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Dec. 13, 2022

Ep 296: Buying Subject To Real Estate In El Paso, Texas With Chad Dougherty

Ep 296: Buying Subject To Real Estate In El Paso, Texas With Chad Dougherty
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0:00 Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome 0:01 to another episode of high with this podcast. We have a very special guest on here. He's somebody that's been around the hive mind for a long time. He's been doing a lot of damage. He's an influencer in his market and it's hard to imagine how new this guy is and how much he's absolutely crushing it. I think anybody can learn from him. And just an all around good Texas guy. Lots to share with you. I'm sure. Let's see what happens on this one. Everybody meet Chad Doherty. 0:25 What's up, man? What's up, guys? 0:28 Thanks, dude, I would ask you for like a year, bro. We had to get on your phone. To do 0:32 this for a year, it kept reminding me every week. 0:34 It's a year and a half at this point. Because I've asked Chad to be on the podcast for a year and a half. You'd have been out that long. 0:41 I was one of the first ones. Yes. It was the first it was it the first. First like one. 0:48 So if anybody asked Chad to be on his podcast, and he responds, that's the year and a half. I'm insulted. 0:55 Patients, your patients if you 0:57 guys are getting hate mail, when we see you on chat on your podcast, and we start getting 1:03 you're gonna start seeing 1:05 no man. So yeah, I'm glad we finally got a chance to get you on. You've been crushing it for a long time. And since you came around hive mind, I was really impressed with how fast you grew how many doors you picked up in a very short amount of time. So let's just get right into it. Man. Can you tell us a little bit about your background? You got a military background? And then how'd you find your way into real estate? And thank you for your service. By the way, man was a big time supporter. 1:24 Thank you, man. I got in. I got into real estate a little bit over four years ago. I'm barely like American toward five years. I when I got the Marine Corps. I was in there for only five years I had a wife seven months pregnant, got out, tried college. hated it. I actually started doing a sort of mess around with real estate a little bit on bigger pockets. And start doing a little bit wholesaling on the side did a couple of deals did a presentation my marketing class. That'd be really cool, right? She said I was lying. And that wasn't realistic. So these are not the numbers I'm doing right now. So anyways, after that semester, I quit college and doing this ever since full time. It's been really, really good. 2:11 Man, it's crazy that those naysayers will go around saying what isn't true and what's not true. We owe it to the bank, don't we? Anthony? 2:19 Oh yeah, I get a bunch of that kind of stuff, too. And they're like, Hey, man, you guys never gonna sell it for them. And we're gonna do it so funny. When somebody's not living inside of your world. They're looking at it through a different lens. Oh, yeah. Yeah, we stopped paying attention to the doubters a long time ago. Like we just do it ourselves. 2:36 One thing I want to ask is, last time I spoke, you have like 30 doors. And you believe that in four years, how much is it now? 2:44 Really, it's it's only been like a year. I got most of them. But it's always said I slowed down at the end of this year. So I'm at like, 34 2:56 Okay, so sorry, it took you so long to come up with those 34 doors. 3:01 I'm working on 41 Right now, like at a 41 and a medical center. So we'll see how did you pick all 3:07 these things up dude, I was just like a portfolio buyers. It's it's apartment complexes or what the hell? 3:12 That one, the one I'm working on right now is a portfolio. But the other ones they were just little little ones these 3456 places for wholesalers to weave. Yeah, as a wholesaler. I like to buy off of the wholesalers. It's super strange. Doing this, 3:35 they save you the time 3:36 don't get high on your own supply. I don't know. It's yeah, I don't want to deal with it. I don't do the headache. I got a team to pay so we wholesale a lot of stuff. And then as long as the numbers make sense, we'll take it I 3:47 don't know why people make fun of wholesaling it's the most retarded thing ever. I mean, we just wholesaled a little deal we made 66,000 I mean like I'm a wholesaler 3:55 this little layup you know a 3:57 little something that keeps the groceries in the fridge. Yeah, 4:00 cash injection. That's all they are. We just did one we just did one sight unseen had a hoarder that pulled a gun on the owner. Lady. I think it was her brother anyways, he was a squatter by all rights. But he pulled his kick over there he pulled a gun on me he's got homeless people live in the house. Cool. We never once thought sold it made 30 grand. She's happy we're happy. But I didn't have to deal with that my buyer does so it keeps it gives me updates all the time on that eviction process 4:35 why don't why don't people are the tenants always want to kill the owner. We had one that we actually had to buy inside of a trust because the guy that was on the property tried to kill the guy that sold it to us. So we're like okay, we don't want our name to be on anything so we did that one is like under the table is we're not under doing everything legally, but it's anonymous as possible. as anonymous as possible, bro, that was a weird one he has like we don't want to get killed by this dude. We're just trying to make some profit, bro. I think we walked in Would 5:00 paid really I'm not trying to get 5:03 I think we did almost 100 on that when we had to split it three ways. So damn again, what was me was the 5:11 life of a lowly problems 5:16 really about Texas is that it always makes a joke so when you find the Texas is like I'm gonna give you a truck up and I got in a Bible so 5:25 I got a car I got a car one of the houses with the old Spitfire triumph Spitfire. I think it's like a 69 transfer James Bond looking card. 5:36 That's cool man. Did you were you able to find a title for it or what do you do with it? 5:40 I just sold it for like 500 bucks they didn't run the engine was missing I just 5:46 just in and out. 5:48 I got enough I got enough classic trucks 5:52 I'm picking up a little mobile home right now and that thing is full of stuff like all the old man's stuff still in there do like room boxes like like you see collectibles, like all kinds of crazy stuff. So we'll probably start cleaning it out this week. But I have no clue what's in there and like we found guns before video games. 