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April 29, 2022

Ep 170- Gentlemen Style Podccast: Why you SHOULD NOT✋🏽 start a trucking business 🤔

Ep 170- Gentlemen Style Podccast: Why you SHOULD NOT✋🏽 start a trucking business 🤔
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So I'm doing something a little bit unique, something different, we're bringing back a special guest because he has insight, insight to a world that is new to me, newly possibly new to you, but not new to him. And he has first hand extensive knowledge in the trucking business. And he's gonna come back on the show. We don't normally do this, but he's back again with some profound wisdom. He shared wisdom before on the hive mind interview podcast. But now we're gonna dive deep into the world of the trucking business. And what's really behind the scenes. I got the perfect man today. So here we go Welcome to the gentleman style bargains show I have the man Mr. Daniel Martinez. He is the Co Co Founder of hive mind CRM, business automation platform and host of the hive with us podcast with 140 Plus episodes in the past six months. This man if you missed that interview, that was a powerful interview. And he can help automate your CRM business, your business your company, then take your company to the next level. If you are ever on the fence about hiring a virtual assistant ever on the fence about whether you can afford to keep up with your customers. Mr. Daniel has a secret for you. And what I'm going to share the links in the show to that interview. But today we're going to talk about the trucking business and some things you want to know before you get into the industry and go all out. So help me welcome my friend, Mr. Daniel Martinez to the show. The other episode? That's awesome. I really need that stuff on my podcast. This is a good one right there. That is this you sir. You did all the work. Man. I didn't make any of this up. Thank you for joining us again, on a gentleman style podcast show. This is a true honor to have you here because you have some insights or you have some nuggets that I we discovered at the end of your last interview that you have insight into the trucking business world and before we touch in and tap into your your vast knowledge what is going on right now. Right I want to talk about that what is going on? We see the cargo ships just stuck in in California and just delays delays delays with packages and shipping what's going on what what's what's truckers doing, right Are they not they're not they gave up they're not working either. They got too much PPP money and stimulus money. Mail all the above. It's a bigger it's a bigger machine and industry that any one thing can affect. And there's so many other things that weigh into it that affect every level down to the driver shipper receiver broker all of it that all is affected by it and it's the it's the big companies out there that maneuver everybody else that will make sense make sense? So sir, what has been your experience you got to be you're a millionaire 10 times have you got to be the trucking business took you there, right? Is that is that the case? I hear so many good things that you know you could make $250,000 per truck is that true on paper and the reason why I say Is because everybody thinks you can do $5,000 a week per truck 52 weeks in a year two week vacation two and 50,000 on paper. Yeah. But then everybody, everybody that makes fun of entrepreneurs really oh, what's the what's the operating costs? What's the net. And then when you have that conversation, it's a different conversation that people like to hear. But it's the truth. It's the truth, the trucking for my background in it a little bit. So my first company that I started was a trucking company. I actually operated semi truck 18 Wheeler, doubles, triples, 33 foot or 48 foot 40 footers, for I drove for two years for a company as a company driver. And then I drove for two years under my company as well. So I had a company, I started my own trucking company for two years, at five trucks. At one point, we generated almost $600,000 in revenue over two years, which sounds like a lot of money. But we really didn't make very much money. So one of the problems in in getting started, how did you get started, right? Because no insurance company was going to cover a brand new truck driver. And so starting in the business, how do you overcome that? That is a great question. So if you're starting a company, anybody who started a company, you don't have to have your CDL it helps if you ever CDL. And this is that's such a good leads is such a good question. So if you have your CDL, you actually get better rates. The if when you go buy a truck, they actually give you a better, a better interest rate and all that stuff, just because you have a CDL. If you don't, they're going to tax you. They're going to tax you heavily. Just because you don't have a CDL you have to rely on sealed drivers to move the vehicle. Even if you buy the truck, you have to have a driver come and pick it up, to move it to wherever you're going to move it. You cannot drive it yourself. So the dealership is going to tax you. They're going to charge you more in fees, they're gonna charge you more. And as liability just because you don't have a CDL you don't have an experience in the industry. So they're going to do a dealership tax. And put this in perspective. I talked to I talked to my dispatcher once a while. He said he had a person went in, they bought seven trucks finance. He put $100,000 down. And then they gave him they gave him a deferment to start off like