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March 7, 2022

Ep 131- Solving Probate Issues WIth Al Nicoletti

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Al Nicoletti 


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hey so
i've never done a probate deal
i'm hearing to get leads for probate you
have to go directly downtown to the
bexar county
i guess administration to get the fresh
ones is that correct or
is there somewhere i can just pull a
probate list that's
really accurate
uh we can we can dive in on that um
we can talk about that that's why i'm
wondering like what kind of uh
what kind of powerpoint y'all want to do
you got you got you got to pull it out
with 21 to do
oh daniel i got i made a new powerpoint
john you're going to love this i made a
new powerpoint that's specifically
directed to the coaches
with students
oh nice
yeah so
it's yeah it's it took a while it's hard
but let's see um
no cecil we can we can dive in on that
just let me know when you're ready
um daniel and what we'll do what i'm
trying to find is the um
trying to find the one
that i did
let me see if this is it
and while you're doing that i'll share a
win with everybody do it because
i have uh so one of our uh hive members
uh blake uh however
found a great deal like four almost five
acres right here in texas
and uh he tied it up for
000 on a contract
which he doesn't have like all of us
right we don't want to pull money out of
our pocket for stuff like that
so he uh he reached out to me and asked
me you know if he could do the seller
financing program that i have and i said
sure go ahead
and uh he's thinking about offering for
50 or so
around 50 000 or something i said hey
you know
he says that he could get 60 because
that was the going price but he wanted
to move it and i said well since you're
offering on a financing go ahead for 60.
so he put it on facebook for 60 on the
and within about a week he had a buyer
and we just got the contract in at sixty
thousand ten percent down
and i'll fund that at
who's gonna end up with some forty years
uh forty eight thousand
cash on the table at closing so he'll he
can so with that money he can pay off
the 35 000 and then he can pocket that
difference which that'll be a really
nice payday and i talked to the closing
company today to get them all on board
with what needs to be done on it so
they're all
stoked about it a little tiny
uh title company in the middle of
nowhere i've never heard it before books
title company uh
and so
um i should hopefully uh close that here
pretty quick so
you know for for those who want to add
seller financing you know keep that in
mind that
seller financing man people
you know especially on acreage like that
it was like
actually by the way it was in a flood
zone and this guy had collections on his
credit report we could still do it all
right so i'm pretty flexible with credit
i'm pretty flexible
with the property
as well so
whatever you have let's throw it against
the wall and see if something sticks
awesome nice nice and awesome
appreciate that you ready l
yeah whenever you're ready
all right i'm gonna make you
all right we're here today with our
special guest the al nicoletti who is
our probate florida specialist but soon
to be nationally so if you have any
probit issues
hit up
al nicoletti but uh he has a
presentation for us today he's gonna
cover probate all things probate and uh
answer a couple do a q a i'm sure and
answer a lot of our questions that you
have may have so if you want to go ahead
you're good to go
thanks uh dave you'll appreciate that
this is the first time i've done a hive
i don't think i've ever had a river
right i'm leaving the clubhouse room
right now
so what's up everybody i see my boy
deandre's on what's going on what's
going on man uh john's on
who else is on today i think i saw chris
is on
um and everybody's gonna jump on so the
one thing i want to do before i get into
the presentation because i realize what
you all want to hear are
what are what are some problems that
you're running into
um what are some of those solutions i've
been able to kind of uh work through
um i'm only in florida so i'm not in
every state but it may trigger like a
red flag for you about something that
comes up
in your area and that you say oh what
about this and what about that but
before i begin and dive in on the
drop in the chat box what is the one
thing let me put the mic in what is the
one thing
that you all
want to know about probate just that
what that one thing tonight that you
said al i came on the zoom because i
want to know about that one thing like
just tell me what that is
what i realized is i do so many zooms
and so many speaking events i'm sure
you've all seen i'm on tour i'm going
around doing stuff but i really love to
know like
what is it that you want to know about
probate especially if you're in the
florida market
um because i want to answer that
question for you tonight so you don't
walk away going dang i wish we would
have covered that on the on the whole
zoom chat um because just drop it away i
want to know what it is
uh i'm going to make sure i share the
screen and as we go
ask questions i got stories i want to go
through um that i really want to break
down i think
daniel i don't even think an hour
is enough to cover some of these things
but that's why i want to condense it
into just what you got to know and it's
just different different stuff
that can really help you so
let me go here
so what i really really really want to
talk about
the uh that you come across in your
deals are probate and other crazy
weird things that come up right so
this is gonna be a whole presentation
what are some of the problems what are
some solutions what are some of the
tools that you can think of in your head
about can we use this can we do that
that's going to be huge so if you don't
know who i am i'm alan nicoletti you can
find me uh that's my phone number that's
my email address uh you can find me on
social media if you haven't followed me
yet on social media you gotta do it add
me on facebook uh follow me on instagram
uh subscribe to me on youtube those are
the places that you can find me i drop
tons of videos tons of content all the
time and it's very useful
for people that are in florida but also
in another state that are trying to
understand how we tackle these issues um
all the time so check it out i've done
webinars i've done shows i have my show
the alan nicoletti show that had the
hive on it it had land mogul john
alexander on it uh i mean we're gonna
have so many great guests uh that are
rolling out so go check that out but
telling you now
the big thing that you can do because
we'll be on the hive call for however
long we are
but you gotta check out the social pages
that's gonna be really key so
what are some of the problems like in
and anybody doesn't know what probate is
stop me there because i'm going to tell
you this is a little bit more
let's get to the core issues of probate
and what the problems are and let's talk
about the solutions and stories so
on a basic level
probate is somebody owned that property
they own the real estate whether it's
land whether it's a house whether it is
in their single member llc
and they have no operating agreement
this is where the property is going it's
in their name
and they die and when they die
all of a sudden the land mogul comes
along does his direct mail does his cold
call and he finally gets an heir he gets
a beneficiary and one of them says hey
we want to sell
and john's like great let's go under
contract and they go under contract and
they bring it to the title company and
what does the title company say
john we can't give you title insurance
we can't we can't proceed with the
closing until a probate is done and
you're thinking what's the probate it's
a court process that moves the title
transferring from what the deceased had
to the heirs that's it
that's it so if you ever wanted to know
what it was
it's moving the title over and from that
point forward we dive deep because what
is john thinking oh no where do we go
what do we do how do we solve it how do
we get through the next puzzle um i
don't know if i want to
buy the property now
i've heard all about probate these are
the problems that come across these
deals right
we could talk about the silver tsunami
if you want to hear about the silver
tsunami raise your hand i can tell you
all about what's coming the 2020 2030s
2040s but at the end of the year
all right so deandre he wants to know
about the silver tsunami right
the wave of baby boomers that is going
