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Dec. 15, 2022

Ep 298: How Are You Being Productive In Real Estate

Ep 298: How Are You Being Productive In Real Estate
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0:00 In case anybody has questions. So we've still been doing the same thing. Lots of deals in the pipeline, lots of stuff. We're locking up lots of stuff we're looking at. So congrats to everybody that's been submitting deals. Yeah, we're really cooking now, things are starting to move. I'm seeing a lot of buyers coming back after I mean, sellers coming back, after months and months of first contact. So I know you reach out, you get a hold of people, and then you get frustrated because you're like, man, they ghosted me, the guy wants way too much. And of course, when you're when you're trying to get a deal, especially when there's a lot of profit involved. You get emotionally attached. So when a seller goes to you, you're like, dang it, that was gonna be a big deal. But their price is crazy. All your job is is to make contact, make a friend and say, I'll revisit you in the future. So we had one in April that we talked to, and they, they wanted a bit higher price, and we're willing to pay, we had a quick armwrestling match. And we said, No, we're gonna go ahead, and we'll let you know something. And they said, you know, finally, we thought we agreed on a price because we made them a lower offer. And then right before they accepted it, they said, You know what, we're just gonna hang on to it. Right. So it seemed like a big letdown. But now come, you know, I don't know what this is. Six months later, or something seven months later? Like, we got that random text message? Are you still interested in the property? So that's kind of the dream scenario is for you to have the sellers come back asking for you to help because that means they've been trying to work that property for six or seven months, and they haven't been able to move it. Right. So that puts you in the driver's seat to say, hey, I can still help get this done. But now we're gonna do it on my terms. Right. And and the markets not as hot as it was when we talk six months ago. So now the price is going to change a little bit. So cool conversations to have cool positioning. I think Daniel, myself can cover positioning positioning tonight. But that's what I wanted to talk about. You know, if you're trying to move these types of deals, you're thinking in terms of like, what do I need to have? Right now we're working on one, we're trying to make six to 7 million on it. The earnest money deposit $650,000. Right. So if you're on this call, and you're thinking, Well, I don't have $650,000, to put down to even take an attempt at a deal like that. But being in this group, you do have access to that type of capital. But you don't even need that mode, that much capital on most of these deals, because what are we really doing here? We're tying up multimillion dollar properties with a sheet of paper. Right? So to me that's like, that's the more that's the modern day Gold Rush, is when you can tie up a property that's worth a million $2 million $3 million, with a three cent sheet of paper, right? That's exactly what we're doing here. So if the seller is not ready to sell it, make a friend, keep them in your pipeline, keep them close, make sure your machine is automatically following up with them. Because six months from now, a year from now, you're going to have talked to hundreds, possibly 1000s of sellers. And it's pretty easy to lose track of all this stuff. So that's kind of want to talk about that today. Your sellers will come back if you're doing the work making the contacts saying in front of them. And you have said possibly you could tie up something very, very large with a lot of upside for little to no money out of pocket. And if you do happen to need to dig into your pocket. Well, you got us you got this group. 3:06 Anything you want to cover Daniel. Yes, yes, I do want to cover something. So I want to start off with like, Mina has been talking about, we did a call we did a call recording about like that positioning yourself to win. And I think a lot of people here, they feel like they're doing all the right things, but nothing isn't happening. So I want to I want to tell you the story of my first deal, because it took me seven months to get my first deal. And I feel like it wasn't lack of trying, I feel like it wasn't like it was like a lack of doing the necessary things I wanted, I want on my first deal to get to get going. But I wasn't doing the necessary things to succeed. So and I had a I had another business at the time before I actually got full time in the real estate. But I didn't devote enough resources. And I think a lot of people they struggle with like, what do you really do to succeed? And a lot of it is your lead flow. A lot of people struggle with lead flow, like what what does it actually take to get a seller on the phone and motivate us on the phone? What is it? How many follow ups does it take to convert that seller into a contract? Like what is the actual work that's going to produce a lead deal? Is is so you pay me? So one of the things I struggled early on with I thought I was doing a lot of good things. And it wasn't really wasn't really my style. I mean, I went I locked up probably three or four properties. I probably went to too many seller appointments that I should have person, the person that was unmotivated sellers. I didn't bet them properly. I maybe didn't have that conversation up front of what we're actually going to do. One of those one of the deals that fell through on my site. They had an underlying lien that blew up, blew up the deal right at the closing table and Mind you, if I evicted the tenant trashed out the property, took it to closing. And then the deal blew up because title company didn't do a title search and blew up the deal. So like, there's a lot of things that I could have asked that, in hindsight, that could have made the deal go smoother. But there's a lot of things that you can you can you're gonna like waste a lot of time doing certain things that you think are worth the time, but maybe not be for you. So a lot of people struggle with this, like, Anthony, we did a call earlier today meeting Anthony. And he was talking about like, he doesn't like having appointments on him. Because he needs to be flexible with the sellers. Because sometimes sellers what the seller asked you today, Anthony, or later this week. 5:53 Like I pick her up and take her to go look at a property. So I talked to a seller today. She said that she has she said, What if I put down $20,000. So I gave her some numbers. There's a really, really old lady. I mean, he can hardly understand you, I want to get she's probably like 90, and she's speaking Spanish. And she said, you know, what, if I put down 20,000? I said, Yeah, that's about what average isn't, you know, the downpayment that we're looking for. And actually, like, how much is the payment? How much is the interest? I gave her the payment, like, what can I do to bring the payment down? And I said, well, the payments, the payment, I can't help you with that. And I said, you can put more down if you want. And she was like, hmm, okay, what if I put down 40. And I was like, I redid the math. And I'm like, Okay, here's your payment, she will if I put down 50 Give her another payment. And she goes, What if I put down 70? And I was like, How much money do you have? Like, exactly what are you trying to accomplish? And she's like, I want to move my kids on to some property. And I want them to be able to build a house or bring on a mobile home. So I want something that's unrestricted. And I want us all to live on the same property. And I was like, Well, how much cash do you have access to? She was like, well, we got some money. She's my husband died. And we have some money. She's like, but the most I want to put down is 70,000. Like, interesting, okay. So she was trying to get her payment down. I said, Look, why don't you do this? I said, Why don't you buy 20 acres, I give me 20 acres for 300,000. I said, you put $70,000 down, and then I'll help you remarket 10 of those acres so that you can get a monthly payment