oh, yeah, we get no no payments for three months. Yeah, sounds amazing. What they did is they wrote in a balloon we had to pay $30,000 At the end of three months. But you haven't made any money. Exactly. So they took his $100,000 and they're trying to put them out of business in three months and take the trucks back. That was their whole goal. What seven, but he purchased seven. I just purchased seven, well financed, I financed seven trucks with $100,000 downpayment. Yeah, and I'm not coming in making it I'm coming through the front door with a with seems like a good deal, a three month deferment, so no payments for three months. But then I haven't made any money in those three months either. Yeah, so we'll talk about that in a little bit. But they, they heavily tax you up front. And the reason why Trucking is it's a good business, but you have to have cash get to be very, very cash heavy. On everybody that goes into this business, be ready to spend cash, like there's other businesses out there that do not require as much cash. Trucking is not one of those, you're going to need a lot of cash coming in upfront, whether you have a CDL, or whether you don't have a CDL, you're gonna be a lot of cash coming in up front, whether you're buying the truck cash, or finance, if you're buying a finance, you're gonna want some of the $10,000 just for the truck, you might need two to five just to start your insurance, you might need a grand to start all the backend paperwork to get your your DLT number FMCSA. Your drugs consortium, drug testing, all that stuff, there might be back end cost as well not including insurance, fuel permits, like you name it, it just adds up. So let's say let's let's ballpark this. Let's let's hone this in a little bit. What $40,000 cover would that be enough to start? It depends on it depends on the truck. That's another thing so the trucks make a huge impact on just sex with assessed successfulness of your business to so anybody who wants to get a trucking, please please please do not buy internationals do not buy them. They are they break down quick. They're expensive to repair and all trucks are expensive to repair. But the internationals are the worst truck you can buy was an international truck is that Peterbilt is that Volvo who's so Peterbilt and Volvo is our brands of trucks International is another brand of truck. It's like the low version of the truck. If you walk in, if you walk into a dealership and you've never had a CDL they're gonna translate international because it's gonna break down and they're always trying to get rid of them. Who's the best who's the best truck that I should? So they all have their they all have their benefits. So this is there's so many underlying factors too. So what's the benefit of how much can I ask? same x expect to make it depends if you're a driver or a owner. Since your question, that was good, well, what will happen is where was I? Sorry, sorry, I got the best trucks to own you were talking about internationalism is the lower lower end of the totem pole. Okay, okay, that's okay. Okay, so answer the short answer to this is parts. So the reason why I say parts parts and who can work on them. So think of Ford back 20 years ago, you can get a Ford any but everybody know how to fix a Ford because there's parts everywhere because they always broke down. There's parts of the word. So the truck, the model for that is the Freightliner so the Freightliner is a brand of semi trucks that there's parts everywhere. If you break down in the middle of the country, you can find a Freightliner dealership, Freightliner parts, usually within two hours nationwide. You're gonna find it Peterbilts Peterbilts Volvo's those are little specialty trucks. Volvo is a German German make. So think of Volkswagen. How hard is it? If you want if you work on a Volkswagen gotta go to Volkswagen mechanic, you gotta go to special mechanic for that. So you might have to get a towed to the special mechanic. So you always got to pick up all the underlying issues that come with owning a truck. So I always bought freight liners because I can get parts I can get it towed to the nearest city and there's always going to be parts there. And everybody knew how to work on them. Whereas Peterbilts Volvo's they happen to have to have a specialty mechanic and you might have the order in parts gets delivered to wherever you're at. So there's always there's different issues that come with that. So my opinion freight liners have absolutely so Freightliner there you have it y'all the man the myth, the legend, sharing some nuggets on so one thing that blew my mind, I didn't notice until recently, like how much can I expect to spend on a tire I'm gonna use a tire for a truck. It depends if you if you break if you need a tire on the side of the road. If you take it to the tire shop, or you lose it, it depends where you break down. That's the short answer. No, you don't think about this stuff. Like a tire. If you go to the tire shop, a tire might cost you 200 bucks. If you need a tire on the side of the road, and they got to bring it to you it might cost you 750 Because they haven't changed it on the side of the road. And they're gonna tax you for it. No bueno. No bueno. That's not good. That is not good. That's a lot of seven foot. So I'm paying for convenience here. I'm paying for the convenience of where you're bringing that tire. Versus if I come to you, you'll charge me less because there's no inconvenience. It depends where you are from the city. Like if you're in the middle of Kansas and the near cities hour away, you're gonna pay for