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Dec. 19, 2022

Ep 302: How To Take Down A Million Dollar Land Deal: Bite By Bite

Ep 302: How To Take Down A Million Dollar Land Deal: Bite By Bite
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0:03 This show is sponsored by hive mind CRM, it is more than just a CRM. It is a real estate and business mastermind that comes with an all in one CRM, you can have unlimited websites and users, you can call text, RVM and email all in one user interface and you can set up custom automations. For any type and multiple businesses. 65% of companies start using a CRM system within the first five years of business. Once implemented, the hive mind will save you on marketing give you more time and make more money. One of our users had his first $100,000 month using our system in June we want to see you automate and accelerate your business text us at 2109728 t 42. For future meetings and of course to get our $1 course on how to make more than six figures on one land deal you can schedule your free demo today at hive mind CR 1:02 what up what up what up? What up? How's it going? Oh, really good man is going to be a kick ass call dude. 1:10 For the people that I miss it. 1:12 I feel sorry for the people that are not in this room tonight. Open Yeah, we got some fire, bro. Like it's cool too. Because like, I feel like, literally, I feel like this is the most powerful mastermind on the on the interwebs right now. Right? So even if people are doing commercial apartments, self storage, whatever the hell you're doing, even if the numbers are bigger than the numbers that we're doing. I think that we're able to produce it with less effort and that our deals are more in abundance. So I really think this is the best mastermind that you can find anywhere online. And I feel real happy to say that not even from a place of arrogance, but just like I'm excited, bro. This is stupid. Like what's happening right now is absolutely stupid. This is crazy. This is like shit. I wish that we're not the ones that created it so we could be even more excited about it for finding it. 2:04 23,000 pieces on mela price and send off so mad. No, 2:09 I bought a brand new diesel trucks. I can go drive all your deals. I'm ready, bro. I've been freaking walking deals like crazy man 2:20 of a shame. The fuel costs $8 a gallon. 2:23 I'm not even looking at the fuel costs. I'm just driving. I don't even know how much gas is right now. I'm just driving. I bought a freaking brand new truck like three weeks ago, I got a flat on one of the brand new tires. And I put on the spare tire and got a thorn in that tire. Like in the same two weeks. Any other gurus or do rooms are doing on Facebook or anywhere else on the interwebs. I don't care how much you pay to get into any mastermind. We're about to launch a high ticket for 50,000. So what justifies that? Why do we have the right to charge $50,000 To teach you land education or to our new people? I'll tell you why. Because we have multiple HUDs showing that we made over 100 grand one showing that we made 400 closing one this month should make 290 We have another one in the pipeline, they should make four to 500. And another one in the pipeline, they should make like 1.7 or 2.2 million and we have more stacking. So if somebody could pay us 50,000, right, and we're gonna teach you how to make 50 to 500 on a deal. I think that's justified. I think it's amazing. I think 50,000 is cheap. We're gonna talk about some deals that we're doing right now, the way that things have been shaking out, and we've been kicking ass. So I don't know how everybody feels in here about like the recession. You know, the way money is moving right now, it has not affected our business at all. We got two contracts this week to 10 acre tracts, I want to say one's going for like 189 and one's going for 199. So 400,000 in sales in the last like 72 hours or something. I have another guy on the hook, who's ready to buy another truck at that same property. So you said it's it's we're not slowing down then no signs of slowing down at all. We talked to another buyer today that has 20,000 throwing a lot. Another buyer today that has 60,000 to throw in a lot. And then one of my friends His name is Josh science. He's on my Facebook. He's a roofer and he just committed to buying 10 acres today for 250,000. So you know, almost 400 on the books, and another like 600, you know, worth of conversations just today alone. So whatever you're thinking about what's happening with the recession, the cost of money, not going to apply to this room, not going to apply to this group at all. It's not slowing down, it's speeding up. So whatever happened, we cracked the damn code. I've never looked at banks, I think I've been selling land now for four years. And I want to say like less than five people or eight people have gone to a bank to get money. So this is a cash business. It's a crazy business. We haven't done anything different other than look at the different size of deals. And again, instead of that hurting us or slowing us down, it's speeding up. We just knocked up a million dollar truck this week for 600,000. I put $5,000 down, we'd been negotiating that one for a few weeks. That one's in the books. It's in title. And we already have somebody who wants to buy 15 acres off of it, is that gonna