coming in that will almost or cover all of your monthly payment for your other 10 acres. That way, you have your 10 acres covered for zero. And she was like, can you explain that to me again, and she's like, I'm gonna write this stuff down. So I could talk to my kids about it. So we stayed on the phone for about an hour. But yeah, randomly, none of her kids can make it to the showing tomorrow at 11, we have a bunch of buyers coming in at 11 to look at the property. So she just asked me, she was like, Is there any way you could pick me up tomorrow and take me to the property? And I looked at where she is she's fine. She's over by Castro, but what we're working on 122 acres, and I'm thinking about it, like what do I really have to lose, if I give up an extra hour of driving time, and this lady puts $70,000 down on this property, all I need is $50,000 down to close on this property or to have a private lender that's gonna put the rest. So this lady puts down 70 grand and just this one buyer, right when we have a pool of buyers meeting tomorrow the property. So by the time we get to the closing table, I'll use her 50,000 to close stick 20 in my pocket before I even get the deal started. Right. So again, this is just like having those conversations, pushing out these properties, having the sellers lined up, but also remaining flexible. Because if I had had my day, booked down tomorrow, and buckled down so tight, like I gotta be somewhere tonight, I gotta be somewhere at 10 I gotta be somewhere at 1030. And then I gotta get to the property love it, guess what, I got nothing on the calendar tomorrow. So I'm gonna go pick her up, I'm going to drive the extra hour, I'm gonna go pick her up, I'm gonna take her to go show the property. Worst case she doesn't buy, right. But again, the upside is, is that I get into this property with zero down. And not only that, I get paid 20,000 at closing, just from this one buyer. And we have a handful of other buyers are gonna go to the property and meet us too. And I've asked everybody for 20,000 down. 8:57 So that was like my stories like is it is what you're setting aside for your type of trend, like, Anthony has his own sales side. So he's actually going to, he needs that flexibility. Whereas me, I probably need appointments booked on me. So I'm like the opposite of Anthony, where like, I'm on a straw man, I have a calendar, I have a schedule, a time block, I do a lot of the stuff where Anthony needs to be flexible to do stuff like that to take sellers. So it's understanding your role in what you need to do to be productive. And there's two different sides of this, then there's might be another side that we're not even thinking of that you might have to put yourself in a box. But what Anthony does is what I don't do and what I do, he doesn't do. So it's understanding that there's different ways to be productive, the band and what you're in, you're at, depending on what your end goal is. So you need to understand, like there's different types of productivity, depending on what hat you're wearing that day. And that I think I think kind of boils down to like, are you well, depending on what hat you're wearing that day, are you going to be productive in that role. So a lot of solopreneurs and A lot of people were so open to it for a long time, not gonna do it any way, you have to wear all these different hats, you have to switch out hats all the time. Sometimes you have mid day, if you have to do payroll, you have to do counting, you have to do sales calls during peak hours, you have to maybe have to go to lunch with it with the client or stuff like that. So there's a lot of things you have to put on these different sales hat, you have to like juggle what's important at what time. So there's a lot that comes into like, are you really dead, putting your resources that you do have out there in a certain way to produce certain results. So I think we have Ruben Torres, who has a nine to five, like is in the room as I'm hopping earlier on if he's here or not. But Ruben Torres, he has a nine to five, and he's still producing leads, he's leveraging the time he does have to still produce and be active. So if you have a nine to five, you're working on the job, you might be flipping a house, you might be doing construction, you might be doing whatever thing you're doing, you have to manage your ability to still be productive, and other in other facets. So like me and Anthony joke around all the time is that, like, this is another thing to me, like people are like, Oh, I work 40 hours a week, five days a week, and I'm like, Man, entrepreneurship, I worked like six to seven. And it's just sporadic at all different times, because we're doing different things at different times. I was doing payroll last night, like midnight, you know, those things that kids already in bed and I was working on stuff on computer and I'm doing payroll. So it's different. It is up to check RPM check on me on for that, because he knows that's my responsibility. So it's not something that he has to do. But I know what I'm most productive to do payroll is by late at night. And so I do a lot of my computer work. So depending on your availability, what you're balancing a lot, I have kids and families, kids, anything, it goes to the gym, I need to make time to go to the gym. So it's like, it's like a balancing act of all your responsibilities and the results you actually want to produce. We talked about, we talked about this with like Ryan Penita, like a week and a half ago. And we asked him like, like, what's the work life balance. And he's like work life balance is literally balancing everything at once. Because your family is important. Your health is important. And in the job of producing results is important too. So it's understanding that you have to well balance yourself and position yourself to produce with the time you lot to produce. 12:26 Talk about this talk about partnerships, man and leverage, right. So we're talking about positioning leverage. So a lot of people ask us, right, just recently, somebody asked us as they said, we were presenting for a group last night that has 40,000 members. And they somebody in the in the comments asked what's in it for you guys? Like why are y'all teaching us this? Why in the heck are we on here teaching everybody in this room, we know for a minimal amount of cash. And it's about leveraging other people's time and energy, right. So we know what to do. But we only have so many hours in a day. Right? And then also like J being deal splitting deals, like if we did one deal a month or one deal every other month for the rest of our lives. Like we're sitting okay, like we're doing pretty damn good. You know, it's that's, you know, micro guru status based on the numbers that we can pull with a one deal a month or one deal every other month. But our intention is is to leverage our time and energy so that we can do a deal with everybody in this room. And what if we did too, with everybody in this room where five or 10? Or 50? Right? Can you see how the numbers get exponential. So if you're trying to do everything yourself, if you're trying to wear all the hats, I mean, there's a time for that, right. But if you're not out there telling people what you're doing, getting people interested in what you're doing, you're doing a lot of work that you don't have to write. And I think this is something that I think about a lot is I know there's somebody in this room right now that is doing everything, they're doing all their own marketing, they're stuffing, all their own envelopes are combing through all of their own text messages. They're skipping all of their own data, you know, and you're doing whatever you have to do, right. But if you're doing 20 different jobs, when when it all it takes is for you to just post on Facebook and say, Hey, I'm trying to start investing in multimillion dollar lots. And I need somebody to help me. If you don't have cash to invest, if you have a couple of hours to invest, you know, I would like to chat with you. And bam, now there's two of you. 14:09 So here's the crazy, here's the crazy thing. So me and Anthony were partners, right? We both have two different things. But check this out. We also have help on our side to do what we have. So I have employees and he has employees, but we also have family. Anthony, what does your family do for you in your business? Now answer my side. This is This is funny. 