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Feb. 27, 2023

Ep 342: Creative Land Deal Structure w/ NoTimeZone Ft. Hivemind | The Wealth Squad

Ep 342: Creative Land Deal Structure w/ NoTimeZone Ft. Hivemind | The Wealth Squad


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0:02 Start with service Sup, everybody? Happy Thursday. 0:07 Can you make almost 0:08 January that quick? I feel like I was just saying we're almost out of December. And now we're already almost out of January time is 0:16 moving. Everything is moving. But 0:19 today we got the hive mind coming back. We got Daniel and Anthony gotta come bless us with some more knowledge. If you guys have missed any of the previous classes that we've had with these guys, they're all in the university section. I highly recommend you guys go back and check them out. A lot of game was dropped in all the classes that they've done. More games gonna be dropped for you guys today. And yeah, we got Daniel on right now. What's up, Daniel, how you doing? 0:51 Good. I'm good. How are you? 0:53 Doing? All right. 0:54 I'm good. Yeah, I'm ready. Can you make me co host to share screen? 0:58 Let's see. I thought I did already. 1:00 I don't know if he did or not. 1:02 Yeah, I did already. Okay, perfect. So yeah, so today, we're gonna talk more land. Daniel, go ahead and take over I made you co hosts as Anthony already on Is he coming on today? 1:15 He's here, man. I'm 1:16 just gonna be off camera. I'm driving. I got a couple of hours of driving ahead of me. So I'll be here. 1:21 All right. Hey, we get it done. How we get it done. So doesn't matter. So. But yeah, so without further ado, Daniel, go ahead, take it over. And I'll make sure I try to mute everyone that comes in late. So let's get it. 1:38 Going to a brief intro, Anthony. 1:41 Yeah, man. Yeah, like, like I said, if you guys have missed the last couple of videos, I encourage you to go back and watch him. We found a pretty unique strategy and land we're we're able to, you know, get into a lot of deals with $0. And we're working on our second deal right now that'll pull in 400k. And we're working on another one right now, that should pull in about 600k. And another one for 800. Using the same strategy, very little to no capital. The first one took us nine months, the second one took us about three months. And now we're going even faster than that. So it's a pretty cool, unique strategy. It's very simple. There's a lot of moving parts to it, though. So like I said, you might want to watch these videos again. But we're going to try to give you a more granular breakdown now of what to do looks like how to approach them, the kind of offers we make. And then we're going to show you a before and after on the first deal that we did, where we put in 200k cash, and 200k and notes. 2:36 Yeah, so if anybody doesn't know I used to be a kid I just put my kids I just finished making dinner. So little craziness right now. So if I dip out, bear with me, give me some patience here. People are calling me ready. Forever doesn't know me. I used to be a truck driver about five years ago, started, I did used to be a forklift operator truck driver that started my own company. And now we do real estate. So those about five years since I quit my job, and Anthony has been in construction. So we're both a little bit on the manual labor side and we both blue collar 100%. But now we're doing real estate. So we kinda want to talk to you about like a little give you a little bit more meat, some bones of what we do and how we do it. So hopefully, you'll learn a lot on this call. If you guys have any questions, please put them in chat. No question is not a stupid question. So please put in the chat if you have any questions 3:39 Yeah, this deal right here, this was a, our first deal that we got in San Antonio was on the south side of San Antonio. And we got in we got the property for 10,000 an acre. And the one of the challenges that we got on this property was it was about 60% in the flood zone. So no developers want it, there's, there's not any people you know, that we're after it. It's just a very challenging property. It's very long, you know, so there's a lot of things wrong with it, we're gonna show you a picture of it looks like but uh, we we negotiate a 10,000 an acre here and took it down using creative financing, with some private capital turned out to be a really good one. 4:20 Alright, so I'm sharing my screen, I wanted to show you that how the parcel looked at first. So if you see this lot, it has two pieces of frontage on the front, and then the bottom, that curvature parcel underneath was part of the deal as well. So we can only like highlight one parcel in this app. This is called land glide. If you wanna check it out, it's really cool platform. It's at basis about 599 a month or something like that. Or 999. I don't know what it is, but the whole parcel was 107 acres It was a long two pieces of financials a house up front and then those front edge on the back end actually touch that William Anderson loop if you can see towards the bottom, so it was how we got it. And the purchase price on this was 1,000,070. So I'm gonna stop sharing the screen, I can show you what we did towards it on the back of it. I want to talk about how we subdivided it. 5:09 Yep. So look for when you're looking at doing a subdivide, there's a couple of moving parts. A subdivide means that you take a larger tract and you cut it down into smaller pieces. And that's what we did, we turned around and sold those pieces off. So that involves getting an engineering firm involved, doing some getting some surveys drawn up. So you're essentially like I said, like, you're just taking like a large pizza, and it's cutting it in small pieces, selling them off in smaller chunks. That's how we've been able to move tracks that are about several million dollars. Because nobody's coming in and buying these tracks up to check for two, 3 million on a single piece of land. But we break them down, sell them 5:48 off. So 5:52 strategy. So after we hired the engineers, we come in, they come out, they survey the property off, we don't do any other development beyond that. So we're not, you know, putting in fences or roads, or electric or sewer or water, nothing complicated. So we're able to, like I said to to turn these out pretty quick. Now our latest one we've knocked out, and I would say less than 90 days. But this is a this is the after pictures of what we came up with. So if you saw before, you just had those two like entrances at the top. And now those long skinny yellow tracks are what we made, we made a 10 acre tracks all along there. And we sold each one of those off one at a time. On this particular deal. We sold them all for cash except two that we sold on seller finance. It took us nine months from start to finish, because like I said it was our first project, it was very complicated. The tracks are ugly, they were only about 150 feet wide and every single tract. So they were difficult to sell. But just because of the shape, you know, somebody had to buy a property that's 150 feet wide by, you know, 3500 feet long. So difficult move, but tons of marketing. And I think it turned out pretty good. It said a total 400k cash on this one. But that's an after picture right there. What that would look like when you bring in the engineers. 7:08 As I says we a lot of our mentors, like they said like he has a crazy ticket on this deal. And like I said, we made it work. So I think I think it was it was a really good learning lesson. Now we know what we're doing a little bit more, and we know exactly what we're looking for to make it a lot easier. Where our timeline, we can move these powers a lot quicker. Because that one was a little you can see us a little funky. By all means a little funky. But now we're getting a little bit better of subdividing, getting getting properties with more frontage, more square lots versus writing a lot. And if we are getting if you are if you are good at picking up a lot, we got to make sure it has great access, which is, which is our only parameter that we're looking for is access. We use a lot of different factors. We're looking at this, but you want to mention the flood zone on that property. Right, Anthony? 