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Feb. 23, 2022

EP 123: How To Become A Virtual Insurance Adjuster With Stephen Storey

EP 123: How To Become A Virtual Insurance Adjuster With Stephen Storey
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hey uh we're here today with stephen out
of alabama but he's not from alabama
anymore we're going to cover that today
he live kind of lives abroad we're going
to kind of cover a lot of his important
topics and stuff that he does and how he
makes money abroad because a lot of
people it's like the key word like hey
how can i make money from home but even
on another level how can you make money
from home from another country
and i think it's i think it's a dope
it's really dope and it's kind of cool
why you can do that from another level
uh stephen can you tell us a little bit
about where you're from um what you did
in the past i like giving people like a
ground form of where they they're back
where they came from because like me i'm
a truck driver and i resonate with truck
you know yeah
i dig it
so tell me about you where you're from
how you ended up where you're at i got
you so my name is stephen story i'm from
tuscaloosa alabama
uh i lived in alabama until i was 26.
that was back in 2014 2015 something
like that
and i
i had been in the insurance industry uh
years prior to selling insurance
and at that time when i left alabama i
was working for att
and i leave alabama i just wanted to
move to atlanta that's all i want to do
i got back into the insurance industry
as an insurance adjuster as a person who
handles claims
then i started moving all the country i
lived in florida
maryland texas colorado
back to texas back to florida several
times i was in and out of georgia
alabama again a few times and then i got
a job in canada
uh working for allstate canada and
this is 2018. so i'm like yo i'm working
abroad i'm living abroad and i figured
out how to live abroad when i was living
in canada
you know i figured out like how to pay
when you're not there i'll learn how to
you know basically how to handle life in
the states while you're not in the
then i figured something i was like yo
i don't have to live in the states
you know and it was really cold it was
it was it was like october november and
canada and my car got stuck in the sun i
was like yo it's not it's not working so
i went back to alabama i got a new
contract in alabama again
i worked down with them for three months
and then i was like yo i'm gone i might
lead the country again i'm tired of this
so i was like i'm going to brazil and so
i went to brazil
supposed to be only supposed to be there
six weeks i end up staying six months
and then while i was there i still had
these questions like yo like how do i
you know continue to live my life here
because at that point i didn't have a
i was selling things online but it
really wasn't doing well
you know so i went back to the states
uh hurricane harvey oh no hurricane
harvey know that that was a hurricane
i'm sorry
that that uh 2000 notes 2019
i get to get back to the states and end
of 2019 obviously i know what happens
after 2019
and the canadian company hits me up
again and said hey you can't come into
the country
but we'll give you a work visa and you
can work remote
so you already know guys i'm working for
a canadian company i was like yo
i'm going back to brazil
and so because i already work work
remote so i work remotely as an
independent insurance adjuster and i
lived in brazil and then from there i
was like i'm gonna start teaching people
how to do this
i'll start teaching people how to be
independent interested i think it's a
great opportunity for a lot of people
that took off and i've been in the
insurance education space from that
point on
and i'm still living in brazil so
that's the short version of where i am
that's the short version i think it's
cool though because a lot of people
like for me i'm like once that once i
get stuck like it's harder with a family
like you're you're still young you have
any kids of course
i mean i'm not married so it makes it
makes it really easy like if i didn't of
course like i'd be gone now but even now
with kids i'm like i still want them to
experience that
that culture because i think it's
important to
see the world and like a lot of people
there's i say this all the time
one of the greatest hacks in business
and in life is leaving home
i agree
because it opens up your mind and like
taking that a step further is like
leaving the country because once you see
the real world and how the real world
works you kind of realize how blessed we
are and how much opportunity we have as
us as americans
i agree i agree you know that's the
thing man like and everybody is
listening i have done better every time
i have moved
every time i left i got better in a way
and not only that i made more money
you know
now i've lived in 15 cities i live in
three countries now
you know when i moved
like when you move into another country
it gets harder and so you have to focus
on details that you don't have to focus
on your real your regular life in the
united states or whatever country you're
and then you add in another language i