go down? I don't know, we had a guy throw up some bandit signs over there. And he had like two or three calls today have people that are interested in that land. So it's going down, guys, I mean, it's freaking going down. But, you know, 600k this week, which should be worth a million plus, and sold 400 600 in the pipe from other deals that we're looking at. So, you know, super, super exciting. Again, I know, relatively speaking, other commercial groups or other types of real estate groups. You know, those numbers sound stupid and small. I don't care. We've never done those kinds of numbers, and it's coming in fast and hot. Right? These deals are not hard to find. We're finding a lot of them. We're locking them up very, very often. And also, our buyer pool is not slowing down. So I don't know what you guys are doing right now on this call. We haven't been doing 1089 letters out this week. Frank Spalding. Holy crap. freaking amazing bro. Franks and Og Frank Spaulding. If you guys need some somebody that to lean on during the week for somebody that's been in the game for a long time. I'm sure Frank will be happy to help you. He's been a part of the hive mind since he first since its first started. So he's in this room. He's a beast. Yeah, guys, things are things are freaking rockin and rollin. Man. I'm excited. Like a bit. It's been hard for me to sleep for the last couple of weeks, just because things are moving so damn quick. I'm so excited. Like, shoot. We're gonna go over some deals today, man. If you're going to try to move million dollar tracts, right wholesalers, investors. People are afraid to go after these types of deals, because they don't know how to move them. They don't know where the money comes from. They're afraid to lock them up. The sellers are savvy, if you do something stupid, or say something stupid, they're gonna sue your ass, right for fraud. So everybody's afraid of these deals. And when somebody sends me a contract, where it's 1,000,002 million, 3 million, I'm excited now. Like, I have like zero fear in my body. Like, give me the phone. I'm gonna call him so I don't even know if he's on this call right now. Jeff Greco hit me up this week. And he's texting me and texting me and texting me. I didn't have the number saved in my phone sends me a price a property. It looked overpriced. I'm like, Bro, that's too much, man. And he's like, can you help me call the guy? And I'm like, I don't think so. I don't know if I want to call this guy. He's like his price does not look correct. It doesn't look good. So you know, he's not willing to finance if he's not willing to take a discount. I don't really have nothing to say to the guy. And he's like, Well, I mean, if you don't want to help me, I still have to call them back. Anyway, give them a number said you know what? You see? Tell them a hive mind member. Okay, dude, you're in hive mind, given them phone call the guy. Let's do this, right? That's what I signed up for it. Let's do it. We call the guy he had it listed for 1.7 million for a year didn't move. I got on the phone with him. So I asked him a bunch of questions. I said, What are you gonna do with this property? What did you buy it for? What were the intentions? Why didn't you list it? Are you planning to list it again? No, I'm not gonna list it again. Cool. All right. What can we do here? What can we do to make this deal work? Everything in that area is going for 13. You had it listed at 17. What's up? Look, man, I can do 12 Oh, crap. All right. Now we got to do now we got a $500,000 discount, right? And then I said, Hey, you know, Would you be open you think to maybe like if we gave you a certain amount down, and then we could pay off the rest later on? Is that something you'd be open to? Yeah, yeah, definitely be open to that. All right. Cool. All right. Let's um, we can usually do this, like in 12 months, 24 months, like, we're not going to waste too much of your time. We're gonna get this done. We'll give you a significant downpayment. So you know, you're serious, and we'll get it sold out quick, like in 12 months, maybe 24 months, Max? Oh, dude. Yeah, that sounds great. Hey, by the way, I told him, uh, we're not going to move on this anytime soon. We have a lot of deals closing, we're not going to be, you know, super liquid until like maybe January or February. So I don't want to over promise. I don't want to waste your time and sign a bunch of paperwork. You know, even though if we're not going to move forward, we're not ready to move forward with the deal. Yeah, that's fine. And that's fine said, Hey, how about this? I said, in the meantime, I said before we, you know, so we're not killing time waiting for January or February. I said, What if we started pushing some buyers your way right away? What do you mean? So what have we started reaching out to some agents and brokers, some buyers in the local area to see if we can get some action on the property? That way? We're not wasting time for the next month or two? Oh, dude, that would be great. So dude, gives us a discount gives us seller financing and gives us permission to start fishing for buyers already. Right? How do we do that? There's only there's only a couple of legal ways to do that. One is you run the marketing and you've given directly to the seller, let the seller make the contact, right. So you're