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May 10, 2022

Ep 177- David Olds: Nationwide Disposition For Real Estate Proffessionals

Ep 177- David Olds: Nationwide Disposition For Real Estate Proffessionals
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Hey, we're here with the one and only David olds and Anthony gonna. Yeah, he's like his surprise of the year. What was the one and only part that they kind of shot I wonder who was popping on with us? I mean, there's only one David olds and there's only only only one. That's true, but you know, you're leading up with this one and only business online. Oh, wow, it was coming on. It's gonna be here now. Being on. I really appreciate it. The Burnaby Mexican is Daniel Martinez is a very popular name, which is why I put Daniel step on Martinez just because I want people to know who I am. I gotta differentiate myself because all the other Mexicans that are dangerous. Yeah. It's that's important. It's funny. I was watching this movie last night. I will. It was. God, what is this? Like Mexican cartel movie. But anyway, one of the one of the guys names was like a, you know, a prominent real estate guy. Oh, my God. That's kind of interesting. So anyways, yeah, so yeah, thank goodness. There's nobody else in my name. Nope. No poor guys stuck with that. Yeah, you're the one and only one and only. All right. So we're going to talk about a lot of different things today. First of all, I want to give a brief introduction. I don't think we've ever had this conversation. That's why I like doing this conversation when we come on the podcast. But oh, until a little bit about your background, how long you been in real estate? Just basics that everybody asked, but I've never heard it before. So really? Oh, my goodness. Yeah. So So you know, I'm a full time investor. We're based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, but we've been investing my wife and I for about 20 years. So started all the way back in 2002. Yeah, we've been around for forever. 2002 we got married, and we wanted to buy a house. So like, that's what people do. And I grew up my dad was like, ex military guy was always like fixing the house. And during those times, he was that dad, right? We're going to we don't need to hire a contractor. We're going to do the additions ourselves. And you're going to do all the chores and all that stuff. So So of course, as a kid, my thing was, when I grew up, I'm gonna have a condo and I'm never raking leaves again. And I'm never doing any of these things. Ever again, I won't make my kids do it. Oh, spoiler alert for any of you guys that are in your 20s you eventually technique to your parents. So But anyways, so, you know, my dad had always we were doing real estate and not real estate buying but like, in within, you know, our own house in addition, so I was kind of just exposed to that. So anyway, so I get married, and we decided to buy this house and we're in Apopka, Florida, and we were going to the closing. And like I didn't know anything, right? Like I was, you know, late 20s. I kind of started late, and I asked my Realtors were coming out of closing. I'm like, why? Like, I don't understand why did we buy it from Wells Fargo? Like that doesn't make any sense. So like, oh, dummy, well, it's foreclosure. Like, oh, like, what does that mean? You know, because if you don't know, you don't know. Right? Like, I mean, I was around drywall and stones and houses, but I didn't know how real estate itself works. I'm like, okay, cool. So I worked for this company called Scotties hardware stores in Florida, like 170 of them. Of course, Lowe's and Home Depot, put them all out of business, but because I work there, and then later for a lumber distributor, I'm like, Oh, well, I can like update my house because that's what we did as a kid right? So we, you know, we took off the little baseboards, put on big baseboards, big moldings crown did some like minor stuff. And when it was time to move about two and a half years later, I'm like, Oh, well, let's sell the house. So same realtor going back to the closing place. And on the way in, she's like, Hey, by the way, you know, you don't have to pay money on on the 50 something 1000 that you're making? I'm like, What? What do you mean? It's like, yeah, homestead exemption. You live there for two years. It's tax free money. Like really? Well, that's cool, right? Like, I didn't know that. I was shocked. Because I was expected to pay like 20 grand on on this again. So I'm like, well, that's awesome. So so what we were doing is we were trying to move a little bit closer to where I work. So we started looking for a new house. And we bought this really ugly house in an amazing neighborhood. It's everything that you want to actually want to do. If you're an investor and you're trying to do this on purpose and not just kind of Bumble your way through it like I was, so it was like this beautiful neighborhood and to bury Florida northmor Orlando is like the perfect neighborhood like oak trees, brick houses. And you know, we we bought this kind of house up on a cul de sac with a pool and it needed a complete remodel. So I, you know, went looked at it I called my wife, she's like, Yeah, let's do it. And I'm like, really? Like, you're up for this again, like remodeling a house and living in that disaster. Yeah, yeah, let's do it. It'll be great. So we fixed that one, and sold it a little over two years later made like 100,000. So now I'm like, Okay, this is pretty cool. Like, like, and I'm working, you know, a regular w two job, W four job, whatever it is. And you know, making pretty good dough, like I'm making 7080 grand, which back in the early 2000s was pretty good. So the next thing I was at the airport waiting on our kids, they were flying in as unaccompanied minor. So I'm in the bookstore. The most cliche thing ever, right? Randomly, I pick up a book and start reading it. Little Book flat. I'm through like, 30 pages in like, 20 minutes, right? Rich Dad, Poor Dad. So I'm like, Well, this is a good book, like I should, like, I'm gonna buy this because it's pretty good. I want to finish reading it. So I buy the book got picked up, the kids are important. unaccompanied minors. So I go home, and I blast through this, this book, and get what to say at the end. He's like, Oh, if you want to be in real estate, you need to go find a, like a real estate club or group or something like that. And if you want to do oil, and you know, whatever, stocks but you know, some real estate. So one thing about me is I'm not super smart, but I'm really good at following directions. Right? So I'm like, okay, so I sit down at my computer, which was like this big boxy monitor, you know, the early 2000s. And I log into like web crawl or spider crawl or something, you know, because Google and Facebook aren't even invented. And I type in Orlando, or Central Florida real, whatever, I type in some something in the search bar. And it comes up with this, this guy who's selling houses. And like I've read enough now to realize that this guy was a wholesaler and have a resources page. His name is Todd Hutchinson. He's in Orlando, you guys should if you're there, you should reach out to him because he's smart and amazing. But it had this resource and he said, If you want to learn about real estate, go to the Central Florida real estate investors group. Like, okay, again, I'm good at following directions. I click on the link, meeting his meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at the Lumbee theater downtown. I remember that forever. So I'm gonna go okay, so it was July of now it's got to be what? 2005 or six, something like that. So I drive from the buried all the way down to the Bumby Theater, which if you're in Orlando, you know, that's probably like a 45 minute drive. So So I tell my wife, I'm like, I'm going down there. I'm gonna learn about real estate. She's like, Okay, you go boy. Like all right, so my wife is oddly supportive of all the all the stupid shit that we decided to do. We're buying oil wells not too long ago. She like yeah, just do it. Um, I don't want to be on this on the Zoom to hear now. I trust you. Okay, so I saw