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May 12, 2022

Ep 179- Creating Limitless Opportunities with Daniel Esteban Martinez

Ep 179- Creating Limitless Opportunities with Daniel Esteban Martinez

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Morning. Good morning. Good morning. How's everybody doing today? What's up? John? This is the wrong room where they're still dead. So when I got texted, I know you're on the automation. That's what I thought it was. It was Pepe Campos that's the link we have what linked are we supposed to hit? Let me definitely in the wrong room. For everybody else. You're in the right room. John is everyone else just stay where you are. Nobody panic. Not the one iron there the wrong room. Alright, hold on. Let me get it for you. Find the room for the attractive people. Oh, man. Does that happen? He should message you in a second. Okay. Watch. Watch for that text. Okay. All right. Well, hang on. Hang up Jose. Sorry about that. got interrupted by Mr. John Jackson. It tends to do that pretty casually All right. I will give people about two more minutes to come in. That was a good joke right there to stop the call. John Jackson's quite a character it just takes them how's it going today? Happy Monday. Happy Monday, everybody. Hey, how are you? I am well I am well. Good. It's good to hear man. It's good to hear a lot of people dread Mondays. But I like Mondays. We like Mondays. It's a new opportunity to make changes in people's lives every Monday. I like I really enjoyed Mondays. I haven't looked. I haven't like dreaded Mondays in a long time. That probably has a lot to do. But you doing what you love? That's that's that's usually 100% No, I was just actually having this debate with somebody. And I really didn't have anything to say to him other than just like, oh, how sad because they were just talking about how they, you know, just they had work or what what it was they were dealing with their teenage daughter, and they wanted to get a job because she flunked out of college. And, you know, of course, Dad wants her to get a job. And it's like, I'm more or less like, Okay, well, let's figure out what you passionate about. If you flunked out of college, clearly, that's not it. But, you know, the so many of us today do let the pressure of society and, and think of look, I gotta pay my bills, I got this and this, which that's very true. That when you do stuff that you're passionate about how much more easier it is for you to be, you know, proactive and actually pushed forward. You know, so that's what I like, of course, you don't mind Mondays because you do what you love. So it's I thought that was kind of interesting and right on point and right all the time. The conversation I just had, it's good. It's good people having people on the same, same, same wavelength. There's a lot of people that they think the same, not everything's the same, but there's a lot to do, and it takes Enjoy, enjoy. Enjoy, enjoy coming into work on Mondays. We'll start now we got people in here. Welcome to Monday call. Thanks for Danielle for helping out on the beginning, but we're gonna cover a lot of stuff we implemented. We're coming out with working on the future. There's a lot going on in the background that we just were working on and we need it. We need people's help. So not really a lot of people's help, but there's people here that You know who you are. But we'll do that later on. I don't know if he's gonna make it on this call or not. But either way we'll carry on, we'll carry on. But it's Monday, it's Monday. Today, I really wanted to talk about just consistency a lot. A lot of people struggle with consistency. And we are always being consistent. And I think it's one of the reasons why a lot of people show up to these calls. It's why a lot of people, I wouldn't show up if people didn't show up here to listen to me speak. So, consistency, so consistency on all parts, whether you're producing content, or if you're consuming it, just make sure you're consistent in what you're doing. A lot of people struggle with that. And it's okay, I think it takes a long time, it took me a long time to get to where I'm at. And I'm okay with building that every day. So, because it's the, but I wanted to, there's a few people on the call, we're going to do a like a founder's meeting for people that came in early on and contribute to what we're doing. I'm going to set up a meeting later this week, there's a couple here that were in that party privy to last time. So we're gonna do that again. This week, we're coming out with new stuff and new services to make sure you guys get paid, then it doesn't No, we do pair our users for help sharing our software. And that's a big reason. It's a big reason why we do it just because a lot of people, they just take all that money and take it in, but we want to really get back to our community and really get back to people that help us grow. And a lot of people use that for marketing marketing efforts. Somebody's actually going to go buy a new car once they have a certain amount pretty soon. So we're really trying to help a lot of people automate the business and actually make money instead of paying us because there's, there's a lot of people that pay us but we want to pay you. And that's okay. But we'll talk about that. We have lots of coming out soon. Our event I'm excited for is in August. We have a lot of good speakers lined up. We did. We're still confirming new speakers as it goes. I think we got like two more this past weekend. That will be added to the flyer so we'll be happy to announce those. But that is the hive is live slash Summit. August 25 and 26th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Hey, Mike, are you there? Make it no back. Hey, can