not brokering without a license. The other way to legally do that is to get a non exclusive option agreement. Right? So that way, you have an option on the property to purchase it. It's not exclusive. So if the seller decides to cut you out of the deal, that's your risk. You spent all your time and money on marketing, and you get nothing back for it. Okay, so the seller is all in on letting us start shopping for buyers months before we signed the contract. Right? So amazing, amazing. You can risk some cash, you can risk some time and not getting anything back. But you know, with a 30% discount seller finance on the table and permission to start shopping for buyers months early. I'm in on that deal. I mean on that deal every day all day. Right? So I wanted to bring that up. That's one do that that we're working on right now, nothing's inked yet, but something amazing in the pipeline, amazing negotiations and conversation with that seller. That's kind of like the dream scenario. Okay. So now we're gonna move on to somebody else that's in this room, somebody that brought me a deal. About a month ago, same thing. Sellers, not motivated agent is super motivated because this thing's been on market for almost a year. And the agent said, hey, yeah, you guys bring some buyers to the table. We'll make some magic happen together. So Mr. PJ, PJ, tell us what this thing is look like, man, tell us tell us how things have been going. What have you been seeing on your side? You had some sellers go out and view the property who may want to take a piece of that property? 10:44 Yeah, yep. So like we've been hearing about the calls, I'm still working on that one. Now initially brought it to the meeting, we kind of dissected it, and agreed that it would be prudent to go forward with the realtor and get on the phone, got her permission to bring some buyers in via Facebook marketplace. And so all this time, for the last month or two, I've been pretty much boosting my Facebook marketplace to at least ads for, for buyers in that vicinity. And so people that respond to me, I just kept track of the people who are serious that wanted to, to see the property, at least and are interested in buying. And so finally, after the realtor got back from her vacation, we got a date together, that people could go out and see the property, which is this past Saturday, this last pass, I had six people who confirmed to go to the open house. Yeah, only three people showed up. But out of all three of them, they all said that they want to buy some of the property. And so they're all talking to what they all eat to actually have brothers, which sound like business partners. And so they all have to talk to their brothers to decide how much they want to buy. One of them already got back to me, they said they're out of the 2022 acres. They already told me that they want to buy 40 At least and that's cash. But I told them, hey, that your would you want more pretty much. And he was like, yeah, if I can get 50 That'd be great. But um, and owner finance that I could do with owner financing, even though the cash purchase is 10,000 An acre on our finances 13,000 an acre and they're still fine with that. And so they're going to check with their bank. They're checking with their bank this week, to make sure they can get some money for the owner finance. If not, they're gonna just go cash and get 40 acres 400. Okay. All right, then. Some I hit up the people that missed the open houses confirm it, it's kind of weeding out the people that are all tough, who aren't, et cetera, et cetera. One of them got back to me. They said, Yeah, they're serious and they want to buy. They said that they only want to buy 20 acres, which we're like, we're only trying to sell it for 40 acres, minimum. But let's see what we can do. If we sent you papers this week, would you be ready to move on? And he said, Yeah, got another verbal commitment. He said only 10 acres. But he said cash and I said same same thing for the acres minimum, but we can see what we can do if we sent you papers this week. Would you be ready to move on it? And he said yeah, after I see the property this Saturday, and so he's gonna go see the property. Another two, the other two buyers that that that committed this is they want to buy this still waiting and aren't talking with their partners checking up on them this week. But hopefully by next Friday, we have a better idea of who wants to move forward with the property. But the thing is, and within the last two months of doing this, marketing the property, Facebook marketplace. We almost got if all of these people actually commit to it. We will have well cover the costs of the bond the property. 14:28 Man I hope everybody was listening right now and you weren't watching novellas while you're on this call. $5 million track $1.5 million track seller has zero motivation turned down offers that were like 10,000 less than full asking price. We got plenty of soft commitments that say they would take a piece of this property right so I want to do seller financing. I want to do cash. If we can line up let's say three, four buyers, five buyers that comes to the table with how much did you say it was roughly six 700,000 cash or so? 15:00 Now for the first one, 15:01 if everybody came together, like the ones, oh, 15:05 oh, if all of them came together, they'll be over a million. 