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Oct. 18, 2022

Ep 242: Jared Jefferies- First Real Estate Deal Story

Ep 242: Jared Jefferies- First Real Estate Deal Story


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0:04 All right we love Hey shout out a shout out to Lena and again because he hit me off with with the consecutive phone call thing you remember you told me that a hit every time it does only get 0:29 you even have your Do Not Disturb on and you hit them up to three times in a row it turned it off and they gotta pick it up. My secret 0:40 oh my gosh, everybody coming on let's first things first. What's up everybody happy Thursday it's another edition of the my first deal. presenting one of our success students, Jared Jeffries. You know, I love I love this because this is like this is like, what is it? Like? Not permission. It's like, this is like a fine. 1:10 You really felt this was going to happen this premonition? A little bit? 1:15 I'm gonna go weird on people. Anyway, my name is. My name is Brittany Thompson. This is Leon, Leon Thompson. And look, welcome to this podcast, y'all. The purpose of this podcast is to impact inspire and influence aspiring investors in their journey of real estate investing. It's meant to remove the limiting beliefs of why you can't or shouldn't invest in real estate, with stories from investors all over the world, showing how they found God and close their first deal. This podcast is meant to create a community showing no matter who you are, where you're from, and what you've done that you can find get and close your first real estate deal. So I'm super excited to have one of our very own success students Jared Jeffries inability baby closes his deal, baby. I'm so excited to do the intro, 2:12 lovely intro. Thanks for the intro. Yeah, I'm Jared Jeffries. And I just want to say again, thank you. For Leah and Brittany. Man, I've been holding it down and you're such a force. Such a power couple the epitome of a power couple. United on one front, ambitious investing in others. Man, I love ya forever for life. But anyways, yeah, I'm Jared Jeffries. And yeah, I'm just, I'm just a person that that believed that that they could and needed a little help. And I got I got a little help and a little guidance, and I was able to close my first deal. 3:01 Oh, we're gonna get into it right? Before we get there, because I'm big on people identifying themselves and others because that's what really, I've noticed. That's one of the things that inspires me when I'm listening to somebody tell their story. So if you could just give them a little background about you, your family what you do, and we'll go ahead and jump into your first deal story and rock and roll. So talk to the people. 3:26 Yeah, so I live in Irondale Alabama. I'm married to one me a Jeffrey's? My queen and she's not with me right now a shout out shout out. I got three boys. Carter, Lea sighs and that's a whole nother that's a whole nother you know, that's a whole nother thing in itself. I love my boys. And, um, yeah, I worked for the railroad. As you can probably hear behind me, I live in there as a yard, right here. So pardon the horns and all of that stuff going on in the background. And let you know, we really we really are here 4:12 but yeah, so I work, you know, I work for the railroad. And, you know, like, I kind of my wife kind of talk talk me up in the real estate. She just kept hitting me across the head with it hit me across the head with it, you know, until I filed in submission. I said, Okay, you know, let me let me try this out. You know, I just kind of got started and I just immediately went to cold calling people because I heard that was the hardest part. So I just like to dive in. So I'm like, if this is or it's not gonna work. I want to see from the jump, you know, let's let's see what it's about. And I started making calls and I started getting seller conversations. But there was a divide. I guess you can say I didn't. I really didn't know what I was doing. Yes. Yeah, you know, so. So yeah, then that's kind of when I linked up, that's kind of when I linked up with you through through my wife. And I reached out to you. And that's kind of how it got started really, really having legs and really having direction, you know, kind of learning how to do this. And, you know, 5:23 I love it. Thank you for sharing that. And just for the people, because I know there's a lot of people not like, for even for ourselves, right before we really knew we were doing. It's so easy to just go and follow, you know, go on YouTube University, see all these strategies, all these shiny distractions. So tell me this, Jared, before you found me, tell me the timeframe between when you learned about real estate or real estate investing? And what like the time that you went through your education or your season of trying to figure it out? How long did it take you before you said, Alright, be let's do this. 5:56 I would say nine months, whoa, nine, you had a whole baby. 6:10 Oh, nine months, 6:11 few seasons, boom. 6:15 He was birth and entrepreneurship. You can't there's certain things you just simply can't skip on this journey. And he was gonna get it in one way or the other. But I love that he was just already out there. 6:26 And there was two things that I think that he has said so far that I know some of our listeners are weren't going to want to talk a little bit more about this, the fact that he believed and he took action. And that's really the heart and a lot of the foundation, you got to already have to be successful at anything, you got to believe in it, and you got to take action. And that once you have that, then you you compare that with someone that has the knowledge that can back you up that can help push you in the right direction can help guide you. Everybody does needs a guide in life, especially if you haven't done it before. Whether it's GPS navigation, but even law gonna need a guy to get them done it before. 