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April 27, 2022

Ep 168- Power Of Mineral Rights In Land Investing With John Alexander

Ep 168- Power Of Mineral Rights In Land Investing With John Alexander
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This show is sponsored by hive mind CRM, it is more than just a CRM. It is a real estate and business mastermind that comes with an all in one CRM, you can have unlimited websites and users, you can call text, RVM and e mail all in one user interface. And you can set up custom automations. For any type and multiple businesses. 65% of companies start using a CRM system within the first five years of business. Once implemented, the hive mind will save you on marketing give you more time and make more money. One of our users had his first $100,000 month using our system in June, we want to see you automate and accelerate your business text us at 2109728 t 42. For future meetings. And of course, to get our $1 course on how to make more than six figures on one Landale, you can schedule your free demo today at hive, mind CR Man factors. So there, there was a lot of actually a lot of a lot of members here in the hive that came together right to put this deal together. And it's like, one person ties it up, you know, they, they just follow the game plan. And they get a great deal on a lot of property, three acres, almost three acres. And so they tied up on a contract, and then they bring it to the hive, right. So they just posted it on to the hive membership, Facebook group. And then another hive member comes in and says, Hey, I think I can move this and then they sign a, you know, JV with a guy, and then another two or three people coming on board. And then they say, Well, we still can't find a buyer, who has a buyer that went back to the, to the high again. And incomes, Ariana was the buyer. So she brought a buyer bringing in bringing in $50,000, down right to put on this $150,000 property. And so they had a week left to get this thing closed, right. So they throw it into the title company where they're in San Antonio, my title company, of course, it's those, which Anthony is always talking about being a great team. And they are for sure, one phone call over there. And they knew exactly what you know, they knew exactly, they can put the most complicated deal together, let me put it to you that way. Because I'm coming in there to buy this notes, which will then fund out and allow the first hive member to pay that money to the seller of the property. So then he's making his profit, the the other group of Hive members that that got involved, then they make all their profit, there's like, I bet there's 40 6060, there might be 60 or $70,000 in profit on this one deal. So I'm sending the money in next. Closing either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. As soon as my title company can get it closed and scheduled. They've been they've been backed up, they say. So. Once that happens, everybody gets paid. Everybody's gonna walk home with a big fat check. And that's what being a member in the hive mind is all about. We all came together was Hey, you, you know, this person does this, this person has that boom, we put a deal together. I love it love this place. That is an amazing story. How many people are in that deal? 123456 and then the buyer and the seller seven total people are going to Well, seven people, six people get paid money. Right? Six people walking home with a check. One person owns the property. So everybody wins. That is that's quite a story. I'll tell you. So daisy chaining is okay. Apparently. This is the only place I and I've been doing this for 40 years, right? The first thing I always see when I look at daisy chains. I know they're gonna work soon as I see daisy chain, no, not going to work. But this is the first place I've ever seen actually a daisy chain work. Why? Why is that though? Because we're all on the same page. And we're all working together going in the same motion. Normally daisy chains go I want mine. You take yours but I want mine and we don't care because we're never see each other again. That's the problem with daisy chains. But in here, we're all going to work again. Why? Because they need me next time. I need them next time. Each of those people need each other next time because we're going to do more deals together. That's what's what's an over and over. That's what it's all about. That is amazing. That's amazing. Yeah, we've had a fantastic week going back and forth from New York to wherever I mean we're all over the place right and We're doing a deal down in little place right north of Pleasanton, Texas. So I feel like we're gonna have to bring that group together. Everybody that participated, you know, we do right, right. Well, we'll do after we close, we should bring everybody together and, and, and play around with that story. Because you know, the here's the thing we every transaction, right, every transaction, we all learn something. Yeah. And every transaction I do, I learned something new every single time. I'm doing a transaction. Now we're, we've been having a title issue. And I've been doing this for many, many years. I didn't know there was a thing you could order in the title company can order for you to find these missing documents. It was like what they have this and I didn't know that existed until now. And they I've got to get the name of it because it's a weird initial name is. And there's not one of these companies, you know where that we'll just go go through and find it's, it's something more I don't know. It's weird, but no, I gotta find out more about it. Anyway, we're all learning. Every single deal we learn. Yeah, after the deal closes. Do you have a closing date already? Or is it Yeah, next, it's going to be either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? As soon as they can get a schedule that? Okay. That's amazing. Yeah, we definitely need to bring everybody back in to talk about that one. Because we've had a story like this isn't the first one that's happened either. The last one that happened like this, those like four people involved. It was like Alma Anthony, Mike Novak. And the thing that was one of the person who's like four people involved lupus, lupus Sanchez. Oh, looping, looping, looping? Yeah. Yeah, that's, yeah, those fields work. I mean, but I'm saying, I'm telling you, I'm with you, Daniel. I've never seen daisy