driving down to to Orlando. And what I didn't know at the time was CFRI, Central Florida, real estate investors was the third largest retailer in the country. It's a big thing. It's big, right? Think of like a big Ria, you know, it put it on steroids. So I drive into this parking lot. And it's packed, right, like 400 cars. And every car is like We Buy Houses hard money appraiser, inspections, soft money, hard money, like all the shit like everybody's got car wraps and magnets. And I'm driving through looking for a spot. And like, the anxiety is killing me, right? I'm like, it's like, I'm like sweating. Like I'm like, Oh my god. So I'm driving through, and I drive right out the backside, and go home. And I couldn't do it. I was afraid to go in. It was the craziest thing I got. I was just afraid. I'm like, I have no business being here. I don't know what I'm doing. I can't go in there. I just can't, I could not park the car and go and go and go in the place to get home and my wife's like, how to go that was quick. I'm like that. And I can count on one hand where I've not told my wife the truth in 20 years. We're gonna be married a couple months. And I'm like, couldn't find it. Like, I don't know. Try again. I'll try again another month. So I remember I didn't go in August. The reason I remember I went in September is because it was my birthday. So now I'm pissed. Like all I thought about it for 60 days on my policy, you didn't go What's your problem and get your ass in the car. So I drive down that now and I'm I'm like white knuckled and I'm talking to myself and I'm like, your work going in. We're doing this or you know, I'm just psyching myself psyching myself up for this. So I go and I park and like I don't even think about I walk up there and I give him my 10 bucks or 20 bucks or whatever it was for for the to get in as a guest. And you know, I went in and again it's a big deal right? So in the lobby there's you guys have into this like there's all those tables and you know, their their company you know, I hide mine is there like by our CRM and you know, and they're giving away pens and I'm like, I don't know what to do. So I grab a bag and I'm collecting like pens and spongy balls and like all the shit, right? I don't know. I'm just trying to do that look like I belong. For a guy who's flipped two houses for 150 grand, and I still don't feel, you know, I don't know. So I go in. So here's a, here's where I'm going with all this. So I go in, I sit way back in the left hand corner because I wanted a document. And I got my little I got my little pen in my notepad and I sit down, I'm like, Okay, so I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna learn something. So here's the amazing thing that that RIA did at the beginning of every and every meeting, they had what's called deal of the month, and they were pre select three or four people, and they would get up and they would tell their story. And then everybody by applause, they clapped, somebody wins, like a $50, Home Depot card, 100 bucks, whatever it was, like, okay, so cool. So I'm sitting here, and this first guy gets up. And he's like, I want to picture like the quintessential like Old Florida guy, 90 pounds, literally overalls, you know, probably like his dress, white polo shirt. Like, the only thing missing is like the straw coming out of his mouth, right? Like wrinkled skin, like tan has been on the sun. So this guy gets up there, he walks up, and everybody's real quiet. And he's like, I wish I could remember the guy's name. Hi, my name is Bob. And literally like everybody like an eight. And he goes, Hey, Bob knew the guy, right? I was new. So he's like, Hey, I was I was driving to North Carolina to see my kinfolk. And you know, I got off the exit for some gas. And I drove by this house and had a for sale by owner sign so. So I stopped and talked to the guy. And he wanted 80,000 and I offered him you know, 42. And he said he couldn't take that. So I gave him my car. And I just kept on going to see my kinfolk. And when I was coming home, I was almost home. And he called me and said he take my 42,000. So I turned around, went back and, and I bought the house, and I hired a guy to paint it and fix it up a little bit. I just sold it for 120,000 I'm like, Are you shitting me? Don't. I'm sitting there looking at it. I'm like, okay, so then everybody claps, so Bob gets off. And in this girl, I do remember her name? Olga, this girl gets up there, like, beautiful, like 27 year old girl, right? Russian immigrant. So I'm very intently watching her walk up on on stage. And, and she starts talking, like the worst English ever, right can barely can spit out English words. And she gets up there. And this girl is flipping mobile homes all over all of Orlando for like five grand apiece, five or six a month. And I'm like, holy smokes, I don't even know what the next two people are. Because I'm sitting there going, I'm pretty smart, I have a good job, I went to college. If these people can do this 100% I can do this, like 100%. So like, that's like, we all have those defining moments in our life like that will that will continuously, you know, kind of resonate with you. And we think about every day, this is that day, because I'm looking and like I don't know, again, I'm not the smartest guy. And I'm not trying to be like, I'm so smart. But like I'm like if these two people can do it, like this old guy who's 70 or 80, who you know, talks, like he's got marbles in his mouth and good for him for making that. I'm not doubting that at all. But if he can do this, driving through a frickin city that he's never been to, and lock something up and make, you know, 60 grand on it, or whatever it was. And this girl who can't speak English, who's probably not even a citizen, and she's flipping deals. Oh my god, I can do this. Right, I can do this. And so So it started there. You know, it was a great read a lot of like, like, because it was all of Central Florida. Like there was a meeting or a class or something like every night. And, you know, I just was like, I'm all in, like, Amen. We're doing this. And, you know, by this time, we're on our third house living in it, remodeling it as we live there. And yeah, so I mean, I just spent a bunch of money and went to, like, every, every weekend seminar I could and all the meetings and, you know, I paid some coaches to teach me about subject to and like, I'm just learning. I'm just like a sponge for, you know, let's just let's just learn as much as we can. And yeah, so that was our very first deal coming out of that investment deal was buying a property subject to that was the that was the very first deal. And remodeled it and sold it and then just went on to do a bunch of those and all the meanwhile we were sort of doing that. Now we call it house hacking. You know we were moving into a house fixing it up because I had a full time job. My wife had a full time job. So we were coming home scraping popcorn, putting ceramic tile changing on cabinets, and just kind of over the next couple of years. You know, we were doing we were doing that as well. And, you know, the one of the interesting things is I actually paid a guy I went to like this week long boot camp actually did that to learn wholesaling. And so because now that's like what I'm known for is like, like the wholesale guy but dispositions guy. And so my wife and I, we went to this whole thing for a week and, and he did say, like, you got to, you know, you have all these postcards because it's back and direct mail day and you gotta put up bandit signs. I'm like, I can do that right? I can make WE BUY HOUSES signs. And he says, You gotta go up like a main road and put put your bandit signs out. Well, it should have been more clear. Because what I did was I got my name and time my wife and I went out at like two in the morning. And I like to think of like every intersection, we put out eight signs. There was no spot in that intersection where there was not a sign facing you. So we do this up and down. 1792 from like delta DeLand, ultimate springs or something. So you know, we get home it's like seven in the morning. We're like beat and what happened to like a 15 ring. Hey, this