to hit the market especially in florida
like you've never seen before
huge numbers are coming here how many
people are moving to florida huge
numbers so
i went hard in this niche
about three to four years ago because i
saw the vision
there's a plan and not only that it's an
open market blue ocean when it comes to
this niche so
these are the core issues when john
comes across this property and he's
thinking oh no we got to do probate what
are the problems these are the problems
right john's thinking
slow timing timing takes forever how
many of you think that it takes six
months 12 months two years to do a
bob and there we go there we go i
figured right you probably think that it
takes six months 12 months to do it
and a lot of people have that um in
their mind and they don't even ask any
questions like you wouldn't even go ask
dre you want to go ask daniel what do we
do you just back away from the deal so
many people have had that in their head
the other thing that people have had in
their head about problems in probate
are the attorneys fees so raise your
hand and i can't wait to see how many
hands go up
raise your hand if you want to pay
10 000 up front but you have no idea if
the probate's getting done
who who's raising their hand tonight
pay ten thousand dollars but no
guarantees whatsoever zero that the
probate gets done nobody nobody's gonna
raise their hand to that because
everybody wants to see can we do the
deal can we get it done
right and the other thing are the
communication issues with heirs
so one one tidbit i'll give you tonight
that may help you in a business
in any deals
always have the sense of calm
always have the sense of the steadiness
on your call
through the beginning throughout the
whole transaction
because in our day
throughout the whole day from when you
wake up to go to bed
you never know how many calls you're
gonna get that day what fires you're
gonna have to put out who you're gonna
be talking to what kind of personalities
and that deal that epic deal may come in
at three o'clock and you gotta be you
gotta be ready you gotta be sitting down
you gotta be laser focused you gotta be
plugged in
and have that really solid communication
about asking questions to these heirs as
best as you can
you're not going to know everything
you're not going to know everything and
may not know anything about it
what you do know
is you do know where to go
probate wise title wise who your lender
is who's backing you up either as a cash
cash buyer or who you're wholesaling it
out to
you know
who these pieces are and that alone
should give you that confidence to have
that communication right so the one of
the problems is a lot of people
don't know how to lead into that
conversation with heirs errors are no
different than anybody else that you
deal with as a seller
there's something about the p word that
just gets everybody all crazy i don't
know what it is so great examples just
did a probate in the middle of florida
uh lady a guy on the property the spouse
was the only heir her son is the only
one that's able to help her take care of
that right so we had to do some
paperwork took about a month and a half
but i remember the realtor saying
you know
i feel like i had to do a lot more work
in that transaction than than uh i
anticipated and all i was thinking was
how in the world was that any different
than what you've probably worked on in
the last week
and it's really not
um it's all about
understanding their wants understanding
their pain points errors are no
different you just need to deal with
more of them right sometimes they're
they they can be difficult just like any
other seller but it's the communication
complicated systems
um and explanations so
the first thing that many of you think
about when you pick up a probate deal is
that you gotta go read a book and you
gotta go find out what does everything
mean right you gotta figure out a whole
script of being able to explain the
probate stop
forget that
right forget looking it up in the moment
going on google looking the whole thing
up and trying to explain it to them
because if you try to explain the whole
thing of probate you may lose the deal
right so golden nugget for you on that
try not to always explain what it is or
all the processes and systems
very simply
title insurance is going to require it
somebody owned the property we got to
transfer it over to you all and we got
to get this done
basic understanding of explanations
right so that's been a problem too
multiple probates how many of you love
doing um
how many of you love doing like six
probates or 12 probates on one deal
right anybody
i'll do i'll do it if the money makes
sense i'll do them all day if the money
makes sense and that's been a problem
because if if john or bob or daniel or
dre anybody hears about six probates
they're freaking out they're walking
away they don't even ask they don't even
go on facebook and ask
is this possible who do we go to where
do we go what's the scenario am i
talking to the right people right so
when you get these multiple probates the
first problem is you're not even asking
who you're talking to
so talking to the right people will lead
you down the right path
talking to the spouse
is a higher order than talking to
the cousin
that you don't you may not even be an
and so when you get into these multiple
probates you've got to be asking
questions about who's around who am i
talking to what's happening because that
point you then
get them to the right people and the
right professionals to figure out what's
going on
stuck on super niche issues some of
these probates and title issues are very
and sometimes you may be on a deal and
you you've been under contract for a
year and you still are not getting any
information you you're not moving the
file forward nobody's giving you answers
how many of you am i relating to right
now on all these problems how many of
you am i relating to i'd love to know
because these are the issues about why a
lot of you have never gotten into
probate i could tell you all about who
to look for how many what are what are
the basic questions right i got that one
time they said what are the questions we
need to ask okay you want to know what
the questions are
is there a will
right is there a will ask those
questions right i see everybody's
scrambling now is there a will
where's the spouse
are there children any children
none you go up we could do the whole
macarena i can't do the macro arena is
not the same on a zoom call as it is in
person but you ask where's the spouse
where are the kids ever if there's no no
children alive go to grandchildren no
grandchildren great grandchildren none
of those parents grandparents great
grandparents you have to ask the line
because those are the people that you're
thinking for contract those are the
people you're thinking about who's
signing my contract who's signing the
closing documents and a lot of the times
some buyers are stuck on these issues
these little questions that come up from
time to time know where to go and who to
ask i think you all get that part so
when you're stuck on super niche issues
don't see that as a problem anymore see
that as an opportunity
because if you can't solve it and the
next guy can't solve it um
john alexander's coming he's going to
solve it he's going to find a way to
figure that out so
when you're stuck on these niche issues
ask these questions how many people have
come across life estates on properties
or or one wants to sell and the other
doesn't want to sell right or legal
description issues or fraudulent deeds
or sticky lean issues and stuff like
forget just probate we're now talking
about all these weird title things that
come up that's a problem how many deals
dre have you picked up where all of a
sudden you bring that title commitment
to closing at the table at the title
company and they say quiet title or now
they want a quiet title because the
legal description's messed up right so
all of these little things have been
problems for people before
now we don't want it to be a problem
when you come across these things so i
want to point these problems out because
these are the solutions
we have figured out and i'm going to get
into stories about and break down what
you could do in that scenario right
because it's there's nothing like case
stories uh case studies right now people
are loving the case studies and
i'm glad because they're true stories
and i'm gonna start doing hypotheticals
too um and video as well but the first
thing i'm gonna say is when you go into
these probate deals