chain stuff work before. But here it does. Amazing. That's, it's news to my ears. This is my ears. And like I said, daisy chains, daisy chains work as long as everyone's on the same page. And that's for everybody listening this way, listen to this now or a year from now. They work if you make it work. And you start when you start fighting over who makes what, you're gonna kill the deal instantly. Greed, greed kills everything. So fast. hesitation, hesitation and greed are the two things that I see kill so many deals, and not and not giving in sometimes, either. Because sometimes, hey, guess what, you might have picked out that new car, or you might have you know, spent every last cent of this check that you're supposed to be getting on this next deal. And so you refuse to make that last concession. Or you got to give up another 234 1000 on it. Still, you're walking away with God knows how much you know, but because you got greedy, or because you already pre pre spent it. Or maybe you told your significant other, hey, we're gonna have x amount of dollars. And now you don't want to look bad, or I don't know, there's a million reasons why people don't, you know, they're not open to like giving up that last little piece on time. But you have to write you just have to sometimes make deals happen. And that's some of the deal killers. I've seen hesitation though. Big time, hey, I'm, maybe maybe, maybe I need to think about this. Anything that makes you stop going forward. Means you're stopping the deal, period. You got to think about it, that stops the deal. And I have a I have a real simple formula I teach people is very simple. You start something. And if you want to succeed, then you simply don't stop. Because that's what kills everything. We stopped, we go we go forward. And then we oh, this too hard. Or maybe this thing came up as a problem. Or, Oh, I'm gonna go do this first. And I'll come back, that stopping and that's what kills so many deals. So we start we go forward, and and we finished the deal. Now we'll get sidetracked, right? We have things that come up and problems that come up. Those are the roadblocks that are not blocked if we can figure out a way around them so we're always you know, the game plan is how do we get around this? How do we fix it? Or who do I know that I can call to fix this problem? Because every problem can be fixed just about I'm really excited i We have to get everybody that was a part of that deal. Definitely together to talk about that deal. Because I think a lot of people they overly overthink overlook a lot of the things that take place, and they'll get in the way they'll get in the way of their own deal. Their own deal. There's so many things that stop you from being successful. And usually it's you in the mirror. Yeah, you look in the mirror for that big stop. I don't want to hog up the day. I'm sorry. I just I'm just having fun, you know, having fun in the hive and wanted to come in and chime in what's what's going on. Maybe help also motivate some some others to you know, take that first step and then bring the deal in, let the hive help you finish your deal. That's what we're here for. I was I was on the call with Anthony and like you're not hogging up the conversation. I also had a call with Anthony. And Anthony is like, Oh, what if we got this this and this I'm like, Dude, I would just do with John Alexander does. I would just buy deals and When doing it, we literally talked about that, like 3030 minutes ago, before the call started. And it's something so simple as far as just being consistent and don't get don't think don't get in your own way. You know, Daniel, i Brother, Jay via deal to do the deal by myself. Yes. So you know, your workloads shrinks like enormously your responsibility, the the weight you feel on the deals shrinks enormously. It's not like everything's on you, hey, what if I can't do this? What if you can't do that? All that kind of disappears when you're when you're JV and with other people, but also that workload is what so big about shrinking away. So in that you don't know the answer to this. So how many, the best way to do more deals is to share the workload, right? I'm sorry, saying one more time, the best way to do more transactions per month is to share the workload, either with your team or G. Yeah, it's all about having a team of some type. So if you're like me, I don't want to in house team, I've had the in house team, great, great way to make a lot of money. If you're if you're in it, just to make money, that's really the way to go. Right. But if you want a lot of freedom, and you don't need you know, tremendous amounts of money, you just want a lot of money, then you can work, you know, work jayvees If there's nothing else, but you need to bring, you need to be working with other people for sure. If it's just on you, man, that's a that's a lot of responsibility that you gotta carry on your own. And you can't do as many deals I'm gonna tell you this, where where it makes up is because you can do more volume. So if you can do more, you can JV all day long, right? So you can do more and more deals. But if you're just one man show the thing you're going to have you run out of room unless you really, really Systemising. Yeah, the hive really helps you do that. Right? It does help you do deals. But think of this. If you're Systemising with a hive mind, CRM, how many more deals can you JV because you can do the same thing. You can bring those JV deals into the CRM system and work that way. Yeah. Anthony Jim input on that one. And they tried to but in a second ago, I set up you know, because I like to do Facebook ads. So I just automated all the Facebook ads inside the, you know, inside the CRM, so that it answers all the preliminary question weeds out all the tire kickers that, you know, you never hear back, you know, like 95% of your people answering your Facebook ads are duds, right? They're not going to answer you. I don't even know why they click Is it still available? But they do right? So but you can set up the hive mind workflow, so that as those as those things come in, it can it can shoot back and answer to them. It can wait 30 seconds, right? So it feels like to them it feels real. shoots back, hey, cash or financing. little simple things like that. And then finally, so when it gets to the right answer, boom, that's when you come in now you're not wasting time with it. So there's a lot of