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March 2, 2023

Ep 345: Giving Without Expectation

Ep 345: Giving Without Expectation


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0:00 Hey, welcome to the next episode of the Hyperloop podcast. It is me and Anthony today, this is called episode stream consciousness. So we're gonna talk about a story we did recently. It's been about a week ago, it was Valentine's Day. It's 21st today, but cool, interesting story. But this is giving without expectation. A lot of a lot of a lot of people give in life in general, expecting something in return. And I think it's very egotistical in its own way to people just give, give, give, and they have the ability to give, but they're always like, I'm gonna do me a favor later on, I'm gonna call in that favor. And it's always like, you shouldn't do have that mentality when you're giving, because it always backed by too, because if you give with that, if you give with expectation, it always like people are always sliding, he left and right. Like, I gave that person $1,000. And he slighted me and didn't repay me back. And he doesn't call me about it anymore. Like, it's always a negative mentality. And like people you hear, like, we see it all the time with real estate, real estate investors, like, oh, I gave him a $15,000 deal, and they slighted me. You know? Like, you give him that expectation, like if they if they did the work, I mean, it is what it is, you might overpay them in some instances, and this is where we're like, we've overpaid lenders, we'll be paid in different ways with different avenues. But we will we're going to bring up this story specifically, because this is do we actually have an accountant right now. And you want to tell us about the situation? 1:29 Yeah, this is pretty cool, man. And again, just to preface it a little bit, this is not a to brag, because of you. If you know Daniel and myself who we are, we give a lot behind the scenes. And we don't ask anybody for anything in return. And we would like to overpay lenders, wholesalers fees, for whatever reason, we try to give, give, give, even sometimes when it's detrimental, you know, they mean, like, maybe there's not even that much juice in the deal. And we just say, You know what, let's go ahead and just, you know, for whatever reason, let's let's, let's shore up this person side, you know, just to make it a little bit more attractive, or just to try to make the deal go better flow better. And it's just kind of part of our model. And it's just who we are, right? You can't make it make sense on a spreadsheet. You know, people will look at that and say, Oh, that's bad business practice. You guys shouldn't do that. But it's like, I don't want it to make sense on the spreadsheet. You know, it's kind of like, always chasing the high. And there's different types of highs. And I think giving and sharing things with people. It's energizing. Right? So maybe I even say that to say maybe we do it for selfish reasons. Right? Maybe we over give because it gets us high. And I think I'm okay with that. So we went and checked out this deal. in Bastrop, Texas. She had a couple acres and it was an older lady. And I didn't think nothing of it. I saw the area. I'm like, I already know what the streets gonna look like. It's going to be kind of rundown. And the price she was asking was fair, but not amazing. But I'm like we can make this deal work. Let me drive up there. Let me go look at it. Let me see what we could do. So an hour and a half drive. I drove up there. Check it out. Yeah, places pretty junky, little overgrown, it's gonna definitely need some work before it's even presentable. downed trees. It needed. It needed some love that that property needs a hug. So I went out there checked it out. I said, you know, I can make the deal work. I'm looking around checking it out. And like, yeah, I could definitely make this deal work, you know, it's gonna, it'll be fine. And I kind of know what to think. Because, again, we like we try to look for acreage, large acreage or smaller deals that get a little skinny. And you might end up with a tug of war with the people. So it could go either way. So we're walking the property, the lady so so nice. I had my son with me. And she was showing us around and she was apologizing because of how messy it was. And she was like, this place was beautiful at one time, I promise you when it's all cleaned up. It's a really, really nice place. I just haven't had time to work on it. It's me by myself since my husband died. And she felt bad about the condition of the property. And for me, it's like this is just another day in the office. Like I have this thing looking amazing in a week or two. So I you could you could see the struggle the property was having and the overgrowth and that but again, I know what those properties look like when they're cleaned up. It wasn't a nice area, beautiful trees on property. Wasn't again, it wasn't an amazing neighborhood. But Austin's exploding backdrops exploding. It's just it was just the right property. Like I said, and I have vision, I've been remodeling. I've been a general contractor for 20 plus years. So I know what to look for. And I can already see that after I don't think I'm a very visual person. So when I get to a property that's junky, I don't see junk. I see the completion already, like in my mind is when I walk into a house and he's a remodel. I can already see how beautiful it's gonna be like I don't see I don't see a bad rehab. I see like, oh, it's gonna be amazing. So it's very apologetic, super cool lady like, I didn't even try to tear down on the price. I could have went out there and beat her up and said, I need a better deal because of this and that but we don't we don't think like that. We try to give the seller exactly what they're offering. I mean exactly what they want. I don't know why they need that amount of money, but our goal every time is to give the seller what they want. Ha. So I didn't even ask her for $1 discount, I knew I'm gonna have to put some dollars into the property, but I factored it into my sale price. This will definitely work. That's cool. So she's like, trying to sell me on buying the property. She's like, uh, you know, it's gonna be amazing. And I'm like we're doing the deal was like, I'm not worried about it. I'm used to this. The property is amazing. I'm not worried about it, we're gonna go ahead and do the deal. So there was no need for her to convince me there was no need for me to try to close her to make her do the deal with us. And she told me she was like, thank you so much, Anthony. