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March 11, 2022

Ep 135- Gems Podcast: Business Automation with Daniel Martinez

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welcome back to another episode here on
gems podcast i am your host genesis
amaris kemp and with me today is daniel
martinez and here's a bit about daniel
he's been an entrepreneur since 2018
he's come from a regular home just like
most people his dad worked on the roads
in the chicago area for over 30 years
and he always taught him to work with
his brain instead of his body he owned
and operated a trucking business for two
years he started learning real estate in
2019 fell into the data and skipped
tracing business in 2020 and his partner
anthony and him started hive mind in
2021 he's done a ton of different jobs
coming from painting door door sales
truck driving and loading trailers and
etc and all of that has
led him to where he is now which is
leveraging you can have delivering
digital products to the marketplace and
it can yield you limitless possibilities
and without further ado let's welcome
daniel martinez to the podcast
thank you thank you i appreciate you
having me on here
my pleasure daniel and today we're going
to talk about all things business
automation and why is it important to
have that automation in your business so
you don't have to do as much work and
everything can work together like a
well-oiled machine
um it's extremely important for
entrepreneurs because
a lot of when you when you start a
business you're wearing a lot of hats
and it's important to utilize your time
wisely that's the most important asset
you have
so um
what hidebind does is it utilizes and
combines a lot of different systems out
there to
accelerate your marketing efforts so our
whole thing is to
automate before you delegate because you
might have to you might not have to
delegate at all
saying you could do a lot more with the
help you do have so
the whole thing is is that you you can
automate a lot of your your backend
front-end processes your tasks
um just nurturing needs as a whole
follow-up using hivemind and it'll help
you convert and
get more clients as a whole
with with less effort which is the goal
awesome so definitely a way to work
smarter and not necessarily harder and
with your automation
do you all use a
ai artificial intelligence rpa robotic
processing automation
and how did you come across
with building hive mind what did that
look like behind the scenes
um we use conditional logic so you can
input special characters where people
reply to certain keywords or phrases uh
yes no answers and you can build auto
responses off of that or you can just do
simple time campaigns based by day weeks
or months whatever that looks like in
your business and you can incorporate uh
emails rvms text voicemails uh we
integrate with zapier so you can
really coordinate a lot of different
things together um through xabir so
zapier's like the bridge that connects
to everything else so if you want to
kind of tie mine to your gmail or hide
mine to whatever app or service you're
using that work doesn't we don't have it
set inside of it you can connect it
there and use it cohesively together
so whenever someone thinks about hive's
mind and they think about
oh maybe i should try hivemind what sets
you apart versus your competitors and
um i would say our first thing is our
customer service we provide a lot of
customer service and on our side if you
have some questions you can text us and
we'll usually respond i have a full
staff uh six days a week we are off
and uh yeah we're just we're here to
help our our uh clients succeed and we
really want them to make more money as a
whole so we really want you to
accelerate your business
we've already seen it happen with
multiple clients and we've seen them
hit huge numbers and huge revenue
streams just by
coordinating and using
not all the features just some of the
features it's crazy so like the one
thing is like some people
not everybody's
able or
uh understands how to use like uh not
necessarily complicated software but
some people aren't they're not tech
savvy i mean there's there's some
neanderthals out there it's okay we come
across every once in a while but you can
use whatever you whatever that one thing
you need in your business you can use
that one thing and it works well but if
you're high tech because there's the
other side of the people would be like
yeah i want to do this this and this and
build out this and build up this and oh
yeah i should have an idea let me do
this too i know there's those people too
this is for you because it's just one of
those things where like you get
different ideas like i've automated i
have run a couple of my businesses
through the software and whenever i want
to like hey let me automate this part i
already know how to use this i'll go
create it and
your business should always be adapting
and you should always be utilizing new
um new strategies because your marketing
should change every once in a while just
to kind of adapt to new things
nice and so whenever you think about
where you are currently right now in
your business what were some of the
start ugly moments that you guys had to
endure early on when you were launching
your business and what did that look
like for you
because i think it's very important to
talk about those star ugly moments
because sometimes when people
leave a corporate job and they go into
entrepreneurship full time they realize
that they are the one person that's in
their business up until they get to the
point where it makes sense to really
outsource and scale up effectively 100
that's a great question so
i recommend don't do what i did because
it's harder it's harder but um
some people ease into it where they'll
they'll start a side hustle where they
can work after hours on the weekends
whenever they don't work to kind of
transition that point i did the crazy
thing and i quit my job and never went
back which is not all right i recommend
but you can do that just know it's all
on you
sometimes when you gamble on yourself