7:59 Yeah. So I don't have a picture of it. And do I have to dig it back up? But yeah, so you pull it up in a second. You mean? You want to show that picture again with the subdivide while you're looking for it? 8:13 Yeah, sure. All right, here we go. 8:19 All right. Well, Daniel pulls up the flood maps. If you look right, about halfway down that picture, where you see like a blue dot, you know, I would say a little bit north of that. And all the way to the very bottom down to Luke six, you know, for that was pretty much all flood zone. So if you look at the bottom right hand side of our tract, it says h o l why it looks like you know, kind of like a stair stepper with a long, narrow entrance on the right bottom right hand side, the that property was the only one that was outside of the flood zone, just that little 10 acre patch. And everything else on the south side was all flood zone. And we still managed to sell all of it. So another good reason why this particular property worked out, is because you had an entrance at the very top of the tract. And then even though all those long skinny tracks is the whole southern portion, I would say about 1/3 of all of those tracks was also in the flood zone. So if you're looking at doing any of these types of subdivides, as long as your entrance from the main road is not flooded, the back portion of the property is flooded. That's okay. When deal breakers, if the entrance to the property off the main road is flooded, that's going to affect your ability to get a address for that property. So it's 20 to just show you guys that portion, while Daniel pulls up the flood map if you can't find it. I have sometimes 9:38 Am I muted? muted? No, you're good. I got it, but it's not showing up the floodplain for 9:45 whatever reason. Yeah, it's um, so sometimes FEMA doesn't load. 9:49 Yeah, that's why it's not loading right now. I wasn't prepared to get that screenshot, but it was the floodplain was in the middle middle of the property. 9:57 Yeah, so the whole I would say about 50% Plus or that probably He was off flood zone. And, again, every developer in the country was gonna walk away from that deal, because there's too much flood zone that couldn't be overcome. But using the strategies that we use, we can move a lot of flood lands. So that's another thing is these properties. For us, they're low hanging fruits, because nobody else is going after them. There's not a developer in the country that would have picked up that lot. And we managed to do pretty good on it. And now that we know a lot more, we're getting a lot better. I'm gonna send you a another picture of the maybe the 54 acres that we finished. 10:25 Yeah, go ahead. A lot, a lot of what we're doing is looking for trouble property. See, most developers are looking for the perfect piece of land with no flood zone, access water, water lines, electric, they're looking for the perfect piece of property, and they're willing to plain pay the prime price for it. There's so much land out there that it doesn't fit those parameters that we can really make work using using the strategy. So we're, we're kind of picking up the properties that won't move for whatever reason, and we're fixing them to make them sellable and profitable. Somebody here for next time. I think I'm ready. 11:04 Yeah, I texted over to you. And then I also texted the one over there for 281. So this, I'll tell you some about some of the challenges on this property right here. This was 150 120 acres, the front portion was 75 acres, and we were buying 54 acres for one brother. So that's going through the probate process. So we got our section re surveyed off of the 54 acres, we separated it down into five acre tracts, you can see them numbered there. And each road, each property has about 300 feet of road at the very front of the property. So these have plenty of access plenty of entrance. You can't see it on this image. But there was a if you look at the number four track, it says 11.33. There's about 10,000 tires that were thrown on this property. So we figured that was probably going to be one of our biggest challenges, you know that that was a big variable, it could have been maybe, you know, 50 to 100,000 worth of cleanup, where the tires, and we ended up selling that lot to the gentleman that bought number three, we sold all the lots for 199. And we sold a lot number four to the gentleman that bought number three for 150. We picked up this lot for 350,000. And after we separated it all down, sold them all off. That's eight, nine about 950 worth of sales on this particular track. So there's another $600,000 spread on 54 acres. And this one we completed in under 90 days. 12:31 Hold the other one. 12:32 Yeah, let's take a look at the next one though. This. This is one that's in progress. 12:36 Give me one second. All right, coming up. If you guys have any questions, please put them in the chat. We are not afraid to answer questions, that's for sure. 12:55 Okay, yep, so this is another track is 200, almost 220 acres right over to have you on this is south of San Antonio, we couldn't do this all is going to be a lot more challenging. Because if you look at that white pad, you see there's like a s a green s with a square around it, there's a white pad right in the middle of the screen. And that's like a pump station right there, it looks like it could be either for oil or for like water purification, we're trying to figure out what it is we're trying to get a hold of the company that has a lease on it. And then you'll see a road that's cutting right through the middle of the property right in the center heading north from that white pad. And then also a road heading, you know, west to east in the middle. So we actually did a subdivide around those roads, what we're working on with the engineers, right now, we're picking up this property for 8000 an acre, and then we're selling 20 acre tracts for 249. So there's about a $800,000 spread on this property right here. And we have four right out of 10 tracks sold. So almost halfway sold out on this one, we've been under contract for three months, we have three months to close. And you know, that's roughly gonna pull it about 800,000 on a on a property that we're getting it set for 1000 an acre. And we're actually not going to close on this one we have we're going to close with we're gonna take our end buyers funds to do a double close. And then we have 1.5 million of private capital that we're bringing in to finish funding the deal. And then we're going to see if we either sit on some of these notes or liquidate some of the notes to finish paying for the property. All right. There you go. 14:29 So a lot of a lot of this stuff like who wants to want to, you would think who wants a property? Who wants a property next sump pump station. There's people out there it's ugly lot, essentially with something right in the middle of it. And we're making a pretty by subdividing it, and everybody gets their own little chunk. So like so a lot of what we're doing is finding problems and troubling properties, whether it's debris, garbage, a random lease in the middle, like it doesn't even matter. We're trying to make money out of stuff that people want to touch and I think there's a lot of gems. and stuff in the in the gold that overlook. So make sure you guys look at stuff that isn't the prettiest, but you can always make it work and still make some money on it. 15:12 Yeah, that's all I wanted to mention is that we showed that particular property to several developers, and they were all interested, they love the price, you