is Sergeant such and such. I'm like, Oh my god. He's like, You need to come get these picked up right now. Like this guy had no tolerance for remote bullshit. So there we were getting up right back down the road picking up all these houses? Are all the signs that made you put out? Oh, at least 100 You know, now we're out there picking them up. And let me tell you something, for those of you that haven't done bandit signs, putting them out. It's a lot of work. Like it's a lot of work. But man there's nothing worse than having to go pick up the bass finds that you just spent all night putting out that's those demoralizing thing is how many times at least I walk with me having to go pick them back up after all that work. It was terrible. So now like now I'm afraid to do you know, of course bandit sign so. So we were doing some some marketing. And, you know, back then, like foreclosures were just starting, but nobody knew. Like, and if you guys want to talk about market cycles, we definitely can but so nobody knew where it was gonna go. Like, there were some foreclosures. Right. So that's what they're teaching at RIA meetings, like, oh, target foreclosures, and you know, do that stuff. So we're, we're doing direct mail. And sometimes, like, our pre foreclosure letters getting there before they were served with foreclosure notices, because banks are starting to get backed up. And so anyways, you know, we did a few more deals, and then, like, the world came to an end. Like, you know, it just stopped. And, you know, people ask me, it, probably all the guys who've been through, you know, a drastic shift, like, you know, how do you know what's coming, and also, anybody who posts right now, like the market is gonna crash in July is full of shit and has no idea, right? We didn't know. The market was shifting. That property I sold that we made 100 grand on was the beginning of the shift. But like, we didn't know it. Like we didn't know that was the top for like a year. Like you didn't do like it's slowing down a little bit. Maybe it's like, but you don't know. You don't know until you're till you're way on the other side. But that was the that was the peak and that's where it started to drop. So at the time, I was working for a lumber supplier at for lumber. And so I'm selling to like builders, right, like track builders, Pulte Homes, Dr. Horton, all those people. And I know I'm going along. I'm sorry, the, the, you're selling what you're selling to the builders? What's happening? You're selling land to those developers? No, no, we were selling also building materials. So I would sell them like doors, windows, garage doors, that kind of stuff. Okay, so what happens when you sell to track builders like that track builders, you know, people who do a lot of the same house like over and over and over cookie cutter stuff is you know, the Magnolia model, right? We have a magnolia model. And we know exactly what it's going to take, right? So they have standards, right? Standard baseboards, moldings, countertops, floors, whatever. So what we were noticing is because the the market was slowing down for them, like maybe they weren't putting granite in anymore, now they were shifting it to be laminate. Right. So we were seeing small things like that were peeling back a little bit, they were peeling back a little bit, right. And same thing, my wife, she worked for Ashton Woods homes, which is a large custom home builder in Florida nationwide now, and she was in their purchasing department. So she was seeing the same thing. But again, like Where's Captain is it can be, and we still had no idea that it was gonna, you know, just kind of dropped off a cliff when it did. So to like, we see stuff happening. And I'm like, you know, maybe maybe we want to go someplace where it's easier to do business, right. So we started looking around and you know, we were going to some seminars and doing some stuff and that's great guy, or this great week long boot camp in Boston from this guy named Dave Lindell, who probably were one of the greatest books on emerging markets and market cycles. You He was he was at the end of this week long thing. And he's literally going through all the markets in the country and he's like Chattanooga, Tennessee, you know, very small market very stable and like Volkswagen is opening its first US plant. They're like, Oh, you know, 200,000 people, it's gonna bring 20,000 new jobs 10% job and that's a lot. Right. So and we've been looking at other markets, Louisville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Alabama, like we'd looked at some other stuff. And so we really dialed into Chattanooga and said, Okay, this is we're gonna we're gonna move to Chattanooga. So we started doing a little bit of marketing. And we bought our first deal subject to actually offer Craigslist, which was crazy. But my brother, who was working with us at the time, he found it on his on Craigslist, and we just made an offer to take over their mortgage. But so we're going back and forth a little bit and, you know, trying to learn the area. Like he was staying up here. I was in Orlando, he's putting out signs I'm taking calls, you know, we're trying to hustle some shit up. And I told my my job like, Hey, I'm leaving. And they're like, Oh, that's okay. Like, you know, we're good. Because the markets dying, right? Nobody's buying anything. Yeah. So. So we had this one house that we bought, like, a year before, it was a probate deal. I bought, it was like 97 grand. And, like, our sat right here, house, one block over two blocks down, it just sold for like, 214. Right. So I'm like, Okay, and again, you don't realize you're you don't know you're falling off the cliff right until afterwards. So I'm like, okay, great. Like this is this is good. I said, you know, so I, you know, we I think we bought it like July. And again, we're working on it ourselves. Popcorn countertops, you know, we're doing all this stuff painting, painting outside. So I finished in like, November, and I call my realtor your realtor this time? And she's like, Yeah, you know, things kind of slow down between holidays. Why don't we put it on the market in January? I'm like, Okay, that's cool. Because I want to move in February or March, you know, something like, self, we're gonna have 60 7080 grand to relocate. It's gonna be perfect. So I call her in, in January. And she says, like, okay, great. I'll be over. So she comes over, she looks around, I show her the house. She's like, you did great. I'm like, I know. Like, you did a great job. I'm like, Yeah, but I do. I do. Good job. I'm like, What can we sell it for? It's like, well, so this house at the corner. So this one and this one? Probably like 145. Like, one house over two blocks down to set to 14. Yeah, that was six months ago. This was the point where it like hit the wall. And I'm like, Yeah, I'm like, my, I'm not selling it for that. So like, Well, this one's over 131 40. You know, I'm like, so this is the mistake I made, which every new investor makes right. My house is better than that. My house is remodeled. That's a foreclosure. My house is better. Well, let me just tell you didn't matter. did not matter that my house was fully remodeled and looked amazing. The market just stopped. And you know, it was buying cash buyers, and what was on sale? Every everything. Except my house. So I'm like, nope. My house is better. And, you know, I put it out at 165. And I thought I was most magnanimous and effort that's ever walked the earth going 165. She's like, okay, she's a realtor, right? Puts a sign in the yard out. She goes. So like a month, nothing like not even a call dude. Because the market keeps going. So after like, four or five weeks, I call her again. I'm like, Hey, like, like, I don't wanna be passable? What's going on? And we're getting any calls? Nope. Mind. Okay. Let's do 145 She's like, Yeah, I don't know if that's gonna work. I'm like, You just told me 145. So yeah, that was a month ago. Put it out at 145. Let's get this thing done. And the analogy I would give I give people is like, imagine a fat kid chasing a tennis ball down the hill. That's what it's like, when the market shifts, like