you call out of stuff that happened during your last year's event at our event? So I know you had a big change happen from last year's event that happened at last year's event? Yeah. Last year's event was a incredible networking event had a blast. It was really great to meet everybody and just have that live networking. But yeah, the big thing is, you'll see her and I, you know, after doing some deals together and really clicking and really complementing each other, we're able to team up, you know, we've really started to scale what we're doing and you know, talking about consistency, even though we definitely stay consistent all the time. You know, we're just pushing, pushing, pushing that marketing so pumped up about this event as well. Oh, and also, you know, after I've been working, doing land for two years now and, you know, been in the hive and as far as you know, being partnered up with this, you're now a full time virtual assistant and I was able to finally quit my day job and go about this full time. So here we are, we're you know, we're, we're cranking we're going full time. Full time entrepreneur, full time land, sending out tons of letters, tons SMS. We're cruising with deals. I gotta buy my tickets tonight. Can't wait. Definitely gonna be there for Lauderdale. We're gonna make it a little family vacation because we got some family there. So I think the whole family is coming if we can get some good enough flights and can't wait, man, it's it's going to be an event just looking at you know, everybody who's there speaking and knowing everybody who was there last year and the networking we did I mean, it's it's one of those events you can't miss. So I mean, it's a it's absolute steal for that price. I mean, it's like you're losing money not going to. Yeah, I didn't, I didn't expect all that. But there's a there's Mike Novak, he he met his no partner and he quit just quit his job. So there's definitely a lot of networking opportunities. And one thing I really want to focus about our event, we try not to sell, like most events do. It's mostly our events are shorter than others. And we really like to focus on that networking side of it. And we provide a lot of opportunity for that. So I'm really excited about that, man. I'm hoping see connections. And for anybody here that has any cool stories. We'd love to have you on the podcast. I know. John Alexander has a good story coming out from people from the hive. So if you guys have any cool stories that want to share, possibly on the podcast with us. Definitely DM me for any clients now that want to get on the podcast and headset SAS with it. We ever segment call me behind that we're always looking for people to interview for that. So if you're interested in hopping on the podcast, let me know. But one of the reasons why we do the podcast and this is almost tangent, but we love doing the podcast because it brings a spotlight to you as individual. It's not really for us. But it brings value to you. So Mike's found the podcast, Bob kind of kind of has. He didn't she didn't know he was, but he ended up on there. But there's a lot of cool things that come from it. And we're seeing on the back end of like people getting leads and deals brought to them just for being on the podcast. So that's why we do it. And a lot of people aren't comfortable doing it. But it's really for you to get out of your comfort zone and try new experiences. So we like we like doing the podcast with new clients. We've broken a lot of people in as far as during the first podcast, and we kind of help them exercise that and make it comfortable for you guys. So there's definitely opportunity in podcasting. And it's just an opportunity to get your message, whatever you're doing out to the world. And we provide that avenue by helping other podcasts. Oh, yeah, Bob Bob and Novak method podcast. Perfect example. So there's, it's crazy how it works, though. But I didn't know about this before I started podcasting about the power of it. But it looks like Bob, you got something to say. Had that story. You want to talk about that? Oh, yeah, sure. So I was watching john alexander interview, Mike Novak, on these little tick tock videos that he was doing for advertising his land on tick tock. And I never thought much of tick tock. I thought it was just you know, some includes teenage kids that play around. But yeah, he mentioned some property he had what was literally 20 minutes out my door. So I'm real familiar with the area and the community and the builders in the area, because I'm in the building industry. And so reached out to him and said, hey, you know, I don't know if I can offer anything. But if you'd like I could put it up on Facebook and see if I can find somebody to buy that. You said, Yeah, sure. Send me a link, give me the information, I put it up on facebook get by eight o'clock at night. And by nine o'clock the next morning, I had several hits on it already. And was able to find the very first person I called on it was a buyer, there was a builder, who was building on the lot, right next door to this lot here. And he wanted it bad, he wouldn't let me off the phone until we agreed on a price. That's amazing, man. So for everybody here who might be scared of talking and speaking on podcasts, there's huge benefits that come from it. And Bob seen that just by being a listener, and Mike Novick have benefited off it by just by speaking on it. So everybody here is scared of it. It's I was scared to 1.2. And it's one of those things where like, I kind of got over it. And now I'm seeing the benefit on the back end, just providing a lot of value. But that's huge when from the podcast. And they expect that one. I totally forgot that came from the podcast. Thanks a lot, Bob, for