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. She said I don't have anybody says My husband died. I don't have any kids. She was like, I don't have anybody. All I have is you. Oh my god, I 5:39 wanted to cry. I was like, 5:42 I really do love this business. I get too attached to my people. And the sellers and I stay friends with my sellers. But it really touched me man when she said that she don't have anybody other than you and I just gave her a hug. He I don't know what else to do. Like, 5:56 I didn't know what to say. I didn't have no words. Like is it just something that one? Huh? No. Do you know how to break the ice after that? And like how do what do you? What do you say after that? 6:06 Made me want to cry? Do you just like I just have you like dang. Like, oh my goodness. So such a nice lady said I promise you you're in good hands. I said I know what to do on this property. I do this all the time. This is all I do. So let's get the deal done. We will be will be good to go. Thank you. I'll see you soon. You know I'm in no hurry. I'm like when you need to close by hour. I don't not even care. I've been here since 80. Something I'm in no hurry. So should close whenever you want. The deal keeps getting easier and easier. Super nice lady. I can see us being friends forever. And when I left I called Daniel and I told him I said, Man, this is a good deal. We'll do okay on here. I said the lady was so nice. He was like she's so amazing. And Daniel's like, why don't we send her flowers or something? And I'm like, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Yep. Dude, that is so cool. She has no family. No kids, no husband. So we called one of our hive guys that lives closer towards her. And we said Then can you do us a big favor and take some flowers in his property tomorrow? He's like, Yeah, I'll go. I'll get up at six in the morning and drive out there. So took her some beautiful roses for Valentine's Day or balloon chocolates. And she wasn't answering. He got to her house like an ATM or something. She wasn't answering the phone. And she had this little card outside of her property. So he left it on her card did a cool little display. And I text her I said hey, our guys there, he's outside. And she didn't answer. But she texts me like an hour later. I found them. They're so beautiful. This is a first for me. She said I've never received flowers before. Do shows like sending me pictures of the flowers. She was like, I'm so excited. This is so this is so amazing. I can't stop looking at them. Like Dang, dude, I'm telling you there was coolest experience ever as excited. And as pleased that she was like, I was even more excited that she was it was so cool. And just again, I think 7:50 it was such a cool experience for me too. Because like, it was one of those things where like, like she had nobody else like least we could do is give her some flowers, like come on. And then like it was kind of cool, including we sent Bailey over there. Maybe I can off. And it was kind of cool to sending Bailey out there because it was like, I can send someone I trust out there to give her this gift that I'll never never meet your see this lady I was I live in California, but I'm able to touch and experience this this love extension via extension. That was just a cool experience for me. 8:26 I think this is something that's so cool. It's like you don't have to, you don't necessarily have to give away millions or 1000s of dollars, you know, to touch somebody's life. So even giving somebody your time, your energy, taking somebody lunch, mentoring somebody, but you know, a couple 100 bucks worth of flowers and chocolates and balloons. And like I mean, we didn't have to do it to close the deal. If somebody's watching this. And we're like, oh, they did it to close. Like the deal was has already been closed. She already said I have no way to get this done without you. But the fact of the matter is, is like if we could give this lady something special, just make her feel happy. Yeah, it was like, it's like, again, it was for very selfish reasons. Not to close the deal. But like because it makes you feel good. It's just like, This was amazing. It's just, it's just 9:10 seeing a need and filling it. Whether there was no like it says giving without expectation, it was giving you the expectation of no matter what what happened with the deal, it's gonna happen, and it costs 9:19 you nothing. It's such it's such a small, small gesture, you know that that's a memorable moment for a person's life for the rest of her life. Something she's never experienced. And I don't even know how she was 60 years old or something 70 years old, you know. So it's, I think if you operate your life that way, then you tie that into your business. It's a cool place to be in and it's a cool space to be in to just like I said, words can't really describe it. But if you're just willing to just do stuff like that mean that you're talking about it all the time. We're like, man, once we get to that top of the top of the top, we're gonna give it all the way 9:58 it's just a secret opportunity to give. And I think it's just paying attention. Paint such as