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Aug. 16, 2022

Ep 222: You Can't Get Active Deal Flow Without Active Lead Flow With Anthony Gaona

Ep 222: You Can't Get Active Deal Flow Without Active Lead Flow With Anthony Gaona
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0:03 Yo, yo, yo. Hey, what a frank. Beautiful day in paradise. How about you? Yeah, love that answer another day in paradise. Hey guys, sorry about running late, man, I just got a new computer. So I was like downloading is like download zoom. And now you gotta download this other extension for Apple all kinds of crap and like just let me in my meeting, bro. Mr. Matt Rogers What's up, dude? Hey, what's up guys? Like I haven't seen you in forever, man. Yeah, it's 0:30 been a hot minute. 0:31 How's it been going? He's still crushing or what? 0:33 Yeah, we're churning deals, got a couple of vacant, rural vacant locks in North Carolina. Bigger acreage, like 2030 acres and still just flipping away in Florida. 0:46 Are those are good hits 2030 acres in North Carolina? 0:50 Yeah, I mean, this one took like eight months to close. Because we had a really crazy probate, we had three closing attorneys look at it and turn us down because it was so messy. And we just went back to a fourth and the fourth told us probably can't do it either. And they found a way to get it done. So it took forever but you know, I don't know, we made like 25 grand on it. So I was gonna shoot, 1:13 I love that. I love how in real estate, we talk about 20 G's like it's nothing. 1:17 It's crazy. I mean, I've probably done split the 60 deals in the time it took the scene to close. But you know, with those title issues, and you have crazy probates and stuff with the millionaires and all these things going on. It's just one of those things that have to kind of go in the backward every now and you step keep plugging away until Sunday, the attorneys gonna call and say, Hey, we're clear to close and you just never know when that is. 1:41 That's dope, man. So yeah, that's what we wanted to talk about tonight. It's caused us specifically marketing. So it's, that's where a lot of people struggle, lots of real estate investors, and they they get a headache over the marketing aspects. So maybe you can tag team in here and help me out. If you see something else or something you would you want to share, just feel free to hop in. And yeah, we'd love to hear how you're getting 50 to 60 deals. That's nuts. Dude, that's awesome. 2:06 It's mainly been, you know, just texting, honestly, like a lot of the rural vacant land leads are direct mail that I still do. My partner and I still do that. And then I do the infills on my own. And those are all texts and just through through hive. So, you know, some of these deals are bigger than others. And I mean, I've done a few outside of Hive with other marketing methods and stuff, but the majority of them are just tax. 2:32 insane, man. So yeah, I know a lot of people are starting to get flagged now. Have you changed your strategy any as far as like using more phone numbers, less less? slower rate? 2:40 Yeah, well, I made a mistake I was I sent I sent a blast out way, way too many in one day, I sent out like 5000 in one day on accident. It wasn't I didn't do it on purpose. And about half my messages got flagged. So I don't know if that really affects my numbers or what that's probably you can probably answer that better than I can. But on my drip sequence, like one of the three would go through, you know, like the first text or go out if that got flagged, maybe day two, or the second or third text went through. But I don't know, we're still getting deals. So you know. 3:18 Let's keep doing it until it stops. 3:20 Yeah, Heck, yeah. We talked about this with Daniel myself before we even started on this journey. And we said, you know, we know that the regulations are gonna eventually change. So we're trying to pivot and make sure we're staying in front of it. And but also, I think about diversifying your marketing. You know, you mentioned mailers, which I've never really done too much of, but that's what I want to chat about tonight was that you have to be versatile, you have to be flexible. If you're going to succeed in this business, and you're going to continue to get deals at scale. You got to be prepared to pivot like we all can't be, you know, just depending on one strategy forever, because yeah, things are always going to change, markets are gonna become ineffective marketing methods are going to become ineffective. I've been following marketing for about 15 years, I've been real heavily in it, like I'm talking about, like, right now I'm down on like a health rabbit hole, which I've been in probably since I was 12. And I'm doing like peptides and all this anti aging, not for human consumption type stuff. So I get that go down these rabbit holes, and then we'll come back then. But I've been down a marketing one for a very long time. And I think that's that's something that you have to prepare for is that you have to be fluid, you have to be able to move from one strategy to another, and to keep your business up and running. He says oh, he's on the phone. Come in. Yeah. So that's what we want to talk about tonight was just marketing, marketing, marketing. How do you continue to make this business simple, I thought about it. Right now. I would say in the last 14 days, I probably got more contracts than I've ever got before in my my real estate career, which isn't a lot but I want to say we're like at six or seven contracts and like under 14 days, maybe 10 days. And I thought about it I was like man, this is this is like the easiest that this business has ever been for me. And this I felt like this is the least amount of work we've ever done because now we have we have our marketing dialed in We're getting leads almost every single day. And a lot of them are inbound leads, we're running some text campaigns, still, we have a dialer going. But it's just a little bit of everything. And then when when the leads are coming in consistently, I think that makes this business like it's less, there's less science to it, the less good you have to be at comps, you know, the less stressful that it is, it really does just does make everything easier. And I thought about it, I was like, Man, I know, so many people are stuck right now in this business, because they're just starving for leads. And if your business is starving for leads, you're obviously you're, you're probably your business is probably starving for cash as well. So it's that eternal dance, where you have to be able to allocate a certain amount of funds to marketing. And if you can automate your marketing where you're getting constant inbound leads, everything becomes super, super simple. And like what the heck, this is amazing. I think after this, I'm just in just over three and a half years. And it seems like this I can, I can feel how the business is getting easier and easier to navigate. I mean, because we do have access to to a lot more leads now. And it's becoming a lot less stressful. So I used to wake up in the morning, like it eight, nine o'clock and just start pounding the keyboard, and I'm going to bed at 1011 midnight, still trying to figure out you know what I need to do what needs to happen next. And now it's like I'm coming into the office at 12 01. And I'm gone by like four or five, you know, and the business is growing faster than it ever has. So that's why I wanted to chat a little bit about marketing and real estate and see what we can do to see if we can get some people into momentum. So at any given time, and if you guys want to jump in and ask questions, feel free to just interrupt and pop in and I'm happy to like have some conversation about this. If so, if you want to stop me to go a little bit deeper about a point or if you miss something or backup, just feel free to jump in. I actually made some notes for today, 6:48 talking mainly about like PPC and inbound leads. I want to talk about marketing 6:53 in general, everything right? So there's another thing in marketing that says, you know, what does it say for beginner stuff like beginner like one on one marketing, that there's super simple strategies, right, and it is all beginner. But if you're not implementing them, then it's an advanced strategy. Right? So even the simple basics if you're not doing the basics, and they're advanced for you if you're not implementing them or using them right now. So I wanted to cover a little bit about automation, VAs leveraging people are leveraging capital, and everything even branding, you know, content marketing, because marketing is it's like an engine is a way that I imagined it in my mind I imagined like it's like an engine in space that's producing something. Right? So everything that we do, every post that we make every conversation we have every interaction we have on on Facebook groups with other people, you're like, you're you're doing something to turn the engine, right, and the engine only turns by cash. And it turns by activity. Right. And that activity can be something as simple as, like I said, like being helpful and other groups. So I see people all the time commenting on the group's Okay, I have a land deal. I want to move, you know, can somebody help me? Hey, how do you accomplish? And so all I'm doing in my free time is I'm scrolling through these groups, and I'm just finding people that need help. And then just dropping a very short answer, maybe in one or two sentences. And every time I see somebody asking for help, I do the same thing. And everybody's group, I never say Hey, call me I'm the guy. So I never tried to infringe on anybody's group. But I always let it be known that I'm willing to help, you know, even if there's no benefit in it for me. And I think that's a huge part of the marketing that I do now. So today, I came into the office, and somebody asked me, they said, you know, where to all these leads come from, like, you come into the office, you haven't been here all day, and then you have leads already. And I'm like, Well, you know, most of the people are sending them to me. You know, people send me deals like, Hey, can you help with this? Can you help with this? Can you help with this. And so now I'm forwarding those to the team, and then seeing if they can take a look at it to help us figure it out. But that's a lot of what I'm doing. So with that, you know, it sounds like that might be a fat waste of time. It's just going around just helping random bunch of strangers on Facebook. But what