6:10 It's flipped gold. It's flipped Goldies I want that I want that. I don't want that. I got a brand new Samsung oven one time that was in there. That one 6:24 I really did hit the jackpot on one that we bought. We went in there and it probably had like 100 of those Funko Pops was little like cartoon character bobbleheads 6:34 like this. There he goes. 6:39 Funny I was like holy crap. Yeah, there was guns in there and everything's like all right, cool life of an investor. I was listening to a podcast one time as a probate podcast and they said that the old man died they bought the house like from an estate sale or whatever with everything in the house. The old man died he had $200 in his bank account and they said that when they went through the house they found $9 million in gold bars whoa yeah. I haven't come across that yet. But I'm looking forward to it you know so anytime you buy houses 7:06 to clean those gold bars like how would you be able to spend I 7:11 mean you legally have the dang house right so 7:13 yours but like capitalism equity capital gains on that. 7:21 I think we'd figure it out. That's 7:24 a bar and gold for your truck. You good? Yeah. All right. 7:28 I would say put those gold bars on Facebook marketplace. 7:32 cheap cheap cheap firesale boosted add millions Where's nine? That's fine. Money 7:41 two pounds of God used condition 7:45 slightly slightly. 7:47 So dude, yeah. Tell us a little bit about your your your marketing that you did. You said you got a lot of this stuff from wholesalers. So where you going to reassign? How did you find these deals? How did you let people know you are going after them? And how the heck did you find all those doors? 7:59 Man ever since the beginning. I wasn't marketing now. But I wasn't marketing the beginning. I was just telling everyone every way I could because I didn't have money. Right? Going all the RIAs telling every single person I bump into and buy real estate and buy real estate speaking, speaking, speaking, speaking. Eventually, somebody they started bringing me deals, some, some contractors, some I know a guy who knows a guy kind of thing. And then like a 15 grand, that's one of those and it starts working out but now we do a lot more. Do a lot of different marketing. But I've always been a big fan. Cory talks about this all the time, but I've always been big on inbound marketing. I don't. I like texting. I like it. But I'm more of a fan of like, they're calling me there. It's already figured out. They're calling me for a reason. They know the deal. There's no Why'd you call me? Mail internet leads whatever it is. They're already have the the idea. We're talking about property? Yes or no? Yeah, I mean, that's that's what we're doing. And like with the Rheas I've kind of well, I have el Paso's it's literally called El Paso's the Facebook professors number one real estate investing network. And your group. Yeah, that's my it was the biggest one. I think there's a bigger one now. But I don't know. Anyways, it's the most influential one in the city in the area. And we host we host a big RIA every quarter. We only have a few 100 people show up it's always a good time but really like the who's who show up and the more people you know, the more opportunities you get. That's why I've been doing everything I can ever since day one is recording every time do a flip. I do some silly ass live. Who cares? I don't know what I'm doing. I'm awkward. I don't know where buttons are. But I'm proving everybody that actually do this. I'm not full of shit. 9:57 Are you ever dance for a tick tock 10:00 I know my contractor says, Jerry, he's one of my one of my last videos on that. He's an amazing, I guess we 10:11 always make a joke about like, Hey, we're building an audience on Tik Tok without having to dance. 10:17 If I see a con, once I see you start doing those dances, I know you've made it. Do 10:26 you see him? He's been doing a lot of lives. He's on Tik Tok live almost all day. Yeah, he's doing like you post your post your phone number he'll call you and he'll run through like a role playing scenarios. That's pretty cool. 10:40 That's dope, man. I've been watching him since school is moving quick, man. Hey 10:45 guys moving on social. already watched. That's what the biggest part is exciting to watch. 10:49 Yeah, he talks loud. His voice is kind of funny. He sounds real cool. And he's a shit talker. That's cool, man. So, if you see us dancing on Tik Tok, you know why? I guess they made it. 11:06 So I want to ask you about a deal you did early on because it's from a mutual friend of ours. Mr. Charles he tell us about that deal. 11:17 Oh, see? Oh, Uncle Charles. Uncle Charles. Yeah, so my first step to do. So. I just drove by there a couple days ago. The Alright, so I was really wanting to learn something, too. And I started asking Michael Charles Oh, really just Charles. He kept giving me I couldn't get his BuyBox I couldn't figure it out. Because they were still kind of tight with it. You know, they weren't really actively coaching as much as I could see, but they hadn't bought outside of outside of San Antonio. So eventually, actually, how many? If he's watching right now, but I probably sent him 40. Well, somewhere between 20 and 40. Like, hey, we think about this, and we didn't. And that's like someone fell that one that worked. And I, we figured it out. The numbers made sense. There was no reinstatement. There was they were caught up on the payments as she lived equity. I helped manage the rehab. And I made like six grand and he just sold it fresh. He just saw he's bragging about it. And he's I sold him I end up selling them like, like eight back to back to back to back device. Fantastic deals. I don't know what happened. All of a sudden, I just fell into a bunch of sub twos. But that was that was one of the best ones in terms of jealousy and my ability in closing creative finance deals is and that's a huge shows eternals. I appreciate you, man. So summary party Alliance, throw me in there. 