had to learn a new language a new
culture a new city
you know you know new everything plus
run a business
and so it makes you
you become much more focused i'll say
that much
but as much as you would think brazil
will be like oh go to the beach no
no it's not like that you know so
that's uh that's one thing i would just
encourage y'all on anybody's listening
guys look you can do it but i'm like i'm
a college dropout trust me it's alabama
i lived in alabama talks 26 years old i
did not even start speaking of language
until i was in my 30s
you know now i'm fluent in portuguese
and you have a home here and you know
you know i have a community here and a
lifestyle and all that stuff but it's
really not the important thing the
important thing is that i made a
decision to live consciously
you know
there you go there you go that's dope
man so
side note how long do i take you to
learn portuguese
a year
a year okay and then you really you
really learn once you're in the culture
too day by day like
you gotta order food you gotta
live your life
quick you gotta argue with your
girlfriend you gotta do everything
you know
everything bro you gotta you gotta like
but you know i say like a year but in
reality i was speaking in three months
six months i could go without my phone
in a year i could express myself fully
okay that's awesome man that's that's
amazing and i
people out there young people just leave
home man a lot a lot can happen just
the place
the worst worst place you can end up is
back in your parents couch this is where
you're going to be at anyway so
you're going to be there
just try
that's awesome man i love it man i i
hope i hope my kids can experience
because like right now my kids are
four two and one and i want to take them
to experience like you don't you don't
do like week vacations because i can't
experience a culture so like my partner
who travels abroad he's like you need to
like go for like two to four weeks just
and i'm like that's the life i want take
taking your kids
but bless your children with that
worldview man because like my parents
sent me to germany when i was
16 for two weeks they sent all of us to
germany separately for two weeks wow
you know and like
i'm 16 17 hanging out in germany and
yes it's only two weeks but it opened my
mind to what was possible
you know and so
here i am
i know i'm not
you know i'm just some dirt road guy
from alabama no i know it's other places
in the world i've been there
you know and once you see it then it's
once you see you can believe more of it
you know
yeah that's been a big blessing for me
i think
i think i think doing that opens up your
minds like
people people go through depression and
stuff like that personal turmoils but
once you actually see the world you
realize people have way worse than you
and you kind of like man up a little bit
you know maybe it's not necessarily
about the being worse it's just like yo
they got it better in a lot of ways
you know like i was expo i was a
restaurant yesterday and the guy was he
always asked me questions about the
united states he's like but the united
states is just so much better
i said look man if you're poor in a
state that's cold
you can't go anywhere you're just poor
you're stuck inside the house and if you
don't have any money you're gonna be
cold inside the house too even cold and
hungry here
if you're poor
you can still go to the beach
the beach is free you can still go hop
in the ocean and enjoy today you know
what i mean
uh and i think that there's there's a
quality of life here in in brazil that
because our country is such a lawsuit
heavy country and there's so many rules
we have so many small rules in our
day-to-day life you know i mean like
like for example here in brazil if it's
hot guys just walk around another show
you're not taking your shirt off in the
street in the states yo it's hot outside
no shirt it doesn't matter if you're big
or small guys taking these shirts off
women walking around with a bikini top
on they don't care bro
in the states it's like what what
these kids out here put your shirt on
it's hot
it's hot that's it
comfortability i never thought about
that that
cold the coldness of asperger because i
wanted i went to fiji and there's a lot
of like not mostly like homelessness
there's like a lot of poverty in the
area but it's a warm climate they can
always go to the beach
they can always experience i never man i
never thought of that's that's always a
small thing bro like
that's amazing man i think i think it's
cool to experience other cultures and
you kind of get a different perspective
but kind of opens your eyes
to possibilities
endless possibilities are out there and
i think
man i think people are just so like
that they only live in their one city
and like it's a big world out there
there's so much out there there's so
much out there to see so much
so much out there to enjoy
i agree
it's it's crazy i want to travel more
i'm excited i'm excited for the future
and then
you can create a business so let's kind
of jump on that road
come on
how long have you been doing insurance
and how how did you end up in that space
all right so i've been i've been a
licensed insurance address since 2013.