that tire. Like I told y'all, the man, the myth, the legend, these are the things that we need to know. Mr. Daniel Martinez, we gotta go to a quick commercial break. You guys stay tuned, stay with us. We'll be right. right back. Welcome back, we are back to the gentleman style podcast show. And we have the man the myth, the legend, Daniel Martinez, this man does it all. He's done it all winging it all and not stopping. He's not done yet. hive mind your background, and we've seen his background. He's an incredible company. Is it a CRM? Is it a multilevel company? Who knows, but check him out? You got to find out for yourself because we are going to share the link to that interview because we had the honor and pleasure of interviewing this panel. But what we're talking about right now is a trucking myths and myths and secrets that you want to know, before you get started, if you miss any work, and it just put down. It is absolutely incredible. He talked about what the cost should be what you should check how much cash it's probably because you need a lot of cash, you need to be cash. And now we're gonna dive in deep dddd we're gonna talk about the car insurance. I want to, I want to talk about what is the cost of you said about two to 3000 hours is that monthly premium for ensuring a truck. So whenever you're getting insurance, depending on if you had your CDL or not, they're gonna tax you if you don't, if you do, you're gonna have to spend around two to $3,000 Just for a down payment. And then we'll probably be 15 to 2000 A month after that point. And they usually write it into like a 12 month term. And insurance is a whole nother thing. If you add drivers too quickly, they'll cancel you if you add too many trucks, they'll cancel you and you gotta find other insurance, they play funny games. So that agreement that you sign up for at the beginning of that term is what you signed up for at that term with however many trucks you sign up with. So once you change the terms adding drivers adding trucks, things might cancel your they might try the driver they might, they might do a bunch of funny stuff you mentioned Thank you. You mentioned earlier that when buying that first truck, you want to look at the availability of parts and maintenance to be able to take care of that truck. And you you personally use Peterbilt and you enjoy Peterbilt because the availability of parts Freightliner Freightliner Forgive me Freightliner. I don't know why I'm stuck on Peterbilt. It just rolls off the tongue I guess. But Freightliner Freightliner has a huge availability of parts that you can access no matter where you break down in the continental United States, what about drivers? What should I expect to pay for a driver? Can I do this with a dispatcher without a dispatcher? Can? Someone anywhere? Yeah, of course, you can do it with the dispatcher you can do without a dispatcher. For me, I hired a dispatcher just because I didn't know anything about the industry. And I didn't know how that whole discussion is part worked about yes, you can learn just know they're going to tax you and I'm using that word very liberally. Brokers know if you're not experienced, they can see right through you, they're going to they're going to they're going to make you run loads where it's not even profitable it's a it's a really nasty business when it comes to different parts of it and it's just the way it is like there's so many there's so many people on your pockets as far as the the reasons you mentioned Peter but a little bit Peterbilt the parts are harder to find and it's cost a lot more to repair. So it's gonna it's gonna weigh into your pockets more and more. First mistake I made was buying a day cab which that they kept doesn't have a sleeper. If you're buying if you're buying if you're starting a company makes you buy a truck that has a bed in it, just because it saves you hotel costs when I first started driving how to get hotels whenever I was driving. So I tried to find local work. And it's really hard to find local work unless you have a contract. In order to get contracts. You have to have multiple trucks. So I learned that the hard way I drove my day cab from I was originally out of Atlanta, I drove all the way to Vermont, Salt Lake City, Phoenix all in a day cab. So when you say contracts, I You mean like you doing loads for like local food line, the local Amazon the local? Well, maybe not Amazon, because maybe that's too big. Amazon does it as well. Okay, so. So you have to have multiple trucks in order to have a contract with them. In most cases, yes, you have to talk to their shipping department. And they'll see that you can allow it you can call and ask if they're allowing third party contractors that work for them, who are licensed and have their own DLT number. I never pulled for Amazon just because every Amazon when they first started doing third party loads, they're paying very well. But what happens is when it's supply and demand, when the supply went up, when the demand went up, supply went down, went really cheap. So everybody was fighting over making no money. And that's kind of fun. Because you might think, Oh, I'll be a fake, I get paid $500 not load. Well, how far is it going? You might spend $300 on fuel and a tire Miko, you might not make any money. So there's a lot of underlying costs. And if you pay a driver, that's somebody asked about what you can get paid. If you have to pay a driver to do it, you might only get paid 50 bucks in that load, where that driver can get an accident for four hours. You know, you got to understand that there's two sides to