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Jan. 6, 2023

Ep 320: Meeting Brittany Spears & Tommy Lee Doing Radio With Mark "Kid" Corona

Ep 320: Meeting Brittany Spears & Tommy Lee Doing Radio With Mark
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0:02 Hey, welcome to today's episode, I have a special guest, Mr. Mark Kitt Kuroda out of Arizona, we have a cool, interesting story that we're covering in the breakdown today. So what's your cool, interesting story? Mr. Corona has been a radio host for over 20 years, and he has a product called Object trivia. If you haven't seen the episode, go check it out. It's probably before this one a few episodes before, so definitely go check it out. What's your cool story, man? 0:28 So I remember I was in LA and I was auditioning this, like 2005. And I was auditioning to be on a radio station called Kiss FM, which is basically the biggest radio station in LA and I was called in for it. And you don't usually get called for these stations, right? Like this is like, you have to be really good. I'm not tooting my own horn, but that's what it is. You have to be good. Or you're not even getting a call. So I got that call. They're like, Yeah, we love what you know, we love your demo. You know, it sounds great. Blah, blah, blah. You want me to come in and do a weekend? I'm like, Yes, kiss FMLA I am there. Walk into the studio first night is great. You know, second night was bizarre, it was probably the most interesting thing that's happened to me. Probably up to that I'm gonna see up to that point. All of a sudden, I see somebody knocking on the studio door. And I'm just like, Heck is that? And I see some people looking there's a little square window, right? It's a big door with those square windows. Somebody's like peeking in I'm like, do not come into the studio when I'm on the air. Okay, you just don't do that. And the honor light is on is on. So they know not to walk in, right. So I was I just see a guy, you know, like, again, poking their head. I'm like, What the heck is going on? So finally, I'm like, Yeah, you know, come on, come on what's going on here? You know, I thought maybe somebody's trying to clean the studio. I don't, it's a weekend, you know, so I'm like, offices are closed. So I don't know who the heck is there and you have to have a key card to get in, in the first place. How they got into this day is beyond me, because of what happened I totally even erased that part of my memory. All of a sudden here comes walking in this guy, another guy. And in the middle is freaking Britney Spears walking into the studio, asking me to play her new song. And I'm just like, What the heck is going on here? Because he I just got a new song. So you know, I know so and so and so and so. So it's gonna be fine if you can just play the song. And I'm like, oh, whoa. Holy would never have expected Britney Spears walking out of nowhere into my studio on a weekend asking you to play your song. Unbelievable. That to me was probably one of the greatest stories ever. There's one more. It's Did you have a question? Yeah. Did you? 2:35 Did you play the song? Oh, no, I 2:36 did. Yeah. It's Britney Spears. Welcome to the studio. Please gonna play the song. Well, I 2:40 mean, I've never I've never been I've never been on radio. So I'm like, did you get like push it through and get like, approve what songs? Like, I don't know. 2:52 In any other situation, you know, a lesser known artists, I'd probably be fired for it. In this situation, I'd be fired for not doing that. Means, like, you got to do it. Um, one of the one that's that was significant to me is this probably about 2001 or two right around there. I don't know if you know, Tommy Lee, the guitarist, the drummer, I'm sorry, the drummer from Motley Crue. Tommy and Pamela, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, you know, we're married. So if you don't know who that is, you need to look them up. But you know, super famous. So Tommy Lee is rolling through Palm Springs, apparently. And he's listening to the radio. And I'm just about to get off my radio shift, right. So I'm like getting off. It's like three or 530 in the afternoon. And so I'm doing my last break and whatever. So I get out of the studio, pick up my stuff. And I'm walking out to the lobby. I opened up the door. And it had it was a double take for me. I open up the door. And all of a sudden, I'm like, This guy's walking right past me. And I look at him and I'm like that. What the hell was that? Tommy Lee? Dude, I run back into the state of the station. And I'm like, What is Tommy Lee doing here? I'm like, I'm gonna take my opportunity to interview the