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April 18, 2023

Ep 369: Starting An Agency At 17 With Niti Sarran

Ep 369: Starting An Agency At 17 With Niti Sarran
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0:01 Hey, welcome to the next episode of the hyper those podcast. I'm your host, Mr. Daniel Martinez. Today I have a special guest, Lisa Ron. She has been very active on Twitter. I've been watching her. I don't know exactly what she does, we're gonna get into that. One thing I like about her is she's very inspirational, very honest. And she's young. I love working and talking with young entrepreneurs just because I feel I'm still young. But I mean, I'm getting older these days. But I love talking to young inspiring stories just because I hope they can inspire others. For me, I wish I was started younger. But I mean, when I did start it was it is what it is. And I'm here at where I am when I did it. So I remember what I did. But for everybody here, if you're young, aspiring, I'm sure this should be a story for you. So today, needy Saran? Well, part of the country you're from today. 0:47 I'm in the US. I am in New Jersey, 0:50 New Jersey. You always grew up in New Jersey. 0:53 Yeah, I grew up in New Jersey. I grew up in the same same city my like entire life. 0:59 Okay, that's awesome. Yeah, I grew up outside Chicago, and then the first chance I could to leave the cold I left. I'm sure I'm sure you're, you're probably pretty comfortable with a cold and you're still there? 1:12 No, I am. I am. 1:16 So let's talk a little about yourself. So when did you start like, like when did like the entrepreneurship bug hit you? And like, when did you start hustling? Because I know you started young. And you've gotten great results up to now. But we'll get there in a second. But when did you start when you start doing like online stuff and your first business and hustle? 1:35 Yeah, so I didn't actually think that I would be an entrepreneur or never even saw that in me. And so around like the eighth grade when I actually started selling candy in school. And that's like the most generic way that people usually get into realizing that there's some kind of entrepreneur is by selling something at a young age, whether it's like a lemonade shop, or like a garage sale or something, just having the urge to sell. And I started selling candy in school. And I realized, like, you know, this could be something bigger, I have skill, I know that I have some kind of passion here because I enjoy doing it. So I just turned it into something greater with research, patience, and just consistent work. 2:15 So like the candy sale bug got you. So me personally, I hated selling candy. Like really, I hated it. I hated it, I could never do it. I think I think the answer just hit me when I was younger, like 1819. And that was something I knew was something I wanted to do when I became an adult, I didn't know when I would do it. And this is something crazy, like, there's no way I tend to become an entrepreneur. So I'm like, You're young and kind of went into it when you start your first business. 2:43 So I started my first business in 2019. And it's kind of the same business that I run now except I revamp and adjust everything as I go. Pretty much my business is my brand. It's what I put out on social media and my content that's like what drives what fuels my business and my income and my revenue. And whatever it is. And my business has always been the same as always my name, my personality, my content, it's always just developing more and more. So that's why it may seem different throughout the years. But I put out different services, different products, but it all has to pertain to social media growing your brand, anything that has to do with marketing, organic reach pretty much. 3:21 Okay, are you doing more videos, or just like copywriting posts are a little bit of both. 3:28 I would say a little bit of both my Instagram kind of blew up more recently with video. But my Twitter is doing good with, you know, written posts. It's just what platform works best with what platform, you know. 3:41 Yeah, and I've not, I've not seen your Instagram, so I have to go check that out. But I know you're you've built a really good following. First, I think on Twitter, right? That's just through copywriting. Because I don't know if you, I haven't seen many pictures from you. It's mostly just your your post. And this is not me like being stalkers for nothing. I just like getting I seen a lot of your posts, and I knew you're doing because I know you had an agency thing. And I have an agency as well. So I like working with agency owners in some aspect just because like, for me, I didn't know it was even a thing. So I was 27 I didn't know what agency was. So for me it was like it's a newer, newer business model. So can we talk a little about what agency is what it does? And how do they help their customers? 