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Nov. 2, 2022

Ep 255: Building Other Businesses Around Your Core Business with Daniel Esteban Martinez: Profit First Podcast

Ep 255: Building Other Businesses Around Your Core Business with Daniel Esteban Martinez: Profit First Podcast


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0:00 Hold up Hey everyone. This is David Richter with the Profit First Rei podcast have another special guest with me, Daniel Martinez, which he's definitely is special because along with Josh color, I think this that him and Joshua might be the only two that I've had that I went to high school with on this podcast. So we went to the same high school grew up in the same area. He's done some awesome things. He's Daniels in real estate investing, commercial investor, he's a developer has a software company that he co founded. If you are watching this on YouTube, you see it behind him hive mind, which we will definitely talk about CRM for real estate investors. Also, I think co owner or is bought the list, guys, you know this. So you've got that as well to providing list entrepreneurs, real estate investors. So we'll talk about that. But Daniel, great to have you on the podcast today. 0:52 Great to be here, man. I'm excited. I this is one of the ones I'm looking forward to just because I've been coming across people back from the past, which is like 1015 years ago. So it's kind of interesting having conversations and circling back. 1:05 Yeah, it is and the people that we get into you know, that took the entrepreneurial route or you know, you get to see people starting to flourish now I feel like okay, now we've wet our, our wings, you know, now we're out here trying to increase that value. And I see you doing that, which is awesome. So I've been really excited about this to catch up with you and just to see what's going on what's hive mind all about, you know, like, what did you start here? But before we get into that, let's have people hear your story. So what have you been doing? How did you get started in real estate? Like where are you now give people a little bit of background so they know a little bit more about you. 1:38 So since we last met, since last we spoke about 10 years ago, I got into I used to be I used to be a forklift operator loaded trucks. I used to I used to actually worked with Josh color for two summers nice hat after after high school. So that was interesting. So then they bring up Josh color. I used to load trucks ended up ended up. I worked in Chicago, because we all grew up in the Chicagoland area. So I worked in Chicago load trucks there. And then my wife or my fiancee at the time, this would delay and I'm like, nothing holding me down here. And obviously the Chicago piece. So I left other than Atlanta for six years. And when I moved to Atlanta, I'm like, there is no snow down here. The reason why I never wanted to drive trucks is because the snow because I always make a joke about it that Northwest Indiana of like it's cool and all but like, if three or four months out of the year, you have an opportunity to do that I just spent commuting to work or the grocery store. I'm good. So, so there's when I when I moved to Atlanta, I'm like, Okay, there's no snow down here. I could drive trucks. That'd be fun. I'd be interesting. So I learned how to drive trucks. I did that for two years, ended up starting my own trucking company got up to five trucks. And it was just a lot of daily grind was a 24/7 365 job, just a lot of headaches, and ended up pivoting. And when I was doing that, I was like I have to do something else. And entrepreneurship. Not every business works out and you have to pivot. So whenever you're in that transition point, you pivot into something else. So I pivoted into real estate. When I first met. Within my first year real estate actually got into the data game as well. So I got into real estate in data. And then I've been in real estate for about three years now. And it's been interesting. So now we started hivemind, February this year. So now I do have a data software company of a data company, a software company, and I do real estate. So it was just been all in the realm of real estate, no longer tracking. 3:33 So since I've known you for quite a while, did you always have the entrepreneurial gene and the bug and you wanted to do something like that or like what sparked you know, going down this path for you? 3:45 It was so I was I was contributed to my father. My father was the hardest working man he worked. He actually worked on the roads in Chicago, he worked from all the way from Illinois, Illinois Berger to Joliet to Wisconsin, like he worked all that area over his 30 years of working on the roads in Chicago. So pure drive to three hours of work. The commute was ridiculous. So for me, I never saw my parents. I never saw my dad, my dad would literally he'd leave at four in the morning, you come back and five a night eat and go to bed. And that was it. So I never had that relationship with my father because he was just working because he would provide for us to go to school and stuff like that. So he just worked. So for me when I found out my wife was pregnant. I clicked I'm like, I have to do something. And as soon as as soon as my wife was pregnant, because everyone always talks about oh, when do you want to when do you want to be an entrepreneur? Oh, when everything when everything is going good when I have when I have the stable job and I have everything going good and like the truth is, is there's no right time to be an entrepreneur. You just got to do it and kind of deal with all the consequences and decisions that come with that. So when I found out my wife was pregnant, I worked my butt off for a year I made I'm pretty much I made six figures in trucking at that Time to jump into my own business. So ever since my daughter was born, I hadn't worked a job. I literally, I took a two week my two week vacation through maternity leave and quit. So I was born. And she turns four and Christmas. 