i want you to say
i have a solution-based mindset
i have a solution there's got to be a
solution to this deal to get it done now
i didn't say about money i didn't say
anything about money
how do you solve the problem because if
you solve the problem
and you can figure that part out
that's the next part where you figure
out does the money make sense and if the
money doesn't make sense the deal's not
happening right so
what's the solution
how do you solve it and if you can come
up with that solution does the money
make sense and if the answer is no
you're out right the one thing i want
you to learn tonight about things that
i'm talking about i'm not an investor i
don't invest in deals but man i see so
many investors investing in deals and
some of these the seller wastes their
time or the money doesn't make sense so
i had a call this morning
the lady she i think she had gone
through a guardianship um and then she
just died like you know a week ago and
she's got like no family like no family
whatsoever um and they and they want to
find out you know what do we do how do
we do it well you know i'm doing a deal
right now where there's no errors
and anything like that it's gonna be
like ten to twenty thousand twenty five
thousand dollars to figure out how you
solve that problem and the thing is in
that transaction the lady had just
refinanced so
you probably can imagine there's
probably not a lot of wiggle room or
equity in that deal to make a large
solvable problem go away and so that
they could sell the deal and make money
off of it so
the solutions there
but does the money and and the
transaction make sense so
what have been some of the most
interesting ways
i've been able to
figure out the niche and move things
forward right one of the first things is
speed and efficiency
if you don't have the speed and
efficiency in your business or at least
that's why i said efficiency because
sometimes speed you can only help what
you do you can't also help what third
parties do and other people in the deal
do right so that's why i also shift
this is where probate now is not
six months 12 months two years
there are ways to do it in a matter of
four to six weeks
one to two months
three weeks two weeks i've had times
that are like two hours but
not the point it's that
on these probates
they can be efficient there are ways to
move it forward how can you help finding
out as much info as possible number one
knowing the property address number two
seeing if you can pull deeds number
three getting with your title company to
see if they could pull title right away
had a great call today
where the investor said hey got got a
property going up to auction in three
weeks uh we think we got something here
a possible possible situation uh what's
the next step
who are you talking to
right are you talking to a son a
daughter right so in that moment we were
able to figure out what the game plan
would be
and the game plan is the efficiency part
we're able to figure out how fast we can
do these in what county some counties
are slower some counties are faster but
even waiting until the closing for
attorney's fees is another bonus but
speaking to ayers in an easy way is
really huge if i'm talking to if i'm
making if i'm making any sense to
anybody out there drop a comment because
i want to help you out out there figure
out what these
solutions are to moving your deals
forward right
calculating the puzzle quickly
how many of you want to know how to
solve these deals in
less than a week
right how many of you want to know how
to solve a deal quickly why
because the market is on fire right now
i mean i had 10 consults probably today
the market is on fire and everybody
wants to know how do you do these things
because time valuation daniel's getting
12 leads a day he wants to know if that
lead number
uh 11 is gonna be worth his time right
because you don't want to spend time on
deal number 11 and it's not worth it so
we've been able to figure out how to do
the puzzle quickly and figure it out
also working with the right genealogists
and air skip tracers
so huge and i'm going to talk about that
on the commercial land steel deal are we
doing we're doing questions as we go uh
we could take like a middle break at
some point right
you can do questions whenever you want
okay we'll we'll get there terry i see
you um and and the idea of
we take high risk for high reward but
it's all about developing easy smooth
systems no different for me no different
for you
finding out a way to make this easy and
not complicated for heirs in their
situations right
don't get into too much it's a
transaction you're not worried about
everything stay out of the personal life
focus on the real estate life focus on
the real estate deal i could tell you
that being in this niche for four or
five years
i have learned that you you narrow the
focus keep the keep the conversation
back to the real estate transaction to
find a solution to that problem so that
was what i really wanted to go through
there and of course i got to show you my
times right i got to show you how fast
these things have been uh going um doing
these things in tampa in two weeks
jacksonville and two to six weeks it's
crazy right now uh miami 35 days
you got the idea that there are ways to
do probate fast because now your buyers
are not waiting forever right that's the
number one problem uh that wholesalers i
don't know about number one you you all
tell me what that is but
one of the biggest problems with
wholesalers is they're waiting that
buyer is waiting to get that property
and so they're they're following up with
the wholesaler like what's going on
what's going on now the wholesaler's
following up with the lawyer like are we
there yet and how many of you want to do
that for six months
i don't think anybody wants to do that
for six months so we'll talk about that
a little bit but we these are the
mechanisms we're gonna actually let me
back up before we go to some questions
these are the four mechanisms we're
gonna talk about
on the call tonight in stories and break
down that help you on your next
transaction so terry i'll let you ask
your question and then we'll dive into
case studies
hey it's terrain hurray toure no worries
no worries um
do i have um an estate that i'm dealing
with right now the
um the son died first the mom died and
then the husband died last year
his um so they had you know they don't
have any other children so the husband's
i don't think there was actually an
actual will but she is i guess the the
closest heir
um so she established a small estate
last year
but she didn't she didn't i get she
didn't establish a full estate she
didn't actually you know do the whole i
guess become the executor of the estate
so anyway the sister this property is in
maryland the sister lives in north
and she's handicapped in a wheelchair
we're trying to
get um
you know get the proper probate papers
in place but do we need an
attorney in this situation or we're
already working on it we're getting um
we called the probate office this is in
baltimore and they're sending her they
sent her the documents yesterday
and um she's gonna establish probate for
but the issue is that her she didn't
think her brother owed anything on it
he's still old like 60k
and so she hasn't paid a note since last
april so we're sort of running against
time in terms of it could be foreclosed
on soon and so that's why i was letting
her know um so she will she be able to
call the mortgage company to find out
what the status is if she hasn't become
the executor yet or what happens because
right now we're in limbo
so the first thing coming to my mind is
there's a lot to unpackage there
there's a lot to unpackage so
first of all why don't we start at where
what what am i thinking right now i know
john's like what what's what's al's
breakdown of this right so
the first thing i'd be asking to rae is
who's on title to the property and i'm
only in florida so i don't know how it's
going to work in another state but this
is how i'm thinking it in a florida
transaction right it was the husband and
the wife and they're both deceased okay
so husband and wife were on title to
property this is how it works in florida
in my head husband and wife are entitled
to fl to property who is the last to die
the husband okay so the first thing i'm
thinking about is a possible probate for
husband right and husband did he have a
will or no will
um he did not have a will okay
and so he had no surviving spouse so how
many children did he have he had one and
the son died before all of them but