15:09 So dudes like trying to sell like 1/3 of the property for a million, the properties a million and a half, right? Whether these buyers buy or not, who cares? Right, because the work has been done, the damage has been done, the marketing has been done, the people have come into the funnel, the interest has been garnered, right? It's already there now. So what happens if two out of three of these buyers back out? Who cares? Right, let that ad run some more, you bring in another two or three buyers, and the deal is done. You know, if we raise a million dollars from third party capital, I can easily grab the other 500 Whatever we need to close. And now we still have another million in the pipeline to sell. Right on the on the low side, right? Because we closed on this thing. Now we're gonna list it and sell it for full price in sections. So you're looking at minimum 500,000 spread on this one, right. And if we take control of the property, if we close on it with these two or three buyers, we put up the rest of the cash. Now we have like we'll raise the prices, sell the rest for a million and a half, maybe maybe pull in 500 Do an M on one deal guys. On one freaking deal. One deal, the sellers not motivated, the agent is motivated. But same exact process, right? I wish it was more complicated. I wish it was super, super hard. So that we could, you know, string this thing out for years and years and years. But it is done. It is done. 16:32 If I can add something that stuck with me for a while back from meetings, and said, I want you guys to get it in your mind that these big deals are much easier than moving the small bills. I mean, I've been a little over a year working on my own, invest in smaller deals much smaller deals. And yeah, it's it takes a lot, a lot more effort. Or I'm getting that mindset in my head it is taking effort, the same amount or more will be smaller deals because people people just particular. But it just seems it's obtainable for any and everyone, it's crazy. 17:15 They will so if you have a property and you're getting it for 12,000 and you're trying to sell it for 20 You're like you're breaking somebody's piggy bank, right there, like borrow from the neighbor, sell their house, sell a kidney everything to buy that $20,000 lot. But when somebody is looking to buy something, and they need to come up with 234 100,000 That's a whole different type of buyer. Whole different type of mindset, whole different set of financials. Like why would you not want to deal with those people? Right? Why are you gonna have an arm wrestling match over eight grand? When you can have somebody come to the table? It's like, oh, man, I only got 400. Can you guys work with me? Like, wow, call you back? I don't know yet. And that's what you what you did and what you said right there was was awesome. Where the guy's like, Hey, can I buy 20 acres? I don't know. I'm just trying to move 40 You know, I'll let you know. So now the dude comes up to you and says, Hey, I got 200 grand. Can you help me? Ah, I'm gonna have to call you back on that. You see the positioning here? Dude, I don't even know if you if you know what you did or not, but dude, like, hang on to your 200 I'm gonna call you back. That sells magic right there that sells magic. 101. Like, I don't know if I can help you and your 200,000 I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to dial you back. But wouldn't you rather have that conversation? Then like, Hey, man, I would love to give you the 20 you know, but my cat just died. You know? Can you guys take 16 Now all your marketing efforts, all your profit, all your everything goes out the window and the single phone call. Right? But in this world, when you can lower the price 10 or 20,000 and you're still killing it. So congrats, man. You know, I don't know if you guys know or not, you know, but Pj is pretty new. You know, this would be his first big deal that he's ever worked on. And he's destroying. And it goes back to like something about these big deals is like it's less about what you know, it's less about specialized knowledge. And it's just about taking the action. He went he found a lead called the agent. We got on the phone with her. We work something out. Now he has a handful of buyers that are trying to beat the door down. And when you're letting the end buyers find the deal. I mean, how much easier can he get? I have a deal that I'm getting it's 54 acres south of San Antonio signed it up like I don't know 45 days ago or something. And I'm cutting it up into 510 acre tracts. We got two buyers come through this week that that want 10 acres apiece. I have another guy that's been beaten my door down for 10 acres but he wants to see the posts in the ground first the flags in the ground so we know what section he's getting. So I have a gentleman who is going to lend me 280,000 So I only need to bring 70,000 to the closing table to take control of this land. I'm hitting up each one of these three sellers for $20,000 Each Two buyers between today and yesterday have signed the contract they each put down $5,000 non refundable, earnest money. So each of them is bringing 20 to the closing table. So now I don't need 70,000 to close now I only need 30,000 To close, right? I'll get one more guy in the door and I say, hey, I need 25,000 down. Now I'm showing up to the closing table with $5,000. Right? Let's say for simplicity sake, 200 200 200 600. I'm getting it for 350. Right? Let's do the math. 600 20:33 minus 20:34 350,000. That's 250 grand to the good already. By the time I close the deal, I still have 20:43 24 acres left. Right? 