5:15 Awesome. So then there's four years in this journey, because that's awesome. So that's where it kind of kicked off. And then from there, you know, like why real estate did hit you? Was there something that attracted you to that? Or was there a mentor or a book or like a course who knows? 5:32 It was podcast. So podcast, awesome podcasting, because when you're driving, like Trucking is a 24/7 job. Because you can work any 20 you can work up to 14 hours, but you can drive up to 11. And then you're just driving. So like a lot of truck drivers, listen to music, music, music and use waste time. So when I had entrepreneur bug hit me, that whole nine that whole nine months, when I found out my wife was pregnant was all education. So I listened to podcasts. So the best way to soak in like me right now, I don't personalize the podcast because I don't have that time available anymore. But when you're trucking, you're driving for eight to 10 hours. So you got 10 hours of a really quality time to learn and educate yourself. And that's where I that was my transition. Because a lot of people are like, I can't find a time to read a book. I can't find those podcasts. I can't find a what listen to YouTube. And I was in the perfect position because I was just driving you just listen, 6:27 right now. That's awesome. But now you're focused on creating content to help others because you have a podcast as well. Correct? What's the what's the name of the podcast? Because you were saying like you're releasing episode 53. We were talking beforehand. 6:41 So my podcast is actually called the hive with us podcast, and it's based off of our brand hive mind. And we're releasing an episode a day. We've been releasing episode a day since about first second week, September. Oh, wow. We launched September 1. And we're already we're releasing episode 53. Today. 7:00 It's intense. Oh, yeah. And 7:02 here's the thing is that we know the power of content. I say my quote, the power of content and going into the digital space is that your content is limited forever, good or bad. It's there forever. So I'm trying to create a digital footprint that lasts forever. So ever since we started hide mine, I knew the power of digital content. So we recorded everything. So there's podcasts releasing that we recorded six months ago. Yeah. Yeah. And we mix can we mix it in the old with the new. And there's stuff that we had, when we launched our podcast, we had 70 episodes pre recorded. 7:36 Oh, wow, that's awesome. That That feels good. And now you're you're creating the content that some truck driver or some person might be listening to on the road, and you might be the catalyst for them creating the business and helping other people because that's what I love here that happened at 40 years ago, you said, I have to do something to my daughter's important, you know, I got to, you know, I got to create this life. And then you start listening to those podcasts, you had a time and now now you're out there creating the content. And I love that I love it's like values, creating value here in Europe, being able to give back in a different way and helping other people there. So talk about that. So you not only real estate investing, but then like data and the software like, did you just say I can see how these things formed together? Like what was the thought process of like, I like real estate, but I also like the software and I liked the data side of it. Like, what was that thought process of getting those things to mash? 8:29 So I'm gonna happen to that. But I wanted to say my quote, so this is my quote, that off of content, is this is my quote, just because I've seen it, and this is why we go so hard with the content is that you build your you build your own infamy off the content you produce. 8:43 Hmm, it's good. I can make a card off that, right. Yeah. 8:48 It's not because of me, I'm like, I see it happening to myself. But I also seen it happen to other people. So that's why we go so hard with the content. And a lot of people are like, I want to be famous, well, you got to start creating content, because it's only when you get there you have to, you have to start with the bad stuff and just start creating content. That's why I started mine, I started creating content on Instagram. And it's terrible. If you go look, last March, I had six posts on Instagram. And I just now we're up to like 2000. And it's just, it's Rose automatically and have to go through the growing pains. But your question is, to answer your question, a lot of it is when you do a business, you always want to work build other businesses around that business, because you can essentially somewhat monopolize your own circle. So if you the data, the real estate is its own thing, but you also do data skip tracing, so that's actually providing lead sources for that as well and then the software kind of jumps into that. So as one business grows, they all grow together exponentially. 9:47 Yeah, no, I love that because that is they they are very synchronous. You know, like this is the data matches with the you know, the lead sourcing and you know, getting there, handling the leads and then being able to actually He closed on the real estate. So I love that and love know the journey that you've taken here just in a kind of a short amount of time here for years just to get through, you know, I went to college and it's like, you know, what I'd rather have done and this type of education of going through and like here, let's build a business, let's do this stuff and like, let's get this in place. But that's awesome. And I love that journey that you take, we'll circle back around. But I like asking on here, since it's the Profit First Rei podcast, just some general questions about money and like, how that's changed. And I think for you, it might be even relevant today, like, before your daughter was born. And before jumping into entrepreneurship. And before all that, you know, like, what were some lessons you learned about money? But then what do you how do you think about that? And how does that compare to what you think about money today? 