reality like this is this is what we're living every single day. And if you do a deal with us, if you bring us a deal, and we end up Jvn, you'll see what we're talking about. Right now at the height of fear and uncertainty. We're selling ranches like crazy. 15:44 One thing I really want to hit on too, and I've kind of mentioned this a while back, but I think I'm the first I've never heard of this anywhere. But think of this, the sales cycle for a house is 30 to 90 days, when the recession hits us longer. Mean land deals that we play with are already at like a six month sales cycle. So we're already playing at that long sales cycle. So all the people that like, Oh, it's getting longer on market, like we've been doing, we've been dealing with this for since we started, like a cycle is what we've been dealing with since we started. So like, we really haven't seen it hit us yet. Or I don't know when it will, if it will or when it will. But we're already in that long sales cycle anyway, because we're doing large land deals. So it's just one of the benefits that we're in is that it might not ever hit us, you know, 16:27 I'm thinking it's not man. And this is the reason. Usually when somebody sends us a land deal, they're like, oh, man, I gotta close in three weeks. I'm like, How long? Did you lock this thing up for 30 days? Why did you lock up this land for 30 days, like the minimum we're looking at is like 60 to 90. And now we've been pushing for 120 to six months. So if you have six months to find funding or find a buyer, it's gonna be hard to struggle, you know. And when you have spreads that are 400, or 600, or 800 or mil or two mil. There's plenty of incentive to work a deal for six months or a year. So again, low urgency, low pressure, actually asked Theresa where that from my title company in Texas, that's where we do almost every single one of our deals, we've probably done like 60 transactions together. Ask her I told her my golden rule is that if one of my people buyer's or seller's wholesaler anybody stresses you out, you have my permission to tell them you don't want their business. It's a very, very low pressure business that we run, you know, very easygoing, it said, We're, even though we're heading deep into a recession, we have several million dollars of profit in the pipeline right now for the first time ever. And it's pretty cool to think about again, like even if the recession does last two years, like we're gonna have enough cash stacked up to last probably through it, right. And that's not even including everything else that we have going on more deals that are coming up. And it's just a very unique place to be in at this time, based on what we've been seeing from other real estate investors, seasoned real estate investors online. So we wanted people to know that are watching this podcast and that are paying attention to it and following the business model that I think we're in a pretty recession proof space. I think what we're doing is amazing. I said based on the spreads that we're working with, it's just like every reason to be in this business and not very many reasons to not be in this business. We don't have any ARV or comps, local San Antonio guru just posted on Facebook that he's losing out on five flips, right? And we don't have that problem, because we don't have that many variables. You know, the price of the land that we're selling is not tanking, like houses, not yet. Anyway, John Zander says it might be falling over the next year too. But for now, it's like man, everything's a okay. And our spreads are so deep, that even if the market fails, it crashed pretty bad. Like, we could probably still get out of this stuff at breakeven. 18:39 Yeah, cuz we're still getting stuff really, really cheap when it comes down to if anything, we'll have to lower it down to whatever the value is, you know, because these are selling overvalue. So I don't know, I don't think has affected us. It's kind of interesting to see but for everybody watching, keep watching it happen. Yeah, we're both what you've kind of seen a lot of people come and go, it's kind of an interesting to see. What are your thoughts on that? 19:09 Yeah, you know, when we first started hive mind when you start something like this, like you have your people and like your day ones, right, Mike Novak and all them like there's a lot of months that have been around since the beginning basketball. And then some people like drifted away, or either they started doing good or they lost interest and they disappeared. So we're kind of seeing what some of them are doing. Some of them are doing, 19:26 people do really really well and then they're like disappear and do their own thing. So it's kind of interesting to see like, how people contribute to the machine and then depart like, minutes really made Anthony like, question like, how do we organize this to keep people around longer because we don't want to see people fall to the wayside or continued to literally had a client we had a client that we told them what to do. They didn't really did upon success, and then stopped doing what we told them to do. And then we're mad because they weren't finding success. 