um i ended up in this space because
i got licensed as an insurance agent in
i got licensed as a bail bondsman in
2011. now bail bonds is actually a part
of the insurance industry as well
so i already done two jobs yeah it's
yeah billboard is actually insured
it's backed by insurance companies
those checks that they that people write
they're they're backed by those
that make sense okay
yeah and so
and aria had a pretty good understanding
of insurance from that point and so my
mother sold her insurance agency and she
became an insurance adjuster and she was
like son you should you should do this
as well
i was like well
all right i have an insurance agent at
that point and i did well there's like
okay i'll be an interest adjuster too
and so i got in it and then from there i
really began enjoying it and
i really had a lot of fun with it
you know and uh that was it's been since
2015 so it's going seven years now
yeah end of the year will be seven years
so i think i know a little bit about
insurance adjusting
um i came across it in roofing
that's where i recognize it from
um kind of kind of paint a picture for a
beginner that's never heard of what what
is insurance suggesting in a nutshell
okay so answering or
is when
property okay we're going to talk about
property you got health adjusting you
got all the other things we're going to
talk about specifically about cars and
all that makes it very simple for people
whenever you get in a car accident
and you have to call state farm
progressive liberty neutral when you're
calling them say hey somebody hit my car
you're actually talking to an adjuster
at that point
from there that person is going to
gather your information information that
you have photos
you know
damage reports things like that loss
reports um they're going to gather that
information they're going to review your
policy and what you've paid for
the policy you pay before they're going
to review it they're going to make a
claim decision whether you're going to
pay you an amount or not pay you or pay
a certain amount not pay for other
all right so insurance adjusters are
people who make claims decisions after
well i'm sorry after a claim has been
made whether damage occurred or not is
up to
the claims adjuster that's basically
what it is
so okay so i i had an accident i had a
car accident recently so i recently
moved this through i thought i was
talking to the insurance company as a
claims adjuster
the claims adjusters are the moving
parts of the insurance company so you
have like an insurance agent this person
sells you insurance but an insurance
adjuster the person who makes claims
decisions now where independent
adjusters come in is
is when insurance companies
when they're staff adjusters insurance
adjusters that work for a company like
state former progressive or liberty
mutual when they are overwhelmed and
they can't handle claims in a timely
fashion they have to get more people
okay okay more people but those people
huh you're private private sector i'm
independent i'm independent right so i
can work for any company and i work for
now what begins to happen is they say
all right look we need 500 500 adjusters
to come in and work for a certain amount
of time because our staff our staff
members cannot handle this workload
and so you go in
and you do the job of the staff member
you don't get paid benefits right you
can be fired whatever time at any given
time whenever the workload ends so
because of this they pay us much higher
rates than they pay a staff address
you see
okay okay
all right so
let's talk about uh
legalities you have to be licensed how
do you get licensed how do you
what's that what do you get to be entity
yeah okay so you're going to be licensed
by the state okay so
every state is not a licensed state so
you need to first look at your
department of insurance your state
department of insurance and see does my
state provide a
a independent insurance adjuster's
license if so you're going to take a
pre-licensing exam a pre-licensing
course an exam then you take a state
exam after that okay after that you'll
be licensed as an insurance at
independent insurance adjuster from
there you'll begin looking for work we
look for work by going to what's called
ai firm independent adjusting firms
basically a staffing agency just for uh
just for independent adjusters and that
that that staffing agency those ia firms
they connect
independent adjusters with
insurance carriers state foreign
like that
yeah are you right you have to be
licensed in all 50 states or your states
no states so
certain states have reciprocity to other
states there are reciprocals meaning
like if you have a texas state license
right or fourth day license you can work
in x amount of states if you have
alabama you can work in x amount of
states yeah and so
these states allow these licenses allow
you to work in
let's say you have five likes texas
florida louisiana georgia and alabama
you don't have you you can you can't
just you can work in more than five
states with those five licenses you can
work in several more like probably a
dozen more states
because of the reciprocity laws you know
uh but each state that requires a
license you will need a license to touch
in that state so for example if you're
in mississippi
and you've got an alabama claim you
don't have alabama license you can't
work that claim
you have you had to go buy your alabama
license so you can work in alabama
so are licenses annual fi like
biannually or
some renew on your birth month
so it all just depends every state is a
bit different that's again you're going
to go to your department of insurance
and confirm which states that your
license see when
they're up for renewal
so let's talk about paid because
everyone ever is like okay if i can do
