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Feb. 26, 2023

Ep 341: My Truth About Trucking With Daniel Esteban Martinez

Ep 341: My Truth About Trucking With Daniel Esteban Martinez 



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0:00 Hey, welcome to the next episode of the hack with us podcast today I am here with your special guests Mr. Keith Mims, Keith, little bit back by yourself so people know who you are. And then we're gonna this is a special episode, we're targeting about talking about trucking. So I hope you all enjoy this episode, but Keith doesn't know who you are and what you do. 0:16 Thank you very much, Daniel. Well, in short and sweet to start with played NCAA Football went from there to corporate America. And I'm sorry, let me go back a little bit before corporate corporate America I did 10 years in the military, US Army logistics. That's how I fell into fell into to transportation logistics supply chain, did that for a while and then branched out and started my own business, which crept into dispatching within the transportation umbrella. And that's what I'm currently doing now. And subsequently, that's how me and Daniel met. Yeah, 0:49 so her so February here used to do logistics in the military, right? That was like your job job, like, a lot of ton of experience into this. So like, so this is kind of a special episode for everybody listening here. I came across T. So for everybody who doesn't know I started trucking here. I'm gonna pull up the PowerPoint so y'all can see how young I was. But here we are. So I actually started trucking. Back in 2016, I got my CDL. So April 28 2016, was interesting story, because when I was in taking my driving CDL course, my trainer is like, you don't belong here. I'm like, What do you mean, he's like, You don't belong here. I'm like, Okay, thank you. I appreciate the compliment. But I used to drive doubles, 48 foot, this is me driving a set of doubles. But it was definitely an interesting time back in 2016. So I was 17. I was a company driver. And I used to work a lot, a lot a lot. And this is back when I found out my wife was pregnant. So it's kinda like my motivation to get into business. I got all my stuff. So for everyone doesn't know we're connected. We cover a lot of basics of trucking in this video, and kind of talk about my background and my experience in trucking through the time lapse kind of limited real estate. That's where I met Keith, I'm gonna tell you a story that happened. When I started my trucking company, we're gonna kind of go over the basics, but you kind of have to get your authority and Keith will correct me if I'm wrong in this order, whatever. But yes, to get your authority through the FMCSA, which I can't even tell you what it's called. You know, we all just call them, Keith. 2:16 I do but not often, I'm not that good. 2:18 So FMCSA you can look it up, you gotta go to get you to get started tracking different trucking company from scratch, you know that some CSA. You have submit paperwork, your LLC, your EIN, and very, very simply gonna pay a fee and wait 30 days. It's very rare. It's the simplest process ever. But doing this as an entrepreneur, like I said, I kind of figured it out. Next problem was getting a truck, I got a truck. I got a truck. And I'm gonna show you this picture too. I'm gonna pull it up right here. This was my truck. This is the day the day I drove home. I took a picture. This is my Cascadia. 12 or 2014. With no, no camper. This is a dash of home park in front of my house. I can't really see that. But that was the I took that thing home. So it was yellow. As an old Penske Truck I bought, I figured out how to buy that. And that's, I think one of the troubleshoots of attribution because figures you can figure stuff out. So I got a loan from a bank, bought the truck, they paid cash and I was paying a loan to them. I literally I get my authority established, I get my truck and like, okay, I'm good to go. So I heard there was loadout trailers. So loaded trailers are where you can essentially pick up a trailer since I don't have a trailer I've seen there's no trailer in that picture. No trailer whatsoever. I know he had a loaded trailer, which is essentially pick up a trailer, take it to some place across the country using a new trailers. But they gave me like a week or two weeks to deliver it. So you can pick up loads. So I remember my first day of work, I'm like, I told my wife and this is after, I'd wait 30 days to get my FMCSA approval. I don't wait about 30 days to get the truck and everything in order how to get insurance, which I had to put like, $3,500 down and then I'm illegal. So I'm like I told my wife, I'm going to work. We want to work today. Like after 60 days of waiting. Somebody's waiting. I'm going to work today. So I was I was really, really excited. I go drive to work, I get on my phone, get on a load board, and I can't get a frickin load. I remember I was I was like calling everybody into like, Oh, you have a new authority. What's your MC number? You have a new authority, oh, I got set up with a load and then they're like, Oh, your UFC authority isn't 30 days age, we can't even give you a load. I'm like after wait another 30 days for this. So I ended up talking to the fact that my factoring company and my factoring could be able to keep and that's how I met key however many years ago. Can you tell them what a factoring company is? So a factoring company, essentially, all your loads are set up on the net 30, which means that if you if you pick the below today delivered it, today's Friday, if I delivered it on Tuesday, I can then turn on my load to the factoring company, they would pay me within 24 hours. But if I didn't have a factoring company, it would be 30 to 45 days before I can receive that that payment for that load. And if you think if you're thinking about them, and that doesn't make sense, most businesses operate off of net 30. So you have to have like 30 days of operating income to run, pay your drivers pay your insurance, pay your fuel. So effectively, the factoring company kind of helps mitigate all that stuff. So you get paid within 24 hours, my factoring companies like hey, I have a dispatching method to help you out. I'm gonna talk with them ended up calling Keith the next day. 5:21 This show is sponsored by hive mind CRM, it is more than just a CRM. It is a real estate and business mastermind that comes with an all in one CRM, you can have unlimited websites and users, you can call text, RVM, and email all in one user interface and you can set up custom automations for any type and multiple businesses. 65% of companies start using a CRM system within the first five years of business. Once implemented, the hotline will save you on marketing give you more time and make more money. One of our users had his first $100,000 month using our system in June, we want to see you automate and accelerate your business text us at 2109728 t 42. For future meetings. And of course, to get our $1 course on how to make more than six figures on one Landale, you can schedule your free demo today at hive mind CR 6:20 And this is like right after I was crying in the parking lot, because I couldn't get. And I'm a kid, we've known each other ever since man, it's been maybe five years, it's been five years, I 6:29 think, going on five years. But I do want the audience to listen to the story. Because I believe it's very important to mention when you talk about relationships, and you talk about your financial state at the time, you mentioned about you being anxious, but also, you know, let's let you know, like I said, you can just give them that give them that short story on how we met and what happened. I think that's very interesting. When Daniel calls me, you know, we supposedly have a spiel that I give people on when they call for my services back then. And even