know, everything was looking really good on it. But once they got out there for the pipeline situation, and the easements are just a lot of variables for a developer. So again, another property that was never going to be developed in 1000 years, and were able to come in and under six months and come up with 800,000 on it. So there's a lot of these deals are really low hanging fruit, we can keep finishing engineer to show you more examples. But we're even going after listed properties now, right. So that's something that we had never really done or thought of previously, we would go always go direct to seller, which would be typical with real estate investing. But now we're just going directly to Anwar properties. I talked to an agent today, for some land over by Houston that's been listed for over six months. And we told him what we were going to do about this strategy subdividing, coming in selling off the lots. And then I even told the agent that we were planning to double close with our end buyers, to the property seller, and he said he's interested, he said, he thinks that his seller is gonna go for it. So we'll update you guys on that one. But again, this is another opportunity, I would say for roughly that the spread on that one's about 1.2 million, you know, but if we want to be a little bit more conservative, on the low end, I would say again, to move quickly, probably pulling in another like six 800 on that one tract. And knowing the sellers, knowing and Agent knowing on unlisted property that we're going to, we're going to use this strategy to move the property, which means again, I would say just based on the amount of engineering we're going to need to do, I would say, we're 15,000 max into a property where you can extract six 800,000. 16:47 Yeah, like I said, Don't get overwhelmed with with the crazy stuff. We're doing small deals, too. We took down a, we took a nine acre lot in Florida, right before Christmas. And we might have a buyer ready for it that can close in 30 days or so submit the offer later today. So I picked up a nine acre lot. I'm just going to pull that one up. You want to bring up the DC back. Sorry about that one. Anthony. I can bring it up real quick. 17:15 Yep. So it was actually a wholesaler that brought us this deal. And he said that he had a property for nine acres, he was looking for a $10,000 assignment fee. It was a seller that bought a property seller finance from an individual. And they had a year to pay it off at a one year balloon. And they were coming up on their one year. And the the gentleman that finance it to him said, hey, you know, I need to get my money. And so they didn't have it. Obviously, they started to avoid him. And they reached out to us and said, hey, you know, what can you do to help us? So we bought their interest out. And then now we're the ones that are going to pay off the property seller. But instead of us paying it out of our own pocket, we immediately closed with the original owner, we gave them their money. And we listed it on the MLS. And Daniel said, and now we have an offer. Now I would say how long we've been into this thing, maybe for three weeks or something a month. 18:04 We got it right before Christmas. So it's like the 23rd and 22nd before Christmas. So it's been like 2033 days. If you find it, yeah, pulling it up right now. 18:17 And we went kind of fast today, guys. So if you didn't see the other two videos, we apologize, but yeah, there's there's a lot of information on the other two videos of how we got to this point. 18:25 So here's the last again frontage on two streets, we went the initial route, so the wedding and so maybe like go to like for half acre lots but county went to where this is at in Palm Beach, Florida, they wouldn't allow it and it would take a long process. And we didn't really want to do that. So we're just selling at nine acres, and I picked it up for 8.9 acres we're gonna sell at 8.9 acres. So this one, like I said, we took down with 10,000 to the seller 10,000 to the wholesaler. So all and we're only in this deal 20,000 to about today. So there's the deal right there. Like I said, this one, I'm going to put in a contract tonight for it that we're solving for, I think 450 is what we're solving for. So it's pretty, pretty interesting. So engineering and surveying are your only investments in the land 100% Sometimes, we might like put off sign up. But usually we really don't do any of that. And things like cleared cleared up cleared a pathway for them to clear a fence out. But usually usually it's not doing anything besides sending like a handyman out there. That handyman can go to that job of clearing the fence out, nobody can open it. 19:36 Yeah, typically there's no development at all. So we're just really just doing this on paper. So yeah, it's just as easy as hiring an engineering firm. They send out a survey and put it together, file those plants with the state filed those surveys with the county and it's all done. Yes, it's pretty simple cut and dry process. 19:55 Yeah. One thing when I was mentioning this call is that I A lot of these deals may think there's only one deal like that. And I hope after listening to us a few times that we're finding the deals all the time. So we want to start with like scarcity mindset is that if you're looking for these deals and talking to sellers in this situation, sometimes you have to make the offer and wait and come back. It's like, a lot of these ladies opportunities, like you may think, Oh, this is amazing deal. Amazing deal when you're going all into it. Agents and sellers can smell desperation of if you think it's your only deal. So if you're like new to this, you got to calm down before you talk to the seller, because a lot of what Anthony doesn't do is like the sales side, he'll be like, Oh, here's my offer, here's we're gonna do if you don't want to, you don't want to do that, let me know. And it's one of those things where like, you kind of just make your offer. And don't be scarcity mindset about it, because there's more deals out there. And one of the cool things about land, there's so much of it everywhere. Like literally like any one of those properties, we literally hit up the neighbors and marketing and do the same thing again over and over again. So like once we hit up a certain area, and like and that was a really good deal, we could do this again. And we're looking, we can literally hit up the same area again, and hit up any buyers potentially came in a chair this lot. So a lot of people in the land space, what they'll do is they'll do that exact strategy, they'll put a certain County in certain size acres. And then whenever buyers come through, like, Hey, I have a lot on this, this cross street line, this cross street lot on this cross street, let me know which one you want. So you can kind of pick and choose. And there's a lot of land available in a lot different spaces. What's it going 21:38 to look like? He was asking, what did we spend on surveying that first line on Jet road? I think the survey is all in with engineering costs was about sub 20, somewhere like about 18,000. And then we had a flags installed out of the property. And to install flags, I believe it was about 150 an hour. So probably I would say Max about 25,000 for that subdivide for the engineering cost survey costs everything. So we had 200k that we brought in for private capital. And then we paid off the seller with his own property. So every time we sold a lot, we gave those funds to the seller, paying off our private capital and our servicing costs, were our only costs out of pocket for us on that deal, which was 25,000. 