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March 3, 2023

Ep 346: When Times Get Hard, We Go Harder With Elijah Bryant

Ep 346: When Times Get Hard, We Go Harder With Elijah Bryant


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0:01 Hey, welcome to the next episode of the hybrids podcast. We have a special guest, Mr. Elijah Bryant, we had on episode 91. Taking a leap of faith into real estate. Go check it out. It's been almost a year since we had him on the podcast. But we're excited to have him on again. And I have my co host here, Mr. Anthony guy. Oh, now, how are you guys doing today? 0:20 So what's up, Daniel Anthony, thank you for having me on here. 0:25 And I want to say, Let's do what you've done in a year, like, Wow, man, we've been watching. And I was like, golly, I mean, last time we talked to you, you're getting just getting into momentum doing good. But now you went from good to great and one year, so can't wait to hear what that journey looked like, Man and how that went. Thank you. Appreciate it. 0:43 And Anthony kind of mentioned a little bit for the video. But it's kind of cool. Like you just producing content being out there and just taking people with you. Because I mean, Anthony respect a lot of that a lot of that pressure, because it's not easy. Being in front of the camera. I was just talking to I was just talking to one of our people. And they're like, Yeah, I was trying to help a guy and he couldn't get he couldn't get in front of the camera. And like happens, man, it's not, it's not an easy task. For everybody, so for everybody, that's I mean, that you can get in front of a camera and lead other people. It's not, it's not an easy thing. So I commend you for becoming a leader in the real estate space, becoming a leader in the land space, and for making a difference in the land space and teaching educating people to as well, because that is no small feat, and we don't want to take it lightly. 1:29 Thank you, I appreciate it. I will say just like consistently, consistency, and you know, just getting over that fear. It was uncomfortable at first, you know, getting in front of the camera, but after the, you know, time and a lot of behind the scenes work. You know, a lot of people I post a lot of a lot, I do a lot of content that isn't posted, right. So a lot of practice. And then once I felt comfortable, then I started posting more often. 2:00 Yeah, I mean, I mean, I think I always joke is that? I don't know, I don't know if you have any dance videos for me to answer like, yeah, we're on tick tock. 2:11 I want to say thanks, man to for helping out the community and contributing to the real estate community. I know it takes a lot. I know a lot of people will waste your time. You know, they'll call you and tell you they're interested and you pour your heart and soul into those people and your time and energy. And then they'll go ghost on you, man. So you know, it's it takes a lot of resiliency, you know, to, to be able to do that day in and day out. So yeah, just wanted to say thanks, man, for what you're contributing to everybody. Yeah, 2:33 I appreciate that. You know, I get that all the time. But it's more so focused on the people that show up the people that stayed consistent. So that's what I try to focus on. I don't really try to focus on the negativity, the bad comments, I focus on the people that are showing up, that's gonna make the calls that's gonna stay consistent. So 2:54 that is, for everyone that wants to make it somewhere just show up. That's a good tip right there. On the side, I 3:03 was just saying, like, what does the saying say? Like, success is like 99% Showing up personally that 3:08 yeah, 99% consistency, just show up. Just fall off. 3:15 Yeah, go ahead. 3:17 Continue to show up eventually, like, you're gonna take action. So showing up and to, you know, the weekly zoom calls, whenever there is, you know, leads to call or whenever, because usually our x A couple people my goobers, they want to like make calls, you know, close some of my leads out, see if you know, get some practice. So like the people that show up, get it done and make money together. So 3:47 that's it, what is it called? It's like called, like the winner effect or something like that. It's like, every time you get a smile, when you close something or you win a game, your body starts to produce more like endorphins, more dopamine and more testosterone. So it starts to like, make you your chemically become stronger to be able to do it again. And again, and again. And again. So it's like, I think it's called the winter effect. Right? Yeah. So yeah, getting given the new people, those reps, and then the rep sets everything 4:13 up. So let's, let's talk about let's talk about your community. Man. I know you just started recently educating you're running ads, you're doing all this stuff, you're doing videos, and you're doing all the good stuff. It's really cool to see man because like I said, for everybody out there that just creates content. I mean, you separate yourself a lot heavily. So tell us a little bit like some of your early struggles. I'm sure you had imposter syndrome. I think everybody has a level of imposter syndrome. But like, do I have the ability to teach people to succeed? So let's talk about let's talk a little bit, a little a little mindset things you have to overcome when you first started doing this because it's definitely a struggle for everybody. Yeah, I was definitely 4:49 that was one of my things. I was definitely kind of nervous. Taking on a lot of people, right. You have a lot of different clients. Not everybody has that. It mindset, or the work ethic, but trying to instill then to them, you know, giving them positive messages and reinforcement, and then leading from the front. Having them, showing them that I'm closing deals still, like everything that I'm teaching you guys, I'm applying myself. So all you have to do is really just apply it and run with it. And take our 5:26 let's, let's not, let's not let this be minimized. How many deals about are you at right now with close close business for yourself? Like 160 Plus? You know, that's insane. Guys, I would say Daniel and myself were probably tipped over 100 deals, we might be at 110 deals or something that's insane. 