12:59 So one thing I think it's funny that he brought this up, and I'm gonna ask you about this question. Because one thing is like people are, they're afraid to like, give away their best deals. But if you don't know how to do the deal, the best way to learn is by giving it away. 13:13 I didn't give anything like I got what I couldn't. It's something that I had no idea what I was doing. Exactly. Looking back. Did I miss out? No. I mean, technically, if if I had already known then yeah, of course, I would have bought all of them. But I didn't know. I was a rookie rookie. And they walked me through it. And I got to deal with all the nonsense, I got to learn how to do roof claims, and do all that stuff. And it's I don't regret it for a second. Yeah, they made they made up that little stretch right there. And some stuff Tuesday, because I buy but but for a good stretch there. They they bought a bunch of them. And I really helped me refine on exact I know exactly what I'm doing now when it comes to those had never changed it. Yeah, you gotta you gotta let everybody eat off the same off the deal. If you can't I mean, if you're not good at it, and without their help, it wouldn't close then. Why be stingy? 14:13 Yeah, man, I think that's really the way to learn. Honestly, you know, I have a quite a few people that hit me up and they're like, Hey, man, do you have any kind of like training material? Do you have anything else? I'm like, nope. Let's do some deals. And then you'll learn. That's how that's so I let go of some deals. Looking back now. It's like, you can't look backwards and count the money. But yeah, you know, I think we passed up on somewhere between five and 600 in my first couple of years, just for me not knowing how to close those deals. And it's cool with that. That's the price you pay. So now, I don't feel so bad. When somebody brings me a deal. I'm like, Oh, cool. We'll make 100 on this thing. I paid my dues. Brah. 14:44 And with that, though, I agree with you. That should bring something to the table, whether it be a deal or something. And I for the longest time I was teaching people I was helping me like get on a call with them. Hey, can I pick your brain? Anybody? Listen to this. Don't ever say that again? Everybody always say, let me let me just pick your brain for like, you take him somewhere like, let me let's go get coffee. I can, it's fine. It's we can do something. But like, it's like you get on a call with him for an hour you spend so much time dealing with those, teach them everything you can a life to potentially life changing hour of information. And then they asked you the same question again a few days or they just don't do anything with it. So the the, the tire kicker of sorts, I saw something the other day was an asshole. Ask you, you'd answer it and they wouldn't do anything with that information. 15:38 Or you see I'm posting the same question and another group. I just answered that for 45 minutes. 15:43 about it. Yeah, but like what it is. But so i did is i i made the order I think tank. So it's a coaching group, we meet every week on Zoom. And it's which is nice 10 bucks a month. And it's not a rah, rah group. I'm not going to show you, we don't show you one on one, we're gonna show you step one, I can present you all the materials, so you can go out of places to get all the proper information. We do actual coaching. So you bring stuff that you're doing to the table, I need to see what I should do with this what I should do with that, then yeah, you'd be super beneficial. But if you need to learn like one on one, you'll learn from the community. But if you're not actually out, like actively learning on your own or doing things and it's an it's not the group for you, but if you're a hustler and how to actually do it stuff. It's most people in there who actually take it seriously have gotten a lot of rentals. One of my one of my favorite students, he's my first student before he's even a thing he year ago, came on Oh, he did some work for me, because he kind of liked what we were doing what I was doing. He's about the same age as me when I start getting some rentals and he just bought he had nothing he was a contractor. And all it did was change his mindset the way the ability to offer on things and evaluate stuff. And he's now on his fourth rental to have my Airbnb these two are long term and then he just bought a ranch a small ranch also. So he's willing to deal a man so I guess it's gonna turn into his fifth rental is the house that he lives in right now. How long is the year and I asked him I said hey, did you like did you fall into some money? Did like you get a big raise? Or do you do a big job? He says I mean I I just you know, I just didn't know how to talk to people and I'm one of them. The Ranchi body got owner finance zero down like 2% interest offer. Just fuck it. Why not? There's a balloon on there eventually. But who cares? You know, in the meantime, 17:51 yeah, zero down. I'll take all day. Oh, yeah. 17:53 I love I love offering or don't ever talk about the downpayment? I don't know there's a lot of key things that we we discussed in the group all the time about it's primarily we talk about fine tuning how to speak to settlers. That's one of the biggest topics we cover. But yeah, that's that's what I brought. I got it. It's not it's not a huge payment. It's just something to keep the tire kicker out. 18:16 You know what I mean? Yeah, keep the Ask colds away. 18:19 I don't want to waste their time. And I really prefer to didn't waste my time. 18:23 That's that's the thing, man. Yeah, because you only have so many hours in the day. It's like, man, like I really needed that hour. And now you're over here like asking it in a different group. Hey, Daniel, can you pop up that link real quick again. So that way, if anybody wants to join the think tank, whether there are no paths or not, they can join or they have to be local. Now, 18:37 if you're on Zoom, we have little community on Facebook. And it's we meet Wednesdays, it's 7pm Mountain Time. So if you guys want to figure it out, we'll go from there. Okay, so 18:53 now let me ask you this, man. So how are we funding all these deals? So I join your group, I learned how to go after it and get it and now I need some money what I do next. 19:03 So it depends on what you depends on how we do it. If we JV on a deal, I'll figure that out. Whether it's hard money, whether it's me funding it personally and whether it's which I don't really like to do but I like to find my utilize my private lenders who love the opportunities, this crazy return sometimes. And but I don't ever ask anybody for this. That's a big part of it, too, is I try to get everybody to kind of break through is when I say go find money. They're like, I don't want to ask anybody for a loan. You asked me for loan you're offering them an opportunity to make way better rates of return than you're ever getting anywhere else. 12 I just offered I just got a loan for 20% on a percent return. Like it made sense for me here. You know, but yeah, so we either do that we use your private lenders or whatever we're gonna do. Or maybe we do create a finance we've turned several wholesales into creative Finance. Come on financials. 