20:00 stick to the basics. I know, even for ourselves too, like every now and then we'll see something in commercial. I just walked the 100,000 square foot building with roasted Hado. So it's like, if you see something that looks amazing, and like you think should I venture off into that, but it's like, we're gonna stick to the basics, we're gonna stick to what works large land deals, unrestricted land, and it's been a blessing man, it's not slowing down. So it's something that we're going to probably run forever. While we look at and see what other things that we can kind of venture off to speaking of that, we are launching a health segment of the podcast, probably for personal reasons, too. I know myself building on my last year, very little gym trips gain more weight than I wanted to, it just wasn't feeling my best this year, I've been taking my health real serious again. So we're gonna start launching some health stuff, because I think people are learning a lot about business and focusing on their business. Not a whole lot of people focusing on keeping your body alive and keeping yourself healthy. So that's something that we're going to move heavily into in the near future. So you guys are gonna start to see that on the podcast as well. 21:00 Remember, there's a no, we obviously, we actually have like different segments in the show, you might think they're different, but we actually stagger them. So new episodes like categories, we started between Episode Two 300. The Health Health mind, which is anthy just mentioned, first deal story, Brittany Thompson, brought in some episodes to contribute to just talking about people's first deal, and then deal break down and stream consciousness. Those have been a lot, we've been highlight episodes that come out with that. And we kind of mentioned the beginning of that. If you go to hive with, you'll just see the category of what episode what episode that falls under. And they're all there for a reason. So like deal breakdowns calm about talking about cool and interesting stories that people had in their business or life. A lot of interesting ones we've had, if you haven't heard any of those, go check them out. They're pretty cool. They're a lot shorter, 10 minutes or last 15 minutes or less, right around that time, time, store, time time, timeframe. And then stream consciousness has been meaning entity, which we never really did episodes together. Not for a while really. So we set a sir on little segment of the show clustering consciousness users, meaning Anthony or me talking about different things that are opinions about certain topics, which is very interesting. We're talking about like the power of arbitrage the power of the we're talking about power of ROI, what's a good ROI, it's some work on next. There's a lot of cool stuff. We're working on little our own pain, our own opinions about certain topics. So it's interesting, if you're interested in that, check those out. 22:33 Yeah, I really liked where those are headed. Because what we do is a lot of times Daniel, myself, we're like brainstorming 24/7. And a lot of this stuff is like we're sharing good information back and fourth, coming up with new ideas always. And we just never recorded any of that stuff. So like, Man, this some of this stuff needs to be podcast, you know, because we're covering a lot of stuff from like AI and automations. And robots future, you know, again, health, like sustainability for the planet, a bunch of cool stuff. Like, I think the direction that we're headed into, it's gonna play a huge part in what the hive mind stands for and what we're doing. So I think sharing more of that back end stuff is going to be amazing. So yeah, check out the screen stream consciousness episodes, we're gonna be releasing a lot more of those. 23:12 So you want to talk about cool people we've had on and maybe like a key takeaway that you remember from episode from two to 300. Because we had a lot of people on from two to 300 It's been pretty interesting. 23:31 The show is sponsored by the list guys, do you need more leads in your local or virtual market? One intense small businesses don't invest in any kind of marketing. The list guys have over 35 plus list types to choose from, and you can mix and match any list or criteria. We also use to skip trace lists and provide up to seven numbers and email addresses. Every list you purchase will be scrubbed against previous purchases, the list guys are here to save you time. Contact the list guys today at www dot one, this guy's dot com. That's www dot the number one list 24:09 So we've kind of we've kind of had a lot of cool guests from two to 300 It's been pretty, pretty crazy. We get we stacked up a lot of good guests. I know we had some good ones one to 100 but two or 300 I think it was been the best little spurt so far. And it's kind of funny, because if you're into podcasts and have like seasons, season one is episode one to 100 and season two is two to 300. And season three is what we're about to start right now. Season three to four. I never understood the thing that season so we're just gonna get every 100 episodes as as kind of comical because people usually do like 20 episodes as a season and then they'll stop almost like TV shows and then they'll really send it a season like now we're just gonna do 100 at a time. 24:54 I think we're accelerating now to because like I said, Now, I think we're actually both Well, I am enjoying this kind of stuff more so it's been pretty Cool. Yeah, we want to talk about some of the guests that we've had on, right. Because when you ask some of these top performers like hanging up on the podcast is kind