10:45 Um, so I actually have actually have money Money Goal I'm actually hitting this year I'm really excited about in four years, by should be December, I should hit it December, by the end of the month, I usually do my keep my calculations, but I'll hit a million dollars in revenue for years. So I think that that is like a big goal. I mean, it's obviously a goal of mine, but it's always like, people that make 50,000 a year, it might, it's gonna take you 20 years to make a million dollars just in revenue generation. So I think for me to do and for, I think, I think it's little, I'm trying to, I'm trying to try to pick up the momentum, but it kind of ebbs and flows as you change businesses and pivot. And a lot of that goes, I think it's something I learned about money is that having a business versus a job, you don't need to make as much. So, so crazy. And like, when, when I was making 100 grand a year, you can make equivalent to half of that and still survive just with off a business income versus Job A W two, w two income. So a lot of people think, oh, I need to make 100,000 a year in my business? Well, you really don't, it depends on what type of business and your profitability. And as long as you can sustain that consistency, you're perfectly fine. Just being your own business, a lot of people think, Oh, they need to hit like these high numbers, but you really don't. And like, the other thing about money is that reinvest in your business. And I think a lot of the reason why we add a lot of exploration with hive mind is because if you throw your profits right back into the business and recycle it and grow it, it can lead into large numbers. So I think we'll hit 50,000 of revenue this month, just from hive mind, when we started, we started in February. So we're trying to reach we're trying to reach 100,000 a month, by March next year. 12:36 Yeah, that's this next what technology can do, because try doing that from February to Now like with real estate, if you're just jumping into and just starting out, you know, unless you've got that mentor who mentors you exactly, here's the steps you need to take in six months, you know, to get to where you need to be. I think even doing that, sometimes it can be very hard. But I love what you've done there where took probably a lot of work up front, and now you're just seeing the payoff, and then making it better with the user experience. How can we make this better? How can we, you know, retention, there's all that stuff in here. So that is awesome, I love the goal that you've set for yourself that you will it sounds like you're going to hit which is a huge milestone. And then also then getting that in place with a recurring with hive mind, that's so cool, too. Because, to me, that's not just a number of like, Oh, we're making this that is people that are using the system, to manage their business to be able to help get them where they need to be to because that's where I just had I interviewed someone last week, and they were like, Oh, we're canceling our subscription with you. Because we've retired, like you helped us get to where we want to be and like, you know, he's like, you know, we're going to shut it down for a couple years here and just take some retirement years off and it was like, that's exactly why you start this type of thing. It's like to provide that value, getting it out there and then if you're then when you grow to 100,000 in March that means that that many more people you're helping get out of their rat race and out of their you know, like out of their trucking you know, company job or whatever it might be so I love that. That is great, great mindsets there. So then you said you have your daughter now and you have your children What are you wanting to pass on to them maybe around money or just like some educational you know, like, what have you gone on this journey where you're like, This is something I want to pass on to make sure they know this. 14:24 So I'm gonna jump back to your last question. So Okay, sounds good. I didn't know I knew my personal I know my personal Why was and you kind of heard that throughout this was my kids. Yeah. Business why I didn't know what that was till recently. Okay, this is why is I had one of our users have a six figure month. Mine he did not start with us. He started April May end to have a six figure month in September. I'm like it kind of opened my eyes and okay, if I have one person to have a six figure month. All I need is clientele to have other businesses have six figure months. So now we're trying to reach more clientele so that we can have six months. So we actually had our second user have a six figure month in September, single mom with three kids, six figures a month using our sauce. So like, oh, cool now, now they're rolling in. And our first user has six figure month, he's probably made over 300k this year using pipeline. So I'm like this, this is exponential. Like, now he's, we're gonna have a millionaire with hive mind, probably next year, if he's averaging that six figure range, give or take every month. So we might have a millionaire with hive mind. And then that's going to increase and create more $100,000 months, next year. So I'm just excited to see that wave. 15:39 That is awesome. 