you put yourself in a position to excel
if you're that type of personality we're
like yeah i know i can do this i just
need to understand
they call it um steve harvey he says
that entrepreneurship is like jumping
off a cliff with no parachute and hoping
one will
appear that's kind of how it is
you got you gotta you gotta sometimes
know and trust yourself that you'll
figure it out and it's it's it's good to
have uh reserve money of course it's
good to have a side hustle to bring in
other income it's going to have multiple
strategic income
all that is unnecessary and it helps but
you can't jump out there and do it
yourself you can jump out there and and
do it while you're working your job i
work with some of my clients still have
their 9-5 using the software to automate
their their their side hustle and their
side business to still create revenue
other stuff than five until they're
ready to quit uh one of my clients he's
crazy he just he's been doing really
good in real estate for like a year year
and a half and his zeta six pair appeals
a high corporate job too is making six
figures as corporate he just quit this
month and he was he was making probably
250 of 300k a year you know juggling the
nine to five and the animal side hustle
slash business
so and he just quit recently so
there's different um there's different
uh breaking points for everybody in
their personal life and it's all depends
on how what your expenses like what do
you what are your expenses so
when you come to entrepreneurship
understand that you need to
cut back that way you can produce more
because when you're first starting a
business sometimes you reinvest some of
that money back into the business
in itself for
a year or two you might not get you
might not make as much as you want just
because you're trying to build a
and what a lot of early entrepreneurs do
is they'll actually
oh i'm making big money and they'll
spend it on themselves but they're
taking away from their future business
by growing their business whereas you
can use that to hire employees and
accelerate and amplify your business
through multiplication versus yourself
and everybody should strive not
everybody but it's not for
entrepreneurship isn't for everybody
i'll say that too
it's not for everybody like i said we're
the we're the crazy ones that do things
that normal people wouldn't think of so
if you're crazy one like me you can join
join us in entrepreneurship
not really crazy i like to say out of
box thinkers because you think outside
of the box and you kind of really create
your own lane for you to drive in um
just to know that you're going to be
hungry enough to chase after your dreams
but then you're also going to put in the
work to make sure that those dreams turn
into realities and i know that you have
a partner anthony so when anthony and
you started the company
did he come in um a hundred percent or
was he working a job while building hive
mind on the side with you and what did
that dynamic look like
pretty much all my partners are
entrepreneurs so we're in the business
um there's there's a book called
attraction i'm not a book person at all
by no means but i did read this book so
traction is is a book that states that
everybody has their skills and there's a
visionary and an integrator a visionary
always needs an integrator an integrator
always use a visionary in some in some
cases just because
not you might not have all the tools
to run your own business
by yourself and that's okay
that's why you always part it's always
important to partner and fill in the
gaps wherever you're lacking
so the book covers like if you're a
visionary you can either hire a partner
integrator and integrate what is an
integrator an integrator is the person
that actually
make things happen in the background um
towards your goal so if you have the
vision and the goal and the process you
can tell it's your integrator integrator
completes and
manages the process as far as the
the back end business so perfect example
of this is wozniak and steve jobs steve
jobs visionary wozniak was the
integrator and that's how they built
apple that's how apple started so
there's always in most big businesses
there's always that that duo dynamic
that makes the business work
you can always find that partner or
hire that partner to help you make sure
you facilitate that part of the business
me i'm okay at sales though my partner's
way better sales why would i do sales
i'm better at software and he sucks at
software so why why would he do stuff on
that so the whole the whole point of
entrepreneurship is that everybody's
like oh get better at things you lack at
no you get you do what you love and know
what to do and you fill in the gaps with
stuff you don't know how to do because
it may take you years to protect that
system and there's already a person
or something out there that can you can
utilize or put in position that can
excel in their in their position
so it's always more finding
who's the perfect partner that fills the
gaps that you can't fulfill
yeah and that's powerfully stated
because i always tell people you should
really focus on your zone of genius and
really own in on it and
don't worry about struggling in your
weaknesses because that's an area that
you get outsourced so you can allow
somebody who is a genius in that area to
come alongside with you to really build
those partnerships to take you a lot
further and faster and then whenever you
think about business automation daniel
what are some key things that somebody
look at automating whenever they are
first starting out in their business and
why do you feel like they're important
that's a great question so
every business is a marketing business
no matter what business your niche
you're in you're a marketing business
because if you don't have clients you
cannot make money
so number one you're always a marketing
business well what does marketing look
like it could be google facebook ads it
could be
texting emailing clients it could be uh
mail the junk mail you see in the in the
in the