7:09 Yes, that's absolutely right. And we connected in October, is that right? 7:19 Last year, something like that? I think so. 7:22 Wow. And you close your first deal. Was that December? 7:28 It was like December the 30th. 7:33 Wow. Good night. We gonna get into we're gonna get into it. Thank you for giving us some background and our listeners some background. Because people need to hear their excuses or their reasons demolished, you are ready, you are open, and you took action. And what's funny is I was actually watching our consultation video. And I told you, I was like you need to watch. Watch this real quick. I don't know if you had a chance to us and watch this before we do this interview. And what I wanted you to see is your growth. You are determined. And I think and I know that you you, you're going to do amazing, because now you have a blueprint and you know what to do. Right? Um, talk to us about how you found the deal. That's gonna be good. 8:28 Um, so I actually the deal that I closed on my first deal, I actually got that under contract, maybe two weeks into starting and to start in the course. And I spent Yeah, so, um, the day actually, you when we first saw it, and he was like, Okay, we're gonna start and these kind of gonna be the expectations or whatever X amount of deals I want you to bring X amount of leads per week. And I was like, okay, boom, you know, I'm treating it like I'm a student, you know what I mean? You're a teacher. I went to college or something like that something I you know, I might have come to class ready. So the week it like the weekend going and into, which would be the first week I had already went and got like 100 leads, you know? Yeah, I was coming back from church and we just weren't driving for dollars, you know, and, you know, just gathering leads gathering leads and I've reached out and just got a deal spoke to this brother, you know, the seller who's really professional and everything and and was able to negotiate, was able to negotiate a deal a sales price. And, and there was a there was kind of a gap in between, obviously, this was around October, because in December where I did marketing, looking for a buyer. 9:57 Okay, okay, I love it. And so You had already started taking action before us, right? But within a couple of weeks of coming on board, you it's like something changed. What What was it that you feel like allowed you or put you in a space where you're ready to negotiate and contract? What was the thing? And I'm not I don't want to toot our horns, I was really want to know, what was it for you? That was the difference? 10:26 Yeah, go into it, you know, don't be you know, if you if you desire to, to to go into it. But yeah, definitely just having that confidence, you know, just being able to, like the resources that you gave me as far as knowing how to do cups because I was kind of familiar with cups. What, what they were supposed to do, but I wasn't really confident in like getting them you know, so having the resources to know like, Okay, this is what everything else is kind of selling for and trading for around. So you need to be around here somewhere. So that kind of gave me confidence, you know, a guideline to start negotiating. And yeah, just that confidence and just like that direction. You know, I remember that one of the first things you told me was staring your market if you want Irondale focus on hiring Dell. And ever since then, I've been living and dying and Irondale only, you know what I've said, I'd be what? I didn't want. I didn't want driving for dollars. Bike riding for dollars. Now I'm walking for dollars, I can't miss nothing. I need to get everything. So, so yeah, just that, you know, just that direction and structure, it kind of took a lot of this. I had like a million things in my mind. You kind of like, kind of cut out a lot of the unnecessary stuff. So then it was like, okay, boom. Alright, so we just need, we just need, we just need these goals. Okay, boom, let's hit this goal, and you hit this go, boom, that's where you're gonna be here. So they helped me out major. 12:09 I love it. So what I hear you say is the difference between when you started earlier last year, and of course, coming on board with us, is the competence. You know, we talk about competence. So that's like basic information. It's like education, the confidence, you know, because now you have a structure. Now you know, why you're doing what you're doing? And clarity, right? It's like, those are the three things that you once you found it once you were, you know, talking with us, okay, this is what I'm supposed to do. And I think that that's that really is the three main obstacles that prevent a lot of people from having successes that they don't have it. Right. So I love that. And so you now all of a sudden you go from I was out driving for dollars, beginning of last year, I will find somebody's phone number, I will call them but I don't know what I'm saying. Now, you know, several months later, okay, I know. Yep. It's learning though, 13:09 isn't it? Right, right. That's true. 13:12 How do we get better without taking action? Nobody say perfectly. It's not realistic. 