now, I'm totally referral basis. So the factoring company, you know, what they do what Daniel explained, when you are really good at what you do, it means you make money, big companies, they like that makes it clear. I mean, who wouldn't. So if I'm making the client money, that means that I'm making the company and factoring company money as well, just doing a little bit of what Daniel missed out with the fact that company normally charges you right now it's anywhere between they're getting real competitive now. So it's like anywhere between one and a half percent to 3%. Back when me and Daniel met it was the average was about four or 5%. So they take that percentage out, off right off the top, and then they pay you within 24 hours or whatever your contract states, when the conversation between me and Daniel, our very first one, you know, I told him how he was going to be and everything like that. And when I booked David's first load, you didn't like it. And we, let's say very friendly, and keep this PG, we got into a little spat. I'm not sure if if you hung up on me or we just hung up, you decided to part ways at that moment. It was 8:00 after like a week or two, it wasn't after the first call. 8:03 I think it was like could have been it could have been but I know that I know that happened. And the reason why I'm pointing this out, guys, is because a lot of times, like I mentioned, you know, if you're waiting 30 days, sometimes even 60 days, you got to pay that insurance, you still gotta pay your truck, no, let's say if even if you had a trailer, you still have to pay that note as well. But there's no money coming in. And so you meet somebody, you know, like me a dispatcher or whatever. And we're trying to help a lot of times people have these thoughts in their head that oh my god, my first load. Now that I'm with a professional dispatcher, my first load is going to be a million dollars. And when it's not, you kind of get upset or like I say your anxiety kicks in. And that's what happened between me and Daniel. And we got into a little spat. And so he decided that he was going to do it on his own after that. already tried that. So 8:53 good. So 8:54 in this this is for, I'm pretty sure was like a week or two in because I remember I gave everybody a shot early on. So probably a week or two in I just didn't know what I was doing those. There was a disconnect from what I knew as a truck driver for two years, working as a company driver. You saw me as in that picture to actually having your own company that you don't know. So you're out in the streets. So oh, this I have another have another story with this too. So my first load that he sent me on this is we're in Georgia, so I was in Atlanta. I had my truck he was trying to find me loads with the skillet trailer early on, because it was just it was difficult, but I ended up getting I ended up getting a trailer somehow can you remember the story but I was driving to the backroads of Georgia and I missed my turn because everybody had any truck driving like you have that special GPS and I was driving to the back roads and I thought it was okay at it because I was doing that as a company driver. So I missed my turn. I went back to do a u turn and I got stuck and I blocked the road for like an hour and a half and then the fire the fire department came and I heard him When I moved once the fire department came, I was getting a ticket. So I remember I had to somebody with a pickup truck ended up dragging. Luckily, I wasn't have carrying a load. But They drugged my trailer out of the ditch, out of this out of the side curb area. And I was able to get out before the police came and gave me a ticket. And that was very, very enlightening. 10:20 I remember that. I remember that. And also, let me let me interject here real quick. Another good point. Can you throw up that picture again? On your first trip? Yeah. 10:30 Yeah, throw it up. There. It is an all tour. 10:33 So for all intents and purposes, I know he mentioned that you guys can see that he didn't have a trailer. But this is really important as well. What you see is a daycare, right? He doesn't have a sleeper in here. So when we talked, I think there was a disconnect with that as well, if I remember, there was I didn't notice. Because I thought, you know, somebody's coming to me saying that they want to do over the road, I'm assuming that they have a sleeper. And he didn't. Yeah, I think I think Daniel, you're probably right. I think we did go for at least a week, because I know, that's when I found out that he had a daycare and I'm dispatching him, you know, over the road, basically, without going into too, you know, off into a tangent people out there when you go and you don't know, ask questions. He went and bought a truck, which, you know, congratulations to him. He did get it started. Even when I told him I didn't you know, hop all over him. I just explained to him, Hey, that was a very, very expensive mistake. We did get over that hurdle. But I again, I just wanted people to point that out that when you're coming from a company, who has what, maybe four or $5 million budget, yeah, there's no way you can compete or compare when you're coming out your own company day one, and expecting similar or the same. And that's a very, very big, big message I want I would definitely like to get across. You got to have the right equipment, you got to have the right mindset. And you got to know what you want to do. You know, a guy coming from doing LTL going into OTDR. I know it may not sound like it's that much of a difference. But it really is. I mean, it's like somebody coming out of baseball going to go play basketball? 12:09 Yeah, very rarely. So I wanted to do this episode because I wanted to, I really wanted to make a video about my experience in trucking in general, just because I'm forgetting all this stuff as it comes. Because it's been so many years, and I haven't even driven a truck, like three, three years now. So it's kind of leaves leaving my mind. So I wanted to make a video of kind of how I started stuff I came up with stuff I've seen people experience with and you can take these lessons in any business form and experience like you got to know all the facts before you start something, anything you do. And like I said, I kind of learned this was like my first dose of business. And I learned a lot by by failing. 12:50 Well, not I wouldn't and I will tell you this, right? It's not by failing just by making making mistakes. And that was that's one of them. I mean, as the story goes on, guys, you're gonna see, let's see this. I'm not trying to point out him as him being a failure, obviously, right? Because it's not a failure. But I do want to highlight as he's telling the story, and what does video is about that, you know, number one, if you guys have ever done this, or you know somebody that has, you're not the only one that makes things, mistakes, that's number one. And number two, as again, as the story goes on, and we get to the end, you're going to see that even though there was a lot of mistakes made, there was a lot of money made and there's and when you do that you're able to learn on the fly and get over these hurdles. You know, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 13:33 There's so many I have like so many stories in my head. It brings back a lot of like, pain it brings like a lot of pain, a lot of pain and I'm fond fond memories too. But we have some mean I mean Keith a lot of stories but if when you first started out you don't understand and realize what the underlying cost of things really really what the what they really are. You gotta pay money for like monthly costs, insurance fuel, if the factoring dispatching of equipment, equipment repairs, something you have to think about it's tolls fuel tax, if you ever get to keep track of your total miles that you did an