in the mailbox you know there's so many
different forms of marketing tv
billboards radio
tons of them there's tons of different
marketing techniques
you need to find where your customers
are you need to figure out how to market
to them to come to get in more clients
most probably most businesses starting
off is they don't have enough potential
clientele they're lacking in the
marketing side and that's why they never
get off the ground when you have an
influx of potential clients and
clientele that's where you can really
position yourself hey i need to i need i
need uh
i might need a sales person to close
these people because i'm better at the
back end
well if i'm better at sales i might be
somebody in the back end to actually
fulfill these orders so you can kind of
kind of know where you're at once you
start with marketing
with real estate we call it it's a it's
like a paradox of if you if you trip
over if you get enough leads coming into
you're going to find a real estate
transaction you're going to find a real
estate deal just because there's so many
deals coming at you when you have the
marketing in
in sync and in the right direction where
people are coming to you
okay so two tips there so marketing so
don't skimp on marketing that's a way to
automate your business and then to know
who your client is which is also your
ideal avatar so you can make sure that
you are targeting the right group of
people so you're not wasting time or
money so i like that you talked about
those two as um with automation and then
when some people think of the word
automation i know some people are like
oh a bot or
i don't want to be talking to a bot or i
don't want to have to press one press
two press three how can you make the
automation more personable where
somebody feels like they actually have a
connection to the business
great great so one thing we do with our
clients is
whenever a new lead comes in i actually
send them a video
i'll send them a video introduction like
hey i'm dan martinez ceo of hidemind um
where if you need any if you need any
support here's where that here's where
to contact me you need assistance here's
our resources you can go to this this
and this if you have any questions just
reply to this number boom quick little
video personable they know they see my
i kind of answer all the beginner
questions that they have
and then uh after that they get a text
with my with my contact card so you ever
send everybody that affords you a
contact it comes in like a tag so if you
get an iphone you click on it and just
hit save we can have the ability to send
people that so it's more personable from
there they get automation trip to that
but the beauty of it so i had a client
it takes me like oh is this is this an
automated text i'm like no it's a robot
so i replied to him and he's like oh
this is cool because i kind of jumped in
where the automation fills in the gaps
and as long as you don't as long as it
doesn't look like automation they'll
never know but you can automate a lot of
those uh nurturing and follow-up even
outreach and then whenever they respond
like oh this is just a robot you can hop
in and text you have the ability to on
your desktop or on your phone to kind of
break that barrier like oh you're not a
real person yeah i am a real person
um the other thing is that
you don't want to answer the phone all
day most people they get they get broke
unless you have a person answering the
phone don't answer the phone all day you
can put them through a funnel so
we do this for
higher i put i do this when i hire
people i do this when i put for clients
i make them go through processes that
way i know they want to buy before i
even speak to them
so perfect example of this is i'll do it
when i when i hire people and when i get
new clients so
when i get when i hire people i put out
you don't just want to do interview
after interview because they're wasting
time talking to people that you want too
many people to interview
so i make them jump through hoops
we do this with screening tenants for
real estate as well
we have them fill out a form depending
on what their job job title is or
service whatever they're going to do in
the business we ask them to produce so
if they're calling i ask them to send me
a voicemail based off my script i'm
gonna send them a script they send me a
voicemail back so i know i could tell if
their english is good if they understand
uh proper punctuation where to stop or
to breathe how they sound if i'm hiring
somebody overseas if they're doing
copywriting i'm going to send them hey
can you rephrase this and make the list
look pretty and i'll send them my own
thing have them do it um i just hired
video editors i sent them my own video
and make this look pretty so let me see
what you got and 10 people apply two
people did it and those two people i
the two people actually completed the
service and the hoops i made them jump
with clients
i i asked them
you everybody perfect example this is
everyone needs to drink water
right everybody has water right
everybody needs it everybody might might
not want it but there's so many
different variations of water to buy
right so what i tell people is like yeah
you can hop on the phone and sell water
all day long but why do that when you
can leverage leverage systems and
automation to do that so if you have
their number
text them hey you want water
click this link
you know
and you can automate that and now you're
just sitting at home on the couch and
you're seeing
your ticker go by when people are buying
water just because you text everybody to
buy water at this link you know so
there's so there's many different
variations of that and you can have
people jump through hoops where now
you're not actually doing that sales
sales side of it hey i need to talk to
somebody yeah talk to somebody about
yeah i need to talk to them about this
this and this i'll just reply the text
remember it's the 21st century people
like getting responded via text so i
would rather deal with the situation
being texted over the phone because i