this virtually like how much money you
get paid do you get paid off of the size
of the claim is it a certain percentage
is it a flat fee
that's a great question you know a
little bit already
and so so we'll talk about this so
there's field adjusters and desk
adjusters okay
build adjustments for auto and field
adjusted for property property is a
house or a building
uh commercial residential
now uh
field adjuster they get paid what's
called a fee schedule which is basically
a floating scale
based on the amount of damage you have
to sell property so let's say for
example you get five thousand more with
the damage you get paid a certain amount
of that five thousand dollars if this
ten thousand twenty thousand or a
hundred thousand same rules apply
so if they have 50 claims you're going
to get paid on those 50 claims
it won't be an hourly rate it'll be
after they file the claim
and and did a full
inspection of the property
they'll get paid after that that's field
adjustment it's a bit complicated as far
as their pay structure
desk adjusting is working in an office
or remote adjusting working from home
you'll be getting paid either by the day
or by the hour
okay you get paid weekly bi-weekly some
get paid on the 1st and the 15th just
all depends but it's more like regular
office work as far as pay is concerned
pay schedule is concerned
so what are you strictly focused on you
focus on more on the desk job of the
hourly side of it and doing working from
i've done both
you know
i've done all three uh you know i've
been in this career for a few years now
so i've been adjusting gun desk i've
done remote several times as well
uh and i teach students across all three
of those types of just
yeah uh right now
i remote just because you know i'm not
in the country you know
you know what now now really i actually
i teach now i don't i don't even adjust
right at this point because i have so
many students i don't have time to to
adjust anymore you know i got thousands
of students so
uh but
what i would say is for a person that's
trying to get into the business because
i already have a lot of experience so
i'm not a good example for a person
that's listening right now if a person
is trying to get into the business get
in however you can
you go go work in the field go work in
the field if you want to work in an
office working office they give you a
to work you know a desk or remote just
do it get in you'll figure out what you
like with time but try some stuff out
you know probably
i i like
i like it i like it so
the because like
i i like i like learning about stuff
like this because i like
i i'm i'm here to help people transition
whether it's through a smooth transition
or a hard transition i i'm here to help
people transition from nine to fives to
kind of like their own business
so like
i like
i like uh you know andre hatch's notary
because it's kind of like a smooth
this feels like a smooth transition real
estate anybody listen to this real
estate can be a very hard transition but
it's a transition all transitions are
not created equal
so it can be difficult in some ways so
what is
the time because like real estate like
people you can get paid 30 60 days 90
days out like you may not sit work for
it for a paycheck like you work on
rehearsal for free but there's huge
outcomes on it with this like somebody
from start start to giving their first
claim if they hustled at it 30 days or
no i wouldn't say that
i've seen people do 30 days or less okay
but it's gonna be more like three months
to six months three months six months
okay it's a lot of variables there right
like okay
how fast you can study and retain
information and pass the licensing exam
get your background check back 100 and
if something is available or not if
there's a job available you're going to
get it if not you're not going to get it
right and so i like to tell people 36
months and they get hired in
three weeks great
you know but more likely that's not
going to happen for the average person
yeah because they're not studying eight
hours a day and passing the test a week
and a half they're not doing that
most storm so i like to say three to six
okay okay proper expectations right
yeah the proper expectations exactly
that's interesting okay so
once you get licensed
now are the work you're doing is it
emails phone calls computer work is it
like all the above or it's just emails
and paperwork
it's a lot it's email a ton of phone
and you know and it's all pressing
matters you know people are calling you
as an adjuster
they're calling it because the household
buyer literally they're calling it the
house got blown away they're calling
because they told their car
so each call is a deadline involved yeah
i'm gonna have a resolution for them
soon they're not wait they're not like
yo hey yo damn my the the roof of my
house blew away okay talk to you in
three weeks no
they want you to
start making decisions and taking
control of the situation right
and i think that can be overwhelming for
people because it's
it's a serious situation
a hundred percent calling you because
the wind blew the wrong way calling
because the wind blew the house away
that's funny yeah
ev every every every client is an urgent
very very urgent the urgency is yes
some of them aren't the others but
you do you need you do need to
stay regimented in your day you need to
stay focused throughout the day all
right look i'm gonna handle eight people
today i'm gonna get eight people pay a
day and we have five people i'll make
five claim decisions a day what you know
you make systems
so let me ask you this
does the insurance company give you like
a certain amount of flexibility to make
that decision based off of the claim
yeah a lot of you have a lot of