13:17 Yeah. And it builds up. It builds Joe, I will say it builds your persistence and your determination of when you sign it crazy getting rejected. And it's like, you really have to decide, like, do I really want to do this? This is really for me. You know what I mean? So it does help in that way, even when you learn it the hard way. 13:37 Wow, that's so good. So you you've drove to Dallas? Sure. Identify the property found it. Now let's talk about getting the seller. What? How did you get them? How did you? How did you connect with them? 13:51 Oh, the first thing I did was I wouldn't get signs from from Home Depot. I wouldn't made some signs, put them up, you know, put them up in the yard. You know, just basically just marketing the marketing the property, you know, what my phone number on there? And it was pretty good. I will say that, like I put it looking back at it. Now. I probably would do it a little different. As far as how I do the market, how I do the size, but it was pretty good. I got calls pretty regularly. I wouldn't get blown up about it. But I can tell that I had marketing. And yeah, so I was getting calls from sellers were interested, interested buyers. But none of them were like for real for real. They was just kind of kicking the tires seeing what was going on. So yeah, that's kind of how I did that. 14:45 Okay, how are you able to move it by getting the buyer now let if needed. So that's right. It's progress, not perfection. Exactly. So let's rewind it a little bit because you have to have a deal truly To, you know, to make somebody's right to present it, whether you partner with somebody, or whether you sourced it. So if we could go back a little bit and talk about your conversation with this homeowner, or excuse me, property owner turned seller, what was that conversation? Like? What did you have to defeat? 15:18 So, um, so I will say, I will consider the seller, a motivated seller. So, our initial conversations was, you know, I, I think I can't remember if I made the offer first, you know, I think I think I might have asked him, like, what made sense for him, you know, what, what, what offer would make sense for him, and he gave me a number. Maybe it was around 5000 or 5,001st? I want to get the story, right. Anyways, we ended up settling on 2000. He offered 5000. I was like, ah, you know, that's kind of tough. I don't, you know, that doesn't exactly make sense for me. How about 2000? You know? And he said, he said, Okay, he said, Okay, we could do 2000. And, and that's, that's kind of how we came to that, you know, kind of looking at the comps and looking at how much vacant lots there was similar in, lot size was selling around there. I knew that that was a number that I needed to be around. You know, I mean, it was a double lot, you know, for 2000. We got it under contract for $2,000. So, that was pretty good. Yes. Pretty good. 16:45 So were there any key things that the, the property owner said to you that kind of gave you the impression that he was motivated? What did he say? What were some triggers that you kind of heard in his voice? or words that he said that kind of led you to believe that? Okay, this guy's motivated. 17:04 Well, number one, he wasn't BS. And like I said, he was a professional. So he wasn't he, what I later found out because we had multiple conversations was he bought and sold stuff. He had lots and properties that he bought. And so so I was fortunate to kind of deal with somebody who was kind of like, in the business, you can say a little bit. Yeah, but just his kind of straightforwardness and directness, kind of let me know that, you know, he was he was a motivated seller. And, you know, he was just trying to, I know, I asked him if he had any, you know, do you have any? Are there any liens or anything that you know, of against the property? And he was like, No, you know, it's free and clear. But I could just kind of get a feel I could just kind of get a feel for a lot of times, obviously, there are triggers. As far as if a Seller is motivated, but when you make a calls constantly, and you getting hung up on or getting short, or you know, you just kind of get used to a responsible person in my life. For instance, this is somebody who's not a motivated seller, you know? Yeah, make me an offer. You know, I'm saying like, yeah, $3 million, you know. So, I've obviously ran into them, you know, so you can kind of get a feel for somebody who's motivated to, you know, to to get to get an opportunity to get a deal done. 18:36 Ah, huh. Wow, motivation. So in Shanita, ask the question said, would you say that working with experienced investors would now be your target audience? Or who would you would you would you prefer to continue down that road? Or would you and this is kind of this is getting into the the niching thing, which is what you want to do you want to evaluate your win, find out some things about your win, such as what they just do it with a homeowner where they're like a one and done? Or are they an investor is look vacant land versus property with a dwelling on it? I don't know. What are your thoughts after going through this? And what would you prefer? Because now you have now you have something to base off of? 19:19 Right? You know, I think naturally you kind of you kind of take to like, what kind of brings you into the game, you know, so my first opportunity was a lot. So I naturally kind of have a draw towards land. And I'm looking, I'm kind of looking into doing some, some new builds some new constructions coming up soon, I think probably because of that. But um, yeah, it did help. I'm dealing with somebody he, he previously was like a contractor. He did a lot of work in real estate building and things like that. So he was, you know, he was very comfortable and I feel but I wouldn't limit myself to strictly investors because There's just so many opportunities out there, you know, and now I'm in a position. You know, I remember an event that you invited me to a real estate deal he came down, you know, he said, you know, the three things that that he looked for is