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Dec. 22, 2022

Ep 305: How To Find Your Own Path To Success Womenomics Podcast

Ep 305: How To Find Your Own Path To Success Womenomics Podcast
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0:03 Hey yo Welcome back to Womenomics podcast soul care for entrepreneurs. We are so excited for another woman up. It's Wednesday. I am your co host here Brian of T by notary services. 0:15 And I'm Corinne of freedom notary services. 0:18 And we have a extremely special guest. I'm super excited. First of all shout out to talk capitals, mastermind, right? It's such a diversity of entrepreneurs in the air and we have been graced with Mr. hive mind himself, please, Daniel, introduce yourself. 0:36 Hi. Oh, thanks for having on the show. I appreciate you inviting me. Like I said, I enjoyed doing these not just for doing them and for doing them on purpose, but just for the conversation. So I appreciate you guys having me on. For everybody doesn't know I'm Daniel Martinez, Daniel Heidemann on Instagram, you can check me out. I've been entrepreneur for about five years now. I originally fusillo truck driver, got a real estate software and I do a bunch of other stuff now. spiel, 1:08 that's great. So we're definitely diving into them. 30 seconds and expanding a lot more. So you started off with and you've been entrepreneur for five years? Our famous question that we always love to start our conversations off is when did you know that you could be an entrepreneur? 1:24 Um, oh, man. It was, it was a really, it was really a there's no good time to be an entrepreneur for everybody out there. Like, I'm going to be entrepreneur in a year from now. Like, it's probably not going to happen. So there's no good time. And I, I've always wanted to do it, but like, there's no good time to do it. So when I found that my wife was pregnant, I'm like, okay, it has to be right now. Because five years from now, I'm gonna have a five year old and I'm like, I'm definitely not gonna do it then. So it has to be right now. So when I found out, I was pregnant, like, let's just do it. So I worked like six days for like, nine months. I made like, 100k that year, and then I quit. Actually, I took a two week two week vacation that it's a three month maternity leave, and then I quit. That's the way to use your benefits. Yes. Grant. Excellent. 2:20 So when you started your own business, so I did a little background digging, and I know you owned your own trucking company. So it was that the business that was your first business that you started, 2:30 that was my first was in a start up because I had my CDL. So when the business to start, like I know, I know how to drive a truck. Worst case scenario was just drive this truck that I own. So that's why I went into trucking. And I wish I would have done more research. But it's the path you take is it's a it helps you grow and propel you. I see this all the time is that entrepreneurship is a survive as long as you can see you get there type thing. 2:56 I love that that's real. That's very real. Yeah. And I feel like you give a lot of gyms, you know, on your own podcast, and just in the mastermind and just really showing up. So what are some of the what are some of the qualities that you have to have as entrepreneur in order to really survive? It's like you say, like, entrepreneurship is basically survival ship until you make it. So for us who are still on the ship, we haven't quite made it yet. What are some qualities that you know, we can start to possess or add to our just to our everyday to really show up and make our business a success? 3:38 Persistence, consistency, and intentionality, persistence, because a lot of people they get like, there's a Mike Tyson quote, he's like, everybody, everybody wants to box and get in a fight. So they get punched in the face a few times. So the reality of persistence and consistency. So you have to, you have to do this every day, like a lot of people, they joke around, like, oh, I work from working 40 hours a week to entrepreneurship, or I work 90 hours a week, that's a joke, but it's 100% True. And it's a you work a lot more, but you have the freedom flexibility to when when you want to work. And that's the difference. And that intentionality is, and this is a big one for me, is not every business should be run by you. So you have to be and I think I talked to I went golfing with Charles who's talking about a mastermind leader. And I was mentioning with him because an entrepreneur you started as like a side business and it was like one of those things were like, is this really gonna get you to where you want to be? Should it be run by you? Is there something out there that you can do that's going to put you in a better position to succeed? And is it worth more your time because everybody has that one thing that everybody's on the same 24 hours Elon Musk that's worth a billion dollars As essentially for hours I do so what's the difference? It's being productive with what you do. So I think that's the big thing as far as, like, what you do is really important, because does it really have an ending that you want to receive? 