flexibility you know it's essentially
like this
can you explain why you made that
decision and back it up
with documents
the photos
i'm denying this roof because
i think this hill this these hail marks
are actually blistering
and improper nailing
you know what i'm trying you know you
you know what i'm talking about
but roofing
i'm not from roofing so um
my my partner is so i've heard about it
he does so it's kind of interesting here
on the other side of it
that's why i'm talking about myself
he'll go he'll he'll go and get the
insurance claim
he'll do like commercial commercial
roofing so he'd get six figure seven
yeah exactly but it's all based on like
can you prove it and can you explain why
you want to do it you want to pay or not
pay if you can explain that then that's
your you know that's your authority
right so that's where that flexibility
comes in but if you can't prove it
or if you can't explain why you want to
pay or not paid
you know they're going to get you out of
there pretty quickly because like he
doesn't make good decisions but you get
at the end of the day you basically get
like 100 flexibility to say yes or no
but you got to follow the guidelines of
the policy
that's crazy that's crazy
it's like i said it's really hearing
interesting hearing the other side of it
because you would think that there would
the company would have the final
decision because actually i'm paying out
but it's the adjuster that has to make
it make sense
yeah that's the thing here's the company
man this is this is so interesting
it's just interesting from the other
side i'm telling you man this is crazy
okay so it opens my mind into it now
because now i'm not good
you don't even like you work for the
so let me ask you this so since
if you have the power to say yes or no
you say no
you still get paid as well of course you
get paid but is it you get paid more or
less for saying yes or no or is it all
flat fee based
no like when i'm working at a desk
so the field adjuster they don't go out
they a field adjuster a person that goes
out to inspect a car or or a
a house
yeah they can't die they don't have the
power to deny they can only inspect
the person that works remotely
or at a desk excuse me
those people are the only people who
have the power to say yes or no
gotcha and they don't get paid for
saying yes or no there's no bonuses
for either way
i can say yes every day i'll get paid a
certain amount because they know every
day you pay the same amount
it's all about how i can justify it if i
can justify it now
so do you justify the explanation like
you have to like sum up the whole
insurance issue yes we're going to pay
it here's why
and that's generally what you're doing
right it's basically what i'm doing yeah
okay yeah
yeah that makes sense
and they can't just say yes or no and
have a machine do it because there's
intricacies you know
bro you gotta you gotta notate you're
notating files you're writing out while
you're doing something
you know
that's crazy man yeah and those notes
can be pulled out
know yeah
so if there was some fraudulent or
whatever they consume based off you're
being an independent adjuster they
wanted to me they would sue the company
because i'm gonna i'm a representative
of the company at that time so it
it's not beneficial for me to just screw
somebody over just to do it
yeah yeah yeah you see because i have
accountability too i have accountability
as well i still want to keep my job
right so i'm not going to screw somebody
else to do it
well i'm looking at the flip side of it
it's like yeah let me just give it to
but now the company's looking at you for
giving it to him and then you're
some adjusters will do it but like i
said you got to be able to back it up
you're gonna be a backup why you're
saying yes
that's crazy
is it
is it basically based on your own hours
and workload like hey i'm only doing so
so many so many claims this week because
i'm part-time or whatever i'm only doing
my free time well you're not gonna be
part time
it's always full time
there is no fart times only full time
for one
uh and then they give you a claim
uh expectation you know they might want
you to do 25 tasks per day
you know they might want you to do eight
closures a day eight closures mean they
want you make a claim decisions per day
like yes or no
you know and so that can be hard at
times so you gotta you gotta move
through claims
crazy that's only full time
that that makes sense now that you're
like i only teach now because i'm i
can't do full time then i can't do much
no you can't
can't do both not well at least
so can it be outsourced it always has to
be you
you're the only you're the one that's
licensed you're the one that has the
name on the claim so it's not else
there's no answers okay i got you i got
all right so
that's such an interesting conversation
i've never uh
never talked to insurance people before
interesting yeah i
want to sneeze coming up
don't let it out man
i said let it out
we're good we're good it went away it
comes and goes
let's talk about your program you said
you teach how many students do you teach
how long how are you how you've been
teaching since you started it's kind of
going down that road
yeah man so
i probably started getting people into
the insurance adjusting industry in
huh right when you started like a year
after i got started now 10 16 started
2017 when hurricane harvey hit i was
telling my friend yo get in the business
do this write your resume like this say
this when you get there handle the claim
like this that's when i really started
teaching probably after i got into the
but that was just like one off like hey
hey bro come do this you need some work
okay come do this you need a job
but when i formally started doing it um
was 2020.