might get a i might get an earful so if
i can resolve it via text that's the
person i got to talk to
beauty about that is is
now i have my whole team monitor one
phone number and they can respond to
everybody like it's me
and the beauty about that is that i can
i can hide behind that as a boss too
because i don't want to be known as a
customer service person because i don't
want to deal with customer service
issues yes i do deal with them but i
hide behind persona that i have a team
that handles that
so it puts it on them yeah my team my
team they i don't know what they told
you they told you this this and this you
kind of reiterate it as you as the boss
but you're backing up your team even
though it might have been you you make
yourself bigger than you are and you can
hide behind that invisible person that
visible support team you make yourself
look bigger and you're never the bad guy
so you can always blame that invisible
beautiful and i like the fact that how
you're using automation in your business
but then you're also putting the
personal aspect there where you're
intercepting where automation leaves off
so you're also bridging the gap between
the automation and the human connection
there and i think that's pretty cool
um so that would be a competitive
advantage for hive mind because there
are some other people who are in the
business space of automation but they
don't step in and be that
that face or they don't send those
videos um welcoming people and telling
them hey i'm daniel martinez and etc so
whenever you think of hive mind and you
guys have only been business for a
little bit
what really got you to the level of
success that you are now
with your automation because i mean you
guys are hitting some heavy hitters kpi
um we we were around we started uh
february 2021 so we're 13 months old um
it's just more of like lisa we want to
see all business succeed no matter what
your business niche is
and it's just it's just providing good
service um of course we have people that
cancel and do all that stuff you're
going to have that you're going to have
that that churn but it's just one of
those things where you provide the best
services possible you know you have a
good product or service you're doing
yourself an injustice by not sharing it
as much as you could
and what are the principal foundations
or core values that hive mind stands
upon and why is that important in order
for you to be a successful business
sure so our core values are honesty
integrity and
uh best service possible um like you
said we really have a lot of uh back-end
support that we're really trying to
provide i've worked with other companies
and it takes like 48 hours to get a hold
of somebody and i'm like that's terrible
and like um it's it's funny though
because like even having the best
people still don't message me and like
people like in my facebook group they'll
be like hey i need help with this and
like did you message support
i'll do that right now when you're okay
you're still you're no matter how much
outbound support you can provide there's
still gonna be people that still get
lost and that's okay
um you just gotta do the best you can
what you got and know there's always
gonna be
weird people and weird customers um
there's a funny tweet i heard the other
day was that um everybody wants to be an
entrepreneur to get rid of their boss
but then you realize when you're an
entrepreneur your boss are your clients
and they're worse than your regular boss
at the job
i never thought about it that way but
that is so true because when you're
working for somebody they're
dictating what you
what you're doing but then when you work
for yourself
your customers are what's dictating you
because they're paying
your bills because they're coming to you
to pro to ask you for the service that
you're providing and etc so you see that
exchange there so you really have to be
mindful of how you deal with your
customers how you show your customers
that they are appreciated and they're
valued and then you also have to know
how to set up boundaries not just set up
boundaries but also enforce those
boundaries so the communication lines do
not get blurred or crossed up
and daniel as we begin to wind down i
want you to give the listeners and
viewers some tips that they could think
about whenever they begin
to either automate their
their business or start a business or
anything that you think may be
beneficial for them to just really
jumpstart and take that leap of faith
perfect i have a couple things
um if you're in a business niche
um start a facebook group
facebook groups are priceless people
find you organically um and then you can
automate your intake form so what i do
is i have a public facebook group
pipeline crm when you click into it it
asks you for your email and phone number
why do i do that
because i'm trying to capture it for
free so you can create
you can create value out of nothing just
by having a facebook group so
facebook group make it private connect
it's a hive mind and start collecting
emails and phone numbers because your
email list you can take forever right
step two is
incorporate other forms of mediums to
connect with your clients what most
people have websites if you don't have a
website you get a website this is a 21st
century you need a website number two
is you can connect with them
through text through a phone phone
system most people only connect to their
people through email or a website and
that's it
connected them through another medium as
a phone you can easily incorporate um
sms's of motivational uh you can text
people offers for 50 discounts for
holidays stuff like that you can always
do pre-sales and discount codes you can
text circle your customers so it gives
them yours in exchange for the
information you're providing value by
them giving up your number and you can
send them newsletters and whatever
through text or email
i send out every holiday there's a text
that goes out merry christmas new year's
stuff like that um and when people join
my facebook group and i know their
i monitor them and i'll say happy