that one. I totally forgot about that. But there's a lot of cool things that come from it. So for everybody here. And like I said, Bob, I'd like to get you on the podcast to talk about that in depth and what you're doing as far as in Colorado to because it opens up a lot of doors. Yeah, cool. Thank you, man. All right, sounds good, man, I'll hit you up later. But for everybody here, man, you always everything. If you were happy where you were, you'd already be there. So you have to do something to break that, that that curve and break that habit to get to where you want to be. And for me personally, it was a personal decision I made like two and a half years ago to change the position I was in. And now I'm here no one put me in this position, I kind of created it. And I'm not putting a pat on my shoulder or anything. But it's one of those things where if you want things to change, you have to change. So a lot of things that there's a quote that says everything, everything you want is beyond fear. And it's not in the comfort zone. So you have to break a lot of those habits to get to where you want to be. So a lot of cool things you get from that but that's a whole nother story and tangent but I really appreciate you coming out like I said these things. I would not do these calls if it wasn't for people here that listen to me and and brought value or brought some type of value to people that other people listen to as well. So we invite you to participate and contribute to the group because that's what makes it infinitely better. It's not about me or Anthony or anybody other leader that contributes it's really the people that come together. And it's really the people that come together that make it the best group possible. brother Rob. Yeah, I just wanted to commend you on what you're seeing exactly. It's about I've learned so much. I mean, I'm not ashamed to say when I first went to the hive mind bootcamp. First of all, I didn't even know how to work. My computer because I'm always on the iPhone, I have learned so much how to work my computer. Now, I am so happy. I don't know what to do. And I am learning land glide land glide, learning how to do the maps, but I don't, I have made my first deal. But I'm close. I called the guy the other day who was selling a property here in California. I did my homework. It was I think 2.3 million. And I made him an offer it was, I didn't even call you guys I made him an offer. Because I'm just getting that confident with what I say what you have taught me. And I low balled it. Because I wanted to see what was happening. I did my homework, you know, my research and everything. And, of course, he would not accept it. But that was okay, I'm gonna hear some nose, you know, $2.3 million. Boy, was I excited to hear that. No, I just wanted to hear what he had to say about it, you know. And so, I'm learning and I think you guys I tend to hide, because I came from literally just reading real estate books and not getting all the information that I needed. And this hides when people come on here, and you ask a question, everybody that knows anything about what you're saying, will answer it. So I'm gonna do case now. It's gonna be about but no, you don't have to know what it's about. I mean, we help. That's a part we help you with. So I commend you for taking action, I commend you for making that offer. It takes, it takes a lot of I'm sure your heart was beating your chest. Really? Well, that's it's an exercise, it's an exercise, I talked about this recently. And you don't know what they're gonna say to you make that offer. So for you making the offer open, it creates an open door, that they can shut it or open, leave it open at that point, and you can step through, but you made the point of making that offer. So I commend you for that. That's a big step. It's a big step. Big step. So I get my first one, I guess I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna Scott right. The first my first deal, you guys, it's gonna be, you know, one of those airplanes. You know, I know, I'm just teasing. But anyway, I'm excited. You know, I'm just really excited about working with land real estate, in the hive. The Hive is the key for me. Every one that I've ever talked to, and I'm talking about everyone, and if you're on here, you know, who I'm speaking of, is just marvelous. They give you such great information. Thank you. No problem, no problem. So side note for the writer, she came into the bootcamp and she didn't know how to use a computer, much less the software. So we got our mouse, that wish she could she can manage the computer. And then we helped her kind of learn how to show how to do texting and reply to people. So she had, she had to go through the computer training first and then had training. So there's, it's different, different different, people need different help. And we don't really know what they need to show up there. So it's kind of cool, helping her out, hands on just flip the computer side first, and then kind of with other stuff afterwards after that part. But it's good to know that she's she's getting better with the computer side. Because there's, there's definitely a lot of changes that has happened over the last couple of years. So if you're not up to date on the computer stuff, I can help you hold you back from doing stuff on the real estate stuff. So a side note here, I talked to older investor out of California, a couple months ago, and I just thought it's brought to my mind because he I was talking to him about like 2008. And I was before I was even learning about real estate. I mean, I was, um, that was even 18 at the time. So that was an eight. But I was talking about the 2008 time where the stock market went through, he actually got wiped out