I'm doing, you know, inadvertently, because I was doing this before I was even thinking about it as you're building a personal brand. Right? So I'm on you know, pays more views group. I'm in any of the other groups that you see on Facebook, Rei tipster, you know, a lot of these big guys, if you're just there helping you're doing a couple of things. For one, you're helping the owner of that page, write help their audience and help their followers. So it makes their page see more useful, because you're contributing there. But then also, I'm branding myself as an expert amongst many different topics, right? So no matter what it's about, I try to display as much expertise and a short amount of time as possible. So if I can drop one or two or three sentences in a group, and you know, other people are gonna go down, and some of the stuff lasts forever, man, so I'll drop a helpful comment. In six months later, somebody likes it. Or somebody sends me a screenshot on Messenger on Facebook and says, Hey, I saw you talking about probates in Texas in this group and I'm like, What the heck that's that's screenshots from like, 2020. Right. So you got to imagine in content marketing, right, if you have a blog, whatever you blog about whatever you write about, the more keywords you use. Use the more videos that are on your website that are talking about a specific topic. Google recognizes you as an expert in that field, and then they'll rank you higher in the searches, right. So that's like old school, SEO marketing. But if you think about it, even on Facebook, you are kind of like doing SEO for yourself. So every time you drop a comment in a group on Facebook, you're branding yourself as an expert. And it's kind of building up SEO for yourself, right? So now I'm getting all these inbound organic leads for something that I said a year or two ago. So in your free time, you're scrolling through these groups, you're just being helpful, it benefits another person, right? We're not, we're not exactly doing it for selfish reasons. But it doesn't hurt when it comes back to us. But think about that, every time you help somebody in somebody else's group, you're like, pretty much building like a blog in on Facebook for yourself for all time. So that's gonna lead to inbound leads forever, right? So for all time, people are going to be able to go back in that group, like I can go right now to roughneck to real estate or paste Morbius group, and say, San Antonio apartment complexes, and bam, it pulls up, indexes all of the content that has to do with San Antonio, and apartment complexes. So you can do that in anybody's group and position yourself as an expert in these large groups on Facebook. So that's gonna point back to your branding. So another thing that I do as far as branding goes, is when I'm on these groups, and these pages, I always mentioned that, hey, I'm a line guy. So when somebody says, anybody's group, I've seen it a million times and paces group where it says, Hey, does anybody do land? And the first thing that I comment every single time, you could probably go search this phrase inside of the creative financing from piece Morbi group, I say, Hey, I only do land happy to help, let me know. Right? So again, what that does is it positions myself in front of 20,000 people that says, hey, I'm a land guy, I only do land, I don't do any houses. So that makes you stand out, you know, from a sea of house investors of sub to investors of house flippers, people will recognize you and they're gonna start to associate your name with land. So now imagine that I've made that comment in the 1000 times and different pages that says, hey, I only do land use the word only specifically, so that people could recognize me as a land expert. So now what I've been noticing more and more, is I open Facebook, and I have a notification. And it says, like somebody saying, Hey, does anybody buy land in Texas, and somebody I've never seen before, never even heard of their name before, has tagged me on somebody's land post. Which is pretty cool. Because for one, it's starting to draw in more leads now and more conversations from other wholesalers and investors. But also other people are seeing that all over the place now, hey, who does land pay? Who does land who does land and the 100 Facebook groups and random strangers are dropping my name in those groups now? So what does that doing? It's further building on top of the brand that, hey, I'm the land guy. Some girl called me from Florida last week, and she got some guy on the phone, they have like a $60 million land deal. And it's a student of hers. And she was like, Hey, I have the land God on the phone. You know, I just I thought it was funny. But you know, the Land God had. That's, that's hilarious. But again, it goes back to the fact that you know, by me branding myself and tagging in all these different groups mentioning land, I only do land I only do land. Don't forget to brand yourself everywhere you go, right? Because pace has done it now with sub two. And I have someone a podcast, I think yesterday and he said he's closing like on 40 houses or 60 houses this month or something like that. Right. And that only comes after years and years of branding himself as a sub to guy. So whenever you want to be involved in if lands not your thing, if you're going to do apartments, whatever you are going to do. Make sure that you start branding yourself as you know, whatever you want to be known for. Don't tell John Oh, trademark that too. I love John and John's cool. But I mean, he's done it right, the land mogul, the land mogul. So you see him on his social media pages everywhere. And he's the land mobile. So I don't think that many people are going to call John Alexander and say, Hey, man, do you have the sub to house? Can you help me? Right? Because he hasn't branded himself that way. So always being conscientious of that. If you're quiet on Facebook, if you're not comfortable, you know, talking in groups or anything, just think about it. Every time you help somebody every time you mentioned your name, you comment somewhere anywhere on Facebook, even on Instagram. Remember to brand yourself around whatever niche you want to be involved in. I chose land and it's coming back like I said three fold now because I'm starting to get inbound messages from strangers all day every day and messenger saying hey, I have some land. Can you help me? Can you take a look at this for me? So I wanted to cover that both branding and then also content marketing. So anytime 14:33 that jumping on that real quick, I'm sorry. Hey, no, please do I'd love for you to jump in and help. Yeah, that was a great point about kind of pick and choose the response to jump in and you add value to somebody's question or post or something. I did that I'm a member of paces sub two community and I did that on. There's a lot of people that don't know much about land in there, which is fine and I've helped out tons of people and I've JV deals with people in grouping everything. One guy in particular, had just kind of threw out, he was working with a couple of high end lots in this area in Florida I work. And the I saw it way later in the day, nobody had commented on it. And I jumped in and just said, Hey, you know, or you might have tagged me or something cute remembers a few months ago. And we just got to talk it and I looked at it. And it wasn't the kind of deal I normally do. But I reached out to a couple of people, a couple of my buyers who I thought were long shots to maybe buy this one of them took both lots, and we both walked with, like 30 30k. So just by kind of keeping yourself top of mind and present and jumping in some of these threads and comments and stuff where you feel like it's appropriate and where you can add value. You know, just me replying, the one comment was basically worth $30,000. So and you could do that over and over again, just like you said, 15:53 just for going in there and just saying, Hey, I do land, hey, I do. 15:58 And you you might you might make 1000 comments or 500 comments or something. And you know, you're not necessarily doing it just to get a deal. But it does come back to you at some point. And, and it did with me. And that's happened several other times in a group with other people J JV with so and even here in this group, Ray, he and I JB the deal, I think you're even involved, Anthony. So there's a quick little deal we did in Lehigh acres in Florida. And, and that was just off of me responding to something in a thread. And I had a buyer lined up and we got it done. And I think me, you and Ray all made money on that. So yeah, do you 16:42 know that six, I mean, it's it's the same thing. Like I said, if you're just going to talk to somebody, you're just going to drop a comment on Facebook, just maybe a helpful comment, maybe a hey, on the guy comment, hey, I'm happy to help with that. And you land and you made 30 grand? 16:57 When you do it with no real thought of like getting something out of it. I mean, of course you want, you want to do deals, and you want to work with people, of course, but you're not doing it, you know, just like foaming at the mouth for something, you know, like you're, you're just trying to be helpful. And when you do that, and you kind of come from a certain place of service and wanting to help, you know, like good things happen. Right? So 17:23 that's what it is. Yeah, you're not a walking commercial. But yeah, you're 17:27 there's plenty of people like that who are semi everyday. JB JB JB. And that's cool. I get it, I get why you want to do that. But I think there's a certain level of like you, you want to promote yourself, but in a way that's not super kind of annoying. And salesy and people can kind of sense your genuineness, and that was tough, because text is kind of tone deaf, but just in the way you write and interact with people, I think they can tell a big difference, you know, between somebody like like yourself, and maybe somebody who's just, you know, push, push, push, push, push. So 18:02 yeah, man, that's a great point, too, is you don't want to do the opposite, right? And go full retard and hop into somebody's page and be like, Hey, I'm the guy. I'm the guy. Everybody text me, everybody call me. Now it looks like you're trying to draw attention away from the group instead of contributing. Right? So we got to be careful with that. Because that's a great point, too, is Yeah, you don't want to I mean, it's the equivalent of going to somebody else's page and then posting on the page and saying, Hey, I'm a