20:47 So if I sold two more 10 acre tracts for 199 Each, what does that what does that come out to 650 $650,000 profit on a single transaction on a single tract of land. And it's not even a big one. It's only 54 acres. And it's in a tertiary market south of San Antonio in a crappy area. All the comps around there are 10 to 12,000. That's all the comps are the all the comps are 10 to 12,000. And we're making new comps at 18 to 20,000 right now. So that's why a lot of times you probably heard me say that I don't care about comps and you're probably this guy's a moron. But literally do. I mean 10 to $12,000 comps, and we just sold them at 20. Right? 21:30 I really want to dig into the point is that we're offering the whole key to that is offering financing financing is the key to create your own comps. Because if you're the bank and the seller, you make the rules. 21:42 Enzo so then what do you got to do you have $650,000 worth of mortgages now in your name, right? When a property didn't pay for? So you've created $650,000 out of thin air. So do you sit on those mortgages? Cool. What's that? 21:56 That's paper. That's paper gold, do it. We're 21:58 printing money, bro. We're printing money. Daniel sent me a video this week of Grant Cardone. And he said that he doesn't even care about houses or real estate. And he said, I just need a way to sell money. And that's exactly what we're doing right now. We're freaking printing and selling money at 10% interest when the bank struggle to get what? I don't know, two, three, I don't even know what to get. Right. So this is a game you guys are playing in man, this is not like the little league, right? So the room that you're in stuff that we're doing. And it's cool too, because like I don't even think we're experts. Like we kind of like dumbed our way into this thing just by doing a ton of deals and networking with a bunch of people that are smarter than us. 22:36 So it's, I think it's connecting the dots to 22:39 Yeah, it's so it's having conversations with people that are way, way, way ahead of you. And then taking this piece and that piece and that piece and that piece and stringing it all together. And all we're trying to do on these cards is like distill it all down for you. So now you know how to be a bank. Now you know how to make 10% interest on on fake money that you printed out of thin air? How to sell properties that don't belong to you. Have you seen those memes on Facebook when they're like, describe what you do but make it sound terrible? Yeah, we're selling properties that we don't own. And then creating, creating printing money out of thin air and then selling that money for 10% interest. Right? So it's 650,000 in mortgage notes. If we sat on these for like a year or two years, collected all that interest, and then sold them off like it, I don't know, 90 cents on the dollar. It's way more than 650,000. So and again, guys, this is one tract. And it'd be like a unique situation if you said, man, but yeah, but but there's no more of those out there. Right? Then it's like well, good for you guys. But what about us, dude, there's an infinite supply of these deals heading in every direction, north east, south and west from every major Texas City. I'm sure it works in every other city. But for now, if you only did Texas, you could work Texas for the rest of your life die rich. And still you haven't got to all the land yet. They couldn't be raps Victor. They don't necessarily have to be raps. Like I said on these right here. We're going to sell them. And we're getting funded on at closing. So we're going to have a money partner bring in 280, we're going to bring in probably nothing. So the property is already paid off. So it's not necessarily a rap. We're just paying back that that 280 as quickly as we can to get him out of the way. And then the rest belongs to us. Thank you PJ man, thank you for doing the work, bro. Super, super excited. You know what? It's like, we've been making a decent amount of cash doing real estate for a long time. I'm sure there's a million gurus on Facebook that are way richer than us doing way better than us. But I can tell you that that something better than the money, something that's more exciting than then picking up a check is when you take a new person and you see them go into momentum. I mean that to me, nothing feels better than that. When you see a new person change their life because I already know what's going to happen, right? It's a very short curve, where when somebody changes their their life, their financial future and then they can share it with the people around them. You're gonna start to see their friends and their family members and their neighbors and people they know blow up and then they start mentoring their own team and you start to see the way that it has those like ripple effects. And these ripple effects are not going to be you know, $8,000 wholesale deals. 25:08 I'm gonna beat you, I'm gonna beat you. 25:10 You are you are obligated you are. If you don't if you don't beat the teacher then we didn't do a very good job. So it's 25:19 a hard it's a hard act to follow. 