a, obviously, he said, I'm gonna make a friend, I'm gonna solve a problem, and I'm adding value. Right? Yeah. Oh, man, that was a bar right there. And so being so just going back on, on, on the question, as far as, would you want to deal with somebody that's already in investor season? Probably easier to deal with? Yeah, that's, you know, that's good. But you know, when you deal with other people, like, when you deal with people that have no have no background experience, with real estate selling, or anything like that, you really have a big opportunity. And you can take it one way or the other, you know, if, depending on what type of integrity and character you have, obviously, you can, you know, try to take advantage of that situation. But there's also an amazing opportunity to add value. Because you could teach them. That's right, you know, what I mean, you can kind of teach them and kind of explain to them how things go, and then that ultimately ends up working in your favor, because they see, like, okay, are they telling me stuff? You know, he's telling me stuff that he don't really have to tell me, you know, about different options that I could do right now? Or, you know, stuff like that. So to answer that question, a niche, not for real, you know, remember when we was in the course, like, I will be like, I was all over the place, I think, because you have to keep the main thing, the main thing, you know, apartments, construction. Owner finance, you like, okay, yeah, that's good. But you know, let's just, let's just, you know, first deal in 90 days, you know, but saying that, I am kind of open to everything. And I'm always constantly, really educating myself and reaching out to people, I probably message you three or four times actually about random stuff, just because I do want to be able to have strategies for whatever, you know. Just, yeah, I don't want to put myself in a box. 22:29 Absolutely. So more tools in your toolbox. So and we kind of glossed over this. And I think this is a big hang up for a lot of new people. So I want to, I want to rewind it back a little bit. Again, you touched on when we, I guess when we were first having our our first week, whatever you want it to be prepared. So you had already went out and brought a list. And I remember you telling me already got a list of 100. And I was like, Oh, he might do some. And so what I want you to address for for anybody, whether they are blessed to have a coach or program or whatever, if they're just out there trying to figure it out, which is a lot of people. How did you get through driving for dollars and building up and really learning your market and making the calls because there's so many strategies, you can touch it and call you and mail, but I really emphasize getting on the phone and having conversations for a number of reasons. How did you get through all of that rejection? Like how did you how did you realize when you knew the one you had was a one that was ready to do business? 23:40 Whew. That's a good question. It took time, like I said, um, it had been about nine months, I started around last January. And like I said, I just dove in. I didn't really know anything about anything. I didn't know how to do anything efficiently. Or I just want to make a cause. I was I think I was messing with the tax delinquent list. I wasn't really up on driving for dollars like that. I didn't know how I know how powerful to drive for dollars game, you know how I was. So I was messing with a tax delinquent list. And I was just combing through it. And I was just kind of looking at the you know, at the values, tax values and stuff. And then I would like I think I would write it down and then I would go on maybe true people search or something like that. And then I would just give him a call. And I don't know like it's crazy because I didn't really know what I was doing. But um, like I said people was like really engaging with me. Like I was like for real like, you know, like I knew what I was doing. It's like really don't you know, but yeah, there was a few times and I think I mean, you can always get a hold to a seller there's just really not in the mood to talk having a bad day. You know, they might you know, tell you some unpleasant things, but for the most part, once you do it a lot, and you kind of learn how to kind of, you know, maneuver your tonality and things like that, you know, you can kind of you can definitely get a better a warmer, you know, I think that's what it is, you know, the more you do it, you kind of figure out, okay, so this is a cold call, it's called a cold call because me and this person have no relationship and not expecting me or nothing. This is this cold. And you realize, okay, how can I turn this cold call? Warm? Right, just just warm, you know? And that, that, like, takes it to a whole nother level. You know? Like, did he like another thing that did? He was saying is like, man, yeah, I started like, like, like, yeah, I worked for what do you say Verizon or T Mobile? 25:56 Can I speak to the property owner? 