5:14 So you run your business with it, or build it with the end in mind? 5:20 Yeah, you build it with that in mind, 100%, like, with the software company, we're, I'm gonna, I want to go straight to a billion. So I'm not being facetious or slight about it, like, I want to, I have the ability to help 1000s of clients, so why not go for helping 1000s of clients and help them go that direction. So it's something that has the scalability to take you to where you want to go, or have an exit, like, Hey, I'm gonna build it up to this point and exit out of this business, and sell it off. So you have to think of it in their mind and what that what that what that goal, what that business is going to actually do for you. 5:54 I love that. I love that that is so good. And it's something to say about intentionality. And really just reverse engineering, your goals, kind of like what you were mentioning. So a lot of the times, we have a goal of like, you know, we want to reach six figures, but we don't have a numerical number in order to start to, you know, kind of quantify what our services and you know, the products that we provide how we can kind of get to that goal. So I love the idea of reverse engineering, I love the idea of like, coach, Michelle always says productively producing, or essentially just, you know, having the tasks and activities. You're doing stuff towards whatever your goal is, whatever you have set out to do for yourself. So I love that, do you mind just sharing a story of a time where, you know, you might have felt defeated, you might have felt like you weren't walking in and tension within your business, and especially making, especially making such a shift from, you know, owning and operating a trucking company. And so shifting over into, you know, more tech in the software space, especially, again, switching industries over into real estate. So I would love to hear a story about that. 7:08 So everybody in this is, if you look at publicly traded companies, especially publicly traded trucking companies, they operate off a margin of 3% or less. What does that mean? It means that every dollar you bring in every dollar, they bring in 97% of it goes to operating costs and only keep three cents. Wow. So their margin is not that big. And they're billion dollars. Yes, they do billions of dollars of business. So that that translates into maybe a billion and really a lot, multi millions of dollars. But you got to think of me as a solopreneur. A small business, what you're stepping into, and that's what I mistake I made was stepping into that business, my profit margin is 10% on paper. But then you have all the other costs that comes into business, running that business itself, that it takes when your profit margin. And I did that for two years lost 100 grand, I generated 550 and $530,000 in two years, but I still lost 100. So it goes to show like that, that's something that goes back circle back to not every business should be run by you. And that every business is in the right direction that's going to meet your goals, which is why I started my talk about trucking and all because there's people that are truck drivers, just like I was that think that starting a trucking business is that way to go. Not really understanding the business side of trucking. Those, those one point I had five trucks, I was paying $10,000 a month in insurance. What does that mean? That means the first $10,000 has to go straight to insurance. Well, while you're making that $10,000 You have to pay employees, you have to pay insurance, you have to pay repairs, you have to pay breakdowns. So now you have to make $20,000 just to pay that 10. And it's just there's there's a lot that goes into that. And you really don't understand that unless you understand the business side of things like like there's entrepreneurs like I make million dollars this year. Well, not really because they have they have cost a business, they might have employees, they might have salespeople, they might have insurance, they might have all these other costs at the payout that, yes, they generated a million dollars, but what did they actually keep? 9:20 Right? So what keeps you because I know with solopreneurs we don't most of us don't start off with all that wisdom, knowledge and understanding of, of you know how things work. We don't know that in the year we may not be in business or we may be in the brink of failure. So what can you say about that journey for yourself in in being, I guess, mentally staying above water when there's so much even though you learned a lot and you've learned a lot I'm sure through loss as well. So how do you mentally stay above water to keep going because I know you're for almost five years and so a lot lot of times like for me, I'm thinking like, Ah, I've hit a year like this, this and pain and accomplishment. And so for those who are hitting for years, five years, 10 years, I always am curious about their journey. And so I know the mindset shifts, and then you have days where you may feel just as hopeless as the newbie that started. So what keeps you going? 