4:23 So an agency in general I would say is something that it's a it's a vehicle that helps I would say business to business more so then business to consumer but I would say business to business, service based business where you're helping you know another business with marketing solutions or anything that you can provide a value so my agency what my agency has always done is content because that's what I've always been able to do with myself and you know, they say your brand is your own best case study like your brand is your best case study because I've been able to grow my brand I've been able to do it all organically from $0 and never really invested money into ADS and stuff like that, besides the times that I've tried to, you know, experiment once I did start making money, but most of my numbers come from just organic content, putting it out there, seeing what works, seeing what doesn't. And from that, I know that I can help other people grow as well, just because I've been able to do it for myself, anyone can do it now. So that's what I started to do with my agency. So over the years, I would reach out to business owners, you know, nothing too formal, just reach out to business owners, see if I can help them with their marketing through, you know, organic content on Twitter, Instagram, whatever it is, and mainly Twitter and Instagram, because that's what my specialty is, and see how I can help them and provide a solution for them. And at the moment, what I'm offering is Twitter, ghost writing, and that's all over everywhere. Everyone's doing that. So they're ghost writing, and also a video editing and script writing for people's reels and YouTube shorts and tic TOCs. 5:53 I really want to I really want to get into this. Yes, everybody's doing it. But no one's doing it like you. I think that's the difference. I think everybody has their own little twist on it. And there's no right or wrong way to do it. I think the biggest thing is just finding something that I think you found your own little niche and kind of dug in the legal sphere. Of course, it really doesn't matter about the competition, because I think everybody does it their own different way. They might have their own, like, bone structure as far as how they do it. But I think yes, everybody has their own creativity. 6:22 Yes. Yeah, of course, I agree with you. I think that, you know, obviously, the structure of any business is going to be somewhat the same. But I feel like let's say like, my content templates are going to look different from someone. Another ghostwriters content templates, or the way I go about once I onboard a client, how am I going to get information out of them to create content for them, it's gonna look different from someone else, you know, so? 6:43 So are you helping, like certain niche of businesses? Are you kind of helping just anybody that reaches out and you kind of customizing a format for them that works for them. 6:52 So I don't work with everyone. I work with people who are mainly online entrepreneurs, people who sell some kind of digital product or people who you know, just putting out content because they built some kind of business. And now they found success with it. And now they want to put themselves out there and gain an audience for it. I'm doing it more so that these people can get recognition, the recognition they deserve. They have education that they can teach their audience. And that's what I'm here to do. I want to I want to make sure everyone's getting you know, the attention they deserve. 7:19 Did you ever do you do anything like shout out pages or like Twitter, Twitter groups? I know those are things I've never participated in either. But I don't know what your position was on those. 7:29 Yeah. So Twitter, retweet groups. I'm going to start with that. I always saw those when I was first starting to grow. And I always said no to people. I was like, No, I'm not going to do them. People would always reach out to me, they'd be like, No, do you want to join it? Like we're having a group of people who are doing this? And I'm like, No, not really, like, I'm not really interested. Thank you. And the reason is, because I always felt like it was unnatural. And I feel like if you just put content out, and I know it was gonna sound a little Gary Vee, but Gary Vee was the guy who kind of inspired me with content. And I think it's real. And I think if you try to make it like a little more unnatural, and you just strive for the numbers, you're not really gonna get it. It's you attract what you're gonna get just based off the content you put out. And I think the only reason that I've been able to find success is because I focus more on the content, and how people are going to feel with my content, more than just the followers and the numbers and the retweets. And yeah, it's nice to look at like, look, this tweet blew up. But it's not about that. And so I didn't, when it comes to retweet groups and stuff, I would not do it. However, getting purchasing retweets from pages, people do that as well. And I also do that for my clients as well. So there's a smart thing I do. And other people do this as well, other ghost writers. They'll work with a client, let's say, I'm working with you, Daniel. And I, the way I would work with you is you get on a, you know, a one hour call with me, I would interview you podcast style, get to know you get to know what you've been able to do, how you've been able to do it. So now I can write content about you, for you, in the eyes of you. So your audience doesn't know you have a ghostwriter. You know, they just know that, that's