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April 6, 2023

Ep 367: Dealing With Joshua Tree Code Enforcement With Jazz Dhanoa & Zuhayr

Ep 367: Dealing With Joshua Tree Code Enforcement With Jazz Dhanoa & Zuhayr
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0:02 Hey, welcome to the next episode of the podcast. I'm your host, Daniel Martinez. Today I have a special guest, jazz and Zuhair, their partners on the land space. If you haven't seen the other episode, go check it out. It might not release before this episode wraps up, so I don't know which way it's gonna go. But definitely go check it out. They talked about a lot of different topics in their young investor. So I was like talking to young investors, definitely check it out. But today is we're covering a deal breaker which cover cool, interesting stories about business or in real estate. So who here has the story today? What's your cool, interesting stories in here? 0:36 All right. Thanks for having me, Daniel. And it's good to be back on hive mind podcast. So it's been a blast. The first episode was really great. We talked about a lot of motivational topics, how to sharpen your mind. And we really talked about some key principles of what should we follow in order to be successful in this land space. So with a crazy story, it's been something we, my dad and I have been actively working on. So we have this 2.5 acre property out in Twentynine Palms, California. In layman's terms, it's like, this is right next to Joshua Tree National Park, you guys might be more familiar with that. Anyhow, so it's a huge flat piece of desert land, right. And we sold this property on a monthly terms. So this person is paying this monthly. And in the contract land contract that my dad and I send out to all of our buyers, we have clauses that say you can't make any improvements to the property, you can't live on the property, basically, you only make payments. And once you've completed the payments, then you can take ownership and do what you want. So this guy, so he's making payments, right, and it's only been like six months, right. And the terms is this is a four year term that this property is on. So he's nowhere near the end of it. So we get a police report right? In the mail, it says that, hey, you have this structure on your property, and we found marijuana being grown on your property. So right, there's like, two, there's like two violations here. And like me, and my dad were like, oh, as bad. And the police was like you need to like, like, remove this structure immediately. So the police had told us that there's nobody living on the property, it seems like that the person that fleed. So my dad and I, we have to now go check out the property like built a structure, right, we've never visited the property this piece of land, right. So we drive out, it's a three hour drive out to Joshua Tree from where we live in Southern California. So we get there, it's like all desert literally nothing right, and then we get to the property, we have to take a dirt road, right? So we're in our sedan, right, that doesn't even have off road tires go and going on this. They're very slowly. And then we finally get to the property. And there's this big wooden fence around the property. And now this is like a 2.5 acre property right? So you can imagine that like, is like a pretty big fence around the property. So we get there and we see that there are two RVs one inside, you know, the structure and then one outside. And then there's this like random homeless dude, just like walking around in the desert to like, out there. Anyhow, we get there, right. And I have the drone that we use whenever we go out to visit land to get like nice imagery of the land. So I fly my drone over the property and you can sort of see there's like, stuff like built into it. It's like a whole little like, like zombie apocalypse and bass in there. Right? You got this like RV that has like, it's like, discolored with like, smoke on like the roof and stuff. It's like black on the roof. Then you have like, these poles that are like, going there, like go from one end of the fence to the next. They look like big hanging racks. Anyhow, so it looks really nice. And then as I'm like doing this one of the people, they come out of the RV, and they come up to us and they're like, do we have a problem, right? Because like find a drone is pretty useless. You know, we're literally out in the middle of nowhere in the desert, you know, so there's like, no one around us for at least like a few miles, you know. So then we're like, my dad's like, Oh, this is my land. And I got noticed that, you know, somebody's growing marijuana on this property and that you guys have obviously built the structure and the people living there. They're like, Oh, they're like, oh, this structure was already here. When we got here. We just paid someone the monthly payment, like a few days ago to live here. And now we're like, Wait, like, so the guy who we asked him what the name of the person was, who they're renting from right. And that doesn't match the name of the person who was paying us. So this like threw in like a whole nother curveball, right. So not only was there like a violation happened, and now some random person is renting our land to someone else, you know. So it was a whole trip, you know, like the person we were talking to. They're like, Oh, I gotta go get my mom. And her mom