you can do that. So how many how many more deals can you now if you're going to do that, and we're great for jayvees because you got a team all doing the same thing. And they can work. You know, they can work different deals. So one of one person on the team or the JV per Facebook page can work that one, you know, promotion, then you switch it off, you go to the next deal, you just rotate them out, you can do a lot of deals if you are JV with other people. So one thing, one thing I really want to hit on right there is you've self automated responses that we're only talking to motivated sellers. So I tell them, why do the podcast all the time, I'm like, you can set up the system to do this. If you set it up, right. And if you kind of understand your process of elimination of questions you're gonna ask, and you can automate it to script all the questions you want. And you're always talking to motivated sellers at that point. Right. So what is your what is it? What's your KPI for Facebook leads to contracts? Do you know that? I don't, I don't even keep track of it. Yeah, here's my KPI. Here's the KPI I work with. I'm looking for one buyer on every on every deal, and you don't get them every time right. So you know, I just did a promotion. We, me and a JV. We bought a property pay for $1,000. And I'm advertising on Facebook, I put the first ad in at 25,000 with owner financing. Right and so if I got 1000 down, I could owner finance the other I'd be sitting good, but it's you know, it's not in the best area. So yeah, I'm I'm bringing the price down. So every week I'll bring the price down and reshoot it. All right. And for this reason, I really can't get KPIs because I'm doing weird experimentations on it because we got plenty of time to get it sold. So I do that I'm just bringing it down $5,000 dollars a week until I find my buyer that says, hey, I'll do that 3000 down, because that's why I'm asking 3000 down that way, I know I have a buyer that will not stop making payments. But as I get closer, if I got all the way down to 5000, that I'm really looking for cash, give me 5000. And I'm moving on. So we'll, we'll split the 4000 2000 each. And we and we move on. So we can do that. And each of us can run ads on the Facebook ads on the other deals we're doing together. All right. So yeah, it's nice to split everything up and then rotate out. Because I, I do one ad on one property one week, and then I'll stop, even give that time to soak in and let other people find it. And then I'll go to the second ad. And I'll run that one for that next week. And then I'll kill that one. Go back to the first one. Do a lower the price on that one. And wait the week out for that the other ones soaking and bringing in the leftover people. Yeah, so that's the way I'm doing it. Are you doing boost? Or yeah, I boost everything I do a $10 boost per, you know, for the for three days, just let it run for the three days when I say week I'm doing on the weekend because I want to be dealing with it all the rest of the week. Yeah, that makes sense. No, that's that's this is your dispo side. Yeah, yeah. That's our Disco side. Yeah, that's the Facebook marketplace is so under appreciated. Yeah, it is. Yeah, it's it is a killer for bringing in for bringing in buyers. Of course, you know, the best thing of course, it's still to me if he asked me get a sign in front of that property somehow, you know, fight go on on Craigslist or somebody but Facebook marketplace and look for somebody will put a sign up in front of that property signs sell like crazy. Yeah. Especially in high traffic areas. Know that. This reasons, you know, it works in even moderate thing, because people who live there see it and they know somebody who wants to buy or people visiting, they see it. So it can be fairly secluded, but where it doesn't work so well is like if you like an abandoned type of environment, ya know, or it's on a dirt road. And you know, it's on a dead end road, that science isn't gonna work too well for you there. But again, you work for trying to find somebody locally. And then they refer people in, I took a call yesterday I had a sign, I just never went back to take it down, I'm still getting calls off of it. So that's the other thing, you put a sign up, it goes forever. But it gives you ready buyers for that area too. So you know, you can target back into that areas. I've had this guy call me like two or three times Well, that's, that's a buyer, that's somebody who's really seriously wanting to buy in that area, but he won't buy anywhere else. So we load up the list and you do a text blast into that area to find to find a property for that buyer. Yeah, so now we're hunting for properties for buyers, we know we have if you get enough, you know, you can move a lot quicker. Yeah. And as you pick up builders, you're doing the same thing with builders, okay, you know what their criteria is, you know where they are wanting to buy at. So get your list, skip, skip, trace it, upload it into the CRM, boom, blasted out until you find somebody. And don't worry, that is being blasted by other people or mailed by other people. Not nothing, that the secret to buying land, is you happen to hit that person at the exact time out of the entire year, that they're ready to respond. And if you hit them at any other time, they won't respond. It's just, this is why, you know, this is why people, I trained a lot of people and train them to go right into my own backyard. They hit deals that I've been hitting for years. They never responded to me. They respond to them. But wow, you're not going mad. I'm seeing all these deals that are bought in the same subdivisions I've been in for years. And yeah, you don't get enough deals. But all the other deals are the other investors come in, they hit the same area and they pick up deals in the same area. Why? Because when I mailed that day, they weren't ready. If I missed three days later, maybe they would have said yes. Or when David or Javier or Anthony or Jessica, when you hit that, that hey, let's text out blast out to this person. They hit some at the right time that day. Maybe they just got through writing a check. You know for taxes maybe they have maybe they've just got done with their kids out of school or you know, something we kind of that was taken up their time is gone now. You know, there's a million million reasons I had a call today. lady called me up and she said, My husband came