during that time when he was an investor. And for him, he's actually struggling right now to do investor type stuff, because a lot of technology has changed and the marketing techniques have changed. And he has been able to keep up to speed with the marketing techniques in general. So you always have to when you're doing investor type stuff, you have to keep up with the times as far as how people are marketing. What are they doing to find deals, because you can get left behind just by Miss technology is huge, huge, huge, huge. So there's always going to be you got to stay up on the trends of what's working and what's not. because you can get left behind and you're going to be work harder for deals just because you're not using the right type of marketing. So there's a little tidbit for that. And like I said, that was a competition I had a couple months ago with a investor out of California. So a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff changing, and you have to adapt to kind of pivoting into adaptation. With the text. I know, everybody's probably seen the texting update that went out last week. But they're writing opt out and opt out language for the new regulation for all the carriers. That's going to be the new future for outbound text marketing. A lot of people have been asking if they can change that, or affect it in any way. But I'm like, No, it's the future. So if anyone has a video, I guess I kind of covered it now. But with the ATP to regulation, for texting, they've now you have to now have opt out language when you're texting. So we've added it to all the counts that use our phone system with under us to make sure you're using the proper language that way. We're trying to prevent you from passively being sued or getting fined and stuff like that. So we're definitely trying to help you on that. But one of the things we're doing to adapt is we're pivoting into PPC leads. And that's a new service, we're launching soon. But we're launching, PPC leads ala carte, it's gonna be called hive leads, it's gonna be coming out very soon. We're testing it and working that out right now. So if you guys are interested in that, let me know, you can actually text PPC leads to the number and we'll make sure you hear about it first. We've already been tagging a couple people that have been interested in over the past week and kind of alluding to it over the last few months. But we're getting closer and closer to release that. So essentially, those will be hot leads that come to your phone. And will soon as they come in, they will be delivered to your phone, and right it's gonna be focused on land first. But once we get everything tuned in and find out we'll probably be doing houses and agents, the agent type leads and stuff like that. But right now it's going to be strictly land for all the land investors here who want PPC leads, there'll be ala carte PPC leads coming out soon through the hive leads. But that's something we're building right now just adapt with the texting. So when they fill out the PPC lead, they're actually opting in to be contacted versus doing outbound text. So that's one of the ways we're adapting to regulation that has been passed down. And it's just one of those lovely. Hey, Daniel, how you doing? Man? I got a quick question on something that you just mentioned. So, so I had it built into my workflows that if they take certain things back it automatically unsubscribe them. But will the opt out be automatically built into the text? Or is that an option that we have to select? So if they elect the word stop, that's a great question. Wait, if they like the word stop, it's automatically gonna kick them out on the Twilio side, which is the phone service they use. So it's automatically like them to in Twilio that you can text them again. And there's actually an update that came out today, which I'll probably cover soon. But if you haven't, the essentially the DND was a one one option slider. If you go check it right now, when you after this call, if you're on the call, you can check it now. There's options to essentially turn off d&d for email, text, Google My Business and Facebook, because you can essentially contact lead four ways. So you can turn it off for DND for all four types, or for just one. So so if they if they reply, stop, it's going to automatically mark them DND for texting. Okay, so that's how I had it built out in my workflow, right. So now that now that that option is automatically available, will it loop in the workflow or should I take it out? Or worse? With the new update? I'm not 100% Sure I have to test it out. I know it just came out today. So you might have to, I know it definitely DMDs them for the text if they reply, stop it anyway. Okay, yeah, that's how I had it set up to so it automatically be in these and when the sends another text message. Actually, that's that's an issue because when, when the way that I set it up, if they take stop, it automatically removes them, but then it sends a text that says that you're unsubscribed and those are coming back error, I guess because I already started getting the DND Yeah, just take off that that part of the workflow because once they reply, stop, you can reply Okay, cool. Yep. And like I said, I've had because we use we use the same texting software that you guys do to manage all of the hive mind clients. So we've had clients text stop to the weekly call notifications. And then once they like, oh, I need help with the issue. And then we can even call or text them because they replied stop. So then we're stuck emailing them, so they respond. And then they have to either text start or subscribe to the number, and then they'll get reactive back in to be able to call or text them. So it's definitely a thing