2020. They are automatically on defense. You know what I mean? Yeah, that's true. Yeah. So um, so yeah, I just, I just did it. And I definitely remember getting, I remember getting cussed out getting hung up on somebody saying, I'm gonna you know, that, you know, this scam, or whatever. And I will be lying. I will be lying. If I said that. Like, it wasn't. You know, it wasn't discouraging. Because it was because it had, like, I had to, I had to ask myself, like, you know, are you like, what are you doing? What's the point, like, accomplished by this? You know, wow, yeah. So that was real confrontational. And, and I just kind of, I just kept doing it. I didn't know that this would lead to this. I just, I just kept doing it. You know, by the grace of God, I just kept going, got a little bit more rejection. And as time went on, and I realized, just how, how difficult it can be, I love it. I love I love it. I can do it all day, you already know, you look, you look at my activity law, you're gonna see 100 200 calls. I love it. I love it now, you know. But it is there is a difficulty in it. Because it's like a, it's like waves, you know, you may go 30 minutes, 45 minutes without talking to somebody. Or you might go 3045 minutes without hearing any interest. You know, I'm not interested click, no, I'm not interested. Click, you know, so it takes but one thing that I really appreciate that you kind of taught me was the law of numbers, stacking numbers up in your favor. And man, that was a, that was a, that was a mouthful right there. Like I took that to heart. And it's true. Like it's 100% True, the more you know, the more you commit to just the process. You can't be caught up in, in like immediate results, because they might not come, you know, everything is not gonna be a day that you close a deal or something like that. But it's just about just putting the numbers and putting the numbers in, because you might go three or four days without talking having a meaningful conversation, quote, unquote. But then next week, a couple of those people might hit you back. Hey, I still fell through, you know, you still interested? Or hey, I talked to my brother. Depending on the price, maybe we can do some, you know, so. 28:31 Oh, good. So two things. I want to make sure that we address too, because this is paramount. I feel like for new investors, you mentioned the activity, activity law. And you mentioned follow up. So how, like, because that's a big thing for people are missing a deal. It's kind of thing. So how did that tell me what that look like, once you realize, oh, this is important. 28:58 The Activity Log? I grew with the activity log, you know, that conversation? Where are you at? How are you looking? You know, I hate seeing the action, you know, and and that's something I'd activated serious somehow. But that's something that I really had to grow. Then I had to grow. It's just consistency and commitment. Being that I work full time at the railroad every day. I can't you know, I would love to sit down to three hours a day just have that designated time to make calls. You know, I love that. But I don't get that all the time. But still you have to you know, you have to you got to commit to it, you know, so, yeah, I kind of I kind of grew with the activity with activity law. But, man, that's one of the greatest resources. Oh my god. That's one of the greatest resources that I like now that I'm in the process of starting my business. The, like, that's absolutely paramount, because you can look and see, okay, how many calls did you make a day? How many people answer? How many offers did you make, and you can kind of, you can kind of like, kind of make a system, you can get an idea of, okay, if I put this is how much roughly it's gonna take to get this, this X amount of times, so then it becomes like a formula, right? It's black and white, you know, it's tangible, you know. So that was crucial. The follow up game. I mean, the follow up game, like, it has to be on point, my wife told me, I can't remember where she got this from, because she's a realtor, she told me that on average, it could take five contacts. It could take five contacts to get, you know, to get a deal done from beginning to close. And that's about right, I was just looking at a, I was just looking at a Mr. CRM I was looking at, at this profile that I have for this lead. And it shows you every every time that you that you, you have to document it, but when you talk to him, you know, I might put a missed call X amount of time. Or if I speak to him, I just kind of jot some notes down. And you can kind of see how many times you've talked to him through X amount of months. And you'll see like, oh, wow, it took about four or five, six times, you know, so like, the follow up game has to be strong, because you have to make a relationship with wow, people ages giving away houses, like they're not just selling it to random strangers, you know what I'm saying? Like, you have to make the relationship. So your follow up game got to be on point. Activity laws, if you're trying to be professional, if you're trying to be efficient. And if you're trying to grow your business, you have to know you got to have data you have to have otherwise you're freestyling and hoping 32:07 know, that's That's painful. That's painful when you're just putting in activity and you're not tracking it and you don't know where you are. You could be you could be really close to having breakthrough, but because you're not tracking it, I have no idea where you are you just like, I quit and then lo and behold, somebody else got the deal. Like that's how easy it is. That's how that happens. So thank you for breaking that down. So you told us and you found that how did you find the find the seller what you were driving for dollars for that particular deal? 32:41 That's right, driving for dollars? I've seen a lot because I obviously would save properties but I will save lots to um Okay, this was like it could be a lot this was like somebody could do something with this. And yeah, I just saved it and I skip trace them I was using at that time I was using I think I was using still need to skip and true people search which is free. And then you kind of told me about best skip tracing I use that I use that now for for like big lists. But um yeah, I got the contact. I called them up. spoke to him with a DD let me tell you what changed the game. Can I can I share this? Yeah. This