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May 26, 2022

Ep 189- Making Irresistable Offers For Real Estate Land With Daniel Esteban Martinez

Ep 189- Making Irresistable Offers For Real Estate Land With Daniel Esteban Martinez
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So you're you're submitting offers, you're getting feedback, but it's bad feedback, right? There's some people. So this is where you'd give them multiple offers. So when you're doing multiple offers, you can, you can give them like different. This is where the owner financing comes in, where if they're willing to 30 or 40%, it's always a win. If they take terms, it's still a win. So you can offer that owner financing terms and give them more money, but they have to owner finance it. So yes, it's a great possibilities, Win Win, win win, win win possibilities in general, when you're making offers. All right. Okay. Yeah, it's just, it's a little confusing, because, like I'm in, let's say, I'm in Travis County, Harris County, bear County, they're not in California. I'm in Riverside, San Bernardino, la. Yeah, it's gonna be it's gonna be different for each market, like you might be to offer more in the LA market. But in the Travis and bear County, you might be to get away with a little cheaper offers. There's two or no heirs to this Houston. Dallas. Houston, yeah, tech, Texas, pretty much all the all of them, although, besides California can kind of get away with more stuff. When you make an offers. It really is really dependent varying on your market in general. Just just keep on putting offers out there. If you're not making offers, you're not going to get yeses or nose and you don't know if you're getting any traction at all as a whole. So we're good good, good feedback is feedback. Good or bad? I guess feedback so that we can kind of adjust from there. You said a 30 or 40%? Then I saw Bhaskara said that you could go up to 64%? Would you recommend that? It depends on it depends what you're trying to do with the exit strategy. Also cash offer. It depends what the ARV is because he might be looking at the at the tax at the appraised value, which you can do probably 6% of the appraised value. But you still may you still might get a deal in general. So when taxes we use the appraised value to kind of get us like a baseline. Because usually the appraised value is gonna still be a deal no matter what. So if the say the appraiser I use 50 grand Hey, we'll give you will give you the appraised value for the property. And it's usually still good when just because the appraised value is usually undervalued based on logic on the market value. Definitely. Yeah, cuz I had submitted an offer today on one by Lake Travis, in Lago Vista. The lots are going for 60, I offered 38 400, which was 64%. Then the guy the feedback was, he has offers at 10k higher than that. I was trying to call him back, see why he hasn't accepted but you have an answer. Yeah, this just got follow up of these people, man. Most people the reason we like land and target land is because they're sitting on it for a long time. So putting on a follow up system is essential just to make sure whatever they sell, you're that person that contact. So basically keep giving these offers until I get that one person that's motivated it's it's different for most people, like I know I went to a sales training and they're like, don't even give an offer. If they're not ready to give don't even give them an offer if they're not ready to sign a contract today. That's one of the things where if I make an offer will you sign the contract today? Oh, no, I'm just thinking about it. Don't even make an offer. So it's one of those things where you have to make sure if you do make offer they're ready to sign because if they're not ready to sign there's no point in making offers because I just had one of those up there in Palmdale Lancaster there's a lot of new construction and I was putting too much thought into it to do the comps and then I just called the guy he's like yeah, I'm not even looking to sell. So I told ya, I'm not your buyer, but I'm gonna follow up with you maybe if something changes in the future maybe I'll be your buyer. Yeah, the I'm not your buyer works really really well sometimes. Because it puts cards want to say something go ahead and then I'll add something a second. Sure. Sure. So it's a bit saying I'm not your buyer discounts you as the actual person so they might feel at ease to negotiate with not even with you but they'll consult with you because you're you're not saying the person is actually gonna buy the bike from them in that transaction. So though you'll change positions on them from a buyer seller transaction to a seller consultant transaction type of deal and you can maneuver your way into becoming The consultant versus the actual buyer? Well, one thing that you're adding about is, and then we're doing a lot of training with Josh and Tiffany results driven. And there's a lot of things to get out of the way before you give an offer. And I'm not gonna do this justice, but one of the things is, is to deal with the need the influencers, saying, Well, you know, if you just thought, if you started to sell this lot, who you know, is there, anybody that you need to talk to or be upset, you know, you want to try to get the influencers out of the way, because sometimes they'll have a cousin or wife. And then one of the other things to say, as, so if I can get authorized, we can come to sell today, right. So there's little things like that, that you can do, to make sure that, that you've already taken two things to make sure that they don't have that influence or show up later, Oh, I get to talk to my dog, you know, or whatever. And the second thing is to make sure that they're ready to sell. And I would, you know, I would get that commitment before you even give the offer. And so, you know, we're spending a lot of money on this training. But I think it's really important to get really good sales training, because we're realizing how much money we're leaving on the table we're putting offers out there that people are shopping offers. So I think it's really important to, to, to get some good training, because these people will manipulate you and run you all around if you don't have great sales to me, which we don't have. Thank you. But to Uncle Carl's uncle Carl's and everybody else's defense is you don't have to have the best sales training to get started. So for everybody, I can kind of back up a little bit to get started, you can just go with what you know, once you get to a certain point where you can afford sales