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Dec. 14, 2022

Ep 297: Power Of Positioning

Ep 297: Power Of Positioning
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0:01 Hey, welcome to today's episode. I am your host, Mr. Daniel Esteban Martinez and I have my co host here, Mr. Anthony gonna, we're talking about positioning and the power of positioning and the power of positioning to win in any market, but a little bit power positioning them. So when I say the power positioning, what does it mean to you, Anthony? 0:22 Man, I think a positioning I think, first of all, I think of business and my brain starts to go off on that. But for a very, very, very simple positioning like terminology. Let's think about it at the most simplest terms, the thing about football, right, where you position your linemen, you position your receiver, everybody knows about that, right? positioning, and if you're playing billiards, right pool, right, you want to position your balls and your your body in a certain way, and you set up your boss where, where you're positioning yourself for your next move. One of my big go twos in my mind is chess, right? So you position your pieces in a way that sets you up to win. But positioning in business in general. Positioning can be a lot of things, right? you position yourself as an influencer, kind of like what we're doing with this podcast, we have amazing people reaching out to us just because they found us on the podcast. And they're very high level performers that would like to do business with us or see what we're doing. positioning, somebody sent me a deal that's worth 3.2 million, and I'm trying to trade it for another property that's worth 10. Right, that's positioning at the most powerful level that I can think of. Positioning just means setting yourself up for greatness. And that's a lot of different things. Even giving Daniel and myself have given away the hive mind, let's take let's remove ourselves from it. Okay, we haven't given away nothing, the hive mind has given away $130,000 to people that subscribe to our CRM, right? We're about to hit a million in gross revenue, and the people inside of the community will have received back $130,000. I don't know any small companies or any startups that have given away that type of cash. And that's just another level of positioning. We position ourselves all the time. We give away favors, we give away time we give away energy, we give away strategies, we give away data, we give away leads, we give away a lot, because we're positioning ourselves for something great into the future. So that's kind of just like the what comes to mind right away. 2:18 I think I think of it as it's a, if you want to be great and do great things, you have to position yourself to receive those things. Because if you don't, you'll never receive anything. And a lot of people they're like, oh, I want to do more deals, I want to do bigger deals I want to do I want to change the world like well, how are you positioning yourself into that point to receive those things, because you don't position yourself properly, you're not gonna receive anything. I think a lot of people are selfish in business, and they don't position they don't take the time to position themselves to receive anything. 2:52 Okay, so let me talk about that. Let me beat up on myself a little bit. I feel like I'm a bad business person. I felt like think that I do things in business that if I shared with like, my most successful friends, right, I have some of my friends like before we even became friends, like just people that I knew in business would fly down to San Antonio to hang out with me for 24 hours, come to find out dudes worth 25 million, right? So it's like these, these giants that are already giants, like for some reason, they want to come and hang out with me for a few hours. That's positioning, right just from from seeing something that that we've done that inspired them to come down and say, hey, I want to get close to the hive mind. I want to be around this so that when he goes to the next level, but I felt like if I shared with some of them some of the dumb things we've done, like all the time, we've given away the money, we've given away the stuff we've given away for free, not asking for anything in return. Like I just felt like Dan, you know, like sometimes you kick yourself in the butt, you're like, maybe I give too much. Right? But what that's done what Daniel and myself call it like, how do we pay ourselves back? Right? You don't pay yourself back with the time you really don't pay yourself back financially, right? Because we spend stuff we spend money on stuff that we're never gonna get back. But we say that we're making people owe us favors. 