every side of it. So if you're doing yourself, yes, that money can do to you but you can only do so much as individual. So how your dispatcher takes that responsibility off the view. Managing managing the backend stuff could be its own thing tolls. If you're living in a Metroplex tolls can be huge. I went over the New York bridge and they charged me 100 bucks for a toll just across the bridge into New York. My gosh, yeah. I guess that's why drivers don't like to go up north one. Yeah, that and traffic and idiot drivers. So that's everywhere. That's that's the thing. You as a truck driver have to be defensive against everybody else that drives around you. And that's just the bottom line if you get an accident, it's automatically your fault. I've heard stories where people saw an accident they pulled over and they assumed the truck driver was at fault so they gave them a ticket he wasn't any there just witnessed it. Wow. So in the wrong place at the wrong time. Exactly. And the car driver can easily point at you just because you pulled over and say it was your fault, and they're gonna believe they're gonna believe him every time. So this is actually what's a truck driver training. My trainer at my my my company was a company driver told me is if you see an accident and you weren't involved, keep it movin. Like he literally told me that because it happens all the time. Keep going, keep it going. Keep it going. Oh my gosh. Then makes so much sense. So that makes so much sense. And that and there's truth to that. There's a lot of truth to that. I heard this, this is a rumor, I can't disclose names. I can't give out anybody's information. But I heard that you can blow pass a waystation. You don't have to stop every waystation. Is that true or not? Yes, yes, it's true. So, not always stations are open, and they have operating hours. So there's the short answer to that. Yes, you can drive past them. I've done it before. And you're kind of flipping a coin, if you're getting pulled over not us, as the driver usually have to pay that. Unless, unless the company can pays for that sometimes. It depends on what type of ticket it is. So when I was a company driver, if I actually know how to pay for all the tickets, unless there was like, a, like a maintenance inspection, because us as a driver have to make sure I'm waited properly. So if I gotta wait ticket, it was my fault. Wow, no matter what, no matter what, because it's my job as as the operator to make sure I was I was waited and scaled properly. Oh, my gosh. Why is that significant? Why do I have to stop at every waste? Or every open weigh station available? Weigh Station? What are they weighing me for? If I pick up a load? And I'm traveling, I'm obviously carrying the same load, right? No, I mean, you can you can literally do a delivery, you can be empty, you could be loaded. They weigh you based on your axles and gross vehicle weight. And the reason why is some roads and bridges cannot hold the weight that you're pulling. Wow. So they have a maximum and the more you weigh, the more dangerous you can be because the heavier you are, the more nursery you have, and you can really do some damage the heavier you are so that so when you pull over to a Weigh Station, you're paying that lease station to do what? We don't actually pay them. They just they check your weight on each one of your axles. Okay, what are they looking for? Was it was that due to make sure you're not overweight? I don't know. I don't know exactly the parameters of why they do it and this opportunity for them to do inspection. So if you're overweight, they might do a level one level two level three inspection based off of and they'll check your paperwork, make sure that you're not doing anything fraudulent. They might check your equipment to make sure your equipments up to standard as far as annual inspections, making making sure you're keeping up with your driver logs so that you're obeying the law as far as the federal law so they do they take this opportunity to make sure you're operating your equipment properly and efficiently and other stuff. Yeah. Making sure you're safe safe for the road. Yep. All right, we have a short clip. We're gonna play the short clip here. It's a surprise to Mr. Daniel and myself, so we just decided to just do it. We're gonna play some short clips for you guys for you guys to check out. Let us know what you think we're gonna bring it up here on the big screen and tune in and share your thoughts in the comments. Let us know what you think what how do you feel this is gonna be careful. This also is going to evoke some emotion in mind. And we go and video extreme case of distracted driving a truck driver in Arizona, allegedly looking at pictures on his phone crashes into police cars and emergency vehicles, killing one officer. That driver has now been charged with murder and ABCs Lindsey Davis has the story. Watch close sleep. That's 33 year old truck driver Jorge Espinosa on the left of the screen, his wallet blocking the view of his dash camera. His empty fuel tanker is barreling down in Arizona Highway at 65 miles an hour when the unthinkable happens. His 10,000 pound 18 Wheeler plows right into three police cars and two fire trucks stopped at an accident scene. Whoa, so that was pretty that was That was intense. Yeah, that was pretty intense. Mrs. Daniels what? What is going on here? This is supposed to be you guys are required right to get a certain amount of sleep. So why what's How does that happen? That shouldn't be happening. Right? That is a great question. The truth is, the truth is, it's it's like