160 is a lot of action. That's amazing. Yeah, I want to say congrats. That's awesome. Did you went super fast. So not what? 5:54 It was like a home run. Right. But right now I'm just trying to close as many, right, I have a couple with students, joint ventures, getting deals on my own. And then deals from these videos, right? Tiktok people see me, they bring me do so that was another thing that made me want to stay consistent. Because I noticed that as I'm making more videos and getting my message out there, more people is buying in, and they're not just buying and they're bringing me leads that, you know, we're making money together. So it's a win win for me. 6:31 Yeah. I'm really glad you said that, too. Because a lot of people are like, Why do you guys do so many podcasts? Why do you guys like, why do you guys do all that, like we just do for fun, but really the backend of it, we get a lot of like deal flow to the point where we haven't spent money on marketing for three months. Like we haven't dropped one penny in marketing in three months. Like, how do you guys do that? We just we preach the message. And we do it. And then the deals just come back in. And it's crazy when you build a brand around land and deal flow on a specific niche. Because the deals just come in man. For everybody you're listening, the deals come in, if you're if you're struggling with land deals, go out there and talking to them on camera, they're looking for land deals, and they'll probably come eventually, if you do it long. 7:14 You can do it any way you can get a deal from any way. So yeah, I think also seeing you guys like being consistent with, you know, messaging in a group. When you guys do your, your zoom calls, and then your podcast. So seeing that. It's like, oh, it can happen. It's possible. So you just got to put in the grind and put in the work. 7:39 Yeah, I mean, I think that's probably I think even the bigger asset, right, because we're all in this business to make money do well help the people around us, bless our families and friends and their family and friends. But I think one of the biggest assets that we're creating is the digital space, right. And I think you got to be careful not to fall into the guru trap. Because a lot of guys, they do start doing the podcasting and the videos and the tap dancing on tic tac. But if you'd like you said, if you're a practitioner, if you're actually out there really doing it, then I think that that helps credibility helps with your own consistency. And then you can practice what you preach. So when you're talking to your people, you're you're in it. So today I did a call with John Pham. We call it like a 270 acre deal over by Houston. And we hung up, he's like, golly, you're good on the phone, man. You know, and I tell him, it's like you're a professional athlete, like a basketball player or football player or something. Like, they're not thinking about it when they're in the zone. You know, they're just coming from that inner spirit. And when I'm on the phone, I don't know what I'm going to say next. You know, it's just, it's just coming out of me naturally, because I believe it. I'm passionate about it. So when you're when your teammates, I don't want to say students, but when they can hear you. And they hear the passion that your boys and they hear the closing and things you're saying then that they can that's the easiest way for you to transfer that knowledge to them. Right other than like, hear read this script or here go make 10 phone calls like now just listen to me do it. And then there'll be better sharper when they move forward. Because you're in the zone. It's like learning from Michael Jordan and his prime, you know, or LeBron or something, 9:04 right? Yeah. I see it the same way. 9:09 Have you seen the effect of like, and this is where like me and Anthony like we like to be like educated because it makes us better. It makes us better at making better offers makes the mailman him a better negotiator hop on the phones. It makes us better as a whole just by doing the action that we talked about all the time. So have you seen Have you seen yourself get better in negotiations and sales and your comps and all that stuff? When you when you're actively teaching? 9:31 Honestly, I feel like everything kind of went up because it forces you to go yep, that was all the eyes is on me and my company so now it's like oh, I got to I got to wake up and make calls and you know delegate if I'm not making calls delegate so somebody else is making calls and sending out those text messages and direct mail. So I feel like that was that was another great thing about out, you know, making content and building a brand. It forces you to level up. 10:07 Yeah. So yeah, 10:08 I was gonna say, man, he said like, oh, maybe all the deals aren't aren't big, but to me, more so than the amount or the volume for each deal is the consistency, right? That means the machines working the machines firing on all cylinders, right? So it's like a car, like a finely tuned machine, right? Like a Ferrari or something, you hit the gas, and everything's firing right at the right second. So if you're doing that, that deal flow and that deal turnover, that machine is firing amazing. So I didn't want to minimize that. I mean, the machine is running. Every now and then a big one pops through. And that's it, man. But we know you're running to machine bro. Yeah. 10:41 Yeah. So, um, let's talk about like, how big is your team now? And what is your like, main acquisition strategy? Is it through cold calls or all that stuff? Or like what happens? Your team does? Meaning if they were still running pretty lean, even a year later, I leave the group. 