14:32 Everything really so I have an uncle that he's like my labor force. I have a gentleman that's been living rent free on one of my commercial properties for like two and a half years has never given me a dime. And he's he is my labor force as well. So he'll move furniture, cut grass, do whatever we have to do like physical stuff with the truck. And then my sister is my main admin. So she runs paperwork, she's on all my accounts, she signs checks. She she does anything and everything that I could do if I'm not President. So if I'm out of town for a week or two, she's me while I'm here, right? So sometimes she's dropping stuff off. She's mailing things off. She's writing challenges. 15:06 She just had 15:07 just had a newborn baby like two months ago. Yeah. And then she's driving and closing a property like two or three days later. Of course, I tell her like, Don't worry, no, no, no, I'm gonna do it. I'm ready. I'm ready to go. So she's a beast. She's been by my side for probably six or seven years. He comes from corporate at Burlington Coat, factory and Ross. But yeah, she's just a workhorse. But she's, she's my stunt double. So now there's two of me, that can go out and do any activity that I could do on my own. And then my wife, of course, she's a stay at home mom, she's she's probably has a harder job than all of us. And she's taking care of the kids all day. But she'll sit around and she'll do contracts. She went and mailed some stuff today. And she went about some hive mind gear. So it's like the people around me are providing the best support system that I have. And I think that's, that's what allows me to cover a lot of ground. People asked me too, all the time, it's like, how can you possibly do all the stuff that you're doing, but if it was just me, I'd probably die, I'd probably die like a stroke or heart attack or something. But I have an amazing support system around me that I've been able to leverage. And I don't know how I would do everything I do without thinking. Alright, so 16:05 that's his side, that's his side. And mind you, his wife still takes care of the house, and everything into the house. So my side I have my VA team that helped me with hive mind and my, my production of all the content we produce. And then I have my wife, my wife literally helps out with the with the hive mind apparel. So all the hive mind apparel, the hats, the shirts, even the runway, now that's all my wife. So like, there's, there's a lot that goes into what we do that's behind the scenes, there's that snap front, and it's still passed off, even to other people that help us get the results we want. So like when a lot of people look at us, like we're running pretty small between Anthony and I, but there's a lot of outside resources that are just pumping out, they're helping out, they see the mission, they understand what we're building, and they're helping out in any way they can. So there's a lot of like, and this is like remaining Anthony in our in our families literally are helping build the hive mind. Our families are I mean, like Anthony's wife and sister, my wife, and like, and I'm hoping to bring in my brothers into this soon as we get bigger. But it's one of those things where like, we're concerned, we're finding any help we can get to help contribute to the machine. Because it's a heavy load. It's a heavy load to bury, and there's so much needs to get done. I tell people all the time, like, like, oh, so what do you do for work, I'm like, I do everything I do to do everything. Like I hand off responsibility. But if I have a person in place that can do it, they do it. But they don't have those on there to do it. I'm there doing it. And it's one of the I told my I told my main VA, I was like, I have to know more than you. And I know more than I know more than you in the system. It's not that I can't do it as I needed to do it because I have so many other things going on. And this is where like we did a podcast with Chad Doherty today. And we like we produced like 300 episodes of the podcasts, we're about two or 300 episodes. And we do we do weekly calls for a year and a half now, like a lot, there's so much time allotted and put into you guys as a whole and to review to put you towards the mission and to put you on and understand what you're doing. Because there's there's a there's a grander there's a grander goal ahead of us, you know, so we have to allocate time to put into the the this car here. So I was talking about before you guys have been here a second, my wife was like, What are you doing? I have a call at right now. She's like, Why do you have a car right now? And like I have a call every Tuesday at around this time. It's like why every Tuesday and we I don't know. It's just, I'm here, you know. So this was one of those things like we laugh about it, but like, it's out an hour, it's 9pm on the east coast. It's 8pm. And we're at Anthony's at 6pm where I'm at. But we're all here together right now here, understanding the mission and putting forth effort. So like, who's who's on who's on who's on a real estate team? Anthony. As far as acquisitions and dispo. 19:07 Our main people is Jasmine, she she's the one that fields, the CRM 24/7. So we're gonna have a call about this, how we're using hivemind for dispositions to sell the properties. And then my nephew, Gabriel handles inbound. So when people come through one of our website forms and say, Hey, I have a property needed. So my nephew grabs those. So I think those are our main two people that are in the background running the machine. They don't do contract. They don't necessarily close. They will call me and team me up and say, Hey, here's a property. Here's what I think it's worth. I think this guy's ready to dance. You want to talk to him yet? Tell him a comment for that's pretty much the whole entire team right there. 19:45 That's our whole team for everything we do. Literally, like we're a real estate side. We're we're completely small, like everything that we do is like 10 people. 19:56 Yep. I wanted to talk about like a resources, right, we talked about where we have a call hope we're gonna do a whole call about leverage. But just like resources, right? So think of time as an increment or a unit of cash of capital. Right? So if if you have, if you have less cash, you probably have more time to invest in something, right. So think of your time as capital. And then if you have more capital, so most of the time, you're more pressed for time, right? Because you have a lot of things going on, you're moving a lot of different moving parts. Any, anybody that's in real estate is probably running a pretty cash hungry business. So your cash comes in, and it goes right back out. So if you don't have too much capital, you have more time, you can probably just get what Daniel myself, right and say, hey, I can take some people back, I can skip trace, I could just there's something that you can do, where you can plug into somebody else's system, it doesn't necessarily have to be ours, it could be anybody else's in this room. Maybe you have a little bit of capital, maybe you say, hey, I can put aside $250 a month, or $500 a month to try to generate some activity with you guys. Right? So if you think about how do you spend your own time and energy, and your own time and capital, but also, again, leveraging the time and capital people that are already in your network. And it's not like you're taking something from them that you're not willing to give. But if you say hey, I'm trying to frickin take down a million dollar deal, I wish that there were somebody on my Facebook who's interested in that hit me up, you know, let's have a quick conversation, I'm happy to get on a call with those people. I'm sure Daniel will be. And we'll just kind of tell them what we're doing. And maybe they're willing to contribute, but maybe they're willing to wait, maybe they're not. But you don't have to wait to close a deal to gather, you know, some some type of leverage. And that's something that I think a lot of