4:11 Capital. What's that? Relationship capital? Yes, 4:15 that we talk a lot about physical capital, right? Like cash, gold, diamonds, whatever else versus human capital. Right. So we have social capital. We've done so much for other people that there's people out there that feel like hey, those guys have credit with me. Right? So I can make a phone call and be like, hey, I need to borrow 500,000 Hey, I need to borrow a million bucks. And people are like, Yep, I got it. What's tell me what the deal is. I'll get you guys. 4:40 I want to talk about this. So Anthony sent me a text the other day about Elon Musk and Elon Musk, the richest man in the world. He said he raised to raise $2 billion from a front of his 4:53 2 billion when a text with a text you know, and then so you think about it. Everything is scale. And that's all I think about is scale. And I think when when people think of scale, they mean like, I'm gonna scale my company, I'm gonna hire I'm gonna do I don't think about scaling like that. What I mean is like, if you take a principle of something that's very, very, very tiny, right? Like, we're Elon Musk, like text somebody to make $2 billion, I take somebody and be like, Hey, can you borrow 500,000? Okay, send me the details I'm in like, they don't even know exactly what I'm doing yet. But they're semi interested, right? So take that exact same amount of credibility, that same amount of energy, that same amount of curiosity, and then also people believing in us believing in what we're doing, right? But then come visit us 10 years from now, I think we're going to be in kind of the same position, where somebody's like, hey, I need to borrow 10 million, or 20. Maybe there's a couple of M's behind my texts. And those same people are like, Sure, send me the information. I got you guys. And I think that's where we're headed. So that's what I think about in terms of scale, I don't think about like hiring and firing and systems and processes. I think that's Elementary. That's like tying your shoes and brushing your teeth. When you wake up in the morning. I'm thinking in terms of scale was like, we're gonna be able to access a lot more of everything that we need and everything that we do, based on the footprint that we're leaving behind us and the reputation. That's what I think that when I think of skill, and I think 6:11 I think what's cool about like religious capitals, you can like you can ask people for like favors. Hey, can you cold call this list for me? 6:19 We're starting to see a lot more of that. Now. Can you run these comps? Can you check these numbers for me? 6:24 Can you check these numbers for me? Can you run these comps? If you do pick up pizza? You know 6:31 crack somebody texted me today they're like hey, can you go to my house and use the lockbox code and mail me some clothes in my closet? I'm like yeah, I got you I completely forgot but I will do it tomorrow because that person has built up enough social capital with me that I probably won't do it myself but I'm gonna put one of my people to do it to go actually pick up their stuff and melatonin in Las Vegas. 6:48 But that's the power of positioning you have the you have people in place that are available to even run an errand for you. That's not even yourself. But you're still getting it done. So 6:58 yeah, think about that guys positioning What are you positioning yourself for? What are you positioning yourself for? Think about every move you make Every Breath You Take every every phone call you make every waking moment every email you send every favor you do every every bit of game that you give away. What are you positioning yourself for? 7:18 So I don't want to go this direction. So one thing I didn't really think about retail recently, and Anthony sent me another video, he sends me a lot of videos, but it was another video sent me was the position yourself to exit out of your business. Because your business isn't forever, whether you're planning to pass it on to your kids, you're planning to sell it, whether you're planning to owner seller, finance or somebody else. What's What's your exit strategy with your business because a lot of people will come into business and like, I'm just gonna do this, this and this and like for how long? And one of the craziest things about this and I whenever I think about like, planning your positioning for your exit, I think of Jaylen white. So me and Jalen white, our main athletes Jalen White's course, four years ago, and Jaylen White's exit, where he positioned himself was to he did real estate for five, six years. And then he positioned himself to do an online business where you can run his business from his laptop. And I commended him for having that vision. And he disappeared and went ghost. And that's what he's been doing for the last four or five years ever since we met him and took his course. But he positioned himself to have a better lifestyle. And I think and he followed through with it, and that he you he leaves real estate as a leverage. And as a tool to position yourself into the life he really wanted. 8:35 You can position yourself like Jalen did, right? Position yourself in front of a large audience, I bet he's making way more money now than he was doing in real estate or else you wouldn't have made the jump. You can position yourself like I said, we sent out a text message for a deal we were doing, Hey, can I borrow 175,000. And on that deal, we're going to pull in 300,000. Right from a deal that we got zero into, you can also negatively position yourself. So my whole life I've been working. I've been doing marketing for 15 years, plus, I've been positioning myself to not have to go to the office and have to go to appointments, to not have to do construction to not have to hop on roofs. And now I position myself to where this is my job. Now I regret it. That's poor positioning. Now my job follows me around everywhere I go, I can't escape it. My wife's like, I need you to be a present father, like I'm trying Dammit, I'm trying to feed us too. So you can also put yourself in the opposite directions. 