birthday so i schedule happy birthdays
for my clients in the facebook group so
everybody in the group can come and have
a birthday so they feel special on the
birthday it's more it's more of
connecting them um it gets harder as you
get bigger
but when you're small you have the
beauty of being small you can make it
personable i've seen people on tic tac
they put stickers and stuff in in their
in their um when they when they do
physical products they put stickers and
thank you notes and little handwriting
signatures and stuff like that make it
personable that way you can reach out to
your clients and build up confidence
requires because
what what's better what's better than a
new client is a client a recurring
always make sure you're building a good
relationship with your current clients
because they're the ones paying you
right now
but be always looking for new clients
because that's what keeps the revenue
influxing and eventually going up
so don't don't lose out on your current
clients and keeping them happy
other thing is if you have if you have a
relationship um we've had clients lose
family members i lost my dad
in december
um and we've had other clients lose
family members and such and we'll send
them flowers
it's it's more than what they
more than what we should do but it's
just one of those things to build a
relationship with your clients and have
a more in-depth relationship instead of
just being customers and we're we're
we're service providers there's more of
a connection in there so
facebook group use different mediums to
connect with your audience if you're
emailing incorporate a website if you
have a website incorporate email and
incorporate texting just use different
mediums to connect with your audience
and you cut in your client base to
eventually nurture them to become
use multiple mediums as much as you can
that's great and i like how you are
versatile between the different mediums
because depending who is a part of your
group um each generation
responds to various communications
differently like i'm a millennial and
sometimes my emails
pile up and then i'll spend a day where
i just go through all of my
different emails or i'll even color
coordinate it or put a star so i know
what's priority versus what's not
priority and then also i like the
personal touch that you do where you
send people flowers or happy birthdays
or etcetera and i want to tell you my
condolences for the loss of your father
i lost my dad in november of 2020 and it
definitely was not easy
and it's still not easy because i wish
he was here to celebrate some of the
milestones that me and my family are
achieving right now that's amazing um
i'm sorry for your loss as well um a lot
of people take grief differently but i
feel like it pushed me to
accelerate and make have a bigger
like so you can take it how you want
yeah i i agree i actually launched my
the month that my father passed so that
was the way that i continued to
have him with me and continue his legacy
and um daniel for anyone who is
interested in connecting with hive mind
or working with you all please plug your
website and let the listeners and
viewers know how they can connect with
you on social media
easiest way to do it is you pull out
your phones and you text me at
the keyword is h-i-v-e hive uh what that
does is it invites you to our facebook
group we have facebook group headlines
here on facebook it'll
introduce you to our youtube page we
provide a lot of entrepreneurial real
estate education
and then we'll offer you a dollar course
of how to make six figures on land deals
because we do real estate as well so if
that interests you you can text that
number 210 972 1842 our main website is we're on all platforms if
you're an entrepreneur you should be on
all platforms just because
just like people consuming different
different forms of content you've
consumed different forms of content as a
whole so there's youtube people that
only consume youtube there's podcast
people that don't
consume podcasts and then there's people
on tick technologies consume tick tock
so you need to be on all platforms so
make sure you're on all platforms where
i i have my crm on all platforms
including twitch you check us out there
we appreciate you
awesome and i'm glad that you plugged
your website because i was gonna say
what about if someone says hey daniel i
don't have facebook
because i don't agree with their
policies and you know now it's meta so
now they have a website so they could
get all your information on your website
as well
and listeners and viewers i want to
thank you so much for tuning in and
learning all about business automation
with daniel martinez ceo of hive my make
sure you connect with him on all
platforms and really think about
automating your business so you could
work smarter and not necessarily harder
and remember if you take time to
automate now you have more time to
really focus on your zone of genius and
make yourself more money so you could
secure the bad and pour back out into
your community your family or whatever
else that intrigues you until we chat
next time
love and lots of blessings have an
amazing day don't forget to subscribe to
the podcast it can be found on all major
podcast platforms and follow us on
youtube at gems with genesis amar's chem
for our video components until we chat
next time ciao
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Genesis Amaris Kemp is a Visionary Life coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author.

A Firecracker and “Mindset Hacker” a force to be reckoned with.

Genesis is a woman that empower others to speak up for themselves. Yes, it may be challenging; yes, it may hurt. But in the long run, she desires to encourage others to help those who may not have a voice. She is a trailblazer who wants others to live out their dreams, goals, and visions. We all have been given an excellent purpose in life. It is up to us to walk it out and live victoriously!

She is multifaceted and multidimensional that cannot be contained in a box or compartmentalized.