people aren't thinking about or taking advantage of. 21:42 So one of the one of the biggest things I brought this up literally before this call, we had a text, check our stories, about two hours ago, me and Anthony both posted it, but somebody that's paying for leads, they have less time but more more money, they put money into some PPC leads. So reason why we manage everything that we do is because we're using inbound marketing, we have text going out, but it's all end on one piece once people respond, because our outbound campaign is we select 1000 People throw them into text campaign, and it just goes and then wait for a response. And then once they respond, we kind of separate in that bucket, then we have one person on that to separate that bucket and move everybody willing to go and set up calls with our sales team, depending on if it's a dealer. So we like inbound marketing, we do not cold prospect, we do not do a lot of those things, just because it takes us very time intensive. Me Anthony, we like doing things the easiest way possible, even if it costs money. So one thing that we've been running for a while is PPC. So PPC is an inbound form of marketing, the leads come in hot. And it's just a matter of negotiating out the terms and the price point. But 30 raise their hand, they're calling in, they fill out a webform I want to sell my property. So those are leads, those are people like talking to if 10 People call your phone in a week, and they all told you they want to sell their property is probably good chance you're probably able to contract that week, if enough people call you in. So the reason I mentioned this is we had a testimonial come in a guy message. He's been on our lead system for maybe like two, three weeks. He's gotten five leads. And he's closing on two leads right now. One was a deal that the owner literally giving away for $500. But he's closing on. And then another one was 20 acres in Bastrop. And a five leads that came in he got two contracts, which is crazy. I think it's the best KPIs I've heard today is even better than us. 23:40 Yep, we have a, we closed one from PVC. We just recently closed it, it was 80,000 profit, we're gonna post the HUDs up. And then we have one supposed to close on December 23. It should be like 290,000 profit, and we had zero into both of those deals. So that's the power of inbound marketing. 23:59 So got anything. 24:02 I was gonna say what I wanted to move on now to Mr. PJ that's on here. And I wanted to talk a little bit about a deal that he's been working for a few months and how things have been progressing on his side. So do you want to give a little recap PJ about how, how you found a deal, and then maybe the five seconds on what we talked to the agent about and then how things are going on you're in now. 24:23 Yeah, absolutely, man. Thanks for giving me the floor. What's up everyone? So originally, this deal came to us. We were looking me and my partners are on Jake and Ian, we're looking at on market listings. And so we found this property. We did the comps in the area. We knew there was a good deal. Got the motivation under the condition and everything. When we got on the phone me happening with the realtor. She pretty much gave us possession of the property saying that if you can it If, if you guys, I'll let you guys bring in buyers and marketing you guys are so if you guys, um, if you guys intend on on buying the property in the end. And so 25:12 let me just real quick, I just wanted to mention that the seller is entirely unmotivated, they're old, they're rich, they don't care about nothing, they're there, they're just they're ready to die, they don't care about anything, they have so much money, they only want to sell the property if they if they never sold, they're fine with that too, completely unmotivated, they shut down offers that were like, I think 10,000 less than asking price. And it's been on the market for like almost a year or something like that. And so the sellers that motivated, the agent is super, super motivated. So we came up with a new concept on this one is don't worry about finding a motivated seller. Let's look for some motivated agents. 25:47 And so from there, after we got the agents permission, we we ran, started running a ghost ad on on Facebook marketplace in that area, saying hey, who would buy tracts of 40 acres plus in this area it has it has x y&z and just waited in for those potential buyers. And so after boosting, and a few times, after a few months of doing that, now we got an open house coming up this Saturday, that we set up with the realtor, she's so cool with it. And we definitely have four very motivated people that that I had from the beginning I had written down earlier on my list. And they returned and they said that they're ready in the series, they want to see the property, we got three more. Three more that said they're interested in, they want to go to the open house as well. So we have about seven people lined up for the open house this week to buy 40 plus acre tracts of this 220 acre property. And so just a lot of work a lot of waiting around. We'll see he can't just can't stop you got to keep pushing through, but I'm willing to put in the work because it's worth it. 27:14 Yeah, so that's uh, that's it like just again, another example is if you came across this property, you looked it up crap look like a great deal. But it just so happens to be listed. Sellers not motivated. So now you hit another wall. And in your mind, you're thinking again, this is probably not a deal. And then people are afraid to talk to the agents, I have no freaking clue I have done a ton of deals with agents agents have brought me more buyers than probably anybody else in the whole entire spectrum of real estate. But I love talking to agents. I love talking to attorneys, if the family has an attorney for the property. I love talking to them. Like for whatever reason people are afraid to have conversations. And that's exactly what we're getting paid to do in this business. Right. So you hit two walls, the the property is listed. The sellers not motivated. And there's an agent involved. So now you have three walls and you're like dang it, what the hell can I do? So like I said, So now all we're doing is seeing if there's any, any buyers in the market at that price. So we're running a ghost ad, there's no address, there's no there's no details that would identify that it's the property. We just want to know if there's buyers in that area at that price. So then what do we do we push the buyers to the agent, right. And now the agent has some activity on the property. Obviously, the the seller doesn't want to do a subdivide and not willing to do anything creative. But we know that the buyers are very, very active at that price. So they go out there, they take a look at it. And maybe they say hey, I don't wanna buy the whole thing. But I'll take 50 acres, I'll take 75 acres, that gives us a lot of confidence to raise the capital to take that deal down and do a subdivide. Because now we know there's a line of 810 1215 buyers that are ready to pull the trigger on that property. So we don't know how it's progressing. So far, we don't have anything set in stone. But again, I think this just like classic textbook completely unorthodox thinking outside the box way to make sure that you don't buy a dud, right? Because we can't raise $2 million. And then when he just ends up sitting there now for two years or three years because we'll lose credibility it was maybe, you know, lose it. There's just a lot of things that can go south. But setting it up that way and running it that way. You know, PJ's done everything right on this deal. I think it's a winner it sounds like it's it's gonna be 100% winner based on the price that we could get by it for and then the amount of activity that's being generated on the buyer side. 29:27 So I wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys this group it means so much like it means a lot and so I encourage everyone that's hearing this like, I'm a man I come from poverty from the hood man and I'm doing this so that I can show my family and my people back home that anyone can do this. Any one of you guys can do this as well if you just stick to it and persevere. 