each state and file those quarterly that we pay tax on all those stuff that's still in your permits, permits, um, is so many expenses. And I think this is one of the big things that a lot of people don't realize, and me and Keith have seen so many businesses come up, pop up and they're gone within 30 days. 14:29 Oh yeah, definitely. And 14:33 let me just throw this in there real quick. I know a lot of you guys probably listening and saying well, gee, since you're so professional, you know you shouldn't told him. If you heard me when I was talking about decaf I assumed and that was probably my that is my fault. But I work with so many people and have worked with so many people who come in the game. At least knowing half of what I thought he knew. That's where a lot of these stories that Daniels talking about that I'm not sure if we're gonna get to all of them. but a lot of your stories me and him we, we kind of experienced it together. Even though even though I knew I just didn't know, he didn't know, and we were traveling down this road, and I'm basically aiding him, you know, or helping him assisting him. And as things were going on, he would say, hey, what about this? And I'm like, wait a minute, you didn't know that you needed a permit? Yes, guy, you need a permit. So we would have to stop pause, to handle our business take care of what need to be taken care of. So we can be legal. And then we move on. And a lot of like I said, a lot of those times where we're, we're expensive lessons. But we learned and we got through it. It 15:39 was a lot of a lot of learning lessons, because I just didn't know anything. So for everything for everybody, nearly I ran, I ran over the road in that truck over the road for a few months, that for a few months. I did not like that. It was definitely an experience. Where do you sleep when you have no when you have no bed? You sleep at a hotel. You sleep in the truck. You sleep after your after dark if you can't get a hotel. It's not not the most comfortable living situation. But I remember I got pulled over in Michigan with my day cab. And they're like, you have Georgia plates. What are you doing out here in Michigan with no sleeper. And man, I'm working man leave me alone. And they thought I was smuggling. And we pulled over for like two hours. And they made me like empty out my whole my whole day cab and they searched everything. They're looking for drugs or something. And as well as things are like, now now meet me knowing what I know. Now I wouldn't consent to a search. But they just helped me hopefully two hours for nothing. It was one of those things were like being a law abiding citizen that I am, I'll be like, Yeah, I got nothing and go ahead and search I don't like I think I missed my pickup appointment because of breaking messages. 16:54 But I will give Daniel a lot of credit. I again, I've had, I can't even count hundreds of clients, and also potential clients that come to me and say, You know what they don't want to do. And the credit that I give Daniel is once he understood what he was up against. I mean, you really just can't go back to the dealer and say, Well, I don't want this truck. Give me another one. Right because we're it's not that type of party. But he stuck it through. He stuck it through until we got to a point where I told him you know, hey, you know i You made some money. It's time for a change. He were he was able he had the the credit. He had the money. And he was able to get a secondary truck. I'm sorry, can you I think I don't know if I 17:37 know you're right. You're right. You're right on point, man. This is my secondary. I don't this is my second or third truck. But this is one of my other trucks. As you can see, I got to sleep at this time. See? Oh, Daniel, that was your third. That was my third. Okay. You don't have the picture of the second one. Oh, my orange one. I might have to find it real quick. 17:55 If you're gonna I don't know if you're gonna look for it or not. But let me tell you what the what the orange truck so I got them connected with a third party financing group. No, actually went to Schneider. Yeah, I went to Schneider. Yeah, but we did have a third party. 18:11 Finance Group. Those people out in Cali. Um, 18:16 anyway, we went we went to Snyder, here in Atlanta, Georgia. It's actually not well, probably about five miles from me down the street. And I remember that day, if it was yesterday, because it was raining cats and dogs. And we were out there in and out of trucks in and out of trucks. But we ended up finding one that was really, really good. And the beauty about that one was, um, was that the one 18:43 with the computer? Yeah, I 18:45 got it right here. So for everybody here on hold this picture. This is my second shirt. You recognize a few faces here. So this is a pace Morbi and Eric sage, I drove this to Phoenix. This is what I met Steve Trank. So this is my orange truck behind us in the background. So you can see I started doing real estate while I had while still doing trucking. And I drove this to I drove this all the way to Phoenix for a training and I remember keep dispatch me there. I was a kid I need to go to Phoenix formula there. I'll be there for a couple days. And I didn't drive 19:19 back. Yeah. 19:22 Yep. And that truck. That truck when we first got it, when he first got it, it ran pretty good. But it was in the shop. And we were trying to figure out okay, what's going on? Is that death? I don't wanna get too much into that because there's there's could be a right or wrong in this and these details. We're not gonna say, you know, I'm not gonna go too much into detail about that. But what we did do we actually ended up finding and correcting the issue. Let's just say that and that truck ran further after we got it, correct it Ah, that truck ran almost 18 months plus, without any major 20:07 oil change, well change every month and a half or so. And that was it. 20:11 And we were rolling. That's 20:13 actually when Daniel, he, I think you did correct me if I'm wrong, you may have did one or two loads with the daycare but she basically parked that day cab, and we actually ended up we found we found a girlfriend and boyfriend, team, team driver to put in the truck. So now Daniel goals from I would like to say he went from self employed to 20:36 business owner. And that was that was a big transition for me too, because I hated being away from I hated that they kept it a lot. It was a pain in the butt when I was out on the road. Getting the hotels I thought would be fun to the cost really tallied up and it was a pain trying to find parking. Check parking it alone is his own issue. Everywhere you go. If you're on the road, you recognize that and if you don't know where to start, like you'll you'll pay attention probably after listening to this, that they really don't have places to park very often. So like if you live in the city, and there's just trucks parked on random streets is because we have a truck parking issue, mostly in every metropolitan area. They have a truck parking issue, there's nowhere for them to go and usually got to deliver inside the city, but they can't park anywhere inside the city. It's just it's just, it has its own issues. But yeah, getting getting the couple that were a team, I think was definitely a turning point. Like I said, I ran for everybody here in the nutshell, I ran the trucking company for two years, I started doing real estate, I started dabbling into real estate a year into it, I got my first deal seven months. So I was doing trucking and real estate at the same time when all this happened, I think and one of the big turning points was getting the team drivers in there because I was able to focus on other stuff. 