you. And then I'll put that content out. But I'll also purchase retweets on your behalf from bigger pages in your niche and get you retweeted, get those tweets that I tweeted retweeted by bigger pages. So you're growing, but you're not really doing it unnaturally. You're just getting these shout outs from bigger pages. You're not retweeting people retweet for retweet, or you're not, you know, going in these little groups and trying to engagement bait and all that kind of stuff. So that's what I would say for REITs because that's what I do. But when it comes I don't do it for my own page. I've never done it but like for other bigger pages and when it comes to the agency, and then when it comes to the shout outs on Instagram. I've tried a few out on my own Instagram page. I think they used to work better back then and not now I'm going to be straight up and honest. Which is why I don't do that that offer anymore. I used to I used to offer people you know like let's say you're my client, Daniel. I would be like Okay, you're gonna pay me this much I create the ad content for you and I go use the budget that you gave me to purchase your ShoutOuts and make sure you do it right. But now it's not working anymore. Now I feel like it's kind of dying down, these business pages are dying down, so I don't really do it. But at the peak of it, I remember I bought some shoutouts from my own page, and I invested like, what was it like? 100 $200 And then my course was in my Lincoln bio, and it made like, like $1,000 back or something. So I was pretty happy with that. 10:30 That's That's good. I I was a big advocate for Instagram, but I kind of backpedal a little bit. It's lost a lot of steam and it's lost. A lot of its mojo. You think so? In my opinion, like, I don't even open Instagram these days. I still post there, but I don't open it anymore. Do you have to exact I do have a tic tac. 10:53 So you think tic tock is taking your attention away from Instagram? Do you think that 10:57 I don't even look open Tik Tok either. I produce content everywhere. And this is me I produce content everywhere that consume it or not like me, I personally consume more Tik Tok content than I do Instagram. So I really open Instagram personally. But as far as like my personal constant I posted everywhere. It's everywhere. I did have a question about Twitter. So I've never heard of a Twitter we treat groups. How do you find people like that? Use the by dm people? Or do you have to like a referral based system that I don't know about? Because I'm very active on Twitter. So I'm more interested in the Twitter game. 11:35 So the group's like retweet for retweet. I'm not sure if people still do it. Um, because I haven't seen it in such a long time. I think last time I saw it was like 2021. And I don't think I've seen it in a while now. I don't know if it's because I'm not in those spaces. But Twitter's kind of evolved. Like how long have you been on the side of Twitter for probably longer than me? I don't know. But 11:55 so I've been on Twitter since 2010. I wasn't very active till probably two years ago. Okay. I'm pretty active last three years. 12:05 So on the money side of Twitter and the business side of Twitter? 12:08 Yeah, probably last two, three years. Okay. 12:11 I don't know, I feel like in 2020 and early 2021, there were more retweet groups and stuff. But if you need a list of people who you know, sell retweets, I can always cite you that I feel like it's just like an inner thing that everyone knows about. Like, you can't really tweet about it because your account can get banned. And it's like, you got to be careful with that. But, you know, 12:33 for everybody on Twitter listening to this, we're not talking about this on Twitter. There was a lot of stuff going on during COVID. Two, I think COVID Like opened up a lot of the online money thing. And I think it explored a lot of people's businesses in a good way. Yes, because people were looking for opportunities just because there was an opportunity in the marketplace just because COVID happened. So I think a lot of people pivoted to that. And I did see a lot of retweets back then. But it's kind of interesting how it ebbs and flows in a lot of different ways. In everywhere. Every platform, 13:10 of course, I see a lot of different trends, like in 2020 Well, obviously, what you're saying is completely obvious. And I completely agree. It's like, you know, COVID happened, everyone started getting more online. So obviously, people are getting online and selling their product online trying to market online. I mean, they really had nothing else to do. But even within the social media itself. Over the past few years, what I've noticed is like Twitter, for example, I was so into the like the community that I was able to tell the differences now than then. And before it was more so like platitudes, and more. So people talking about motivational stuff, and like habit building and productivity and all these kinds of different things. And people were very tight knit, they were very close together. Like I remember all the people who were in the the twit money, twitter circle, like everyone was together and everyone was cool with each other. Then I feel like over the past few years, people started to weed