training, like the highs, or the kind of stuff with some people like that, or even John Martinez, stuff like that you can, you can actually use those techniques. Because as I went through sales, training, and a lot of the stuff that I've learned and utilize has come through a lot of these different sales techniques. So make sure you're getting a lot of information upfront, and they're ready to sign before you even make an offer. Because you're making offers wasting time, like Uncle Carl said, and you're not making you're gonna be utilizing that time to actually talk to people that want to sell. So it's one of those things where it's a it's a balancing act, but you get bet you get better the more you do it. And that's just practicing them. practicing, practicing, practicing. If you were if you were just getting started, I mean, what, what are the steps? Do you like? What steps would you take? As far as marketing as far as? What I'm basically studying? What What how do you study a market for land? Exactly? What are what are those steps? To make sure, like you find a good area to marketing? Um, it depends. And Uncle Carl's Are you ready to jump on this one too? It's gonna be it's gonna be it's gonna be varying. So like Joe, who's who spoke have some previous question for you. He's in Texas, he's in California, he's working a lot on he's working a lot of different markets, it's really going to depend on your comfort zone. So people in California like Jimmy and Joe, I really don't recommend doing like land out here. Just because it can be a little overwhelming, especially here in California, it might be better to go to the easier markets like Florida and Texas, just in general, because there's a lot of buyers buying out there, there's a lot of expansion going on out there. Whereas California, they're already expecting everybody in California, if you ever marketed to California, everybody knows they have like an amazing asset. And they're using econetic Go for cheap. So you really have to dig into motivation, when you are talking if you are in California, but if you're just starting out, Texas and Florida, those are gonna be really, really good markets. And then like Uncle Carl here, he's in North Carolina. That's where he is. So he really understands the market, you will understand laws really understands a lot of his own backyard. So that's where he exercises and plays in his realm is in his backyard. So if everybody's going to be different, but if you're looking to get into it, Texas in Florida, pretty easy in general. And they're like, Okay, I'm in Florida now. Well, Arizona, South Florida. So would it be like up north like Orlando would it be man, all Florida, all Florida's hot? I mean, there's that we have we have clients doing like 20 deals a month just off of just in Florida alone. I mean, I think the problem I came across when I was marketing out to buyers was I don't know some buyers are hesitant to work with wholesalers. It's not like again, when I got wholesale like I said single families and while it's a little bit different, like I said they're a little bit more skeptical working with I don't that's just my experience. But again, I haven't been doing it for that long that land to know that is there. Is there a specific verbiage is or, you know, I mean, is there like? What's the word I'm looking for? Is there a specific builders that those doesn't work for? That doesn't work? Well, sellers? Or is there a way you put in a contract, where you can do a double close? You know, I mean, there's this sort of stuff that those are like, the challenges I guess, I'm coming across with, with the builders, I'm coming across, like, they don't want to work with wholesalers, because you don't own the land. I gotcha. It's gonna be, it's going to be making making offers, man, you're, you're the buyer. And if you're not, if you're not the buyer, if they're too high, I might not be the buyer for this property, you kind of separate yourself from that, that actual buyer position to give an angle to make yourself the consultant into the property. And they kind of talked about as far as different techniques just pivot your way into this. But it's not land is a lot more, in my opinion is easier, just because people sit on it for so long, or they inherited. It has no, there's no, there's no there's no core value to it, like a house house might be passed down and they're their grandma lived in it, like there's gonna they're gonna be really sentimental value there and like emotional toll on it. With land, they just let that stuff go. Hey, Daniel, one thing I'd like to add back to when they were talking about before you made some great points about when you're got to try to figure out their motivation. That's so you know, sometimes we do a couple things, one of the things that we're getting double the amount of land deals by tweaking a couple things. For the infill lots, we just call him up and said, Hey, I noticed you've got a lot over at 123 Main Street, and I'm just sort of curious, are you guys planning on building on the lot? Or, you know, what are your plans for it? I like these ended questions. And then another important thing is, as you're talking to him a little bit about it, say, Hey, if you were to sell the lamb, you know, I'm just wondering, you know, what would be the reason is it just you're tired of paying taxes, or, you know, you want to find their motivation, I think that's so important, is to figure that out. And another thing for us is we concentrate like in Mecklenburg County. So I've got a couple of really good late realtors that understand land, and I've bugged the hell out of them. And I made a deal with them, they can get some my listings and different stuff, but I don't know the values real well. And so a lot of times I'm off. So it helps to have a realtor that understands land and have builders, and I'll say, Look, you can get a 3% fee if you sell it for me. So I would, I would make sure that you concentrate in one area, you get a good realtor that you work with, because you can run these comps on Prop stream or different stuff, but there's nothing like a good realtor that understands the land that can help you. So that's that's one the second things and then you need to learn stuff like a little bit like the GIS the easements isn't a flood lot. What's a topo? Like? That's important. And then also, this is where we absolutely kill it, we learn about the zoning, and subdividing. And but I'm sorry to cut you off. Like how do you is there like an app or is there like a website? I'm in Florida, like how would I know exactly what couple things is would