22:18 A SAS again, do you guys automatically calculate those costs into deals? Or do you get get it on the back end? 22:25 Do we automatically calculated in? 22:28 Um, usually? That Yes. 22:30 So So for an example, like, you know, when you are just buying like a single family home, for example, if you go through walk through, if you get like a distressed property, you're already calculating your costs into that deal already. So do you guys do that with land as well? Or is that just something that you guys will add it in on the back end? Because how is it do you guys already have is the surveying costs going to be based on how many acreage you have or what exactly they have to do? 23:00 It's per insurance. So on that 54 acre tract that we just showed a little while ago, the survey, they remember they quoted me 1500 per entrance. So since we only had five, I think we're like $7,500 into that second tract. Okay, this one here. Yeah. So you see 15 times five entrances. And that's it. And that's engineering cost survey cost all in and then I know, they're gonna tell us a little bit extra for the flags. Those red dots that you see are where I've requested flags. So we can mark the corner of each person's property. Like a halfway point on the property, that way, they can kind of know exactly where they need to put up their fence lines and such. But I would say to install another, I don't know, it looks like 30 flags or so I might spend another 2500 to 5000 Max. Okay, make sense? Yeah, it's about 12,000 and maybe on a on a deal where we can we're gonna pull out about, I would say 600 and mortgages, but then if we sold those notes are got a loan against them, I would say, Well, you know, if we wanted to get out of the deal, instead of hanging on to those mortgages, then we could walk away with about 400 You know, from a $12,000 investment. 24:05 And one thing I kind of want to answer towards your question ace is, the reason why we like land is because there's no ceiling, a house, that's a three two, and the whole neighborhood is three two's 2000 square feet, it might be 200,000 You know, if you over over remodel that property, you're only gonna get 200,000 you under remodel the property, you might get 200,000 There's a cap at that pin that property and and what top say is what the property's worth based off of neighboring comps, right? With land, it doesn't even matter. Because they're the one there's no verifiable comps. It's really when we sell or finance we kind of create that top of where people are willing to afford it. Think of people that buy cars. What do you what is the first question they asked when you go to the when you go to the when you go to the finance department? How much can you afford? How much do you have down because with those two numbers that you give them, you give them Your whole buying criteria. You don't you don't know that. But when you go into the dealership that gives you the buying criteria. So we're doing the same thing, but on the sales side with land is that we're not like over overpricing these properties, we're selling them at a reasonable rate that's within, that's not with it within reason. But we're seller financing them until we bring in our own finance department just like the car dealership, and now we're able to sell them for whatever we want. Just like the dealerships do. 25:28 That makes sense. So it makes sense. Do you guys another question I have for you guys, and not to get sidetracked or anything like that? Do you guys ever get land off of auction websites? Because all the auction websites I've ever dealt with, I see endless amounts of land, but I never dig too deep into it. So what do you guys use any type of auction websites or any type of auctions to find land deals? 25:55 One, that's 100%. No. And the reason why usually with the auction websites, you have to do your due diligence with before you even make an auction, then you have to close within a certain timeframe after it with with we'd rather pay full price and get our timeframe. Whether it's six, nine months of due diligence, I'd rather I would rather be comfortable with that with that timeframe to actually pre sell the properties without being forced to find at the auction. Because most of these properties like every every they all have, like the the national like average for people that wholesale also real estate. And if anyone has a wholesale in here, they're like every two to three contracts that you contract you're going to fall through, not with us every property we contract we're going to buy, in most cases, because we have time and due diligence to find buyers and most cases, that by the time closing time comes we're already we're already ready to close or where to get the private money to close. So our close ratio is like 90, like 80% versus other people, most companies is like 30%. 26:55 Yeah, I would say too, I had a gentleman who brought us a deal from an auction that looked like it was going to be amazing. pennies on the dollar. And immediately like within minutes of the auction starting it like 100 XT, so yeah, just made it not worth to do anymore. And like Daniel said, so let's say you do win the auction, and you win, I don't know, 1000 acres for 200 grand, like you need to write a check immediately. Like you need to pay that within like 24 hours or something or same day. And a lot of what we're doing, we're locking up stuff with next to nothing out of pocket. We have a tract in San Antonio, that's 120 acres, and we have a deal a year to close, which means we have a year to subdivide and sell that property before we gotta come up with any cash at all. I say we put $2,500 down for earnest money. Alright, that's another potential spread right there of like maybe three to 500k. And then also, we're closing on 54 acres this week. And we're the only the only thing we require it's a million dollar property, we get it for 600,000. And then we're doing $5,000 down and $5,000 a month. So I don't know any other place where you can take control of a million dollar property with five grand other than Lent. 28:03 Yeah, the Haussler would laugh in your face. But yeah, it gets pretty crazy. And like I said, it all comes back to the whole thing of land. It has value but only has value to certain people. It's it's very illiquid, there's only a certain amount of buyers for people that are buyers that come in cash. And people are using it and painful asking for the property unless they get a year of due diligence, which means that they can guarantee they're going to make their money. So like locking a property for six months isn't really unheard of with most sellers. Probably about a month ago, though, all the major builders that were under contract for buying land, they they cancelled all of their contracts that they had on property. And it totaled like $30 million, or something of earnest money that they just let go instead of going through through the purchase, just because they wanted to cancel all their properties that their acquisition to buy. So it's one of those things where like, six months to a year isn't really unheard of to contract, and it's all up for negotiation. So if we can lock up a property for 510 $1,000, with the potential of making six figures or more, we're going to do that before going to an auction and having to put all that up all that down within 48 hours. 