out people started to you know, they made their money. And now they're kind of like living their lives a little bit. You know, they're not really continuing to build a business. They just did some affiliate marketing sales or something like that, you know, but now it's kind of like the people who are we're still on Twitter and are winning and they're more agency. They're more they're more like agency and long term brand building like people who are in it for long term. 14:35 Yeah, I think that's that's where I fit in. I'm definitely I think Twitter is like my number one, Twitter and tick like you're probably my number one like consumed content for me personally, and definitely changed a little while. There's definitely a lot more on Instagram previously, but I personally pivoted a lot more into Twitter. I feel like it's more I think it's more fun 15:00 I really think that on Twitter, 15:02 I have I have a lot more fun on Twitter. It's It's It's tick tock is entertaining to me. But Twitter actually have fun. I've recently become more abrasive. And I think that's been helping. I don't know a lot of people do a lot of different things on Twitter, but I've become a little bit more abrasive. I got blocked for the first time the other day. I was like, this the first time really? Yeah, that's exactly it was it was new for me. Just like you kid on Twitter. Yeah, I got blocked for the first time and I thought it was hilarious. But it seems like it's it's a new environment because like I said, I've never been abrasive and I'm not like, I'm not like a abrasive person. So I feel like Adam II, I feel a little bit discomfort, but it's fun. 15:52 Why do you get blocked? 15:55 I mess with a lot of dividend people on Twitter just because I'm a real estate guy. And I make fun of the returns. 16:08 And it is fun to me. Like I literally have a tweet from today. I wish I could pull it up quickly. But I sent it to my buddy because he was laughing. So I have a right here though. Actually, I can pull it on the screen because this is going to be funny. I have the ability to put it on the screen. Yeah, here we go. For everybody here this is this was not scripted, was definitely on the fly. And I'm gonna be quick about it because I don't want to waste too much fuel time. For everybody here. I'll read it here in a second. See everybody can see it. I got it. This is a specific Twitter conversation. So I feel it's I feel it's worth it. Here we go. Why do people spend so much money on dividends? Better returns will get you further faster. So funny. It is funny. See, I'm glad you appreciate it. 17:13 Like I don't know why people take things seriously. On the internet. 17:17 I don't know, I always mess with the dividend people because like 4% returns, if you're not familiar with inflation, inflation is the average of 3%. And it probably is like 7% last year. So like everybody's praising a 4% return. I'm like you lost money. Congratulations. Everybody on Twitter, I'll make fun of you. I think opposed to diluted to those like if you're posting about 4% returns or less. I'm gonna make funny openly. 17:44 You probably have more black people when you think 17:47 probably, yeah, just the first one I found out. Because he like were I was calm. I was conversating with him. And then he blocked me and I'm like, I got blocked. This is hilarious. With the same guy. Yeah, we're messaging, not that guy. He'll probably blocked me soon. Because I don't even like the new algorithm. I don't follow these people. Like, it's not that I'm following them and trolling them. It's just that they come on my feed for whatever reason. So I'm like, whatever. Yeah, I'm gonna get blocked eventually. So I'm gonna keep commenting. So I get blocked. Because I don't follow these people because the algorithms they recently changed since Elon took over. So now I rhythm looks a little different and actual different. So I'm like, I don't even follow these people. I guess since I'm actually talking about dividends. I guess it's throwing it back in. So it's feeding the machine. Which is fun. I have fun doing 18:42 this. Yeah, no, I feel like if you're polarizing, that's what gives people a reason to follow you and like you. 18:49 Exactly. So I'm like, let me just dig in. Dig in. Have you? Did you build your audience to be about polarization or just through education or what has been your own? Has it pivoted over time? 19:02 I think people will always find something polarizing about you even if you don't think it's polarizing. And, you know, like I never really tweeted anything polarizing. I never tweet anything controversial. I'll never put anything out there like that. You know, like even my personal life and my personal beliefs. I don't really put it out like that. It's just whatever relates to the business because I like to keep things strictly business, you know, like, whatever's on social media is just my business side. My, you know, my career side, my future side. It's not like, my, my personal kinda so it's like, but I feel like people always find something to you know, like, you know, you could tweet, I can swing something like an accomplishment that I've done, like, I've done it a lot. I've tweeted like hitting a net worth milestone or something. It's such a young age and whatever. And I like to think of it more. You know, stoically, I don't like to think like, let's say like, it wasn't me. I still think that that's so cool. That someone else did that at that age or even at whatever age you know, building some kind On a net worth and putting it out there, it's cool. You inspiring people. And so like, I remember when I would do that, there would still be some people in the comments. And they'd be like, you know, like show proof, or we don't believe you or whatever, like this. You're lying your skin. What about Uncle Sam? Like, I don't care. So I think it's always somewhat polarizing people, even if you're not trying. 