of like, didn't want to burn an hour out of their day, right to just hop on podcast, but we had some really, really amazing guests on now. 25:13 So as far as like land people, we had Seth Williams, Eddie speed, Seth Williams, Episode 202, Eddie speed is 250 Ryan Panetta talks about a really cool land deal he did on episode 2621. It's just a lot of cool stuff right there for people that are interested in land. For we did one with flip man, we're kind of tucked up flipping it actually interviewed us. He flipped the script on us on Episode 246, and kind of interviewed us about land. And he was kind of interested in bought land too. So I think we actually contracted a deal within a week with him. And I don't know how that deal went, but I'll try to follow up with him on that one, but it's kind of interesting. Having land conversations. Quarry Giri, Episode 214. Ron Rana, we did an episode with Ron and I just had a book release episode. He actually released that video on his podcast on his YouTube channel, and 11,000 views like in a week. So pretty, pretty interesting. What's going on here? 26:17 Yeah, I think we got some some pretty cool stuff in the pipeline. We are looking to interview with earn your leisure pretty soon. So that's something you guys want to keep an eye out for, we're gonna start to look for podcast guests that already have an audience and that are considering it to be up there. So we hope to bring you guys some amazing content in that area. Right. So like I said, if you feel like you've already heard it all in this podcast, I think we have a lot more cool stuff up our sleeves, and we appreciate you guys going on for the journey with us. 26:41 I do want to mention Michelle Welsh too. So I'm gonna show Welsh actually spoke at our event in the second annual hivemind event, which was in Fort Lauderdale. We did an interview with her in Episode 248. But she actually got a speaking opportunity to speak in front of real estate agents coming up in 2023, in February, in San Diego. So it's kind of cool. People will get the opportunity off of hive mind, man, that's kind of interesting. And you don't even know who's gonna get the opportunity or who's gonna get deals. We did episode we can. We did a couple of episodes with the Andre and the address that he's gotten deals off on the podcast. So it's kind of cool hearing stories like that of just stuff circling back and benefiting him in the long run. I really want to mention this, too, but using using the podcast and YouTube channel to get deals. Yeah. So it everyone's I know, you have like two or three stories about this one. What's your what's your favorite one about that one? 27:42 Deal stories? Like I can't think of any one particular way now the negotiation lately. negotiations? Yeah. Much, man, I'm half asleep today with my suffering from a cold, right? 27:58 Since he's suffering from a cold right now. I've heard him on the phone, talk to sellers and like, oh, you know who you are. And like, Oh, we got like, 1000 videos on YouTube. We'll just drop that in there. And like, oh, I'll just send you a couple links. You can Google me. 28:13 Yeah, I noticed that. Somebody would when whenever there's like a lack of trust, right. Some people are very interesting when you're on the phone. I mean, how do I know where you guys are? How do we know this isn't a scam? You think, right? If you're a wholesaler, or if you're an investment investor, and you're trying to buy at a discount, we talk a lot about it on the show. That if somebody goes and looks you up, they're gonna be like, Oh, you're a wholesaler, man or whatever. But no, it's actually been the complete opposite. So when somebody's like, yeah, how do I know you're the real deal? I'm like, hey, yeah, go, you know, I did like 1000 YouTube videos, go check me out, you know, you can Google me. And then sure enough, yeah, more than once more than a few times, they've come back. And they're like, Okay, I'll do the deal. So whatever they're finding, right, they're gonna just checking you out on public. They're pretty excited about it, you know, they're pretty looking for to do business with I guess, because they see that we're public facing that we have good intentions, that we're trying to do the right thing. And it's been a blessing, man. It's been really cool. He, I think having a social media presence has been really, really cool. It's been very good for business, even on the partnership side. So people will reach out to us and say, Hey, I've seen a bunch of podcasts, or I've seen you guys on YouTube. How can I get involved, right? So they're ready to do business with us, even though they just came across this, or we just met them in person. But now they've already been seeing the content long enough where they're ready to do some business with us. So just win win win all the way around 29:28 their private money lending or bringing us a deal or want to help us out with this bow. It's kind of cool having those conversations. We think we talked about this with Steve trying to the benefit of the podcast and episode 225. We kind of talked about tokenization. And one of the questions we asked him was, what's the what's the biggest benefit he had from doing the podcast? And his answer was like, I feel it feels unreal to get the type of responses and leverage from the podcasts that I should. 