29:54 That's him and that's a game you know, congrats again, man. It's like I hope that Anybody in here understand is like we're not flipping a one bedroom, you know, one bath house and trying to get a check for five or $10,000. Daniel myself, we have roughly we're looking at $3 million profit on three deals. And then I'll give you another little quick story. There's somebody brought me a deal from Houston, probably about six months ago. And the seller wanted $10 million for this lot southwest of Houston. And she's a broker, she knows her numbers, she's not stupid. She's not in any hurry. She has a lot of land. She lives on like 70 acres and a house by herself. Very, very sharp lady, super cool. We tried to figure out what we could do to bring a buyer, get somebody in there, make something happen for her. And she says, Look, I'm not signing anything. She said, Send me a buyer. I don't need you to sign anything. She was like, if they buy it, I'll give you 500,000 in cash, not worried about it. Okay, I kind of trust this lady. I liked her. And I just liked the idea of shopping out a property that's worth $10 million. It's good for your confidence. It's good for your energy, it's good to have conversations with those types of people that can actually move that type of capital. So I was excited about it. We got an offer for $9 million. And she said no, she's like, I'm gonna wait for the 10 Okay, that's fair. You're gonna give me half a million dollars, I could get you your full asking price. So we ended up for whatever reason, we kind of just put that deal to the backburner. I didn't know if we were gonna be able to come up with a term. Sure if we worked it harder, we probably would have been able to find it sooner or later. Fast forward six, seven months later, somebody sends me a deal. Oh, I asked her. I said again, everybody wants to in this room. Please. Please, please. Every time you talk to a seller, sir, ma'am. That's a lot of money. You know, why do you need that much money? Do you have to pay off debt? What are you going to do with all of that capital? No, I don't have any debt. I've been debt free for 100 years. Okay, awesome. Yeah. So where does that money go? Usually, when I talk to a seller like you, there's some kind of like 1031 involved. They don't need the cash. They don't want to take that giant tax hit. They're gonna probably want to move the money to another property. Is that what you're thinking? She said, Yes, I would like to move the money over closer to New Braunfels. That's where I grew up. So New Braunfels is about 45 minutes north of San Antonio. She said she would like to take that capital, and she would like to move it to land north of New Braunfels. I mean, just just in the New Braunfels area. So just recently, like in the last 14 days or so, somebody brings me a property that's 160 ish acres South just south of New Braunfels, in an amazing area that's about to explode. So we sent her that property and said, Hey, I have 160 acres in New Braunfels. I was wondering if you'd want to do an even property swap, if you wanted to 1031 into this one. And she said, Send me the details. So we sent her some rough details. She looked at it. And now she sent us about 20 or 30, more buying questions. She said, get all these answers for me. I'll try to drive it next week. She didn't say can I get it cheaper? She didn't say, Can I get a discount? She didn't say, Don't be bothering me with these crappy deals. She said, Send me all of this information. I'm gonna go drive it. So I don't know what you're doing with your nine to five. But this looks like we might be able to do a $3 million dollar property swap for a property that's worth nine or 10. I don't know how good you guys are at math. But you know, not too bad of a deal. And again, like sometimes I feel like not even talking about these kinds of deals, because it's like, yeah, but they haven't closed it yet. But like, Yeah, but if you have 10 of these types of conversations, right? With the same dynamic and the same amount of numbers, then you can see what's what's possible in this group and what we're doing in real estate. 33:29 That's good. Now this, there's, there's a lot opportunity out there, it's producing the results that are going to produce results. There's a lot, there's a lot that goes into that. And congrats PJ for putting in the work, man. It's awesome to see like people even even understand or touch what we're talking about. Because whenever I mean, Anthony talk, a lot of people think we're talking crazy, which is understandable. Which is understandable. We've had we've had a lot of conversations, a lot of different people and even people we've known for a while. I think we're crazy, so sorry, Austin. 34:12 I've been thinking about it, too, for a long time. Because like, I mean, we're human too, right? If you hop on these calls, you've been following the hive mind for a little while. I think it exploded pretty quick. You know, we knew it was going to explode, but it's when it's when it's happening in real time. It's kind of like you're still staring at it. Like is this really happening right now? So it might seem like oh, man, these guys are crushing. They got it together, you know, but we have the same thing. You know, we're losing sleep at night. We're wearing like, it's just gonna go down and just gonna come through. Are we gonna get that check? We've got we're gonna get right. Like we're expecting to come into 290 $300,000 at the end of this month, maybe it comes in maybe it doesn't. Right. And we have a lot of other properties. We want to tie up earnest money. Surveys, right? We have a lot of cool stuff that we would like to move that capital into and it may happen it may not. But it's like, still like persevering, like sticking through. I made a post about it this week. It was kind of on my mind. It's Like, are we crazy? I mean, is this going to happen? It seems like it's happening. But sticking with it, believing in yourself, seeing all like the in real estate, the shiny objects all around you. You're like, hey, this guy's doing storage over here, this guy's doing apartments and my friend just made $4 million flipping. I don't know what commercial building, but it's like, you stick to what you see what you what you know, and what you're good at. And now we're starting to see, like I said, those major, major opportunities coming back around the corner that we thought were gone already. So in my mind, I'm thinking about it, like, let's say that you were, I imagined like a battlefield, right, and you're supporting entity, whatever that is, is doing drops of like food and water and supplies and ammunition and whatever you need to survive on that battlefield. So but you have to know the location of those goods, right to be able to survive. So I'm thinking in this business, that's how I imagined it, I imagined the landscape like, maybe I'm not going to buy that $10 million lot. But now I know where it is. And I have the lady's phone number, right? And six months from now, I know where there's 22 of those. And a year and a half from now, I know where there's 60 of those. So do you see how the game gets easier and easier as you go on? As you start to know and understand the landscape? And you know, where these deals are, you know, where all those hidden gems are? You have the connections, you already made friends with the sellers. So it's I'm just imagining, like, by persevering five years from now. Yeah, I could see us making several million dollars in an afternoon based on something that happened two years ago. 36:27 Yeah, it's, it's literally building out your long term pipeline. Long term pipeline. So the What's crazy about this is I think it was at a real estate event this year. And they're like, there's like 600 people in the room. They're like, yeah, when the recession comes the pipe, like half of you here next year. And like, it's a crazy thing to say, but like, people thought his business every day, every day. And then like, I think one of the crazy statistics, I might have said it on here. But I said a while ago, but there was like, it was like in 2022, like, out of like 1.2 million agents only 400 400,000 closed the deal. In 2022. So as much as