10:21 So one thing I'll say to that is, if you want to make hundreds, this is where you have self employed people, like I want to make 100 grand a year, well, 100 grand a year comes with 100 grand a year problems. If you want to make 250 grand a year, you got to do with Twitter with regard to your problems, you want to make a million a year ago make a deal with millionaire problems. So the problems don't go away when you hit a certain level. So that's that, that I want to break that down like that doesn't exist, they just get bigger. So you have to you have to grow through your own pains. Because if you can't deal with a $5,000 problem, you can't deal with a $200,000 problem. So it kind of builds up that muscle. So what I'll say about that is, when you when you enter into a solopreneur ship, you got to wring every hat, you're before you were just the salesperson doing your job. Now, when you go into entrepreneurship, your sales, your accounting, your, your, your, your, 11:14 you're managing everything 11:17 are, you're you're, you're a videographer, you're a content creator, you're doing all this extra stuff that you shouldn't do. So think about this. As you grow your business, you build departments around what it is. So big, bigger business is actually easier. Because you can delegate there's there's capital, there's money being created, to delegate, there's people in place to handle HR, there's people in place to handle accounting, there's people in place to handle payroll, there's people in place to handle all these responsibilities. So it's no longer all on you. That's the big step of of taking swamp is the big business. And like, the big thing about small businesses, like it's all on you, I have to I have to wear all these hats, like when, when I'm out there selling, that's when my sales pan out, and I have to sell. So it's like, my car ticket off, because now you gotta fulfill, you know, you got to fulfill whatever you're selling, it'd be fulfilled inside, and you go home, you have to the accounting and the books and payroll and taxes. So you're gonna take that hat off and switch it off when you get home. So the the thing is, is you want to grow to big business, because you can delegate and and you can delegate and automate a lot of these responsibilities were not depending on you. And this is where a partnership comes into. If you partner with somebody that is opposite of you, they can handle different portions of the so there's a whole thing of like, focus on your weaknesses and make those strengths and like not, that's the wrong way to go about it. The right way to go about it is to whatever your strengths are, build up those strengths to make them better, and either partner or delegate those weaknesses. Because there's somebody out there, that is 10 times better. And that's their strength that can fill that spot and fill that position for you. 12:59 Yes. Yeah, that's good. And I heard that in a webinar one time, just to paraphrase it was do more of what works. It's so simple, but it's so true. And a lot of times we kind of overcomplicate things, because we have, you know, so much to prove when starting your own business and going and as an entrepreneur, you know, you don't always have people who support you, or you have a lot of people relying on you to make sure that this is successful. So there's a lot of different, you know, stresses that you have to deal with on a day to day and like you said, the more money you make, the more problems you obtain, they don't go away. So what I would love to hear from you, Daniel is what is your morning routine look like? Like, how do you set yourself up for the day? I know, we've been hacked by which you so I would love I would love to know what your morning routine is. If you are an intention, person, affirmations person, a planning person, like what is your morning's look like? 13:58 So I am not the forehand person. There's not a forehand bone in my body. I usually sleep in every morning. And this is where it comes down to I think Coach Michelle talks about this all the time is that you have to take care of yourself if you don't, if you don't rest and sleep, you can't operate at a high level and you need to operate at a high level. So me I get better results after because I got kids I got a five year old. I got a four year old three year old and a one year old. So I got kids just like everybody else. I want to spend time with them. So after they go to bed I usually work if I need to after they go to sleep so I'm I'm productive at night because of distractions. But when it goes to bed, she wakes up early with the kids. And I put I handle the kids at night I put on the bed and all that stuff. But then I get to sleep in technically so I get up. It's kind of it's kind of funny, but I get up at like eight to 9am pacific time and like I have clients on the East Coast and like that I'm just about doing meeting It's still one o'clock your time sorry. That was, uh, yeah. And it's like, I'm not a morning person. So I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna pretend like I get up at 7am every day like, I just don't do it. And like, yes, yes. Oh, for young people that go to the gym, and they're more successful and like, I still make money. So 15:26 there's nothing better than just keeping it real with what works for you. Versus Yeah, trying to, you know, fit a square until a circle or whatever the saying goes, because you're just never going to be at your best because it's just not you is better than maximize your potential within what you know, what you're capable of, and what you're comfortable with. So I like that. So yeah. 15:47 And like I said, I have I have employees that start before I do. So guess who Guess who works, that's where I have people in place. There. They're there