20:25 Yeah, 100%. So let's talk about some of the accomplishments because we haven't even covered that. But this is one of the big reasons why I followed you back then it was just, it was just cool to see you gain so much activity. But one things I love about your business is you're in the digital products business. I'm a big fan of digital products, just because my first business was physical business and actually lost it. Those physical business and then learning on Twitter to look out for digital products and digital businesses. I now do software and education, which, which I love and real estate, which has its own way I consider the closest you can get to a digital real estate business. I invest in land, so I don't even see the property most of the time. And I do I do a lot of cool stuff with it. So I consider that like the digital business of real estate. But let's talk about your digital business. Let's talk about some accomplishments you've done just to highlight necessarily how you but highlight what can be done at 18. Now, 21:25 yes, 18 things. Which was? Yeah, I guess. So. I mean, from the start, I you know, what would I consider accomplishment? I guess building up my net worth, I would say I'm pretty transparent with my net worth. At the moment. It's like 75, or something that was and I would, I've always been transparent with it. Because I've never wanted like, this whole thing is just business. I never thought of more than it is. And I remember like some people would be like, you know, you shouldn't talk about your money and whatever. But I made a video on this on YouTube. And I always been so confused. I always used to be like, Why do people make money so taboo. And this is a whole nother topic. I'm going to talk about it really quick. Because I don't know why people make money so taboo. If it's, you know, if it's really not all that, you know, to me, it's just a paper amount we use it for better living, whatever it is, you can earn it, you can, as long as I know, and I'm secure in knowing that I didn't obtain this in any evil manner. I know that I'm not you know, this does not define me or who my worth is. I don't care. I could lose it tomorrow. I lost $45,000 before like, and I made it back and it's like, I can lose money and it'd be okay. Because money does not define me. So, I don't know why people make it so taboo. That's one thing. But yeah, I always I always make it transparent. Because also I want people to know how much I've made with my business. And you know, how much if that do I keep? I like to be transparent with myself. Yeah, yeah. And I like to be transparent show people that you know, this is all authentic. And what I say is really true. And I'm not afraid to show that. Um, so yeah, I guess my accomplishment is building on net worth up at this age and also investing. I'm not investing in real estate just like you just yet. But I do invest in like index funds and stuff and just put that in. I am getting a little dividends here and there. Yes. 23:23 Watch out, watch out. 23:26 But you know, yeah, 200 in like $30 in dividends every year. I think that's pretty cool. But, um, 23:35 I'll talk afterwards. 23:37 Yes. I just think, yeah, I think that's an accomplishment investing at this age as well. And also being able to do all this meanwhile, oh, another accomplishment I say is, um, you know, being able to talk to so many people over the past few years. If I had never gotten on the internet and never done any of this stuff. I would have never had conversations the way I do. People literally talk tell me in my DMs Oh, I just I told my mother about you or right. So I talked to my family about you or, you know, that feels as crazy. Like, you don't even know me like I don't even I all I do is put content out there. And you know, you feel inspired by it. And these people are telling other people about me and that's just so cool. To me, that's just like I'm really doing something good. And I would never want to be on the internet for a bad reason or spread any kind of negative stuff. And I'm glad I'm on the internet on the side of the Internet where, you know, I'm teaching I'm learning more in the business, you know, field instead of, you know, I'm not gonna talk anything about anyone else in another field. But, you know, I'm just saying like, I'm just grateful I'm in this area and doing this kind of good work, and I feel really good about that. And also another accomplishment I say, is being able to do all this while I'm in school. You I think that's pretty cool. Because you know, I'm not like a F student, or like how people say like online entrepreneurs like, oh, yeah, I didn't do good in school. No, I did great in school, I am the complete opposite. I did phenomenal in school. And I'm still do like full ride scholarships, all the colleges I applied to like, I'm, I do good in school. But I do this at the same time. And I think that's a pretty good accomplishment. 