25:24 I'm excited you This is crazy. Like, literally, like, I know a buzz on here. Eva's a freaking beast man. She's been working her butt off. She's been helping us find buyers. But that's how it starts, you get good at finding the buyers. And then it gets really, really easy when you find the properties to get rid of these properties. And again, like every wholesaler in the game, is afraid to go after 1,000,002 million 3 million $5 million land deal because they don't know what to do with it. But if you're taking it down in small bites, the way that we're teaching is like Dude, this is dumb. This is like this is it's so easy. Like a caveman could do it. It's crazy. You know, I'm just glad that that we're kind of I guess we're self taught right? What do you put us under their wing and told us what to do? 26:01 No one gave us all the pieces. We got different pieces from different places and kind of combined it all but no one no one gave us the hope game or play. 26:10 Yeah, people like they try to get keep the information. So they'll give you just enough but not everything you know. And on these calls. We don't give everything on social we don't like on Facebook and all that we give enough. But on these calls right here there's nothing left to buy. There's no secret drawer there's nothing else behind the curtain we give literally giving you enough information. You go out you find the deals will help you negotiate it will help you find it will help you sell it we'll give you a step by step on how to sell it. We'll help you come up with the contracts will pay for the legal like I mean, there's literally nothing you have to do except Believe in it and put in the work just like PJ and you'll definitely see the magic happening. 26:44 But wait, there's more. Oh, there it is. None of the none of the gurus do that. 26:52 Yeah, at the very end of the call like Okay guys, now we're gonna give you the rest of the game. But now you gotta pay 2995 No, literally, man, that's everything. Find the dang deals, find the biggest deal that you're comfortable with finding if you don't want to negotiate it, text him a couple times. I'll get on the phone. I'll negotiate it for you. I'll try to get you 30% off and seller finance like we did this week. I have one for Aaron Aaron's on this call right now. She has a great lead here. So we meant to call that one today. It did not happen. So tomorrow we'll be able to make a phone call if we can work out some magic beautiful. You don't even have to make the phone call yourself. She just sent me the information. I'm gonna get on it. I'm gonna do the rest. So I don't know what else we could lay out for you guys man. Like I said if you if you just did the front end work Bailey sending out 1000s of mailers Frank Spaulding sending out 1000s of mailers freaking just do the very, very front touch. Right make sure the seller is not out of their mind. And I didn't want 10x with the properties were getting on the phone will make you proud. And 27:49 10 offers a week 10 I'm sending out 10 offers a week in Florida right now and storage facilities. And this is stuff that's on the market. And we've gotten we've gotten several of them under, you know, this is stuff the between in Florida as well as some other states stuff that wholesalers are putting out there, we're still putting offers. And it doesn't matter if they say no, you know, first, you know, like PJ just experienced. There a lot of a lot of these deals in there. Some of them Oh, no, we won't. We don't like your offer. We don't like your offer. We've got all these other offers, when you see them offering it up two months later. So you know, here's my new revised offer, you know, that's 1020 30% below my last offer. And you know, it's they play games, or do they really have no clue what they're doing out there. And, you know, especially I mean, even the sellers, even if it's listed with commercial agents, you know, we make we make our offers based on the numbers that will work for us. And that's, that's all we can do, you know, especially with storage because they're you're buying a business, this land stuff is even easier. I slacked I made the mistake of slacking. So you know jumping back and getting back in active. They said you know 70,000 that I've got going on automatically via sent mail and a few others. This is all Anthony said northeast of Dallas. So I've already got calls out to agents that I found on CoreXY. For some larger properties, it's negotiation time. 29:31 So one thing I want to do it one thing I want to mention too is that there was a big land buyer that has had a bunch of property under contract they actually cancelled all their chunk contracts and lost like $20 million from all their earnest money they had locked up all these deals. So like they'll have all their all the properties because they're unsure so there's more opportunity coming up for properties I'm under contract. They really saw that earnest money so there's there's plenty of opportunity out there. Even like breaks a little of that list and stuff. So plenty opportunity 30:00 Oh, go after the listed stuff, man. Take words of wisdom go after the listed stuff. You know, PJ's deals listed. And we're trying to sell it for like 3x or something or two and a half x, but it's listed for getting bites, just like I told you guys on the Castroville deal. I don't care what you think him and Anthony's. He's captain, he's like, that deal would not move that freakin 20,000 an acre, and now we're selling it for 34,500 an acre? Or was it 2525? Yeah, we raised the price $9,500 an acre, it would not move at 25 We're selling it at 35. Right, go after listed deals, whatever they're with, if they're not willing to negotiate an amazing price, maybe we can negotiate amazing terms. The deals are out there. There's blood in the water. There's people that were planning to do stuff with that money. And now these big builders have canceled their contracts. There's blood in the water guys 30:46 know, yep, terms make 30:48 the difference. Terms make a difference. 