live in another country. And it's like 10pm, and they're, they're at work at 7am. And I get up at nine. So that's why like, even the mastermind, when they had evenings, I was there every call, because they hadn't like a 6pm. But when they switched the mornings, and then when I get there 16:16 Daniel, what results have you reached in your business so far, that excites you the most? 16:23 It's, it's not even like my results. It's what? And this is where it comes down to doing what you love. My clients have gotten great results. And I think it's the biggest thing and I've hit big numbers, but it's just it's just crazy to me, like everybody has, everybody has should have your personal life and like your family and your free time and the ability to have when you want to. But you have to have that that person that business, why to Why do you do the business that you do? So I really didn't know what that was till I had a client hit six figures a month and I'm like, whoa, whoa, okay. Okay. How many more? Can we do like this? Like who else needs help? Let me help my clients that six figure months. I need a six figure month personally till June you like May of this year, May of this year. Congratulations. I planted it before I did. So it was one of the things. I was like, Let's do more of that. It was kind of an accident, too. But it's just my, my, my business that I do. Like I said, I still do real estate and we're doing like, we're doing like six figure paydays. But I don't necessarily call that as a month, because they might have taken two or three months to actually complete. But it's one of those things where, like, if I can have more clients make more money, I'm in the right space, and I can sleep well. And I know I'm doing that. 17:47 So you didn't have that, that you didn't have that expectation for your business until you saw it so that it just expanded what was possible for you in the business? 17:57 Well, um, and this is where like, it's hard. I mean, it's not hard. I mean, I mean, it is hard, it's very hard. Like, Pete most people think like 50,000 a month is like their goal. But I'm like, you probably need close to six figures a month to to really take home what you want to take home. So it's like building your business big enough to where it doesn't require so much of you. That's that's always the goal. I think we talked about it this morning in the mastermind call, as well as things were like, if your goal should be build the business big enough where it doesn't require you. Because it requires you can ever do really do anything you want. So I like guy actually learned real estate from he was he started real estate when he was like 17. He did real estate for four or five years. And then he made all the money he needed to and then pivoted into like online marketing, where you can run it from a computer from any country. So I like real estate because it's a tool to create a lot of wealth and then pivot into whatever you want to do from that point on. 19:04 Okay, yeah, let that one sit, because a lot of people a lot of people feel like, you know, their business has to be you know, sometimes the end all be all and that that doesn't have to be the case, you can always use it to, you know, pivot or fund however, you want to live like whatever lifestyle you want to build. So as someone who has in their first year of entrepreneurship, and who's always worked in health care, which is extremely demanding, you don't have any time off, you don't have any holidays don't care about your kids, people gonna be sick. So to switch over into this space is so different. And the one thing that I want to get a little bit of a conversation going about is how has it been kind of building your own business around your lifestyle versus building your lifestyle around your business you spoke about, you know, the partnership that you have with your wife in terms of skin Hear for your kids, making sure you get your amounts of sleep, knowing where your most active and engaged hours are. And you can see the success not only within your clients, but within your own personal, you know, business. So yeah, like, what has that been like? Because that's non traditional, you know? 20:19 One thing I'll say is business isn't forever. So you have to think about it, that there's a there's a lifespan of your business, because technology's changing. Most businesses that have been around for two years or more, there's very, very few of them. So you got to think of your business as as a timeframe. So if there's, there's a time to make money, you got to capitalize on that time and think of exit strategy with it to pivot into something else. Because as as you grow older, different opportunities being created. See now that you get to transition with the times, because if you, for example, you guys are, I'm a I don't know how old you guys are. But blockbuster was a thing back when I grew up, and they didn't change with the times and they got left behind where they went down to zero. So you got to think of that your your business that you're creating has has a shelf life. If you don't pivot it, if you don't change it, if you don't, if you don't transition it through the times, see, I think what what businesses what business sector is, has been here for 100 years, and will still be here in 100 years, or what can change that business. So if