you have to keep an eye on. Which is why like, if anybody doesn't like the meeting notifications for these calls, you just reply banana, and it removes you off, because we still want to be able to contact you if we're still if you're still a client or potential client in that way. So if you're applying banana, it keeps you off all the all the automation. Great question Wayne. So yeah, that's what's going on. Like I said, we have to adapt with how things are going. So with texting, not necessarily going up going out, it might be slowing down, in my opinion. If they increase the regulation, more, it may stop. But I think it's still gonna be work, as long as you have an opt out message. So people that are doing like different forms of marketing, you might have people opt in to your marketing, whether you're doing number one or whatever marketing, in general, you might have to have this just opt in and work towards doing that type of marketing versus, like texting people. Mike nobec says I saw the opt out last week, but it's not doing it now. I don't know should be doing Oh, okay. So how it works is it's going to send the opt out message to contacts you have not texted before from that account. And that's what it says opt out language. So if it's a if it's a client that you've spoken to before, it's not going to send that message. So it's only been I started, I started a new campaign today. And it didn't do it. It was doing it for me last week. So I planned for it. But now it's not happening this week. I don't know, you might have had a crack through. I don't they might fix it, though. So I want to go crazy with it. Or to go crazy with it. But yeah, like I said, there's definitely stuff coming down the line and you just have to adapt to it. And that's one of the things about real estate and business you have to adapt to whatever is thrown in your path. A lot of what we do is overcoming overcoming heart objection. So one of my one of my mentors out of Phoenix, he was trying to get the the utility list. So he went to the city. I'm like, oh, what's the utility list? And like, No, we can't give you that list your nonprofit. So what does he do? He goes create a nonprofit and ask for utility list and they give it to him. So there's a lot of stuff you have to do to win an obstacle comes up that adapt and overcome it, no matter what it is. And it's a it comes differently for everybody in different stages. But you have to adapt and overcome it. And I agree again, because there's always going to be another another hurdle that you have to jump or pass bypass in some way. And that's for every stage of business every stage. So don't think you get to a certain stage and they don't stop coming, though is keep coming. But great question, Mike. Um, anybody have any questions concerns, anybody that I talked about? Assistance, anything, I know, I kind of talked for the last 20 minutes or so about a lot of different topics. So somebody just messaged me right now they're having problems with the thresholds, not picking up when the auto reloads what some people have been doing, so it's not necessarily me your card when it runs your card, on the back end background for whatever that minimum charge amount. So if you go to your settings, company billing, you should have an amount there. And then there's like two dropdowns, there's an amount of saying to load how much you want to load on there. And the second drop down is what minimum amount you want to load by. So let's say for instance, your accounts at $10, your minimum sets of $10. As soon as it breaks under $10, it's gonna charge you another Count $10. So you're gonna get like mini miniature transactions of $10 over and over again, the way round that is, if you make that amount of more, I think it was up to $500, a little $5 at a time, just a little $500, whatever is $10, a little $500. If you're working within a certain budget per month, whatever that budget is that you're texting, just load that up or manually, and then leave it minimal. So let's say your budgets $150 a month for texting. Just load up 150 ad balance. It's going out of your budget here to your essential account. And then from there, put it as back to $10. So what you're doing is is once out of the odd runs out, you'll get charged 10. And you can manage it that way to make sure you don't over text out of your budget. So a lot of people, you might overtax your budget because the texts are inbound and outbound, and all your call. So if you're doing a lot of calling, if you're doing a lot of texting and your responses back, it's gonna hit you twice as much. So you always wanna keep an eye on your spending budget for texting, because get it easily, not so easily. But if you set up too big of a campaign, and you're out of budget, it's kind of it's gonna turn off, turn off your account. So we've had a lot of people messaging in saying their account wasn't working. Usually, we'll check the settings are like 50 cents negative, so you have to make it positive. And I'll start working again. But we haven't had, we haven't had any issues since last week. So everybody's good to go on that side. And like I said, we'll keep it we'll keep you notified as far as any relation that happens for texting. But that's as far as a big update that happened last week, which I did a video on in the private group. For everybody that affected. Anybody else have a question? I got a question. Let's see. So. So on the app, when I'm trying to delete messages, that won't let me I can. But I'm having problems on the app doing that. You can't delete messages at all, everything's gonna be recorded in some fashion. So you can't delete any messages, app or desktop, they're always going to be there. Oh, wow, I thought I could previously delete