land expert, hit me up. So we can JV like, I mean, yeah, maybe you can get away with it every now and then. But 18:30 over and over, you know, there's a fine line between kind of, you want to promote yourself in a good way, so people know who you are, but not in a way that kind of turns people off. It's, it's pretty easy to see, we've all seen plenty of people. And while these groups, you know, kind of go about I think the wrong way. But yeah, hey, to each their own, and they're probably still getting deals off it. But you know, I've had other people come to me to you and just say, Hey, man, yeah, thank you for your help. And even if it doesn't go anywhere, you know, I'll have some a comp something or look at something. And, you know, I don't do it all day, because we'd never make any money. But you know, there's good times to pick and choose your spots to to help people. I'm not really expecting anything in return. And if something happens, great. And if not, then, you know, then they'll remember you down the line also. Yeah, 19:12 I do the same thing to men. I think being helpful, right? So if you look helpful in a group, right, like Matt said, you don't want to be like just helping other people all day long. Well, you're not making any cash. But if you if you come off as a helpful person, like you're contributing to that person's page, and you're contributing to somebody else's business, that's always going to come back. I really do believe in that. I really believe in the energy exchange where you're if you just help enough people, eventually somebody is going to come back to you. So maybe that's not the point. Like we're not just helping just so we can like get traffic. But again, just just I think helping other people in their business because I know people did it for me. When I first started I was asking everybody for help. Hey, what can I do here? Hey, what about this? Just crazy just asking everybody like with no shame? And I felt like everybody just reached out to me. I don't know what you know what that was, but that made me feel pretty good. And so now I try to do it for other people too, as I'm going to hell. other people succeed, because everybody opened the door for me. 20:03 Guess what, you probably remember four or five of those people. Now, you know, you probably recognize her name if you saw him or maybe you still are in contact with them, I don't know. But you know, there's, there's those people, when you first get started that you can tell they're trying to help, and they're not necessarily asking you for anything. And those are people and sometimes people disappear or get out of the business or go do other things. And that's great, too. But, you know, I can tell you right now, there's four or five people when I first got started that were very, very helpful and didn't ask me for anything and didn't expect anything. And were just genuinely helpful. And I'll remember them as long as I'm in the business. I don't even know if they're still around. But I can tell you they are. 20:42 Yeah, same for me, man. So I went into Korea's page roughneck to real estate. And he's here in Texas, and I went on there, and I posted an ugly Latos a flag lot, and I had a really good deal on it. And people were like, oh, Flag Law, or that lots of crap, you're never gonna sell that. And Jason Witherspoon came on there. He's I knew that not as bad as he's like, because I'm surrounded by trees. He was like, I can do redneck shit out there. He's like, That's a badass lot. He's like, you're gonna definitely sell it. And I never forgot that. And I'm like, Man, this guy has my back on here doesn't even know who I am. And now we're friends this day. You know, I mean, courier partners, and I'm super cold. Jason, he calls me randomly for no reason. And we just stay on the phone for 30 minutes, just like, just like boys, you know, shooting the shit about business about nothing, Talking Smack and then laughing a little bit. And that's it. But I remember that. Yeah, he had my back in that group, when I felt like everybody was laughing at me as a new guy. And yeah, now we're lifelong friends. So 21:28 sometimes all it takes is that initial kind of like, you know, hey, you got something here or don't let everyone just, you know, tell you that it's nothing or, you know, just a little, just a little push your confidence, especially, you know, when you're kind of getting started, you really go a long way. Because a lot of times you don't know what you're looking at? Or you're you're still trying to figure out what's what, and things like that. So those things do go a long way. And people remember? 21:51 Yeah, I think energetically too, right? So there's a bunch of new people wandering around bumping their heads into walls. If you help those people at some point, like you said, like, now you have a bond with those people. And at some point in the future, they might come back to you and say, or somebody else has a deal. And they're gonna say, Hey, do you know anybody in San Antonio that could help me move this lot like, Heck, I need to talk to Anthony, right? Because you had that guy's back two or three years ago. So those are, I think I call that like the basics of marketing, like for one personal branding. And then for two, like I said, that kind of doing SEO, like on Facebook and Instagram, is where you're, you're engaging enough and branding yourself as an expert in any niche mines land. And just doing that over and over again, I felt like people don't recognize the, like the monetary exchange there. Because the only way you're gonna get traffic is by time or capital, right. So you're gonna invest time into finding deals like you can sell on land load all day and skip trace that stuff. Or you can pay, right you can pay Facebook, you can pay Google, you can send text messages, you can drop RVM, or make phone calls. But either way, you're going to invest time or capital to get leads, right to get seller leads. So if you think about that, right, like Facebook will have you pay for it per impression, or it will pay per click. So you can say, Okay, I'm going to allocate $1,000 a month for Facebook to get leads and get ads, all essentially all you're paying for is eyeballs. So if you're in these groups, and you're having conversations and you're interacting with other people, and you're dropping comments all the time, you're getting a lot of eyeballs for free. You know, so if you think about that, like, Hey, I don't have a marketing budget, well, if you don't have a marketing budget, you probably have a little bit of extra time. So I would highly encourage everybody that's watching this to be aware that by you dropping comments inside of groups, and helpful comments, especially, you're dropping like you're dropping content, you're dropping an ad, and you are gonna get eyeballs. And it will turn into deals, I've had referrals turned into 100 grand and a 50 grand. So I wouldn't take it lightly. Right. And of course, that's a longer term strategy. Again, because you're investing time. If you're not going to invest capital into marketing, it is might take a lot longer to get momentum, right. Because if you pay, you get instant traffic, Instant Leads, instant deals. But if you don't have a lot of capital to throw around, don't forget to, you know, to get yourself out there, get your name out there at all costs, and dropping content, and dropping comments and helpful comments inside of groups on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to brand yourself and to get free eyeballs. So that's beginner stuff, guys again, but if you're not doing it, then it's advanced. Right? That's, to me, that's like marketing 101. And if you're not, if you're not doing the beginner stuff, then then it is an advanced strategy. So I encourage everybody if you're going to be in this business for a long time, if you intend to have a long career in this business, yeah, please start implementing that strategy immediately. I'd literally made 100 grand on the deal and the seller gave me back another 20,000 On top of that, because he didn't want the money in his pocket. So I've also had sellers that bought stuff from me and then gave me the money back from the sale where to invest into other stuff. So you never know what what you know, just a simple comments can lead to. So that's what I wanted to cover for starters, is the only way to get leads. The only way to get traffic is from either cash or an investment of time. So if you can invest you or what you'll end up with is a consistent flow of leads. If you have a consistent flow of leads, you're gonna have a consistent flow of deals. And when you have a consistent flow of deals, you know, then you get to like analyze those deals, see what the best exit strategy is. And then you can turn around when you come across enough of them. Some of them are not great wholesale deals, but they're great raps. Right? So you get a property that's worth 8000. And instead of you buying it for 8000, or wholesaling it for 12. You know, I sold one for 40,000, right on a note where the end buyer is the one that paid the 8000. Right, so that leads to cash flow. So that's why I wanted to talk, you know, I call this session, you know, passive leads leads to passive cash flow, because eventually you convert enough of those deals. And yeah, you want to get the cash out right away. But you can turn a lot of this into cash. Something that I heard recently on the podcast that I'm going to start implementing now is where you take the properties, you sell them sell or finance, and then you borrow against those notes tax free. So instead of wholesaling it and taking the loss, you create these notes, which you can sell higher, right? So let's say the property is worth 100, you might sell that thing on a note for 149. So you get less of a down payment upfront. But now you can borrow against those notes tax free, so you don't have to take the tax hit. So if you sell for cash right up front, you're getting the quick cash, but then you're gonna have a higher tax burden. Right. And that isn't that tax advice, but just something to think about something that I'm thinking about a lot more as I need to start creating a lot more notes 26:26 for Dan Seto method right there. 