15:40 I'm excited to see that way. But it's pretty crazy. It's pretty exciting just to be a part of that. And like I said, That's my business. Why now it's just creating people to have six figure months, because that's, that's huge man is huge. 15:51 Then in the future, be seven figure months. I mean, like, come on, we're like, 30, around 30 years of age, you know, you're probably late 20s, early 30s. Here, it's like, yeah, like, this is exciting, because now it's like your first goal here having more people with six figure months. But then what about the people then now break those ceilings, and now they're having seven figure months, you know, it's like just the mind blowing things of you. It's what we hear in the entrepreneur world, you help enough people get to where they want to be, and you'll go along for the ride with them. So it's, it's awesome. Seeing that in fruition what you're doing there. So very cool. I will try. 16:23 Now to answer your other question. Now that you talk, I could remember I remembered it. Like I said, I'm still sometimes really hard to remember the legacy I wanted to pass on to my children is, for me, like I don't, I don't think I ever want to sell hive mind. Because I feel like it's in what we did in less than a year, it's always going to be paying as long as we consistently provide that value, even if it's not me providing that value. Even if even if that means providing that value. It's still going to produce income and then produce income, produce legacy. And one of the biggest things about hivemind is that since it does go inside with real estate, it's creating real estate transactions that come out of that, whether we JV or anything like that. So I'm never going to sell this golden goose just because it's going to create more real estate transactions. 17:13 Yeah, no, that's awesome. Very cool. Do you need to pause? You're good? You're good. Okay. So we'll have the editors cut that part out. Okay, no, awesome. So you don't want to leave necessarily hivemind to them? Is there any other you know, mindsets that you've gotten over this last four years to you know, that maybe you broke through some barriers of yourself personally of like, either with money or with whatever that you're like, oh, yeah, this is possible, like you said, for years, you know, we're able to do a million in revenue is there things like that, that you want to pass on as well, to your kids. 17:51 Um, for me, it's, I want my I want my kids to, to learn and leverage and get be able to do it themselves. Like, I don't actually want to hand it to him. But I wanted to go through the growing pains, too, because I think that that's what really changes in entrepreneurs, because, like, a lot of, there's different levels to this, I would say, I always equate this to their solopreneur problems, there's employee problems, and then there's multiple employee problems, and you get you get those and leverage those just over time. And you get those and leverage those over time just by experiencing 18:29 it. Yeah, no, that's really good. I, you know, like I, I've got a lot of podcasts that I'm on now and doing this stuff. And that's what I hear. People want to pass it on. But they want to make sure the kids are making their own mistakes, they're making the decision for themselves, they're able to do it. And that's the sign of the entrepreneur who wants them to not just be handed everything and be handed those gifts, and be able to be, you know, like we've done like, we've been able to create something that it's like, okay, not gonna just hand it over to you, you've got to be able to show that you can create it too. So, absolutely love that. So in your real estate investing journey, and through what you've created with high mind and through the data and whatnot, what are some of the challenges that you see a lot of the real estate investors facing today? Like, is it lack of leads is a lack of, you know, consistency? I what is what are some of those things because you've got kind of the Tryon business here real estate data and the software. So it's like, what are you seeing out there in the marketplace right now. 19:25 So me and my partner are really big on this, because he's, he's a big marketing guy. And if the difference between a small wholesale company and the small real estate company versus a large real estate company, is they have more lead flow, that's all it is. They're not the best negotiators. They're not the best at at acquiring deals. They just talk to more people. Yeah, that's the whole thing. So if you do enough marketing, you're gonna trip over deal. You don't have to be the best negotiator. 19:55 Okay, that's great. Because that is I think we lose sight Have the main goal of the business in real estate and in most businesses is if you have the lead flow. Even if you do suck at the closing a lot of the times, you know, a blind, you know what is that blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while, whatever that is. So it's like you're making sure that you at least give yourself the opportunity doesn't mean that you should have the worst. But that get that is really good. So you're seeing a lot of that, that the biggest real estate investors are just they have the most lead flow. And would you say? Because the you have the list guys, which is about pulling lists for people Correct? Like, what are the some of the best tools that people use? Can you give secret sauce stuff here? Like what, uh, like, what is that? You know, like, what do you suggest to people? Because I'm sure it it's obviously, where varies very much by area, state, county city zip code, but what do you see, you know, as far as data goes, like some of the best investors are doing or what they're, you know, or what you see behind the scenes. 