29:56 Yes. thing that he mentioned, he said What did he say? How did he phrase it a very cool way that really stood out to me. He said that people been watching the podcast, he's like they, they give me way more credit than I deserve or something like that. Like where they found them on the podcast. And they're like, dude, like they're, they hold them in a very, very high light. And I think that's something that we're starting to see now, too, is because we've been sharing the information for so long, open about sharing information, people are reaching out to us and they're ready to do business with us. They're ready to to initiate because they've just been been absorbing so much of the content for such a long time. So I am getting some of those vibes that Steve talked about. So I knew exactly what he was talking about when he said that. 30:36 Yeah, it was kind of funny, because we had a similar conversation with Chad Doherty, which we did episode 293 26 with him. And he was like, he's like you with the podcasts and the YouTube channel and all the social media, you're forcing a footprint into the digital space. And for everybody watching, I hope, I hope you found the footprint. 30:59 There's a company that I invested with years ago, it was called there, they would call it a digital footprint. Yeah, really love the terminology. But yeah, that's exactly what we're doing is we're creating a pretty massive footprint. So love us or hate us. We are impacting the industry has had a completely unorthodox investment strategy that we're sharing openly. A lot of people that are, that do have the information that we have, and the knowledge that we have, they're not really sharing it openly. And we've just been doing it the whole time. And we're pretty proud of it. It's led to a lot of good things. We are launching a high ticket we live I think we should talk about that. 31:31 Let's talk about a man. So high ticket, what qualifies you to charge so much? And I think those are Facebook posts that we saw recently. I'm not gonna call his name out, but he's like, his, his his exact quote was, if I don't know how gurus charged $15,000 for information, I would never do it. 31:53 You know, I thought that was the funniest post ever, because that's a very specific mindset. I won't say it's bad or good. But, you know, we we taught this information for free, that's such a long time. And now we do have those top, you know, 1% 5% You know, now knowledge base now that we're not really openly sharing, and we are going to put up a little paywall, because we found that people that get into our different masterminds, that since they get in there for so cheap, they don't really they're not really big action takers. And you have your standout, try like PJ winters and a few of them Ruben Garcia, there's a few people that actually are going to take action and destroyed no matter what. But we felt like if we don't put up a strong paywall, that people are going to get involved. And I don't want to say they're wasting our time because we love helping people, right, but they call you and they bring you stuff and they you know, they do spend a lot of hours with them, and then they disappear. So the whole goal behind this was that 32:43 we've seen that happen to where they'll come in and participate and then make one big deal and then fall off. 32:49 Yeah, or they get a big deal. And then they don't even share the deal with us. They just ghost. Yeah, so we've seen that in house too. But either way, no hard feelings, but it is what it is. So we felt like if we do set up a paywall pretty substantial paywall for one that we would share, you know, that last one or 5% of information on people, but also to make sure that the people that do come they are committed and that we are going to actually do some deals with them. And that they are taking this business serious because we're dead serious about it. We spend a lot of time away from our loved ones, our wives and our kids to be able to bring these podcasts. So we just want that equal exchange of energy. But yeah, this guy's mindset for the 15,000. We've been teaching this information for free for a long time. But it's like, if I gave him 100% Of what I know, I wouldn't even give him the information for 15,000. That's not enough. So that's the first thought that came to my head even though we've given it away for free a lot of times, but our low level lower tier high ticket is gonna be 25,000. i Let's just 33:47 start right there. But the other thing is that we know we provide the value of a minimum of 25,001 simple transaction, I think we talked about this too, is that we've done multiple six figure deals that when other we talked to other investors are like, I got one or the biggest deal of 60 or 50 or 90,000. Like and people and people that have hit a six figure deal. They might do one a year. They don't hit them consistently. So I think we have something to offer that isn't in the marketplace at all, nowhere else to provide the ability to do six figure deals consistently. Like we're doing a deal right now, we might pay a wholesaler six figures just for bringing the deal multiple six figures, probably multiple six figures just for bringing the deal. So for us, we're willing to pay out six figure wholesale fees. That should tell you something. Yep. So 34:42 that's what I wanted to talk about. Like I said 15 grand, like if I had to give if he if he was going to be like I would never give you 15 To teach me what you know, it's like