26:29 Yeah. Have you ever bought his training? Yeah, 26:32 it's good. It's good. 26:34 I like it when he offered for like, 297. Yeah, yeah. 26:38 It really is good. 26:39 Yeah, I want to take a look at that man. I like Dan Seto. Yeah, some good strategies, man. And he's like, no guy. 26:45 He's, he's a cool guy, too, man. He's gotten on the phone with me a couple of times, and walked me through some deals. And it's something I appreciate that cuz you know, he's a busy dude. So, 26:53 yeah, recently to I got on the phone with him. Yeah, cuz I had a note that I'm trying to work out in Denton. And he's like, Yeah, give me a call. And he walked me through some stuff. And so I really liked density. I just haven't taken the training, but I intend to. 27:06 It's worth it really seriously. I'm not a big proponent of buying courses and stuff. But it really is worth it. In my opinion. 27:12 You know, I love buying courses. Man. I think it's cool. Because no matter what I think it's like, you got to have that. You know that I guess I don't know if it's like a childhood, like childlike innocence, where you're just like hungry for information. Because no matter how good you are, no matter how successful you are, no matter how wealthy you get, or whatever it is, there's always somebody that's like, 10 levels ahead of you. Right. And I guess it's like, for me, it's less about having so much information that you get, like analysis paralysis, but like having those types of strategies, right, like how to like if you're wholesaling everything and making 50, grand 100, grand, 20 grand, like, maybe you should be hanging on to some of that stuff for one for cash flow. But then to borrow against those notes, tax free, buy more properties, sell those on a note, borrow that money tax free. So it's like preservation of wealth, right. And again, it's just there's levels to it. But if you can't get consistent deal flow up front, you can't get consistent cash flow, then that's stuff that you're not even considering. But that's the problem, I think that everybody wants to have is like, what do I do with all this cash? And how do I relieve some of my tax burden? So 28:11 another thing about also about courses, and I kind of thought the same thing for a while about the course I got to get into land, which was like, okay, it wasn't great, but it kind of got me in the game. I'm not gonna say 28:28 I guess obviously, it's not great. Yeah. It's 28:30 okay. Yeah, it kind of teaches you how to get mail out and stuff. It's, it's one of the bigger ones are one of the red kind of like original ones. I'll tell you offline, but they you know, for a few years, I was like, kind of resisted about, you know, getting another program are already kind of learn how to do this. What I mean, I thought it's kind of ridiculous thinking, I think now, because now the other groups that I paid to join, I've learned so much more from not just from a knowledge standpoint, but also more importantly, I think, is a network standpoint. The people I've met and these other paid groups have joined, are doing with it. People do all kinds of different stuff, so you can get shiny object syndrome. But to me, if nothing else, a couple of the expensive ones I've joined. I've made that money back quickly, just purely from a cash standpoint on Jay being deals with people in the group. That's not even like the tip of the iceberg. I mean, some of these are lifelong mentorships to so like patients, for instance, you know, his isn't cheap, but it's very cheap. Like you just look on paper that is kind of pricey. If you look at it from like, Hey, you're in this thing for a long time, and you're making there's people I've known I've been in three years now, there's people I know that I've known since I joined you know, and we got to dinner with people and have done deals with people and it's like, thinking long term, I guess is what I'm getting at. You're trying to set yourself up to do partnership So work with people on more of a long term basis instead of a transactional basis. And so for that, like the money you spend to gain access to some of these people who are doing different things, or bigger, doing similar things, they just do a little different way. It's, it's kind of about community, which is one of the cool things about the hive mind, right is like, Sure, it's a CRM, you can get CRMs anywhere, but like you and Daniel, and everyone else here, you know, and I've done JV deals and then the hive. So it's like, and I hope that we're able to continue to do deals and other people in the group, you know, meet each other and realize that you could be a real resource for each other. So sometimes the the information in the course, is very good and relevant. And then sometimes it's just about joining a community of people and knowing that you, these are people you could do deals with for the rest of your life. 30:46 Yeah, man, I think that's something that you identified really early. And we talked about that before, is, and I do get it when people are like, hey, you know, that's the same CRM, you know, it's white labeled, I'm like, I think those kinds of people, they missed the boat, right? You said, it's about the community. It's about who you know, having a circle of investors around you that you know, you can execute on so we got to lead Friday, right for Florida. And I sent it over to the Andre and he's like, I know who will buy this, but he's not going to let us know until Monday when he's back in the office. Monday morning, like at nine o'clock. Do you understand? Yeah, he'll buy 30 grand from Friday to Monday, right, just for having the network in place. So you know, that's pretty cool that, like I said, it's like, yeah, if you pay for training, if you pay for a course, if you pay for a mastermind, pay to be in the hive mind, it only takes one deal to pay for years and years and years and years of the service. So it's like, that's something that people need to think about. Right? And that's something that people don't consider. So the people that say, Hey, that's like REI reply, like, yeah, you know, I've never, I've never done a deal with anybody from that group. So I wouldn't know. So that's something that people are think might overlook? 31:50 Well, just like anything else, if you're looking to join a paid group, like a mentorship or you know, somebody who's selling informational products, that's great. And, you know, go for it, but you know, just do a little due diligence on the front end, there's a lot of trash out there, a lot of it. And, but but there's a lot of good, great stuff, too, you know, so take take the time to find out who's leading the group, these groups and who's the one providing the information. And to be honest, asking for hugs. I didn't do that when I first started. And I kind of learned the hard way that the people that were teaching stuff that I was learning wasn't they weren't doing nearly what they claimed they were. And I found out later from people who are working for them, that they're all full of it. So I'm just you know, if you want to ask her HUDs if anybody feels like they have something to hide, you know, then they're gonna get defensive. But like, if they don't, they'll gladly flip up and show you a HUD and say, Hey, this is what we're doing right now we have 10 deals in escrow, you have 20 deals in escrow, we just closed three deals last week, blah, blah, blah, whatever. So yeah, just do a little bit of homework on the front end with that. But once you're in in a good group, and the people that you meet, and and you know, there's newbies that come in and don't know anything, and then six months are killing it. And it's like, you just get this news, these new cycle of people that come in, and whatever your level is, whether you're kind of beginner or advanced or somewhere in between. And it's just, it's just a lot of people you can continuously work with and help each other and do deals with, I'm talking about like a 1020 30 year time horizon, I'm not talking about what you can do to just get a JV deal next week. So if you if you're looking at a longer time horizon, and you pick the right groups and the right people to associate yourself with, I think it just goes a really, really long way. 33:33 Yeah, that's magic, right there. Everything you just said, man, it really is about having that, you know that that lifetime network, right? Because you build a relationship like like yourself and myself. I mean, I feel like we're probably gonna do deals forever, as long as we're both in real estate. Sure. And I have some friends that were, you know, in the solar business, it was a solar MLM company. So it was a network based and I met some of my best friends in their Evan crisis here in this office, him and I bought this house together, where we're officing out of now. And I met him in the solar business, right, and now we're lifelong friends. And now we're doing real estate together. So that's another thing too, is like, if it's like, they say, You're like the five people that you spend the most time with? Well, I hope those people are successful, you know, business minded, you know, goal oriented, and no better place to meet them than in business, you know, and environments like these, like, he always says he's done JV deals with five members with hive mind, you know, so I don't know how much that is in dollars and cents. But yeah, from being in a community. He said, it pays for itself time and time again, it's a great lead source. It's a great JV source. So yeah, I'm really enjoying it. Think about 34:35 it, too. I mean, whether whether he only made a couple grand on a JV deal or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 grand on JV deal with them. He now has the trust of the people that brought him the deal. So he JV with them on or maybe he brought deals and some other people I know he has a good buyer's list so I'm sure probably people have brought him deals, but now they know hey, I can bring a deal to him. He has buyers he got it done. You can close and that was the same thing when I was when Ray and I were talking. And we did a deal that I think about to come from when he early. It's Anthony. I told him, Hey, this is a buyer I've worked with before, you know, he's he's, he can be a little flaky. But will he'll close when he says he's gonna close? You know, just don't pay attention until it's closing. And that don't don't ride the roller coaster with this guy. Let me do that. And then, you know, we got it done. So, and I told him, Hey, you know, if you got anything else in this area, let me know. And we can work this out. Probably the same thing as Eloy. Now he's, you gain the trust, when you do a couple of JV deals with the same people. And they'll bring you deals over and over again, you know, if if it works out for everyone. So that was something I was really guilty of when I first got into