before the the mother and the father
okay so in a florida transaction what
would happen is that son when they
pre-deceived the mate that main person
it goes down to their children so
um it's possible is there a grandchild
the son didn't have any children
son had no children
brother sisters
no brothers and sisters only child
nieces nephews
because there were no other children so
nobody knows who the next heir is
so the next heir
we would say would be the husband's
right i mean because there were no
children no grandchildren right wait
right so wait a second so that's what
that's where i'm going right so yep
there's no there's no spouse there's no
children grandchildren
great-grandchildren all the parents any
parents are deceased and that's when you
go out to the brothers and sisters right
so brothers sisters of the husband yep
right so that's that's probably your
next point um what state is this north
no the house is in baltimore maryland
okay i don't know maryland attorney or
probate attorney there at all but
you're probably that's probably your
contact point and i don't know if you
need probate in maryland sounds like i
think you do
um that's where you got to connect with
somebody over there in the title world
to find out what's next now
when it comes to the mortgage company
they get really weird about authority
and who can talk to them so they may
they may want the letters or executor
letters of administration or orders
in order to talk to them so you probably
can't get to the mortgage company until
you're able to get the probate part done
we're seeing that a lot right now yeah
and that's what i told her so we're
working on that i guess uh
she already established a small estate
so i don't think that nobody's
contesting her none of her brothers and
sisters or anyone's contesting her and
so um i'm thinking that you know she's
okay with establishing herself as the
executor of the estate because no one
has contested last year like she has
their car
she got all their assets everything and
no one contested that in terms of
brothers and sisters
so would i need an attorney or can we
just proceed with probate and then
selling it
like i would normally say you gotta
connect with somebody in another state
in that in maryland to find out what's
required but before you do that
go to the title company on who would
close the transaction and see if it's
even needed so before you get to the
probate attorney go to the title company
and see what do they require to close
and for you to buy that property
so we might not even need for it to go
through probate correct what
are you you never know
you never know um if if dre came to me
and said hey al i think we got a
possible deal here
um they said it went through probate but
they didn't include the property i would
tell dre all day i'd be like look go to
title run the title see if they're even
requiring a probate to be done
and if they are
great let's do it but if they're not i
tell them all day like have fun go for
it have a blast
oh wow you just saved me like we because
this lady is so sick
she's so sickly she's been in a
wheelchair since she was nine years old
and that's what we're dealing with
they're this sister and it's slowing up
the process so when you talk about like
all of those components you're talking
about time
she is slowing up the process because
she she's so sickly
so this would be great thank you for
that that helps a lot
yeah for sure i mean those are these are
the kinds of things that it's like so
hard to get into on a presentation and
that's why i said you got something
you're thinking about say it now because
this is not the typical al nicoletti
presentation i normally do um i mean i i
i daniel's like you know i wonder what
all the others look like you know um
they're they're in the vault man they're
in the vault so
uh this one's different because i know
what you all are coming across i know
the i know the problems you all are
thinking and yours is a great one
if you don't have to do probate
why even get into it
so that that's the difference of why a
lot of people ask me these things
is because i'm thinking about it from a
closing the deal mindset versus a
probate mindset so there's title there's
title and then there's probate and many
attorneys that are in probate think just
probate probate probate and they don't
see the title world like great example
you'll like this
so i had a call the other day where
grandma dies
similar to yours grandma dies
no surviving spouse no will had a child
but the child pre-deceased her
and had one grandchild that's a minor
i explained i explained to her i'm like
there's gonna have to be probate for
this i mean there's going to be probate
but there's going to have to be a
guardianship and when i said
guardianship because of the minor issue
they're like whoa whoa my other attorney
said you know we didn't have to get
through this we don't have to do this we
don't have to get into anything
and i said okay
well what are they saying she said oh
all we got to do is the letters of
administration and i'm thinking see this
is the problem because
he's thinking about it on a probate end
i'm thinking about it on a closing the
deal end and there is no way that that
court order is going to allow that whole
thing to go through and i said look
there's going to have to be a probate
and a guardianship and she's like i
don't i don't see it i don't see it and
i'm like been there done that because
when the title moves from grandma to
that's going to shift the title to the
she can't sign a contract if she's 16 so
what is title insurance gonna say you
need to appoint somebody that can sign
on her behalf
point being is i'd rather everybody try
to see if you do need it or don't need
it and if you don't need it
great but if you do need it now you know
where to go
perfect perfect thank you yeah yeah
hey hey y'all can i jump in here one for
a second with toure
so one other question i always ask and
and that's why
al is saying
you have to know the questions to ask
right so one of the other questions you
always want to ask
is like because title ended up messing
with that uh the man because everybody
else kind of died before him
but you have to ask
was he married
prior and had children because if he did
like in texas
then those children are
now potential or are heirs
and have ownership to that property
um i did ask her that i asked her i said
did he ever have any other children was
he married so i did ask that question
and i may be wrong he may actually have
a will um so i'm going to talk to her
tomorrow but i did ask about all other
children because i didn't want that to
pop up okay just want to make it clear
to everybody that's a very important
question a lot of people have been
married before
and we don't ask it they want volunteers
most of the time him or her meaning him
or the wife right because her ear her
children with her children well she was
the she was the first one who died so
would it make a difference if she had
that i don't know you'd have to
talk to an attorney yeah but i know
she's a bigger state yeah this was her
own i do know that's a question you
definitely want to ask and then you can
tell the attorney and now he's got the
ammunition that he needs to fix it
okay perfect okay
yeah you think
yeah because what what john's saying in
in a florida situation um you're
thinking how many children ever ever
ever right so
john's saying any children from the
prior relationship i'm even saying ever
all time because you never know how many
there ever were and you know john they
they all laugh on the phone they're like
that's you know that's crazy why do you
have to say it that way well it's
because when i asked you the question
you said you're the only surviving
that's not the same answer you know so
totally get it like john's advice right
there is gold uh you never know when you
come across those situations but on the
pre-deceased spouse in florida that that
interest would be out but
i could tell you stories about lady
owned the property
and the investor kept driving back and
forth all day
and eventually he said i want to try to
buy this property
he did a skip trace and he couldn't find
anybody so he had to get a genealogist
involved and the genealogist came back
and said
the lady has no heirs
and we were like
oh my gosh what do we do now like you
know do we have to get the state
and so he goes whoa whoa whoa
the statute says you got to go back to
the pre-deceased spouse
and go down their whole probate mock
and so when they went down that whole
mock arena they found out there were