you are chasing the market all the way down. And it's you have to make such a drastic price jump to get in front of it. So again, you know, 145 we get a couple calls. But nothing, like not even a showing. So then I'm like, Alright, 139 Like, I've got a couple showings. But now like, I've told my company like, Hey, I'm leaving in June, right? So you can be prepared. So like, we're getting nothing, like nothing. And finally, I'm like, now I'm in like panic mode. Kind of like any money that I had. We've spent right because we're like anybody else. So now now my Holy smokes. Like what are we going to do? Like, I we're going right? And it wasn't an option to stay like my wife had lost her job. So she's just sitting at home because, you know, builders laying people off. So, you know, again, ton of real estate courses and everything and you know, sell your house in seven days and all that crap. So I'm like, You know what? I'm gonna go put out signs I'm gonna lease out Should this property, right? I'm gonna try to get some money down and then, you know, I'll have a high sales price later and they'll Cash me out, whatever. So I was trying for 10. And I ended up with five grand so. And I think I was cash flowing like $27 a month, something redeemed, but I'm like, okay, it's fine. Somebody's in there, and literally got a U haul. We packed it up with every single thing. We own me, my wife, two boys, my three fat dogs, and my brother in his truck. And we, we left it to go to Chattanooga, and did not know one person. I kind of knew a realtor who showed us around a little bit. But we moved 100% for real estate because we believed in the market. We knew the numbers were good. And we were going to come up here and we were going to buy small multifamily and apartment complexes and we were going to, you know, we were going to rule the world. And so we actually drove up timed it. So that we had a closing we were buying a subject to house that I had seen one time like two months before, and my dad's gonna be great. We're gonna move up there, we're gonna make a million dollars. So we get here we go to the closing, we get to this house, you know, 637 o'clock at night. Back this truck in it's this old 1900s house on the side of missionary Ridge, not the good side. And it's summer, it's July 9, it's hot. My anniversary is on the seventh, my wife's birthday is on the eighth and on the ninth. We're, we're moving into this house. And so the house had been vacant for probably like two years because the guy we bought it from was getting married and he just didn't move down. So it's vacant. It's a 1900s house. We get in there, there's no there's no central AC, we flipped up the power on which we hadn't done a good job of doing any kind of inspections. Like only half the powers working in the house. No, again, no air conditioners and we didn't bring ACS with us because I had a house in Florida with central AC. I mean, we had just enough energy, like drag the mattresses in and just collapse on the mattresses that night. And I'm gonna tell you, man, I've had a couple bad days in my life. This is one of them. I'm laying on this mattress going. Holy shit, what have I done? What have I done? I uprooted my kids, my wife, my three fat dogs, my brother, everybody believes in this real estate dream. And we're in this house that's been vacant old doors. So there's like a crack that's a mouse running through. There's no power or hot. My kids are there right? Like, we left this beautiful house in Central Florida to come here to this 1900 house floors are crooked. And I'm gonna tell you, man, like I cried myself to sleep at night. Like I'm like, What did I do? Like, I don't even know. Like, right? You Yeah, I don't know. I got what was this? A? Because how do you how do you unwind that? Right? I put somebody in my house. I don't have my job anymore. My wife doesn't have hers. Like when you see those memes on Facebook about burning the boats and doing the thing like this is it. There is no option. There's there was not like, we're gonna make this work. We're gonna figure it out. We're gonna we're gonna make this work. And so the Chattanooga market at the time. very unsophisticated, right. It's not like San Antonio or Houston or Orlando, right? Where people are investors, and they know what assignments are. And this is like a good old boy kind of neighborhood. Like, we're we're talking to people about Yeah, we're doing assignment contracts wholesale. They're like, what? What are you doing? What are you? Yeah, Cassie, realtor license. And we same thing. We're going to title companies and they've never heard of assignments, right? Because nobody had ever done it here. Nobody's ever wholesaled more than like a deal or two, right? It's certainly nobody at scale. I'm like, okay, that's fine. So we figured it out. And again, back then the way that you marketed like it was all bootstrap stuff. There was no Facebook. Like there was no mass texting, ringless voicemail that you marketing by going out and driving for dollars. You could download a list, you could get a list source, I think it was around back then you could download a list and mail somebody a postcard. And back then, you know, always skip tracing numbers. No, no, no, no, it's crazier. No, no, no, none of that. You sent out postcards, yellow letters, we did driving for dollars. Right. And I you know, my problem was I was too poor again. You know, I tell everybody you have time or money, right? We had all the time the world is zero money. So, I mean, we had to just fucking work hard because again, every night when I went home, I had two kids, their two teenage boys, a wife and three fat dogs, man. Like you got to find a way to make it work. So all these complainers that things aren't going good. The markets getting scarce. This is a bunch of BS. It's my favorite is there's no inventory, camp in a plane, go out there and see how much inventory is out there. Unless we all have that right I Don't panic in the shower sometimes like, Well, man, we bought all the houses that there are days, we've just bought them all. Like, I don't know. That's how I feel about land right now. I feel like nobody can send me a land deal I haven't seen already. I'm like, Yeah, I know what that was going for. I know where this is. Well, we just we've texted everybody. So what are you doing now? Man? what's your what's your main business? What kind of assets are you going after? Sounds like you're doing some coaching. You have some programs in a dispo coaching program. I don't know exactly what yeah. Yeah, so. So back then it's it was like the upside down the exact opposite of where it is now. So we could walk down the road because we were in the middle of a incredible recession. And we could get you can pick up five houses on the day if you wanted. But there was no buyers. Right? So we had to get really good really good at doing this though. Like we had to get creative and had a system and like really hammered out. And also I told you we were coming up here to do multifamily is a little side note, you know who's not lending money in the middle of a recession when they're taking back 500 houses a week. Banks. So that's why we didn't continue with that. We're like, Okay, well, we're gonna wholesale. So again, like, let's try this bandit sign thing. And, like we we like now I figured out not to overdo the signs. But we went out and like we were very consistent 100 signs, here and there. Yeah. That's 25 in a corner. Yeah, that was so stupid. So stupid. But But anyway, so we got really good at doing wholesale. We did almost 40 deals in those first six months, we did a lot. Because it was three of us. This is all that we did. My brother did acquisitions, I was doing dispo my wife is doing all the direct mail. Both of us are driving around all day long. All of us, excuse me doing driving for dollars. So we're searching out, you know, boarded up houses. I mean, we're just all day long. It's the only thing that we did. And we were mining just deal mining. Yeah, man. And, yeah. You know, if you're going to be successful, and a lot of people like what does it take to be successful, and you got to be single minded about making