20:03 Beautiful Man, yes, we're doing a lot of that right now, too. I think somebody, if you have an inability to raise capital or to come up with it, you might struggle in real estate. Once you get good at raising that capital, and you get good at negotiating center finance, now you have a perfect storm here. And the 20:20 best way to get people to do it is to put everything you can, again, that says to be put everything you can about what you're doing live action shots, it creates an authority automatically. So then when you and then on one of the thing I can do, where I started getting my first sets of private money is going BiggerPockets, go on the blog, and post every single deal you've ever done with the correct information. And it just shows because there's a lot of people, there's a lot of people, and that's how I got my first three 20:52 four lenders. That's what BiggerPockets website or what your pockets, 20:55 yeah, they have a blog in the back end, and they, you can post you make your account, and you can post all the deals in detail, wholesale flip. Here's all this stuff, we went through it and whatever. And it's just shows it's just a track record. And I'm right there on there maybe once a year, and I should get on the way more but every time I get on there get a bunch of messages and the lat the last time I got in there is like eight months ago, this guy sent me a message and he's like, Hey, man, I've been looking you up trying to get into real estate. But I don't want to do anything. So can we meet and we met at Cornerstone bakery for like 15 minutes. He wired me 100 grand. And it's been just smooth sailing. I mean, it's just been smooth sailing without ever since. For everybody 21:38 listening, that was a gem that we're gonna do an hour from now. Rewind 21:43 that real quick, so I can hear it again. And then we're gonna get as soon as we get off of this mean, Dan, you're gonna be like, me. Yeah, I went, I went, I met with a doctor up in Dallas, and he was interested in investing with us with land. And yeah, he's, you know, I'm comfortable at about 100 After we met, I called him and I was like, Hey, can you do one for you? I'll do 140 I like this guy. 22:08 Yeah, one of my biggest JV partners here. He's, uh, he's in real estate has been in real estate, but he hasn't had time to. He's big property manager. What his issue was, was that he's too slow to react to things he likes to overthink. Yeah, and I don't. So it's a great pair. But I was wholesaling them stuff. And he's like, I don't have time to deal with all this stuff, man. So can you partner up with me? You deal with everything. And we'll just I'll pay for everything and was perfect. Yeah. So that's how we got a lot of the rest, too. But he was worried because this is something for people to think about to talk to talk threat people is he was getting so many clients, big clients that it was outweighing his own portfolio. So and he was having to expand his company because of it. So it's putting it into him into a leveraged position, a vulnerable position. So if one of them left him with their portfolio, he'd have to make some major changes major costs, but if he can build up his portfolio even bigger, in the meantime, yeah, you did the same thing. We're supposed to like two deals, maybe 250 grand, we're out, we got like $2 million out. And it's just worth waiting to burn a lot of it back in. And it's it's, it's funny when people they'll say something. And then oh, look, we got we got way more than that. You know, being an asset to people I think is massive, and showing that you actually know what you're doing. Because otherwise they won't they won't take you seriously. If they can't look you up and the very can't google you and see that you've done things not gonna take seriously. Google him. I don't know I can I can 23:53 see what comes out. 23:55 I went there. And some other guys were all white though, Robin to white guys. The most though, so that's good. Anyways, 24:09 we never talked about this all the time. And like it's kind of facetious, but being Google trouble is priceless, because you don't know what leverage you can use that and different types of transactions. So we had Ryan Panetta on last week. And he's talking about how he leveraged his influence to buy a deal discounted. And then he pushed the deal up where he created equity just by pushing it out through his through his audience. 24:34 Oh, nice. Nice. Yeah, leverage what you got. 24:38 Why not? Yeah, I've had a couple times now where sellers like, Well, how do I know you guys? Kind of like where they're just like still struggling with that trust factor. I don't know how to look me up about 1300 YouTube videos, and you can find me on Google pretty easy. And sure enough, and the guide messages back like, probably 10 days later, it's like, Okay, I'm ready to move forward. 24:59 videos. I I might know more than you know. 25:03 I don't know what he found, but he liked it. He was like, okay, like these guys did the deal. So that's pretty cool. I thought it might be the opposite, right? If he goes they find the content and like all these guys are wholesaling nerds manipulating the numbers. I don't know what the heck I thought they might find. But they go and they look us up and they're like, Okay, yeah, I'm gonna do the deal with you. I guess they see your public facing the doctor. He researched. That's pretty good. He goes, Yeah, man. I've seen a bunch of your videos. Now. He goes like you have this channel where you look like you guys are like on CNN or something. He liked the videos and podcasts. 