be like for us for the zoning, there's a zoning department and then I read I read through all the stuff like our five you need 50 foot of frontage and a certain amount of stuff. So part of this just pull the zoning codes, read them and learn them. The second thing is get a really good surveyor that understands these niche stuff that understands land also that can tell you about that. And we spent some time with builders and I also have a really good variants attorney David Murray that I run questions by and, and networking. So it's like, here's here's back to that example. In Charlotte, you need our five to 50 foot of frontage to subdivide for our five well I look for these lots that are have 100 foot of frontage and then I'll give you a quick example there's one Oakwood that we bought for 32,500 full value and then I just subdivided into two and we sold it for 55,000 You know a lot of it's just just learning the zoning, looking for double locks look or when your leads come in. It's a double lock is a triple lock is a house with land. And then you know how can you creative subdivide it we bought this one lot It's weird Shay. And I just went to zoning said hey, can I, I surveyor Can I do this and this and it was a lot, they're able to subdivide into three lots. So you can make a ton of money by learning how to find lots how to do variances, how to assemble and re subdivide. But it's it's like, go to, you know, find a really good variance attorney, or somebody who's really good with the zoning and read all the zoning laws, talk to some of your builders and, and then try to learn these little. There's all these legal loopholes to like we do variances on lots that are too small to build on. We look for these lots, we bought one for 500 bucks, we sold it for 95,000. You know, so we've learned how to do variances. So it's just, it's just learning talking to attorneys, reading this, getting great survey, surveyor and a really good real estate attorney in your pocket, because you can be leaving a lot of money on these table. If you don't have to subdivide lots if you're not looking to see if it's subdividable or what is the zoning on it? Is it multifamily 22 How many units can you put on it? So I think specializing in like a couple of really good areas and learning and really well. And then you look for those those value ads. Okay. Now, um, I mean, when you're when you're dealing with sellers, I mean, nine times out of 10 did always know if the if the land is let's say, for example, if it's a flood zone or if it's what's the word I'm looking for? If it's if as septic? Or do they always know I'm pretty sure they don't always know the information. And you can go on do what the county while your county to ask those questions. Correct. So FEMA flood maps is you can find any any flood zone property, you just type in the address or coordinate system like that. And I'll pull up the FEMA flood maps. It'll have like the 100 year flood zone and all that type of different steps. Even if you're in a flood zone at all. Use it the sellers are going to know if it has utilities. In most cases, they're going to know if it has utilities or what can be done on it. There's very, very rarely that they don't they don't know that. But usually they don't know that. And then it's just utilities isn't isn't isn't a break all thing either. Like we sell properties without utilities or properties, utilities. It depends on where you're marketing in general, but don't like utilities. If it has utilities, there's not stop you. Got what I'm doing? Don't No, no, no, stop you either. That's the other thing to leave. So okay, because so I've come across properties with flagging during the flood zone, but I sent them off to buyers and buyers like yes, in a flood zone. They can basically do not do something like how would you? I mean, would you sell it to like, how would you sell a property or land with a flood zone? Is it what kind of buyer usually buys those type of lands? We sold several the flood zone and this is what we did, I just called our zoning person, the person in Mecklenburg County who was in charge of flood locks and I said can you sort of show me about these floodlights what you can and can't do, then it also found. So anyway, she put on a half an hour thing. And I've learned that you can take depending on how far it is in the flood zone, there's layers, that you can sometimes build the soil up, or you can build the foundation up a special dance, there's stuff you can do to take them out of the flood zones. And there's even companies that specialize in that. So just because it's a flood zone doesn't mean it's a bad deal. There's some flood zones you can build into and some you can't, but you're gonna have to learn that or find somebody who is expert that can help you with that, because we bought this one Flublok for $1,500. And we sold it for 42,000. And we still have we still have another one we bought for 1500 That would probably be able to get 15,004. But this is what I did was really cool. I looked I pulled up the flood zones in Charlotte. And I found a house that sold for like 600,000 So I went back through and I looked at the guy that bought it. And I called him and he hired some kind of special company and and they took it out of the flood zone and he paid him money and he built another house and sold it. So there's there's I think it depends on how bad it's in the flood zone. So it's like learning you know, what can you build on this in the flood zone. And then there's even if it's in the flood zone, I have a Yahoo theory, which if I listed on flight Facebook marketplace, there's always some Yahoo will buy it if you get it cheap enough. Or if you The owner finance it. We sold lots with bad Topo and other stuff, we just put them on Facebook market sometimes listed in the MLS. And some DOM masks will come on and bombs and get them cheap enough. You can sell them but but but floodlights I would try to, you know, probably in two or three hours you can educate yourself and find it find some kind of expert that can help you but don't, they might have value depending on how deep in the flood zone and how they can be taken out of the flood zone. I would I would try to learn that because that can be a small little niche there, you can make a lot of money on. Yep, there's, it's so crazy because like if you if you learn that one thing for your city, you can just start targeting that bread and butter that works and you sell to the same person over and over again. And there's a gender that Carl said that he checked on the buyer or the property and ask them the questions because they already