I can build up to a certain point, exit and pivot into another niche, that's why it's always looking for other opportunities, because you have to transition because Bitcoin wasn't a It started about 20 years ago. But now you kind of see it coming up, Blockchain coming up in that transition point happening. So not everyone that you like, you don't have to be you don't have to catch the first wave and be the be the person that's making waves in that space. But you can see it and know it's there and just happen to it. Whenever it's created. It built itself up. As far as creating the life you want. You don't need that much money to be free. And a lot of people that I've had this conversation with my older brother, and he's like, I need 10 rental properties to quit my job. And I'm like, you really don't, you really don't. And this is where it comes to like knowing what your base is. And you can there's people, this is crazy, I heard one of my clients, he does a lot of content. And he's like, if you have an employee that makes $30,000 a year that's happy. If you pay him 100 grand a year, he will actually hurt himself because he has all this extra money, he makes us much more money, it is not a handle it. So whenever he burns himself out in that position, it goes like $30,000 30,000 a year again, he'll be happy again. And it's crazy, that works out people have that mentality. Like you don't need that much to survive, like people like I need 100k A year and like you really don't like when you were when you have when I first got married, we lived tight. And I was I was happy then. So like, even right now, when I answered entrepreneurship, I would that first couple of years, I was in that same position, somebody I'm happy here again, now actually have the flexibility to choose where I want. So no wants, like I want to go to this this weekend. I'm like, Alright, let me just block up the calendars. Let me know in advance so I can block on my calendar. And we go, it's not even a problem at this point. Because like I said, I have the flexibility to choose when I want off. And if where I want to go and it's just, hey, let's just go. So it's creating the life you want and spend the time with the family you want. And this is where I have a client on another level than me and ask them how they're doing. Oh, we're just at the beach, watching the kids playing the beach. And I'm like, I'm over here like I'm still grinding. So I'm like it, there's levels to it. Like some people like you need to get build us up to a certain point that we can kind of step back. And that's where you get out of the business and you can kind of relax. But some people they have a ticket to extremes. And then they they don't sleep like Elon Musk has he has a like a bed on the floor at his factory. So when he's there he can sleep and work there. Like is the work life balance what's really important. 24:13 So So what does free mean to you? Because you make a good point like Does your brother need to in properties to be free to be happy? I guess we always wonder, we think when we when in the absence of money and an absence of massive wealth, we think that will be the destination or the goal to have. But we're really just seeking the feeling of having certain things. We're seeking the experience. So when you say things were tight, and you were happy, then I guess it makes me think about or curious about your relationship with money and growth. And so could you talk a little bit about that? Because a lot of us sometimes I mean, just speak for me I don't know about the rest of the world but I know not having things create some level of tension. And so then the fantasy of Having all these things are setting very, very lofty goals thinking that that's the destination. So that's the destination of satisfaction and happiness. And so then along the way, the journey is, you don't always give yourself permission to kind of lean into happiness, because you haven't gotten there yet. So I think it will be good for the audience to hear, like how you define happiness and freedom, because it's not necessarily equated with massive wealth. 25:28 So I think it goes down to like, your mindset and your ability to your ability to feel uncomfortable. A lot of people, they they can't handle, they can't handle the cold. So like, they stay away from the cold, they have other people that can't handle the heat or humidity. So they kind of stay away from that, that that whatever they can't handle. So there's a, there's extremes that you you can't handle personally. And I think it's different for every individual. So like, there's people that do like ice cold plunges to like re align their body to take being uncomfortable more as a normal thing. So they put their body through extremes to force being uncomfortable. So, like me, I'm very easy going like, always, like, you can't get you don't get mad at nothing. And I'm like, because when it comes down to it, it doesn't, it's not going to change the it's not going to make less or make me more dollars. If if I if I let somebody borrow $1,000 not going to hurt my pocket, not that they might never pay me back. And that's what like, like you, you freely put out into the world expecting nothing back and you're always happy. So it's almost like a mindset thing where like, I just put out put out put out somebody wants to take the