11:01 And you're going after land only still? Yeah, land 11:03 only infill the team. I have a team of five, you know, that's cool works for me. Yeah, I have, like a bunch of people from members of my academy, that, you know, we created like a Joint Venture Program, where they're calling to my mojo, I'm providing the leads, and they're calling them. So I have about four to five people that's consistently calling at least two to four hours a day, within my academy as well. And then people are also sending text messages, because I'm posting my builders criteria in my academy, so it allows everybody the opportunity to join venture and then just minimize their, you know, their progress and workload, right. They don't have to find the builder the market is already done for you. You just have to make the offer, send out those messages, send out the make the calls, send out the direct mail. And then we work split together. 12:08 So it can we 12:10 just let's plug it. 12:12 Yeah, I was gonna say let's dive into the into the mentorship a little bit. What do you what are you offering? What price point? What do people get for that? And can you just give us all those particulars? 12:22 Yeah, so right now with the course the course is 500 is basically a breakdown of what I do from A to Z, from how to find sellers, builders, markets, groups, contracts, and then sale tactics. And then with the academy, it is a $50 a month fee. And with that $50 A month fee, we do weekly zoom calls, where we answer any questions we go over different things that's working for us is not just me, it's a couple other people that have great success that I taught, or that, you know, that I'm close with, that's been closing deals, and we do it together. So NASA team of four of us, so thank you 13:09 for everything you're offering. That's a $5,000 price point. Yeah, so for 500 bucks. I mean, that's, that's awesome. 13:15 I get that all the time as well, like people say you could be charging way more. But I would I noticed with the low lower or medium ticket price, I'm getting a lot more people and then once you notice what I noticed, let's say out of every 30 People that buy into my course, about three of them, you know, consistently bringing me leads to the point where I don't have to physically call. So that's one of my goals this year. Me personally, I don't want to close any deals this year. That's where my biggest my challenge to myself, I'm trying to get it to the point where I'm learning delegation and automation and having people either closing out the deals or bringing me deals and then having one of my team members or acquisitions close out the deals. 14:06 Man was what's the website man? Yeah, so the website yet? 14:08 Oh, it's land your first for the course. And then the EDB Academy. I'll put the link somewhere. But yeah, like like Land, land. Double and trying to how many students you also have right now with the EDB Academy it's about 48 of us. Dang, it's good. We're closing on 1000 1000 people. I think it's like 973 or something like that. So just slowly growing about 25 people of tapping every day or more so just continuously trying to grow I feel like 14:54 real estate like in the in the I don't even know we're influencers. I don't even know what we are but it's like It's like the Choose your fighter, like a video game like me, like, pick your team captain let this go. And I was like, man, like you're putting together this little army and then you teach them your processes and procedures. And then bam, the magic happens. 15:13 Yeah, it really do. I feel like I always tell them like my team like, we like a rap label. Yeah, Rockefeller, you know, you had the dame dash, you had to be like, you have different people that all play different roles. But if we all work together and work hard, we can make something magical happen. So that's what I just tried to instill in them. Just let's stay consistent. stay grounded. You know, even if we get a good month, you know, next month, we have zero. So I think that's what keeps us you know, consistently going. And then with, you know, what the content, it makes it more fun. So it's not like, we're just doing work, work work. It's not just about working money. It's also about having fun doing it. You know, and I think with that is building more of a team chemistry? 16:08 Well, one thing, one thing I like about what you do is that meaning answers are what's all the time is that everybody can make money, but I think if you can teach, even if it's 1020 30 people, it doesn't matter the amount, if you could teach other people to make money to that's it's a, it's a blessing to facilitate it, you know, or see it happen. So it's cool man. And I, I appreciate what you do, man, I really do. And like I said, I don't know who your who your 40 people in the group or in 1000 people in the main group is, but it's just it's cool to know you in that way to know that you're changing lives in your own way. And I don't know if they're all in Florida or not. But it's cool, man. It's cool. It's cool. 16:45 It kind of feels like it happened overnight, but it really did it. You know, man, yeah, even when I first got out here, you know, like building kind of document documenting the journey. So people see that they see, they go back, they see when I was putting out bandit signs, and, you know, making cold calls in my little room at the time. I'm actually in that room now. Because I'm at my grandmother's house. But yeah, so people seeing that journey that makes them like, Oh, snap, if he could do it, I could do it too. And then that's when we, you know, partner together and work together and make stuff happen. 