25:26 No, I will 100% I would, I would analogize to I mean, me 18, I was nothing. I was nothing. And like I said, it's commendable in its own right to just produce anything. And this is where this is where my quote comes from. And it's just because I've seen is that you build your information off the content you produce. And I think if you're producing content, you separate yourself from everybody else, just by producing. So you by producing something is commendable and acknowledged, and you're here today to hopefully inspire others. However, however, that may look like and turn out. It's one of those things were like 18 years old. I commend you, I commend you. And I, I was not really as responsible as you when I was 18. How was the responsible adult? So I was like, 23. That's our story. But it's cool to see. You're still you still acting? You're still doing stuff in school? You have a recurring business model, or is it just point of sale? 26:31 No, it's just one. So once I want, I want to start getting into like subscription based, because I can see like, how powerful that is. Yeah. But you know, like, I saw one of the guys I follow. He's like, at the real test, like Don says, sacrum. He, I know he liked does some kind of subscription based like discord channel. And I'm part of it. And I just see how much potentially, like ever since he started it, I've been seeing how much he's been growing it and, you know, just thinking about, like, you just have, you know, a $10 subscription. Like, just a few people even joining nice, crazy. And you know, having an audience of over like, like 50 100k, you can get that subscriptions. Like what like, let's say 2000 subscribers, that's insane. 2010 is 20,000. Like that as well. And then that's just every month like that's like a that's crazy. 27:32 Yeah. For you, I would recommend finding or starting one, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. But it's, I have right now I have to sift different products monthly. I think it's been. It's a great, it's a great little thing to have. It's a great little thing. No, really, yes, yes, subscription products are amazing. 27:55 Do you have any advice for me when it comes to like, I guess like selling it? Or do you think is, do you think it's easy for people to join one compared to like a one sell products or? 28:06 So I'm actually a part of, you know, the real top billion on Twitter. 28:10 Probably I'm not sure about the name, though. 28:14 So I started following him about two years ago, two years ago, I joined his mastermind, I think right now it's like, I don't even know what the cost is, by join his mastermind about two years ago. And him and Chris Johnson, they're always preaching digital products, or products, and recurring subscriptions. So I'm actually a part of a squad. Not that I participate. But I've done presentations for them. But I just pay it open, I only open the discord channel. I have this grin on my phone. But when you open it, this is one of the things I purchased. I I support people that support people, that's that's what I do. So I like I like the mission. I like the mission. Like I like to help support other young entrepreneurs. I have support. So I billion Charles Oglesby. He teaches he has his own little like mastermind group of like, absolutely young entrepreneurs, but just new entrepreneurs. And I help support their group. So actually got a little plaque here. Shout out. Wow. I am 2022 revenue award. 29:24 Wow. Yeah, that's incredible. 29:27 So I participate in his group. I probably I provide a lot of I mean, I learned a lot from him in general. He made I think, like $3 million off of course, off his courses. Incredible. So I learned a lot from him and Chris, and this is just from my early Twitter days, like what I do now literally, stem from them just teach me to keep an eye out for digital products. And then, Charles and his mastermind is like, startup he does like little challenges every once in a while. and like he did one a few years ago, like, start to start us starting to switch from paddock by next week, counting what it is just started. I don't care what the price point is it started. It was one of those things were like, Okay, I already had one billing and we started another one. So I started doing my second idea. And it's just starting, and I was just providing, I think right now, the second one who I started, I think brings only 1000 a month. 30:23 And it's just, that's incredible, though, 30:25 it's just like, so Okay, start another one, okay. It's just, it's just, it's this cool little stuff that you do, and you get different spreads different inspirations from other people. And a lot of it is just starting, just figuring out what you're going to do and how you're gonna do it. Figure out what your value is, what information you have, that you can share and just starting, you can always kind of let results come from it. 30:52 That's awesome. Like, what was that subscription based business? Like? What were you teaching? Or what was it about? 