this work. If you're gonna, I'm not saying you can't do it part time, you can do one deal every couple of months. But if you're gonna do it full time and be at scale, it's got to be you know, the only thing more important is gonna be like the kids and God. Like that's it. You know, if Sit down, sit on the sofa, watching Netflix all day is important to you probably. Probably not gonna get this off the ground. But so many saw the news this morning. It's like Netflix drops like 35%. And I was I thought, I remember thinking to myself for a second. Like, I don't even know Netflix was still around. I'm not I'm not a TV watcher. Man. I never watched you. Yeah, I don't know what's on there. First thing I thought is, it's a good time to buy. Because, you know, they're, they're a blue chip stock. They're gonna be around forever. But so, so we're doing a bunch of doing a bunch of marketing, right? And so we're getting deals in and again, like we wanted to buy properties, but banks were not lending. And of course, I had no job right. So I had no income verifiable income, had to get creative and getting rid of. Yeah, so I got really good at doing creative deals and buying properties with owner financing. So we had like a five $6 million portfolio of properties. And almost every single one was bought with the owner financing 100% of the purchase price. You only hold houses. Yeah, some some I got some small apartments and duplexes and stuff like that. A little bit of land, some locks and stuff. But back one of my locks the other day I bought for 15,001 Owner Financing nothing down because it was part of a package. And somebody offered me 100 grand for it. Like now. I'm good. Yeah, what am I gonna do with 100 grand pay taxes on it? That's what I'm gonna do. Yeah. I think there's a there's a lot of cool assets out there to hold. I've been doing a lot of land. Yeah, I'm always gonna do but I'm really interested in commercial now. Man, really, really? Commercial. Yeah, Tony, here's what's going on over there. I've never looked at too many houses. But I guess I'm gonna go ahead and start paying attention to that stuff. So when I find somebody like yourself, whoever your dispo master, then I'm just real curious to see like how your system operates, what it's capable of. So that way, every time I come across a house, you know, kind of just have like a offtake partner for it. Yeah, we do. We do a ton of JV deals, because we're so good at doing a joint dispo. And, you know, what's out? Like, how would I send you a deal? Is it like a portal or like an interface or something and I submit it to you. People will just message me and I'll give them my email. Okay, so I'm super easy to find Facebook and I'm pretty maxed out on Facebook. So I always tell people, how can people find you Where are you at? What's what is social channels? Everything is David old to REI on all of them. David, or if you're listening to this on the podcast and not watching the video yet, David Olds de da vi de o LDS Rei, on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, everything. So can you tell us a little bit about your dispute process or how does it work with your saucer? What ya know if Talking about it all day, man. The so here's what happened. So we, for a long time, it was just me and the company, and I a couple people that have come in like as a partner for a year or two. And because we've been doing it for 13 years now, whatever it is, and anyways, so when we started to scale out decided to go into multiple markets and, and it was going to be more than just me doing the dispo. And I hired, I hired one girl that I hired two more, and we you know, we started growing out of this bow team. So here's what happened. Like, I'm really good at it. I just am I don't know what, at the time, I didn't know why. Right? Because I'm probably as weird as it sounds. I'm an incredibly introverted person, but like most salespeople really are. But anyway, so I could talk to people and I was just naturally good at it. But so we started hiring people, and we're work, they're working these deals, and we'd have these meetings. And, you know, I'm like, Okay, well, what did we do? Okay, I did this, and I did this, and this group, and this, and this, and this one did this. And this. I'm like, ladies, we're supposed to be doing 10 things, and we're doing six. And you know, what, we're not even doing the same six across the board. We're all over the freakin map. What are we doing, they're like, Well, this is what I thought you wanted us to do. So what I realized is because it's very clear in my brain, and, and I'm just unconsciously competent, you know, and I can do it, like training them, I needed to come up with a better system. So. So that was the very start of, of kind of building out this dispo process for our own people. So we, you know, we started some training, and it's evolved so much, like, over the years, it really literally just started out as a Google Drive. Not even a document, like one, one a, you know, to, you know, kind of the steps and we just kept building it out and building it out, building it out, so that we could train them and they could understand, like, what the flow is, you know, just kind of all of the all of the things that go into this bow. So the way EZ Rei came about is we got really good at you know, dispo and, you know, a lot of deals every year. And we tell people, hey, well, we'll JV with you, which is great, right? Like everybody jayvees That's there's nothing unique about that. But typically with a JV, you'll get somebody to do one, maybe two deals with you. And then they bounce because they want to do it themselves and get all the money, which is cool, right? I tell people, you know, I'm a short term solution, you should build your own dispo department. That's my philosophy, if they don't if they don't want to hang around and do deals with me like, that's fine. I'll do my own deals. partnering up with people do it a lot, right. So you know, yeah, I'm, I'm cool. We survive off of our own deals. Were going doing fine. But yeah, if I can pick up, you know, two to three, four extra deals a month. Great. So, so we have these two or three guys that just continuously kept bringing us deals. And I haven't talked to him I came in, right. I'm cool. I love doing your deals, man. But how can you just keep using us and don't develop your own thing? Oh, man, I really love it. Because you guys handle everything closings the whole thing. Like, oh, okay, because really, if you're actively wholesaling, your business really has three parts, kind of four, if you count marketing, but let's, let's put that marketing and acquisitions dispositions, and then you've got to close your deal. There's transaction coordinating. And that really takes up a bunch of time. So So what was happening is we were finding that people loved that we did all that on a JV deal that we handle the transactions for them. So I'm like, okay, and like, like any idea, there's a ton of little seeds, right? And that was just one of them. So then, you know, because we're doing a lot of deals here. I've got two two transaction coordinators, and a bookkeeper in there. And I get people would ask me, Hey, can you can you help us? Can you help with transactions and stuff? I'm like, Yeah, kind of. So that just sort of evolved into the back of my head, like, Geez, why don't we just start like a transactions company, and we'll, we'll just do transaction coordinating for people. And then COVID hit, you know, in the world kind of came to an end for three weeks. And as we were coming out of that we had some office space here. And I'm like, you know, we need to expand and grow and, you know, like, you're gonna start a CRM, right, like, we're all trying to try to do some things. I'm like, You know what, there's nobody really there's nobody serving that niche for wholesalers nationwide. And what do we know about wholesalers? We're all entrepreneurs are generally really talky sons of guns that we never like, right? Like, like, we all want to be out making deals, right. That's what we do. And that's what's exciting for us, right? Like we only talking to sellers and cutting a deal and talking to