man did. He hit me off with some so far. He said, Okay, so he said, right, right after he was talking about talking about how your tonality and how you get on the phone, you can sound like a bill collector, just annoying energy off. He was like he always when he talks on the phone, he always assumed that he's talking to the seller. For instance, I'm calling you. I already did the research because I have the information right here in front of me. I know your name is Brittany Thompson. I think your name is Liana Thompson. So if I call you so she asked the phone. Hey, Mr. Thompson. Hey, how you doing today? You know, so that kind of puts you you know what I'm saying? Like, that kind of puts you like first off like, you might know me, you know, I'm saying it's a little warmer. And that changed the whole I don't think I didn't get cursed out ces honestly. I get hung up on but like, I talked to a few people that was like, honestly, what it was like, honestly, I don't even know I'm talking to you don't know what it is about you. You know, there's obviously nothing you know, special about me. It's just all about, it's all about you know, it's all about strategy like you you can fumble and bumble around or you can get you know, a little education, you know, take a few notes and I get to go a whole lot like that changed that changed the game. 34:51 I love it. You know it's powerful, because, okay, so here's the thing, when when as a as a coach, as somebody working with let's say, I'm working with you, right? And I'm teaching you and I'm trying my best to, to enlighten you, and I'm giving you tips and advice. And you know, you're watching videos. And I say something, right? I mean, I've just given value. And you say, Oh, this is so good, this is great. And then I say, all right, but you're not doing it. Or maybe there's room for improvement. But then I make a recommendation, you should check this out. And I think that that's what happened, as I think there came a season where I was like, Look, you need to get out, you need to go to some of these investing, meetings and things like that, and network and build relationships. And the stuff that I will tell you, or I will have told you, you hear from somebody else, and it's like, wow, the first time you heard this, but 35:48 don't do me like that. I'm just writing employ, I employ I employed the the tactics, alright. But no, you're right. No. 35:58 But no, it's nobody gets everything from one. So what I don't want anyone to do that's new that's looking at getting into whether it's with us or with anyone else. Anywhere in the community, you're not gonna get everything from one person. Yeah, that's, that's not realistic. Because we all have strengths and non strengths, right? I may be better at the activity holding you accountable. But you may learn something differently from somebody else because of how they talk or how they relate. And that's powerful. So I love that one. You follow the system, you are attentive, you watch, but the fact that you are able to get out and network and go to meetings and have community is one of the things that blessed you like you just said, it made a tremendous difference for you and your journey. 36:45 Yeah, for sure. It just accountability that was so important. Because, like you really like basically had to force me to like, go use like, you know, I don't know what you're doing tonight. But like, here's what you need to be, you know, and I was like, alright, well, I guess I'm going out there. And it was a blessing because just my personality, you know, I'm kind of like, introverted, and and it was just like, I met there. I met a brother that is a home builder and investor. Super sharp do. He's actually doing the work. I first renovation. Hmm, I met him there. And also like I said, I met other people I was there to listen to, to did he speak? My brother got some energy, some energy like, so yeah. And I mean, and ever since then, I'm like, being now I'm like putting it in my schedule. Okay. Like before, he was like, alright, well, if I'm, and they got some going on, I might go. Now I was like, Okay, now I need to mark off some time. You know, I talked to my wife, like, maybe we need to get a babysitter, because we need to, you know, we need to go out and network because being wife got an inside joke, you know, say, my network. My Network is my net. I was trying to say it one day, and I just kept saying it wrong. I was like, your network is your network. Your network is your network. You know, that's facts. You know, I spoke at another real estate investing group, I met a brother, I mean, killing it. And he was telling me, you know, he said, you know, like, I'm around billionaires, you know, all the time. And if you're hanging around with five billionaires, there's a good chance you're gonna be the six. Right? That's very simple. Yes. Think about it. The concept of that is simple. It's just saying, like, intentionally putting yourself around people who doing what you want to do. So 38:49 I love it the community that's powerful. Thank you for listening. Thank you for making, you know, you didn't have the plan originally to do that. But by getting out there, something you did a couple months ago was impacting you right now. And that's just the power of community as an entrepreneur. Because, you know, let's face it, a lot of us feel like we're on islands, especially in this especially in this investing sector, whether it's wholesaling, flipping whatever. 39:13 We get lonely, you got to go out and talk to people is doing what you do. So you can encourage each other. Yeah. Yes, it gets lonely. 