29:18 of the house interesting that we're working on right now we're looking at a track it's 500 acres in California, right. So if you structure these deals with it, we're structuring them a lot of times we're like zero out of pocket on the front end, right for 100 acres or several 100 acres. We have one that we're looking at in California, we're thinking of selling off 400 Out of the 500 acres, and then just keeping 100 for ourselves for free. Right so if you think about that, right, if if you're investing in land or any other kind of assets, we have some NF T's and we have a lot of other stuff that we're in. I know you guys know a lot about that space. But you know, this is like, I don't know any other space where you can go in and and capture like 100 acres or you know that much real estate, that much value with zero out of pocket just from the way that you structure to do. So that's why we love land as well, it's like you can just kind of walk around structuring deals like this extracting a lot of capital for property that you're not even the rightful owner to, right. And we only own it for a few minutes sometimes, before we resell it. But that's another cool thing about the land business that nobody's thinking about is like, you can't really go out and buy a 10 house portfolio with $5,000. And then liquidate eight of them and keep two for yourself. But inland, you can do it over and over and over again. And I think nobody's paying attention to it. So it's complete blue ocean strategy right now. 30:34 I represent 100% blue ocean. And like, it's, we have people that like they, they're their whole stretch, like, there's, there's a bunch of land, there's a bunch of land investors out there. And there's not very many of us. But there's a bunch out there that their whole strategy is to make 10 20% offers Off, off off of one acre or less properties. And like we're the total opposite. So like, there's a, I talked to one of our clients. He's a commercial agent in Texas. Right now in Texas, there's like over 320,000 agents inside the state of Texas. In the commercial space alone, there's only 400. And then in my head, I'm like, Okay, well, how many are land, that's got to be maybe 1000, if that are less. So like, as you get into certain niches, there's way, way, way, way less competition than anything else, any other asset class. So you got to think there's that equivalent numbers as investors. I mean, it's a blue ocean. And the thing of the crazy thing about this is, is that there's more land than houses. So I can teach this for 10 years, and still be a blue ocean? We'll find out. 31:46 Yeah, I was gonna say that a lot of the land investors, I would say, 99% of land investors out there, they teach you to go after infill lots, right. So you go, and you just find those little blocks that are between two houses, you make an offer on it for 10,000, and turn around wholesale it for 20, or 30,000, or more. So that's another way that you can do land with nothing, very little to nothing out of pocket. Another strategy that we've done before to on smaller deals like that is where you would find a lot like that, like an NFL law for 10,000. And then you turn around and sell it for 10,000. Down, you know, for 40,000. So again, you're Zero out of pocket, and now you have a mortgage for 30,000, that 10% interest that somebody's paying you. So that's another cool and it's been that's something that we don't focus on at all, we don't really teach about that niche, we don't talk about it, we don't look for those kinds of deals, you know, I think we've probably done two or three of them. So it's like we're again, if you're even if you're in the land space, and you're learning about it from like a lot of what the big guys are talking about that that's already been, you know, popularized. They're looking at those little infill lots. So I think we've only found one other person so far, that's doing what we're doing. And we don't even really follow their business model. We don't know exactly what they're doing. But their model is probably similar to ours. But we only come across one person in over four years. That's doing it the way that we're doing it, you know, going after a property that all developers or other land investors, they're not even looking at it. 33:06 And the one the one did, we did come across, he's buying cash, like he'll buy that million dollar property cash. And we're asked for like, I don't even put the cash down. We got a few questions here. Got a question on there's a two lots, I'm looking at zone m two, and they want 150k. But were 60k. The other one 250. But we're 65k on the tax roll. So the tax rule is nowhere based on the value we use as a negotiating tool to or we used to without negotiating tool. So in Texas, before COVID We used to use it as like as an anchor. So anybody that does sales negotiations, you anchor your seller, so if the if the taxes tax values are 100,000, it might be worth two to three. So whenever the seller will well I don't know what percent what are the taxes say? Well, Texas say it's worth 100. Well, that's my offer 100. And that's that's kind of where we start with anchor the seller based off the tax value. And then we kind of build up from there. So usually the tax value has no bearing on what the property is actually worth. To answer your question, Jose, and then in which states the person purchased land, besides Florida in Texas, we're looking everywhere, man right now. We're coming into like our stride and we're looking everywhere. I literally had a call about three hours ago from a guy from Michigan. He wanted to send me some land deals and Michigan. Alright, send them over. We looked at we're looking at a deal in California today. North Carolina, South Carolina. I mean we're looking at any any state right now. Besides New Jersey, probably New York and Hawaii. I would say stay away from those but anywhere else. We're looking in Maryland interested in land investing, do previous videos cover finding lots and structuring deals? Yes definitely go check out the other videos Donna we did things is our is our third or fourth Call? I don't remember. I don't know. It's definitely the third. So definitely, 35:06 yes, the third one. So, for our I got a question for you guys. So for everyone who's listening right now, and then everyone that is going to listen in the future, when we post the recording, if somebody wanted to work with you guys, whether it be either bring you a deal, or somebody wants to, you know, get in and be kind of boots on the ground for you guys, what do they need to do to one get in contact with you guys? And what can they expect? As far as what type of capital will they need to bring to the table? What? What type of timeframe? Or are you guys even looking to, you know, kind of bring anyone on or any of that? 35:48 Yeah, that's a great question. So if you have a deal, and you want to essentially see if we'll buy it, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, we're both there. If you we both readily answer our DMS on Facebook. So if you find Daniel Martinez, and Anthony Gaona, on Facebook, you can post messages there and we'll look at the bill. If you want to partner with us, we are looking for like if you have a deal, and you want to partner with us, we're like, hey, like we have somebody that brought us a deal. It's out of his realm, but he has capital. So we're like, Okay, we'll JV with you. But we gotta we will share it, we'll share the burden of it. And it's kind of like if we're gonna Jamie the deal, you got to kind of bring more than just the deal to the to the level like, what bring our knowledge and our capital in place to do the deals of the transaction, we got to carry some other weight, depending on what it is and what the deal is. Port Arthur, and that's that's kind of the if you have a deal, like I said, Well, we'll look at any deal any state, does. DMS will look at it. We're pretty quick at doing this as part six out of 1015 minutes to go through it and see if they will, like people send us deals through Reddit. People send us deals through Twitter. They've got a lot of deals everywhere. And we're on every platform too. So if you search hive minds here, um, we're everywhere. So but Facebook is probably the best place to get a hold of us directly. Port Arthur, Texas. Yes, we're looking at a deal there. Anywhere in Texas, I'm telling you, Texas is our bread and butter. We're looking at any deal there. We're doing a deal. We just got a contract from a wholesaler, I think Tuesday of this of this week. He's like, I got it for 175 I want to $50,000 assignment fee, I'm like, alright, that's fine. So we're buying it for 225 nine acres and Tyler, Texas. So we're under contract for that when we picked it up from a wholesaler. So