five nieces and nephews
so in the florida world the pre-deceased
spouse's interest
totally out of the realm if all of a
sudden you have a full air search and
there's no heirs
i don't know if anybody knew that one
was crazy i got that one right now i can
tell you about that story so
i'll keep going anybody else have any
questions before we keep going right now
let's see yeah all right so
these are true stories these are true
oh is there a that that's more for john
right there is there a statute of
limitation to probate a will in the
state of texas
i have no idea
we can get we can get to that um
well let's dive into some stories let me
tell you some case studies that i've
been through and i'll i'll tell you some
of these themes so
this is this is the one
that was i called one of the ones for
the books last year it was a crazy deal
so investor comes across a piece of
property that's up at the tax auction um
and dre is still on right oh dre you're
going to be taking notes on this you'll
be taking like you'll love this so
investor finds a piece of property it's
about to go to auction at the tax
auction the back taxes to pay off so to
get it off the auction block were like
ten thousand dollars so the investor
looked at the property and and said
maybe there's a probate maybe there's
something going on here let's have a
look so they send it over to me i look
at look at the property i look it up on
the property appraiser and there's one
person named
and i thought hmm
no deeds i think there was one deed
maybe it was 1940 but it was like long
time ago
so when i saw that deal when i saw that
transaction i thought
something seems weird about this 1940
seems like an old old property
so i told them i said here's what you
got to go do i don't think it's just one
go pull the title to the property let's
see what's going on see the big picture
right because like we just discussed if
you don't have to do probate why are you
doing it
right if i have to do six probates let's
go but if i don't have to do any you
want to close your deal
title comes back and says not just one
but eight people were all on the title
together on this property so i asked
them i was like all right so of the
eight people
who were alive
and they were like
just two of us
and i thought okay so wait a second out
of out of that eight two of you're alive
that means we're about to do
six probates on one piece of property
the next question i had was is there
even room in this deal like we're about
to do six probates you know that's gonna
be a lot of money like what are we
looking at here and the first thing that
came out was it's a commercially zoned
in a really hot area right how many of
you love those lots especially if it's a
commercial lot right so they said it's a
commercial lot
don't worry about it it's going to be
it's going to be a huge deal so when we
did some digging and we had to draw out
a whole tree
we found out there were people that died
in 1950 1970 1990 uh 2020 it was it was
a lot a lot of people
one of the first things we had to do was
how do we even get the death
if you can't find a death certificate
there are investigators out there that
can find it for you so whether you're in
florida or you're in another state
you got to connect with the private
investigator i know a guy dre if you
ever need him i know a guy
who helps find the death certificates
because that death certificate could
determine whether you have to do a
probate or not
huge right so we did the whole tree we
did everything we had to file six
probates we had to lay out the whole
everything took six months
we had we almost at one point had to
partition the property
but because we got an investigator
involved because we talked to the air
super nice it's great i mean it was
super easy to talk to everybody ask
questions we communicated we we had to
call this lady five or six times i mean
we still didn't get it and we're like
hey what do we do well you know who who
who is this the tree kept going out to
brothers and sisters and out and now we
said who is this um how are they related
what is this what is this what is this
just finding out the whole story asking
those questions
six months later
we get the probate all the way through
all the way to closing
and the investor nets off that one
transaction almost two hundred thousand
one deal
look at that it was worth it between all
all of the death certificates
the whole tree and asking the questions
who's around how many people uh where
are they are they alive are they
deceased um any will or no will you know
asking that question and bringing it to
was huge because if they didn't do that
the deal wasn't getting done so that's a
huge one um that i've done this is this
is another crazy one
oh let me get before i get to the moral
of the story so i picked up a probate
and um
it was really straightforward right so
investor did a mailer to this one seller
and the seller ended up being the
grandson of this guy and we were like
how did we even get to the grandson like
how why are we a grandson find out that
grandfather owned the property in his
name only
when he died he had no will he had no
spouse he had one child ever
right that one child ever dies before
and so what happens it drops straight
down to the grandson and he's the only
grandson so the investor's like all
right you know i think we got the right
people i'm under contract with him what
do we do i said
this is straightforward where's the
death certificates both death
get it to title run the title get it
so we did this probate in
two to three weeks
um the investor helped getting the death
certificate getting the documents
anything they needed they did their
um they did everything they had to do
and so we did it in two to three weeks
the investor couldn't believe it
five months later
i get a phone call from another investor
who asked a question about something
totally unrelated but before we ended
the call
the investor said
hey al got a question for you
and i was like all right what's going on
he said um
did you do the probate on that one two
three main street and i'm like
yeah yeah yeah he's like
how long did it take you to get done
i was like
two to three weeks
he was like are you joking i was like no
we did that pretty quickly
he said
he passed up on the deal
because the title company told him it
was going to take five months
how crazy is that
careful what you hear out there about
you never know until you dive in on a
and ask the right people go to the right
people and say
what's the puzzle how do we do it how do
we tackle it boom done
so he missed on it he missed the whole
he just heard it's going to be
complicated we're moving on that's why i
go back to the original slides about
there's a problem
there's a solution
what's the solution
and how much does that cost
because if the cost outweighs the deal
forget it
but if the cost fits in the deal boom
you can do it um we've had ones where
we had to get creative
right um how many of you actually i'll
tell you the story right now that that
almost happened you all are going to
love this one john salon john's right
there right so
you'll love this
investor comes across a piece of
property and
there's six heirs
and so the investors like i think we i
think we're gonna get them i think we're
gonna have all these heirs so they go to
each one of them
and they get five under contract
and so i said oh okay you know you're
almost there get you know you're gonna
get that six one right
they come back to me the next day
they're like he won't sign like he's
just refusing to sign that contract so
what's going through my head is okay do
the probate then you get the partition
you know the whole shebang
so i i i didn't think anything of it for
a couple days but then we scheduled a
new phone call and i said i need to talk
to the air that reached out to me so i
talked to one of the main sellers and i
asked a question i said
let me ask you something
in florida there's something called
homestead and there's something called
and homestead means it's where they
lived and resided where that deceased
lived and resided and if they lived and
resided there
that means title moves to everybody and
you're gonna need everybody on board
but i have a question for you
was that the primary residence of mom
and did she did she live somewhere else
when she died and never intend to come
adamantly they were like she was not
going back to that property totally
uninhabitable i saw pictures the roof
was caving in total mess
and i thought to myself you know what
if that's not homestead guess what's
happening title doesn't necessarily move