guy, right? He's there to see me. Even knowing this, he's like, he comes over and they're like, oh, kidding. They're coming over they Corona. Hey, Tom, and he wants to meet you. So Tommy's like, Hey, man, I'm driving through Palm Springs and I had to stop by your radio station. I love your show. Love your show. And dude, we you know we got pictures together and all that stuff. And that to me meant the world right there that is something that will remember for the rest of my life. That uh, you know, a musician of his status is walking telling me turned around to come to the radio station telling me that he loved my show. That to me was one of those things that I could not happy with. You know, 4:48 it's a you when you when you're just producing you don't know who's actually listening. And it's kind of, it's kind of cool that he's like, he's not coming into the office like you're walking up with Okay, 5:00 exactly. He wants to know who Corona is, of course, he didn't want to look like right. So he's looking to see who I am. And that's when, you know, we put it together. But I'm like, wow, Tommy Lee just said that he loves my show. I mean, that's huge. In fact, I put it on my on my website. I have several stories of the celebrities that have interviewed over the years. And on my website, I included that on there. I put on there how Tommy Lee walked in, you know, and everything I just told you right now. I'm like, that's one of those stories I'm never gonna forget. And then Beyonce given me a kiss. That's another good one. I shouldn't write a letter with that. I just now thought about that. That was way when she was with Destiny's Child though. 5:38 I mean, a yacht says Beyonce. 5:44 The queen bee it's true. Yeah, she was with Destiny's Child at the time. But yeah, they were super super sweet her in the in the rest of the girls is really really nice. Well, yeah, they all they'll give me a kiss on the cheeks. Not I don't want to see on the mouth. You know, because of the cheeks and they were calling me cutie pie. That's probably the one I should have led with. 6:06 Now, it's interesting, like I said, going to the radio route, like you probably meet a lot of interesting people. Like even nowadays, usually like these major Kiss FM is a major radio station. 100% Yes, it is. Would it make sense that you've met crazy people in your in your 20 year career? 6:24 Oh, yeah. Dude, I have man. It's it's been a wild ride and a fun wild ride. Let me tell you. I don't get jaded anymore. I mean that, you know, when your new editors, it's huge. Yeah. But after 20 years of doing it, you know, to me, it's just business as usual. You know, having these guys come in and stuff like that, interviewing them hanging out with them get invited to parties with them. It was just a it's life as usual. You know, at that point. 6:48 Well, for all the rest of normal people. That's pretty cool. Man, it's definitely interesting stories at Wow, a lot of cool people out there. You don't know it was? Yeah. You never do. You do what you're doing. And some some some some said somebody will say the impact you were impacted by that conversation. 7:11 And yours. 100. Yep. 100%, man. Yep. I agree with you. 100% on that. 7:17 It's very, very interesting. Where can people find you online? And so it's a little it's a little bit quick about Jack trivia. If you want to know more definitely want to do so. But for people here listen to this episode. What can people find you online and what's checked for you? 7:31 Yeah, they can find me Mark Corona, like the beer or like the virus, whichever one you choose. And Jack trivia is the only TV style game show for bars and restaurants. No one else in the world that we know of is doing this. We're the only ones who to you which is awesome. We went 7:47 really in depth into that. So definitely go check out the other episode for this so Oh, yeah, definitely. Definitely. Cool. Thanks for coming on man. Definitely unique interview. say the least. 8:00 Glad glad you liked it. Man. I enjoyed being on your podcast. I really did. 8:03 Well, what did you another one in Espanol. 8:07 Just as the moment he says my Miyama. Yeah, my name was acquired. Okay, 8:11 so if you speak Spanish, we're gonna do another one in Spanish, but not after this. We're gonna do another day. For everybody here. This is you see a Santa hat. This will probably be Christmas. So Merry Christmas, everybody. And thanks for coming on. The market Chroma. Yup. And Merry Christmas to you, man. All right. Thanks, man. Thank you, do you like so go like, subscribe, share with a friend. We'll see on the next one.

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