like just about you bring in a deal, you can make 5060 grand like it doesn't even bother us, I really don't care how much he makes. That was a steal brought to us earlier this week. So it's one of those things where like, if you have a deal, if you think you have a deal, by all means messages, message it to us. And one thing we like, please don't contract it. If you're going to contract one of these, please get it for 90 days or more. Don't bring me a 30 day contract deal. We're like we have to close by next week. Unless it's a really, really good price, we're just not going to do it we'll pass our timeframe is more important than the price or the deal itself. Just because there's there's depending on how big the deal is. Well, we're move pretty quick. So the for instance, the deal in Florida, that the lady was imperfectly mentioned earlier in the call. She didn't want to deal with the foreclosure. So we made 10 grand into the deal. And then we close that deal out within I think a week. So one of the deals were repaid the wholesaler out and we bought that we got contract we got a deed to the property within a week of that of that of that one just because it was such a good deal. And they wanted a time. So usually, usually don't move that quick unless it's a really, really good price point or there's a dire situation where they want to move. And like not all these land deals have debt on them. But some do. One of the deals are working has like a million and a half of debt on it. And we're probably looking to take over the debt as well with the deal. We are only interested in land deals I do not want to see any houses. As sad as that may sound I want to see any other asset class, just because our niche is 100% land. I've only done one house deal myself personally and it was my personal house when I moved from Georgia. So I sold it on seller finance, which is kind of funny, which I can talk about but for everybody I'll kind of be a little bit controversial because I know the West quads stack people and dividends. I kind of want to bring up an example for everybody here to show you the ROI just investing differently and through a different lens to give you perspective. So for everybody here that does dividends you probably get like a four to 6% dividend from vo O and team was a T Mobile. No, at&t. There's a lot of lot of I forget all the ones I did stock investing for right before oh and COVID started, but you get you get a yield from dividends. earn income, right? So I want you to get a different perspective. Yes, it take my take a $10,000. And like I get $150, a quarter from dividend paying stocks, right? That pays 4%. I want to give you a difference, like a different mindset shift to invest in real estate, your land. So most people that invest in real estate, they always think of like, well, I can't get a good return because I can't buy a 50,000 or $100,000. House, land is super cheap, you can get a deal like that pretty easily. If you target the right size, depending on what you actually have on hand. We use the seller finance all of our properties for 10%. Interest, and we use it oversell them. So let's say you find a $50,000 lot, you could probably sell it for 60 to 70,000, with 10 to $20,000, down at 10% interest. So if you have that cash, or you have a credit card, or credit card, but if you have that cash, you're looking for ROI on that, I mean easily, you could buy a $50,000 lot, get 10 $20,000 down, and then get a 10% ROI on the debt. And that's straight cash flow, no tenants, no toilets, no repairs, straight 10% interest rate right in your bank. And that was what I saw. And the reason why I bring this up, because I know everybody here is big on Twitter. Those are tweet talking about how those the developer that bought a piece of land, he built and developed an eight unit, an eight Plex. And then by the time he finished building he was he was the rent rate and noi didn't stabilize. So he was like 2 million to the deal. And the deal is only worth 1.7. So he lost a quarter million dollars building a property. That didn't make sense. And I'm like, if you would have bought one and a half million dollars of houses or one and a half million dollars in real estate, you could have got a 10% ROI without losing money. And that's not legal advice. But it's one of those things where like, you can get different perspective on different asset classes. And you don't necessarily have to take a 2% ROI on a dividend stock. You can do other to other things and other asset classes to produce income. That's bank level because banks, they do not manage properties. All they do is collect payments, and they leverage debt. Do you think land deals are easier than home deals? For my opinion? Yes, there's more of them. They're easy to negotiate, sellers don't want them. People that inherit them don't want them. And there's plenty of them to go around. And you can you can negotiate a great deal. 42:44 Interest rates don't apply. Right. So a lot of our buyers are not going through banks, we're either doing a seller finance or we're dealing with property sizes that people can pay in cash. They'll remind there's no variables, right. So if you pick up a piece of land, and you know you pick your sell price for it, you're not going to end up losing money because it needed a roof or water heater or you know needs to be rewired or any of that kind of stuff. It just it takes out a lot of the variables. We're picking up one lot right now it's listed for 149 on market, it's been listed for a long time. I don't know how or why it hasn't sold. But we're gonna go ahead and lock that up, we negotiated $10,000 down, we're going to split it in half. And we're going to sell each side for 149, seller finance with like 10 or 20%. Down. So that's a listed property that we're picking up with 10 grand. And then we're going to create a spread in there of at least 149. We're getting it for 0% interest, and then we'll turn around and sell it for like 10 or 12% interest. What 10 to 20% will be a big deal. 43:46 Yeah, and like I said, it doesn't have to decide to make it complicated, like so we've talked about taking down deals and 510 grand, that are hundreds of 1000s of dollars that have potential huge upside. So a lot of these properties there. It's all up for negotiation, everything there is only love real estate, everything's negotiable. And the cool thing about land is you're kind of buying up at the bottom every talks about buying, oh, I'm thinking that visa just bottomed out, you know, and it's that it's at the lowest has been in five years, you know, it's at the bottom, imagine buying land at the bottom. If you sell it to somebody and they come in and put a waterline in, they drill a well, that's 30 $40,000 of improvement that they did to your property that was at the bottom, they come in and permit and put a house on. Well, now you got even more asset that if they ever stopped paying, they just improved your property. So there's only room for improvement in most of these cases. They really can't mess it up, man Even if the whole lot burned. Well now it's cleared versus treed. Like that's where something a worst case scenario, you know, so there's a lot of upside more than the downside and it's just something you have to like wrap your head around to understand And because a lot of people that do houses, they understand that, but they don't even look at any of the asset classes because it's out of the ground. We talked to some equity fund managers yesterday that do houses in multifamily. And we're telling them this strategy and like, you can do that with land. And let's call those things really quick. They don't know what you don't know what you don't know. And they didn't know what they don't know. And as long as things were like, you have to like, really look into Understand, understand why it works, understand how it works, and then understand the problem you're fixing. If