it a couple years ago, I've been doing that for a little over four years now. And very short term might like thinking about like this deal that deal. And you still got to do that to keep money coming in, of course, but from a relationship standpoint, it just makes sense to, you know, just try to always ensure that you get over somebody on the deal. Sure, you can might be able to make a couple of bucks more. But if you, you know, team up and play ball and do things the right way, you know, that could turn into 20 more deals, you just don't know. So there's plenty of people out there, they're going to try to screw you over and get a couple extra bucks if they can. But those are people that usually don't last and if they do nobody wants to work with them. 36:16 Yeah, I think that's that's what being in a group environment does having that close network, then you can execute on deals. And second. So the original dream for hive mind was like, no matter where we got to lead, you know, whether it's in LA, whether it's, you know, Orlando or Jacksonville, whatever it is, we have somebody on the ground there that's already an expert in that area. So that it's a saves your learning curve, right? So you don't have to like, Oh, I gotta now I gotta lead in LA, I gotta find some buyers. Now, we probably have 20 contacts there now. Right? So it's easy. It's just picking up the phone calling somebody and say, hey, who can move this thing, right. And now we're able to move deals within seconds, you know, 36:50 you're done in a short amount of time, like you guys haven't been doing this that long. 36:54 Yeah, we're so I think we're like a year and three months. And 36:57 that's gone. Like I remember last summer, I think when I joined. So I've been we've been together a little over a year now. And I think you guys have maybe kind of been around for 234 months at that point. And you know, and then look at it now, you know, there's more people in the group, and people are doing deals and learning and helping each other out. And, you know, I don't know, I'm in probably like five or six different groups where you also got to kind of watch your time to you, because you can get sucked into these things a lot where it's like, you're not being as productive as you want to be. Because you're sometimes we get in these things where we're like, we work by ourselves, and we're working at home, or we're not around people physically a lot. So it's like, you want to chat with people, because like I work kind of by myself in my home office. So it's like I'm not physically around people a ton, you know, when I'm working. So it's like you want to catch up with people see what they're up to? How can you help, but you still often have to get work done to and that's where the BAS can come in and really help out during a lot of that backend work and just kind of free you up to talk to sellers and buyers and things like that. 37:57 Yeah, that's dope, man. Yeah, we appreciate you being here. Like I said, in some of those relationships, like if somebody is in the hive mind, and they're like, hey, you know, somebody will message me and said, Hey, do you know this specific person? I'm like, Oh, he's cool. He's in high. Like you already have you already have the badge. You know what I mean? Like, maybe if I don't know you personally, we've never had a conversation is like somebody in our network that we already trust. So that's pretty cool man to have access to people like that. And then I guess that's a pretty good segue into the next thing that I wanted to talk about. Is automation. Right? And you mentioned VA is having the use of VA. So again, I'm gonna keep saying it throughout this whole training is that the only two ways for you to get leads seller leads and to close deals is to have passive leads coming in. Right? So in my mind, right, we're we're digitally creating leads, we're digitally talking to sellers either through texts, phone call RVM like Pay Per Click ads, whatever it's going to be, we're taking capital, we're investing it into digital assets, right? So that's traffic online phone calls or text messages, we're converting that into leads and then converting those leads into cash. Right so the same way you'd buy real estate the same way you'd buy Bitcoin you know, you can buy traffic you buy leads and that's that's my favorite thing to invest in, you know, my parents like to go to the casino and they stick their money in the machine they want five grand you know, the other day but you know, my gambling is I like to like invest into digital assets. My favorite type is, is traffic and leads and marketing. So if you're if you have less cash, right, like I said, you're gonna spend more time on the phone so you're sitting on the hive mind you're texting people you're you're on the dialer, you know, you're physically investing your time to get that return on your investment, which is going to be seller leads, but you can also invest capital, okay? So no matter where you source the traffic from, you're gonna have your traffic engine, which is time or money as the leads come in, you have to facilitate those leads, right? So now you have to talk to those people. So again, it's going to be an investment of your own time to be able to talk to those people, or it's going to be through vas. Right so or it's going to be through an employee like right now I'm paying my nephew 10 bucks an hour, and then I pay him you know, per commission per deal closed. So it's like if you're if you're going to automate this business, I said, So I come into the office now I come in, like at 12, or one, I'm going by four or five. And this is the most contracts we've ever gotten before and a small window. So yeah, through the use of VAs through somebody that can help facilitate your transactions, they can onboard, they can run comps that can do a lot of the front end touching. And then once we get into a situation where like, hey, this one's going to need some legal help, this is going to need some probate help. This is going to need some kind of like, you know, I need somebody to close this guy, I feel like he's on the fence, can somebody come in, and then we bring in the hammer, which is me sometimes or Elizabeth, and then we close them, get them over the contract and get the deal moved. So if you're going to automate this business, again, you're thinking in terms of what am I going to invest, I'm either going to invest time or capital, that's going to drive seller leads, right? You're gonna drive traffic, you need somebody to handle that traffic inbound, whether it's yourself or a VA, and then you move those over to the clothes. Right? So where do we source this from? There's certain the only paid methods that we're currently using right now and that are available to us, is we do texting a dialer, you can do paid per click ads, both on Google and Facebook. And then, of course, you know, like I said, we talked about referrals, personal branding, that kind of stuff. So I think for one, it's picking one strategy and running with it. You know, for since I started in real estate, I've been doing pay per click on Facebook and Google, I've always left it up and running. But now we're implementing a lot more texting. Like I said, recently, we hired a call center. And I have a couple of people here in the office that are using the dialer. Something that nobody talks about is leveraging. Right. So if you don't have enough of your own time, maybe you have a nine to five, that's okay, I prefer you have a nine to five as opposed to saying, Hey, I'm gonna quit my job and go all in on real estate. Like, if you don't have some momentum, that can be pretty dangerous. I'd rather you have like a regular source of income. So something that, like I said, I never hear too many people talking about is leveraging the time and capital of other people. Right. And I don't know if somebody might take that with a little bit of a negative connotation. But think about that, if you don't have your own time to invest, and maybe you don't even have your own capital to invest. There's still ways around that. Right. So for one, it goes back to personal branding and content marketing, sharing what you're doing, right, so every time you go to the title company, every time you go view a property, bust out your phone, record that, you know, take videos, take pictures, and my favorite place to post everything is on Facebook stories and Instagram stories. So if you do it as a post, that's fine, because that's again, it's going to be kind of part of your blog, right, which people are gonna be able to go anytime they want to look you up, they scroll down your page, they see what you're up to. But if you posted on your Facebook stories and your Instagram Stories, you're gonna get a lot of views, you know, posted on reels now real estates are getting a lot of views now. I mean, we did an interview last week with Lance McCann. And one of his we posted a real it was like two minutes long, it was getting 700 views per hour when we posted it. So again, thinking in terms of if you're not going to invest capital into those views, investing your time and energy is going to get your views as well. So to me, in my mind, that is capital, right? When you go to a property, you take pictures, you take video, posting it on social, but you're getting free eyeballs. So that's the equivalent of getting money. I bought a website one time for marketing purposes. For my roofing company, I paid $110,000 for a website to get leads. So if you're using these tools, right, these Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, wherever you're posting on, make sure that when you go out to a property that you're capturing the content, take a video, take a quick selfie video, say hey, I'm checking out this house. It's a piece of crap, it's falling over, I got fleas on my pants, right? Let people know what you're doing. Let them know how you got the lead? Where did it come from? What you intend to do with it, what the potential profit is. And post that everywhere you can on social because anytime anytime you're on social, somebody can find you, they can send you a deal. Boom, I had a guy from Austin never talked to the guy before in my life. He said, Hey, I got a lead in San Antonio. If it turns into something, give me some cash, I'm not gonna worry about it. Boom, I made 100 grand from an inbound messenger on Facebook. Right. So don't forget to take use it take advantage of the tools that you have. This is all beginner one on one stuff. But if you're not doing it, it's advanced. Right? It's