down with cancer and I got your car. She got my car last year. And she just now calling me she called me today. She said I just don't want to deal with this. I you know, I don't want this to end up in estate issues and problems, I just want to get rid of it. So that happens, right? So again, it's all about timing is is and she is trying to get rid of a headache that she doesn't want. She's got enough trouble now with her husband dying. And a stupid worthless lot in Texas is just another headache that just puts stress on a family situation already. They don't need it. They don't need it. So it's again, it's all about timing. I agree 100%. With that a lot of people think it's negotiations, I need to negotiate a good deal. Like no, it's it's timing. If you find somebody at the right time, they're gonna sell to you at a discounted rate. And that's just, that's just the bottom line. Yes. how good your negotiation skills are. Yet it's the negotiation is this much to me. And timing is like this much. You know, is if somebody's really ready to sell, gosh, you can take an absolute beginner just put it on the phone and say, Hey, I'm willing to buy and you know, if I can pay this price, will you sell? Boom? Yeah, they'll say yeah, I'm ready. So yeah. Hey, John. Go ahead. Anthony. Speaking of congrats on that deal, by the way, it makes my heart sing. When I hear of all the people that come together to do deals. It's like, yeah, it's what we're all doing here. So I see people get stuck. And I'm like, Man, you got a whole group of friends that can help you take stuff down and move it. But speaking of giving stuff away, man, I have I'm looking at a deal right now, I don't know if you want to talk about this at a later time. Or we can go over into it a little bit right now. I found a property today that I could take the mineral rights, it has oil, a little bit of oil production, not a whole lot sub 10,000. And they're willing to sell it with the property, I can easily take the land and resell it at the same price and just strip the oil off of it. But I wanted to know as far as like the surface rights go is that part is something wrong with that property, as far as like cutting it up into 10 acre ranchettes, or anything like that. Is there a reason why people wouldn't be able to build houses there other than where the pipelines are running? No, I don't even know really? Do you know even if there's any pipelines on there right now? Are there? Yeah, I have a pipeline map for it. I can send you everything if you want to take a look at it and give me an opinion. Okay. Yeah, usually with pipelines, there's a there's, there'll be a pipeline easement. That can be different lengths, different widths. And, and just as just in general, because you will all eventually run across these I run across them all the time. Especially if you're in Texas, if you could see the railroad commissioners, map of the how many were all the gas pipelines run through Texas, is like this total maze, you will Oh my god, I had no idea it was like more than it was like it makes highways look like they're nothing, it's just a jumble all through the state is incredible. But when you buy a property, if it could have if it had a big pipeline of some kind going through it, though, usually strip out like it can easily be 100 feet, so like, you know, wide, and so you're in your property may be on it or goes through it or backs into it. And maybe that's the back end of your property. But the rule is that, even though you're still buying the property, they've got the easement through it, which means you can't build on it. But you can use it. So like if you had a septic system out in this list, because it was oftentimes in the country, you could use it to spray your water from your out over to onto the property. You just can't put a fence out there where you can't build anything out there. And if you did, they'll come through and just bulldoze it down. Because they have to have that clear. And what they do is they fly a plane, I think some of them are now going to drones. And they fly over there pretty often to make sure nobody's building on their on their pipeline easement. But yeah, you can still use it. But you can't build anything on it. That's what I was curious about. So it's a you know, 50 acre tract. So is there if there's still some available home sites or you just can't develop any of the land at all? No, I mean, 50 acres, you should have plenty of room there to to develop on it. Okay, that's what I was thinking. Yeah, nobody threw up a fence to kind of, like you said, ruin their access to the pumps, then I was wondering, yeah, how usable the land is. So it'd be like a Little House on the Prairie type thing if you just wanted the house? Yeah, no, I mean, I've I've done what I used to do subdivisions. I had this one. And we had an oil rig and as on the last lot, and we just finished, you know, we just fenced it off and, and we sold out the entire rest of the subdivision. I personally wouldn't want to live there because it was you know, the wind blows, right? You're smelling that stuff. But eventually they stopped pumping at some point. And maybe that one did I don't know. We didn't have any trouble selling the launch. If it stops pumping. There's no smell anymore. Yeah, cool thing about this one is it's it's, it seems to be you know, really low compared to what's out there. Like the price is still I think it's probably 50 to 60 cents on the dollar so that even if I bought it and sold it at the same price, it should be a way to hang on to those minerals, even though it's not a lot but it's something that you could just capture for free. