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Sept. 22, 2022

Ep 234: Creative Entrepreneurship Podcast: Automate Your Business "Track Leads and Help Your Business Grow"

Ep 234: Creative Entrepreneurship Podcast: Automate Your Business
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0:15 All right, man, we're live right now on YouTube. Let's get started here. Okay, hold on a second here guys, Welcome to Creative Entrepreneurship a podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build their business based on successes and failures of other entrepreneurs. Today, we have an amazing guest. We're gonna be talking about how we can automate your business, track leads and generate revenue. Please help me welcome Daniel Martinez. How you doing today? 0:49 I'm doing well, man. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate you give me the opportunity. 0:52 Yeah, for sure. I'm excited. I'm always excited to talk about CRM and ways in which we can improve our business and the software that we can utilize to track leads and generate revenue. And obviously, you've been all over the place and your you've been in real estate, and then your software and you've been all over the place. You've been an entrepreneur for some time. Now. Why don't we start out by giving me a little bit of information as to who you are, what you do and how you help your customers? 1:17 Sure, sure. So I've been in entrepreneurship, it'll be coming out in five years now. I actually was originally a truck driver used to load trucks got the trucking started, a trucking company, had five trucks at one point, eventually, not all businesses work out the way you want it to. So I put ended up putting it into real estate and software. And I've been doing real estate software for the past three years. And it's been amazing journey from here. 1:41 I mean, just out of curiosity, did you learn to do this yourself? Or did you? Was it self taught? 1:46 I've always been a little bit of a techie. So I've always been experimenting, but by no means am I like a coder or software developer engineer, not like that. I just always been a little bit techie. I mean, I'm a millennial. So we kind of got that we got to see the transfers utility. 2:02 You know, we can think about, you know, trucking software, real estate, you know, but you know, you got your hands and everything. Obviously, it's been what it hasn't been based out of your curiosity with with regard to like how you'd like, Hey, I'm curious about this. Let me turn it into a business. 2:18 Well, trucking was out of I had a CDL. And I'm like, I know a little bit about trucking. Let's go start a trucking business. So based off of our something I already knew, and a lot of people they think like, Oh, I'm gonna do this, this and this. And it's kind of based off of things that were set in front of me, I kind of went down that path. So after doing trucking for two years, I was looking for other things to do. And because it wasn't working, it wasn't working for me that I lose you. Oh, here we go. So it wasn't really working for me. And I was looking for ways to pivot and ended up getting into real estate found learned about all that happened. And then as I got real estate, other opportunities, Representative self to me when I was in real estate, and that's kind of what a lot of what I do now. 2:57 So you went from tracking to real estate, to software. Now, what, what brought you to like, what, I guess what brought you to that, like, what's what pain in the market? Did you see that you said, You know what, I've got to resolve this? 3:13 That is a great question. And the answer is, it was my pain, because I had my own pain about doing real estate and tracking leads and doing marketing in general. So those my pain of in the market starting starting my own like real estate business. So it was the pain I had. And then I was looking for other opportunities. And like beverages and real estate, there's a big thing called Podio that everybody uses, like the real estate community uses that one is really hard to program to, it's really hard to learn. And three, it gets kind of pricey as your as your business grows. So a lot of those things really affected me because they have a free version. But like once you start actually using it gets pretty hefty. And if you have a small budget doesn't really help you at all. 3:55 Is it something you developed yourself? Or did you get a team to develop it? 3:59 So we have a third party team that does a lot of integration. So I just kind of do the front end side of sales, marketing and management support. 4:07 So did you I mean, because it's expensive to hire teams and software engineers to do this. Did you come up with it? bootstraps or did you borrow money? Or how did you go about and financing this? 4:22 A lot of it was? Well, the cool thing about software is that there's stuff there's products that are already out there, so you can kind of build upon it, make it your own. So that's kind of what we did. So the software is already out there, but they give you the ability to license it and kind of make it your own from there. So it's kind of we kind of shortcutted that a little bit. 4:39 Okay, so there's similar programs out there. Obviously, you know, you did some research and figured out that there's some problem in the market that needs to be fulfilled. So in this situation, you have leads, you have people who need to track their leads. You have businesses that are able to increase their revenue by AE been consistently proficient and up to date with their, with their leads, because sometimes what happens is, as a business owner, it's it's difficult to keep track of your leads, you know, you have leads coming in all the time. And then you have like, okay shit, should I just put this down on like an Excel spreadsheet or you know, do I write