30:52 And there are there are people who need the write offs right now, who will put the money into that because they know what's going to be secure and stable no matter what. So while the rest of the markets cooling off. Now there are a lot of people with a lot of money that need the high bid for a little while for the tax advantages, or for the protection and hide it from the government. So 31:13 Anthony, Anthony had a deal a text came in today in a group message that I'm in, the person has negotiated $500 a month for five years. Like it's like free money free money out there. 31:26 Edwards in here. He's the one that brought the deal. Oh, yeah. And then the person's like, if you pay 13,000 and back taxes, and just pay 500 bucks a month, you guys can just hang on to it until you sell it. Do talk about terms, man. That's term for like, excellent, excellent job negotiating that. Like it's like, hey, I'll give you this monthly cash while you let me sell your property right. So we just closed them a million it was listed was actually it's not listed. There's an agent signed has been in that yard for three years. They wanted $20,000 An acre million dollars. We got it for 600,000 $5,000 Down 5000 A month 0% interest $400,000 discount 0% interest $5,000 a month. Daniel, what's what's what's the payment from a bank for a $600,000 payment if you just had like nominal interest like 8% or whatever bank gives you so 8% 30% down, you're gonna need on that million dollar tract. But if it's just 600,000 Principal 8% interest it'd be 4400 4400 A month that's been and for your first couple years, several years. That's all interest, right? Very couple 100 bucks, go to your principal. We're doing five a month straight to the principal. Here's the principal straight to the principal no interest at all. Wow, we're selling it why we're breaking it up why we're shopping for buyers. There's one one tracks five acres by itself one tracks three acres by itself. Those are already subdivided. So those are ready to rock and then the other like 42 acres, we're going to cut up into our 44 acres whatever it is, we're gonna we're gonna sell off like in 1015 20 acre tracts where you have somebody that wants a 15 acre tract. Yeah 33:17 the show is sponsored by the list guys, do you need more leads in your local or virtual market one intends small businesses don't invest in any kind of marketing the list guys have over 35 plus list types to choose from and you can mix and match any list or criteria. We also used to skip trace lists and provide up to seven numbers and email addresses every list you purchase will be scrubbed against previous purchases the list guys are here to save you time contact the list guys today at www dot one this guy's dot com that's www dot the number one list 33:55 Pay for money you're paying for it I am I'm gonna give you cash so you're the one that's winning I get stuck with this property if I can't sell it for a year, two or three years, I get stuck holding the bag and you have all my cash. So that's it guys. That's that's tonight's call. I hope it was valuable. I hope you enjoyed it. If anybody can do us a favor if you can go leave us a review on the podcast apple that would be amazing. And then also if you could go to the the million dollar mastermind page or if you're in the inner circle page and just show us some love so hey man frickin learn some crazy things tonight. We would really appreciate that and then we'd really appreciate it if you bring us some deals on the table so we can make your million dollars we want to make one two 34:33 and for winner of today's call we're gonna give it to Frank Spalding. 34:41 Yeah guys go check it out. We'll get you a hive mind mug gets you one of these guys. 34:45 So I put the link in the chat to go leave us a review it helps us tremendously 34:52 walking into the gym with the gym with that bad boy I know you mean business. Check us out guys. We appreciate You being on here. Like I said, you're in the right room. I think anybody in this room could make a tremendous amount of capital in a very small amount of time. If you put in the work, if you don't know what to do from there, we'll be happy to make the phone calls with you for you. We'll help you find the funding. And yeah, let's do this. I hope you guys go out there and put into work this week. Call us let us know what we can do to help. Thank you. Thanks, everybody. 35:24 Thanks for watching this YouTube video. We hope you found value please like subscribe and hit the bell. Watch more videos just like this one.
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