the message Lisa wants to say stop, so we can get them out of all the conversations and not have to go solo. What what you're talking about on the desktop, there's a button on the right side called Mark as read or mark as unread, you can essentially kick it off your flow, but till you respond to them, they're always going to be on like that unread messages. So you have unread recents and all looks different. And you there's no mark is read on the app. So you almost have to if you do like a big Tex campaign, you can reply to him on the phone. But you still have to cycle through those stop messages. Were or you can create an automation around it. So there's a workflow automation is something conversation. So if you type in conversation on top is called Edit conversation, you can actually create a automation where if they reply stop, it's going to edit conversation as Mark is unread, or marked as red. So kick it off of that that message board automatically. So if anybody replies stop or any other keywords, you can create automation run that just to kick it off. So if you are managing it from your phone, you won't even see it. Okay, I'm not just saying nice one. Yeah, that's a that's a cool, that's a cool one. Especially if you're managing if you're doing a lot of texting. It's hard to look at every text. I mean, it makes it easy, but it depends on how much you do. So like, certain keywords, I just have the Edit conversation, so I never see it, just because it doesn't pertain to me anymore once they opt out. So I have that on all my counts, to edit conversation, so I'll see it and as I show up in my unread messages. Okay. Okay. Yeah, that's convenient for sure. So he's very good. Throw that in there. And I appreciate that. Thanks. Yeah, man, a lot. A lot of like you said a lot of what we what I do, I managed the system, like I manage my whole a lot of different companies through through this one software. So it can definitely help assist you, if you're doing a lot of some things or another things. If you need help creatively as far as doing certain things, stuff like that. I'm really glad you mentioned that Ferber listening because that's an easy fix you can set up that will automate your if you have too many unread messages, really easy to set up and such a quick fix. So that was a good question. Cecil. Like I said, this is the system helps you automate a lot of back end processes. So you're actually not wasting those time wasting that time. Reading all that? God, wait. Yeah, just wanted to say something. I don't know if there's any new users on here or people on the fence thinking about it. I've ran through about four or five different CRMs you know, most notable Podio RAS? Well, Rei sift isn't really a CRM. But this CRM and the system setup is so robust and you can do so much with it. That it's just this ridiculous man. Like, you just have to understand and know how the system operates and I'm still understanding and finding out you know, more Technically, but you can do just about everything that you want through the system, whether it be auto respond to certain Texas phrases, things of that nature, and that intrigues, more buyers or more sellers, and things of that nature, because they feel like they've been responded to attentively. And you can even step in and do another response, you know what I'm saying, like the email systems or the websites, the system provides just, it just provides so much more than all the other system for the price point and, and, you know, I enjoy it more. I'm a little tech guy, I guess, like semi tech, but I enjoy it. And I enjoy what I can actually do with. And, you know, for everybody it is utilizing the system and coming up with the things that work for them. Kudos, and I hope you keep on rocking. And, you know, this is a great system. And I appreciate that, Wayne, yeah, it's one of those things, man, a lot of people they get, they can get overwhelmed in the beginning. But it's one of those things where like, automate one thing at a time. And once you automate it right the right way, you don't have to worry about it anymore. So it's a it's a it's a, it's a think of it as a wall. You can't you can't just build a wall by putting a wall and you have to build it Brick by Brick brick sometimes. So it's a process. Guy, Bob. Yeah, man. I'm on that. I'm on that overwhelm, events. Place myself, I'm learning, learning the business and haven't been really using much of the CRM, just being a part of the hive mind and making connections still. So can you talk a little bit about the bastar? What is it gonna be a podcast? Or like, what is that thing coming up? Sure, sure, I will plug bastar. And I don't know his Bhaskara is doing a gait training. Covering, if you'd have, if you're using it in a if you're using it in a somewhat fashion, I think he's gonna lay out like different, like plans, honestly plans, but different like checklist of what you need to do first, as far as get going. Because Bhasker operates at a very high level. So he's doing a interview. Tomorrow, it's tomorrow, for three hours, you can check it out, just like a basket Pandy. He's an interview tomorrow about it to pretty much teach and educate for three hours straight, and answer questions about the system, and how to use it at a high level. So that's pretty much the gist of it. But he, the one thing I love about this, I muted you, Bob, you had a lot of one bone. But the one thing I like about the what the system in general is that there's so many different variations I built the way I built it, maybe maybe you don't like we'll tweak it a little bit slowly built, it might be different from basket, the way Bob builds and maybe biscuit bistro from Loretta is like everybody's gonna use it differently. And