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Jan. 9, 2023

Ep 323: The Power Of Perseverance

Ep 323: The Power Of Perseverance
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In this episode,  Anthony Gaona and Daniel Esteban Martinez discuss the importance of perseverance in the real estate industry and as an entrepreneur in general. They talk about the benefits of perseverance, such as the ability to see projects through to completion and learn from mistakes. They also share their personal experiences with businesses that they didn't enjoy and encourage listeners to find something they love to avoid burnout. They offer advice for new entrepreneurs on how to persevere, such as setting goals, surrounding oneself with a supportive network, and finding motivation within oneself. They encourage listeners to keep pushing through challenges and strive for success.


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0:01 Hey, what's up, everybody? Welcome to another quick high minus shorts. We want to talk today about perseverance. We've been dealing in real estate for about four years now, Daniel, myself, our experienced entrepreneurs, we've developed and failed at plenty of businesses in our day. And we've happened to find success in software and real estate. We want to talk a little bit about perseverance. Because I think what we've been seeing since the beginning, since we've been in real estate, we've seen a lot of people come and go. And it's pretty easy to identify the people that are that are going to do well, because they have that, that persistence about them, right, you can see them even when they don't know anything at all. They're just trying to get into momentum. And then they see like, they'll get a deal right away. Some people have started selling properties for us. So they'll find a buyer right away and get a deal instantly. And it's the only thing that I can identify that separates somebody who's going to do well, and somebody who's not going to do well, is the ability to persevere when things get tough. And that's what we want to talk about on this podcast. 0:56 Yeah, power, perseverance. A lot of people like you said, I've seen so many entrepreneurs fall in the wayside. And it's a terrible thing to see. And there's like, there's really not a lot we can do. I mean, as as me and Anthony, there's not a lot we can do on that side of it. But I think it's like finding your internal energy to just continue on. I think it's the it's the it's the burnout. say about it happens, because like, there's people that might like that, they'll start like a random business, and they'll end up hating after five years. Yeah. So it's like, it's like, it's like, I think it's a cliche, but people tell me like, oh, find what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. I think it's very cliche like that. But it really is like that. Because if you don't find something you love, you'll burn out eventually you're like, Man, I don't want to deal with these type of customers. I don't want to deal with this type of business anymore, and you'll burn out and you'll end up selling for whatever reason, and not that your exit strategy shouldn't be thought about first, but like, really find something you love. And there's so many cool things out there. And I think me and Anthony kind of fell into land and end up being we've loved land like I don't see myself ever falling out of land. It's really become like a love of love of mine, you know, and software to man, it's been dope dealing with software to like, and my first business was trucking and I hated it. Like every second I freaking hated. And Anthony was like Construction wise, like I hated doing that too. 2:26 Yeah, I liked it because like you're kind of like an artist in construction. And when you build things we build a nice big stone shower so it's cool to look at but then ultimately I didn't love busting my ass breaking my back hurting myself cutting myself ruining my hearing. You know, like I love that from an artist the inner artist in me but didn't love beaten up on my body for in exchange for dollars and then selling all my hours for dirt cheap. I am enjoying land. I really like jumping the fences walking the properties are super beautiful. It's very serene out there. Just the other day I went with my son we went it drove a ranch and it was all full of mud and I just bought a brand new you know $75,000 truck, put a lift on it with tires just so I can drive to these ranches. And the guy's like you want to go my truck you're gonna get yours dirty. I'm like man, it's when I bought it for came back with my brand new truck off full of mud, ripping it up my son we had a good time going sideways in the truck ripping through the mud and going down those trails. But we walked far, we probably walked a good you know, half to three quarters of a mile to go back there and and check out the property and it just rained. So we're walking through slop trying not to slip. And it was a cool experience. Man, you know, this first time I'd been out there with my boy. And I really am enjoying like showing them like this is how you make money. That's how you move lots of dollars, right? That's just like a sovereign citizen that's out there flipping land looking at stuff, you know, every deal we're doing now is in multiple hundreds of 1000s of dollars, you know, million dollars $2 million. So it's getting really, really interesting. But it's cool to think about that there's people out there making moves like that, and we are those people. But I think what you said earlier about perseverance, like that cliche thing, like you gotta have something that's important to you like your family, some kind of driver, your wife, your kids, something that's going to push you to to just keep on persevering when things suck. But there's also another game that I've been playing for a very long time. And I think we're gonna move into this space a lot more in the podcast. I do a lot of like mental things like play mental games, and I induced chemicals on myself to make myself want to participate, right? Be it either like caffeine, which I have recently gave up coffee, but it's still coming back to it every now and then on the days that you need it. But different types of like creatine amino acids, peptides, there's different things you could do to put your body and your mind in a different state to push you even to help you persevere when you're not feeling up to it. So I think like having that personal belief system, like having your family they're your friends or something that pushed you like that extra driver on the days that you need it. There's also a lot of chemical drivers, right that can help you keep your brain in focus and keep your keep your you know body feel like moving forward. Even when you feel like you shouldn't we're gonna start to move into a lot more of that in this podcast coming up. 4:55 One thing I really want to mention too on my side I know it's not about health but you The results of what we do drives me to, because like, the reason why I do this is because I want people to learn to do real estate and hopefully land. And then the software. It's like, I want people to Excel or Excel. And we're