21:51 Now. Now that's where again, for the people that's really listening to this, wanting to do this, or maybe you're listening to this and you want to revamp but I will tell you that number one, like I said, like I said previously, basically just stick it stick it out, you know, stick it through, through all the hard times, all the stuff he didn't want to do all the stuff that you know is difficult and a being away from his family. His like he you know, he mentioned is his wife was pregnant. And I felt bad. You know, but I couldn't tell him because I knew that and I kept telling him every other day or every time we talk, bro you if you do this, there's light at the end of the tunnel I had to keep motivated him. But he did stick it through. So once we got to a point to where he can be at home and there was another person in the in the truck running the truck. We were able at that time. I believe he was almost close to a year now. Of MC authority we ended up getting we actually ended up bidding on this contract with the USPS mail me and Daniel, those are some good times. But that was 22:54 that was the most money I made for a very long time. Very, very quickly. I think we're getting paid. Just that one truck was bringing in like 30 to 30,000 a month. It was crazy. 23:05 Yeah, no, I think it was a little bit more because remember, our first contract was it was 30. It was we signed it for 13,000 a week. Well, I guess you say I'm saying gross. I'm saying gross. 23:15 Yeah. And I remember we did 120 In three months. So it was like 30 to 40,000 a month just with that one truck. And I had and that was that that gave me the ability to get the third truck. 23:25 Exactly. So so the guys out there whether you driving right now or you you know, you're an owner operator, you know, the what I'm trying to say. And what I'm building up to say is the most important thing is finding a driver that's going to understand what you're trying to do. They do the right thing, and they treat your truck as if it's their own. But overall, you know, we all have to in somewhat shape, form or fashion. Become that team player, everybody, because everybody is affected. You know, as soon as you have either the person at the top or the person at the bottom don't do what they're supposed to do. The whole company can come crashing down. But as you can hear the story when you have people that are doing what they're supposed to be doing when they're supposed to be doing it. There's a there is a lot of money to be made in trucking. I'm not sure what the fiscal year 2022 But I do know 2021 the trucking industry was $878 billion. And let me say the trucking let me say the transportation industry. So obviously, you know that breaks down into logistics and transportation, everything like that. But just think about it billion 800 plus billion dollars. So if you can position yourself for at least 1% of that in some way. You know that you can 24:38 steal our money. So that money to be made? Yeah. So 24:44 one of the struggles I went through was drivers driving and he kind of mentioned that before but drivers driver retention and this is really it wasn't even my fault. There's a driver shortage is what they say. But the problem is is that there's not qualified drivers. I think that's the problem. That is that drivers are just not qualified drivers. So you especially starting as a new company, you have to have the insurance, you have to pass the insurance. Like before I did anything else I was selling selling drivers to insurance, if the insurance would approve them, then I would talk to them because it wasn't even a point to talk to them without the insurance approving them, because they should have proven I can't even put it put them in the truck, you know, and it was one of those things where like, like, what was your requirements for a driver and like, number one requirements that has insurance. Now he really didn't care because I was desperate for drivers. Because I had at this point, I had trucks moving. I tried to put that date cap as the target as much as possible, and nobody liked it. And Willie, Willie got it moving whenever somebody's truck was in the shop, and like, Hey, you got to use this for now. You want to make money. Kind of force people to use it, whatever had to but and the thing is, is that that they have I think it hurt a lot for a long time because I sought to pay insurance, I couldn't get rid of it in most color. And I had to insure it. Like if I didn't insure it, like I hear like repossessed because I had an uninsured commercial vehicle somewhere. So those crazy times and like didn't even know so I paid an insurance throughout the whole time I had it. I rarely used it once we got once we got the sleepers, but as long as things were like it was there, it was back on track. And we just kind of kept it as that as a backup truck as needed. But drivers man drivers were crazy. Have a ton of crazy driver stories. You want to go through a couple of those. 26:35 No, I Well, hold on before we do. Let me let me say this, even though he's saying the heartache of holding on to that day cab, I will say that it did help us out. He did say that. But I'm telling you, I'm reinforcing that. Having that day cab helped us out at times, when we really really needed it, that's also, you know, a part of driver retention as well is that you know, when the truck goes down, if that driver isn't making any money, they'll split, you know, they'll go to another company or what have you. So having that daycare, it was actually a blessing more than it was a curse. And it was only, let's say a curse, or it really fell, you know, you know, kind of fell on fell on the company in a negative way, when all the trucks were down, or we didn't have any drivers. Even though yes, we made money with those with the with the team, you have to understand reality that people's lives and their livelihood, it still goes on, you know, regardless if they're making money or not. And that's something that we couldn't stop, and you're not going to be able to stop either, you know, people's livelihood, and what they do, what they do on their off time. You know, all of that affects all of that does affect you. So picking a driver that doesn't have you know, something from their past or you know, doesn't have a life or something like that, it's going to be really hard to find that person that just picks up in the morning gets in a truck gets there on time comes back and nothing happens. That's, that's a needle in a haystack type of driver. And so what Daniels about to get into is the point where life was good when we had the team and then we had a driver and the the white Cascadia that he just showed life was really good. But once we lost the team, and then we lost the driver in that white truck, we were scrambling. Mind you at that time, I still had several other clients that I'm taking care of, that we're going through sometimes similar, or sometimes they just were going through their own things and, and that's my job is that if my clients don't make money, you know, I'm not making any money. So I always assert myself as a team member into into their company to try and help it just that being friends with Daniel. He took up a lot of my time, but I'm not complaining though I'm not complaining. 29:01 And this is one of the big reasons why I like Keith is that he was he didn't sugarcoat anything with me. And it was always it was more than dispatching because most times if you talk to people that do extra stuff, or third party contractors, all they do is their job. They don't they don't want to participate in anything else that you have, and they'll just do what they're tasked to do. And that's it. And Keith really kind of like helped me out in a lot of different situations that wasn't really his job to wasn't really his job to do. So. I kinda want to show you a picture of drivers. That not the drivers specifically but just dealing with drivers. So this is the underlying part of being a company owner is that drivers will sometimes mess up. And this one, he is supposed to turn left versus right. And the sheet was not meant for him to turn right so he ended up getting stuck in a ditch loaded. That's like probably 30,000 pounds that shifted in The truck. So there's, there's always a, if it hadn't been a full 30:03 load probably would have tipped over. Yeah, exactly. 