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. And that's a lot of acreage. So that would be a very, that could be a lucrative paycheck, you know, if they hit oil or decided to drill again, or go back in and re activate the well by fracking or something I was wondering about too. So I'm curious, like, I'm just capturing it as is, because it has been having consistent production for a really long time. I want to say, like, 80 years or something? Well, I mean, are they selling you the? So they have? Have they been getting a check? Off? Yeah, mineral rights. Okay, so they're including the mineral rights to you. So now you can just come in there, did they tell you how much money you're gonna get monthly off of the existing memorize, they said, six 8002 years, but it averages. Okay. So and it's probably old enough so that that's probably a uneven number. So the first year to that number is really, really high. Because the first two or three years, they sucked most of the oil or gas out of that well, and those are the big high pain period. And then so it's like a curve. And then so curves out like that. And then it's pretty well steady for another, God knows, it could go a long time, it can go 1020 30 I had one that was pumping, I think 40 to 50 years, my very first deal came like that Anthony with a with a gas rights to it and the son Oil Company owned was the owner of the of the rig on it that was pumping the gas out. And yeah, they just paid us like clockwork every month. To check that this doesn't go away, it can fluctuate. And the other thing that can happen is they can turn it on and turn it off. So sometimes they won't pump gas or or allow the pumping. So sometimes, like the price of oil or gas goes too far down, then they turn it off, and they wait for prices to go back up. And when they do, it'll pump up a little bit, and they'll get more production that first year. And so they more than make up for it. But those guys aren't in a hurry. Sometimes, you know, they're not looking, you know, they're not looking to give it away. So right now we've got high prices, so pretty much if something can be pumped. It's pumping right now. Yeah, there's a there's a whole like, he's like 18 rigs, and they're on timers, I guess so some are pumping at different times. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's incredible. Sound like he got into an oil patch. Yeah, man. And it's pretty cool property too. I actually liked it. I thought it was gonna be like junk property. And I got there. And I'm like, Man, I really liked this. And literally for the price, like I said he could you could capture the oil rights for free, or might be able to even double up just on the surface rights man and keep the oil. So it's, I'm just going to take a long, good look at it. I just wanted to get some advice. So I don't know, if you want to try to partner on it. I'll send you everything and you just tell me what maybe what you would recommend it. Okay. Yeah, I mean, the surface rights are another is another lease basically that they come back and they will create a lease with you. And you can make money yearly off that as well as the oil rights, royalties. Amazing. Looks like a really, really good property. I'm pretty excited about it. But it's nice to take a little deeper dive because I'm well into a territory. And if you're flipping land in Texas, this this kind of thing will happen to you at some point. So, you know, always keep your ears open to what's going on, because it will happen and you're going to know, you know how to respond to it, you know, you're gonna know, hey, there's something here. Or maybe somebody says, Hey, we've got this check coming in every every month. Well, right now, if they're trying to sell you that, that cash flow, you already know now off of what I just said earlier, I want to see the history of the checks. Because that one of the open that thing up three months out of the year and shut it down the rest of the time. Now you're you're overpaying for your rights. But once you know how much your cash flow is, and you know, you know how much you're willing to pay for something. Amazing. Amazing. Okay. Yeah, I'm excited, man. This is though, I found some minerals over by Austin, but I don't think there's anything up there. But somebody told me if you ever find anything south of San Antonio, make sure you hang on to those mineral rights. And sure enough, we hit a literal Goldmine with oil my well, you know, you can and I did a training on this. In fact, it's on my YouTube channel about oil about holding back the oil rights for everybody wants to go watch it. It's there. And it's freely available. But you can go to the railroad commissioners website for the state of Texas. And then but search for the railroad commissioners website or railroad commissioners oil and gas GIS map. So just like they have a map for a property that we look for. They have one for oil and gas and they show you every single well. And gas well, whether it's plugged, whether it's active, whether it's, you know, blown out or what it is they show it on this map so you can zero in on any property you're looking at. And you can find not only the well but you can also find the owner of that well who's operating it all right, because the mineral rights belong to a ton of all the people that are on the property there. But there'll be an oil company tied to that that's in charge of pulling the oil out and selling it, and then dispersing the check back to all of you who owned the property. Because when you buy a property you bought you think you're buying the surface of the property, but you're buying a giant triangle, or, sorry, a slice of it that goes all the way to the center of the earth. That's what you're buying. So you own everything all the way down. And technically, you should also own everything going straight up. So it makes this giant triangle basically, to the center of the earth, all the way out. But so when you buy a property, you know they have to they they'll pull the oil out and then pay you back, your your share of it. And they have to do it. It's not like they have a choice. So yeah, it's a, it's a nice way and make extra money. So going into that website, you can find first of all, you can find what we call an oil patch, you'll you'll see a bunch of wells in this whole area, it might be you know, the entire east side of my county, for example. And you'll just see a ton of wells that were have been drilled there, and suddenly they die off. There's nothing right outside that. And then goes away. And then you see a bunch more just dots, which are the oil wells. And you say, oh, okay, well, if your property is in any of those areas where they have all those wells, then you potentially have oil royalty, possibly you can get the royalty rights. Maybe you can't MIT but but now you know what's on the table, right? There's something on the table there possibly for you. And then if you're not, it is like nothing there. You know, you certainly wouldn't ever want to pay for rights on something that's completely outside oil patch. So the oil patch means it's where the active oil producing wells are actively at inch in like a giant oval or circle or however they