buyers and cutting a deal. But that personality type, what are they terrible at? Paperwork, paperwork, right? Yeah, terrible paperwork. And, you know, if you're a new wholesaler, and you're trying to get up and running, and you don't want two to three deals a month, and you really want to be doing five, which is spending a third of your time fighting through, you know, dealing with a title company. Right. Louis and we are live. Yeah, I agreement. Yeah. That's something that I really dislike. I'm good. I'll actually close the deals for people, you know, on our network to say, Hey, I got to somebody on the phone. Yeah, yeah. I'm like, Give me that phone, I'll close it. If it's a bigger, larger acreage deal, I'll take those all day. I do not love to dispose side. I don't want anybody to text me and ask me, where's the signature? You guys missed something? So so it sounds like Do you have a dual business model? So you'll handle the dispo and all the back end? Yeah. Well, if on our JV deals, yeah, we'll just NPL my company name on a property with we'll just handle everything. The easy Rei closings is a standalone company that we have, that works as a transaction coordinator, for wholesalers, investors, guys do and subject to Novations creative deal, we can handle all of that for you. So because what happens is, again, like, it's the last thing you want to do, when you sit down, sit down at your desk or at your computer, right? Just give away a piece of the deal to just let somebody else do it. Yeah, and it's not even a piece of work stupid, cheap, what we've been able to get it down to, but you know, new people that, you know, again, you're trying to scale up and you're getting an email, we call it like abstract or language that some title agent just cut and paste from an attorney. And you look at it, you're like, I don't even know what these words are these words even English. You know, monument of title. I can't tell you the first time I had to look that up, because I'm like, I don't even know what that is, you know, what's abstracting? What is, you know, what's, what's an affidavit of? heirship? What are all of these things? You gotta go to the library? Or you got? Yeah, I spent all I'm good at this. And I've spent a lot of time on Google, trying to figure stuff out. And honestly, it drives me crazy. So how many wholesalers when someone says all you're gonna have to do probate? They're like, Oh, this deal is dead? On? Do you really need to do probate? I'll bet you in almost every state, you really don't have to, we can we can find another way to do that. So. So our goal in easy we have one goal, help you do more deals, right? Like we want to be an extension of you, you're our client, we want you to be able to do more deals. And how do we do that? We take the nonsense off your plate, right? Because it's the thing you don't want most pizza. It's the thing like I don't want to be in the short sale business. I hated that. The even the thought of sitting on the phone with the bank all day, you know. And what I equate it to is like, I remember when I was a kid, right? I was seven, eight years old. 10 years old, I had chores. I remember this forever, I had seven trash cans on my house. And this was my Saturday morning chore. My parents were like, You got to empty all the trash, putting you wash the CANS putting the bags into a job that would take any adult 30 minutes to do right? I would drag that thing out to be four hours on my bedroom kicking my legs on the bed. I'm sitting in the bathroom, you know, I'm 10. So I'm always sitting in the bathroom. And like, I mean, I would literally drag that out as long as possible, right? That's the same way people treat their transactions, right? Yeah. And not only just not wanting to do it, but sometimes they don't understand, right? They don't know, all the things that are involved. So you know, the way that we work is man, you get a contract with your seller, you just upload it to us, we'll take care of it. I'll call the seller, I'll get the seller docs, I'll get the we'll we'll get the you know, the death certificates, we'll do all that stuff. You just upload me the contract, go sell it, go get your buyer, right, you get your buyer upload that contract. I'll call Bob the Builder and say, Hey, Bob, how you titled in this thing? Oh, it looks like it's in your LLC, I need your corporate docs. I need your your Articles of Organization. You know, using hard money, who's your hard money guy? I gotta call him and get the terms. So I get over the title company. Right? So we're gonna do all that almost so that you don't get stuck in that quicksand. Right? So you get your deal. Now go sell another one, go buy another one, go go do that. And we'll keep the backend of your off of your of your business running. How does this work? Man? So is it like a paper? Is that a service? Like a subscription or? Transaction? Yeah, it's a we have three, three levels. So you can submit anywhere from one to five contracts a month? One to five contracts a month? It's 1250. Okay, right. So less than 15 grand a year. You cannot. Anywhere you can't hire a transaction coordinator front of 30 grand, right? Yeah, I think I would like to touch on that real quick. Yeah, that can consume a large portion of your day, it can affect your business because you're not doing those activities that you know, that make you money. So like mine, like me, personally, I should maybe I shouldn't be taking phone calls right now. But I'm learning how to do these large scale land deals. So like being on the front end of the phone, like to meet those people personally. But if you have an activity that you would that you can and need to get rid of, yeah, I would say transaction coordinator is where you can you can get stuck in the mud when you should be using that time and energy to get more focused on getting new business and keeping everybody moving. So yeah, man, I commend what you're doing. I think it's super powerful. And I think at the price point that I bet you're going to offer that is amazing. Yeah, we're Yeah, we're at the reset. So here's an here's what we teach people to say Anthony, your whole your wholesaling these deals. Here's what I'm gonna do, I'm going to show you how to put a clause in your in your contract or your assignment with your end buyer, that's going to get him to pay you or to pay an administrative fee. Right. So you tack your feelings to their side. No, our fee is just the just the 1250 a month right if you're one to five contracts 20 506 to 10 The 30 to 50 of your 10 Plus, right? Yeah. So, I mean, we're stupid cheap. We're like less than 200 bucks a contract. Yeah, that's nobody. If you're doing deals, that's nothing now. Yeah, you're closing a $10,000 deal. And, you know, so you jerking around with that paperwork is keeping you from doing two extra deals. So if somebody stuck in their business right now and you're still doing your own transaction coordinating 200 bucks and you can free yourself of that. So yeah, anybody that watches this video might be watching for you guys. So here's what we teach people. Hey, put put a put a $200 admin fee in your contract 500 600 access work. They don't want to do that. I've seen it go as high as 950. That's the highest I've seen on wholesaler be able to sneak into their buying contract. But you know what? Open Doors, Zillow when they were buying houses, realtors, everybody in the world has a $1,500.14 $102,000 administrative fee tacked into their deal. What? I've been loving working with agents right now, man. Yeah, yeah, I've been working on I love working with them, because they'll drop all the paperwork that will hit you with DocuSign submitted, printed run out, run an envelope across town or like, those people work hard for their money. Our girls work really hard for for what they what they get. But yeah, I mean, take take all that off your plate. But we'll show you how that, you know, if you were to do five deals a month that you know, you put a $600 admin fee in there. You know, you're increasing your bottom line by 3000 a month you're paying me 1250. I don't know how to make it a better deal than that. Yeah, I was gonna say none, that hardly covers