have done the research and successfully overcame that. So that was a jam right there. Biggest thing I must say on that is an elevation surveys what you want to go after and you can really find depending on how good a deal it is. Getting an elevation survey and elevation survey will tell you how to get it out of a flood zone. Thank you. Thanks, David. Yeah, there's this there's gonna be so many like when if you're if you hit it Claude in like Florida, you might want to take somebody who's doing the same thing in Florida that you want to know that okay, I have the slot? Would it be a possible deal? Do you have a buyer for it because there's a good chance that people that operate in your in your market already have sold plenty of lots like that, because in Florida flood floodplain Lots has been to every other lot, you know, it's gonna happen a lot. Okay. So if he could still walk you through it. I mean, like what I'm doing now, like I said, I'm doing like the standard on. Like, when I'm fishing for buyers, I'm gonna like how I do for when I'm selling like properties like a bot, like I basically I'll pull a list from Prop stream of like, end buyers and see if they're buying in. And I'm in certain cities or zip code still. Now I've come across that I've come across a few buyers already, but it just what my challenge now is just more of like, knowing, like I said, What are the uncle, Uncle Bob, I'm sorry. Oh, Cara. Um, so Uncle Carl is basically saying like knowing like, the different zoning codes and flood zones and like all that information. Of course, if I can know what I'm able to do with the land, it will be easier to sell. In this one easy way that I still do lay on this way, is I've got several good realtors, they have a lot of people land people I've looked to see who has the most listings, got to know them. And then I just have this deal. Like, again, a lot of times I don't really quite know the value or the end buyer. But there's a lot of these realtors that have their environment, and I don't mind paying a 3% fee to them. So they'll help me determine the value, they'll determine they can look a little bit at the zoning. And a lot of times they have a lot of buyers, and it's good for them because there's not enough land right now, these builders are desperate for land. So if you could do some research, and find somebody who's really good in your market, it's selling land, and they'll they'll have buyers for you to plus will tell you how to price it. And I do this all the time. I'm like, Okay, what should I pay for this law? I don't know. And they're like, Okay, call, you need to be between 20 and 30 on this lock, because I can sell from 40 to 60. Right. Okay. And that's, that's how I, that's, that's a good way to do a very simple way to do the land business. And they'll even say, Look, I got a buyer for this area. So that's just that's a real simple way to that's a real simple way to I'm a big fan of getting your own real estate license, man, you become that person. What do you think about that, Carl? I think it's good. But I like for me. I like relying on experts. somebody that really knows the values and has the virtue investor. Aren't you that expert? Not adept? No. I mean, I can sort of give you a range. Sometimes you're you're specializing and you're trying to specialize in that land and you're telling me you're not an expert. I don't make a whole lot of sense to be well just listen, just listen. Okay. I am one of THE BADDEST MOTHERFUCKERS at putting together deals seeing niches and that's where I spend my time on and didn't tell you that at the same time, though. Rich's knowing Yeah, so I'm not as knowledgeable I mean, I'll go on and, and I'll look at some of the sales and area I can get a guesstimate. But I've befriended all these realtors and they a buyer. So I can just say, Hey, I think it's worth X and they'll say call you You're, you're okay on this one. No, no, this one's worth 70 is not worth 50. So it is a weakness of mine. But I'm okay. It being a weakness because I concentrate on other things, and I rely on the land expert, I think it's a good idea to learn it and do it. I think that makes a lot of sense what you're saying. For me, I would rather rely on the experts. You know, when I can call my buddy Edwin up, hey, I got this lot over here. What can you sell it for? But that I, I do think you're right. It's good to get the training and learn as much as you can. But you still gonna need some people that are experts that really, really understand it. That's just my opinion, though. Yeah. I just have my license, I think it's a great investment to get your license, you can see all that data that you're looking at. And then No, no reason you got to you don't have to limit yourself or whatever. But you can see all that data for yourself. And I think it's a huge benefit as an investor to just be aware that, that and not just rely on a third party, but you are you can verify that third party. And I think becoming an expert is a huge, huge deal, because there's a ton of realtors that also don't have a clue. I love using them. But I would never rely solely on one. There's few that are smart. Don't get me wrong. There's definitely some few bad acids. But I highly recommend spending $1,000 Get your real real estate license and verifying your own data has been one of the biggest game changers in my 11 year history as an investor. No, I think that's it. Yeah, me I have I have no, I have no have no, I do want to just, I'm excited just to get on this call. I was just excited to see it. But I want to give everybody a quick on the very first thing I talked about on closing deals, asking what their motivation is, I'm gonna make it a lot simpler. Ask further ask for the price, right? The guy said he offered him 65,000. And the guy said he got an offer for 75,000. Right? What I would ask that seller is like, hey, exactly. We said why don't you take it in? So if I gave you an offer for 75,000? No option? Would you take that right now? He says no. You asked him for what they're selling it for ask for that asking price. What What would it take for you to sell that? That that land? would $85,000 do it? So if I sent you a contract for $85,000, you in sell it right now. All right, let me get on the phone with one of my partners. Let me see what I can do. I'll get back to you. And then you know, right. So then you can go back to your buyers. And you can be like, Hey, I know I can move this to you for $90,000. Right? And then if your buyer says no, I needed an ad, then you go back to Mr. Seller, and you're like, Hey, Mr. Seller, I want to get you that 90. But