happen to you know, appear on that map. Oh, man, yeah, I'm looking to looking forward to chatting a little bit more. It's not the first time I've come across it. You know, somebody actually from that I had messaged me a few months ago. And they're like, Hey, I know where there's 100 acres south of San Antonio producing. And the gentleman wants to keep half the rights and he'll sell the other half. And it was like sub a million and the production was amazing. And just for 100 acre tract at that price. I was like yeah, Lee. So it was like eight wins, all stacked up on top of each other and the guy let the lead sit for like 90 days. He's like, No, I completely forgot to send it to him like, well, that's amazing. He had already sold it by time. You got to I bet. Yeah. I mean, I have I have buyers for the oil patch. I mean, the oil rights too. So if you come across something let me know if it's in Texas. Okay. Yeah, I wouldn't mind them taking a look at this one. I've been I've been trying to just collect them. But yeah, let's take a look at what a cash offer might look like on the on the REITs as well. Because right now is a great time to sell those rights because of the price of oil. We're $100 It's not going to stay there forever. Right so but right now it certainly is. What do you do? Do you keep them or do you look at both options. I try to always keep them if I can. So I'll strip them out even if they're even if they're not inside the oil patch because the thing about it is is our technology is growing so fast that who knows what they can come up with at some point? Yeah, I agree. If you find the mineral snatch you're most likely to snatch him up and if you don't use them, pass them down to your children they're not taxing you for them so and I'm not saying they don't tax you because you will find mineral rights that are being taxed but those are because it's actually in production insane now this is great information. That's super super cool. Anthony yeah. Oh yeah. And I'm also to look at you guys like just talking about this. Like I remember coming across some actual like some actual men in the past on Langlade that you can look for oil rigs on there too, including this website. And like you can see many of the rigs when you when you pretty much like zoom all the way in. You see many rigs that are actually like spread across but they're towards kind of like towards west Texas, not not towards like East a little bit or not. Yeah, if you look at a Google Map, and go up to Midland Odessa and start there, you'll start to see all those little white dots and every one of them is an oil rig. But if you look at that one from the Texas Railroad Commissioner, you'll see the horizontal wheels too. So you'll see you'll see a straight little line so you'll see a well which is where they dig and then you'll see a like a little line that goes straight down some of those lines can be four or five miles long. Alright, so they're they're they're drilling down and going for five miles out sometimes and they're stripping out all the oil from from all of that property and they own the oil rights to all or they've gone and paid you know the oil royalties to all the people under that strip and on each side of that strip. Okay is a kind of like an injection line. Because Because I see many other dry holes here that are like my my policy in Texas there's like a bunch of lines going down. There's a lot of like faded lines. There's a there's some, there's some solid lines by Huey Hanks all these other people that own it. Yeah, there on the, on the map, you'll see the legend, which will tell you what each of those things mean. And you can and you can look at and see exactly what. And actually, if you just zoom over with your mouse, it'll pop up all the information on that Oh, on that rig right there on that on that oil well, so it can give you the like a current operators name, and a little bit about the information about that with that well, okay, cool. Yes, yeah, there's some railroad tracks nearby too. So we did the transport all nice. Hey, thanks, Daniel. I've got a run. But I always enjoy popping in when I can and share what I can with the group. And if you if you all have deals, then and you want to run something by me, don't hesitate to to message me on Facebook, message me on Facebook. That's the best way of contacting me. And let me know what it is that you're looking at if I can help you. So I love to buy notes. I love to create No, I love to have you create a note where you're in buyer at closing, and I come in and buy that note. So I can give you the basically put the money on the table to pay the seller. And then you take your profit out of the downpayment what I put on the table. Thanks a lot, John. That was that was that was a lot because like we covered in 40 minutes. Appreciate it. Appreciate it, man. We'll set up a call whenever we close that deal next week. And we'll cover that that deal. Users got paid. Yes. Back to that one. I love that one. All right. We'll see you guys next week. Take care. Thanks, Anthony. Thanks for Thanks for thank you guys for putting this thing together. You guys have made my life a lot easier. And probably a lot of the other people in here a lot easier, and a lot richer. So I can't thank you guys enough. That's the goal. That's the goal. Thank you, man. Thanks for being there since the beginning. All right, he's gone. Man that we covered a lot right there. Man. I'm really curious to hear about the huge days of changeover sucks five users get paid. That's a lot of people. Everybody's too busy making fun of these chains online. And I know you don't want to do anything illegal or immoral. But everybody's poking fun at them. And I'm like, man, if you have a deal, I don't care whose deal it is. Bring it over here like talk to somebody just see what's going on. If it's a real deal, then yeah, seekers look at that look as as many as we can. So we should we should make a model called daisy chains get paid. I posted on my Facebook I post daisy chain and welcome. I'm sure the Guru's are looking at me like, I hate this guy. No, it's funny. No, there's a lot man. If you if you came in late to that call, you're gonna have to listen to this replace somewhere. Kind of keep keep thinking about this more and more is that, you know, surprisingly, that more people aren't on these calls. I'm like, Man, the people that are not showing up are missing out on some