everything down and put it on a on a board. And then before you know it, you have all these leads, and you have times that you need to call back and follow up and, you know, check to see if it converted, and then all these, all this information starts to pop up, and you're like, Oh, crap, I can't do this just on a whiteboard. You know? What, how does this differ from just doing that for you? 5:39 So and that's, that's a great point, like, most small businesses don't use a CRM, I think is like 70% of small businesses don't use a CRM for the first five years. So like, a lot of people, there's a lot of people like you, and there's a lot of people like me that were in that same boat. So it's one of the things we're thinking about amplification of time. So if you want to make more money, you have to amplify your time. So think, think think of like, if you had a regular job $10 an hour, you might, that's all you're worth, right. But if you find a way to amplify time that so you can make more money in the marketplace. So what does the amplifying time gain is means to automate and systematize your outreach and marketing because if your business, you need to be doing marketing, so most people think, Well, I have a cleaning business, I'm a cleaning business and like No, when you start a cleaning business, you have to think of yourself as a marketing company. Because if you can't market, you're not gonna be able to bring in clients to make money anyway. So you have to kind of flip the switch on like, I'm a marketing company. I'm a marketing company and marketing company, no matter what niche you're in, you're a marketing company first, because you have to bring in leads. So what does that look like? Well, you have to bring in leads, you have to convert leads, and get testimonials, which you can use testimonials to get more clients. So it's like the big triangle business clients leads, referrals and testimonials, which will lead back to more clients. So you kinda have to resolve that whole part of a business. And if you're doing I'm spreadsheet, it's hard to follow up with a person, if you do this on your phone calendar, like you can get overwhelmed by the disorganization that you don't have in your organization. So, so what a CRM does is it helps you coordinate track, automate your marketing materials to convert more leads. So imagine, imagine if if you have a water company, everybody needs to drink water, everybody in the world needs to drink water. But you can do one of two ways you can sell it in the corner on the street vendors, not no offense to the street vendors. But there's a way to automate that business where you can actually everybody's drink water, you can create an ad, you can text call, or people that need water, hey, you need water, you need water today, go to my website, check out and we'll ship it to you. Now, you infinitely scale because you're in multiple markets and multiple places on the internet on the on the web, to reach more people versus on a street corner randomly reaching the cargo. 7:54 So those are the steps that you can take on this with this CRM, you can create an ad, generate the lead, follow up with your lead and convert it somehow. 8:04 Yeah, so you have automations, which means texting and emailing. That's all built in house. So you can set up call systems text systems, opt in systems. So like, I always do, I've done this on stage before. So like what is business automation looks like? Well, this is automation, this is a little call to action to everybody here, you can text to 10972 1842 just text the keyword course. And you'll get to put in automations to get notified of what we do. 8:33 Oh, I see. That's amazing. So CRM, and you said that, like less than 70% of the people 8:43 70% Don't use a CRM in the first five years of business. 8:47 Okay, so I recently started using or utilizing a program that helps me track not just leads follow ups, but also the money, the revenue that comes in is something similar that that might assist with that, because a lot of problems, a lot of the things that I was running into initially with scheduling, following up with leads getting the the financial records in place and making sure that everything is up to par with with not just you know, how you're billing people and how you're obtaining money or generating revenue, but also keeping track of that making sure that that like if I send out a $2,000 estimate, and then it converts to an invoice I'm collecting the $2,000. Now I have the you know, the the work orders open. And you know, how did that how did that lead come to be? How do I follow up and so all the information that I need to make sure that all of those steps are taken are utilized through this type of CRM. Is that something similar to what we're looking at here? 9:58 Yeah, so we integrate with stripe In QuickBooks, so you can actually send out invoices to collect payments. And then you can set up like notifications. Like if somebody doesn't pay an invoice you can send them, you can automate a text reminder, Hey, you didn't pay your invoice, here's a link to pay. So and then you can set up payments. So a lot of everything that I do, like I've said, I've done two events. And I've ran it all through our system, but website, payment collection, SMS and email notifications when they purchase. And then deliverability of details pertaining to the event. And I've run it all through our system. 