okay yeah it was 2020 and now
i have
four courses now my fifth one coming i
probably have 3 000 students split
between all those courses
was it was it a transition through covid
or was just kind of the decision at that
time it was different bro it was during
cover for sure you know when everything
went remote i was like now's a chance
for everybody to get in here it's so
much easier for everybody to get in now
everybody has a shot
you know because
it was very difficult because
people were um
he had to travel a lot
you know you had to travel a ton bro to
get in the business and stay relevant in
the business but now
they're in cover bro during the pandemic
like bro you can work four or five
in a year and never leave the house
so it made it much more accessible for
many people
uh because they had a transition too to
keep up the workload without keeping the
and people okay so
i i i really like that because coconut
is like a blessing in disguise for a lot
of people a lot of people like oh i lost
my job and everything but it really
pushed people to push people out of the
comfort zone to do something
they had to do something different they
was like yo this ain't working like it
used to i gotta do something way
different what am i gonna do
and you know a lot of people pivoted man
and and some people
did very well for themselves
you know others
they're still trying to figure it out
you know but i know a lot of my students
did really well
that's what's good that's good so 3 000
students yeah um
do you do community type teaching or
just like
group groups
everything's recorded um i like people
to do self-paced learning i want people
to learn the way they learn right and so
some people like to learn they gotta
restart again rewind and
i like i like teaching in that way um
and then we have a group we have a
private group with uh 1700 students in
and those students are referring to
the course material and they're also
going back and forth about who's getting
higher right now they're helping each
other so
as the students learn they're teaching
each other as well
power community i love community man
it's such a dope it's such a dope
construct it is
when it's yours it's hugely beneficial
because now you have people that you
talk they can know the game they've been
experiencing it and hey go ask them a
question they know the
answer i agree that's what i'm saying
man that's the thing is like
because like for example i have i have
10 students get hired at the same place
in the same weekend
and they can all help each other because
they're all working at the same place
i'm not working i can't help you in that
you know
you know i'll be working for the same
company at the same time hey what was
this how do you say this hey what was
this on the phone didn't they say this
in the meeting you know what i mean like
and they do that a lot
the students they do a great job with
and that's really been a big catalyst
for them winning you know
is the community
community community is uh once it's hard
to build
once it's built it's such a priceless
you listen man it was super hard to do i
remember that one had like 30 people in
the group i thought it was never gonna
get over 100 people
you know it felt like it was never going
to happen and then like
one day it was 300 they say it was like
700 like that oh it crossed a thousand
people i'm like yo this is crazy we got
a thousand people in here
and then it got to where i couldn't even
i couldn't even talk in the group
it was so many people asking me
questions and it was also interesting to
see was seeing my students
ask other students before they asked me
it was starting to be new experts in
you know
and i hate talking to man i talked to
aiden talked to shawn and talked to hank
talked to
all these other people and i'm like
nobody that nobody's saying talk to me
you know
and that's that was uh
that's a fun thing to watch watch their
world you know
it's uh so our community is the same
thing so right right now we have like 30
people in the group and they had 100 and
like holy crap we got 100 people in it
now we have 300 and like holy crap we
have 300. yeah
it's so good
we're we're we're the same we're
following the same footsteps so it's
kind of cool seeing everybody interact
and everybody help each other
in that way
it's really awesome to see i think
community man is one of the most
underrated things that people overlook
well if they're building they're
building something uh or if they're
looking for something i think they often
underwrite community but i also think
as somebody who's built a pretty a
sizable community right now it's not
huge but you know it's you know 1700
people you know you know the sneezes
the community is going to take on the
personality that you put out there
you know if you're not being helpful and
they're not gonna be helpful and polite
and i think for me it's this
i always try to be very polite with my
students and very patient with them when
they want to know information i try to
be very patient
so my students can show patients to each
you know i'll be i'm not snappy you
should google that just go to the
website why didn't i tell you
no you know
i try not to do that you know sometimes
my students wear my nerves but that's
that's anybody you know what i mean
but yeah people are people people are
uh all the time all the time man the