energy and make something with it. That's that. But I know I'm content and putting out the energy and putting out the good resources and putting out the good karma. That whether it's used or not, it's not my it's not my I did my part. Stole thing. I'm like, a lot of people like, well, they owe me money or and like, Will you really complain about it for 10 years, and hold a grudge against them? On their personal faults? Are you just gonna let it go and have relationship with them? Like, what's really important, and what are you going to hold on to as a whole, like when when, when all when our time passes, what's really left behind. So you got to value you got to value what, what's in front of you. And what's really important, there's a video I watched recently is that your your friends, that from the past that knew you, they knew a different version of you if you grow if you grow into a different level. And it's not that you left your friends behind, it's just that you've grown to another level that they didn't grow to. So you have to find new friends. So like that, like your best friend forever, like, good luck. If you if you're growing. If you're if you're growing, you're probably gonna leave them behind. And if you grow fast, you're gonna leave them behind even faster. So your relationships and your decisions are for a season and you shouldn't think of them. Like all my decisions I made in the past. If I made a wrong somebody I'm like, That was That wasn't even me. I don't even know who that was. I don't even know what I had for dinner yesterday. Like that's just in the past. I'm worried I'm worried about tomorrow in the future. 28:31 So how do you see yourself in the future? In any? I don't. However, you see the future like where do you see yourself because who you are today is your whole lot wiser than you were when you started your journey. And so if you double the time in entrepreneurship, I guess four years from now, five years from now, you may look at this video and say God had I if I knew what I know, now, I would have answered that question differently. So where do you see yourself mindset set wise, because I think it's just as important to set you know, personal development goals, you know, because we only as good as you know, our experiences, our challenges where we are in this very moment, but we don't know what's around the corner that will also refine us. 29:13 So my only gripe I put on myself is that I increase myself and do better from the person I did yesterday. So a lot of people that were like, I had this conversation recently I taught them something that most people will never learn in their lifetime. And I taught him something. I wish he would have known this 510 years ago and I'm like, well 510 years ago you weren't even in the space to receive this. So just letting go I mean, whatever happened behind you haven't behind you. There's a lot of people think like I want to be successful by I'm 30 years old. I want to be a millionaire but I'm 30 years old and like that's not really the right mindset when you when you actually attain and move toward that goal as a whole. Because it's one of those things where like, you'll get there when you get there. The path that I'm going down is being laid in front of me is being laid in front of me. So like, my five year goal, I have no idea. I mean, from me being a truck driver, literally driving trucks four years ago to now, I couldn't have put myself in this position, I have no idea. It's just everything's just going. 30:16 It makes sense. And that's super dope. I love that you've definitely reaffirmed a lot for me. And this time, you know, talking just really just really shifting or refocusing, you know, my mindset because I think when you're out there, when you're trying to find your way, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur are your new entrepreneur issues, one, a lot of information, a lot of people telling you which way to go, a lot of things that you want to do yourself a lot of losses that you take in silence, and you don't really know how to handle it. So you know, one thing that we're very big on here Womenomics is helping people build their toolkit to reframe the limitations of their mind, because that's really what stops us from anything great is us. And you know, it really starts with the mind, which I love the whole idea of hive mind. So being that mind is in there, and you spoke a lot about mindset today, what are some tools that people can have in their toolkit to help reframe the limitations of their mind? 31:16 I think one of the biggest hacks into business and entrepreneurship is fight. There's a, I don't know who quoted this, but it's one of those things where like, you find somebody that can be a mentor to you to kind of guide you down the path you want to be, you find somebody that's the same level of you that where you can kind of share experiences, and you find somebody behind you. That way, you can bring them up to your level. And it always changes as you move up. So a good a good teacher, and a good mentor should push you past their level. And it's not even a bad thing. It's a good thing, because they kind of put you on their shoulders to step up. So like, I had a mentor when I was in trucking. And what I'm doing now is kind of surpassed him. But now I'm like, Dude, come on, let's go. I'm heading