25:31 The first guy that lent me money he was he looked me up pretty good, too. He's a US Marshal that travels and hunts gang members down. So he 25:42 kind of intimidating person but I'm gonna make sure that deal got done right. You know? 25:50 Actually, I ended up working that deal because it ended up not going right. That first one so I was up there every day. Making happen to cruces driving an hour to cruces to work all day to come back to the app. It was nuts but I got the deal done you know he's still profited lunch but yeah, 26:09 it's doing stuff in New Mexico too because I also switched 26:13 property in Louisiana and property in Texas and property in New Mexico. Property in Louisiana I got I got one sub two entry port is a one off is it worked I mean I'm not happy with it. A ton of equity didn't pay much for it. Cash flows like similar book. 26:34 We've got property in Texas, Arizona and I just got a lead on the seven acre in my I mean a seven door in Miami and I want to place for myself there so that way I can go over there and live there from 26:44 Miami. Yeah, I mean, I think we all do 26:48 shoot a million dollar seller financed 10% Yeah, I think I'm gonna jump on that yeah, we want our own place there so because we love it over there like Fort Lauderdale and all that only been there twice now right this last minute but I just love it down there is freaking amazing. Dude. The beaches here like I love my Texas beaches. But when you go over there you're like dang, this is what the beach 30 like golf, so it's the best we've got. Oh, 27:12 yeah, it is. Do you do either you have Airbnbs 27:15 Hmm. Well, technically that we're air being being out the office are we intending to? Yeah, we're really tended to it too much but no, not really, because I'm 27:24 buying my first sub two R sub two into an Airbnb. What is it Thursday? So with a complete intention on doing that, so I don't know I've never done it. Where is it? Right down the street near it's here. The base it's everywhere the base kind of on the airport. So it's a perfect spot and it's got a great view of the mountain but it's I don't know should have pretty good hopefully we'll see that my wife do 27:51 that. I've heard that Airbnb is by military bases that kind of stuff. Those are always good to go because people are always coming in and going out temporary 27:59 families come in people come in they don't have space to house them would stay in a hotel 28:05 like we hate staying in hotels when we travel it's like you can't have five people in a freakin you know a two unit or whatever a two bed one bathroom and ain't gonna happen 28:13 either one of you guys but you both have big families 28:18 I got three accounts not that one yeah, he's got little kids man my kids were not that I'm very tall but still 28:33 Oh that's funny anymore bro they're all right on par 28:44 dude no room for them anymore and those little tiny bit anymore I can do it. So yeah, Airbnb, super important families traveling that kind of stuff. Absolutely necessity now. 28:54 And then I got another step to I've had to do almost three years and finally get it. There's like a two and a half year lease with military and they're about to leave and it's even better house so you know, I'll have to in like a month so I don't even know I've never done one but we'll see y'all I know the right people to kind of hopefully help me through this. But it'd be fun. It'd be a nice journey. 29:21 No, I agree. Man. Anytime we're seeing something sent to you now we're looking more at hanging on to those more so than wholesaling them. It's just like no brainer. Yep. I would like to find some in my area. 29:31 I've done I think it took county that I think 42 sub twos and I know okay, it sounds great. I made a mistake for the whole time. Okay, I kept selling him because the fucking the wholesaling spine okay, I get that to be good. But then there's the ones I would like flip stupid. They'd be modified loans. I flip it I wouldn't realize the equity share and I'd lose money. I fantastic. Um There were just so many of them like if I just kept it, if I had just kept it the payments like $500 This year's a couple years ago payments like five, six or books and it could rent for now 15 $16 or Airbnb for five grand a month? I don't know, you know, I don't sell them anymore. I keep them I don't care. I have I have 123 or four that I still have or that I keep I've been I hold on to but that's the only in terms of single family houses as well people it's up to I don't like single family rentals. Otherwise, 30:34 you think they're going to flood the market right now with with sub twos? Tell us your potential. That's a great question actually, that I wanted to bring up on this call right now. What do you think the markets headed bro? I know nobody has a crystal ball. But what do you what do you think? And and how are you preparing for it? 30:52 So I've only been in for not a long time. I've missed the recession. So take my advice with a grain of salt. But maybe they Yeah, with? I don't know, man, I think it's I think it's gonna just kind of stay the same. I think it'll stay stagnant for a little bit, it'll come down maybe 10%. I think sub two is in terms of the banks or the banks have a ton of pre foreclosures that are the notes they'll sell off right now. There's a ton of them. They're over leveraged. But it just depends on how the banks handle that. See, as you can you should contact the bank and try and buy their notes if you have access to money. By the whole by the whole was the word tape the word not. 31:37 Tape. Charge 31:38 tape. Thank you by the whole tape I was talking earlier about that. Whether whole tape, it'll cost you a lot, you get a huge discount. I just learned about that from a bank. Notes. Okay, all their non performing notes by element ones, because there's a bunch of right now in different areas a little bit different. But here's a golden ring. Now. 32:04 You think there's not going to be too much pullback, just a little bit of price to the housing drop right with it. They keep on manipulating the interest rates. But why do you feel like there's not going to be like any kind of law or any kind of crash or anything? 32:14 I mean, even 10% crash? Yeah, terms of the crash, it's not gonna like houses aren't gonna know, people sort of need place. Rents rents do go down. So you might see that happen, because who knows? But I mean, who knows what's going on? I don't know. I don't have an opinion. I think it'll go down a little bit. But I think it'll remain pretty, pretty close to where it is. As long as the rates don't keep going up. But as far as sub twos, I think that there is a group out there right now. That is pre empting. And excuse my French but fucking this up for everybody right now. So I'm getting sent stuff all the time. That it's clearly like that groups. I got set one today. And I got a little mad when I saw because it's a great deal and would have been a great deal if it hadn't been, you know, spoke. So it's like it's like, it's like 100 170 grand is still owed if the payments like 30 100 bucks. And the ARV is 220 and 60 grand What do you mean? Like what why would why would I? Why would I pay that and maybe make $100 a month maybe after paying everything because you're buying that 4% interest? You're nuts like as I'll give you eight you know that's normally what we paid eight to 10 at most out of pocket because you got to fix it and everything but I don't know the sub twos, the ones I've been getting sent by agents or the sub to community. They're always weird. They're always too many too many variables have been put into place what they did is they went to the seller and they flex their knowledge instead of shutting up and just saying I can take over your payments do this do this do this down payment three me and all kinds of shit like complicating it and making making a deal into something that's just a waste of time. 34:15 Yeah, we get those every day somebody right. Oh, you're jumping on this call. Somebody sent me a deal by Dallas and it was almost 700,000 an acre. 34:26 Oh, heck, that's primetime. 