39:23 The right people the right. Thank you for breaking it down. So you walked us through how you found it. Got it, you closed it, right. And now I want to talk about what's what's what's going on. Now. What Where is Jared? What are you working on brother? 39:40 You know, I'm just trying to right now I'm in the process of building a business. I'm a real estate business. So 39:49 just trying to do that in a way. I'm trying to do that in a way that puts 39:58 people over property, you know, I'm trying to do it in a way this was equity investing in the community and in the seller's also, man, I have some big stuff. I got some stuff I can't I can't I can't speak on a yet because the Lord told me to keep my mouth shut for right now. What you got here you go you go, you're gonna be one of the first to know but I got some stuff going on but but yeah right now just trying to just trying to build up the business and educate myself, I have a few projects going on that's it really, you know, I'm just trying to get just trying to get the business on his feet building up, get the right people on my team. That's another thing that you was definitely big on was your team, your Power Team gotta have a Power team. And it's crazy. Because just naturally when you're out and about you making calls and going to networking events and stuff, you naturally kind of build your team, you know, actually, that's what I'm doing right now. I'm in the process of doing that right now. And it's Yeah, so, um, I'm like, going back to like, everybody that I've met, and just thinking about the experience they encountered that we had, if I was impressed by something that they did, I'm thinking like, oh, yeah, they thought to be on my team. They don't even know what. To set them up to be successful. You know, how can I, you know, and it's like, it's almost like a coach, you know, it's like an investor, like being an investor, you number one have to invest in people first, you know? So that's, that's where I'm at right now with 41:45 it. I'm proud of you, bro. I knew and I know, you know, when we have our first deals, they could be negative 500. Or they could be 500,000. Like, I don't like the fact that you have a blueprint. Right? The fact that you can go now. I mean, you tell me, how confident do you feel no matter where you are, that you can replicate and do what you did and get, you know, a desired result of closing a deal or holding a rental or whatever? How confident do you feel now versus before? 42:21 Oh, I'm confident to the point where I know this is who I am now. Like, it's nothing. It's nothing. You can't tell me that I can't do you know, like, at first, I have, like I told you, I told you this the other day, like I have faith I have strong faith that like I can do this, you know, I have put invested a lot into it. And I can see, you know the benefits of it. And I can see the financial freedom and the generational wealth and being able to invest in others being able to invest in your community, being able to as an investor, you can single handedly single handedly alter your whole surrounding one one person. So So yeah, you know, there was that and I mean, yeah, 43:17 I can do it. I can do it now. I love it. I love it. Thank you, thank you for taking time out of your day. I know you can do a bunch of things and I know I'm old you you like I'm not ready. I'm like yes you are. People confuse success with what the dollar figures? No, no, no, there is success and wisdom. There is success in the ability. I love that now you feel like you're equipped to go and do what you want to do and fight for your family. Because now you have you have a blueprint. And that's that's beautiful and I can't wait to to really help at least help put you in the right direction put you're on the right. And I know it's going to take you from where you are to even higher dimensions, which is the point of getting my first deal that's the whole point the point is not to take you from zero to a million unless you just you just got it like that the point is to get you your first deal so that you know if this is what you want to do, if this is not what you want to do, and what you need to do to go forward and I love that and before we let you go I really would love this is a question we ask all of our guests right before they get off what what is one major limiting belief that you overcame in this process of getting your first deal 44:33 um I spoken a little bit earlier and that was as far as me being me being saying to myself that I was like introverted, and I don't really like talking to people. And I am naturally introverted and it does take a great deal of energy to talk to people Yeah. But with that being said, I just think when you have a goal, you have a goal, you know, where you're trying to get, you are naturally forced to confront, you know, things that you're uncomfortable with. Well, that was one of them. And now I look at it. And now like, I talked to so many people today is crazy. And yeah, so just the, the idea that, I don't know if I'm social enough to be successful, because everybody knows real estate is all about content. Contacts are major your connections and network, just like me, I don't really know how, you know, if I can do this, you know, but you can, you know, and another thing that she was big on is the power of the power of your words, you know, you know, the Bible say, you know, the power life and deficit in the tongue. I remember, I was talking to you one day. And, and he was coaching me up, you were saying, No, it will go will, you know, he was encouraging me, and he was basically telling me to, you know, to speak life and death, and I did that, and it worked out. So ever since then it's just like, you know, I tell myself, you know, the affirmation is like, it will go, you will be successful, you will add value, you know, you can do this, you can