the ABS I could I could close this tomorrow, if you'd sell it to me for for 70. Right because you got to buy or 75 I just want to give a little perspective on how another way to make that deal work. Yeah, appreciate that. David, man. Yeah, it's, there's, there's, there's no there's no wrong way to do it. It's just you gotta you gotta learn through doing reps. So all good feedback. Good feedback. Yeah. And Uncle Carl Uncle Carl is is a beast at what he does. And this is I think, I think is where there's he did this is a quote was he was a master of everything is a master of none. So Carl is really good at lead generation. So it's just one of the things he's really good at. So like I said, I'm good at software. That's all I focus on, and my partner's good at negotiations and real estate as we focuses on, so you don't actually have to focus on everything you just focus on whatever you're good at and kind of hone that skill because if you hone your skill, there's always a market for it. If you're good if you're if you build that strength up enough you can always fill in the gaps with other pieces other pieces or people so there's a book called tuna how and there's always a who there's always a who that can facilitate what you need done so that's one thing I'll say about that but great conversation. I mean, we've covered a lot so far. No, yes. Oh, look, who know how we got the book right there was this Dan Cardona. He's got the book now that's good. That's good. So that's good. There's some there's so much insight to go on. Like I preside No, like I stopped cutting my grass as long as I know I don't know how to cut grass just I have a better use of my time and cutting grass. And if I pay the guy to cut the grass or cut it 15 minutes so good. You don't cut grass. Did you get a birthday? Yeah, I did. It was yesterday. Yesterday. Happy birthday. Thank you. You're old aren't you? Like I'm 30 I just turned 30 Yeah, you're getting old and Jamie's. Yeah, I'm getting I'm getting wiser from taking a call. You're breaking up. I'm sorry about that. No, I'm sorry. I was talking to myself about I was looking up stuff on the My zoning area and I was reading I'm sorry about that. You're good man. Know that he gave me he gave a really good tip, man. There's so many. There's so much information. One of the cool things about Florida is Florida lists everything online, you can find tax delinquents, you can find all that stuff, whereas others are pretty late. Yeah, they're pretty like cool with everything. Like they'll put all the information out there for you. They're pretty, like flexible with everything. I think like it's I have, I have someone I can go to in my county. So I'm just trying to get all the data that I need and figure this out. Because I think I'm overthinking this process also. Yeah, this, uh, this, this front end process is really simple, man, you just got to do marketing, talk to sellers and eventually get enough sellers, someone's gonna want to sell to you at a reasonable price, get under contract, and then partner find a buyer on the back end really, really good. It gets simpler, the more you do it, but it's just exercising that muscle. Gotcha. Hey, hey, Daniel. Goodwin. Hey, guys, sorry, I came in a little late. But um, I am actually trying to do some research on a property and found the owner and looks like she may be deceased. But she's still listed on title. And we're doing some more dig in New York, Nassau County that we exist. So I dug that did a little bit more digging, got in touch with the County Clerk's office and they still have her on on D. And I did some more digging, and I found out that a law firm is actually paying the taxes. So now I've got the number to the Supreme Court there in New York. And they said, it's it's been foreclosed on. But if it's been foreclosed, does the state actually own it, or the county own it? And I mean, where what? I don't understand what the process is in between that to find out if I can even obtain it or not. Um, I would verify that it's been foreclosed on. Because if it's been foreclosed on, whoever foreclose on it, it's going to own it, whether it's a state where this mortgage mortgage or or whoever had any liens on it. If it's been foreclosed on, they're going to be the owners of that property, it just might not have been updated inside the county website yet. So I would verify if it has been foreclosed on, because that's going to be a determining factor. Yeah, it does have a case of non perpetual, if it does have an index case number, which is Wilmington versus bill, the owner, and it said, 2018. So I'm triggering. It may be like Wilmington mutual or something like that. And they may be the owners, but they just, but I still can't understand why the law firm is paying the taxes on if it's like a trust situation, and so on. So what's going to happen is, if they feel this case is strong enough, they're actually going to prevent it before anybody else can take it. So if it's still in court, the court proceedings, they might have an injunction to seize the sale of it, or they might be open open to sell to another party as long as that debt is paid, as far as for that pre foreclosure. So it's really going to, first of all, you're going to see if it's sold or not. And then second, if they have if it isn't sold, what can you do to stop the proceedings have it being foreclosed on. And if you can potentially step in and facilitate the property because in like we, we've done this in Texas tours will stop will stop a foreclosure from the mortgage or just to eventually take control of the property before it goes to the auction. So that there's things you can do in certain states. And it's really knowing if it's in foreclosure, and that and then determining if you can facilitate and stop that transaction from proceeding. Gotcha, gotcha. So I sent that email out to the law firm just to see if I can get a response back from them. So appreciate the advice, man appreciate the expertise. The problem the problem. Also I would add to we are our best deals are tax delinquent owned by dead people. And if you can get to them, like you can go to and and search for the obituary, and then call the heirs. And then you can also check to see if there's an estate file opened up too. I found that a lot of the tax delinquent land deals, no one ever opened in a state. So in North Carolina, if somebody's been passed by over two years, we can just get the heirs to sign. But those are our best situations. Our best deals are dead people that are tax delinquent on their property and just learning how to find the heirs and how to go work the