30:09 I would have been even worse to the I give me the cranes out there, and everything else. So again, guys the importance of finding a good driver. I mean, if you're gonna drive yourself, then I would always suggest that not just because he's my friend, and he's right here on the video, but you got to really listen to his story. I mean, like I said, he, he was out on the road and a daycare with a pregnant wife at home. I mean, come on, it doesn't get, you know, you can't ask him to sacrifice more than that. I mean, that's just, you know, and he stuck it through, and that's how he was able to make it. So if it is you, you know, you got to have that type of warrior mentality, you know, Malcolm X, you know, by any means, necessary, you know, in the military, you know, just get the mission done. If you, if you do have drivers, you're gonna have to seek out those drivers, and it's gonna be a trail of trial and error. It's not going to be like you get your first one. And oh, my god, things are gonna be perfect. I know, you guys see my face light up when he starts talking about the drivers that we've had in the past. I mean, I don't I don't even know what story he wants to tell you guys. But I'm telling you, I hope he picks something that's not going to freak anybody out from not doing this. Because we've, I mean, we've had some some, some experiences where it'll make you just be like, You know what, give me give me a blue smock. And I'll go work at Walmart. You know, I mean, it really does sometimes get that bad depending on the people you meet. I mean, we know and those are some characters out there in society. So I don't know which one you want to tell bro. But 31:38 my favorite my this is my favorite story just because I enjoy it. This has been key story too. So me and Keith. We done a lot of fun stuff. So so this one, he doesn't he'll, I mean, he knows the story because he was there. But so this one, I told Keith, I'm like, I gotta I have to get rid of this driver. I think he's doing drugs in the truck. I have I have to get rid of him. He finally passed the drug test. And he did good work. But he was just sporadic is very up and down type of thing. So I told him, We told them to go to this truck stop because we keep getting a load to unload nearby and like, oh, go to this truck stop and wait for the next load. And he foresaw that we were gonna let him go and getting your equipment back is always a questionable thing. We've there's plenty of stories, if you talk to in the trucking space that people just leave you at a truck stop in the middle of Kansas, and give you a bus ticket home. That happens quite often. But luckily, he was from Georgia. So we we told him to go to the truck stop. And then I had his weekly check. I was like, Hey, go inside. This is most important from my house, I will get you with the check and I'll get you inside. So for whatever reason, he emptied out his truck. Right at that point, when you okay, I'll give you a refund check. So I called them and me and Keith, we was like, it was like, felt like a 33:16 sting operation 33:17 thing or undercover sting operation. So I'm watching him, me and him are Washington keys in the car key drops, you know, I have a spare key on the truck. And I'm watching them unload the truck and move the truck. He parks it. As soon as he parks it and watch them. He goes inside. And he's like, Hey, I'm inside. Did not be there five minutes. 33:39 We hold on just pause right there. So let me just just try to because of some people may not understand what you just said. So let me just go over that a little bit. Right. So that you guys can understand. 33:53 What Daniel saying is 33:56 when you have a driver, right, that's that's driving your equipment. There is a high probability chance that if you were to tell that driver that you're going to fire him, and let's say he's on 20, rolling down coming to Atlanta, let's say you live in Atlanta, and he's coming to Atlanta, but he's, he's, he's when you call them he's on 20 and he's in Jackson, Mississippi. Well, once he hangs up the phone, there's a good probability that he's going to leave it at a Walmart, leave it on the side of the road, leave it at the you know, just anywhere and just leave the keys in there and haul and you know, just go wherever he wants to go. Some people drive the truck home. Yeah, they'll drive it all the way home where they'll get a buddy to come pick them up or something like that. Some people even go as far as far as to start selling some of your equipment off the truck. Like they'll start selling the tires off of it, or the turbo or something like that. All this time you're thinking you're at home, right and you're in your office and you're thinking that he is driving back to the home terminal and he's not you know, he's up to no good. So I had told Daniel that and said, Hey, you what you want to do? Because Daniel was going to call them and tell them Hey, bro, I can't do this no more, right? I told him don't do that. Don't do that. Especially not with somebody sporadic like that, and we don't know where he is mentally. Now, going back to what Danny was saying that I want you guys to pay attention to as well. What we're as he's telling the story, right? Daniels is going to fire him right? He's going to let him go. However, he has a sixth sense that that may happen, but we never told him so what he did was he wanted to jump the gun and quit. So he was trying to quit even not telling us we were trying to fire him not telling him so what he did was he didn't he didn't know we were there. So we're there watching him empty his truck out, emptied the truck out his his his you know, his linen pillows, you know, personal items. He was taking out of the truck and putting it into his personal truck. So that's what Daniel saying that what we were witnessing. We were watching it. Okay. 36:02 So I told I told them to meet me inside I'll be there in five minutes. So while he's while I watch them walk inside, I have a spare key I happen to truck and I drive away. I drive away. And as there's a there's a couple funny stories in this one but as I drive away exit, I exit the the truck stop. And I cut somebody off because I'm like, Are you out of here? I don't want this dude to catch me. So I cut somebody off side story within the story but side sort of the story that dude I cut off ended up calling the company number which was me and told them that some aihole Cut him off. 36:44 Oh, yeah, that's right. 36:47 That's a side story within the story is that he called me to tell me that I cut him off. So that's that's the funny story inside the story. But I drove it home. And I'm like, keep us go. Let's go. So I get back. I get that I get back to my house and I dropped the truck off. And I'm like, 37:04 Keith, I dropped my keys. 37:08 He's like, we're just jumped the keys, like, Dude, I must have dropped them by the trailer. He's like, You gotta be kidding me. I'm like, No, I think I talked about the trailer. So we drove back because I was gonna move my car and go back and go meet him eventually. But now I have to delay him even more to go get my keys. So we're driving back. And it's, it's probably a 10 to two minute turnaround, from where we dropped the truck off. And then we're heading back. And the good driver calls me he's like, 37:38 before he calls you remember? So going back, right? We're driving back and I'm giving Daniel all types of help. All types of hell I'm giving them right. So 37:49 right when the driver calls 37:50 him, and he says they at that time he mentioned he noticed that the truck was gone. Right? Yeah. Okay, so he's telling Daniel, hey, I think somebody stole your truck. We need to call the police or whatever the case may be. And so they they have their conversation and Daniel tells him, you know, saying, No, I'll call the cops. Don't worry about it. And then And mind you, I'm driving because we're in my personal vehicle. Now we dropped, we dropped the commercial truck off. We're in my vehicle, and it was in the passenger seat and then proceeds to say, Okay, I'm heading back to you. We'll I'll deal with it. You know, we'll deal with it when I get there. Daniel never hangs up the phone. 