this direction. You've helped me get to where I am, you helped me get even past where you were. Let me show you the way this way. So now I'm like helping one of my mentors, go go down the path I am. And it's one of those things where like, I have people I look up to, that are reshaping my thought processes and, and helping attain the goals that I want to attain. Like I said, I haven't made it. I haven't made it money any more than anybody else. It's just that I know. My experiences have shaped who I am. And I'm not ashamed of the path I've taken. So it's one of those things where like, I said, I know I'm heading in the right direction I was I used to make a joke joke about this in trucking. I used to talk to truck drivers all the time. They're like, I got 15 years experience. And I'm like, like, though, is like no, I've been doing this for 15 years, I'm like ledo, you've done the same thing. You did the same thing one year, and you just copied it over and over again, that's not experience. That's just replication. That's a good one. is true, that was good. And like, this is like, you wasted a lot of time. So like what, like people, people that that really change and move up, you can tell because they've, they've grown and experience new things. Like, literally five years ago, I was in a truck, I was in a truck. So it's just like, I'm not trying to put myself on a pedestal or nothing. It's just that try and grow yourself, year over year, day over day, month over month, to a better person, because the person you really want to be is in front of you. This is you got to build up to their you know, style, you can't jump the steps to get to get to where you want to go, you got to crawl up, there's some times 33:53 that's the word. I like that idea of, you know, having a mentor having someone that's on your level and pulling someone else up, I don't think we give enough credit to I think we'd sometimes take advantage of the people that's on our level, because they're kind of there, but we're looking for more and more and more. So we lean on the mentors, and then we're sometimes so self absorbed of trying to make it that we're not pulling up people behind us. So it's good to kind of have that holistic approach to it. Because then the the journey is much more richer, versus just trying to race to the finish line and then you end up on a hamster wheel because you're not considering those other components. So, like, that's a gem. Like I've never even thought of it that way. I guess sometimes we do it haphazardly. You know, I try to look out for other people and share knowledge and stuff like that, but not with intention like that. So thank you for sharing it. That's that's gonna go down. That's the whole sound bite. 34:50 Oh, well, one thing I'll say too, is that it's not everybody can be helped. Like it's there's people out there that want Wanna help everybody like Iowa? If they did it this way, they do better results and like, I can't force, I can't force wisdom down their throat, you have to take people that want to receive it. So, and then like other things that people, people hear what they want to hear. So like people, even people, listen, this conversation, if you caught something that that resonated with you or it's stuck with you, there's, if you listen to it again, six months later, and if you've grown, you can listen, that same conversation, you'll catch something else, just because it might not resonate. So it's like people call it like, people that are religious, like read the Bible, like you can read that same. That same, that same verse over and over again, and a year later is going to mean something totally different to you. And it's conversations work the same way. And experiences work the same way. So like, if you're going through hard time, now you're like, Oh, you think is the end of the world. And this this, when I was going through trucking, my business actually went down under, and people were calling my family, like, every is like, oh, Daniel, are you okay? Are you okay? And I'm like, I'm fine. I'm perfectly fine. I was like, people, my position would probably be depressed and suicidal, and I'm fine. And that shows you like, the bird the burdens that you think you're under the amount, the amount of pressure, when you grow, you think it's a mountain or a fence and you when you grow it, it's just a little hill that you have to step over. But it's experienced that makes you see it and gives you perspective to overcome that. Whereas when you are in it, you're like, This is the end of the world, what am I going to do tomorrow? The world is ending, you're like chicken run, the sky is falling. You think there's no way out? But it's, it's really, you got to like pull yourself out from that situation to really understand that it's nothing? Is it really going to affect the bottom line? Is it really going to change what you do a year from now? And you kind of go step away from it? That's good. 36:53 Yeah, you gave a lot, you have a lot to think about, you gave a lot to even come back. And like you said, just having a different perspective on this conversation a couple of months from now, like, I can't imagine I you know what, I'm gonna make sure I come back. What's today, October 26, I'm gonna come back a year from today, October 26, and rewatch this. And I just want to just see all the