17:29 Yeah, I think we're starting to experience that right now is that more people are reaching out to us and like, Hey, man, I've been watching the podcast, I've been watching those videos. And sometimes I already got lead. But they show up deal in hand, you know, they're like, I don't know what to do next. So it's pretty cool that I can imagine there's a sea of people out there that are taking the information and they're learning and benefiting even though we've never met them before. Right. So we only only the ones that approaches, but not everybody is you know, that has the nerve to call a stranger and be like I'm trying to get in, but they're still out there, using the knowledge making the money getting the deals. So that's cool, man, it's like something that's gonna last forever too. Because once you put these videos up, then coming down. And I think right now, since we're in that recording phase, we're living it we're not thinking nothing of it, like I made a video posted it today. But there's gonna be kids, right 40 years from now, going through those, those timelines, and learning about this stuff, like it'll be easier to research kind of like, like an index and library, you know, they can go through and learn about this information. So it's gonna, this is gonna, like Ring ring true forever. And, yeah, 18:32 that's kind of how I think of it. I always what keeps me consistent when making videos is, I think of it like, my grandkids is gonna see this. So I want to create the best videos the most funniest. So when they see like a laugh, or they give like this is my grandfather, like my grandfather was a legend. He actually created something. Because when I watch you know, my grandmother, she has still the VH C's or VHS tapes, whatever it was called back then. And with the family and they all together having a great time. So that's like, this is my VHS tapes. You know, me posting these little content. So now, when my grandkids or my kids see it, they can see the journey. 19:21 Yeah, I do the same thing to me an athlete makes so much content. I'm like good luck. You got to 19:29 be no shortage of information if you want to get to know who your grandpa was. Yeah. 19:35 You guys how much podcasts are Yeah, now? How many? 19:38 This This episode will probably be three. The exact number right now in a second, but you'll probably be like 345 or 347. 19:51 That's amazing. Because now that I'm in the podcast base, I'm This ain't no joke. So us That's impressive. 20:01 It isn't a joke. A lot of it, it's for everybody, there's podcasts and says all the time is that it's a two to five year play. You might not see any results for two years, and something will happen. Boom. And this is the crazy thing about us. Like I've seen, we've seen results. But it's been a differently like, our we don't have a big audience, but we still get like deal flow, we get people buying hive mind, people coming in and getting ads, people coming in, like somebody literally posts this morning, hey, I finally I found your podcast from Toronto, I want to start getting land game like 20:36 somebody randomly messages on Messenger, he's like, I got 200,000 I want to invest. And really, everyone talks about the guy before. 20:44 You knows. And that's the cool thing about this man. It's, it gives you the ability to build relationships with people that never meet, or might not meet for years, you know, people know us. 20:57 That's one thing with with the content, right? So that's one thing that I notice right away within my first month of putting out consistent videos, people that, you know, I was looking up to reaching out to me like great videos, like keep it up. Keep doing it. So I noticed that I was getting attention from people that I'm looking up to imagine the people that I don't know, right. So I'm like, Yeah, I got to continuously do that. And then more people is just going to, you know, buy in, or view or, you know, we can partner together. So, like, I just got to stay consistent with it. 21:36 Yeah, one thing I like to mention too, is that me and Anthony were 100% land here 100% land. And for everybody here that thinks that land might be saturated, there's still so much opportunity and you can do Tolman so many different niches and land that you can be you and 1000s of people behind you for your lifetime. Just on land space, and it's such a such a broad niche that I think is underrated and undervalued. And I think community will be doing land for a very long time. I think you will do well. It's just such, man. 22:11 Yeah. And it's the thing I like about it. It allows you to focus like the infill right? It allows you to focus on this small pocket nice, which I felt like what houses I was kind of trying to do multiple different things. So when I'm focused on infield is it's like I have a clear cut focus on exactly what I'm looking for and what I need. So it just, it just makes it easier for me. 22:43 Yeah, I think having that laser focus, because this is the business of shiny object syndromes. Because everything looks amazing. I see people doing commercial self storage, I'm gonna try that. I gotta try that. But I'm like, every time I've steered off the path, because we've been doing ranches now, probably since day one, bigger plots of land. Every time we try to go after a different asset class is something just does it doesn't go perfect. Maybe that's God like putting you back on that path. Like just slow down, stay with what you know, it's gonna work out good. And time and time again, then, I mean, we lock up a smaller deal or those mobile home that came available for 10 grand and pick that up and we're still dealing with the remodel and I'm like, I never learned never learn. It's got to stay focused. And yeah, the just stick to that one deal six year lane, have that laser focus. And I think that's really where the magic happens in this business. 