9:30 That you mentioned that too, because me I wanted to position myself to be a stay at home dad. I wanted to work from home and like work from home. I've been working for a while now. And it's one of those things where like it was always I knew I could start a business and this is where I think athletes as well like yeah, anybody can make a million dollars. But can you make people around you make a million dollars? You know, it's one of those types of things. So it's like, Yeah, can you work from home but can you help other people work from home? 9:55 That's what we're talking about. So I think that's like a biblical thing. Like when he talks about like having a full cup maybe it's just like ancient history, I don't know. But like when your cup is full, right when your cup overflow if you have too much for yourself, right? Because your cup is overflowing. I think that's like the bare minimum like week is good we can possibly think of, can your cup overflow enough to help your wife and your kids, your husband and your kids? Can your cup overflow enough to help the guy that lives next door? What about strangers? You don't even know what about your friends and your family and your business and your contacts and all those other people? I think that's the goal. What if What if your cup can overflow so much that what you're doing spreads to the people around you. And I think that's what true success means. Can what I'm doing influence the people around me. So my wife stopped working her job, my sister stopped working her job. It's just like, I'm just seeing more and more people around me, Daniel, stop working his company, like the people around me are now starting to share in our successes. So maybe we're not, you know, mega yachting, or anything else or Lambo, and like some other gurus, or people around us are able to take control of their lives, take their lives back, take their hours back, take their families hours back. And I think that's what true success points to is, how many people around you are sharing in that success. I think that's the ultimate position that you want to be in, in business life, whatever. 11:07 And I think I think that's one of the big like visions for hive mind is we want to do big business, because we want to share that wealth of wealth creation, wealth, stability, wealth, freedom, to everybody that touches this thing, in some way, shape, or form. We're trying to position the people around us to win. And I think that's one of the bigger goals behind what you might talk about that. And Episode 300, which is coming up soon. But I think it's I think it's a cool thing, too. It's very selfish to build a big thing and keep it all to yourself. And position other people when, which is what if you got you got a new website, it's our vision, as we're trying to help more businesses hit six figure months, that is our vision of what you want, or that's not our vision, that's really what you want you to succeed to. That's sort of why our business wise, you want more businesses to have six figure months. So 12:00 we're probably pushing like 20 clients having six figure months, and then ourselves for our own personal deals, we're pushing ourselves to have six figure deals minimum, and now we're pushing towards a 500,000 and million dollar deals. So it's like, whatever we do, we want the people that are around us that are close enough to the network to be able to take part in what we're actually doing. And we want to see you start to do those deals where you should be able to make 500 Or a million. Why? Because if 100 or 1000, or 10,000 people that are around us working on multimillion dollar deals, all that's gonna do is up the frequency at the rate that we do them in. So it's like whatever you contribute to the machine, the machine will contribute back to you. So if you're, if we're working together, like somebody in our group right now is trying to close a $16 million deal. Somebody's trying to close a $90 million deal, hey, guess who's at the front of the line, trying to help them close that deal. And also take a piece of it, us. But we got two people that might have never seen the deal like that in their lifetime, we got them pretty close to the finish line now. So it's like, again, positioning yourself to play in a space where we don't know what that feels like, we've never done a $16 million deal as of this recording. But that might be the normal place for us to be playing in the next 12 to 24 months. So we hope that people that are positioning themselves close enough to us get to play that game with us. 13:19 So one of the things we'll be talking about today is we're positioning ourselves to do a billion. If we do 1000 $1 million deals, that's a billion dollars in revenue. 13:27 Doesn't sound like a lot. If you break it down that way, it's sure does not sound like a lot, especially if you're working on deals that are 16,000,001 by Dallas, 33 million. These are not they're not going down yet. But they're deals that are in the pipeline that we're chewing on thinking about. Yeah, so if you can do three $30 million deals that's 100,000,010x, that there's a beat, you know, it's not, it's not going to, I don't think it's going to take that long. And even if it takes 10 years, like, Oh, we're sorry, it took us 10 years had to be mean, it's not a bad space to be playing in, it's not cap, it's not a bad space to be playing. 