really, really good stuff. Like everything you just learned today on this call and heard today on this call like, golly, free oil, right? I mean, like, what? How's he going to learn that? Unless you get the deal yourself? Yeah. Yeah. Are you guys doing a deal that's on like, us mostly producing laws? But no, but no. Plug wells? I didn't understand the question. I'm sorry. Like, are you guys doing deals that are only only doing like, like when they're like they're basically in production, but they're not like looking to, like, just remove the mold from just remove the plug from the well, we're looking to see how they can actually reproduce again, we're just producing already. We're looking at anything, man, I was trying to make 800k on a double close on a property where the oil wasn't even producing. So you just got to take it case by case basis. It's like looking at anything else. Like if you're looking at a house, you know, that the roof and the toilets? Same thing with land, man, you just want to check how much row doesn't have touching the property? If it does have oil production that can you get some kind of like environmental reports, either from the oil company or if you have to hire your own engineer to make sure that there's no kind of like contamination on property. Like John said, You can't throw up a house over their pipeline easement. You know, there's so there's a lot of things that you have to consider when you're looking at land. But yeah, it doesn't matter if the wells are plugged not plugged. You know, that just all affects the price. Yeah, for sure. Very rarely do people want to part with their mineral rights, but every now and then we'll come across them. And like John said, Whenever you do find them to try to scrape them off before you flip the property. Because I think it's pretty good consensus in Texas that if you do have mineral rights, people aren't going to convey those when they sell the property. So if you do come across some Yeah, just make it a point to capture those before you move on to how to deal with solar, whether by Austin, I saw it had been or was on it. Actually, the title company called me and told me I was I was gonna miss it. And somebody was real hot after the property like he was being really really aggressive and I'm like, I'll sell you the property at that price. I simply need to know one thing right now. Are you after just the land or are you after the mineral Secretariat buying the minerals? And he was like now just land so So tune kept the mineral silver Pretty cool game, no matter what you come across, give us a shot, let us take a look at it for you if you don't know what to do. So I mentioned I mentioned this too, that if you're wholesaling in Texas, you can capture the minerals just by doing the transaction. Interesting. So that's what I'm talking about on this one right here is I can buy the land, I can flip it, I think for a low, low profit, you know, like maybe 100k, maybe 200k. But on the high end, I could double up right, so I can buy the property and then just to x the cash, or just sell it at the exact same price, scrape the minerals and make zero on it. So there's a lot of different strategies on this one, because it's so low. But yeah, just just for putting the deal together, I'll keep the the minerals, the keep the oil production rights in the cash flow. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, it's a little note, a little free note. Cool. Yeah. If you want to keep the mineral rights for yourself, and just assigned the land, so you would need to do a double close. Right. So in the second closing, like the b2c transaction, you will just transfer the rights for the land, but not the mineral rights, right? Or can you do an assignment in that way as well? I think I think for this one, it's a double closed, because in the actual contract will actually take there's a conveyance, that you have to sign over if you're conveying over the mineral rights, or if you're not in conveying the mineral rights. So I think we've been close. Yep. And then And the crazy thing about this, all this is recorded in title. So if you're looking for properties that they don't know who the mineral rights is, you can actually go through the title search and find out who owns the mineral rights on it, because it's going to record it and title, the owner, the owner, and the mineral rights owner, could be two totally different people. So I'm going to record the title. Hi, Daniel. This is a recording. So I've done a good bit of mineral work in Mississippi, in particular. And at least in that state, you can reserve the minerals, you know, whatever you may own, you may not, there may not be anything for you to own. But you can reserve the amount to yourself or the LLC that you're buying in. And, you know, there may not be any to reserve because it could have been reserved in the past. But at least in Mississippi, you can reserve the money to yourself, if there are any. So yeah, 100%, there's I heard of a place in Virginia, Virginia has a lot of coal, in Virginia, back in like, I think it was like the mid 1800s. They bought all the mineral rights in the area. So the only thing you're conveying is the land. And the state owns all the mineral rights for that whole area. Right. So back in probably 1830. In Mississippi, you know, minerals came to be, you know, people knew about them and bought them up. So, yeah, that you know, but you never know, there's a chance that you may be dealing with a property that you're getting 100% of the minerals, or maybe 50% of somebody retained 50% You never know unless you do a title search. And those kinds of title searches are very, very expensive. That's why I delved into it, because I didn't want to pay what I would have to pay to determine how many mineral acres like our family owned in Mississippi. So I just just don't just learn to do it myself, say many 1000s of dollars, but in the process, I found that you can reserve them. You may you may not have anything to reserve, but you can reserve them unto yourself. So that's it. Thank you. No problem. Thanks. Thanks for the information. It's kind of cool that you're self taught a little bit. That's amazing. Well, I'd already kind of gotten self taught in about 1981 on doing title, work, land, but not all minerals. But basically all minerals, you just have to look at the deed and see what it says in relation to minerals. So it can say all kinds of