31:01 So right now I have my two different products that have a software, a SAS software. I started that two years ago. And then my other subscription product that I run right now is education, I do weekly calls, like everybody else, but it's around my niche specifically. And I just run that. 31:21 Okay, that's awesome. That's like incredible. I feel like I'm not doing enough with my coaching program, because it's just, it's not subscription base, like it's just a one time fee. And I'm still doing like, weekly calls and stuff like that. So I feel like 31:37 so one easy way to pivot that I did look at it a second ago. So easy way is make it a point of sale with a subscription. So the point of sale might be some of your weekly calls that you recorded. And then subscription is hey, if you want more information, join up to this 4999 a month. And now you're already doing it for your past clients. But now it's subscription based with a point of sale up front. 32:02 That's super cool. I'm learning right now I'm probably I'm gonna get to it like this is I'm actually going to get to it. And when I start a subscription base, and someone tells me how to start MSA, Daniel told me to start one so So here's, 32:14 here's what I did. So I have, since I was doing the subscription, basically weekly calls, I can't combine seven of those into a course, that's 99 bucks, nothing crazy, you can learn a lot. I forget where to get it. But if you go to my link in my bio for when you're listening, that's pitching it all. But well, I mean, if you follow me long enough, it goes up every day. And that's one of my things. This is what I learned from Charles to offer every day. So if you follow me for a day, you look at all my posts, you'll see it there every day. So I don't know what the offer is, but it's there. Oh, you text success to 210-972-1842. That's the keyword success. What that does is it takes you to our seven hours, of course. And then from there, if you buy it, you get seminars, of course that would or weekly calls. And then you get a text afterwards to hey, if you like these information, you get to join our subscription, which I think is now 149 a month to get these live. That's how it is. But if you sign up directly for the subscription, so if you're here late and you want to set up a prescription, you actually get the course for free. Because I want them to catch up. So it's like a second refresher course. So if somebody joins description, they can watch the course. And that catches them up to what we do every week. Hmm, that makes sense. So it's a hand in hand and left hand feeds the right hand. I didn't have that at first. But now that I have enough videos, I put it in there for a course. And just record everything and everything is content, you can turn it into short form long form. And all the above and of courses and all the above. And I learned all this from Charles. So 33:54 that's awesome. I think subscription base is going to be my winning move. Like I feel like that is something I shouldn't be doing. 34:01 So if you're already doing it, turn turn it into a subscription now that you offered it as a as a one time, one time with it with the subscription. It's an easy pivot and you're not doing anything else. 34:13 Just smart. Yeah, I'll brainstorm I'll write it down and I'll see what I can do. And I'll just be like Daniel told me how to do subscriptions. 34:22 I learned from Charles like, all the credit as well as things were like I just I've implemented and tested and tried new things and I said I haven't made I've made in Britain a millions of dollars off the course 8000 hours 34:36 a month is still crazy. That's that's that's crazy. That's still amazing. Like for that's like a six figure salary. Like, like a person that just wants to become a doctor can, you know, come out of med school and do make that you know, like 34:53 I don't even pocket that money that goes to my team. It goes to salary. So 34:56 I mean, that's so great. That's so great. 34:59 It's It's a cool little, like, it's, I don't make a lot of money from it. It's just it's just new. It's a new revenue source that's just there. 35:06 That's all I have a question though. Like, are you mainly selling through your Twitter? Like that's it? Or do you have another platform that's I 35:15 am everywhere, literally everywhere. I'm on podcast because this is an interview on Apple, Spotify, YouTube. I Heart Radio. This is gonna be everywhere. So I literally post everywhere Tik Tok. I supposed to be on Pinterest to the blockchain for whatever reason. I don't even open Pinterest. I'm on rumble. I mean, you know, Rumble is but I'm there too. I produce content and produced it. I just release it everywhere I can. So if a new platform pops up, I'm there to figure out how to post there. And I probably never open up the app and I'm there posting. It's one of those things like, if you're if you go into the trouble of producing it, you've already gone to the trouble of editing it. Why not posted everywhere. That's true. Like I my business tick tock. I never opened it. Like I had my personal sickness, my business. I don't reopen the DMS and all that stuff. I don't even care if you follow the prompts that should take you where I'm somewhere active. But I'm not active there, specifically. But yeah, this one up on Spotify, this one up. And for me is like, it's like, I have a very unique, I have a very popular name is Daniel Martinez. Like, I have a million people, probably with the same name as me. So I have to fight for my SEO. So every video I post in every place I posted, I put my full name because I'm fighting. There's a Daniel Martinez, which I hope I beat him one day because he steals all my SEO. And I work hard for this. 36:56 That's why you put your full name your full name on Twitter. 