walks out some like, very old Hispanic lady maybe like 75 years old, right? She's like walking out and she's like, what's the problem here? And she told us the whole situation. We just cash out this guy, the monthly payment just last week, you know, like, we have nowhere else to go. So My dad and I were like, Oh, we're not here to like, you know, like, take you off the property, we just we're here to get information to give to the police so they can figure it out. So we got our drone image, you know, we figured out the situation. And then we contacted the police department, and now they're taking care of that. Now we just have to pay for removal of the whole structure. Or, you know, we might have to keep the structure because I guess I appreciate the property. But that was a trip. And that was really like an eye opening lesson that. Yeah, if you're going out into the middle of desert, I'm telling you, like, ah, with hindsight now, that I know is like, I should have came strapped, you know, like, in the middle of the desert. These people were telling them Oh, to get off our land, you know, like, something could have gone wrong easily. Oh, yeah. No, that was a very eye opening lesson. And and just like, and then the whole some random person who's renting our land to someone, you know, says like, how do you even know, like, people did that, but it says something to look out for? I guess. 5:57 You're dealing with House problems in the land space. 6:00 Yeah, literally, literally. Yeah. What do you signed up for? 6:04 That's funny, man. I think it's I think Joshua trees, if anybody does anybody know what that is? Google it. It's middle of the desert. That's, that's crazy. Man. I knew another had code enforcement out there. Like, who would code the code? Of course. 6:21 I think it might be like, easy to see the structure. Because if you're on like, the main road and everything like flat, and you see like a fence somewhere. Decoration flags. 6:28 That's crazy. I see. Wow. That's crazy. That's crazy story. Definitely. Whenever you're visiting vacant property, especially, I always take the gun. Let's always take. 6:41 Yeah. Sorry. And don't go alone. Don't go alone, either. 6:45 Yeah. Because then you probably don't have cell service out there. Guaranteed don't have cell service. 6:51 Exactly. Yeah. Right. They could have robbed us taking our keys. You know, like, if they if they had something on them, you know, take our car. And now we're in the middle of desert, we have to like, literally, like walk to, like 10 miles to the nearest like, city. 7:03 Yeah, don't say. I'm glad everything went on. Right. But it's learning lessons. And this is what I'm talking about. Crazy story. So maybe somebody else doesn't sell the property in the middle of the desert. 7:15 Like real life Breaking Bad, you know, like, 7:17 everything. So I'll see. I'll see I'm breaking bad or Mad Max, a little bit of a little bit of both. Yeah, like a RV in the first scene. Oh my god. That's crazy. Man, that's such a good story for everybody here. Be careful, you life isn't worth it. I always see a lot of like, it's heartbreaking whenever I see like, investors or landlords killed over rent, and it's just stupid things in my opinion. So for everybody out here, be safe whenever you're doing your, your investing, or if you're selling a little desert, be careful out there. There's a lot of things that are worth it, when it comes down to stuff like this. So just be careful. Be aware, understand what you're getting yourself into. I've had a break in the house too. So I get it. I get it. I've been I've been there done that. I knew it was vacant, for sure. So just be careful out there, even though you know what's gonna happen out there and be ready for anything. Because you don't know what's out there. It's a crazy world we live in and you got to be safe and actually make it home to your family. 8:19 Really, and like I would say really, if you're confronting someone, just make sure right, we made sure to not tell them that they got to get off the property because then they would have they would have lost it. You know, we were we were very calm about we're like, you know, we're not here to do anything. We're just gonna understand the situation. And that's really like, the position we took. 8:36 Don't Don't escalate it. That's the situation. You're not the police. 8:40 Yeah, exactly. perfectly set, but perfectly said. 8:44 Thanks for coming on, man. Where can people find you online? Who are the other episode? Where can people find you online? And thanks for coming on, man. Good story. 8:52 Good. Thanks for having us again. 8:54 Yeah. As for the online part, you know, I'm on Twitter. So at Jas j is easy. Oh, and then we have a website estately And then to here, where can they find you? Yeah, if 9:06 you need to find me. I'm most active on Instagram at PROFZU Ha yr at Prof. Zuhair you can think of it as professors. 9:20 Alright, man, thanks for coming on, man. You're an absolute guys. Thanks for coming on. I appreciate you guys giving us the time and second podcast now. Thanks, Daniel. I appreciate you guys joining us. Like it share. You'll find these guys on Twitter and Instagram. We appreciate you guys coming on and sharing your interesting story. Like subscribe share with a friend we'll see you next episode guys have to come on. Yeah, thanks for having me guys.

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