be sociable, you know, even if that's not your natural personality, so, yeah, that was, that was another thing. I remember you telling me it was right before closing, you told me, he was like, what you just did, from beginning to closing is the key is the blueprint to being a multimillionaire. And I thought about it. And it was exactly right. Because, because of how we did it, because of how you structured it with step by step these goals, these small goals. Like I was like, Yeah, I could do this again, I could do this again. And and that's, and that's kind of where I got that competence from that, then it can be done and I can do it. 47:07 You got this man. We already see you making huge progress. You've got some not to speak on yet that's happening in your future. But man 100%, you, you got me to realize that it all takes belief and action, belief and action. And then you took something that you thought was your personality, and shifted it to believe because of your goals and said, Okay, I might be an introvert, but my personality is a permanent. That's the That's a book out there. Everybody's read that your personal is a permit. You know, you have this version of you that you believe that you are, but you can do that anytime that you want to change that. Absolutely. So 47:55 appreciate that. Shout out to Leah for the two piece. 48:03 Y'all, y'all Q y'all. I want to I want to jump off but I want to do this one thing because it's not always about business. It's it's I hope it's okay, because I didn't ask permission, but I'm gonna do this anyway. Um, you sent a group text the day you close saying Sharon, how you close your first deal, but that she wanted to spotlight to tell the people what she wanted to spotlight. Do you remember what you texted about liana? 48:35 No, but I can look it up real quick. 48:37 That's okay. Take Take a second because it's important. Somebody needs to hear it while he's looking at us, we can put up some things over here. 49:01 Evidently, I need to upgrade to box. Storage. 49:09 It's okay, the level of reading he'll remember what he said. You said, Hello, everyone just wanted to share with you all I just closed my first deal today. I really want to spotlight B and Leon's marriage and influence. b I don't know if you know this, but you changed my life. Thank you. And when you're sitting that I was in tears, Leon said, You cannot cry every time somebody sends you a success word. I said but yes, I can. Because I know that my obedience is going to change somebody's future. It's gonna build somebody's empire. Sometimes. It's not about us being success. It's not about us being called trillionaires. It's about the impact. And so I wanted this to be a word of encouragement for anybody watching when you're trying to figure out if you want to invest, where do you try to figure out who you want to go with? What you want to buy whose program I want you to ask yourself is this person, this luck, the lifestyle that I see not what they say, not their students testimonial, but this person, this person, somebody that I can that if I had the result in my life, I will have peace. Because anybody can buy anything. But do you? Do you want to have the same fruit as that person? So, I want to leave that out. I want to let that marinate. Because it's not about whether it's $1 or a million dollars. It's about that life, right? Yeah. And that piece, 50:41 the goal to get my first deal, and helping 1000 people get their first deal. It's not about the money. It's about how many lives families, husbands wives single, not six single, can we change the impact so that by us helping them, they're changing generational things, they're changing, they're breaking, they're breaking off curses over their family. They're gonna influence impact in their mindset. 51:16 Jared, do you have any final words or anything you want to do? Somebody that's maybe considering jumping in the in the pool of investing or just kind of maybe unsure? 51:29 The way I describe investing is anything that you can think of, or that you can imagine, can be done. Only if you use use what you have, really use what God gave you use where you are, where are you? Where are you working, you know, what skill sets do you have? Your creativity. I mean, creativity is like everything. Because if you can, if you can think about it's about problem solving, how can I get this done? You know, what's a way that I can get this done? So if you can just be creative. There's a way you know, there's a way to get to get anything done to accomplish. 52:18 Jesus, amen. Amen. Brother. I love it. I love it. So thank you, Jared. I'm proud of you, bro. I know that you've got so much more coming your way. You're talking about development, you're talking about construction, you're talking some stuff that you can't wait to just see what. For everyone out there, if you're interested in investing in real estate and you don't know where to start, you don't know you just don't know and you believe I really want you to feel encouraged to go to get my first and register for our free masterclass on how to find get in close your first deal in 90 days or less. Look, if you get there and you'd like it. Join the challenge. We have a challenge starting on March the seventh. And I want to have you in and I want to show you how easy it is no matter what no matter what you decide to do. At least you know, this is for you or this is not for you. So go to get my first and register today, Jack. Thank you, brother for taking time out for doing things that make you incredibly uncomfortable, but I promise you your obedience will be rewarded. 53:30 Thank y'all so much. Love you man. All right, 53:33 fam and the kids we say hey, and we'll be talking soon brother. Peace, peace.