providing products and services for people to excel. And I think seeing that makes me want to continue because I'm like, Why? Why would I want to stop or cut this thing off that helps people do better, you know, in business and in life and a lot of different things. I'm like, Man, that right there is like, it's like my own internal fuel of people succeeding around me that I have to persevere. So like, You got to find like different health reasons why you need to pretend you need to find your why you need to find your your business why, of why you should do this thing. I think one of the coolest things about me and Anthony is that we're building this thing big because we know the amount of influence and people that we can make rich around this thing that we're creating. That's what drives us to build hive mind like it's that's that's the biggest driver right now is that the thing we're creating is going to influence a lot more people's pockets and generations and lives, even down to our virtual assistants. Like I like we're changing lives across the country just through hiring VAs and stuff like that, and people here as well. And all of our all our clients that do dispo and stuff for us. So it's kind of cool. The the power of influence just by you making money, it really trickles down through the ranks in a lot of different ways. 6:30 Yeah, dude. So like, speaking of that, right there, right. So you got to keep your body get engaged, you got to keep your body flush with chemicals that are going to keep you continuing to move forward. Right. So just getting that dopamine high from giving our workers bonuses, right, they're overseas, and you just give them a week or two bonus into them. They're like, Oh, dang, like, they didn't expect that, you know, so they feel good about that we feel good about it. It keeps me high as a kite to see our people winning, to take somebody who's brand new, and then see them get into momentum to make that first big check. Right? To see their wives and their kids. Like he's just like, they're starting to just feel the ether that we're feeling. So that's another thing is like if the people around us are winning, it makes it very, very easy to continue to push chemically. Because you're getting though that extra boost of testosterone, that extra boost of dopamine, seeing your family and your friends when so that's another cool thing is like it's kind of a self feeding funnel. We do what we do we help other people when you get a good little dopamine rush and to help more people when so kids keeps coming back minutes. It's a really, really good spot to be it's really cool business. 7:26 Yeah, so power, perseverance, man. I think we can go a little bit further into it. But I think for everybody, just if you're stuck, start doing something. And then once you start, you'll kind of feel your way out into why you're doing what you're doing. And like I said, there was a there was a that was a few years ago. ligules was last year that like, and one of the speakers is like, there's like 600 people in the room. Next year after this turn cycle. There's probably be like, a third of you here in real estate still sounds but there's that there's that big turnover, like real estate agents, they fall in and out. Same thing with investors, wholesalers, like if you're not doing the business, and you don't like doing the business. I mean, I've seen the wholesalers that I used to network with back when I first started they're doing roughing now and solar and like it's just one of those things they've ventured off into whatever and then No, no, no faults of them. It's just real estate is not may not be your thing. 8:29 Yeah, I think push through guys persevere. Something that I've seen from Daniel myself persevering, because we've had a lot of slick spots to I don't know what you guys think about when you watch these podcasts. And man, these guys just took off like a racket. But then we've had so many low spots. It's crazy. Because you get a lot of capital, you distributed into more deals, you get a lot of capital you distributed, it's more deals marketing like so there it comes in waves. And there's also those emotional waves like one day we're high one day, we're low. So we've been through it all. But one thing that we are noticing from pushing through and persevering is now that things are trying to become cumulative stuff that we looked at six months ago, a year ago, two years ago, they're starting to cycle through and the bigger following and audience we get we're trying to do deals with more people stranger hitting us up, like, hey, we were watching the podcast, we wanted to do so do that perseverance, something that's really really paying off in our business right now more so than ever is the cumulative momentum that we're getting just from sticking with it and pushing through. And we know 2023 is going to be an insane year, it's gonna be our best year yet we already have more on the books for next year than we made this year. Right and next year hasn't even started yet. So if you combine with what we have on the books plus what we're gonna accumulate 2023 It's gonna be a big year. We're excited. 9:29 Yeah, it's a lot of persistence. I think you said it well, too. Sometimes you don't see results right away. You really don't. And it's just takes that as painful man, you 9:41 gotta push. It takes it takes that 9:42 momentum to build up where it actually breaks through some in some way, shape or form, whether it's through the audience wise, or through that one person that brings you a big deal, whatever, like it's, you gotta, you gotta like produce, produce, produce, produce, produce, produce produce, and knowing that it's going to pay Ah, 10:01 sometimes when there's no reward in sight, you gotta be you gotta be a crazy person. That's why I said like, either you got to trick yourself chemically. Like why do you need to take a shot of whiskey, take a hit off a joint, do something, something to push yourself through that whatever it takes. You can't give up. You can't quit something has to be more important to you than that. Like I said, even if you got to, you know, hit CrossFit. Get an adrenaline rush do something to get yourself chemically prepared to continue to persevere even when times get tough. That's all we got. Guys, this was the thing is a dope episode. Persevere, keep pushing through. If we can help you with anything ever. You know, you can reach out to us anytime. Admin hivemind And check us out on Instagram Tik Tok Facebook everywhere. We're publicly out there. I think there's a CRM company out there that is touching our people the way that we are. We're physically working with people taking phone calls doing deals with these people. Jay being helping raise funds. What do we raise yesterday? 2 million 10:48 $2 million. That was crazy. 10:51 Guys, reach out to us hit us up hive mind CRM. Hope everybody has a Happy Happy New Year as you'll see. 10:57 This episode will release after New Year so 2020 screen 11:03 alright guys, talk to you soon. See you later. Bye

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Anthony Gaona

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Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!