34:29 Does that include the apartment complex next door like yeah, Lee. That's crazy. Like whatever thing too many people get their hands into too many deals. By the time you get it. I will talk to you about yesterday 500 34:40 calls crazy was that? Yesterday's call was crazy. 34:44 500 acres in the Valley for 50,000 An acre do with no sewer. I mean, it was like Yeah. What do you do with this and then you buy that size attract. I mean, galley needs $20 million worth of development right before you can throw up buildings. He's given me comps based off of like apartment complexes and buildings. And I'm like, That's not comps roads land. Like it's not, it's not development ready. Warm up 35:11 pro forma, though, based on what it could be. It has potential to be this so I'm going to charge you this much. 35:17 That's what he was getting was yesterday. Like you could do an airport here. Now he didn't say that. Airport. Yeah. 35:23 Yeah, it was raise the price then. 35:26 The craziest part of what he said was, is that the city was going to put in this the sewer, the curb, the street and all that stuff, because it's the city's job. Oh. Yeah. 35:41 Okay. I said, Okay. I'm here. Do you guys have approvals for all this stuff already? But no, it's just verbal. Like, that's not helpful. Talk to myself? Oh. Yeah. They said, they said, Okay, do whatever. It's funny. 36:01 That's well, that's kind of why I mean, you're gonna have a mess with big tracts of land. I've wanted to you guys have made me want to, but the little bits of land that I've messed with in the past, I was either broke even 500 bucks. It was never worth the time. Like I got an acre. Well, the first my first year I got an acre and that's for like, eight grand. Yeah. Hell yeah. And I bought it, because I couldn't wholesale it. So I bought it because I knew what I was doing. And I'm selling it for like nine. And there was cost and I lost, lose a lot. But like, that was my first taste of land. I was like, I'm done with this. You know? That's not for me. Dude, I will tell you that was within like the first six months of doing this. 36:44 We have the opposite thing. Like somebody sends me a house and then this is the greatest deal ever have to delete might even look at the numbers to see if it's a good deal. Subscribe. Yeah, please. Yeah, we're not even. I'm not even trying to run the numbers. Like it looks like there's 100 grand spread in there like not getting myself down that rabbit hole again. I come from contracting. I've been a contractor for friggin 20 years plus, I'm not saying doing more contracting anymore. 37:11 It's just seven grand. Are you ready? Seven grand. There's a hole in the roof. Like seven grand. I can see outside. That's like 7500 bucks times you're in and out. And then they argue with you and asleep. Come on. Get your first deal like Don't argue with me. 37:36 That's another thing. She was like yeah, if you want if you want to get mentored by somebody, just come with a real offer. You know how I got in good without everybody like Ryan and Logan and all those guys. I just showed up with a deal and like, how much do you want for this? I don't know. It's whatever. Give me two cheeseburgers and teach me how to play the game. We'll call it either. Yeah, so now you know now Ryan, if he can we talk almost every single day like he mentors. He still walks me through a lot of stuff. So super, super interesting. 38:05 Talk to Ryan. 38:09 Dude, that guy takes my call and walks me through anything. I'll send him like a grand just for like five minutes. Like okay, it's all I need to thank you bro. I had a deal that was blowing up in contracts with the people are getting ready to leave. They're like, No, we found this little provision or whatever. And I don't know if Ryan Dude, can you work on this for me? Man. I gotta deal blowing up in contracts right now. So that's closing today. Like right now? Is it Neil? Just getting home at dinner. He's like, a cog in five minutes. So he called me back walk me through everything. I'm like, boom, boom, done. So I'm 2500 bucks. For like 10 minutes where the work save the Do 38:38 you ever get consulting from Jaime? 38:42 Yeah, yeah, Jaime stayed on the phone. We one time for three hours. You've lost trying to figure out a deal. And I just, I was like, Do you could get your catch up real quick. He's like, Oh, cool. Yeah, sure. It's 500 bucks. Do you? Three hours I just attended. 38:53 Well, I'm happy to hear but I got 38:56 a bunch of books. And he put me on a lot of game bro. Yeah, Jaime, Jaime fried. Yes. Shout out timing. Shout out to Cory Logan Ryan, who hasn't been mentioned on this podcast. Charlie, Mike and Charles. They forget anything dude. hbhs Before I even did it, but my first deal they took me in and they just hours and hours of game for nothing. I didn't even like Thank you. They came 39:18 up here. Charles. I'm gonna tell the story. Charles. I don't care. I'm gonna tell it. So Charo when he came up here to check that one property he he said Hey, pick me up at the airport. Right? So Michael, no problem. That's what you'd normally do right? You pick somebody at the airport. Hey, you didn't he didn't fly. Well, you you just appeared you're like oh my there'll be a mirror. He's like Hey, pick me up their point we can take over here real quick. Cool. No doubt. So I picked him up. He's wearing like, basketball shorts stuff was like cool, and I guess it's super comfortable. Whatever. Turns out, he had told me this to like a year later, I guess He was he said he was a bear somebody, he rode the Greyhound bus from San Antonio. Not because he had to, but because he was like I used to do this all the time. Let's see what it's like. And they flew back, obviously. But yeah, he said he, he saw some crazy. I don't remember the details. We saw some crazy stuff on that bus. Some crazy people do some