probates. And the estates can can be really huge. I'll add on to that. probates are one of my best deals, man. So, probate I'll get my load secrets really easy. It's called My rei And it costs to get it but you can skip tracing you find all the heirs and you call them and see who's in charge. See who the see who, again, who's in charge, what is it called, they need the letter testament to close it, but you can also do a affidavit to airships. If there's just one brother and sister they both want to sign it you got you don't have to go through probate, you can close it in 30 days, just do an affidavit to airships as well. But my pro you find the siblings, and you can make it happen real easy. Yeah, so ever since all a lot of our deals as my Rei Pro. Yeah, my rei And they call suddenly, I know what to call UCF TLO TransUnion. But the real strict, that's the best. But it's real strict. Otherwise, go to my rei That's what I use as a skip Tracing Service. I usually only as that it's not a very good CRM. It's a shitty CRM, but it's very good for skip tracing. Cool. Thanks, man. Thanks, guys. I appreciate that. Oh, I don't know who that was a bad joke. I want to add on to that I use the IDI You need to have an LLC. It's about 50 bucks a month. But I believe that they have TransUnion information. And they have all the information for relatives, associates. We have a criminal background, liens, business, all that. What is that called? Idi Idi Corp. Very nice. Just another free one. Just so y'all know. True people search totally free. And his it'll get you a lot of numbers. It's absolutely bizarre. You know, that's what I've that's what I've been using. I'm fast people search was like, you know, search the company or whatever. And I see a lot of people, but it seems like the people that I'm getting as heirs, all of them are either deceased. And all of the numbers are not valid. So, you know, it is it's been I've been looking at this place for about two and a half, three years now trying to get in what to do about. Yeah, yeah, a lot of resources out there. Just make sure you know, your state laws as far as probate after their viewership, if you need to go to probate attorney, all that stuff. If anybody gets any probate in Florida, definitely reach out to on Nicoletti. The dude's amazing, does amazing work in Florida. So definitely reach out to him if you have any probate issues in Florida. But Texas is pretty straightforward. And I'm sure other Carl's got North Carolina and Lac, and he has contacts facilitate that stuff. So go, Daniel, if if you if you hire a probate attorney, they'll do all of this groundwork for you and find out how much you know, like, who owns it, how much it's gonna be to get it and all that other stuff. They'll they'll help you overcome the probate process. So with Texas using an affidavit of heirship and have them signed affidavit saying that their legal heirs and all the heirs are privy or knowledge to this property, it's going to end for Florida, they actually have to go to a probate attorney. So it's gonna depend on the state. That's why it's all state specific. So like when Carl has probate attorneys that he has to handle these types of situations to make it better understand the process to solve it. For everybody. Tomorrow, we're actually getting on with Logan Fullmer at 4pm Central Logan former does a lot of these air shares type airship type deals and you guys can ask questions about that on live tomorrow. But Logan Fullmer he has done deals with like over 100 errors and stuff like that as crazy or even like out of the country errors where he's had to send people to certain embassies out of out of out of country to go get notaries so there's a lot of stuff that comes with that. And it's just understanding the process. We use the attorney isn't going to understand real estate, they're just there to solve and release that problem. Users are not investors in most cases, they're just there to solve that probate problem and help you overcome that. That issue that may overcome I think you've got to be the one to be the private investigator you got to be the to some Times build the family trees to figure it out, at least to get started on it. The attorneys won't. I mean, they can help you by doing the title work and everything. But you got to learn how to build a family trees, find, look for the estates, and make the phone calls and be the private investigator. You know, utilizing stuff like, even knocking on neighbors doors, but but you sort of got to put the beginnings of it together, in my opinion, before you take to an attorney, yep. Because the attorneys, there's just to do the paperwork, in essence. So you need to do the footwork and legwork in most of these cases to make sure everybody's on the same page and make sure you're talking to the right cousin or sister, or brother or granddaughter, just in that situation, make sure they have that paperwork in order. So every state's going to be completely different. And it's like a mistake state Pacific. And Uncle Carl, you said to you use a and To to use it as a resource to find out about the estate for how do you how do you do that. That's that's just to find out the heirs. So we'll pull the obituaries. And then, like if there's an estate open, let's say somebody's a will, and they're going to probate it, you have to go the courthouse or have some pull up, then you can pull the estate. So there's two but this is this is what I've found with the tax delinquent properties. I would say 80 to 90% of the people die without estates and wills. Or if they do they don't probate them. So you got to learn the intestate laws. So for like, Find A Grave, those are good for, you know, finding the heirs and then building out then then you can use to build the trees. And then you also have to check, you know, for the estate files, if someone's open estate, but I would say a majority of people, I think it was was it David was on here, too. He does a lot of stuff like this. I find the majority of the people in these situations don't have the states and don't have wills. Yep. But yeah. And we're there to solve that problem. That's that's the whole issue. So it just gives you access to the obituary. So as most obituaries is gonna say, John Smith died, survived by wife, Mary, and their three kids, John, Bob, and Joe. So you know, John, Bob, and Joe and the wife. There's a yield from for those people. So it kind of shortcuts that other stuff. Yeah, thanks, guys. I was kind of doing the process that way. But I didn't have those resources. So it kind of I mean, some of the names were matching up, and I just didn't