community is amazing i enjoy it i'm and
i'm really happy to see them i'm i'm so
proud of them you know because i feel
like it's their community i don't feel
like it's mine anymore i'm like that's
y'all it is all y'all's doing y'all did
i'd say i say the same thing too because
it's like
yes i started it
but you all took it to the next level
so i can't take credit for that no no i
can't take her
it's their commitment hey they doing
is their community doing great
tell us about your programs tell us
about your courses where can they find
them okay so guys my name is steven
store you can find me at stevens store
on twitter um from there i have a link
in my bio you can go and find my
programs there roadmap to becoming
independent insurance adjuster is a
one hour long course it's gonna take
about a week to finish
because i have things for you to do
after each section that i want you to
complete um from there i have
essentially claim handling that's when
you when you've gotten deployed as an
insurance adjuster and it's going to
teach you how to
handle claims day-to-day
i have understand the insurance policy
uh from there understanding insurance
policy is a breakdown of the hr3 policy
which is the homeowner's policy a
standard homeowner's policy i'm going to
break down the language
that the insurance carriers have written
this policy so you can understand the
vocabulary and the context that we
uh make our claim decisions
then from there we have um
what else we got we have an insurance
adjuster bundle so it's all my courses
plus we have a resume writing course on
there as well as like how do you build a
resume out so you can get hired as an
insurance adjuster
you know so that's what i got right now
and i have a mentorship program as well
where i can
kind of hold your hand as you go through
the process of becoming an adjuster and
you know talk to you about technical
questions you might have day to day
i'm honest
i'm personally curious about your uh
home insurance one because i'm like i
own property that's something i need to
insurance policy is a great
course just for just as a homeowner so
you can just understand because one
problem i have with a lot of homeowners
is that
they don't understand
when they don't understand their policy
for one and they're also underinsured a
lot of times
they don't have correct insurance they
might have haunted they might have
insurance on their their house but they
got a 10 000 fence back there they don't
have any proper insurance on
little things like that the wind comes
and blows down a section of fence called
seven thousand miles fixed but you
didn't have insurance on so we got
a little stuff like that
yeah you should you should really we'll
put a link to that one in the bio for
all our real estate people yeah that way
they understand from the insurance
standpoint what is necessary yeah
exactly is that that's a big one man
i'm gonna
i got my real estate people out there if
you got real property go back and look
at your insurance policy you need to
know what your insurance policy is
for for your property you know
some of you guys got car car detached
car reports you got fences you need to
know what your state requires for for
things to be covered you know because
like i said
for example you might have a 15 offense
you got 2500 worth defense coverage now
what you gonna do
you know and you're and this is your
fourth property you own four or five
running units and all your rulings are
underinsured and you know you know
you're in an area that has a high wind
you're going to pay up on fences at the
you know so let's let's kind of i like i
like where we're going with this this is
a good one so what is something
real estate landlords or uh commercial
property as far as multi-family what's
something that's something that can
easily get somebody to overlook that
they'll overlook and not
force uh
one you need to understand
um your plumbing
i don't think real estate guys know
enough about plumbing because that's
gonna cause that cause a lot of water
issues in these houses
so for example and i see i like i've
seen thousands of houses so i see this
situation across the united states and
canada for that
you you own a property
you bought it the toilet didn't have a
problem a year ago five years or ten
years whenever you bought it or whatever
upstairs toilet leaks
no tenant is in the house or attendants
in the house attendant went on a
attendant has rental insurance they're
gonna get their stuff replaced
but you didn't have the proper insurance
handle water mitigation for example
which is what migration when you draw a
house out afterwards and
it's gotten damaged by water
okay but you don't have the proper
you don't have a proper
uh insurance for that you're
underinsured so now you got an upstairs
bathroom that's messed up and a
downstairs kitchen that's messed up we
all know how much kitchen cabinets cost
we all know how much uh bathrooms cost
you got two of those things messed up
you're coming out you're going to come
out of pocket yet because we're going to
deny you
and we see a lot of people getting out
to get the night on those toilet water
those toilet claims
toilet overflows for a week
you know might have a busted pipe
overflows for a week two weeks three
weeks tears up the whole kitchen another
thing is
do you have
uh coverage for like for example
um it might be you might have hardwood