free money. So like I said, we're going to cover texting, for texting right now, with the regulations that are coming down, you're going to need to, you know, get more numbers, maybe you can create multiple hive accounts. I don't want to tell you to circumvent any laws, but if you are doing mass outreach and texting laws are changing, so please be aware of that. So slower drip rate, better opt out language and you know, highly more get your list highly targeted, instead of just pulling like these broad marketing lists where people are like more people are going to tell you stop. So you might make sure that you dial in your list a little bit harder. Make sure you're doing multiple stacking of those lists, more phone numbers, less text messages per minute, but I mean, we talked about this before we started hivemind you knows eventually I'm texting might be banned altogether. So keep in mind that you're going to want to be using multiple marketing strategies. Don't be a one trick pony. And you can avoid some of that stuff moving forward. Like I said by just using it more sporadically. So be careful with that. Implementing a dialer. So if you've already pulled lists, right, I hope you stored those lists somewhere. I hope you have access to all the data you've ever put in your life. And hit it with the dialer now. Right? So that's another strategy that people aren't thinking about it as texting becomes more and more regulated. Start recycling all that old data, either do it yourself or rely on somebody else, make sure that you're using your dialer and make sure you're hitting all of the data that you already have saved up. Even if you feel like you've beat up a list that you had from a year ago, two years ago, I promise you there's deals inside of that list. So reviving your old data, cross promoting, we talked about leveraging other people's time and capital, so even hopping into the CRM page or to the inner circle page and saying, Hey, does anybody have any old data they're not using anymore? You know, can I comb through it and I'll JV with some deals if I if I you know, get any deals off this list. And that's having integrity. Working with people that you can trust. Eloy is asking, how do we find buyers? Right now, the strategy that I've used since I started in real estate is posting ads in Spanish on Facebook marketplace. And the reason I do that is because I feel like Facebook will give you a lot more views. If your ad is in Spanish. And for to the Spanish buyers have a lot of cash on hand. Sometimes they don't have a lot of credit. Maybe they're construction workers and blue collar guys. And you'd be surprised Man, this guy pulled up in a beat up Ford truck like a 2004 Ford truck. And he wanted to pay cash for a property that it had like $320,000 Cash, he's like I have it in the bank, I could just give it to you. So, you know, keep in mind that putting ads boosted on Facebook marketplace in Spanish has led to probably 90% of my sales. And then recently, in the last few months, we've been texting agents. So as soon as you get a property no matter where it is, even if it's out in the sticks, grab all the agents in that area, start reaching out to them and see if they can help you move that deal. That's how we've been moving a lot of stuff pretty darn quick. Yeah. Dixie Florida. No, we have not moved on that one. If you can text me after this event, I'm still here in the office, I'll make sure that I will check on the team and see what they've done with it. And if it's not too late, we can reach out to her tonight. If not, we'll reach out to her tomorrow. Thanks, Tom. Thank you. Yeah, so that's it, guys. I mean, that's that's pretty much the basics, right? There is, like I said, the one on one stuff, branding, content marketing, everywhere you go post it on, on your stories on Facebook and Instagram, you're gonna get a lot of rotation from that, please do not think that that stuff is beneath you. I got an input inbox on Facebook messenger that made me 100 grand. So no matter what you're doing, I think branding yourself and niching down has made this business super easy as well. Like I said, I pick land, you know, I know there's a lot of other strategies out there have some focus, right? I think we tend to flip flop we everybody gets shiny object syndrome. I'm guilty of it myself, like, hey, I want some sub twos, hey, I want some commercial, you know, but pick a pick one lane and run with it. Brand yourself around that. And it's easier for people to identify you. Like I said, people would tag me in group posts, people, I don't even know who they are and a group that I'm not even in. And somebody asks in that group, like, hey, who does land and then people are just tagging me now all over the country. And I'm like, I've never even done a deal in that state. But I'm still getting traffic there. So branding yourself content marketing, posting that stuff on Facebook stories and Instagram stories. We talked about automation. Automation can be through text messaging through the dialer, there's companies that you can automate your mailers having somebody receive those, right. So right now I have paid people in the office that are receiving my warm leads. So after my automations, and my cold texts and my calls, and my my pay per click ads go out, somebody else is receiving those combing through those and possibly taking it to contract without any of my participation. So this is the least that I've ever worked in my business. And this is the most contracts I've ever gotten the shortest amount of time. But I'm still coming in as a hammer on the back end, if I need to negotiate do a seller finance or creative finance. So I'm still not completely removed from my business. But I do come in, like I said, when when it's a little bit larger property or a difficult seller or a difficult situation, something that has to do with probate or something that my team just doesn't feel comfortable with. So automating your business is as simple as automating your traffic, sending it to another individual. And then you just coming in and doing as little as you have to on the back end. So I think that pretty much covers everything guys. Like I said, leveraging other people's time and capital, if you don't have enough time or have your own, if you're sharing what you're doing on your Facebook and your Instagram, reach out to people, you know, and leave the door open for people. So I see a lot of gurus, they get on there. And they say, Hey, you know, I'm doing this and I'm closing this deal and closing this deal. Like you want to share your wins, you want to share your successes, but you don't want to share only that portion of it. Because then people might say, hey, that guy's in a hole, he just flexing his capital. So what I do to kind of open that loop is I say, hey, reach out to me so I can show you how to do the same thing. Hey, I'm not selling anything. I'll teach you for free. Hey, I'll get on a call. So just make sure that when you share your wins if you come off as being helpful so I can show you how to do the same thing. You know that that takes a little bit of that edge off from you just going up and just flexing as a guru. So So you can start to leverage other people's time and capital, because I've had to have people reach out to me and say, Hey, I'm busy in my nine to five, I don't really have any time, you know, to do real estate, you know, how can I do it? I say, Well, how much capital do you have to work with? Like right now hive minds offering, a program will drive the leads to your phone. So you do absolutely nothing, you're at work and you're on your lunch break, and you get a text message on your phone that says, hey, Lucy, and Austin, Texas wants to sell her property right away. So that's a hot, fresh lead that came straight to your phone. They haven't talked to anybody else. And they're actively reaching out to us asking us if we can buy their property. So what more can you ask for me, you can't get a more targeted lead than that. So again, asking people, hey, I'll show you what I'm doing. Or I'll let you know what I'm doing. I can help you, you know, what do you have, and some people have more time, and some people have more capital. So for instance, there's a girl in my office, her name is Jasmine, and she happens to be my wife's cousin. She was working at the title company, you know, temporarily, where we send all of our contracts to hear MTC, my title company of Texas and San Antonio. And I told her said, learn everything in title that you can. And then after that, I'm going to teach you real estate. So she called me she said, Hey, I'm about to quit at the title company. I'm just not feeling it anymore. She was like, Do you have any hourly positions for me? I said, No, I said, but if you come to the office, I'll teach you how to do what we're doing. So she showed up week after week, week after week, hitting the phones hitting the dialer, hitting follow ups, learning everything that she can, and I saw that she was hungry. So now we hired her on full time by the hour, she's gonna be hourly plus commission, until she goes full time commission. So again, offering to teach what you know, to other people in exchange for their time or their money. Right? So they have capital to invest in the marketing. This is what happens to me a lot of times, is people say, hey, I want to invest in real estate, you know, I want to give you some money for a deal, I'm ready to flip some cash, you know, that five grand, I got 10, grand, 20, grand, dumb, hey, put your 20 grand away, if you have $2,500 a month, I can have motivated sellers calling your phone, you know, by next week, right? So it's not always about leveraging, like, Hey, if you have 100 on to take the whole 100 It's like, if you have a couple grand or a grand a month, you know, we can we can make your phone ring with seller leads, you can get your capital up. And then you could think about start taking down some deals when you have consistent deal flow. But also want to cover here, so you have pooling funds together. If you have a limited budget, like you say, Hey, I can't do 2500 a month for five leads, but I can do 500 Find a handful of other people inside the group. And you can you can pull your funds together to do more marketing than you otherwise would on your own. So again, don't be afraid to leverage other people's time and capital. It'll help them and you'll you can also get some help yourself a tram? I didn't understand the question, you said you tried to access some data on Prop stream? Can you hop on and let us know what you tried or what happened? says one second his question was that I tried to access some data on Prop stream from your posts in the group I must be inputting something incorrectly, as I was getting too many on my list. So he says you're on mute in a second listen to what he's talking about. So I on the bottom of my notes here I just posted to me that like getting leads is like printing digital money, right? So the same way that you have, you can buy like a bitcoin miner, or Aetherium miner, everybody gets all hyped up about that stuff. You know, maybe I'm going to regret it in the future and say, Hey, I missed out. I do have some crypto holdings. I even have some stuff before the crash of 2017. That kind of access. But getting leads if you can get leads passively. To me, it's like printing money. Alright, so I put a little bit of money into my marketing leads come out leads turn into capital. So it's my favorite source of investment is investing in the marketing. If you can learn to generate leads passively. You can easily generate cash flow in this business. And don't let anybody tell you that land doesn't cash flow because it does. 53:52 Yeah, I got my cell phone muted. I'm sorry to interrupt. 