have good data on it. But um, thanks for the resources, guys. And I appreciate it. No problem. No problem. Good question. Good question. Yeah, it's one of the thing if you can't find people check if they're dead. I've said this a couple times. It's a good, a good reason why you can't find somebody whether through skip tracing or stuff like that, there's probably a good chance they passed away, and you have to find the heirs for that property. So don't Don't, don't miss out on those opportunities. Just because you can't find people. If you can't find them off the first rip is a good chance a lot of people, a lot of other people that would marketing to st property can't find them either. So it's a good chance to dig in when you get lost. And you can use it, we use a we like IDI CORB, we also use one called been verified, it's a really inexpensive, like 22 bucks a month. And it also tells you if they're alive or dead. It's not 100% accurate, but it's probably about 90 95%. So you can you can literally throw somebody been verified and within, you know, 30 seconds to a minute find out if they're dead. And it also has links to their social media, relatives. You know, of course, it's not as good as the tea. Oh, the IDI course and things like that, but it's a pretty good resource to have I, I think everybody should have that. Because, you know, you want to know if the person is dead or alive and you can, you know, we stalk people on Facebook, and all sorts of stuff. Some of our better deals we've been able to some someday you know, tell about the deal where you found the lady who, who changed her name, and we found her talking to her sister on Facebook so we are able to find the relative and get the date we'll probably make at least 5060 grand on it because we dived a little bit deep and found out she was dead, and then that her name got changed. opportunity, opportunity. Everybody's everybody's overlooking opportunity. And it's just simple as finding a niche. Finding a niche in real estate. There's so many I was I've been amazed over my short education is real estate of how many niches are real estate. But there's so many niches from land to houses to property management, to wholesaling to flipping, being an agent, so many niches that you can go down into. And you've got to find your niche and kind of dive a little bit deeper than normally would. And you can really dig out some gold just out there just that that's happening in your city that you're just overlooking and other people overlooking just because they don't understand that niche. 100% we got to go ahead, protecting the zoning on a piece of land because the property specifically in backyard County, would you recommend the One Stop zoning map? Yeah, the cap map, the CAD maps gonna show the zoning for it, and what it currently zoned for, and then you can even do like Google research of what that zoning means and what the parameters are for that zoning. And that's going to be for every county. So for Texas is called the CAD for Georgia's called GIS, it's going to be different for every state of what every state does have one. Yeah, every state does have a county tax appraisal. Okay, all right, thank you. Yep. Not all of them might not have maps, but the counties are getting better to have map data to have all that public information, because that they have all that public, all that publicly stored. So usually the states are on it. And they use like one program to make sure all their stuff is updated. But every state is going to have their information and some have some states have more than others. I mentioned to Claude that Florida sells a lot of information more than a lot of other states, they Florida really goes into deep as far as information that's available online that you can pull. A quick question, what is the best best method that you guys use to find active builders or developers. Um, there's there's a couple different ways. Usually it's people that bought bought and sold one sold properties and the buyers. You can even see people that are new builds that have sold or new builds that are for sale, see who's the builder that bought that and built that property. Usually you can search like even in Zillow, you can search by your bill 2021 And you can see all the new builds that were built 2021 that sold so using free free tools to figure out those buyers and see who see who bought it and you can somebody said some of the some of the was the word the cat information like if you go to the county cat or the or the whatever tax appraisal district for that county, it might have like deed history so you can see who that owner that did buy that property previously and figure out who bought that property. Thank you Sure. Hey, Daniel, I'd say something. Yeah, this is Jimmy another way you can actually find some buyers contacting realtors that actually helped those builders purchase that lot. And when it comes down to those realtors, those those buyers in the payment lot more and most of those builders in the area but reach out to realtors Realtors as buyers I mean a lot of buyers that's gonna buy a full asking price all the time. Yep. The your network man, you've got to tap into your network they the agents are definitely a good resource to utilize especially if you're local. Thanks Jimmy who's got another question? Or? Yeah, room for one or two more? Who's stuck somewhere? How do you do the skip trace on the hat? Um, you can use any Skiptrace provider and like I said, I'm not trying to push anybody's here but I actually don't skip tracing company but you can you can really use anybody. True people search is a free way. You can there's literally a ton of them. Literally a skip trace option through hazmat. Yeah, there is the list guys, you just hit skip trace and you're gonna build your list. I didn't see that. It's gonna be on the sidebar when you're logged in. Okay. But yeah, it depends. Like I said, there's a million skip tracing providers out there. Some are better than others. definitely gets the job done. I got my first deal using triple search, so I was manually skipped bracing. So, you got to do what you got to do. Sometimes it works either way. It just takes more time. Okay, got a one list to the number one, list Thanks for that too, because I was gonna type in Oh, any probably? Yeah, that's fine. Good question. Good question. Who's got it? One more question. Quick question. So I do find these builders, developers. I like I've, I've said I source off market deals. Can I bring you a property? And you told me how much is how much you're willing to pay? But should I have them sign a nondisclosure