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Dec. 27, 2022

Ep 310: Automation Before Delegation with Daniel Martinez (The Real Estate Investing Club #268)

Ep 310: Automation Before Delegation with Daniel Martinez (The Real Estate Investing Club #268)
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0:08 Hello and welcome to another episode of The Real Estate Investing Club. I'm your host, Gabe Peterson and this is the place investors go to gain actionable advice, learn about current market trends, and hear more stories from other professional investors out there in the field today. Before we get started, I have two quick housekeeping items for you. First, if you liked this episode, we would very much appreciate a like, subscribe and share it is the best way to support the show and keep it running far into the future. Second, if you're a new investor looking to get started in real estate, or an experienced investor looking to take your investing to the next level, I have created an eBook just for you that will cover how to find deals that are actually deals, how to finance those deals with little to no money down and how to exit those deals for maximum value. On top of that, I throw in an insane amount of free bonuses that you'll have access to once you buy the ebook. All I charge is our admin costs to keep the show running. So if you're serious about real estate investing and want to create both active and passive income as an investor, head on over to the website at the real estate investing and click on the button that says Get ebook in the upper right hand corner to grab yourself a copy. With that said, let's dive right in today. We have a very special guest with us ready to drop some investor knowledge on Yes. So buckle up. Grab your pen and paper and enjoy the ride. All right, welcome back to another episode of The Real Estate Investing Club today we have Daniel Martinez with us. Daniel is from hive mind CRM. He is an investor, a truck driver turned investor turned software owner so he's been been there done that. I'm super excited to have him on annual thanks for showing up. 1:50 Appreciate it, man. Thanks for having me on. I love doing these. And I appreciate the time you give to do this. This concept for the community. 1:58 Yeah, for sure. I told you before we hopped on here, we'd like to start with stories. I know you got a good one because it starts with the truck driver. So why don't you take us back to the beginning. How'd you get started in real estate? 2:09 Sure, sure. So about five. No, I actually actually just load trucks. He's a premium forklift driver. I grew up in Chicagoland area never wanted to drive trucks just because there's snow out there. So I'm like, what happens? I ended up moving to Atlanta and Milena doesn't get smells like Hey, I could have done here before it seems a little interesting. So I did I did truck driving for two years, actually, my first entrepreneurship journey was into truck driving, or a truck trucking company. So I did truck driving, started a trucking company that for two years and then pivoted into real estate, and then fell into other things after that. But attribution attribution journey is really crazy. And you just kind of take paths as they come to you. 2:50 Yeah, yeah, it sounds. So you started as a truck driver. And then you started a trucking business. Yes. Gotcha. Is that were you hired individual truckers underneath you? Or? 3:01 Yeah, I got five trucks. At one point. I think we generated half a million dollars revenue in two years. 3:07 It's pretty crazy. And then gas prices went up, right? 3:11 Well, it was increasing about Trucking is that gas prices have gone up and the rates have gone up with it. So people are tighter? That sole reason why I left trucking in general, the margins closed down really quick. Business. So that's how I got on real estate. 3:28 Yeah, yeah, you got to margins are a huge thing. You know, I do I also run a side business in, you know, drop, ecommerce. And the margins are razor thin. And that kind of business you really got to watch out because you can definitely go under. We're not here to talk about that. We're here to talk about real estate though. So truck driver and then how did you get into actually real estate itself? 3:50 Um, it was not a necessity, man. I was trying, I was trying to pivot out of trucking. And I started learning about real estate investor agent, all that stuff. And I'm like, I learned about wholesaling. And then I ended up sort of doing PPC marketing while still doing truck driving. learned all the stuff there YouTube and podcasting about real estate as much as I could to kind of go after you have to do it. contracted a few properties. I ended up getting one in Florida land lot. And wholesaled kind of a country for 5000 Sold it for 12 and two days on Facebook marketplace. That's how I got into real estate. And now all we do is we do a lot of land right now currently. So I still stick to what my first deal was. And we do a lot of large acre lands. Oh man, 4:37 I love it. And so you guys, you know land is something unique. It's not it's it's a very niche market. But I love it because there's they're not making more of it. And it can be very lucrative, especially when you're looking at looking at the path of development. When it comes to identifying or sourcing your deals. Do you guys still do PPC or have you kind of branched out Got into direct mail other stuff? 