to everybody and there's a way we can
get around him
so the next day the investors go back to
the air the seller and say you know go
talk to your sibling
the next day
all of a sudden he's on board
when he found out that they were about
to go square right around him and bypass
him and get the deal done he all of a
sudden came to the table and signed the
strategy and thought process saved a
shaved the amount of attorneys fees and
costs off that deal because we came up
with the solution that was a checkmate
to what his situation was
you want to talk about getting creative
that's getting creative to to get that
deal to figure out what we had to do
that was crazy they purchased it this
was another deal but this is the same
scenario this one they purchased it for
like 160 and they knitted like 90 000
off a deal when you get creative with
and you think through the problem and
the solution you know where to go and
ask the right questions bring the whole
situation together there's a way to
there's a way to figure it out i've
talked about this so many times in
presentations the cuban probate dilemma
we were missing an heir the tax deed was
in like a week
we had to put the pieces and puzzle
together get everybody on the phone get
everybody to sign the probate documents
we were missing one and it was a rental
property meaning non-homestead so what
did we just talk about we had a way to
get around it and on this deal
because it was so soon the back taxes
were 20k
so if you didn't want to pay 10 000 up
front for a lawyer with the probate uh
there's no guarantee getting done
how many of you want to pay 20 000 on
taxes on top of that and have no idea if
it's getting done right so same thing
that happened with this investor they
didn't pay off the property tax they
didn't do anything they wanted to see if
the probate would get done
in time before they paid it off
we filed it on a friday we got a case
number on a monday we got a hearing on a
tuesday and we got court orders that
same tuesday and got the whole thing
order through to the title company
closed the deal then they paid off the
taxes so they netted about 100 i think
it was or 90k on that deal it was wild
so if i'm reaching you out there um
if i'm if i'm getting through to you on
all this stuff drop a comment like let
me know
if you're learning this stuff because i
i love to know and like daniel said
yeah i d i thought about that one that i
was just talking about that was a great
i never thought about that because now
he was forced to do something yeah dre
loves that yeah he was forced to do
something he was crazy
so i bring up this story too because
it's it's the red herring right
sometimes in a probate deal
investors title companies everybody's so
worried about it getting done is it done
is it done is it done is it done
you gotta you gotta slow it down and
think through what the problem is so
two investors wanted to figure out how
do we get this whole thing done
um and it was a complicated scenario
because we were dealing with the
scenario of two wives and i call it the
tale of two wives and we had to figure
out which wife was the right one right
we had one probate that we had to do
and when we did the first one that was
the second one we had to deal with which
wife so the investors are like is it
this one is it this one is it this one
is it this one eventually
we figured out it was the one
that was still married to the guy before
he left her to go marry another one and
they never divorced
but i tell you that this is the red
herring case because everybody was so
worried about the tale of two wives
people forgot about an auction coming up
that nobody knew about
so people think about
the transaction but you forget about the
thing that's coming up and so
it was around the same time like
um i think it was around august actually
and we kept getting phone calls from one
of the heirs saying that they kept
getting um these surplus recovery
systems reaching out to them saying hey
hey your property went for auction can
we can we uh recover the money can we
recover the surplus and we were all
thinking like what in the world are they
talking about like surplus this hasn't
even been up for auction the title
company didn't pick it up
nobody picked it up
come to find out while i get the court
order to sell the property we're gold in
there we figured out the tale of two
nobody knew about the foreclosure
auction and the property got lost at the
they couldn't go back
so yeah so like yeah like i said daniel
everybody was worried about this
and everybody forgot about that and
that's why you got to know the whole
puzzle to everything and get all the
pieces in play to see the whole
transaction it's like the bicycle you're
going left you're going right you're
going around you got to know all these
angles before you get into it so great
story but
at the same time we learned something
from these oh by the way you're probably
thinking was it a total lost cause
so the crazy part about it is that when
the property got sold
there was a hundred and twenty thousand
dollar surplus sitting in the account
you know how many people would never see
a hundred and twenty thousand dollar
surplus ever sitting in account like all
the tax uh tax surplus collectors
it was crazy so we just figured out
recently how to get half of it and we're
still dealing with the second half of it
but the investor you know he wanted the
property but at least all his his time
was not unaccounted for he was still
able to figure out a way to get some
money from that transaction and um and
get to that surplus so not a total loss
cause but crazy stuff i got one right
now we're
uh working on where there's there's no
errors zero errors right so we're
working on that because the genealogists
came back and found out through the
whole probate mock arena that there's
no heirs and we're gonna figure that out
we're gonna get through that whole thing
and genealogies play a role too so
whether it's florida whether it's texas
whether it's north carolina if you ever
need somebody that does that kind of
stuff you just let me know right that's
those are kind of resources that can
really help you out there it's huge
get creative i've had ones that took 18
months we had to solve that too i've had
ones that took two hours because the
lawyer that they were using beforehand
sat on the file
for six months
six months didn't do anything else but
quote the file quote the doc stamps
and i come in the picture when they
retain me and say it's just the two of
it's just two of us
right how hard is that and when they
both sign all the documents and we get
it done
that's the one i did in two hours
so you have attorney taking
six months and you have spring chicken
attorney taking two hours what a
right so those are a lot of the problems
like problem timing pro solution getting
it done and being efficient right so
that was another crazy one um
and this is this is another one um this
is this was a land deal uh i don't think
tory's on but this was a crazy deal uh
tori was working on on a land deal
she got it was one seller but she was
dragging her feet
i mean
we've never done so much follow-up and
acquisitions and crm on one lady it was
unbelievable but we got to a point where
all right we're going to be out you're
not going to make that money she finally
signed it's crazy stuff
and uh oh daniel all this is helpful
oh yeah yeah for sure
yeah yeah
i'm just looking through some of the
questions right now
uh john yeah specialized knowledge gems
got gotta know that stuff uh dre yeah
first thing i look back at is taxes then
mortgage and you know what a lot of
people a lot of people don't do that and
it's crazy
crazy stuff um also i'll say now so
switching away from just probate
if dre john uh anybody out there
comes across the life estate thing
you let me know that's the crazy part um
those are crazy crazy transactions um
that can be profitable
wild i mean there was one where the
spouse didn't want to cooperate um and
uh the children didn't want to cooperate
they didn't get along
all that crazy stuff and and we
eventually figured out how to get rid of
that life estate it was nuts and it
worked out really really well um i have
one that's an adverse possession case so
on this one
investor came across a piece of property
and initially the lady that was in it
wanted to sell
but she her son was also living in the
property so
it was right before the pandemic hit
and she wanted to kick him out of the
so we were able to do the eviction when
i was doing evictions when i was