23:31 Now, I want to so like, that's one of my goals is to kind of master this. Once I mastered this and have it delegated automated, that's when I could learn different avenues. And then delegate automate that, you know, every three, four years, that's kind of what I wanted to do. Until like, I can do everything awesome 24:00 thing 24:02 this this is this, everybody here like, we mean Anthony, we've been doing this for four years and like we didn't learn everything day one we're still learning today. Like we talked about talking to one of our mentors the other day, and he taught me something I'd already heard of like this is crazy. But it's one of those things where like, you only know what you know and you can take that advancement to where you want but I think one of the things I really respect about what you just said is literally the sense before that is that you want to become a master what you want to do then Nasr something else, a lot of people as though they'll hop and skip and never master that one thing because once you master that one thing you can always fall back on that if you mess up know that oh, that one thing is always going to produce revenue because you make you become a master that you did it for a year, two years, three years, however long you did it, you're a master at that one thing and adding in something else isn't really a stretch or really gonna affect your income at all because you're a master at that one thing still and just adds more tools to your to about But I think a lot of people like they'll they'll get lost in the weeds. And this is one of things we tell our group is don't be a was Don't chase whales. Let's hear it. Listen to your citizens. 25:11 Yeah, yeah, no, no, the dogs will be a permanent Well, Hunter, right? Here's what you mean 25:18 by that is like just don't look just look for the big big deals. 25:22 Yeah. If you're only looking to only big deals, you're not doing any smaller deals to fill those gaps and you know, you might end up in a bad spot, right? Yeah, that's something that's something you got to be careful of. Because it's like, I'd like to that's why I said like, I admire a consistency model like yours. More so than somebody else's like, Oh, I do commercial, but they only close one deal every three years. You know, 25:42 I did three deals last year. I'm like, Okay. 25:46 I don't want to know how your year went, you know, but I know if you're closing 234 Or five deals a week, things are going pretty good. Yeah. What? Yeah, yeah, that footing the standard. 25:56 Yeah. And then we were real estate, from what I noticed from starting, you know, even though we are preaching, stay focus. One thing, we're real estate, you are gonna have to probably make some pivots. Right? When I first started out, I was Wholesaling Houses, I was driving for dollars, then I started, oh, you could call the list, started calling lists, then I noticed, Oh, you don't have to just do it in the state you're. So I started looking at Indiana. And then it was like once houses kind of like started drying up a little bit, where I didn't feel like I had a consistent flow. That's when I jumped into land. And then we live, oh, I could do it virtually. I could do it anywhere. Then I started doing it everywhere. So you know, we're real estate. I know, we are saying stay focused. But if you ever feel like it's coming today, dry, you know, you got to make that pivot as entrepreneurs. So I noticed last year, I was I had, you know, better months, you know, compared to the start of this year. That's okay, now that I'm doing that I'm putting more money into ADS. I'm putting out more videos, so I could get, you know, money coming in different ways. So I feel like that's where real estate and entrepreneurship. 27:17 It's a healthy curiosity. Yeah, healthy curiosity. And I think that's that's the that's the level it takes you to level one, you have an unhealthy curiosity, because this is one of the things we need to talk about. Like, there's people that have been flipping houses for 20 years. And they'll never stop listing flipping houses because they don't have a healthy curiosity. And this kind of in me and Anthony, were like, We did houses for a little bit. And then we kind of pivoted, and like you said, you did the same thing, as far as things where he had to have a healthy curiosity, because there's other avenues that might produce more income or higher ROI that you're totally oblivious to till you have, you're actually listening to others. 27:55 And then when you find that lane, just stick with it. And I feel like that's exactly what we ought to do, you know? 28:03 Yeah, tell you speaking on that. We were we've been doing the ranches and subdividing by 50 acres, 100 acres, separating them down into like 1020 acre tracts, and then sell those. But right now we have an opportunity, this guy has 300 acres, and he's already gone through like most of the development process for a neighborhood. And he stopped short of his approvals. And he told us, I'm not gonna finish it, I'm just not gonna do it. It's like, I'm not a developer. We've never done a neighborhood before, right. But we're pretty familiar with the process. I've been a general contractor my whole life. So we're gonna, I'm gonna have my second meeting with them this week, man, we might try to pull the trigger on that neighborhood. That mean, that might be like 60 million in sales over the course of like, four years. 28:41 I got a question with these deals are they like taking? Do they take longer to close? 