agreement? Or should I just keep it chill? At the beginning, keep it chill, man, the non disclosure agreements that really throws a lot of people off. And you don't want to be associated with that, in some cases. If it's an ever needed or required, you can go that direction. But it's just it creates a lot more steps that aren't really necessary. You just ask for their buying criteria. Usually, they're going to give you certain zip codes, certain size properties, certain zoning types that they're going to buy and what they're going to buy it for. She's gonna ask for the buying criteria as the way to get to the answer. I just want to give a shout out to Joseph, I see him Chuck driving over there. I have a federalism nice truck driver years ago. And I appreciate him listening to listen to the talk, because that's what I used to do when I was struggling. So shout out to Joseph over there. You'd be safe out there. That's cool, man. Yeah, thank you. Thank you, sir. Thank you for that. And if one of my former Florida enemies, Zamora, she's the one that just sent me the link, and I'm driving now in Pennsylvania, so just check it in and listen to it. So guys, and I had a very, very, very, very great information here. So very glad that be part of it today. So just an FYI myself on real estate that because I I want to stop driving the truck and get get what I have to do for my family for my my next generation. Nice, awesome, man. Yeah, for everybody's no I used to I started I used to truck drove for two years extra amount of trucking company. So I've very familiar with trucking and all that space. So shout out to you, thank you so much again, and I have been driving since 2011, July 25. I got my CDL in a month, and then I start driving, and then bought a truck in two years later. But now so I believe that I gotta I gotta build an empire for my three kids coming up three kids. So that's what I mean. I'm hearing and learning, learning learning every day. Thank you so much. Awesome. Somebody, of course, is being a sort of looks like a truck driver. I don't know if that's, that's a compliment, or That's funny. That's awesome, man. For everybody out there. Like I said, the business is easy. The biggest thing you got to understand is the knowledge. Once you get the knowledge, it kind of opens up your possibilities to excel. And that's it, man. You gotta you gotta learn the knowledge start doing the work, putting in action. And results have come of it. Yeah, that's true. Go ahead, Armando. What's the app called? Supposedly, it was another service, another service besides hive mind, where you can just walk up to your property, and you can kind of like, take a picture of it, and you find out information. So we like land glide, there's a couple, there's a couple of them out there. You can use like driving for dollars apps, you're gonna do the same thing. It's going to show you the property's information, as far as John Smith, their mailing address if they've lived there and not easy to tell you the acreage how big the property is. And we like land glide. So I used to I still use glide. I know there's another service that came out that's just like lambda that's free. I don't I don't remember what it's called. But Langlade is like five to $10 a month. Land glide. Land glide. Yep. GL ID, GL ID. All right. Thank you. Yeah, deal deal machine does something like that, but it's a bit more expensive. I've been dealing with seems like 97 bucks a month. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So deal with deal machine Java dollar apps, they're all gonna do the same thing. But land Glide is specifically just for that, for property research that you can do on the fly. So when people send me addresses, I just look it up, see who it is, if it's LLC or trust, or a regular owner can find out like their mailing address. And it's a quick little thing I do on my phone. And I've had I've had Langside for over a year, and I love it. It's really cheap. It's I think it's like 99 a month. Now I think about it. All right, thank you. Yep. Great little resource. For everybody here. We do these calls every Monday and Thursday. We appreciate you coming out. We had about 20 or so over 20 people come in today, which 70 We'll hear now. But we provide these calls for you to educate and learn. And it's an opportunity to ask questions and for everybody participate in offer some type of knowledge appreciate Uncle Carl for assisting today. He always brings in a lot of knowledge. I just reached out to Uncle Carl because I realized I haven't had on the podcast. So we're gonna schedule podcasts although Carl, and we'll get we'll get that. And we add one thing you guys get a chance to listen to Logan Fullmer. He's amazing. You guys really should be on that call. The stuff that he does is just absolutely amazing. The information he has the know how is that call tomorrow? Yeah, it's tomorrow at 4pm Central. Or 4pm Central. Oh, you guys in that weird Central Time. Crap. Okay. I just just sent her like, I'm in Pacific it's 2pm. Pacific. 2pm. Pacific. 4pm Central. And five Eastern. Okay. Yeah, you guys if you get a chance. Seriously, that's that's. He's really great. You get you'll get a lot of great information from Logan. Yep. And that's Hey, guys. Oh, sorry. No, just real quick. Um, we were just talking about apps I just remembered I came across an app called regrade. And it kind of does the same thing is you just type in the address and it pops up all you got to pay for other services. Like you know, I don't know square footage and shit. But it'll pop it'll show you who owns the property at least in where it's at. And all that other stuff to REI, G R. I D. All right. Yeah, so definitely check out tomorrow's it'll probably be posted on the podcast side. Later this week or Monday, next week? I'm not sure. But definitely check it out. It'll be live tomorrow though. 4pm Central chatter on YouTube. hive mind CRM. But we'll release that one out soon. But yeah, definitely check it out. Logan is a good resource. And he got a lot of knowledge. I think he's done like he has like he's selling like $7 million a deal. $7 million in deals right now. It's crazy. It's crazy. Because like Turner transactions a year but he's definitely definitely a plethora of information. But we appreciate you coming on man. This has been a great call. I appreciate everything participated. Next class Thursday at seven central 7pm Central. Same place, same time. Have a great day, guys. I thank you guys. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you. Bye. Thank you guys. Right

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