your surroundings this lacks is actually active listening to your sellers, to people around your life just to fulfill that need. As much as many as it may seem like, this is where it comes down to, we might mentioned like we've given food to our title company, just because they've done amazing job for us. But now, there's a reciprocation like that I want to take care of Anthony, because they take care of us. And there's like, as simple as like, taking care of catering or getting pizza or sending them doughnuts, like that stuff goes a long way, in this business space, because you're giving them the expectation like, yeah, I need to get a deal done when they overpaid, like no, like, just give us something minimally food, pizza gift card, Starbucks, buy everybody, Starbucks, like it goes a long way, and helps build a great relationship, your business will make things a lot smoother. And it says you don't know you don't know when that card is gonna come in and where you might use it. But it's just, you don't know what's what's gonna happen, but you just given given away, give it away freely. 10:59 Yeah, very, very cool space to be in, very thankful that God could put us in a space to be able to do that. Like I said, I challenge you to try it. It was a book. It's called the seven spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra. And he says that you are you activate the law of giving and receiving by giving something away. And it could also be non physical, it could be a smile, it could be a compliment, a kind gesture, a flower, a card, a letter, you know, so it doesn't have to be something that costs you money. But if you give openly and freely, and you don't expect anything back, it really does activate something cool in your life. Like I said, there's really no way to convert that to words in the lesson. Just try it and see what happens. And it's very, very interesting space to be in and to play in. And it does make cool things happen in your life. It's a pretty magical spot. 11:49 I think it goes back to like the ripple effect too. You can touch one one person and one moments life, and it may change the outcome of somebody down the line in five or 10 years because they might have been Oh, perfect example of this. This is so crazy. I was watching Tik Tok literally yesterday. I don't know if you heard about this, Anthony, but I don't think I told you. It was a T pain he was talking about. He went down. He was staying at a hotel. And February go watch, you probably look cool this video. But he went down to the hotel bar. And the dude was just like, in a bad state. So he's like, Let me buy you a drink. And literally from that interaction, the dude was like, his wife had just died that literally that day, and he was going to kill himself. And he bought the dude a drink. He had a great time with him. And he said he still has a relationship with that guy. And he ended up writing the song bartender off that interaction, just by buying the drink and have treated like a human being and just having a relationship at that time. Right that in there. 12:47 Do you have never heard that story? That is a powerful story. That's so cool, dude. 12:51 It's such a cool experience. And it's one of those things where like, you treat people like humans by the drink and it's crazy. Wow, 12:58 I'm gonna listen to that story again. The video again now because the song because I haven't heard in a long time. But my my daughter right here. And yesterday, I was about by the kitchen table. And what did you tell me? You said something you said that. Even when we were talking about you said you just do a lot for a lot of people. Are you you? What did you tell me yesterday? 13:18 I was saying, like you take care of a lot of people and like from like far the family and even like people who are in your family, you know? So it's a lot of work. 13:28 Did you hear that? Yeah, I turned up the volume. Yeah, 13:31 I was. I was feeling a little stressed out yesterday, a little beat up. And she said it's because you give a lot. You help a lot of people, even people that are in the family, but even people that aren't in the family and people that are far away. And it does. Like I said sometimes it wears on you, you know, you can only give so much but you know it's something that's a part of our life and our culture. But just talking about it my daughter walked into the room. So I'm like, What did you tell me yesterday? So it's like it's not it's not a it's not high? It's what we do. It's what we believe in? It's what we know. And it'll take you a long way if you give it a try yourself. 14:00 Like I said, Anthony was what would you say a second ago? I commend you are witches can? Can you think of the word you said? You're gonna make a difference in somebody's life, man. Just be giving. Go make a change, you'll know what will come out come out of it. But it's one of those things where you don't need to come come out of it. Just know you did a good thing. Just not a good good thing for somebody else. And you'll feel better. 14:24 Do it for some reasons, not because you're trying to gain them promise you is gonna make you feel good. 14:30 And then it'll make somebody's life today, today. 14:34 Make it a habit. 14:35 I can have it. Man, I hope you enjoy this episode. I enjoyed it. Like I said, I want to talk about the store because it's one of those things where like, whenever you don't get you don't see opportunity unless you're looking for it. So I hope you now open your eyes to opportunity like that just to it might cost you 510 bucks might cost you 100 But you don't know the change you can make in that person's life that they'll think of the rest of their life. You go probably Just upsell to like subscribe share with a friend I enjoy we enjoyed doing stuff like this I hope you learned something thanks guys great

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