28:47 Yeah, I would say minimum, give it to four to six months, close turnaround time. Okay, 28:54 all of our deals, we're doing four to six months, even now, like, the bigger the deal, the longer the pipeline is 100%. And then this this first apart like this first housing check that you might do, it might take us two, three years to sell all the lots, like just being realistic. So that might be a two three year transaction. But we're using creative finance to help us mitigate a lot of our risk up front, which is where we lose, we'll use our other knowledge that we have to mitigate our risk. Because most people that develop big housing tracks, they're buying a big track cash, development cash, and then they don't see any return till they start selling the lots are filled with houses. So we've kind of hacked that part of it. And I think our strategy is it makes us unique to properties like this and hopefully do more like that in the future. Yeah, so healthy curiosity. 29:45 Yeah, got a unique strategy as well. Like with what you're doing. Yeah. People that do, which I do. 29:53 Did you name it yet? Did you name it yet? What do you mean? Did you How'd you did you make it? Do you call it you put in what it is? Do you call it make a name for it yet? 30:03 I think you said we have a unique strategy. 30:05 Yeah, I was saying you guys have a unique strategy. Yeah. So 30:08 we made it, we named our strategy the hive hologram theory. That's, that's what we're calling it. I don't know if you have any strategy that you're going to call yours. Because if you ain't got a name, 30:21 one that I'm actually kind of create now, because last year, I made about like, 30,000, just from Facebook marketplace. Okay, I'm creating a strategy called group to 10k using straight Facebook marketplace and Google, 30:41 you go broke, broke broke to 10k 30:49 I'd rather work with a new person than a seasoned investor because a new person is hungry. You know, like there's some people are starving to death. They got that good work ethic. Once somebody starts to see consistent checks. They feel no lazy he get a little entitled, like, yeah, yeah, I'd rather see some new blood I got a 21 year old kid right now that's killing it man would make well give them an appointment to go sell a ranch. He's closing everybody here even know what he's doing it. 31:12 Now that is true, because I can even see it in myself. Sometimes I have to actually envision myself back in those times where I was just, you know, just strictly focus. I wasn't going outside. I wasn't partying, you know, I was even dating at the time, right. And I'm around beautiful women all the time. And I wasn't even focused on that. I'm just trying to get out the door dash. So I tried to put myself back in those shoes from time to time. Because I you know, I could get comfortable. We all can write. It happens. But it's when you catch yourself. So I try to always envisioned myself like, Damn, what was I doing just a couple of years ago, and put that and apply it to where I'm at right now. So yeah, 31:59 this I think, yeah, it's a good it's good to like, think back at that point. You got to think yourself in stages to you've done all you've done that hard work already. Now it's come to a point to position and I think you mentioned earlier is position automate and kind of relax a little bit because you've done all that hard work. And this is where you have to understand you as the boss have to find new blood for that reason. That way, it's not you it's some other new blood to go actually, phone calls and get their hands dirty, a little bit, jump a fence, you know, stuff like that. Because that's you needed you need that young blood to do that kind of stuff. 32:32 It feels weird, though. It feels weird, because I'm so like, I was so used to just being on the phones eight hours a day. 32:44 As I say, painful man. Level yatta yatta 32:49 is great. I love it. But it just feels weird. It's like, like, what? I feel like I'm supposed to be doing something. Yeah. And I feel like that's what got me into doing the videos, too. It was like I have this extra time why not put into something else that could be a potentially another business. And that's exactly what is done for me. 33:13 Yeah, I tell Anthony all the time. Because a lot of a lot of once you once you hit a new level of business, you have to put people in place to kind of take care of a lot of the things. When when I first started creating content I used to edit. I don't edit anymore. I used to film like I used to film the concert. I don't I don't mean I still film it, but I don't have to edit, I still scheduled the software, I used to be customer service with the software, I don't do that anymore. So a lot of things like you kind of grow into a position where you only do things that are important. And you hire and fill the rest of the gaps that you shouldn't do. And it kind of grows into a new level. Like I tell Anthony got it got to delegate some stuff out and he's he's does he's doing a lot better, but you have delegate some stuff out because there's just so much to do. We'll burn ourselves out. If we're still doing all the work 34:01 Anthony look like he loves being on the phone. I could just tell he loves closing the deals. 