that's perfectly fine. Once you understand the basics of it, you can use it however you want. However you however you want to use it. That's the beauty of it. So it's kind of open ended for everybody that wants to like I want to make it to my business and you can make to your business too. So all those things are it's really adjustable and can be formatted to whatever style or format you operate in. I'm a little, I'm a little nervous that Bhaskara is going to start teaching it at like college level and I'm still at like Elementary. It's one of those things where like, as long as you're open minded, and you understand the basics BASTARZ training will help out a lot. And that's why everybody's here listening. It's one of those things where I'm sure if I tend to I'll learn something just because he'll probably he's probably using something I've never heard of. That's the beauty of it. So I use a completely different from everybody else. And like I said, I use it differently for each business. So I use it for three different businesses. And each business I use a completely different. And that's just how it goes. Because like me knowing how to use it all I don't necessarily need necessarily need all the things that need for each business. So the one the one business I use it the most is hive mind for its clients and outreach. So I use it the most for hive mind, but the other two, it's like a fraction of what I built on hive mind, it's just because I don't need I don't need it and all those facets 100%. So it's one of those things where once you understand and how to work it for your business, it's easy to inundate and get with Yeah, so good question. But yeah, check out maskers training Yeah, we'll do thanks a lot Daniel. No problem. No problem. Who's got another question? We got 21 People here. Just got a question scrolled. Alright. So there's, there's a lot, there's a lot you can do. So don't get don't get overwhelmed. I think it was a there's a graphic I made on social media is that you don't have to think about automating it once. Once you get it right. You know, to audit, we don't worry about it again, we have to tweak in the future, but it runs it runs. If you set it up. That's it. Set it up and let it go. I Daniel so I'm doing a owner finance on land. Sure. For my very first payment, my buyer defaults. He doesn't make his payment. So what do I do? What do I send him? I guess, how do I track that? Hey, you missed your first payment. can miss your second payment? That's it. I'm taking the property back. Did you do a contract for deed? Or How'd you do it? contract for deed? Did he get paperwork as far as what is default period? At all? Ah, yes, he has it all. He's got that, then I would stick to whatever paperwork your default period says. So I would let them know that you missed your first payment after your 60 days or 90 days. Your contract is null and void. So I would stick to whatever paperwork says, Well, I just I didn't know if there was something else I had to I guess file or send him letting them know, hey, like on a credit card, if you miss your payment, they're gonna send you something. I mean, I mean, sending them something is just a courtesy. I mean, if he understood the parameters and put up the down payment on the beginning, he's gonna know everything that entails or you shouldn't overthink, it entails if you explained it, which I'm sure he did. So if he understood what he was getting into, and he defaulted on the first 90 days, and that's one of those things were keep moving. Okay. But yeah, I hate the I hate to see it but happens. Yeah, my first payment should like I don't always make the payment or two. But when I got the scores, what he put as a down payment, so you go, the rest is cashflow at that point. So 30 is default you can resell it again. You're gonna my son, appreciate that. No problem, man. I sold the house on a on a rap. It was my first house I bought, I moved out of state so I sold them on a ramp. The my lease purchase buyer has never missed a payment. And I have I didn't when the whole pandemic hit, I didn't talk to him for like a year. And the payments comes from my own on the on the date that are supposed to come in. But I was like I checked up after up dedicate like a year and a half. And I'm like, Hey, Everything good is again, it was good as well as things like so lease purchase buyers, no buyers are really, really great sometimes, but still had a bad experience. But let's seek resell it. But it's still always a good thing. But I'm finding it finding the right buyers that are consistent. It's kind of cool haven't technically a rent almost like a renter, but pays it on time for over two years now. And I haven't had an issue. So I'm kind of Blessed on that part. But it's very interesting what you can do in real estate. Very, very interesting. We have a few minutes left. Go ahead, Nick. Yeah, the question. So I mean, I'm just getting started and actually was brought to the group by Mike Novak. I met him at a real estate event up in Massachusetts. Awesome. Yeah, so I'm just getting started with my first kind of direct mail campaign and I'm setting things up with with rocket printing and everything. I'm just kind of, you know, just trying to get all my ducks in a row for when people like come back and I'm ready to move forward if I was if I find a potential seller, you know, what, what are the documents that I need to gain? Like, you know, just get everything recorded? I'm you know, I mean, I know that you can use an attorney, but it like would it make sense if I'm doing a smaller deal to try to close just with between the title company and me and try to do some, like, draft up some of the documents on my own for First, I will say we're not attorneys. So this is not