stuff. You know that it's reserved for 10 years, or it's reserved forever, or it's something but anyway, take care. Thank you. No, thank you. Thank you. Anybody else have any questions? Sir, this question. Go ahead. Hit me. I think yeah, we both we both. Okay. You can go first. No, go on, go on. Okay, so I am having and I talked a little bit about this on another call a couple weeks ago. But I'm hoping to get a little more guidance. I had bought two properties with a gas pipeline, running through one of them. They're close together and then on the other one, it's running. I believe on part of it. That's what a realtor told me. I I'm trying to find out how I could I called the county, they said that, you know, there would have to be an easement, I guess, on it, but you could still build on it. But I'm curious, as far as how I could see it, or how I could, you know, just I guess, verify. And because I want to make sure that that information is disclosed, I guess, when it's being sold, because I'm probably going to have a realtor involved on selling it. And I'm concerned because of the whole gas pipeline thing. So general is ever kind of mentioned it on this call, there is a I guess, through the railroad, they have the GIS maps, there's J. S maps for pipelines that are accessible, depending on the state. So you have to do a little research on what state it's in and where those were, those are listed. And then that should be a soccer problem. A good title company should be able to find all that information anyway. But when they do a title search, they're gonna find that there's a gas pipeline. Yeah, if there's gas pipe in where the easements are, because it should be, should be all recorded with the deed. Right? I guess what I'm thinking about is, when the property is being marketed, I wouldn't have somebody do like a soft title search for you. Just to make sure you have all the information before you sell it. Okay, before you buy it, you know, to make sure you have all information. Got it. Thank you. No problem. Go ahead. The two questions is and still on the line. And are you still here? I just kind of wanted to ask you a question. If you're still there. Yes, I'm still here. I found out months ago, since I'm in to this lovely game of real estate that I'm loving, and that I don't know a whole lot about, but anyway, that my family has mineral rights to property. And I guess the word would be an easement that they put on it for 200 years. And I'm wondering, is there anything that I can do with that easement that they can Can Can an easement be removed? That's what I want to know. This is no legal advice for sure. But an easement basically give someone the right, right, you know, cross your land or whatever, that mineral rights allow you to retain, you know, minerals. So was it an easement or mineral D? Sounds like a lease? Well, according to according to my brother, he says it's an easement. I'm not sure find, you know, this out, we owned 100 acres of this land, my family did. It's an Arkansas in the mineral rights. So I'm gonna do a search. There's, there's a difference between mineral rights and an easement. So with mineral rights, like what oil companies do, and what I did with our family land, was I went down to what's called the patents. And it's when the United States of America deeded property to whoever, and if it was 200 years ago, is, you know, that's pretty close to the pattern, probably. So you would, you will need to just trace that land back, all the way to when it was deeded from the United States of America to whoever it was data two, and then just read those deeds. It's just kind of like a chain link, fence or chain, you know, one link to another to another. So you go from like, who owns the land right now, and find out who they bought it from. You read that deed, which I like to see, I like to print the deeds out where I can visibly look at them. It's not on a computer screen, because sometimes I miss things if it's on the screen or cut off. So I print them off. And then you a lot of minerals are transferred in a deed. And then you also have a mineral deed in addition to a land deed. Minerals, at least in Mississippi can be retained on on a land deed, or they can be retained or transferred on a mineral deed. So you'll have to do two different kinds of searches. There's, there's land records for land records, and then there's records for mineral deeds and royalties and leases. It's kind of like two different things. But if you find the county, just go there and there's probably somebody that will help you. When you go to that county you're liable to find it tax title researcher in that county courthouse, ask them if they can help you learn to do that yourself. Or, like Daniel was saying, pay somebody to do it. but if you pay somebody to do it, you're not necessarily going to learn how to do it yourself. But if they might take you on and show you how they're doing it, and then you're like, Oh, I got this and then and then you can do a lot of the search yourself and then have them check it for you. You didn't get any of this book. It's an Neil McCarty, I don't want to have that conversation. But yeah, I'll be glad to help you. However I can. Good luck on that. It sounds like you're onto something, don't mean. Thank you so much. Okay. And one more question. For everyone. I'm looking for a good title company. Does anyone have a good title company down here? I know you guys do. But if you want somebody could just kind of put it in the chat for me. What state? I guess I want to do Texas County. Well, no, I don't want to take someone to Georgia. I want to do Georgia. I'll send you one for Georgia. I have one. Okay. All right. All right. Coming out. I hope you all learned a bunch from Poland a lot. We do these calls every Monday and Thursday. So if you want to get added to these calls, you can text us at 210972 It's important to just kick keyword hive HIV, newly added to these columns and it's called Monday at five Central. We appreciate you coming out replay. We'll be out in a few days. So keep an eye out for it. Thank you have a good day. Thanks this show is sponsored by the list guys. Do you need more leads in your local or virtual market? One intends small businesses don't invest in any kind of marketing. The list guys have over 35 plus list types to choose from and you can mix and match any list or criteria. 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