20:55 So I'm gonna give away the list game for anybody's listening, it's kind of opposite to what I do. But the best list is the tax delinquent list, okay, if you go to county, pay, whatever they charge, pull the tax link list, and hit that list all the time, you never need to buy lists from me, ever, there you go. You can work that list forever, and make money forever, just off the tax delinquent list. Because there always is there's always motivation. Because they're always do under that, that almost like a foreclosure, but it's through the state. So that list forever will pay the bills, even though I saw the list types. And if you want to buy those, you can reach out to me, but the tax list is the best list. 21:36 There you go. And if you are reaching out to probably because they want more lead flow than just that, you know, and like wanting to scale the business. And you know, that's probably good if you're just starting out. So which was incredible there. If you just listen to this, this is a data guy. So if you're listening to this, right now, listen to what he's saying. If you're just starting out, go to pull the tax delinquent list, and I'm sure with the content that he's producing, he's probably put that out somewhere. Here's how you pull a tax delinquent list. And if he hasn't, that would be a great piece of content that we're giving him an idea for right now. So that would be a great one. But there you go, go pull the tax delinquent list, follow what he's saying, Daniel is super smart in this era, I mean, he has a whole company there. And he just gave you this big bombshell of value of like, here's how you go out, get some actual motivated sellers to sell their house that need you and don't need a realtor. That's really what they need. They need you to go out and help them. They don't need a realtor to list their house, they need you to go out and solve that problem. For them. That's what you're really doing with that list and helping those those people on the other end. Very cool. Daniel, this has been awesome. We're about to wrapping up here at a 30 minute mark. So what is some last minute advice that you would give to the real estate investing community with your wide array of knowledge here with what you do? 22:55 Get marketing, whether you're the best negotiator and partner with people collaborating, collaborating, there's a lot of we talked a lot of new people just because just the hive mind, and a lot of people were like, Oh, I don't have money for marketing. I don't even know how to find my first deal. If you've networked with other investors, they usually have a lot of lead flow, and you can just learn from their experience, and they'll even give you the leads. 23:15 Yeah, no, that's really good. We've heard that a lot. leverage other people see how you can provide value to them. And in return, if they know that, hey, I'm here to just to learn, that's really good. I love that type of advice. It's like go seek to give value and then you will get value in return. So love that go out there, do something, make something happen, you're going to fail, you're gonna make mistakes. But get out there and get some marketing do what you need to do in order to get that first deal done. So then they have lots of value here. Just if you are listening again, listen to that part about what the best list was just a few minutes ago. But besides that, is there any way our listeners can provide value back to you so tell them about hive nine, tell them about what you're working on how you want them to connect with you. If you're looking for any connections, I just lay it out all for us right now. 24:04 So hive mind is a bit of a business automation software, we help businesses automate and accelerate their business to the next level. Like I said, if you heard earlier, we're trying to help businesses get to six figures a month. We can find this on headline CRM on Facebook, the Facebook group, we do three weekly calls covering multiple different things. Actually, we're adding a fourth this week. And if you're interested on that text to 1097 to 1842 text or to HIV hive, and you get notifications for those experiences are free for anybody to join in. And, yeah, we're trying to we're trying to we're a nationwide company. We had four meetups in four different cities just last week, San Antonio, Texas, LA, Houston and Birmingham so they should network with the hive mind and reaching people all over the US. 24:50 That is so cool. And can you give that number again, maybe just slow it down a hair just so people can get it? And then what do they text to that number again, 24:58 given that the number is 210 Nine, seven to 1842 the keyword is HIV, 25:04 HIV hive. So text to that number, we'll make sure to put it in the show notes here. So that's how you want to connect, then you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, you know, look at what they're doing. Daniel's a mover and shaker. I mean, he's putting together this CRM to help you get to where you want to be have those six figure months, whatever that means to you. Personally, I love what you said there that you've had several people get there already. A single mom, you know, like with three kids, and it's like you're impacting changing lives, if you want to be a part of that the content that they're producing. They're not they're not playing around, I mean, 70 episodes and releasing one a day and creating more, that's just incredible. They really care about the content, getting that out there providing that value, so I can't endorse them enough. So the hive mind CRM, and then texting hive to that number. And Dan, thank you so much for being on today for providing the value. Here we are, I really enjoyed having you. No problem. Thank 25:57 you. Appreciate everything, guys.

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!