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Dec. 26, 2022

Ep 309: Expert Tips For Managing Professional Tenants With Brian Grimes

Ep 309: Expert Tips For Managing Professional Tenants With Brian Grimes
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0:02 Hey, thanks for coming to this episode of deal breakdown. We cover cool and interesting stories. We have our guest, Mr. Brian Grimes. If you haven't checked out the original episode, if it's not out yet it's coming soon. But we've talked a lot about a lot of cool stuff does finger check out the episode? What is a cool, interesting story that you have? Maybe it's yours or somebody else's? I know, with a lot of a lot of mentees, you get a lot of cool stories too. So they're practically so what's what's, what's a cool story? 0:26 Yeah. So it's, I'll call this like a really interesting tenant, Nightmare story. So this is one of my first evictions. And I did everything right. Like I showed up in front of the judge, the judge thought I was getting evicted. Because I was so young. I'm like fighting this whole thing. tenant doesn't show up, I guess the default judgment. And this tenant like, is what I would call a professional tenant. A professional tenant is somebody who's been evicted so many times that they know the court system better than the attorney, they almost know it better than the judge. So they know how to file every appeal and kind of do everything under the sun to delay, delay, delay, and just get more free time. So this tenant is delaying delaying. She's two months and eventually I get the writ of possession. The sheriff's coming out the next day, right, like he's coming out tomorrow. And when the sheriff shows up, especially in a place like Philly, they're no nonsense. I had one Sheriff show up, somebody had like a dog. He pulled out his gun so fast. He's like, I'm gonna put I'm gonna put a bullet in that dog's head. I'm 582 50. And I can't run I got a bum knee. And I'm just like, oh, man, this is serious. So this tenant, she's, she's like, really into the church, right? And one of the tenants next door wasn't my tenant was another landlord on the blocks tenant. They kind of knew each other from the church. So my tenant knocks one of the ladies door, knock, knock, knock. Hey, you know, Susie, I'm getting evicted out of this place. They're putting me out tonight. Can I please just sleep on your couch, I'll be out in the morning. Oh, sure. Miss Jones, no problem. Let's asleep on the couch. Susie wakes up in the morning, purse gone, Id gone. All of her money gone. The lady's belly was so bad. Not only did she kind of steal money by just squatting in the property, she stole from the tenant next door who let her stay in the property overnight. So I get a call from the landlord of that property. You're a tenant stole from my tenant. Now my tenant doesn't have the rent, and I'm like, Oh my God, this tenant was so bad that she sold her rent money from the other landlord, like it was just like a mate, like she's gonna get somebody else evicted. And the moral of the story is, you got to do your research, you got to you have to learn the difference between a professional tenant and a regular tenant. And these professional tenants are usually older. And the only way to see if they're professional is to check the court records. It's not about getting an eviction filed. It's about fighting it, and understanding the appeals process and all these other levels that make you professional. And that's like another level that you start to understand as you become a landlord and deal with a lot of people. So that's a fun story that you can learn from, but it was painful at the time. The professional tenant that is yeah, the professional tenant, their professional, I mean, they know it, they know their stuff, and they get free attorneys, they're low income, so they get free attorneys. I mean, it's, it's a mess. 3:24 When you when you come across this type of people that understand the system, like they've been playing the game, like I watched a video of a professional employee could go get hired at a company and then I'll fall like six months. Harassment, boom, get a check. And then it goes to the next chapter, the same thing. Like it's just plain plain, like, Yeah, this is I'm on the fence a little bit for like the employee side of it, because like the employee side, like they're trying to, like, expose bad, bad bad companies and bad like, I understand that part of it. Like the personal tenant, this is like 4:03 a professional tenant is that if you if you were lucky enough to collect first, last and security, it'll be the last money you ever see. It's a it's a mess. It's a real mess. 4:14 So I really mentioned the court records too, because that's the way to screen professional tenant. But then like what professional tenants sometimes put in their daughter's name. 4:27 There's different ways to probe like, you know, I've learned I've learned how to test people outside of some of these things like credit score, like if you're in a C class neighborhood, everybody's got bad credit. So that's how do I test somebody and there's little things you can do like, oh, there's a showing, so they're gonna come see the property for showing. Show up late. Maybe not super late, show up 15 minutes late. See how they respond. If they give you that attitude? Well, you know what you're going to be dealing with when when the toilet breaks when the sink breaks, right, you're gonna be dealing with a whole hell of a lot of attitudes. So you start to learn how to do these little micro tests and level sets and use and you're just testing to see how they respond, will they respond politely, professionally? Are they easy to deal with? If they're not, you don't want to be you don't want to be dealing with them. So there's a lot of different things and ways to test people and underwrite them beyond their credit, score their financials, or even their eviction history. Yeah, that's, 5:28 that's the point your bullshit meter no see, because like, every tenant is like your best friend, till they get 5:36 to get the property. But you got to do some stuff, you got to do some stuff to kind of egg them on a little bit before they move in. Before, once you this is the possession game in real estate. I once I, I have the keys, we haven't signed the lease yet. I have possession, we sign the lease, I give you the keys, they have possession now. And the only way for you to get possession back, you just being the owner doesn't mean you have possession of the property. The way to get possession back is you have to get a writ of possession from the court from the judge, and then have a sheriff enforce that writ of possession to return possession to you. So you have to understand the possession game, everything up until you give them the keys and sign that lease you need to be testing probing from every angle possible. I'll even do things like inspect the property that they live in. Now, before they even move in the mind. People won't clean Hey, hey, we're 15 minutes, we're right around the corner from you. We just wanted to swing by and as part of our property management companies, you know, process to just see, you know, how you're how you're living in your current property. You guys are there right? No problem, right? Yeah, that's fine. Pop up, pull up on him, see how to live and if you can eat off the floor. That's how to take care of your property. If it's filthy, and there's holes in the wall, that's how to take care of your property. That's underwriting that doesn't show up in the financials. That's not a class thing. Because there's people who live really dirty and reckless in the eighth class. And then there's people who are super clean in a C class. Yep. So you know, you got to get into underwriting people, not numbers, and you'll be more successful Yeah, 7:27 that was such great advice. Such good advice. So I don't deal with that many tenants on my site. So it's yeah, they have like 7:35 a tenant game. Yeah. I understand it. 7:38 I understand it. Yeah. I understand the need a bit and understanding everyone everything about Brian Grimes you'll check them out links in the bio where can people find you real quick online. 7:50 You can find me on youtube Brian loves cash flows easy to remember because I love cash flow. Brian loves cash flow. You can find me on Instagram Brian Grimes underscore 247 Cfu for the 24/7 cash flow University. That's my mentorship program where I teach you all about real estate. You can find me on Tik Tok at Grimes est Grimes EST on tick tock on LinkedIn Brian Grimes real estate you'll find me there and all of these different platforms backlink to my free training WWW dot work with forward slash cashflow work Rick forward slash cashflow where I have a free training that'll show you how to acquire properties for pennies on the dollar all across the country. You don't want to miss out on that free offer. 8:31 Go check it out. We'll see on the next episode. Hope you enjoyed it. Screen your tenants a little bit more

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