these agents thinks they're, they're hot stuff, and they know that, you know, all the solutions, the problem, most of them are terrible. So they need a lot of help. And there's a lot of help, that we can produce. Only 5% of real estate investors are women. I don't know about that one. 37:25 I saw it on homeless page at some point or something or I honest, and I don't know. It was interesting. It could it could be 37:32 true. It can be true. Yeah, real estate is a very, it's a very male, white dominated sector. Very, very, very much so. So if you are not that, you're definitely a minority in this business. So don't don't feel like you are less than me, and it made a joke last night is that the real estate, the real estate business is gonna like us. But it's one of those things where like, we're just out here producing content to really help you understand and position yourself to do better than us. I think it comes it comes to your mentors really wants you to succeed more than us more than more than themselves. And I hope, hope you all succeed more than us. And faster to I don't know, I mean, it's crazy. It's crazy journey we've had a lot of it we've, and this is where I don't really talk about mentors, but I've had a lot of mentors in business. And one of my first mentors, was helping me through trucking. And it was one of those things where like, what I pivoted into what I what I do now, I told him, I'm like, Hey, I appreciate all the help and lessons you gave me. But I really want you to come to where the grass is greener on the side. So my buddy comes into real estate full time and able to produce as good results over here. But he helped me a lot, a lot have helped me through a lot of my early years as entrepreneur just through the hard times. Because there are hard times. So for everybody here, I hope you become better than at LAN than us. And like I said, we freely give us information so you can act and produce results. We had a we had a client of ours. He kind of fell off for a little bit but I Anthony ended up meeting him a while back. And he did like two sets of ideals. Just off the information. We did offer free calls back last year. So there's a lot of good information here. He's got to take care of take the action, produce the results. 39:41 Yeah, he quit. He actually was one of the first ones that quit like 30 days in or 60 days in and I had a conversation with him was like where you going in and he's like, I don't know, I just I found this other group and they're doing this whatever. And he decided to stick around. Yeah, BAM now yeah, 18 months later, he's freaking taken out million dollar loans from banks, you know, taking down big properties. and cutting them up. So it was worth it to stick around for a little while and see what the heck's going on. And then yeah, like I said, now you have game that you've collected that you can use for the rest of your life, you know, so I'm excited to be on this journey. I think I'm gonna do this until I die. I don't see why I would change careers. But I have about maybe 10 or 12 minutes left, I gotta get on a zoom with the seller right now at nine o'clock. So I gotta bounce in a minute. So we just wanted to see there's a lot of new people in the room. So can we do some quick q&a, I feel like we could provide a little bit of direction for people, even if you've already been in here before. Or if you're brand new, if you just had any quick questions before I got to bounce, and then Daniel, close it out. 40:37 You can unmute yourself or put in the chat. Somebody already asked question pro equity says what to say to a seller to scare them about capital gains, so we can try to look up a lock up creative. 40:53 I would just ask him, I was like, hey, is this a 1031? Like, where exactly? Have you already identified a new property? You know, everybody look up a 1031 means if you don't know what that is, okay, so I just, I play very dumb in a lot of my sales situations and my my sales scripts. So I'll say hey, is this gonna be a 1031? Like, where's your next property? At? Have you already identified it? Are you already working with somebody? Can you tell me a little bit more about where this money is going? And they're like, oh, yeah, you're about to come into $4? million? where's the money going? Are you gonna do an apartment complex? Are you gonna get more land? Where are you getting? Like? I don't know, yet. I'm not gonna do any of that. Oh, you just gonna take the cash and shove it into your bank account? Like, yeah, that's what I was planning on doing? Like, what are you looking at? Like long term capital gains, like 20%? Or 30%? Or something? I never thought about that. Yeah, you're about to lose like a million dollars. 41:43 Hmm. Well, 41:46 how does that work? I don't know, I'm not a CPA, I don't know, I'm not gonna give you tax advice, I just thought you had something ready to go already. And bam, there you go. Perfect. tee up for a creative finance deal. 41:56 A lot of people don't understand or the, they think about this. Most people, when they buy houses, they're only gonna do that transaction or transaction like that two to three times in their lifetime, you know, maybe four times. So as much as these property sellers, like think they know it all, they really haven't done enough. And they've only done it maybe once or twice in their lifetime of selling their property or buying a property. So they really don't know what they're talking about. When it comes to land, it's probably even worse, they probably inherited that and set it up for 20 years, and there's been paying taxes, they don't know what they're going to do the money. They don't know what to even do with the land when it comes down to it is why we have so much opportunity when we're doing land, because we're providing a solution that they don't have an answer to. So, and the most of them never never had that type of money in their account they might have they might have might have it. So it's understanding that if they have had it in their account, this hasn't been made. And what are they going to do with it afterwards, he kind of paint the picture, I think Anthony is really good at these type of calls is how he really acts dumb. So make it seem like he's the lessor in the negotiation table to give the seller the upper hand. Because if you if you overpower the seller, they can easily back off or close up and never want to talk to you again. And this is where a lot of a lot of wholesalers, they burn, they burn bridges, because they come in knowing all the information. 43:27 Yeah, so I learned this in sales, when I was back in timeshare a long time ago, is like very, very, very high powered sales, like lots and lots of like, very, very deep, sometimes dark psychology. And they say that anybody can get pissed at you. Right? If you if you come off as super intelligent, super knowledgeable, you're a big corporate guy, anybody can get very mad at you very quickly. Because it's like, you know, with great power comes great responsibility. But it's very hard to get mad at somebody who's just dumb. Right? So when I'm talking to a seller, I'm like, I'm never ever ever talking above them. And there's a time for you to become the professional to let them know that you know what you're doing. So you can navigate the deal. But in the very beginning, like in the discovery phase here, it's like I just tried to just be as like, curious as possible. Like, I don't know a lot in the beginning. I'm just asking a bunch of questions. Daniel seemed to do it a million times now. I call it pushing buttons. So have you ever seen a kid hop into an elevator and they just light up all the buttons off 40 floors? And you're like, What the hell would you just do? It's like they just just pushing all the buttons to see what happens. So when I get into a sales situation with the seller, that's all I start doing is I just I hit him with like, I'm sure they have to like they're ready to stick to their game plan. They're not going to reveal too much information. But when you come and you start asking these probing questions like What are you gonna do with the money? Are you going to tax this? You know, what about this you just start hitting them with all these different questions. It kind of just throws them off their their defenses a little bit, because now you're just appearing like like a just a curious kid. Like, you kind of don't have an MO you're just very curious. And I think that's the easiest way to get into somebody's psychology. 