53:55 Oh, you're good man. No, not definitely not an interruption. Anytime we have any live meetings, we encourage people to unmute happen, it makes everything flow better. And then somebody probably has the same questions that you have. Thanks, Jason. 54:06 I tried, you know, cuz you gave us that Jim and the hive mind group and I tried to access some data using the criteria and I just really I must not be entering the right filters. Okay, because I'm not really you know, getting actually tried to dive into that area that you gave us that little that little hack that freed me, just to duplicate it. So I must be doing something wrong. So I don't know. 54:35 Okay, so you're trying to pull data from Prop stream? Yes. Okay, so a lot of that stuff is done by the people in my office. So if you want to give me a ring tomorrow, somewhere between like 12 and four, or one in four central time, then I could probably get somebody to do a screen share with you tomorrow and see if we can help you with that. And then maybe we'll do a screen record and drop it into the group to see if we can find out what you're doing wrong but I don't think I mentioned prop stream. I said maybe data tree because I think probably, yeah, prop stream and batch are the ones that are kind of getting beat up right now. And I felt like a lot of those people were like, Hey, quit effing calling me out. Call me 40 times a day. And we're getting less from data tree. So yeah, that's, that's, that's what I recommended. Okay, all right. All right. 55:17 I'll still call you though. I mean, be struck and figured out. So 55:20 give me a ring, man. Yeah, we got prop stream here. So I'll have somebody walking through and pull a list but it's worth a try. Maybe pull up just a couple of small datasets. So yeah, like north of any Texas city like San Antonio Austin, El Paso, Dallas, we're not gonna pass because then you're in another state. Right. But Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, if you put anything in north of those cities, man, those are all fire. Those are all money areas about Florida. Where Florida, you know, I don't know where to pull out of Florida. We're doing pay per click there. So by the time that people call us, and we'll address those markets, so yeah, I'm more familiar with cooling less specifically in Texas, but I just expanded out into Florida. And it has not been a disappointment yet. We're getting ready to close our second Florida deal. So I'm excited to break into that market. 56:04 Yeah, yeah. keep us going. 56:07 Again, yeah. Happy to JV with anybody, if you don't know which areas to target, yeah, send me a message. And I do a lot of Texas stuff. This is where all of our buyers are, this is where I will personally buy. But yeah, I mean, if you don't know where to target, I got some areas for you in Texas, I dropped one in the group on the post that you're talking about. But we're not afraid to share our areas where we've done deals before because obviously, we know which areas are getting a lot of response and which ones don't have that much buyer response. So again, just another reason to stay connected, be plugged into the network so we can let you know where to hit. 56:34 Sweet. Thank you. Appreciate 56:38 it, sir. Man, thanks for hanging out. Going about an hour today. It's been an hour, but I'm down to answer some questions. If anybody wants to, you know, ask anything or if you want to unmute yourself, and I'm down to take a handful of questions before I bounce. If anybody has anything they want to share anything you want to cover. Anything else that you feel was missed tonight that you want to talk about and happy to cover those now. 56:59 Quick question for you. Kind of two part. How do you vet your JV partners? And how do you vet your realtors? Because I did a lot of jayvees in 2021. And you know, not every JV partner is created equal? Right. So how do you vet if somebody's bringing you the deal? Because I do a lot of stuff in South Florida. People come to me and ask me, Hey, can you move this and then sometimes you can just tell right away is not a deal and I let them know. And then even when I get the, you know, the JV contract set up, you might not respond, you might not you know, do you have any experience on how to vet JV people? And how to vet realtors? 57:40 I'll tell you exactly what I do. And thanks for the question. Hello, thanks for hanging out here too. But always good to see you, man. The first thing that I do when somebody sends me a deal, right, or they send me something says hey, can you look at this deal? Hey, can you help me move this? I asked him for comps right away. And I think that that kills 95% of the deals that I'm looking at. So somebody says, Hey, I got this lot in Dallas, can you help me with this? I'm like, Cool, yes, send me the lot. And send me all the comps that you have for that lot. Oh, I haven't run comps yet. Okay, get on YouTube, figure out how to run comps, run some comps, and then send me all the information. Because if they're too lazy to get on YouTube for 30 minutes or an hour, learn how to run comps. And for one, they probably don't have a deal anyway. Because they don't even know if it's a good deal or not. And then that saves you from having to comp just spend the rest of your life comping other people's deals that they didn't even do any homework on. So that's one thing that'll that'll tell you who's lazy and who's not. If they say, Here's my deal, here's my comp, here's what I have it out, here's what I think it's worth. And here's three local comps, you know that I'm not I'm gonna take that person a lot more seriously. And then you're the second part of your question is, when I when it does look like it's at a good price. And it looks like it's something that we're going to be able to move, I asked them to send me the JV contract. And again, so I'm not wasting all my time or my team's time just writing up contracts all day. That sounds amazing. I can help you with this. Send me a JV contract whenever you're ready, here's my email. Right, so I didn't have to waste time copying it. If they didn't, and then I don't have to even waste time drawing up the JV contract. So by the time they call me, hey, I have a deal. Here's how we can move it. Here's my JV agreement. I'll send it to your email. Let's rock and roll. So we just did one of those with Justin Long. He said he just had to bounce right now. But he was on here for the whole call. He's in Houston. He said, Hey, I have these four contracts. Can you help me move any I looked at two, they look pretty good. And he ended up selling one of them before I could get to it. But then he sent it to the other one, like two days ago, I said send me your JV agreement. He sent it to me, we signed it and then we have a buyer for it within 48 hours. 59:36 So the comp, the consequences go around. Think about that. Cuz you're right. You're right is like I can because I know the market so well where I'm at. I can tell right away so I never asked that question. But yeah, that's actually a good question to vet them to begin with. 59:51 Let them let them disqualify themselves. Right, like I said, Because if they're too lazy to take an hour out to go on YouTube University and learn how to come in then like, I would love to help that person, but I'm not going to like, you know, feed them with a spoon, like I have enough things going on. So if you want to learn if you want to make some money, invest an hour of your time, learn how to run some comps, pull me some decent comps, send that along with your property in a contract, I'd be happy to help you, I'd be glad to make a lot of money. And I can tell you right away also, so they don't waste their own time. Right? I've had people send me a contract, and I'm looking at it and I'm like, What the heck and like, Dude, you know, there's three properties that are listed online right now that are cheaper than yours, right? Like, so why is yours gonna sell and theirs hasn't, you know, so? Yeah, just just making sure they're not wasting their own time and they're not wasting yours. And then like I said, and then also having them dropped the JV agreement, send it over, have your lawyer bless it, read through it. If you're not familiar with contracts, get that over to title before you start trying to market the property. Because that's another thing too, that I've wasted time in the past as I've helped them sell it. Okay, dude, I got a buyer and like you said they're ghosted or already sold that one? Well, thanks a lot jackass. You could have at least told me that's okay to start working on it. So yeah, 1:00:56 that happens a lot. Actually. The you bring that up a lot of people as like, oh, there'll be there'll be a prey on the precipice of getting the contract sign. But they want to get the buyer first. So they'll ask me, Hey, will your buyer buy this mic? Okay, do you the thing? I'd say? Do you ever get a contract? And they'll say, No, we're not gonna show this to my buyer. Because then you're gonna get tested? We can't, you know, buy it. You know, like if they can't send the contract. So that's another thing. Like you said, it happens a lot. Do you market it and either sell it? Or do you don't even have it under contract? 