gray area. Whatever the federal government wants to put their finger in certain things, they ruin other things that weren't necessarily a problem. And not saying it's a bad thing or a good thing. It's not my role. I mean, I'm not even in the trucking industry anymore. So I can even say my two cents about it. What happens is when I was a company driver and I explained this, I worked. I worked I was on call. So what that meant is, sometimes I would work days sometimes I would work nights sometimes I would work 36 hours so they have to give you a 10 hour break. In between working, and when I was on call, one day, I might one day I'm at work 10 In the morning to 10pm. And then the next day, I'll work at 10pm to 10 in the morning. And it was craziness. So I used to, and they had a tight schedule as far as delivery. So, for me, I used to drive. Whenever I did that, I would get like two, three hours of sleep. And this is federal regulation I had I was legally driving, I would get to three hours of sleep because I was already awake during the day. How hard is it to switch your schedule. I mean, it's hard, but drivers are forced to do all the time. So be up during the day when your body wants to sleep at night, you have to you have to do what you have to do. And that's what we're forced to do our dispatchers like, Hey, you got your you got your 10 hour break you better you better be you better make it there, you better make it there on time, too. And that's just how it is. So I would I would, when I would drive, I would sleep to three hours that would give you and they only give us like a two hour notice. Or knows like three hour notice they used when I was coming driver, they give me a three hour notice they'd call me Hey, be at work in three hours. Yeah, you got to work 12 hours. And I was just up 14 hours. And now I got to go to bed for three hours and wake up and do this again for 12 hours. And that's just how it is. So I would drive there at my stop. And this is back when I was a company driver. So drive three to five hours, I would literally sleep in the truck sitting up because we didn't have beds and those trucks. I would sleep sitting up for three, four hours. So I got enough rest and then I'll drive back and I'll work 13 or 13 hours but I'll be asleep throughout three of those hours at a truck stop. Because I was tired. And I didn't want to drive because I was tired. Yeah, yeah. Safety first. Safety first. I'm glad you made it, man. I'm glad you're okay. That's it's crazy. Like stuff like that happens like distracted driving. It's a split second, you can kill somebody. And that's why I don't drive anymore. There's too much. There's too much. There's too much danger and split second decisions that can happen instantly. You'll end up killing somebody. For sure. So there's a lot of costs, there's a lot of expenses. How what are some things that that you did to try and keep costs down if at all possible? I mean, were there any tricks or tips that you could share? That could be like hey, man, this you know, Shell gas stations, have better quality get I don't know any tips you? BP there's there's no there honestly, is no way to cut costs there there isn't you're gonna pay gas. And that's I mean, even a simple thing is putting gas. You see, you see 350 and 320 503 25 cheaper, they might not actually serve as trucks. If you pull into there, you might hit somebody, is it worth 25 cents to get an accident over 25 cents a gallon. That's not even your money as a driver? No, I'll just go to 350 where I know I can get in and out easily. I could park my truck, I could take a shower there. And that's just what they do. So it's not even about there's no way to save money in trucking. It's just very expensive business. A lot of money. You mentioned this earlier, you said one of the things you did is when you were driving, you hired a dispatcher. And you hired a dispatcher. So and it sounded like and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounded like you hired a dispatcher. So that brokers when negotiating those, those contracts, those deals those loads, the dispatcher sounds experience. So that was a way that you were able to not get taken advantage of when negotiating for those loads, is that correct? 100% that my dispatcher who has been in business for 10 years, and I leveraged his experience and knowledge as a whole to help me get through when I was in trucking but finding a mentor finding a dispatcher that knows what they're doing is such a such a benefit to your business. And to now that we're towards the end of the show, I can say this I generated $550,000 in revenue over two years and I still lost $100,000 But and that's just me I talked to many companies go out of business within their first month I lasted two years there's a lot of there's a lot of people that make it a lot further than you my advice for anybody going into this business go in cash heavy buy your truck outright and still have cash to burn on the back end and you probably make money maybe maybe it's there's there's a lot of costs that that tax you monthly that you will you don't even see the effects clear in it and you got to pay money here pay money, they're paying money, they're paying money. They're everybody's taxes, and the desert. Is there a way if I have a truck, is there a way to kind of you know, lend my truck out to the big dogs or Schneider's the CR England's of the world. Is there a way to like Hey, I own this truck. This my truck, I purchased it, but I'll lend it to you. So you can use it for your company, the bigger company is there a way to do that? Yes, there