44:51 Kind of long this. Somebody asks what type of questions to ask agents or brokers to see if they're motivated 44:58 agents Oh, dude. So this one was classic, the one that PJ had. I was like, how long has this property been on the market? She's like 290 days or whatever it is. And I'm like, Have you been the same agent the whole time? And she goes, yeah. And I just started laughing. I didn't do it like on purpose. I wasn't trying to be mean. But it made me chuckle like, holy crap. This lady's probably talk to like 7000 sellers, and the sellers are not budging. And I think she'd felt that like, Hey, you think it's funny? I'm exhausted, bro. You know? And that was a perfect opener for me to come in and say like, Hey, why don't we help you sell this thing. 45:31 So one of the one of the ways is days on market expired listings, is for people that they cut their relationship with their agent, because it didn't move, or any of that type of thing happened, which is what happens. And then days on market, land deals, they sit there for a long, long, long time. So there's a lot opportunity out there. And here's the crazy thing about like land specialist agents, all they do is like a property. Because if they know they lock up a large majority of property when the buyers come, they can shop it out. And they have all these properties under contract to list to shop them out to their buyers whenever a buyer does come. So all they're looking to do is list they know it's not gonna sit. So these lead agent specialists, they literally lock up as much property as possible for as long as possible. Know, when a buyer comes, they have more more opportunity to sell. And that's why they're the land specialists. 46:25 Let me let me tell you guys about a conversation that I had today with one of our PPC clients. The dudes done houses for a really long time. He's super, super successful. He's based out of right here in San Antonio. And he's never done land before. So it's like, Hey, can you make the call with me? Absolutely. So if we know exactly what the agents are doing, right, all they're gonna do is they're gonna try to tie up the property to make some money. So knowing that, what are you going to do with that information? Right. So I call this gentleman. And he's like, we're just trying to get as much as we possibly can for it and all this stuff. And I was like, okay, cool. What kind of what prices you guys have in mind? I don't know. We're just shopping offers, right? And a lot of people, they send me deals and they're like, I don't they don't know what they want. You're supposed to be like, you have to make them tell you what they want. Right? So this is where the guy's head is going. He's like, Well, I was like, what, what does the county think it's worth, you know, and he's like, Well, Kelly said is worth 17,000. But my sister is kind of crazy. I'm more reasonable. She wants 100,000. I was like 100,000 for a $17,000 property. I was like, man, it's that's a little bit of a stretch right there. I was like, you know, if you guys want to go for maximum maximum, I said, if I'm gonna buy it from you, I'm gonna write you a check. Right? So that's what you're interested in. That's what I'm here to do. I'm an investor, I'm trying to buy it. I said, but I said, if you guys want 100,000, I said, I will list it for whatever number you want. I'll list it for a million. If you guys want to let it sit for six months, or a year or two years, I'll listen for any number you tell me to. But if you're trying to get a check for the property right now, that's what I'm on the phone for. That's what I'm doing. And then bam, no, man, you know what, we just want a reasonable offer, man, that's all we want. And then before we hung up, he's like, if we can get 40, that'd be amazing. Right? But if you haven't done that 100 times, you wouldn't know exactly what to say when the guy's like, I don't know, I just want an offer. But just kind of get them real, right. But as an agent, yeah, if the seller says the property is worth a million, and then the sellers, okay, I want 1.5. And the agents like, Heck, yeah, I can get you 1.5. They're just trying to get the listing. So you know, don't be offended by those high listing prices. It's not anybody's fault. Just don't be afraid to dig in and bring them back down to reality. 48:20 Yep. You gotta go. Anthony. You got five minutes. Okay. All right. So, yeah, literally, and this is for land agents, land agents are just trying to lock up the property for as long as possible. Do they just a broker have a timeline to try and sell the thing? They have no timeline, unless they have pocket buyers. But usually they don't reason waiting for the buyer to come to them. Which is we talked to me and Anthony talked to a lot of agents. What is the one thing I want to tell you? What is the one thing they tell us? Anthony all the time? I listed for you. 48:54 Oh, yeah, yeah. So we're, we use that as part of our dispo processes. We text agents, we're gonna have a whole call about that as well. But yeah, like, yeah, if you if you let me listen, I'll get you way more than that. Like, oh, come on. Come on guy. Yeah, Frank was saying that there's usually like, a contract with that agent, and they're in place. So we do want to get the agents paid. I want to make that very clear. And I don't think that's what Frank was insinuating. Because frankly, oh, gee, he's been doing this longer than both of us. But uh, we always want to get the agent paid. I hope everybody on this call knows that. We don't want to get the agent out of the deal. We always tell let the agent know is that we're gonna get you your full price, whatever on their side. Yeah, whatever you were entitled to, we're gonna get you the whole full amount. Guess what, now that agents not defending their salary anymore. Now that your friend, they're your friend. So wait a minute, so you put down 5% or 10% and you're still gonna get me my 35,000? Yes, like, dude, what I gotta do to work with you guys. 49:46 They're the perfect people to be bought because they're there. Their amount they're going to make is already written into the into the property. So if you already know that, like, hey, I'll pay you whatever you want. I'll pay your full ask your full agent fee. As long as you helped me do this deal, because now instead of an enemy, you're a friend, because now that property is listed for a while they're sitting on like, oh, I have opportunity to get paid. No, we're this property might have, they might have canceled the listing with me in 30 days. Yeah, let me let me try it. Let me try and work with this guy and see if I can make some money on this. So I think we had, I think answering I don't even know about this. They Anthony mentioned this yesterday, we are working, we're talking to a listed property. And he was like, I have 30 days on my listing agreement. Let me try and sell it. And Anthony's like, yeah, we'll wait till the expires before we buy it. Because she, the agent thought they're gonna actually sell it at that price point. So I think we waited the 30 days end up buying it. Yeah, 50:41 we offered her a buyout with like, I think she was gonna be entitled to like, 15,000 or something. And I said, Hey, you know, we'll give you will give me 10. And we'll go ahead and close immediately. And she's like, No, I don't want the money. She's like, I want to finish. I want to I'd rather finish my listing agreement. So she went and told the seller, like, Hey, don't sell it. Let me finish my listing agreement. We said amazing. So I don't want I don't want to cash them. I can't sell it. Awesome. Amazing. That's what she asked for. PJ is asking how to overcome when the when the agent wants to see some kind of like credibility of you as a buyer. So they want to see proof of funds, if they want to see any kind of credibility, hey, do you have a website? I don't have any of that. I'm a private individual, I invest my own private capital. I'm not trying to announce it to all my friends and family that I have capital to invest. I'm very, very private about what I do. Well, how do I know you guys have proof of funds? Like if I decide to buy this property? I don't know if I'm gonna buy it yet. But if we can work something out, I don't need proof of funds, because I'm gonna give you a non refundable deposit. So as soon as we type this contract, I put down 20,000 30,000. And I'm not going to need it back. If I don't close. That's my proof of funds. And they think like, okay, yeah, they're not used to hearing that if you say, when somebody's buying a property from me, and I tell the agent that I want a non refundable deposit, like, well, we don't do that. That's not the way it works. Like, yes, it is. It's way I do it. So yeah, by the time you tell them that you're ready to throw down, we're trying to like one up right now and I 35, south of San Antonio, we're gonna put down 100,000 non refundable deposit, right, so that's my proof of funds. 