crazy stuff on that bus but played it off. He got Uber to the airport for me to pick him up at the airport, the plane off, but he didn't just ride the bus for like, 14 hours. It was it was not even a year later. I was like, what? Why didn't you just say that? But that's yeah, he can imagine. Yeah, even like within a few months time spurt. For our Ria. Oh, yeah. I already have the Ria. We do it every quarter out here. I'm hoping to have it as big as maybe Danny's or like, stretch. When I go to Data Reference. That's where I got the idea. I went to his first the event was huge, like 3000 people there. But I just spoke to spoke at TJs the real estate event. It's very similar name. I spoke at his couple of weeks ago. That was I loved it. I loved it. If you guys are in the Dallas area, you should definitely go to T J's events. TJ Cozen. Shout out to TJ but him and his his events out there or they're great. I love that separated completely. So you got one side with one side with actual speakers and is completely separated. And the other side you have your vendors and your alcohol, people that just they don't really want to be on stage, their retail stage, they can just mingle. I love that. I love the separation. And then they buy us drinks might the same way we cover everybody's drinks. The reason I do that on mine is because I want the day one guy to be able to go see. Let's see, I brought out Anthony which by the way, Anthony, most of my students fell in love with you. Oh, that's the richest guy in the room. Mike specifically fell in love with you. But you want to but yeah, he's I buy drinks that we like if they want or first year person and they see somebody who owns like half of downtown. Well, they see him on social media all time they can do whatever. They have the courage, like normally wouldn't have the courage to make the shot and you get two shots. Tequila. No. Hey, what's up, man? I want to talk to you teach. You know, you make that you make that connection. 42:33 social lubricant. 42:34 Hmm, that's exactly. That's exactly why I do it. That's cool, man. It's been a lot of fun. All of them have been so much fun. 42:44 I told Anthony he's just started like your quarterly real to start at the office. 42:51 More parking, but yeah, it's a lot of fun. 42:53 I'm anti appointment like even this appointment, right? I have an hour late and like because my niece randomly comes into town and gets your last time I'm like, Dude, can we push now and we got going on going peter piper with a nice 43:06 European referendum. 43:07 No, that's where I was right before you sit in the 43:09 restroom with your background. 43:15 Echo. Oh, man. Yeah, but I just, I like being appointment free. Because if you're if I have, it's all like these little things like little podcasts and then like, I can't be spontaneous. Like, I'm gonna go show a property tomorrow at 11 for rent and I'm selling. And the lady asked me today she's like, oh, did you get picked me up? My son can't make it. I'm like, I guess right. So I gotta be able to have my schedule a bit more fluid. So I have the rear and I have these and have those. I'm just going from meeting to meeting meeting and yeah, just I'm not done with that. Like the reason I got renewer ship is so I don't have to be anywhere at any given time. So I don't have to have a job. 43:50 It's like a party. And it's in the evenings I think 43:55 constantly 43:57 do a hive mind. So this hive mind social, the social hive mind. The social hive, 44:07 Hive? Hive slash 44:20 I don't know, quarterly quarter. You don't do it monthly, yearly monthly because it gets old. Definitely. Less people show up. It's not as fun. Quarterly. I say quarterly. I do it three times a year. Consistently. Because I just forget it. I'm the same way as you. I just throw like God January what they can somebody tell me second Friday. I don't know. Yeah, it works cool. 44:43 It's booked way in advance. It's good. Like we're going to Vegas to go meet up for Ryan Pinyon his boardroom? I think it's like the second week of Vegas you should come. But it's like if it's booked out months in advance. 44:54 What is section 44:59 two I mean, you could make it 45:00 bro at the same time you said the same time one day, you were nine 45:03 to the 12. Take some Vegas takes so many deeds. You need ticket for the plane, give me a ticket. I'll take a look at it. 45:19 Let's go man. That'd be fun. 45:21 We always ask this quote, but what is the quote that is yours or somebody else's that you resonate with? 45:29 Mm hmm. There was a good one. There was a good one. It's such a great convention. 45:40 I know. I have a bunch of them stuck in. 45:42 There was a great one that I just had. Well, there's another one is if you're not first, you're last by Rick Bobby. And I kind of stand by that one pretty strong. 45:54 I like that one a lot. I'm not trying to compete with anybody. Yeah, 45:59 I want to try to streamline in front of everybody. I don't compete. It's funny 46:03 too. Because we don't have like any numerical goals like any door goals or like monthly capital goals. Nothing like that. It's like I just want to just win. It's want to be the leader and be out in front very far out in front. 46:11 That's wild. Yeah, that's wild. I that same here? But yeah, keep hitting like I make the goals. I make stupid fucking goals and like, Okay. I guess I'll just make it bigger. Cool. 46:26 Cory asked one time. On his page. I want to say I was like my first year in real estate or a shout out roughneck to real estate, Cory Thompson. He asked his group like what is what is your real estate goal or something like that? Evers like, I want $100. I want $300. I want all this crap. I jumped in there. And I was like, I don't have any numerical goals like that. And some of them I had to pick something. I'll say like, I want 1000 acres, I guess. Sounds like a good goal. randomly. Fast forward. You know, almost four years later, we have almost 1000 acres under contract. We don't own all of it. And we're playing in the room now. So pretty cool. And I think from here, it only goes up right we have a lot more stuff. We're coming up in the pipeline deals are putting together we had 1000 acres under contract earlier this year on a deal that did not go through. We chose not to pursue it were 47:11 so many kotula so they just told me state 47:17 far south Yeah, far south. But it was 47:20 yeah, I never heard it. 47:22 Yeah, super. It's like two hours two and half hours south San Antonio, but it was going to be a partition suit between a girl and her dad her dad was going to fight