actually doing that at one point we
kicked him out of the house
and then i said great
go to closing you're good to go
they go to the closing table and the
title company comes back and says hey al
there's a problem and i'm thinking
what's the issue
when the original lady owned the
property she conveyed the property to a
then sometime after that
she conveyed that property titled in a
trust to another guy who titled the
property in the trust
in 2013
he then conveyed the property to another
lady who then conveyed it to another
lady who that's the lady that's living
in the property and she's been there for
more than seven years
the title company came back and said al
there's gonna have to be some kind of
quiet title adverse possession thing i'm
thinking okay got it you know let's
figure it out so initially was the
eviction the title company comes back
there's a lot of improper conveyances
between two trusts
and what we had to do is we didn't know
any beneficiaries so all we had were
what that lady gave us and what somebody
there was another trustee and what she
gave us
and the spread on this deal is like 175
so i looked at i said oh my gosh like
two trusts how many beneficiaries how
many how many potential defendants are
40 defendants
40 beneficiaries possible possible
beneficiaries we didn't find out about
the 13 beneficiaries until we asked the
title company again for the documents
and then all of a sudden we saw them so
we see crazy deals where we have to get
creative because she had been in that
property for more than seven years and
in florida when somebody's lives and
resides in that property
and they're on a d they're on a judgment
they're on a court order and they
maintain it they improve it they
cultivate it they didn't close it
and they've been doing that for more
than seven years there's a way that they
can claim adverse possession of the
um and we've been on the hive call i
know there's differences between florida
and texas and the amount of years and
definitely get with john when you want
to ask about uh get into the adverse
possession in texas but in florida seven
years and there's two different types so
we've had to use creative strategies and
you know what it's gonna take a while
but we're gonna get through it
wild stuff we even came across the wild
deed um fraudulent deed recorded on the
property um
and the lady didn't even know about it
until the investor did driving for
and when she did drive when when he did
driving for dollars he only discovered
it when he pulled title he looked at the
property appraiser there's two tenants
living in the property he finds out the
real lady that owned it and said are
these your tenants
and she's like no those are not my
tenants i don't even know who those
people are so
we had a case where
those people these guys
recorded a a deed and they used some uh
foreign relative
to forge the deed and we even found the
lady and got an affidavit from her that
she never signed that deed oh that that
was pretty cute too that was the nail in
the coffin right there um we just
totally proved that um so we we've come
across situations with wild eats and we
we did a quiet title we served the guy
he was a total squirrel for about four
months uh we almost did publication by
newspaper and all of a sudden at the
last minute at the hearing he showed up
and he wanted nothing to do with that he
just wanted out so you never know that's
a solution right how much is that
always depends on the case but there's a
there's a problem what's the solution
and we came up with a solution to figure
out what that potential thing was um and
in florida you can come across these
crazy properties where somebody some one
wants to sell and the other doesn't want
to sell right so dre may come across a
commercial lot that's owned by brother
sister and brother wants to sell and
sister doesn't and let's just say no
mortgage back taxes are only 2 000 but
dre knows he can assign this for
300k he can snag it for
uh 40k or 20k
and still there could be a profit margin
off of it it's even possible to buy out
interest and do a partition and force
the sale if the money makes sense so
there's a problem where one wants to
sell and one doesn't want to sell what's
the solution either they do the
partition or you can buy out an interest
and you go from there no guarantee you
get the property but there's a way to
figure all that kind of stuff out um and
and this guy there's one investor he
bought a d for 800 bucks he bought a
one-third interest for 800. he's gonna
he he could easily net about 10k so
we've seen that stuff so
i'll open up the florida questions and
ask a whole bunch of stuff but i just
wanted to go through some case studies
little things that are going to jog your
memory and hit a red flag um
when when you come across these things
again find me on facebook instagram
youtube um you know
any questions that the hive has i'm here
to answer i i love the hive so you just
let me know what y'all are thinking or
what's going through your heads
all right i have another question go for
so i had a deal it's actually still on
the table because it's supposed to it
was supposed to um
close by the 28th of february this guy
inherited this property um after he got
out of prison and i say this for a
reason he inherits his property from his
parents parents whomever he's the
executor of the estate now he had he
owed some back taxes on it and someone
had purchased the taxes and there was an
attorney assigned to it
but so the attorney required him to pay
the attorney fees and then go pay the
back taxes in order to take it out of
tax sale
he and i came up with an agreement for
me to purchase the house from him um
with the agreement that i would pay the
attorney fees and then pay the taxes
i go pay the attorney fees and when i
pay the attorney fees he backs out the
he comes up all this stuff about our
contract is illegitimate it's illegal
it's fraudulent he claims he has his
attorney who has told him this he
threatens my real estate license i'm a
real licensed real estate agent he does
all this stuff to create this
and really what i think it boils down to
is that he was trying to scam me
that after i paid the attorney fees he
backs out the deal now we still have a a
contract a legally binding contract
until the 28th of february
i basically
the title company was like well what do
you want us to do because he won't sign
we were ready to sign in everything they
had you know they were running title and
we were pretty much going to get it
clear to close and he backs out of it
won't sign it so i think he's trying to
sell it to someone else for another
price so i put a mechanics lien on his
property but there is there anything
else that could have been done or could
be done
yeah so
i definitely leave a lot of those crazy
strategies to like dre or
john i'm sure you've got some strategies
but the there's two things going through
my head um on on those deals what state
is that
again baltimore maryland we need we knew
find you a lawyer over there in
baltimore maryland you need to hey
together and figure that out so
two things are going through my head
one is a memorandum that gets recorded
on the property but definitely get with
an investor that knows all about that in
maryland and how that works maybe they
don't have it it may not be allowed you
got to find out but some investors use a
memorandum they get recorded um or you
know with the contract and sometimes
they even get the seller to sign that
and they record it against that property
so that it clouds the title so that if
they if they back out of your contract
and they try to go to another
uh buyer when they go to the title
closing the title is going to come back
and say whoa something's wrong uh what's
going on here um they they recorded
something they have an interest right so
if that's the first thing that's going
through my head
the second thing is in florida and in
other states too i'm sure they have this
in texas and north carolina you got to
find out but
if you're under contract
with a seller
and you're about to go to the closing
table you're ready willing and able to
close there's no contingencies it's a
legitimate contract
um i mean there's a price there's a
property there's a legal description
there's all this stuff
and the seller backs out at the last
in florida there's a remedy called
specific performance
where the buyer can then file a lawsuit
and enforce and force that seller to to
sell that property and uh get that whole
transaction closed
there may be a mechanism like that in
maryland that you have to find out um so