that's not even high enough. Because we're about to teach you how we're making consistent multiple six figures. Now we're working on two deals, they're going to be an M and above two M's, and even though a lot of people why Watching this or maybe listening to it, and I don't care if my cousin does commercial he does 50 Ems, amazing. But we're doing these consistently is where the ticket is. Also, they're growing, right? We're gonna go look at 5600 acres in January. So we are looking at a lot bigger deals. So I know over time, 35:15 here's the other thing to risk ROI. What what ROI Are you getting? And what risk? Are you? Are you putting up to get that ROI? That's the other thing too. Yeah. Other people? Well, I mean, if they were to kind of dive into this a little deeper and other episodes coming up, but what risk? Are you actually putting? What time? Are you actually putting in what ROI? Are you actually getting to produce great returns. And I think what we're doing, we're doing all three at a very high rate. That's ROI, we're getting back and money we're putting up 35:51 minimal, minimal exposure. Right. So we've been seeing a lot of people posting and talking about how the people that were, you know, swimming naked right now that the recession is hitting that people are starting to get exposed. But Daniel, myself, we have no exposure, no exposure of worst case and everything came crumbling down around us, we will just have to tell the sellers, property sellers, okay, we can't buy your stuff no more. Right. But other than that, like nobody's coming through our stuff. Nobody's foreclosing on anything, nobody's taking away anything. There's no penalty payments, like we have zero exposure. So again, it's like you got to kind of weigh out. Yeah, there's probably wave powerful gurus more than us. We interviewed Tim brats, right dudes buying islands and stuff, but we have no exposure. And that's, that's kind of part of our business model is through through using creatine and sub two and these kinds of things. To buy these properties, multimillion dollar properties, we have zero exposure. So again, that goes kind of like, I'm gonna talk about the price point little bit real quick. Because I mentioned it, like I said, for 15 grand, like, I won't even give you the information I have for that, even though we've been given it away for free, right. So again, coming from a place of humility, but our lower tiers were gonna be 25,000. And the reason is, is that we just talked about is that if we're, if you're gonna give us 25 grand, we're gonna teach you how to make a million on the deal. So if you don't see that exchange with zero exposure, if you don't see that exchange, and like, again, it's like, we're just looking for a different type of clientele. Somebody that is that 25 might not be a lot of money for them, right. And then we're setting up a $50,000 tier, where you would be an affiliate for the high ticket. So you pay 50,000, and we'll build you out a duplicate of our exact same system, where you would be selling high ticket on our behalf, and taking a large lion's share of the proceeds. And then we have one more level that we're going to push out 100,000, that's for somebody who's already a seasoned investor that has been in real estate for a long time. And with that $100,000 Buy in level, we're actually going to take you along for a ride to actually do a real live deal with us, your LLC is going to be on the deal. And you're going to be watching the whole entire step of the way. So you're gonna be copied and all the emails to title to the engineers, everything, like we're gonna hold your hand, and we're gonna walk you through a multi million dollar deal with 100k Mark. 37:58 And there's more coming in with all those different levels, we're gonna have that website built out and all the additions and incentives that come with all each one of those categories. So that's just the that's just the main framework, you know, we really want to make sure we provide a lot of value and you will get your money's worth. And that's, and a lot of people like me, I mean, Anthony talked about this a little while back, but like, do we have the ability to produce results at that what price point makes sense? And I think anybody charging over 15,000 hours going back to that one guy, anybody charging over $15,000 is stuff that isn't said in the open? 38:38 Yep. And also, like I said, what we're doing is like, yeah, you can probably learn it, you can distill down the information if you watch 300 episodes of this, but it's a lot to put together, you know, you do have some legal exposure if you don't know what you're doing. And again, like if you pay 100 grand, and now we teach you how to make 500 to a million consistently on these deals. Yeah. And then, I mean, it just, it makes sense on a lot of different levels. So we're proud of it something that we're putting together, it's absolutely not necessary to learn from us, you can always bring us a deal. And we JV with you and walk you down. So we don't want you to think that if you don't have access to that type of capital, that we're not going to help you we're that's going to be something that we're going to do forever. But yeah, we are going to step it up real quick and launch a high ticket because we're trying to put a group together of just elite level entrepreneurs that are serious, dead serious about doing what we're doing so we can continue to scale. 