like hell for it and move on to something easier, but a super cheap price, but still just even be playing in that realm. So if we're going to count numbers I guess we can but I'm just going as fast as I can and I'm not resting I'm not I'm not getting tired. I'm not making stupid moves. But we're going as fast as we possibly can. And like I said, there's kind of not no go I just want to when whenever some guru 47:53 whatever vision boards and stuff for it for some people for me, like I I had a goal I set a goal. I didn't do that. But I don't think it really worked for me but people like you me Anthony. Like I had a goal this year for 10 rentals right? Over 30 destroyed it. I don't know what I found something. But like let's say I did hit it and I'm like, Well, I'm done for the year now. I did it now I can focus. Why don't want to do that. 48:20 It's like we could push it now to like we wanted to do $100,000 month and we want to do $100,000 deal. And now we're looking at a million dollar deal now when the million dollar month like we're just pushing, pushing, pushing, 48:30 I saw somewhere where it was to be truly free. Like there's there's rich, they're super rich super weather, but to be like free free. You need like 40 grand a month passive to like where you don't do anything. So that's that's kind of my my new goal right now is that I literally do like you personally not your company, you need to make that much as nuts. That's that's that's a great goal. I feel like and then my girl at the same time now I grew but my my mentor. He's He's old press chatter Preston brown out here. He's He's told me the days Oh yeah, that's got to heat they can see he's got a bunch of companies but his main one changed his pay. You gave him a raise because he's not involved but they gave him a raise and it was a very impressive number. Yeah, I do whatever I want now fast like true passive. Just I'm like what like why so he's lendable but anyways without going too much into his business. But cool. Yeah, this was this was fun. 49:39 So where can people find you online? I know we mentioned a couple places. We got good buys houses where have you missed 49:47 several 49:48 where we will Well, where do buys houses on Twitter? I don't do anything on there but Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and tick tock 50:00 So a prediction right now I'm gonna follow you on Twitter. Twitter goes to the very very front of all apps, including everything this is me calling it right now seeing the future so Twitter become the most used app on the internet and it becomes the world's largest payment processor outpacing Chase. All these guys 50:16 Wells Fargo, man in charge, they can do it. 50:19 He's gonna smoke everybody just right now. I think building a following on Twitter advertising on Twitter. Even buying stock in Twitter is going to it's going to absolutely explode. Yeah, it's gonna go straight to the moon. I don't even know what what's 50:31 stalking Twitter. I thought he made it private. 50:33 It's private. They can't buy stock anymore. Hey, 50:35 okay. But buying stock means building an audience, right? So today is November 22. I mean, sorry, November 29. Of 2022. Just mark my words right now. That sucker is gonna blow dude. I'm excited about it. Like my heart's pumping fast just thinking about it. Yeah. I want to get away and 50:54 worried about everybody's worried about a guy about him ruining Twitter. Whereas this guy made one of the first online banking systems he made. He makes digital cars. He sends stuff to space regularly. And satellites, all kinds that he provides the entire world with internet and they're worried about a messing up a meme posting site. Okay, I think it'd be 51:20 nice if they were laughing at it because like, he's like, he went into the office and every just standing around. What do you guys do? Oh, well, we do the you're fine. Just get out. Yeah. 51:31 Your answer what they do there he fired them. 51:33 Good. Story is funny. It's funny story of how he fired everybody as we play store as well. We just talked to someone they were doing things. What do you do? They didn't have an answer. So there you go. You're fired. 51:48 We just talked about cleaning house right before this call, right? I mean, you gotta get out the broom and clean up a little bit, bro. It's Yeah, correct. 51:56 Yeah, cut the dead weight. 51:57 Especially if you're in a been in a business. You just bought a $40 billion company that's crashing into the ground like you guys gotta leave. I need to fix this. Well, cool, man. Yeah, we appreciate you coming on here. We still have our feelings a little bit hurt that it took you so long to get here. 52:10 But maybe you were just waiting for this. Yeah. Big promises. Let's see. I want to see the tracking number though. 52:20 I'll send you a tracking it looks so cool. And somewhere and you have it like this. You take a sit look by him. 52:25 Oh, oh. 52:29 Come near it and it really does work like a yeti like your stuffs cold all day long. So that goes into the mail today. Okay, promise, sweet hurry, gain by nothing man. You just take whatever you want it we just sent it to you had 52:46 to go buy it shop that hive mind serum the IO. 52:51 Go sports boys. If you want to keep on seeing videos like this meeting great people like Chad Doherty killing it out there in the game. Send us some sub tools. If you find me one in San Antonio, man, I'm trying to pick one up right now. I'll send you the rest. Absolutely. Thanks for your time, man. Awesome, guys. 53:05 Thank you so much for having me. Everybody. Don't leave Anthony.

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Chad Dougherty is a Real Estate Investor and coach, Marine Corps veteran, Husband and father of 2. After leaving the military and with a baby on the way, he decided to go all in on himself to ensure his family would never grow up in the same underprivileged conditions he experienced. In 2018, he dedicated his focus to Real Estate, he was broke and had to hustle for every dollar and recover after every failure. Now 4 years later, he is a real estate professional that controls over 4 million dollars worth of real estate. He is passionate about working with people that want to create a lifestyle and set an example that their family or business should follow.

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It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

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I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

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