38:37 The show is sponsored by the list guys. Do you need more leads in your local or virtual market? One intense small businesses don't invest in any kind of marketing. The list guys have over 35 plus list types to choose from and you can mix and match any list or criteria. We also use to skip trace lists and provide up to seven numbers and email addresses. Every list you purchase will be scrubbed against previous purchases. The list guys are here to save you time. Contact the list guys today at www dot one. This guy's dot com. That's www dot the number one list. 39:15 Yeah, I never hang up the phone. I'm like, we just had a steel. We just had a steel chat from our driver. And now he thinks that he wants to call the police. I'm trying to tell him that and call the police because I stole my own truck from on driver 39:27 is all of a sudden he goes Hello, hello. They just hang up the phone and throws a bone down on it like they're screaming and I'm like, oh my god, oh my god. But I'm gonna tell you something. We got there. And I knew that the first thing we needed to do was get his keys or at least try to look for his keys. This guy never saw me. But he knows what Daniel looks like. He doesn't know what I look like. So I parked on the other side of the parking lot. 39:55 No, I dropped you off. You dropped me off. 39:57 Yeah, I dropped you off and then so I go through the parking lot and lo and behold, I don't know if you guys are religious or whatever. But you know the kiss keys are right there right where the truck was. And I picked him up. I text him and said, I got your keys. 40:12 Yeah. I think I handled that I handled that part of it. But my, my I dropped my keys to cut somebody off on the way out telling somebody or telling the tunnel driver that I stole my truck from my own driver, and the police situation. That was the combination of the story. But check this out. After I got my keys, I drove back to the truck. There was a powder of like white substance in the truck. 40:39 Yeah. Yeah. 40:41 Call the police and they tested it CFS cocaine or not. I don't want to I don't like I'm driving a commercial vehicle. If I drive this to my parking lot, where I parked the truck by get pulled over like now I'm like, I just got to call the police right then and there and have them double check it because that whole that was the craziest craziness. Out of everything that happened in the last two in those two years of operating a trucking company. But that it's it's kind of it's kind of it's funny now. It's funny now, but it's one of those things where 41:18 like, I went through a lot. Yes, yes. And 41:24 I would probably say that's probably top three. Oh, crazy stories. But mind you guys, we there's a whole you know, we can we can say here for about another day or two telling you stories. It's ridiculous. Oh, oh, the things that we had to go through to make things happen. You know, um, you know, what we what we did? And everything. You know, we try to take care of business as best we could to keep the real, the wheels rolling, to keep the money coming in, you know, and sometimes, you know, you might find yourself in those situations where sometimes the right thing isn't the right thing. And you just got to do what you got to do. Yeah, 42:07 a lot of lot of I learned so much about trucking, I learned so much about dealing with random people I counsel as like marriage counselor to the couple. I mean, I had to deal with, I had to talk about sports with the with the sports driver, he's wanting to talk. I mean, I dealt with a lot of different stuff, I probably went through maybe 15 drivers. I have another I have another crazy store driver, too. It's not it's not like crazy crazy. But it was one of those things where like, I hired a guy, he passed insurance. I put them on the first day of driving for training. And then the insurance called me while he was driving. And like, Oh, you haven't let this guy start, have you? I'm like, No, I'm sorry. And he's literally in the driver's seat next to me. And he's like, Oh, he has a, I don't know if it was like an accident or something on his license, or like, oh, he can't drive right now. Like, if he's caught driving, we're gonna have to, like, let you go as an insurance provider, and I'm sending you a document right now saying that you never let them drive your truck. And I'm like, okay, bro, you gotta pull over. 43:17 Right? Yeah, that, that, that 43:23 you got to pull over right now. Because insurances, if, like, if you are caught driving, they're gonna drop me as an insurance. 43:30 Yeah, and that's, 43:31 that really goes to, to, you know, another degree as far as, you know, the, the experiences we had with our, with your factoring company, the experiences that we've had with your insurance company, I mean, we're, you know, if you remember, we switched. 43:49 You know, we switched a factoring company, 43:51 you're in and always switch to insurance and you're in such factoring into your into. And then 44:00 that was, I mean, there were the people it was just negotiation, I mean, it's not an no wild story on that one, but just let you guys know that, you know, there's always going to be nuances, there's gonna be changes, you know, you just have to roll with the punches. You know, not everything is going to be just, you know, really, really just close, tight knit and everything works perfect. You know, we were, we were trying to optimize the business at the time, we were trying to get them you know, try to get the most bang for our buck, you know, so that we can keep going. The goal was to get to five trucks, and we actually did get there because we, he purchased three, and we had added on to owner operators, which I don't know if you want to get into that part because it really doesn't. It really doesn't it's not it doesn't really aid in the reason why we're telling or telling the stories or doing the video, but let's just say that we did meet our goal, but as Daniel was saying at the same time, 45:01 he was the mastermind 45:04 and you know, cooking up the sauce in the kitchen for hive mind. So I'm calling him telling him, you know day to day telling him you know what's going on the loads the money, the you know what's going on. And he's what you see, you know, the logo and everything. And guys, I know him from hive mind that he was simultaneously that's how his mind was working in the daytime, he would be on the phone with me about trucking 45:31 at nighttime, he'd be, you know, that said on putting together 45:37 decide my concept and well now back then it was a concept. Now it's not. It's the real deal now. So 45:44 one thing I really want to mention too, is that we never, for good reason we never talked about like rates on this video, a lot of people talk a lot of crap about it, they make certain amount of money and 45:59 underlying, sorry, 46:02 underlying they make a lot of money, or they do 10,000 hours a week and trucking and all that stuff. The truth is about all that stuff, it's most time it's lies, that actually tell you about the true cost of trucking. A lot of people don't understand, like, what I had, when I had five trucks, I was paying $10,000 a month in insurance. So I had to