your labor. So that's what I'm saying. So so what you would say by not using those services? Yeah, that's, uh, yeah, that's, you know, it'd be huge for your business. Yeah. Now take that 30,000 that you're going to pay a transaction coordinator. Put that into your marketing and see what it does for your business? Oh, yeah. Did grant a marketing that make anybody's company run a little better, right? Well, I can, I can still do the 595. And I'll just hire my own parts, and it'll pay for him? Well, sure, you listen, man, you can change your own oil too. But who wants to do that? Right? Because you still got to hire, train and manage the person. Right? And that's a time suck. Your time is better spent someplace else. You know, all we do is we hire, we do personality testing, we hire the right type of people who love to deal with paperwork, who love to sit in front of the computer, who love I don't love it. I'm telling, like, I go in there a couple times a day to answer questions for him. But I don't love being in there. But they these people that we hire, they, you know, they're people that are used to being on the phone all day and entering like, the best people for us are like people have done medical billing, holy smokes, those are the most detailed people you've ever seen. Wow. All right. So hire our team who is experienced, detailed. I mean, they are literally experts, this is the only thing that they do all day long. So important, and especially if you are, you know, just getting started, I think the way you start is the way you're going to finish. So if you're just getting started, yeah, having those clean books, you know, having somebody on the back end, that's that's making sure that you didn't you know, get overcharged, $30 or $281. That's a lot of responsibility that's coming right off your plate, you know, when you use a service like that. So that's interesting. I've always, I've always told myself, you know, that magic lies that you don't need it. And then now, you know, as busy as I'm getting, I'm like, Man, that's like something you can't live without, you know, say what you will but just, it takes it relieves one whole level of stress, and also with a timesavers I think it's not. And it's tough, right? Like we're entrepreneurs. And listen, I struggle with this, too. I'm very difficult with letting go of like certain things in my business. You know, for a long time, like, I'm really great at marketing and doing websites and building out like our website listings and stuff. I'm not the tech guy. But I nobody can do it as good as me. I hired a everybody thinks that blows away everything that I was doing. She puts it in there, it's got emojis, it's got all this stuff. I go in, I tweak one or two things and how it goes, and now freed up because honestly, I thought I was the most important person in my company. I'm the person who slow shit down the most. Like, right, I am the clog in the wheel, not the cog in the wheel. You know? Yeah, there are people that can do things so much better than you focus on the things running your business. That's how you scale up. If you think calling the title company to handle this is the best use of your time. It's just not and and, you know, so you're not old enough to remember the old commercials the Hair Club for Men. You know, it's for the bald guys, right? I think I remember those hair hair, but they do. Yeah, you don't look that old. But kind of at the end it was this guy. He's like, hey, you know my name is Steve or whatever. And not only am I the owner, but I'm a client. Yep, I remember that. Yeah, so Okay, so that's the way we designed easy right? We my company was the first client and I'm on MF er to deal with right. Yeah, so I built it like for us today. handle to you know, we stress tested it against some of the biggest wholesalers in the country we do. We handle like all the guys who are doing, you know, four or $5 million a year. So if you if you want to be like those guys like those guys realized a long time ago to outsource the simple stuff, you know the stuff. Okay, so you can handle volume no problem. Oh, you were we got like 107 open files for next week. They were we're hiring for more people right now. Like I spent my last few days interview and we're gonna have to move them to a bigger office probably in the next couple of months. Man Congrats, man. I think when when somebody builds something like that people might view it as you know, us and them. But when somebody builds a machine like that, you know, we everybody can use that. Yeah, man. Thank you guys. Dude, I love it. I was watching your demos today. We're, we're probably gonna make the switch here really quick. Yeah, I think it's cool. The community is probably the main thing that I love is the people, the people that are coming here. It's uh, we have a bunch of all stars, but people you know, that we actually love and care about and we see them often we speak to them often. So the community is a real community. We know these people, you know, we've known them for you know, over a year now. I just wanted to come hang out with the house man. So we can make a rap video. Oh, dude, I saw that. fat white guy. You don't want me like you don't meet rapping? No, man. Yeah, come by. Yeah, I think especially an in person mastermind. And then something kind of happens, right? When you're around a bunch of electricity and people doing things. You become like the person next to you. So I tried to like create an environment where not only can we meet like this, but also where you can actually come to a physical location. And there's people there helping each other. Hey, can you run these comps, a lady call you back when she's saying it's just like you can feel the electricity in the room? Yeah, we were trying to create that here. So we use as we were scaling up, of course, we needed we went from one office and on our whole building, we had one office that we bought the office, but we didn't we rented the office next door, and we had a door between them. And then we outgrew that. So I guess what are we in 2020 21 of the world in end of 2019, I guess we started looking, we started looking around for another office. And we found this place where we're at now it's like 6000 square foot, we have the whole upstairs of this big building. And it was really more space than we needed. So it has like, probably like a 1800 square foot office in the front. That's really nice. And we thought, you know, we'd like to create something like you've got there, right? Maybe like a we workspace or communal workspace. like it'd be really cool. We'll get a bunch of investors in here. Like, maybe we'll go help them like one or two days a week. Was it 2020? Yeah. And so this was just before that. So. So we're like, oh, we're gonna have this awesome space. And I bought like, six, seven grand worth of desks and chairs. And we're gonna rent these 10 desks out for 200 a month, I guess it's gonna be awesome. And then COVID happens. And you know how many people in the middle of COVID or when it started want to do a shared workspace you and your business partner? Zero is the number. So for like two years, every so often we get somebody we knew that's like, Hey, can I use a desk for a little bit of like, absolutely. But we'd go over there to take like calls and just just like write on the whiteboard, but nobody, nobody ever used it for anything. So when I got like, oh, we should open this company. I'm like, I got the perfect spot for it. And now they're now they're outgrowing that, that office, we're gonna have to move them into probably switch our conference room, which is about 2500 square foot and move them over there and and keep the conference room back or just shut the conference room down. So where are you based out of? We're in Chattanooga, Tennessee. So do you know where that is? Nobody ever knows where that is. I've heard of Chattanooga. I don't think I know where it's at geographically. But we're exactly two hours north of Atlanta. Atlanta, we're the we're the first northern Atlanta. We're the first city as you can't come into Tennessee. I think I think there's a YouTuber that I've been following for a while and he's