1:01:30 Yeah, protecting your time protecting your energy, legally, protecting yourself marketing out of property that you do not have the contract on is illegal. So you know, for their own sake, I'll say, Hey, I'm your friend. Right. So I'm glad to take a look at it for you. But just FYI, right? Don't be posting this in public, if you don't have an under contract, entering into a contract that you don't intend to close on, or don't have the means to close on is also illegal, right? So I can see if you're pre shopping it out. If you want to protect yourself, this is not legal advice. But something that I do, if it's something that's way out of my price range, I can say, hey, this thing's freakin $4 million, I don't have $4 million in the bank. So sometimes I will, like, you know, identify some people that might be able to buy this thing. So what I'll do is I'll get an option. And I'll tell the seller straight up like, Hey, I don't have $4 million, but I think I know who might. So if you can get me a 14 day option on this thing or a 30 day option. I'll get in front of some of my partners and some of my buyers and investors to see if it's something they would pick up. Right. So that's how to remove some of the liability for yourself or the way that least that I do it. If you don't want to enter into a contract that you cannot perform on just be super, super careful with that. I know it's nobody likes to talk about that, like the dark side of wholesaling. But yeah, be careful. Don't get yourself into trouble. Second part of that question is how do I bet realtors? So for one, their responsiveness, right and how helpful they are. So if we take some realtors, and they say, which brokers are you with, like at wrong answer? Sometimes I'll even enter those back. Right? Because the realtor that does have a buyer says Call me I have a buyer for this. Right? So I'm judging on what they're doing every word that they say I'm judging them by every word that they say. So if they say, Can I list it for you? Like no wrong answer again, right? So I might not even text that guy back. So I'm specifically looking for the buyer that says, Call me I'm ready to do business. Send this to me, you know, how do I gotta buy this? How do I know this isn't a scam? Or another one that says, Can you hop on the phone, that buyer is ready to do business? I mean, that agents ready to do business. So that's kind of the way that we weed through them is how responsive they are. How quick Are they ready to go. And then like I said, some of them you'll see them if you have a really good property and a really good price. They'll get really aggressive. Like, Hey, you guys text me an hour ago, I've been trying to get somebody to call me. You know, why has nobody called me like Can somebody please call me I have a buyer for this. Like that's the guy want to get on the phone immediately. Perfect, perfect. 1:03:41 Because I've been. I've been striking out with realtors lately. I've been literally having problems you see the non responsiveness. You know, what do you want me listed? Bro? You literally all the questions you said exactly what? 1:03:58 Yeah. And they start off on the wrong foot. They kind of don't understand the game. You know? Are you an agent? You know, what brokerage? Are you with? Like, who cares? You have a buyer yes or no, 1:04:07 that just means they don't have a buyer. That's all on this. Yeah. 1:04:11 So you know, sometimes we do text them back as a courtesy. I don't want to say like we come off as like, you know what's But yeah, if they're just asking all the wrong questions. Yeah, they don't get it. Daniel says the list guys have the Florida agent list. So if you are in a market where you don't have any agent, phone numbers, hit up Mr. Daniel Martinez, and he can get you some magic. Yeah, I think texting agents has become our number one dispo strategy now. So consider that. Think about that. You know, no matter what you were doing before, if you had builders I have never sold to a builder. I have never sold to a developer. We always sell to end buyers and agents have buyers that will either come in and pay full price or they'll pay over retail. So yeah, we've been able to command like we're everywhere we go we're setting new comps. I've had plenty of agents say nothing's ever sold from that in that area. Like I don't care. There's so much I'm selling it for does your buyer wanted or not? I'll send the contract in five minutes. Thank you. 1:05:04 Yeah, the reason now because I have a humongous list for Southwest Florida. But the reason I want to get to agents is I've been relying at least in my market. A lot of these agents have connections with South American money, like in Venezuela, or like Argentina, that inflation is so bad over there. They there's, they don't even care about paying retail. They're just trying to park their money over here in the US, because like Argentina, inflation is like 9%, year over year, so horrible. So they're trying to move their money as quickly as possible. And these like, these agents that have connections to Miami, are really, I have like almost, how do you say exclusive exclusive relationships with these, these buyers almost. So that's what I've been trying to focus on lately. Because they get them before they start buying. 1:05:57 It's the perfect marriage. If you think about it, agents are not good at finding properties, right? So us as investors and wholesalers, we are experts at finding properties for sale, right? So we go direct to seller, but a lot of what we do is it's it's very normal to us, but it's unorthodox to them. Something that they're good at is walking through a restaurant and dropping their cart on the table and saying, Hey, if you ever need anything, hit me up, right? So sure enough, they have a bunch of buyers in their pocket, right? They're good at networking, and they're good at shaking hands are good at taking headshots and posting them all over Facebook and saying Call me when you need something. But they're not necessarily good at, you know, finding tons and tons and tons of sellers. And that's what we're great at. So I think if you're not networking with realtors, if you're not texting realtors, some of your deals are making a terrible mistake. And if you're not using hive leads to get passive leads, if you can afford it, you're wasting a lot of time and energy. Because if you're, if you're doing anything else to get leads, like let's say you're even, you know, texting and calling all that other stuff, it pretty much pans out the same, maybe just pay hivemind we'll send the seller leads direct to your phone. You know, we're we're experts at it. We've been doing it for a really long time. And the deals are getting bigger and better every time we turn around. So yeah, we we're working on right now. From a high lead, and I think we're gonna make like 450 Something like that. Maybe more. So. Yeah. I think that covers everything, guys. Any other questions? I'm gonna probably take one or two questions. I'm gonna bounce if if nobody has nothing, this meeting is adjourned. 1:07:17 I had the I got a question real quick about me. Um, you said, you prefer the data tree over prop stream, because they're really getting beat up too much on Prop Street. 1:07:26 Yeah, I've never I've almost never been on any groups where somebody's like us data tree, but you see bash and proxying and being dropped everywhere. And just from our experience. Yeah, people have been like, you guys already call me 72 times a day. Like dang it. I didn't call nobody is my first time ever called you, sir. And we get a lot less of that on data tree. 1:07:42 Okay, yeah, I get a lot of the 40 times 50 times. I'm sick. You guys call on me. I hear that all the time. 1:07:47 Yep. And of course, I love you know, promoting the list guys and all that stuff. And there's been tons and tons and tons of hype people that have got lots of deals off the list guys, too. So don't forget about Daniel. 1:07:57 Awesome, of course. And then one more question, if you don't mind. What do you give the agent? What is his percentage of your so 1:08:04 we know we're pushing at 4%. But then we after we think about it like now they're super happy to get 3% but then also depend depends on the deal. The area, the difficulty of the deal, right? So if we want to move something really quick, we'll push something crazy out like, hey, well offer 5% 6% 10% If we have the room for it. But typically texting out, hey, we'll pay 3% You know, pretty quick. And then you'll have some agents that kind of know the game. And they're like, Yeah, 1:08:28 I got a buyer for this. But I want 4% like so you know, you can have it. Let's go. The trick is the C word commission are paying out commissions and they love that. 1:08:39 C word. Yeah. Cuz for them. It's a free deal, right? They already have the buyer, they're ready to go. They get a text message on their phone from some random stranger that says, Hey, I got a deal for your buyers. Right? Oh, shit. There's a free three grand on my phone. Cool. Right? So they're pretty active man. I love agents, people make fun of them. Agents have made me a ton of money in the last three years. I love agent I love working with them. And when you find a good one, they're good. They're fast. And you get a free transaction coordinator. They dropped the contracts, they do everything they talked to title, they do so much work to earn that 3% And then give that guy for you know, send them a Christmas card or something. That's awesome. Free transaction coordinator. I love it. 1:09:20 Any other questions? 1:09:23 Everybody in here is a marketing guru. Now you're ready to go make some money. 1:09:28 Let's go Let's go. 1:09:30 Alright guys, I guess that's about does it we're always accessible. If you want to reach out to Daniel and myself. We are in momentum. We're having a lot of success right now. If you're struggling for leads, please stop, you know, reach out to one of us. Let's get you some leads. And then if you need help moving deals right now we're moving Texas, Florida, California. We're we're starting to work Arkansas. So you know, Arizona so we're moving in. We're growing as fast as we can. But yeah, if you're struggling anywhere in your business, reach out to us. You know, we have a lot to offer right now. We appreciate you guys for being here. You're with us and being a part of this mastermind being a part of the hive mind and we want to see you make a ton of cash so you can bless your friends and family alright everybody have a blessed night man we'll talk to you soon thank you for hanging out 1:10:13 thank you guys

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