maybe that helps it's called specific
okay perfect thank you
yeah can i jump on that one too yeah
uh and
you know a lot of my experience has been
either in texas or i've had students in
florida that have
been in your same
but one of the things one of the issues
is when you're in a state
or even a county right or or
you know wherever you might be the
if if that is a
more leftist
area where they tend to side more with
the buyer
because they look at investors as
predatory just by default that's that's
the way they look at us
um i've never seen them enforce by the
way i've never seen anybody any judge
uh enforce the specific performance uh
idea it's there it's in the law but they
just don't want to do it even in a
regular state where
you you know you you might have a a more
commercially uh sighted judge they still
won't do it um
because they they peg you because you're
an investor you're professional
they peg you as more kind of at fault if
they just you know the other side says
hey i didn't understand it or or you
know i was defrauded or whatever
they they tend to go with that so what
you kind of have to do
is you have to go lawyer up basically
right and then that lawyer can send a
demand letter
generally this is what happened they
sent a demand letter to the other side
uh you know demanding that
you're paid what you're owed plus the
any kind of lost profit so if you had a
buyer lined up and you can show that you
were going to make x amount of profit
they can ask for that plus even trouble
damages which can be triple that amount
and that usually gets them to go ahead
and at least
you know do an out-of-court settlement
with you and you get your money back
that you paid that lawyer and that's
probably most the most that you can hope
to get is the money you paid back and a
judge would tend to also
go with that as well
even if they're saying okay you know you
you know you're a bad investor because
you know you're
you're capitalist i'm sorry but that's
just the way it is today um
they will still not want you to lose
money that you're out of pocket so
that would be you know what i would
suggest that you do
in that case
and when that lawyer
sends the demand letter they're all
that lawyer will also
file a less pendants against that
property so that owner can't sell that
property until the the
the court matter is settled on it so
ties them up as well
so that um
in this case what did you say that i
would get what i would have gotten from
the buyer as well
uh with fire but you could okay
depending on the judge and the way that
the judge looks at you so if if it's a
liberal leaning judge
no probably not if it's if it's a a
republican type judge
you might get that or you might get some
you know amount that they decided is you
know that you were entitled to
okay yeah because i had my buyer i would
have made about 18 000 off of it yeah so
those amounts are what get them off you
know get them to settle with you at some
at some amount
and that'll be between the lawyers to
figure it out the lawyers will will work
it out for you and they'll come up with
a settlement amount that you know
because it's all about cost you know how
much will that lawyer charge them to
defend the case et cetera et cetera
uh the first thing most lawyers tell
tell you is oh
you've got a great case so we're gonna
until after they start the case they got
you know they've got your money then
then they start to come back and this is
what they'll do to him he'll come back
and say oh you know it's going to cost
you more to fight this and she throws a
bunch of motions depending on how good
your lawyer is that you hire
you know i mean i've been in court cases
that have lasted four years motion after
motion after motion and i was i was you
know i had the litigator lawyer and he
was finally one motion after another
until they backed off
yeah you know what it's really not worth
it to me i just want my money my initial
money exactly yeah and he's and he and
he's going to feel the same way
you know depending on how good that
lawyer is that conveying your message
conveying my message yeah good luck on
yeah he's he's crazy
yeah he's really not so
um so yeah i i have a couple of days to
perform because our contract ends on the
and um so i just have a couple of days
left and i could just get a lawyer to at
least try and send him a demand letter
thank you
go for it john
i'm sorry i was dead thank you
you know john brings up a great point
right about i mean right there the
difference of lawyers right the ones
that are going to be like oh you have a
great case and then it's like you know
let's lure you in and then all of a
sudden it's going to cost more money and
more money
and that's where i don't know i
just a different breed because i'm
thinking about like how do you get the
whole thing done do you even need it do
you even not need to go through this you
know what are the options that you have
is it totally needed and um you know
some of these some of these other a
lawyers i don't know how to answer that
you know so john brings up a great point
just got to be careful what you're going
my guy what's going on
well thanks so much hey i just wanted to
add um just to kind of add a little bit
as far as with the lawyers um i've dealt
with hundreds of them many of them from
real estate
to general to all all the walks of life
from them um i learned that i rather use
a specialized attorney like al is
specialized in probate he knows like the
back of his head but i won't use al if
you know i got hit by a car you know um
it's these attorneys who
their divorce lawyers their real estate
lawyers their ambulance chases lawyers
they're like what they they they have
all these hacks
um so they really can't focus down on
what you're looking to do
so i recommend
you know finding an attorney that
specializes in certain things like i
have a real estate attorney but then i
also have an asset protection attorney
it's like whoa isn't that the same thing
it's like two different ball games um my
real estate my general real estate
attorney tries that i like asset
protection but i know he's not um so
just understand the roles that they play
and choose someone that's that's
specialized yeah it'll cost you more
money maybe it will maybe it won't but
it's worth it because you don't want to
use a divorce lawyer to do real estate
and i'm telling you they do it they're
like yeah i can do that for they're not
going to turn it if you hit up a divorce
lawyer and say hey i got this real
estate transaction they're going to say
yeah send it to me i'll look into it so
now they go from a divorce lawyer to a
probate attorney just like that snap of
a finger um
so just use an attorney that specializes
my my recommendation
it's great
yeah get with specialists is is is um i
called one and she said to write a
letter was gonna be
uh 300 an hour and it's gonna take three
hours is that
is that about accurate
yeah i mean i don't know how they run
attorneys fees over where they are but
you know they're that's that sounds like
the going rate for things um
you know did she did they even analyze
the whole situation i mean
it may be worth it right it may be worth
it depends on what the success is maybe
you run it as a contingency and you just
say like if it works you get paid or um
you know they'll do billable hour or or
they'll do a flat rate a flat rate fee
so um
there's different different strategies
and stuff like that that's where that's
where with the probate side even if it's
six or one
you know i'm the style that i'll wait
until the closing to get paid right um
and not a lot of lawyers think like that
in their business whether it's demand
letters or the lawsuit side lawsuits
it's hard because there's so much time
and effort and emotions and hearings
that go into that kind of stuff so um
yeah i mean there's different styles of
things and different lawyers have their
okay thanks
any final questions
i appreciate mr al nicoletti for coming
on today
the kids turned light on me appreciate
mr alex coming on today um this has been
a great great
call i learned a lot every time out
comes on i learned something new it's
crazy how that works i was always i was
always dropping some some gems there so
we appreciate coming on um thanks thanks
everybody coming out everybody to stick
around to the end but yeah our next call
is uh saturday at noon central so please
check it out thanks al
appreciate it love you guys thank you
thank you for everybody being here john
trey bob thank you everybody for being
here so i hope you got a lot of value go
crush it out there get it