37:01 That's why I put my full name on Twitter because there's a biker named Daniel Martinez. I don't know who. And he automatically gets like news posts and articles written about him and I'm like, I'm just gonna start a podcast and own it that way. So where can people find you online? This has been a great little episode. I'm glad you asked me questions too because yeah, I like I like I like helping educate and thank you for when you start a subscription or two. 37:33 I will I will and I'll let you know you'll see it you'll see it when I start posting about it and stuff. 37:40 Well, I have you needed to run Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. how active are you on all those platforms? And on twitter follow number one. 37:49 Yeah, if Twitter the same out on Instagram as well. And YouTube, I'd say YouTube I'm trying to record like as many videos as possible. You know, I'm in school, so I can't really record during the daytime. But Twitter, I'm very active. Instagram very active with my stories. Facebook, not so much. So if anyone tries to contact me through Facebook, you might not get a response for six months. But you know 38:13 where she's most active is Twitter, Twitter and Instagram. She said it Yeah. So this is my little tip for YouTube. I don't have a big audience on YouTube, but I've released a video on there for almost two years. hmm 38:29 wow, 38:30 it'll hit eventually. 38:32 Let me see what's your channel? 38:35 My channel is at hive mind CRM everywhere. Instagram YouTube. I have a my own Twitter account. I have meant zero. I had my CRM everywhere. And I just produce a lot of content. That's what I do. Wow. 39:01 And of course, Lisa Rhonda calm. Yeah, what are you going to school for? By the way? 39:07 I'm not 100% sure yet. I was going to go into accounting that I found out how boring it is. And I'm like, why would I do that to myself? I'm gonna go for first. I know this has nothing to do with school, but I'm going to try to get my real estate license like to become an agent, like within the next year, year and a half or so. No, don't. Why? Why 39:33 doesn't mean investor, he just so terrible. We'll talk about this offline. Her career and a career choice offline. UT Suraj is going to be an investor. She will not become an agent. 39:50 I was thinking like maybe I'll be an agent just while I'm in college just to like get some extra cash in or something. Try to try something out like 39:59 this. full time job. It's a full time job. There's no There's no part time agent stuff. Our 10 agents don't do deals. We're gonna cut that to flip. If you're a part time agent, you don't do deals. And if you do you get a referral from your cousin because you guilt trip them to send you your listing, because everybody has a cousin or sister aunt that has an agent. And they sell one deal a year because it sort of is their cousins. So don't be that. That was funny. I'm gonna cut that clip out. Because that was that was for short form, right? There was 40:42 no, and so it's okay for you. It's okay. I didn't know where I was doing what I was doing. I was, I think 23 My wife straightened me out and put me on the path of responsibility. For us. I'd be nothing. So my wife straightened me out. My wife was hella mature and I was immature. And she straightened me out. So 41:08 that's nice. That's nice. 41:12 My wife, seven years of marriage. 41:15 Wow. Congratulations. That's amazing. 41:17 Yeah. I wouldn't be here without you. Because I would very irresponsible. Don't ask your stories. This is fun. This is a good interview for everybody here. Let's check out needy. She does. She does a lot of good work. She does very honest work. If you're looking to build your social media brand. Let's figure out what she does. I guess some ideas for you. She's not gonna become an agent, and she's gonna stop dividend investing. We're gonna straighten her out though. There's no she doesn't know. But I'm gonna I'm gonna fix that. So for everybody here, so check it out. Thanks for your time. Thanks for participating today. And thanks for being a good human being. 42:01 Thank you. Thank you for having me that Yeah. 42:04 So for everybody here listening. Today, subscribe, go share with a friend. Go find me on whatever platform you like, listen to content on I'm probably there. Just Google Daniel Martinez, not the biker. You'll find me. I appreciate everybody coming out today and listening. share with a friend. We'll see you next time. Thanks, Ed. 42:24 Thank you

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I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

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