5:02 No, we do mostly PPC and texting. We get referrals for deals all the time. Because we are mostly in Texas. We mostly do deals in Texas. So we do Trouble, trouble, title, airships, percentage of property and all that stuff. We do a lot of that cleanup work outside of work. So we usually get some referrals for those. But mostly we're doing PPC and texting. 5:25 Gotcha. I've, you know, I did PPC A while ago, I still do it for myself storage facilities just to get tenants. But when it comes to running PPC campaigns to generate Real Estate Leads, I've found that can be extremely expensive. Is that? Do you guys do just residential? Or do you do residential and commercial? And is it still, you know, $30 per click or something like that? 5:48 Oh, yeah, it definitely has been, we actually were actually running PPC for clients. It's one of our newer products that we're releasing, it's called the hive leads Hive But we're essentially launching PVCs. Whatever Mark you're trying to do, our goal is to eventually pivot into like a pay per lead basis, repeat leads, and you get leads instantly delivered. Because PPC, they're really hot, as hot as they're gonna get is when they first come in. So you need to be able to hit those leads immediately as soon as they come in. So we're trying to formulate a model around instant PVC deliverable leads. 6:22 Nice Yeah, and that is the thing when it comes to, especially on the residential side is Time is of the essence, if you don't get it out the door, then it is a dead lead. So what is your guys's turnaround time for you know, click to to disposition. 6:38 Um, it depends on the property. When you do PPC, you're gonna get like, really, really hot deals, you're gonna get really like, we had a client that got a lead yesterday. And it was just somebody they said it was the right person, right information, but somebody is submitting the information online to kind of spam him. And like stuff like that happens with PVC, like you're gonna get, you're gonna get really good leads, you're gonna get, like not even leads at all, and then you'll get like a really hot lead. So we've actually we got I think we got to two properties under contract last week just from our PPC that we're running. But it's one of those things we're like it varies. So we like targeting land. We've gotten some really good luck with doing PPC land. We've done over six figures over the last three years, multiple times just on PPC off of one little lead that comes in. So it's definitely profitable. You just got to keep it up and running. 7:32 Yeah, yep, for sure. And you guys constantly go in there and update your PPC campaigns? Or do you just, you know, make sure they're optimized from the get go and then kind of set it and forget it? 7:43 Oh, we're always tweaking it based off of keywords and stuff like that. So you always have to have somebody on it. So we have a person in house that's really good at PPC, that kind of like we weren't able to have the knowledge base, but we was better to bring in somebody that has more experience with it. And they help us optimize our PPC campaign to make sure we're always getting the best results possible. Because it is varies Google the Google algorithm changes every once in a while. So you have to adapt and change your your website and maybe your your keywords, all that stuff is all goes into it can be a little complicated. 8:15 Yeah, there's a lot to digital digital marketing is for sure. So when you submitted your form online for this interview, you put the title as automation before delegation. The big thing now is who not how it's hiring, and letting them go. So this is kind of it runs contrary to that wisdom. So why did you say automation before delegation. 8:36 So I part of our soft, we have a software called hive mind. A lot of people they they want to delegate every every like every previous was like delegation, delegation delegation. Well, a lot of things can be outsourced and sometimes even automated, where you don't have to delegate it at all, you might have to have overseeing, or you can set up automation to notify you when certain things happen. So it's one of those things where like, you can really get a better handle of your business, no matter what business you're in. We use it for real estate music for data company, we use it for a lot of different things, but it's one of the things we're like, if you can control a lot of those features through automation, you can really expand and amplify your work or your team's work that they're actually doing. 9:20 Make sense to me. So on you know, speaking through the your whole land business, or just any real estate business, what is what I guess what are the top few processes that you feel benefit the most from automation? 9:38 The best, one of the best things is just like instant deliverability and transparency. It helps with so many things like PPC leads instantly text email acquisition team is notified. There's a group message hey, we're going to cover this lead. Like there's instant transparency pushed out to everybody that's in there. We have an app and and texts, email notifications. So it's one of those things where like, everybody's on the same page, and you can really control a lot of like, I sent out seven or 50,000 emails last week, last month on automation. Typing that I wouldn't be ridiculous. So it's one of those things where like, you can really automate your outreach in a lot of different ways. No matter what type of marketing you're doing. 10:27 That makes sense. So you're just talking about, you're talking mostly about marketing, it automating your marketing, and not automating, you know, operations, anything on the property management side, but you're really looking at it through the lens of getting leads, getting those leads taken care of that kind of thing. 