floor on the whole the entire first
floor of the property
this sounds cool until
the kitchen is connected to the front
door via hardwood floor and you don't
have coverage to make sure your hardwood
floor all gets replaced now you got
mismatched hardwood floor
it happens a lot too people getting out
on that something small but people
getting out on it a lot
you know they can get quite expensive
and so you need to go back and look at
your you got to go back and look at
these details guys go look at do you
have like
i'm a little sleepy i don't know i don't
know the policy to turn on top of my
head but you need to find out do you
have coverage for continuous flooring
continuous paint right we have some like
in floyd what city what state you in
california i'm in california
so you have some places guys for example
when you have a leaky roof
y'all have some areas of a home
that might cover half the home and it
might be one continuous paint job in
this one room
right but you get a leaky
ceiling and you know like i know all
whites are not created equal as far as
paint is concerned
all right you go to patch up one little
area now you got this eyesore where the
leak used to be at because you don't
have coverage
to repaint the whole area that
continuous pain
where all the pain is that's what i'm
and so it's little things and see the
thing the problem is guys these people
are selling all these insurance policies
they don't understand policy they know
how to sell policy
they don't understand policy and so the
little things are going to cost you a
lot you need to be sure that your fences
are insured completely
if you have offenses over two thousand
dollars i'm sure all you do now
because wood is extremely expensive and
labor costs are going up every day
and especially if you guys see the uh
cedar fence you need to make sure your
fence is covered properly
talk to your insurance agent pay the
extra 10 15 a month on your properties
guys i'm telling you guys
these wind storms come a heavy
thunderstorm comes it's gonna
it's gonna kick your butt
you know
that's crazy man i can keep going i can
keep going with this one bro i just
that's why i see a lot of i see that a
lot a lot a lot of especially these real
estate guys are under sure
we'll just tell we'll just tell them to
get the link in the bio and make sure
they understand their plan
understanding insurance policy if you
want these real estate guys guys take it
not for just to be an insurance adjuster
take it so you can understand your
insurance policy because i'm telling you
extra 20 a month you to have a better
coverage on some of your property is
going to save you thousands of dollars
over the course of property ownership
so i always ask this towards the end is
what is a quote that's yours or somebody
else's yours or somebody else's that
resonates with you
oh yeah that's a good one move boldly
and great forces will come to your aid
boldly and great forces will come to
your way
man that's that's a good one
yeah i've never that one before that's
it was a guy
this dude man he was the violinist for
celine dion
that's strange that it is but he i got
that quote from me i forgot the guy's
name but it's moo boley and great forces
will come to your aid
so like what i found is over the years
man like when i moved to brazil i moved
boldly right and people came to help me
out the first people i met here spoke
yep right and and they helped me through
until i learned portuguese
all right when i when i moved to canada
people that helped me out there like
when i moved into insurance justin
people helped me out there like
when i moved into teaching insurance
people all these people helped me man so
it's like you know move boldly
and you know it's another quote i have
is like
you know it talks about basically most
men are walking around in quiet despair
real nightingale said that said that
either night y'all a rock walter emerson
i don't remember but
most men are walking around in quiet
despair this is looking for leadership
okay and so it's like those are two
opposing quotes but they fulfill the
same thing it's like yo look get out of
here move with some faith in action and
and people come out they come to help
they need a purpose that's greater than
their own
exactly is that
man that was good that was good
all right man
steve's story on instagram
i appreciate it link to that course
because that would be a good one i don't
have to get that one
i'm gonna send you a link i'm gonna
email you a link bro to understand the
insurance policy yeah i appreciate it
that one's good man i'm gonna sell that
one out
do it i wanna help hey i'm trying to
help people man i want them to
what they got
and it's like
you can help people by just making sure
they know what's really going on
you inform and empower people with
exactly that's exactly it man and that's
kind of
that's what makes me
excited for them is like yo like once
you know the information
then you got it nobody has to tell you
anymore now you got it you know
all right man we appreciate it we
appreciate you coming what are you gonna
uh i'll send you the link in the chat
yeah i got it i got it i'm gonna have to
save it and put make sure it gets in the
video but we appreciate you coming out
um thanks for coming on man check him
out man there's a lot of good
information there we appreciate it
i appreciate you bro thanks dan