make $10,000 just to cover insurance that didn't cost fuel. I mean, I set up a few I sort of had a driver start to do all that stuff. So I wouldn't even be into potential profit to like two to three weeks in and depending on how good or bad drivers took off a week for vacation or they got sick. Like all that stuff when I started pay $10,000 a month and insurance. So you don't really understand like the underlying cost of everything, when you're running an operation that large, that it's really taking a toll on your bottom line. So trucking rates we never talked about in this video, just because they vary, they jump there, they vary based off of where you are the very waste of the load you're carrying, they vary based off a distance you're traveling, if you're traveling 200 miles, they might pay you a certain weight, but they're gonna make you wait at the pickup and delivery points. So you're literally sitting in a parking lot for eight hours for 200 bucks, like and yet have spent a few $100 on fuel. 47:21 Well, actually, 47:23 if you remember, that was actually one of the one of the pieces that we were indifferent about when we, when we first had our first little spat was that majority of people and what he's talking about, right when he said about rates, a lot of people they want to stay or have this thing about, you know, you have to stay above $3 a mile or whatever it is right. And he was stuck on that. I'm telling you guys he like and this is majority of the clients I have. So it wasn't nothing new for me. But 47:55 that had a lot to do with 47:56 our friendship, or the beginning of our friendship and, and our friendship. Last thing is that I somehow I was able to convince him and get him into my mindset. Whereas I understand that that's important. I really do. I mean, I know numbers. But I was trying to get him to concentrate on the gross at the end of the week, and the gross at the end of the month. And once you're able to do that, then you you meet your quota. Now you can start trickling down. And basically what I did, what we did was we started working or analyzing backwards. So as you hear, we made it, we made it to our goal. But once we got their we started worrying about or trying to focus on where were the fuel discounts coming from? Where were the discounts coming from from factoring, because we were doing so high numbers. How can we leverage the truck payments, the the the 48:56 getting more trailers, trailer payments, paying the drivers, you know, all of that stuff. And it's very, very difficult to do that, you know, on day one. And I try to tell everybody this, 49:09 my way might not work for you. And vice versa. But I'm telling you I've had more success with clients to understand gross first, make your money as much as you can. Then you work backwards and figure out where you can change or tweak what you need to tweak. 49:31 Forever February here, like I said, I'll be I mentioned that sort of on the video but over two years, this was 2019 2018 when I started this 2018 2019 We did $550,000 in revenue 49:45 over two years. How can we say out so what was your age again? 49:50 I was I was 2526 49:55 Six guys, listen, you gotta listen to that. 2526 do fairly new half of what, you know, he knew at that time. Um, and then after that, or let's just say at the same time, he's coming up with the concept of hive mind. I mean, you got to, you know, I mean, come on, that's that that's they deserve that, you know, because you guys out there, I know, I know guys out there now that are hanging on by a mere thread with just one truck and thinking that the world is coming down on him. And I'm telling you right now, I would bet any kind of money that is because of your approach to trucking. And I think this is what this video was more or less what it's about is that your approach to trucking like he mentioned, we're not going to get into the rates, we're not going to get into what brokers you should be dealing with, if you should have a dispatcher or not, which I do have analytics on them. But you definitely want to if it's not a dispatcher, then get with somebody or team up with somebody that has the ability to, I would say for lack of better terms, has the ability and has the smarts to get in and out of the issues that you may find yourself in. You know, it's not necessarily a person that knows it all. Or it's perfect, but just somebody that has the intelligence that can guide you in and out of those those those circumstances and get out as less scathed as possible. Yeah. 51:21 And like I said, I don't regret going down this path at all. I mean, I learned so much about management. I mean, hiring firing out a fire my first employee, it's never fun, but you have to do 51:33 that. That's a story you should have told. That's not that was when you speak about relationships. And you speak about this trucking industry and finding drivers. That was the story you should have told. 51:49 Me I don't you remember that? Honestly, I don't even know started talking about 51:51 what would you just said firing your friend member? The first guy we? 51:56 Oh, yeah. Yeah, I 51:58 forgot about that story. 51:59 That was and that that even left me speechless when he told me even afterwards, because it had a rippling effect. 52:06 Yeah. personally, professionally, 52:10 and personally. And that's what I go on by telling you guys relationships, right? Relationships are key, especially in the trucking industry. You know, you got to team up with somebody that knows, but as somebody you can trust, and somebody that's going to, you know, I mean, me and Daniel, and I'm not gonna say it again. It's probably my third time saying is me and Daniel would not have went through all of that, and then came out on the other end and still been, you know, still being friends. If it wasn't for me finding some way for him and I to get on the same frequency, get on the same accord. 52:47 And that's how it happened. Yeah, so 52:53 I guess I learned I learned I learned a lot going through this. Perfectly. The story talking about I hired a friend of mine that worked for me and my company. I heard him he refused to work. I ended up losing like seven grand off of that one. And never pulled one load those crazy. I think I think one of the reasons why I went down was the people I partnered with, they took me down. Nobody could carry their weight, or they weren't as determined as I was. So they're the ones that eventually brought me down. But a lot of this like I said, I learned I learned a lot. I went through a lot of different experiences. Talk to a lot I went through a lot of drivers. Like I said, I got I got a friend out of it makes me and kids me and Keith when we make he's been with us for five years. I do want I do have one final question. I want to show you this. So this was when I left Georgia. This is actually my truck. Last time I drove it and this last time I drove a truck in general with full circles last truck I drove first Oregon drove and this is my trailer ended up loading up all my stuff into this from Georgia and that's how I moved to California. I moved all my stuff cross country and one of my own truck and trailers and that's how I ended up in California but that was last time I drove that truck and that was last truck I drove so my truck in general I let my CDL go about a year ago and that was never again but let it go I let it go. But it kind of comes full circle and like I said I enjoyed every part of it like you said it gave me a lot of life lessons I learned a lot from business I learned a lot from troubleshooting dealing with issues on the daily for everyone is know Trucking is a 24/7 job if you're the owner or the operators 24/7 job because I drive to work and I please give me a job so we're gonna make Christmas, New Year's and drivers working issues go down who they call we call the boss so it teaches you to troubleshoot and troubleshoot fast because a lot of times like you're these drivers that understand 55:05 that I need this fixed now and I'm like, you meant to wait till the morning. It is what it 55:11 is. Can I can I? Can I interject with a question? Yeah. So it may 55:18 hit home a little bit. But I want you to just take a minute to think before 55:22 you answer in hindsight. 