10:44 I mean, you can operate you can, you can automate the back end process too. So like, when a property goes into contract, the sudden if you're have your information, fill that property, you can send it to DocuSign, to auto auto prefilled. Just verify the information and, or if you hit underwriting, and you have underwriting person that underwrites those properties, hey, do step 125, make sure they're all done, and then put the information into the CRM. So it doesn't really matter what you're doing, you can always build a process around that and build SOPs, all businesses is SOPs, that's all businesses, doesn't matter what type of business it is, if you understand the process, and what it takes to actually do that business is built SOPs around that. And you have a business. 11:21 Perfect. Yeah. And SOP means standard operating procedure. And so what you're saying is just it's all you can break every business process down into a certain number of steps. And those steps can be can be put into well, mostly can be put into software systems. You know, humans do have to jump in there at some point. 11:41 Yeah. And that's where you work together. And you work together with the system to make sure you're operating as efficiently as possible. Yep. 11:47 Yep. Makes sense to me. All right. Well, I checked the clock, we did pass through our time, so it's time to jump into the quick question round. Are you ready? Let's go. Let's do it starts with books or any form of education this I'm a big bookie. So give me two recommendations, one for general life wisdom and one for real estate specific. 12:06 General wisdom, I like traction. And I'm not a bookie by no by no means I struggled reading books, traction was a good one. And then the one I read recently was 100 million offers by horns, Rosy, Alex. And those are two really great books, traction really gives you like an understanding of like, what you should find in a partner, whether you hire them or partner with them. And a lot of those are, you really need that other aspects. Whether you're a visionary or a integrator, you always need the other aspects to fulfill those needs. Because you can't do it all yourself. 12:41 Yep. Yep. That's, that's interesting. So he kind of broke it down into two, two buckets, one person being the visionary and one person being the, you know, get shit done kind of guy. Right. That's it. Interesting. I love it. All right, moving on. This one is for your younger self. So if you could go back to the Daniel, who had no experience in real estate, he was still, you know, running that trucking business, if you can go back to him, look him in the eye, give him one piece of advice moving forward. 13:08 Um, it always takes more work than you think it does. A lot of people do. A lot of people think that I'm doing all I can to get a deal. And this is what I thought when I first started, I'm doing all I can to do a deal. Honestly, what it takes to do real estate, you need to do more, whatever you think, is enough, you need to do more. And that's just the honest truth. And I didn't understand that when I first started. And it's always gonna take more, more time, more, more automation, more, more, everything just to get that first deal or even consistent deals, because, like, you can get stuck in a rut. And it's really easy to do that. And it's just yeah, but you got to do more. 13:45 That is, that's good advice. And I still remember the first time when, when that truth kind of, you know, when I realized that that was a truth, and it was when we were working with someone who was much, you know, much more advanced than we were, we were just starting out in the commercial side. And we, you know, we'd look for debt in the in, in the past, probably called 510 people looking to find somebody who would, you know, put debt on a property. And then this guy that we were working with who we're going to wholesale this commercial property to, I looked at his checklist for because he was reaching out to debt for this property that he was going to buy and they had reached out to over 70 different banks. And I was like, Holy shit, you really got to put a lot more effort into things and I think so that is good advice. I like I like that. You said that. Moving on. This one is for let's check it I lost my spot. All right, this is a good one for you. Because you run a tool, so I think I know what you're gonna say here, but give me one tool that you're you could not live without any business. 14:49 I'm out. Like it's, it's really biased. It's really biased hive mind but like literally, I'm telling you I operate I run an operate For different businesses from this one software, and it's really changed my life because like, what's really out there is like Podio. Everybody's like, everybody's heard of Podio, or views, Podio and Southpointe. And it's just like terrible, terrible, terrible process. It's really archaic. And it's a pain in the butt. Like with something unique is something that you no matter what it is, the timeline or some other software is something that you can go in there utilize, understand how to utilize it. Now you can amplify your your results whenever you do when you ever you are working, whatever that is, whether it's any other software out there, whatever, whatever you like, find something to help you amplify your work that you're doing. 