10:31 And what are some of the benefits that you've seen from people users using the system, 10:35 man it so most of our clients, they usually save on average 700 bucks a month. And the way they do that is because most people use an average of 26 different systems to operate their business. But what's the system, you might have an email system, you might have a text system, you might have a website system, you might have a form system, you might have a phone system, your phone itself, you might use Gmail, you might use Yahoo, you might use a tax accounting software might use a invoicing platform, all those things are all different systems that don't speak to each other, unless you force them to speak to each other in some ways, not all of them are able to talk to each other in that way, in general. So what this does is kind of brings everything in house. So it's all in one under one roof, you can check it and see every org analytics or data, link tracking system, everything. Everything's there 11:19 in one system, including the marketing site, 11:23 including the marketing site, so that we integrate with Google and Facebook. So if you do a Google or Facebook ads, you can see your analytics inside of the dashboard inside the system. 11:32 I'm going to consider moving over. And does it keep track of your not just your leads, but your your clients as well? 11:41 Yeah, we have. So that's the other thing. So most systems out there, they like oh, you can only have with the minimum data plan, you can have 10,000 contacts, like we have unlimited contacts, like you can go crazy with contacts, you can go crazy with users, most systems will hit you with users, though upsell you with users, contacts, contact, uploads, and all that stuff. So there's a lot of things that they limit you on and they'll try to tax you aren't in the backend, the US is unlimited everything. You can go crazy, unlimited contacts, tracking, I'll show on one of my clients is the other day, and he runs a car sales business. And I showed him the ability to track links. So you can text an email, a link, a trackable link to see who clicks it and then create an action around that. So if you have a specific call to action, and see if they purchase, you can set up automations around the Hey, we we saw you click this, or we saw you're interested in this. 12:34 Here we just aren't and follow up with them. You know, that's awesome. I love that idea that you can take something from cradle to grave. Basically, it's from just one program. And is is the is the ability to track finances on there, too. 12:50 Yeah, so we have invoicing and estimating out there. And it's all we have an app on Google and Android that you can do this on your phone. 12:58 And so how much is something like this, usually run a customer? Or? 13:04 It depends. So like an SMS platform, most users are gonna, like it can cost anywhere from like $150 to $600. So I've seen it just SMS email platforms that cost 30 to $60. A website platform is going to cost us a $3,200 a month, $100 a month. This kind of brings in all of that. 450. 13:25 So $150 a month, do you have the ability to market your business generate leads, create invoices and estimates. Get Paid? I'm assuming get paid to stripe? Oh, you did say stripe get paid? Is there a booking? like can they can they do 13:46 alledgedly? Yes, there's there's an internal calendar system. There's a Mozilla 1000. Say, there's an internal calendar system and a websites. So a lot of people like oh, I have a link tree, go to my link tree in my bio, you can create your own link tree to your own website to control the flow. There's an internal course projection. So if you're using Kajabi, or kartra, you can put your own stuff on your website, so you can show that IP. 14:10 Wow, that's interesting. And so what about integrating like, you know, well, you did say you integrate it into your website, but how about even further like, blogs and, you know, web pages and stuff like that, as far as how does that work? 14:29 So we actually did the blog feature just came out recently, so you're able to create blogs. Usually, if you're using some other blog, there's like a in embedded in code that you can input into websites, we have the ability to infer all that JavaScript, create unlimited web pages. So like if you go to hivemind That's all built on the hive mind itself. I have a bunch of different landing pages. I've created anything I've created a bunch of templates based on your niche if you want a barber template or car sales template, we have all that Somebody there, just kind of plug in your details and let it go. So a lot of it and Google My Business to a lot of people, if you want to be recognized on Google, you got to be Google. So you can come to your, your local business, address your website, and then start collecting Google traffic. Great angle Google reviews on automation. 15:23 So you I mean, you've come up with all this. And it's just mind boggling as to how much work seems like it went into this. So you're doing all this research? Do you guys do like any kind of marketing research to figure out what people want? And how are you finding the the need for some of these, these areas of service, 15:47 it's using user feedback, we get a lot of user feedback to know what we need, what needs to be worked on and bugs. So a lot of what we do a lot of what's done in the backend is user feedback from different clients, various clients. 15:59 And you have specific questions that you ask or is it just general? Like? 16:05 There's, there's a roadmap and there's there's people that they can up and down, click based off of whatever things they want to things that are more important, based off of things that aren't there? 