a big time. Big time commercial guy that got to Nashville. So that's why I like kind of just been thinking about that market. Yeah. So the way people I had somebody messaged me earlier, and he's like, hey, you know you're in Tennessee, right? Yeah. Do you do deals in Memphis? I'm like, dude, Memphis is like you guys going to what's like on the far corner? I just had in my head. It six hours away, man. That's like another world going. Going all the way out there. This is by I forget. Memphis is like the other side. We're we're on the east side of the southeast side of the state. So it's sort of like Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis. And there's no straight line between any of them. You like kind of got a zigzag to the mountains. Yeah, so it's for real six hours to drive from here to Memphis it's it's a long it's a long ways away. But yeah, it's like driving from one side of Texas to the other takes forever. Nothing to see in the middle. That's amazing. What is a quote that is yours or somebody else's that you resonate with? simplicity of scalable, simplicity is scalable. That's, that's a good one. That's great one. And the other one is, if you do the thing, the thing works. We have to say that all the time, we have a process, right? We have a system. If you do the system, the system works, I promise you it works. I've done 1500 deals, if you do the things that we're telling you to do, it works. Works. Like it's not a question. Like the system works. You know, the dis, that's why we have this dispo course and all that stuff. But like it works, we tell our own people that, you know, when something isn't selling, and I look back and oh, well, you didn't make the calls. You didn't send the tax. You didn't do the post, you didn't do the you didn't do the things. Well, what I really wanted to mention earlier is that you're like, you're like the accidental investor. Kind of I mean, like, I kind of wanted to be in real estate. But yeah, I mean, I sort of kind of bag I mean, yeah, I guess so kind of backed into it. Like everything I wanted to do. Like at the time, we couldn't do it. Right. You know, I wanted to wholesale didn't work. I wanted to come up here and buy, you know, multi families couldn't do it. So, you know, the the one again, the thing about me that I tell people like, like I follow direction really good. And we were too dumb to quit. Like, that's it, like we fought through anybody, you guys that are listening, that you're starting just starting your company, or you're a year or two in, like you're gonna face incredible adversity. Like I can't tell you many times. I read in bed times, and sat up and punch notes into my phone, I now come up with the greatest idea ever, we're going to change the world, order the jet now we're going to be rich. Like this is it this is the plan, we're going to be rich, it's going to be perfect. And then after you test it a little bit, you're like, Well, I didn't work. Part of it worked. We're gonna keep that and we're going to adjust and keep moving forward. And the you know, we have we call it like, it's a whiteboard graveyard. I love writing on whiteboards. That's just my mind works. Like I have to write it up there to look at it. And everything's very linear. So from the time we started going nationwide, we've got all these whiteboards where I would you take a picture of it when you're done so you can erase your whiteboard. And it's like all the business plans that we've had mapped out over the years of how this is going to work. And we're going to be on the JV system, and we're gonna be in 10 markets doing eight deals a month and it's, it's gonna be crazy, right? You know, and you just realize over time Oh, that didn't work. Well. Let's fix it right when you never quit. I quit stopped the option. That's dumb. Right. But what worked and what didn't work? What did we learn from it? How do we move? You know, how do we move forward? Okay, oh, goodness. Just mention real quick, man is I gotta run. I don't know. Are you guys gonna keep on rolling? Today? Man, we covered everything. Yeah, I'm really really can we do it? Can we book you for a demo for the weekly hive call so you can show us your works? And then like I because I told Daniel man, I sifted the last minute before so do it. If you want to go five hours, we'll go five hours because I think I bought him drinks and stuff down there. Because because I was feeling so bad. Yeah, man, you want to come on and do like a deep disco dive. We don't got to do all the background shit on me. I mean, we've got plenty of things that we could talk about that I can I can help people with this. Yeah, I was gonna say we have a Monday and a Thursday call every week. And it's just like a kind of like a town hall meeting for the hive mind. But if you can come on and show us what you're doing and how it works, man. Yeah. And if there's value we know, well, first, we make sure that it's an honorable, honorable, reputable person. We've seen you around enough. So yeah, man, we would love to, for you to come on and show us what you got. Because I'm telling everybody again, if you're watching this, and you're not using a Trent, a transaction coordinator, and you're doing it yourself, you're in big trouble. So the way that I do it is I partner with some of my highest people. And that's how I've been able to leverage partnerships. So I don't have to participate there. But if you are doing it yourself, you're in really big trouble. So you need to go to this link below right here. It's www dot easy r e i And give David Olds a call and let him know that you would like him to help you go faster in your business. Yeah. Hi. The what? And the hive sensu? That's right. Yeah, let's, let's definitely let's look at our calendars. And let's let's get something planned. I'm going back out of the country next week. But when I come back, let's definitely do it. What I'll do is I'll get on and I'll hype them up. And then I'll put the brains of the operation my operation manager on and she can actually show you the portal and how it all works. And, and it's I mean, again, it's built for you the client to you know, have ease of mind knowing that your deals are moving forward. You know, again recorded especially in the beginning, man when you're struggling to get would catch momentum. So important. Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, man, I'd love to do that. I'd be honored to come on and talk to talk to everybody that you know, we might be able to help and definitely add some value do you guys do well, thank you for giving us 60 minutes of your life man. We really love that and appreciate that so much All right awesome you guys have a great day thank you brother thank you

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David Olds

Investor & Entrepreneur

David Olds is a full time real estate investor based out of Chattanooga, TN. He started investing back in 2002 when he and his wife bought their first home that was unknowingly a foreclosure. After flipping that property for 50k they discovered the world of real estate investing and went on to do numerous flips.

Along the way he accumulated over 100 rental properties and continued to flip, mastering not only wholesaling but property management as well as raising private money.

Now David is a sought after speaker and coach who has a thriving nationwide wholesale company and continues to grow his rental portfolio while teaching the next generation of investors the tips and secrets that they need to rapidly grow their business and get to their desired income level & lifestyle.

Some of David’s guiding principles are “Simplicity is Scalable” and “Always Start With The End In Mind” and it’s this common sense approach to business that has enabled him to build a strong business with an amazing team.

David has mastered the the ability to wholesale any deal in any market and now is running the only nationwide transactions company for investors. The mission of is to help wholesalers close more deals by taking all the administrative nonsense off their plate so they can focus on doing the things that they are amazing at. Making deals by talking to buyers and sellers!