differences on the tag you current on the tag your day. And it's going to be such a great experience. So first off, Dan, thank you so much for joining us, please tell us a little bit about hive mind where people can connect with you how they can use your services, your products, and where we can find you. 37:38 So I am Daniel Hoffman on Instagram. Like I said earlier, we're hive minds here, I'm on all platforms, we have the high with this podcast, with 1000 episodes a year from talking to suddenly currents teach yourself. Love No. But we're a hive mind everywhere. Literally, we put content out everywhere you can think of from places that you've never heard of. We're there. And it's just putting out the content putting out valuable content. We do real estate entrepreneurship education. We have we do a lot of land education, real estate, education and business education. Our software is a business automation tool to help you expand and grow your business. I'd be interested in that. Go check it out. hive mind serum that IO, and then yeah, then to sell you. But if you want to take your business to the next level, let me know. 38:34 And we'll have all that in the description box as well. 38:37 Absolutely. And I'm actually looking for I want to come to your Summit. I want to come to your next summit. So I'm excited about that. Can you just give us a little bit about the summit real quick. 38:48 So every everybody that wants to speak, it's really hard to get into speaking game. So what do you do you just start your own, you start your own event? 38:59 That's right, that's right, as smart people 39:02 who can deny you from your own event. So a lot of people like everybody that wants to speak, it's kind of I'm being I'm being facetious. But that's sort of percent true. And like, I not that I wanted to speak. It's just I always felt like I had something saying, No, we're gonna put me on the platform. So where do you where do you go first, you just create your own platform. I don't the only you don't have any permission or anybody else to do what I want to do. So we do an annual event every year we've done it, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale. And now we're doing San Antonio in 2023 be our third annual event 10 years from now, guess what we'll be at 13 years, we're not going to stop doing it just because we're not gonna stop doing it. And we did our event six months after starting our business and like with people that were but it's just it's just creating your own space and a lot of people to think they need other people to get to where they want to go. And the truth is you just build it on yourself and people respect that more because you did it on your own. So now I have people looking at me like how'd you do this and like what are you talking about? I just had did it myself? 40:01 Just didn't ask for permission you just 40:06 like a lot of people like how do you have Twitter 40 episodes? Because you did what gives you the credibility to do 20 or 40 episodes? I started with Episode One, I recorded it. And then I started up. So two, and I recorded it. And then now I'm at 240 episodes. And that's how I got here. 40:31 Yeah, I mean, it's, it's interesting how the, you know, the majority of thought is similar. So when you say you so matter of fact, you just made the decision, you gave yourself permission. So the most people is like, who said it was okay? In that way, 40:49 it's a it's where we're like school and the job has bad, bad thought processes. And they put you in a position where you have to ask permission, you have to raise your hand to get called upon. You have to make sure you're in the right line that we get to where you're going with safely without being without being hurt or hit by a car or whatever. I'm like, No, when entrepreneurship it's the opposite. You gotta you gotta, you gotta start trailblazing. 41:17 That's it. That's it. Well, thank you so much, Daniel, you gave us so much to work with you gave us so much to just learn and bask in just so many things to think about. We appreciate your time. We appreciate you taking your precious time out to come and have this wonderful conversation with us. Karan, you know, I'm always gonna throw it to you. Any last words? 41:41 I don't have any last words. Besides, you know, I just want to express my gratitude for you coming on our show. We appreciate you. And we look forward to sharing this with the world so that they can be inspired just as we are. Absolutely. 41:55 Well, like I said, it's everybody talks about legacy, what legacy you're gonna leave behind. So by you guys producing and creating this content is something that will be around forever that you don't even know the impact you'll make. So I appreciate you by creating and making decision to create it and continue to create it. Absolutely. 42:13 Thank you. Thank you. Well, yeah, yes. All right, y'all. This was another wonderful episode of woman on this podcast. Shout out to Daniel make sure you tap in with him. Make sure you tap in with the podcast with the Sunday with the CRM, everything that hivemind has going on and tap in with us is another woman on mix Wednesday. We love y'all see you next week. They
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I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

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