16:15 What do you find that some of your customers? Where are people who are wanting to convert to something like this? What do you find that the biggest challenge for them? 16:25 The biggest challenges, I think, is learning a new system, everybody struggles with that. And it's one of those realities that, hey, if you're in business, you want to grow, you have to learn new systems and processes. But this is one of the things that like I tell people all the time, I have clients that I try to talk about, like, once you do something in here, you don't, if it works, you don't have to touch it again, because it works over and over again, it's a system, it's not like you have to retrain that person, if it breaks, if it works, don't touch it ever again. So I tell people, like, if you have to learn it once, don't worry about it. So I have clients that like, the system can be a little overwhelming, because I want to use it all. I'm like, just find that one thing you needed to work for, and then build on that. So I realize like, I just want to learn texting. So I'm like, Okay, this is how you text. And this is how you managed to text and all that stuff. So I had a client, we do really who does real estate, he got a contract and four days just offer texting. He's been a client for almost a year. Now, he does not use anything else in the system, but texting, but he finds the value in just text in just one texting component. So I tell people like, yes, you there's all these things that it can do. But find that one thing that that makes sense for you to use it and then kind of build upon that. Because once you understand what it can do, your mind really goes into like, oh, I want to do this, I want to do that you can kind of kind of get a dog chasing the ball across across the park. And you can easily spend that lose a lot of time for that. And I told you about time, like, you don't have to learn how to do that. Because like one less thing. I don't want to learn how to do it just I tell you what to do. Can you do it? Like, yeah, we have teams available that if you understand that, if you understand how it works, or you want certain things done that you've seen that I've done, somebody else's done that use the system, we can build it for you. And it's not it's not really expensive. It's just one of the things that everything's already there, and a lot of people but some people are like, I want to do it myself. And I want to learn from people that just do it for me. And there's a price point for that. 18:15 Do you do you have like instructional videos, and you have all the necessary information that people might need to learn the system? 18:23 Yeah, so there's, there's internal training, there's training videos I created. There's a searchable, like, like workbook inside the system that you can search and look up their things with screenshots, little videos of how to do certain things set system. And then we have tech support. So I manage all my clients through text, so you can actually text the number I said earlier to 10972 1842 that goes directly to my team, you can ask them any questions today. And they'll they'll respond to you via texts. 18:55 So, San Antonio. So what are you most proud of? Like? What service are you most proud of about this service? 19:04 Um, the biggest the biggest thing I'm proud of a lot of people like they have like their their why like, Oh, my why's my family freedom and, and the ability to do what I want. But you have to have a business. Why? Because you have to you have to love what you do for business. So the reason the biggest thing that I love is seeing people accelerate their business. So I had a client that was doing spreadsheets, and most people aren't spreadsheets as it is what it is. So most business most small businesses run spreadsheets, and that's how they coordinate tractor leads. He's switched over to us. He's done 106 figure months, probably two or three times now. And he'll be our first millionaire probably about a year using our product using our software. And he pays us 149 a month. So it shows it shows the amplification of that you can create with this system. 19:52 Do you guys offer like a 30 day? Money Back Guarantee? Is it like is there any kind of risk or for the first month 20:01 So if you Tex, I do have a 30 day trial. If you text that course, if you signed up for if you just text the course, you'll get a 30 day trial offer through that funnel, but it's not necessary on my website. 20:14 Nice, nice. Well, we're getting close to the end of the podcast, I think we covered a lot of information in a short period of time, we, you know, there's a lot of a lot of things that I think this software will will solve for a lot of business owners. What I should I should, I usually like to ask my guests, you know, if they have any words of wisdom, or some normalcy to live by, you have any of those, 20:38 um, you only get one, you only get one name. So treat it accordingly. And 20:48 do things the right way. Nice. When they treat things, do things the right way, like it do it once and you don't have to do it again. That's for sure. How can our listeners get a hold 20:58 of you. So we're literally at hive mind CRM, and every platform you can think of it there's something, there's a way to post content, we're there. We have a podcast called the hypoplus Podcast Network. We produce a lot of shows on their iPads here on I O. And then we do a lot of land stuff. So if you're interested in doing real estate, we help you with that. But if you just need help on the business side, we help you with that too. So depending on what you're looking for, we'll be able to help you. Hi, my CRM Facebook to Facebook group. 21:27 But there you go, guys, Daniel Martinez, a pleasure having you on the show today. You're an inspiration to me and our listeners so glad to have had you on the show today. 21:34 No problem man. Thanks for hope. I hope people find value and hopefully we will make another six figure or out of one of the listeners 21:40 for sure for sure. There you go, guys, Daniel Martinez. It was a pleasure having him on Saturday. Be sure to check out all his information can be in the show notes. Check out creative for all of our articles, check out creative and TCE podcast for all over social media. Be sure and subscribe there, TCE podcast. And until next week, keep on keepin on

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