14:01 So position yourself to create a better future. If you want a certain outcome, you have to position yourself to create the outcome no matter what it is. So if you want to make a bigger influence, start producing content, build a bigger business to position yourself to build a bigger business and hit bigger numbers. Because that's how you position yourself to a billion. 14:21 Get around people that are doing deals that are so big and having conversations that are so big, that you feel ashamed or embarrassed or uncomfortable to be around those people. And soon you'll start to work in that space. So that's why I like to talk about deals that are 20 million 30 million 80 million in Florida. I like to talk about those deals, even if I make zero. Somebody asked me they're like, out of that $80 million deal. They're like, what are you trying to make out of this? And I'm like, I'm zero. I'll participate in this deal for 12 to 24 months and make zero. So that way I can put on a resume. I knocked out an $80 million deal and need like 11 of those to hit the billion. 14:57 There's there's a tweet that Charles owes me tweet Did out a long time ago and he says that the worst the worst question you can ask a millionaire's the worst thing you can ask them millionaires as far as money so that knowledge if you if you know how to if you ask a billionaire, how you made a billion it's probably worth more than the million dollars you want to ask for for cash, you know, 15:24 that's something that really, really like pushes my buttons and turns me off is when somebody sends me a big giant deal in my mind, but the first place my mind goes is like how can I get this deal done? Like my brain is going in 100 different directions. And then if the person goes like, well, what am I gonna get like, Oh, dude, that person is not ready. They're not ready. They're not that person is literally not ready to do that size of deal. Because if you're thinking what's in it for me, before you think of how do I even accomplish this giant goal? You're in the wrong mindset, you're in the wrong mindset. Yeah, so that goes right in hand with like, asking a millionaire like, for their money is like, Dude, I got like, 87 obstacles to overcome to try to make you 500 And a million or two or whatever it is. And then the main thing you want to know is what's in it. For me, that's just a completely the wrong mindset. That person is that person has a lot of growing up to do before they're gonna be able to hit some deals like that. 16:14 positioning your mindset to when you have to 16:17 be in a position and like the money can be so grand people win the lottery and they go broke, like they were not ready for those dollars. You know, you have to you have to save up a lot of intellectual capital, you know, a lot of financial capital people, capital, human capital, social capital, you have to, there's a lot of bases you got to cover before you can just start to absorb deals like that. We're trying to do a deal right now. Well, we're trying to make 7 million, like on one on our land swap. So it's like, is it gonna happen? I don't know. But we positioned ourselves to be having those conversations. So it's just a lot of grown up to do lots of transparency, being honest. And then all of a sudden, the money becomes a side effect. Like, I don't know if we're gonna do it. But if we do close a deal, where we make six or $7 million on a single transaction, I think that's gonna put us back to the very, very, very front of the real estate world where yeah, these guys are the real deal. They're not captain. They did it. And we're having the conversations. Now. We'll look back at this six months or a year from now, maybe, even if that one doesn't go down. We'll probably have done two or three deals that are similar to that based on our positioning. Yep. Man, if 17:15 you guys liked this episode, we have more like it. Please go check out the podcast go leave us a review. Tell us he loved this episode specifically because I want to know if you're gonna position yourself to a greater future. 17:26 If you guys go and give us a five star review on Apple podcasts for the hive with us podcast, we will personally get on a quick conversation with you and give you some direction and help you learn everything that we're learning along the way. 17:40 How do people get to know via DM? Anthony on Instagram for that? Because we don't Instagram temporarily. Oh, yeah. DM Anthony on Facebook. 17:52 Yeah, we have a lot of people man, people reach out to me all the time. Sometimes it takes a day or two for me to get back. But I've made it a personal goal of mine to to comment or reply to every single social media comment, reply to every single messenger message that I get. I don't know when you're watching this video if it's a year or two from now on. Maybe a limited time offer. Yeah, yeah, if I don't message you back, this thing has definitely expired. But for now, I do personally make it a goal to reply to everybody that's reaching out to me, even if it takes me a while to get back. Or if you got to ping me a week later and be like hey, did you forget about me I would definitely try to get back. And like I said, I don't know how long this is gonna last. Get at us. We will do our best to help you just hide with this. 18:29 Boom. So yeah, next episode. This is episode like 290 Something so check out 300 episodes coming soon. 18:36 300 coming up with see you at 1000 Have a good night guys. Thank you

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Anthony Gaona

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Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!