39:23 Because there's infinite opportunity. 39:26 Yeah, we're definitely playing in a blue ocean strategy. It's definitely not oversaturated I don't think it's gonna be for a very long time. People don't have the vision, they don't have the strategy. They're just kind of not clear on exactly what we're doing and how we do it. So yeah, I think it's gonna be a very long time before people, you know, catch up to us and, and piece together what we're doing and then also, we're always innovating, right, so everything that we put together, we're building out an automation side of it, where by you marketing for both buyers and sellers. We're going to have a match feature where it's going to be automatically matching your buyers and your sellers with a They're people in the network so that you can start to get some passive deals into your pipeline. So, a lot of other cool stuff that we're building, we're never gonna stop innovating. We're never gonna stop learning and growing. So we just were pretty proud of what we built. And this is just the beginning. We keep on saying that, when have you been warmed up yet? Like, we're not even out of the locker room yet, we're still just gearing up for the game. 40:19 Yeah, and, like you said, a lot of a lot of this meaning for you like, it's been crazy. But we've only been in this for years. So we've learned a lot, and who knows what we'll learn next year. And we'll implement and add into what whatever offering. So I think we've come a long way. And I know we can provide the value at that price point to other people, because we've, we've seen people take what we've offered for less and produce off of it. So it's very, it's not it's not a it's not insulting price point. It's a, we know we have the value at that price point. And people pay more for college. And they don't even use it, you know. So it's really a, I think, a bare minimum price point. And it might not be at that price point forever. Like, we're talking right now. It's 2550 100. It might be something different in the future. So if you're listening to this, and you kind of missed, what we've, what we started and where we're at, it might be at a higher price point like that, like where this is going. I don't know how long we're gonna do it in making them I cut it off next year knows. 41:25 Yep. Yep, start looking at bigger deals. 30 million, 80 million, you know, we're still learning the game ourselves. But yeah, sooner or later, 100 might not even sound like a stiff enough buy in. Alright, if you guys had to make 5 million or 10 million on a deal, again, yeah, you gotta kind of got to move the goalposts if what we're bringing to the table and the knowledge base that we're bringing continues to grow. So yeah, I think we're proud of it. Like I said, I think we've given enough away for free. And now we just want to connect with those elite level investors or entrepreneurs that are ready to take their game to the next level and also help us grow. I mean, we learn a lot from the community. 41:56 We learn a lot by teaching. 41:59 Yeah, we 42:00 learned a lot by teaching. And then the other thing I think the other thing is, too is like if you want to learn bird, you want to learn flips, you want to learn all that stuff, go to another coach, go to another another person that's teaching that stuff. There's plenty of people out there teaching that stuff out there if you want to learn something different that you've never heard before. I think we're providing something different. 42:19 Yep. I think that's it, man. This was a good episode. Coming. I think it's a good wrap up for 300 episodes pretty cool to see like our projections based on what we thought hivemind was going to do. It's running at full speed. Now podcasts is picking up YouTube channels picking up our skill set is picking up our deal flow is picking up. So it's like yeah, we're in the biggest and brightest stream of momentum that we've ever been in. And we hope you guys come along for the ride. 42:48 And I want to leave with a with a final note with a tweet that I tweeted out maybe like a week or two weeks ago, I tweeted out, you can probably go find on Twitter, but it was a specific knowledge plus a podcast plus two years equals luck. So if you want to be lucky, and join the hive mind and see what see what happens. It's really not luck. It's just a lot of hard work. 43:12 Yeah, yeah, for four years, 90 hours a week. Right. luck, 43:17 luck. So everybody, if anybody thinks we're lucky, we're not. 43:22 I think in the back, they can follow the journey. They can just scroll back on YouTube and see where we started. And you can see that yeah, there's been nothing short of amazing we're glad a lot of you guys are coming along for the ride the quality of people that are coming into the community and contributing their time and energy. Just let the short of magic and we're excited about where things are headed. 43:39 Yep, we'll see on the next episode 301 We'll see on the next 100 episodes, man it's gonna be fun. See when that is have a good one guys. We'll see on the next episode. Bye. Thanks for watching this YouTube video. We hope you found value please like subscribe and hit the bell. Watch more videos just like this one.

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Anthony Gaona

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Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!