is. It's, it's less profitable because they take a large portion of your potential profits, and then they pass all the expenses on to you. So it's, uh, depends. It depends if you buy the truck cash or not, if you buy the truck cash or not, it really depends on if you make money or not just because that's 1200 to $2,000, you have to spend per month potential profit that you don't have to spend out. Gotcha. But just know that mechanics are expensive. I had a bill for a mechanic was $7,000. Dear God, I'm sorry, what what did he What did he do? They replaced the clutch they replaced the oil pan, because the mechanic that changed my oil at the truck stop tighten it too tight. And he pretty much welded it to the welded my oil oil to the pan. So they had to break that and break it off and they broke my old pan. How to Replace the clutch. The other one is the they call it it's the def diesel exhaust fluid. That whole mechanism that goes into that, that that you have to have that fluid, that whole mechanisms retarded and it's expensive to fix. I got quoted like $20,000 to replace that from Freightliner themselves. Oh, I had a friend had an engine blew she had an engine a diesel engine go bad. Because there was no a ran for three months with no oil in it. I did. I didn't know that that was something you had to do more regularly, like people think, Oh, I'll change it every you know, 10,000 miles, it doesn't work that way does it? So part of your pre trip inspection that your driver does supposed to check the oil and all fluid levels. So your driver by not doing this pre trip inspection can ruin your truck that will cost you 20 To $30,000 to replace the engine. And welcome to trucking. Wow. Wow. And where did you get drivers from? Or is there a website a anything that you recommend? Or would did use back then to find drivers or kind of word of mouth? i That's a good such a great question. Drivers is such a such a problem. Yeah, I was in business for two years, I probably went through 18 drivers first 18 drivers. Yeah, fire them all, then then they quit. They quit? They they don't know. I had a bunch of our expenses like injury replacement tax deductible. Yes, they are. But you have to make money first to pay taxes. Take that interest into perspective. All your expenses are tax deductible. But if you're not making any money, you're writing off all your expenses, you're not really doing business, which is one of the things I said in the in the in the first podcast in this episode was not all businesses should be run by you. That's my advice for all business owners. That's that's, that's why I got the idea to ask, can I buy a truck and maybe give it or lend it to one of the big dogs? The big companies? Yeah, they take a portion of your profits, you have to find a driver. And then the driver has to meet the requirements. And then they'll take that they pass all the expenses of the truck back to you. But there you have it, y'all the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Daniel Martinez spilling the tea about the trucking industry. Mr. Daniel, how can we connect with you? How can we learn more sir, um, I don't do trucking anymore. I'm so happy. I don't use truck anymore. But I like spreading the information just because I've seen 10s of people go into this business and be out of business in under 90 days. And I hate to see it happen to other people. And that they put up their life savings wrap up a Roth IRA, they take out their 401k just to start a trucking business and they go out of business in 90 days. And they're back to being an employee. So I don't want to see that come from anybody here listening to this, because you've heard better now. So you should do better. So as far as you can find me I'm on hivemind CRM on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, all those socializing. I'll put it right here below. We do we do a lot of stuff towards real estate now. So education on real estate, so please check that out. And we're doing bigger and better things now not really do the tracking. So you know better do better. Sure, sure. I love that know better, do better. And I hope this helps. I hope this helps you know better. Right? I'm bringing the man himself here to you to provide the knowledge and the wisdom and it was so so important to make sure that this guy, this information got out. This is Daniel. Thank you, sir. Thank you for taking time to be with us today. And to give back in this way is absolutely crucial. So I appreciate you, brother. No problem. No problem. I appreciate the time. Absolutely. And I appreciate you all for tuning into the gentleman. Southpaw cash show. I hope this message helps. I hope this information was helpful and I hope it helps you take your business to the next level and think twice about getting in the trucking business. Like I always end every show. Take care of your friends, take care of your family. And always always take care of business is mark as normal your favorite hosts gentlemen stop podcast show and Mr. Daniel Martinez signing off. Love you guys the show is sponsored by the list guys, do you need more leads in your local or virtual market? One intends small businesses don't invest in any kind of marketing. The list guys have over 35 plus list types to choose from and you can mix and match any list or criteria. We also used to skip trace lists and provide up to seven numbers and email addresses every list you purchase will be scrubbed against previous purchases the list guys are here to save you time. Contact the list guys today at www dot one this guy's dot com that's www dot the number one list