55:27 And this is, let's just say this is a, an adjacent universe, right? We're in a multi universe is a whole nother universe. If you had not had the vision for hive mind, and you had the ability to just continuously stay focused at that moment where we were, you know, we were not we're not we didn't go into detail. Like as, like I said, Guys, we didn't go into detail about, you know, once we hit our five truck goal, and then the decline from there. But Daniel knows what I'm talking about, at that point. 56:01 At that apex, if you had the chance 56:05 to devote and go back to devoting 100% into the trucking company, where do you think it would have went from there? 56:16 Know and I'm glad you brought that up, too. Because I think a lot of people, they, they might mute it. I think a lot of people, they you question how much work it's gonna take and you don't realize the struggle and effort it's going to really take to get where you want to go. And I think a lot of this determination is what led me down this path to create something even better is that I went through a lot of pain to trucking, a lot of pain. Like I didn't talk about I didn't talk about a lot of stuff but I kind of gave you the highlights and some of the key points but there's so much I went through a lot of growing pains and it was like based off of my inexperience as as entrepreneurs and experience as a adult dealing with stuff I've never had to deal with a lot of those so much growing pains that I went through mindset wise. I'm glad I went through them because it forced me to put everything everything that I have into what I'm building at that time. And I took that same energy and put it in the hive mind which is everybody here if you listen to this, you're a product of the issues I went through trucking. That's the reason this is even established now is all this stuff came about because the putting in the effort it really takes to produce something 57:36 cool. Cool. Okay, guys, there you have 57:41 it Keith, what is your quote that you really want to say in this for this episode? Well, I 57:45 would say that my number one quote right now comes from Deion Sanders you guys should know who he is. He's training the newest head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes and that quote is relationships promote respect respect provokes a response and a response breeds results. Yeah, let that sink in. 58:02 This kind of brings up another quote that you said to me because I think you mentioned it right before and I forgot to the tracking was I think you quoted me when I said it was I'd rather ruin my credit and my credibility. 58:12 Yes, that is that is that was a good one. Yes. And I still live by that one as well. I still live by and again guys you can take this you know, outside of trucking inside of trucking lifelong lessons. 58:22 Yeah, yeah, I remember I just send that one to you and you're like you like screenshot and you put out one of your little cards and I'm like, Okay, I'll take that one. I'll take that I'll take that W thanks guys. Everybody gear man if you if you're looking to start on the trucking man just make sure you you you go about the facts man. There's not going to be might not be all green and roses but it takes a lot of effort takes a lot of capital takes a lot of pressure dealing with situations that sacrifice it's a lot man slap make sure will capitalize make sure you understand what you're diving into make sure this is for every business venture man just just doing all you can while you can. 59:00 Your credit later. Yeah, 59:03 I mean, if you don't mind me bringing up a point when I when I reason why I went out sacrifice so much. I mean, so there was a point where Daniel Daniel never complained, you didn't complain a lot. But let's go back to the daycare app. And his his pregnant wife. And correct me if I'm wrong, but there was a point where she had to go to the hospital. You were just getting back from 59:24 main main. And that was I booked 59:28 that load. It was a lot of money. I bring this up because like I said the sacrifice, right? I've got clients now that would tell me hell no. And they just won't do it. Right. And then the next week later or next month later, they're a month behind on their payments. You know the total their livelihood is all gone to crap and then they're now they're trying to play catch up and their their anxiety is at an all time high. Right? But luckily nothing happened right? This let's just say you know, thank God nothing happened. But Daniels sacrifice, made that money came back and then still took care of what he needed to take care of at home. And I really, really, to this day, I mean, even when you did it, I told you, right, I was really, really proud of him. And happy to did that, you know, God forbid nothing. We know that nothing happened. 1:00:17 But just saying, What if he had that mindset? And he didn't? Well, I don't know if our 1:00:24 stories would be talking like this, you know, it could have ended up because it was a lot of money going to me. That was that was, that was a good payoff going up there and coming back, in a decal, mind you. So sacrifice is really big. I'd be remiss if I didn't say this to you guys, Daniel, please in the comment section or whatever, put my email address, and phone number, business phone number, there's a phone number. And if you guys have any questions, comments, concerns, you can give me a call. If you just want to call in and get to know a little bit more details. Well, we didn't go in there, I'm pretty sure I get the green light from Daniel to to chop it up and have those stories, because, like he said, he learned, you know, and a lot of times we should hear these stories, you know what we did in the past or what we went through so that others don't have to go through it, or they can learn from it and pivot another way, I feel free to give me a call. I'm open to working with anybody that really wants to work. If you just trying to get a quick check, I can tell you right now, transportation is not in it, you have a better chance of working at McDonald's. If you do want to, you know, get into transportation, and you need some help or get some questions. I'm your guy. 1:01:30 Everybody here has made it to this point. Maybe it wasn't a regular video when he said it wasn't meant to be regular video, but I appreciate you listening in. And like I said, this is this is my story. And this is my story I wanted to tell. And I hope you all enjoyed that. And I will see you for the next episode because we're always talking about cool and interesting stories. So this is just another one of those but this is my story that I wanted to tell so Thank you Keith for coming on. Thanks for participating in this one. I know getting my cameras that was asking so I appreciate him doing that for me but like i said i I hope y'all enjoyed this episode like so we'll see on the next episode. Go like share, subscribe, share with your friends. Like I said this whole video is meant to help people to really understand the truth about sharking in the goods and Bad's those the highs and what can be what can come about it if you do do it. So if you're already there, please watch it to the end. And we'll see in the next up. So thanks guys. Thanks for watching this video. We hope you found value please like subscribe and hit the bell to watch more videos just like this one.

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I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!