34:08 Man so I don't do the cold calling. Right I don't do the initial outreach. But when one of our team members get somebody on the hook, like hey, I think this guy wants to sell that's when I'll come in. Yeah, I'll come in for the close for like the when it's time to like put pen to paper. So it's pretty good setup man. Similar to what you're working you teach your people we teach them how to do marketing, how to identify a good deal. Let them do that initial, you know, 20 calls, you know, burn burn through some energy and some time. And then likewise, like I said for John Pham today, and that's it and I actually I love closing and I love it like it gives me a high it doesn't matter if it's a $10 deal or a $5 million deal. It gives me the exact same feeling. You know, I just like I love communicating with people. I love it when when this lady was on the phone today. She sounds like she was very well off as like a $3 million ranch but she sounds like a little apprehensive to because she told John I just want to close quit I just want to close quit 30 days and I'm not going to give you guys no time and I mean we should gotta close these lock these up for four months or six months. And this lady shut him down, like I want to close in 30 days. So I got on the phone and I turned it on it right, this is just me naturally gonna get you into the cell. I'm like, hey, you know, man, whatever, you know, nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the call. And, you know, I got to ask you a question real quick, just so I can kind of like see where we are. I was like, I'm understanding that, that this is a property that has to close quick that we need to move quickly on this one. There's some kind of urgency here. No, I'm not urgent. I'm in no hurry to sell. Oh, my confusion. I thought you told John that you wanted to close quickly. In 30 days, I was wondering if we're trying to meet some kind of deadline? And she's like, No, no, I think he misunderstood me. And next thing you know, I told her man, we need four months or six months to close. I can make that work. Yeah, went in there and turned it on its head. So I loved it. Was it like more that psychology a little bit? You know? 35:50 Yeah. Now, that's cool. And I can just tell by the passion of you even just explaining that, like, it is one of the best feelings, you know, the psychology knowing that this person probably really doesn't want to do that. But you're able to convince or able to structure a deal where it makes sense for both of you guys. That's the thing too, 36:13 it has to be a win win, because she was like, I can tell you a little bit older. So she was like, just FYI, I'm gonna have my kids look at all the paperwork. And like, oh, I would love that we should all get on a phone call or a zoom or something I said, because I want everybody to feel really good about this deal. I said, I don't want somebody to feel left out or somebody that have their feelings hurt. I said, and now they're mad at us and said, you know, our customers love us. We love our customers. I said, so we don't want to create any kind of negative energy amongst any family, especially not on our behalf. So we're looking at a lot of properties and said, so we want to deal with people that feel good about what they're doing with us. And she was like, oh, that sounds good. You know, and again, I think she put up that that my kids want to get involved as like a like a defense mechanism like, Hey, I brought them in like, Yeah, let's do this, all of us. Because we really do care, man, we really do want everybody to feel good. Why do we want one son mad at us? You know? Let's get him on the phone. Let's make sure this thing's gonna be smooth, because we're gonna be friends for the next six months anyway. 37:04 Yeah. Especially when you're doing those type of deals. You're You're, you're stuck together for that period of time. So, you know, you got to, they got to like you. 37:13 Yeah, it's just a natural amount of money. I mean, it could be somebody's inheritance. Right? So we don't want them to think like, Oh, this guy's trying to steal mom's inheritance, you know? Yeah. Yeah. You got to be careful. 37:25 So this is, I think we'll be answering a lot of questions here. I hope everybody learned a lot. I don't remember what you said last time, but maybe it's changed. I think people change as time progresses. But what is a quote that is yours or somebody else's that you resonate with? 37:40 A quote, ooh. When times get hard, we go harder. On my team, especially, like right now, we're still being dealflow. But it's not like I said, it's not as big as we were last year. So just telling them like, Yo, just keep, keep going hard. Like, we got to stay consistent. You know, especially around spring summer. That's usually where I have my best month. So I'm telling them preparing them like, spring summer, we're gonna turn it up even more, we're gonna go harder. So 38:19 that is the name of the episode. That was dope. I just typed it in. It's literally episode. That's dope, man. This is this is why like I asked that question because it's, it's inspirational. Like a lot of people think like, using you are doing tick tock and doing land deals and giving checks to JV partners and all that stuff. Like people think like, oh, he must have been privileged he must have. I must have handed a silver spoon, but they don't realize it took years it took work, it took you hustlin during DoorDash. For driving for dollars, it took a lot of backend work that people net will never see unless they hear your story. And that's where I think a lot of people like everybody has their own grind. Everybody has their own hustle. You got to put in the work. You got to put in the time you got to put in the years, you got to put in the insecurity of getting in front of a video. You got to put in all that stuff that that hurts. It's painful. But this is what it's 39:16 Yeah. And I will say like, start playing life on offense. I feel like a lot of people just like laid back. They wait. They feel like okay, maybe next year I'll start next month or tomorrow. I'm on offense. I'm marketing is going out every day. You know, these videos. I hope y'all know you're about to see me every day. Like I'm playing offense, you know, ads, ads, keep going out. You know, just just play on offense, be aggressive. 39:51 This is this is where I made a tweet about this the other day is that a lot of people will succeed if they put in a lot more work and they think they're putting in enough but it's never enough to succeed. So whatever you think whatever you think in your mind is succeed. You got to do a lot more than that 40:05 a lot more. 40:09 A lot more. This is such a dope episode, man. Any final thoughts? Anthony? 