15:40 Perfect, man, I love that. And yeah, I got started with Podio. No, I'm not throwing any shade to Podio because it is free and free is always good when you're just getting started out. But 15:49 it's only free to a certain point once he started doing something they started charging you. 15:53 Yeah, yeah. If you start putting a lot of volume through it, they'll definitely definitely start charging. Yeah. All right, moving on. This one is for the United States, you guys are into land. So there's a lot of land out there a lot opportunity to buy to do some deals. So give me one Metro One MSA that you are most excited about investing in today. 16:13 Um, Texas and Florida, Texas and Florida are really really hot markets. When it comes to land just because Florida, Florida, they subdivide little tiny lots, there's 1000s of little tiny lots all over Florida, you can get a really good deal on will send the inherited home or bottom really cheap. And there's you want to take a cash offer a lot of opportunity in Florida, Texas, because if you subdivide lots of 10 acres or more, you don't have to go to the county, you've seen a survey done. And you can create a lot of opportunity there. So 16:46 that's interesting. I didn't know know that about Texas. I own three properties in Texas. But that's cool to know about the subdivision there. Alright, and that Luke knew that moves us on to the last question. And this one's for the listeners, you've given us a lot of good advice. So give. Let everyone know the best way for to reach out to you and get in contact. 17:08 So you can actually text me at 210-972-1842 to 10972 1842. We have $1 course it's how to make six figures on one land deal. We've done it five times already. So we kind of provide information of how we did those deals, and how we're doing more of those the future. We actually have a podcast have those podcasts on all platforms. We're on YouTube search headlines here on every platform out there and we are there. Guaranteed. Even Pinterest, 17:37 even Pinterest. I love it. All right. Well, that wraps it up. David, Daniel, thank you very much for hopping on the show. 17:44 No problem. Thank you for your time. Definitely go check us out. Have a good day. 17:48 All right. And for everybody who's here with us today. Thank you guys for showing up. You are the reason we do this. So if you have any questions whatsoever, reach out to me Gabe with real estate investing Other than that, hope you have a great week keep rockin real estate and I look forward to seeing you on the next episode. Thank you for joining us for another episode of The Real Estate Investing Club. I hope you guys enjoyed the episode as much as I enjoyed putting it on. And we're able to pull some actionable advice that you can apply in your own investing today in the field. For you go we have a gift for you. If you're a new investor looking to get started or an established investor looking to invest, take your investing to the next level. I've created an eBook just for you available on our website. This ebook ebook will cover how I was able to create both active and passive income in real estate with very little money to start with, and it I will address the three most often cited obstacles new and veteran investors run into by showing you how to find deals that are actually deals, how to finance a deal with little to no money down and how to exit those deals for maximum value. And if you get the ebook today, I am throwing in a bundle of bonuses seven of them to be exact. The first one will be the off market lead generation blueprint which will take you through the exact systems and processes we use to generate off market leads like clockwork like clockwork, which is the most important skill when it comes to creating wealth in real estate. The second bonus is the A to Z REI Systems and vendors guide which will allow you to peek under the hood of our business and see the exact tools systems and even the vendors we use to see the success that we do. And the third bonus is the top 100 best performing keywords pack which is which will give you the exact key words we use to target motivated sellers online using PPC ads. The fourth bundle is or the first fourth bonus is our contracts bundle for wholesaling and renting real estate which will give you access to all of the contracts we use in the field to execute all different types of transactions. After that is the investors quick analysis calculator and offer tool which will allow you to quickly calculate whether a deal is an actual deal and will allow you to create an offer automatically with from those calculations. This is a lot of a lot of bonuses that I said I'm just gonna keep going down the list. Number six is the investor's Daily Success tracker which is a tracker you can use to ensure you are taking the right actions day in and day out to reach your financial goals in real estate. And the last bonus is the wholesalers template for quick assignment cash, which will give you the templates we use to present our wholesale deals professionally and efficiently to our buyers who that is a bundle. So it's a mouthful you get all those bonuses for free when you download the eBook all we charge is the admin costs to run the show. So if you're interested in the eBook and the bonus bundle, head on over to the website at the real estate investing Click on get the ebook bundle at the top of the page to take advantage of that deal. And with that said, I hope you have a fantastic day and even better week keep rockin real estate and I look forward to seeing you on the next episode.

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I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

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