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Feb. 20, 2023

Ep 335: Working With Difficult Sellers As An Agent With Matt Cavanaugh

Ep 335: Working With Difficult Sellers As An Agent With Matt Cavanaugh


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0:00 Hey, welcome to the next episode of the hybrid those podcast. I'm your host, Mr. Daniel Martinez. Today I have a special guest, a real estate agent investor out of Northern California. His name is Matt Cavanaugh. I was on his podcast, the Freelancers podcast, please go check it out. We're gonna have a great conversation today. But today is actually a bonus episode. Thanks for tuning in today. Mr. Matt Kavanaugh. What is your cool interesting story that you have about real estate man? 0:27 Yeah, so I have quite a few experiences, I have some as an agent, I have some as an investor. And then I have some now as a podcaster, getting to learn the experiences. But I would say one of my craziest ones is an agent, when I was early on as mailing these letters out to property owners not that all that different than you do to landowners. And I got this gal that wanted to sell with me. When we were trying to sell our property, we listed it two days later, we get a phone call from a buyer who said, Hey, I'd like to buy this property. But I need to let you know that I've already tried to make an offer on this house. And when I tried to make an offer on this house before the agent who was the agent at that time encouraged me to make an offer 100,000 below list price. We wanted to offer more, but the agent told us to offer that low. So we did. And then they offered and then three days later, the offer was rejected. And so they were like confused, didn't know what to do. So anyways, some time goes by that listing expires, we send the mailer, we get the listing, we bring the buyer, which is this person that called us we get the offer at the right amount, the deal goes into contract. Shortly after that, the seller comes to me and says, Hey, look, I need you to lower your commission because that wasn't your buyer. That was the old agents buyer. And I said, well actually, I think I should get a bonus because this buyer is actually paying more now because I wasn't trying to discourage an offer lower. Well anyways, seller ends up getting pretty upset, she ties a black bag around our yard sign. I know this because an agent that we had, that we're friends with called us and said, Hey, there's a black bag around your sign. So we said hey, will you take the black bag off? Two days later, there's a bigger black sign our black bag with a bigger rope. So we took the we took the sign down thinking like okay, well, we'll get through this, we'll get to the escrow. Well, this buyer had to sell their house. So we sold their house and found the buyer for that house. So there's four, you know, sides that are writing on this deal. We get two days before closing and the seller says hey, I'm not going to sign the seller docs, you can sue me if you want to, unless if you basically remove most of your commission. So we actually had to get a good battle where we sent an Attorney Letter to the seller finally seller came came together, sign the documents and be close. But it was That's my black backstory of being a real estate agent. 2:36 Sellers are crazy. 2:39 Crazy and you know, as an investor, but not any less crazy when you're an investor that when you're an agent. 2:45 Like the the good reason why they put a black bag over your end. 2:49 I just think that was her way of black balling or maybe even blackmailing. I don't know what that if there was some imagery there in her mind or not, but it was just like, hey, I don't want anybody to see his name. I was baffled. I'm like, I took this buyer, and actually got them up almost $100,000 Like, I thought I was gonna be like riding on a parade, you know, on a white horse, but not the case. 3:11 Yeah, the the man sellers are crazy. I think I made a tweet the other day was like, sellers are liars buyers are liars, agents, liars, wholesalers, liars, investors are liars developers a liar. is a liar. That's right. That's right. That doesn't say, when you talk about a story of like, like some blue stuff, like I would just pull the sign out, like I put a black bag over it. 3:37 Should have done it the first time. I ended up having to do that to the second one. I'm like, I don't know how big that that bag could have gotten. So 3:46 you can't explain the nonsense that comes with real estate because sellers are crazy sometimes, man, you can't even explain 3:55 it. Indeed, it's like you're you're dealing with them in their dreams, their money, like, like you say, if you if you mess with somebody's dreams, that's a big deal. If you mess with their family, you mess with their money, like you're dealing with all of that in one transaction. And so it's it's crazy how people who are normally very normal, very kind people, you get them in a real estate transaction and who knows what they're going to be like. 4:18 And here's the crazy part too, like your listing agreement agreed to pay the closing costs. So it's not like it was like something you didn't Correct? 4:24 Correct? Well, and on top of the fact that it was disclosed that we were representing the buyer and the seller, all the offer prices were disclosed, everything was communicated and agreed to I didn't tell one party anything the other party didn't want me to say so like every step of the way. There was complete consent and disclosure. And yet it was like she probably called because the old agent was her friend so she probably called the old agent up and was like Hey, you know we got this under contract and they found out like oh, you know, and that agent wanted to cut so she probably want to take cut for me to give to that agent, even though that agent told them to offer 100,000 less than less price which to me Be like I still cannot figure out like, Why in the world when you're an agent for somebody and their friend, would you encourage somebody to offer way lower than list price? 5:08 sounds fishy. It sounds fishy. There's more to the story that we don't know there is 5:13 for sure. For sure. 5:17 I hope you liked this episode. Please go check out the next one. I thanks, Matt for coming on and telling that story. Sellers are crazy. So I'm gonna leave you with we'll find you online. We're gonna find you online. Matt. oh, where 5:32 can we find me all? Yeah, so freedom chasers podcast. So you can go on Apple podcast, you can go on YouTube. You our link tree is link tree slash freedom chasers podcast. Any of those will get you there. 5:44 There you go. So check them out. People are crazy. Have a good day, guys. We'll see you next week.

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