52:00 It says you put in your pants and the kids are making. 52:09 So I gotta get ready to bounce. I appreciate everybody being on here. Because if you're out there doing the work, you need me to hop on the phone with you and call some sellers. I'm always ready to do that. Sometimes. Some days, I'm a little easier to get hold of some days a little bit harder to get hold of, but I'm down to put in the work. And if you guys don't have the capital to get these deals done, we will find it for you. So I appreciate you guys. I'll talk to you soon have a blessed night. 52:30 I'm gonna have any questions. See later Anthony of the year. I'm gonna answer a pro equity says what commission do they normally charge for seller or buyer side? Everything's negotiable. I've heard in the hot market that agents were locking up at 7%. And they weren't giving any any seller. Any buyer's agent provisions. Everything's negotiable. I know out here in Cali, they do like two and one and a half percent listings. And that's kind of funny, because there's agents out here that their whole marketing scheme is I get that I'll do 1% listing. Like I'm trying to undercut all the other agents, but it's just a race to the bottom. Everything is negotiable. And their buyer and listing aggressive listing agreement is 100% negotiable with the seller. So it might be different for each transaction. 100%. 53:17 Hey, Daniel, quick question. In regards to in regards to real estate agents, something I've came across before, not in the land market. But on the housing side is when I approached the listing agent directly, they will say, hey, like, I'll refer you to one of my buying agents. Now, how do you go around that in terms of like, sometimes like, they won't even talk to me directly? I can't talk to you. It's a conflict quote unquote, conflict of interest, because I'm representing the seller, right? So how does that how does that work? Well, we 53:44 do is I don't have this is where you can leverage you can position yourself like, Hey, I don't have a bind major. You want to make you want to get double commission? Like yeah, that's what I've tried. 53:56 Yeah, that's what I've tried to condense. Some will be like, someone will say yes, of course, which at worst, but others will be like, oh, you know, that's a conflict of interest. Here's a friend of mine who can represent you on the buyer side on 54:07 the HR. Daniel. Speaking as someone who's been an agent for a lot of years, it depends on the state that you're talking about, and what their laws allow. Florida dual agency isn't allowed. But then there's also something called transactional agent. So you owe no fiduciary responsibility to either party. So it sounds like you might be dealing with situations where they're potentially locked into a contract strictly to the seller. And you know, and you know, Florida does have you know, that type of agency also where you can be locked in and have a fiduciary responsibility, then there's nothing they can do. They can't help you just the way their contract works and the way the state law works. So it may come down to you may need to talk to As an agent who are broker more specifically and ask them what the laws are in your state, or the state that you're trying to work in, regarding that, though, you know, as Daniel's been pointing out, you can you can offer up to a lot of possibility for the fact, you know, even if they're a single agent and they are locked into a contract strictly to the seller, you can still submit your offer and negotiate on your own behalf, there's nothing that can stop you from doing that. So if there's additional compensation there to be available, then they get the habit at that point in time if they don't have to split it separately with the buyer. 55:39 Make sense? Okay, thank you. 55:41 And then Tony says Commission's are charged to the seller. Sometimes everything's negotiable. So sometimes we'll go to the seller, okay, we'll pay closing costs we'll play that will pay the agent fee that way doesn't come out of your pocket, like everything's negotiable, you can use that as leverage to get the deal done. So we're always looking for motivated sellers, motivated agents motivated anything, and you have motivation. And so if we can alleviate some pain or commission or taxes, we're trying to use that position that to get the deal done, whatever it takes. And it 56:10 really is also say the commission isn't always charged to the seller. That that's, that's on residential transactions. If you're dealing with commercial a lot of times, people who are working with commercial buyers agents work their own commission structure directly and they pay the they pay the buyer's agent themselves out of whatever deal was worked with that buyer's agent were present. And the sellers will have their own strict contract. Most of the time, there's nothing there for the buyers, when you're dealing with commercial real estate, so just know the difference there. 56:45 Yeah, for everybody here, I'm gonna want to have the call. If you text we're having a webinar, a free webinar tomorrow, how we use hive mind to display all of our properties. If you text dispo 2210972 1842, we'll get you on the same. Our call tomorrow is going to be same time 8pm Central 6pm Pacific nine, Eastern. Tomorrow, we're doing a free webinar, covering how we use it had my predispositions. So if you guys are interested in that, go ahead and text that number. And then we'll get Addison notification for that call tomorrow. But we're covering that tomorrow. Plus, I'm going to mention I'm sorry, it's Tanisha. Real quick, what number to text. It's in the chat text. 210-972-1842 just text dispo DHS P O. Okay, thank you. Yeah, and we're gonna cover we're gonna cover our agent strategy of how we sell our properties. But we love working with agents as much as we talk a little bit of crap. We do love working with them. Just because they can be a tool to help us out. Everybody has a role to play and we're just here to we're here to play like we're gonna play the game now know if my son Aiden here I see Mr. Tony Florida this exp we I met Tony you behave house like two months ago. He wants to go I don't even know what that was. But and 58:14 there's there's good agents and bad agents. Just like any other proof the other field 58:23 is 200%. We appreciate you. We do these calls every week makes you guys look out for locations. Well, I suppose in the Facebook group, and we'll see our call them off. He hasn't hop on that call. It is free. We're probably gonna pay for it after the call. So if you miss it, it's on you. And you have to pay for it. So join the free one. Like, catch it live. Ask questions live. We will see you then. Y'all have a great day. Enjoy your week with your family. I knows we're still on holiday. We'll probably do a short call for the holiday. Christmas like we did last time. But enjoy. Enjoy your time with family time. We'll see you next week. Every day guys. Bye

Anthony GaonaProfile Photo

Anthony Gaona

Host/ Ceo/ Speaker

Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

You can learn more about our vision and join our free mastermind by joining hivemind CRM on Facebook and all social channels

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!