you're providing housing, you're providing housing to people that can't, they can't afford a house to buy, what we're doing is providing land at a reasonable price with seller financing that people can't afford to buy, people just can't go out there and buy 100 acres or 50 acres at a time, they can maybe buy 10 So people that can afford to buy it are looking to buy it. And if you can provide that solution, they're gonna buy it from you. And then the other thing about seller financing as we make it hassle free going through a bank to buy on land, they want to see what you're going to do with it. They want 30 to 40% down because it's a risk for the bank. And they have all these different hoops you got to jump through just to get a loan. But with us, it's hassle free. So that's worth something we can oversell the property because we're providing a chunk of property hassle free that's where something any other questions get questions today, guys. Any more questions? I 46:35 know I don't have any more questions, man, you guys, you guys hammered. I do want to say something though. For those of you guys, if you guys were kinda you know, lost a little bit, or this is your first time seeing these guys, please, please go back. And check out the previous videos, the previous videos, they talked about how you guys can get started right away how you can take action literally tomorrow, right? The very first video that they came on and did one of the questions was how can I start tomorrow, and they broke down how you can literally jump into this tomorrow, right. And then they also talk about how they got to where they're at right now. They talked about other deals that they've done. They showed other deals that they've done, they've given information, addresses, show pictures, sold everything. So you know, these guys know what they're talking about, they know what they're doing, I would highly recommend you guys link up with these guys. If you're interested in land. If you're curious, if you've seen deals, if you might have something, reach out, if you don't have anything and you want to get started and you're a hustler, reach out to these guys and see what you can do how they can help you know, it's it's better to beat the curve and, and network with people who are actually doing this versus you trying to go out and figure it out yourself. So in previous videos they talked about if you guys want to go figure it out on your own, they talked about how you guys can go figure it out on your own. So they gave you guys the blueprint of how to do this. And like I said, this is the third time coming on fully explain this stuff. So if you guys are truly interested, want to tap into this space, which I would highly recommend just off of just off of the pros alone, you know, just you know, that's the one hard thing about real estate is most of the time you're going to need some type of capital or you're going to need to know where to find that capital and you have a shorter timeframe that you have to be able to do that I don't care if you're a wholesaler, I don't care if you fix and flip. I don't care if you're into turnkey properties, I don't care if you buy auction properties, it doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, you either have to have money or you need to know someone that has money. So one of the great benefits to when it comes to this land stuff is that you can really get started with knowing the right people to network with and you guys can see who the right people are to network with. So take advantage of this. Reach out to these guys network with them. Great guys, and I know it will definitely lead to something so like I said, once again another great class from Daniel and Anthony. I appreciate you guys taking the time you guys if you guys heard Anthony he's in the car on his way to somewhere and he's you know, still taking the time out of his day to make sure he comes on and gives you guys this Jim's Daniel just like the rest of us has family stuff going on and taking the time out of his day. You guys seen his kid come in the screen so people are taking time away from their family and friends to come on and give you guys this knowledge and this information. They're not selling anything to you guys. They're literally just on here to help. What they have going on is truly something special. You know, I talk about you guys a lot to people that I see because I see what you guys are doing and I think what you guys are doing is amazing. Dan, you made up a great point on bringing on comparing doing land deals versus dividend investing. This is what you guys need to understand there's an abundance out there you guys need to open up your mind and realize that there's not one right there's not one way that This is just going to be the best way. This is how you do it. So there's other doors out there for you guys to knock down and see what's on the other side of those doors because there are endless, endless amounts of opportunities out there. The thing is, are you going to be hungry enough to really want to get it get out there and do it? You know, you say you're interested in land deals, this sounds like this is something that you could probably grab something that you can do. But what's going to be your next steps? Are you just going to close your phone, close your laptop, go on about your day, and then just kind of forget about it until it pops up a couple years down the road. And you're like, damn, I remember hearing about these hive mind, guys, and I could have been doing I could have had two years already in the game, right? Don't let 2025 come around and you talk about Damn, I remember sitting in a well squad class, hearing about this land. Now all of a sudden, you want to try to get into it, don't waste that time, time doesn't wait for anyone years are gonna pass by regardless, land is never going away. Right. And if land does ever go away, we're going to be in so much trouble that it's not even going to matter. Anyways, you know what I mean? So, really, I really appreciate you guys. And I seriously mean it. Because I know you guys are taking time away from your families. I know you guys are taking time away from your day. So you know, when I speak. You know, hopefully I you know, I don't never want to speak for anyone else. But I know the members definitely appreciate you guys coming on, you know, taking the time out of your guys's day to really drop this knowledge which I feel is is is is really my you guys really get on here. And you guys do blow my mind. So I really appreciate you guys. So appreciate the questions that everyone asked. I don't know if Anthony or Daniel, if you guys have any closing closing things for the squat? You know, go ahead. 51:36 Yeah, one thing I'll say is like, if you want to know where to start today, go find somebody that's listed six months, a year or longer, and make a creative offer, with 90 days, 120 days to close. And let us know. That's one way to start go through that. A lot of this is just exercising that muscle and talking to agents, we talk to agents all the time. And sometimes the agents want to sell to get paid. If it doesn't sell never, they never get paid. So it's one of those things where like you said mutual agreement, if I can, if I can make them facilitate the sale of this property, they're gonna, they're gonna make it happen. So go go make some offers. A lot of these deals, they come back to you and you need to follow up. So make the offer and wait, a lot of that we bought those a deal we bought, made an offer. They wanted 1.3. We I forgot the offer we made and I remember, but we ended up buying it nine months later for 300. So even if they're crazy, speak your offer. And we finally come back. Like you said, the landing going anywhere. It's not going to like decide they're gonna sell it tomorrow, just like a house. If you make that offer on a house and it's gone tomorrow, it's like, Oh, my goodness, you missed an opportunity with land, just make your offer and wait, I'll come back to you. There's plenty opportunity out there. 