legal advice. But second, there's there's paperwork out everywhere that you can get, I'm sure you can probably message somebody or somebody's messaging right now saying they have paperwork thing to do. But there's paperwork out there, I recommend at least getting some type of draft paperwork, I would not recommend drafting something yourself. But using something that's already out there, all you need is a purchase and sale agreement. Most, most contracts in their basic form are assignable. But having something in there saying it's assignable, is perfectly fine. Signing a purchase and sale agreement with the seller. And then from there, you'll need either a an assignment contract, or another purchase and sale agreement with your end buyer, which would it'd be a double close and you submit all your paperwork to the title company. So there is some type of middle work sometimes to make sure all your paperwork is in order, make sure the buyer Smith's earnest money, make sure all that stuff is done. But a lot of this paperwork is done through the title company. And you might have to contact the title company and they'll give you paperwork. Like there's a lot of places to get paperwork in general. So don't overthink that part. If you already have a motivated seller, you need paperwork last minute, just make just make it known and some of them probably send it to some as far as where they got it from I don't know. But the the paperworks easy part. The hardest part of this business is finding motivated sellers. Don't overthink it, man. Awesome. Thank you. Yeah, don't overthink it. Yeah. Good job and making those first steps even get an order. Yeah, thank you. Appreciate it. No problem, man. Yeah, for everybody here, don't don't overthink the paperwork. It can get difficult later on. But don't overthink the paperwork on your first deal. Just find that motivated seller get under contract and push it out to the buyer. Sounds simpler than it is. But that's the that's the gist partner. So just don't overthink it. I'll tell you how you can get in your own head and prevent yourself from progressing by overthinking. So don't let that be you for loosening on the viewer. All right. I know we have a lot of new people here on the call. If anybody anybody hasn't join our free Facebook group. It's the hive mind CRM on Facebook. Definitely check it out. We do a lot of there's a lot of free content there. But questions up. And there's plenty of people there to help you and assist you in no matter what it is. So don't be afraid to ask questions. Everybody here is here to help each other in some way or some some format, for the most part. So we're all here to help each other. Including me and everybody that participates. So if you have knowledge to give, or if you have some questions you answered, don't feel free to ask. We're nearing the end of this call. We do these calls every Monday and Thursday. We do podcasts release. Monday through Friday, on behalf of this podcast we're on mostly on network so you can check us out there. We do a lot of education and lot of education in general towards real estate and business. For everybody here listening, be open minded. There's a lot of people out here that naturally on real estate, but they are business oriented. And real estate is a business. Don't overthink it. There's a lot of money that goes in and out of hands. If you make $10,000 and might not be a profit, you might have spent two or $3,000 in marketing to get that deal. So you have to count accordingly. Keep tracking numbers can check your KPIs. Make sure you follow up with your sellers. But there's a lot of stuff that goes into business and a lot of stuff people don't talk about. So make sure you're protected and always in business. So my two cents on business. But we got time for one more question who's got another question? That's okay. It's okay. You guys can think about questions and put them in the Facebook group for somebody will answer them, not just me. But there's a lot of there's a lot of value out there. What people people always say they can learn from YouTube University, which is where I learned but if people give the opportunity to ask questions, kind of shortcuts, a lot of that searching, like you can start you can learn anything on YouTube, but you have to watch 10 videos to get that answer. So sometimes it's better asking the questions when you have somebody here ready to give them but that's for another conversation. But we appreciate it coming out as these also for you guys. And like I said, we try to provide as much value as possible. Please check out our free Facebook group. Our next call is Thursday. If you want to get added to these calls, you can actually Texas at 210-972-1842 just text the keyword hive. You'll be added to these calls. But we appreciate you coming out. Check us out on the next call on Thursday. We appreciate everybody. Have a great day guys. Thank you. Daniel, quick question. No, no when the when the system went down? Because I think I got a message saying that. A Thursday calls for was that just when the system was down? Since you mentioned that last call was canceled because we were out of town. Okay, all right. Last Thursday's, but we should be back this Thursday. Okay, I just Yeah, I was just wondering, make sure if it was when you guys were getting the system back online. So this is systems back. Been back in line for over a week now. So we haven't had any issues there. But we just canceled last week because we're out of town. Okay, perfect. All right. You guys. Have a great week, everybody. Have a good week. Bye bye

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I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

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