40:13 No, I was gonna say yeah, man just again. Congratulations, man. We love watching. I know if we don't get to talk to you very often. We are in the background cheering for you and your team. If we could ever collab on anything. You know, we're always here for you get your family here with us. But yeah, man, Congrats, man. I can't wait to see how far you go in this business. And you know how many people you bring with you and how far you go on the branding, building and building your personal brand. So early on, I can't even I can't imagine we're gonna be 40:41 same for ya. You know, I see what you guys are doing this inspired. Right? Seeing all those podcasts. I'm like, Oh, snap. Like it's possible. One. Let me know that that first podcast, that first podcast was my first podcast I ever did. You know, so it led me know now oh, this is possible. And then highlighting other people's stories. When I speak to them. You know, they're the happiest, it feels like I just changed somebody's life just being on my podcasts. So I understand the impact that what I'm doing and that started, you know, from you guys seeing you guys do it and make it happen. So we're, yeah, we're, 41:25 I don't want to interrupt you. But you were you the one that said, I think you posted on your Facebook stories. Like I have a story to tell anybody got a podcast? I can hop on? Was that you? Yeah. Okay, everybody here. This is dope. And I couldn't remember if it was you or not, and I want to mention it. But I was I watched a lot of my official friends with everybody on my clients. And I was watching it. And Elijah was with us, maybe a few months or whatever. And I was watching his stories. And he's like, I had a story to tell anyway, got a podcast to tell. As soon as I saw it, I'm like, I DM him. I'm like, Hey, let's hop on it. Because I want to give people that opportunity to tell their story. Because your story is individual is individually powerful. You're going to reach people I never could let's come on. And boom, I was first podcast, and I couldn't remember if it was the EU or not because every go watch anyone afterwards episode watch. Anyone This is legit, first podcast. And you'll see a lot of this. Like I said, I was a over a year ago. It's exciting to see that man. So please go check out that episode. I couldn't remember those of you. But um, that I remember those years. And we're able to talk about this on the end of the episode. But, man, this is such a cool experience. And I'm happy to give you that experience and to see what you're doing now and not to take 100 of the credit because you did the work. But it's just flourish. 42:41 Thank you. I appreciate that. We got to continue going up. 42:46 We got to keep going up. And like I said, hopefully we'll do another one in a year. Like I said, or hope sooner who knows. But like I said, I appreciate you coming on. Land your first go tap in with Elijah joined his mastermind, go join his group. Like I said, I don't care if you join ours or not go join his doesn't even matter. We're all here. We're all here on the same mission. Same family, same family. 43:08 Want to shift the culture? 43:12 Yeah, I got a plug real quick. If you guys marketing efforts, if y'all come across somebody that has something a little bit bigger, like 10 acres, 20 acres or 100 acres, something that you're not not used to just throw it to us, man, we've been buying in Florida now we got a lot of black stuff locked up in Tennessee. So we're trying to grow our wings a little bit. So if you guys come across something, we would love to partner with you on something. 43:34 Okay, question with that? You know, you said you're looking at acres in Florida. Is there like a specific? Like, are you guys looking at next to big metropolitan areas? Or is it just any acres and send it to you guys see if you guys would buy it, 43:49 Florida's hot as a whole. So if you have any acres in Florida, more than one, we'll look at it. And this is where our parameters are kind of opened up where we're looking at one or more acres, pretty much in all 50 states besides New Jersey and New York, that's already all tapped out pretty much. But we'll look at we'll look at any other state and this is where we're trying to grow our wings to experience deals and other states because we're learning and we're learning as we go and we're putting in the work. I think we just contracted with the North Carolina for I think it's one of your students. North Carolina. Drummond 44:22 Yeah, yep. These 44:25 Carolina so this is where we're like very, we're excited to look at opportunity in every state. And we're excited to work with people that are willing to work with us. You know, 44:33 what, nine, nine acres in Florida we look we're looking at 52 or 54 acres commercial over there. So yeah, man, whatever it looks like if it just looks weird to you, man. Let's let's put our heads together. We'll teach you everything we know. We exchange information. We'll run together man all the way to the top. And 10 years from now building apartment complexes together. 44:56 Man we hope you enjoyed this episode. Please go tap in with the largest group and go watch episode 91 I will reiterate it go watch up Sunday one check it out we'll leave a review leave a comment share with your friends if if Elijah's inspires you very inspire you share with a friend we appreciate you all coming out and I hope you enjoy this episode we'll see on the next one guys bye appreciate Thank you

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!

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I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

You can learn more about our vision and join our free mastermind by joining hivemind CRM on Facebook and all social channels

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