52:49 I would say if you don't know where to target, we'd like to stay on our all major Texas cities. For starters, if you just don't know where to target, Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, you know, the closer to the city, the better. But that's where stuffs really expensive. So if you go about 3045 minutes out, find properties that are valued no less than like 500,000 to a million and see if they're willing to work with you, you know, just say, hey, is there some kind of deal we can put together on this property? Are you just looking for cash? You know, do you think you can finance this thing to us for six months or nine months to a year? That's something your client might be open to? A lot of agents will say no, and some are gonna say yes. So it's even easier and cheaper than pulling list. If you get in a situation where you need $10,000 down or 50 or 100 you know to get the deal done will partner with you on it or just pay you an assignment fee. So there's really nothing that should be able to stop you from getting online get on Zillow picking up the phone, sending some emails sending some text messages, and just get out there and do it guys it's very very simple. There's nothing you could do to kind of experience it and so you get yourself into a deal and then you'll see how easy it is 53:49 no no well like I said once again really appreciate you guys seriously Daniel Anthony appreciate you guys if any of you guys are interested in tapping in with them they posted all their social media you can just grow up on the chat they posted their Facebook you know Google hive mind go on Twitter look at hive mind on IG a hive mind they're on there they're all over there. Like I said they're you know they're on here so they're real people you guys you know heard it from their mouths This is no you know no fake no nothing so connect with these guys get out there get to it like I said your dreams aren't going to work if you guys don't work I mean there's really no other way to put it if you guys are looking to you know change your situation or if you guys are looking to go a different route if you guys are just looking for any type of change it really starts with you you know Daniel can't make you guys want it Anthony can't make you guys want it I can't make you guys want it tell your partner whoever you let no one can make you want it but yourself. So you know at some point you got to take accountability and you just got to step up to the plate take chances the worst thing that can happen as you say is you get told no. You know if you if you look for 50 land deals and you reach out to 50 people the worst that's going to happen to you, as they say no. So then you try 50 More, then you try 50 More, and then you try 50 More, and then you know what's gonna happen. You're gonna see where you're going wrong. Eventually, that one no might come back around, or you're going to finally get that Yes. And then once you do, it's going to be all it's going to be a wrap. From there. I'm telling you, once you guys get started with this stuff, you're not going to want to stop. So get started, right, that's the best thing you could do is get started. So appreciate you guys. Daniel Anthony salute to you guys. Salute to what you guys are doing. You guys are doing big things. I see you guys. I definitely see I recognize it. I got something for you guys. I'll let you know offline. But once again, appreciate your time. Thank you, everybody in the squad for attending the class, you guys had some really good questions. Like I said, that's the whole point of this stuff, right? I bring these guys on here for you guys, for you guys to get the knowledge and for you guys to ask questions. There is no there is no such thing as a stupid question or a dumb question. You know, there are some things that people ask that was covered in other classes, you know, that's okay, that's fine. Still ask those questions. And then we'll just let you know, hey, go back, check out the first video, go back, check out the second video so that way you guys can get a better understanding. But like I said, at the end of the day, if you don't ask it, or if no one else asked it or if you're gonna wait for someone else to ask the question and never gets asked. You know, you could be missing out on you know, helping yourself out and possibly helping somebody else out or even connecting yourself with someone else. Because sometimes someone might see you ask a certain question. They might be thinking the same way. And they might think hey, me and this person are kind of on the same wavelength. Let me reach out to them and see what's going on. So never stopped networking never stopped leveling up. Keep going you guys. Appreciate everyone. Like I said, we're wrapping up January February is coming fast. You guys 2023 I'm telling you guys, just like last year, I've been preaching to you guys, time is waiting for Nolan. Time doesn't care what you got going on. They don't care about, you know, you know what drama you got going on? What type of sadness you got going on what type of hurt we all got it everyone is dealing with something everyone in this chat right now has some bullshit going on that they got to deal with. You know what I'm saying that stuff don't stop. So if you guys really want change, if you guys want more for yourself better for yourself. We're giving you guys the keys. We're giving you guys the keys, all you got to do is get in the car and drive it. You know, I'm saying we can't hold your hand. We can't open the door for you. But you know what we can at least toss you the keys. You got to take that time to leave the house to get in the car, start the car and get that get that thing moving. Get it started. You don't have to get there right away. You know what I mean? This stuff this stuff is takes this stuff takes time. Anthony's been in the game for a really long time. Before Daniel transitioned into this, he was in his field for a very long time. These are people who have skin in the game at what they do. It takes time they didn't get to where they're at overnight. Anthony How long have you been doing this for? 57:47 We both This is my fifth year, fifth year, 57:51 we started two years, five years in the game five years and for some of you today will be your first start but you know what, five years and 2028 You guys can be where they're at and doing this type of stuff. You know what I mean? So let's get it rolling you guys let's get the ball like we were turning it up a notch. We need to turn it up we need to keep elevating right we don't want to stay behind we got to keep elevating things are moving quickly you guys see what's happening in the AI space. Things are changing. Things are changing literally in front of our eyes. There's nothing that it doesn't matter what your opinion is on AI or this or that if it's happening is happening right you know, facts or facts what's happening is what's happening so we got to get on board and let's get this thing rolling. So that's all I got for you guys. That's my rant for the day. Once again I appreciate you guys over at hive mind coming on blessing us with some gyms hopefully some of the squad members will reach out to you guys I know a few already have but hopefully we send some more your guys's way. That's all I got for you guys. If you guys ever need me you guys can always reach out to me in the squad. Check the DMS and messages every day. And that's all I got. You guys have a great rest of your night. I'm out tonight. Precision

Daniel Esteban MartinezProfile Photo

Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!

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Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

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