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Dec. 6, 2022

Ep 289: Seller Call Breakdown With Michael Flores

Ep 289: Seller Call Breakdown With Michael Flores
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0:02 Welcome, welcome. Welcome everybody. 0:05 I can't hear you. They're still checking their sound. 0:10 In that case, give me two seconds. Let me run real quick. I'll be right back 0:29 How's everybody doing today? Back in one second handle chicken something 0:50 Hey, Daniel starker here. Before we I just want a quick question. Before we get started as though like agricultural and like ranch and all that stuff we can still submit, right? It's not just residential. 1:03 Zoning doesn't matter, especially if it was a 50 acres or more. If we have to change zoning, we can do a variance but zoning doesn't matter to us. 1:13 Okay, okay. You see, everything's cool. Okay. Okay. Just wanted to be sure. So I've been looking at this cell I've been talking to but I his was on was agricultural. But it's like, it's definitely bigger than 50 acres. I just wanted to make sure. 1:28 Yeah, we have these grown corn. Now somebody has the same thing. Agricultural that are big. 1:35 Okay, good. No, thank you. 1:40 We'll start in about 60 seconds. 1:46 Yeah, big agricultural tracts are usually a big land track, almost always agricultural because it helps lessen their taxes. So they don't ever really get around to zoning until they're actually ready to build or develop it. 2:04 Makes sense? Thank you. Right, I 2:18 think Anthony has a special guest coming in day covering it, they had a really cool sales car I didn't hear about yet. So it was earlier today. 2:28 But that's what the update was. 2:34 I had, I just want to change a tire from my brother in law 20 minutes ago, so 2:42 I'm all over the place. So I don't know what's going on today. 2:48 As far as updates going, everything's going good. We are looking at all different types of land. I don't know if we told you. But if you guys have any smaller parcels, you can send it to this link. Put it in the chat. This is a 50,000 to 100,000. Oops. 50,000 to seven or 20,000 is H high by high Buyers Club, which is a domain right there. And then, of course, if you have a million dollars and up which is the whole focus of this group is summit big land. So I just want to reiterate that already. Anthony. All right. He is still people popping in. 3:30 Right? Yeah, me. 3:39 I was I was mixing up my electrolyte drink. And it's kind of noisy sauce waiting to me. Yeah, so this is going to be a great, great, great, great call. We've been we've been covering a lot of the what to do and how to do it. And a lot of it's just theory, right? Because you're hearing some guy on the screen, say it but like transitioning or transferring that into the real world. It doesn't always play out the way sometimes that you would think it would or you'd want it to or the way you saw it in your mind. And then you don't even know this stuff's gonna work. You're just watching listening learning. And like you said, you're you're still trying to calculate like, taking it into a real world scenario. So I have people ask me all the time, they're like, Do you have any? Any scripts that we could follow you? Did you have any scripts and I don't use scripts at all. I don't I don't issue scripts. I don't type them out. I don't write them up. Because I want people to learn by doing right if you just if you do what we're what we're talking about, and you do what we're saying. And you get us on the phone with people. We will make the magic happen. So I wanted to introduce you guys tonight to a friend of mine that I've been working with for a couple of years now. He was doing traditional real estate. And he he called me one night, maybe a year ago or so. And he was asking him about land. He said I've been seeing what you've been doing with land And I'm interested, you know, what can I do to get involved. And I just gave him like five minutes on it. I think I was like one o'clock in the morning. And I didn't really hear back from him. I didn't I didn't hear anything, you know, at all. I think he would text me every now and then ask him a couple of questions. But then in the last, I think, 90 days or something, he brought me a big deal that we ended up contracting for 1.74 mil. And then he brought me another one that we're signing up for 1.2 mil 1.2, something, some change. And we went out, talk to the seller, everything was ready to go on. And now the seller saying that he thinks he would like to get more money. So he pushed up the price, some $200,000 or so. And we went out there today to the property and talk to the guy. And it's like, everything that we've been talking about, and learning in this group all came into play today, it all became super, super relevant. And usually you use a lot of these clauses and a lot of these phrases and you know, sales tactics, sporadically, right spread out through different scenarios. But today, we covered everything, everything all in one shot. So it was a pretty unique meeting. And it was cool. I wish I could have recorded it. I wish there was a camera in the room. But since there wasn't a camera in the room, I invited my my boy Mike to get on here and actually speak with us tonight. And tell us about how today went just so you guys can he'll hear a real world scenario of what this knowledge and information does when you get yourself into a sales situation. Are you there, Mike? Yeah, I'm here. Yeah, I'm here. What's up, man? 6:41 What's up everybody? 6:43 Yeah. So I want you guys to meet Mike because Mike is the the prime primo example of what happens when somebody starts to do work. And when they take action when they stop trying to figure it out, stop trying to learn everything stop trying to have analysis paralysis. Mike is what happens when you just go out there, and you just get the damn stuff done. So I think it's okay, if I told you guys I've said he's a friend of mine that he doesn't know a whole lot about land. He doesn't know a whole lot about, you know what we're doing in this group. But he went out immediately, and we he locked up. We combined both of us locked up like roughly $4 million worth of property right under $4 million worth of property in two deals. And we went out to the property today to talk to the seller who thinks he needs 200,000 More now than we have already agreed upon. And I wanted you guys to hear about how today's conversation went. So you can get some ideas as far as negotiating goes, and then how you could tee up these types of sellers. So when you when you do get into a situation where we're moving into the clothes, you know, what you can say and different things that you can bring up. So you want to kind of tell them about a little bit about how today with Mike, when we when we got out to the property we drove around? 7:58 Sure. Yeah, 8:01 I was gonna be I was kind of excited to see how we're going to deal with them. Because, you know, I've known you for a while now. And I've never actually been in a situation where we were together and seen you talk to somebody build rapport and all that stuff. So I was watching co2, you know, I I know a little bit I can, you know, build rapport with people just, you know, it comes natural. Sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't, you know, it's a little harder than other times. 8:28 You know, connection, we find it is a mirror you that has a bad connection, because you kind of 8:34 like when you started it started seeing them. Slow down a little bit. Can you hear me better now? Yeah, you're perfect. Okay. Yeah, sorry. When you started, I started getting a bad connection for some reason. So anyways, after we toured the property, we were just still kind of bullshitting. And then, you know, we start talking about price. And Anthony just straight up says a while I think I'm pretty stuck at this price and kind of just backs up a little bit like you could see it in the guy's face. And I was like, Oh, shit, all right here. Here it comes. 9:03 Let me let me let me 9:05 preface this real quick. When we're first gonna start talking, I told the guy I said, I don't think I'm gonna be interested at your new price. Because the guy emailed us a new price that he wants. And I said, I'm good. I'm ready to go at the price that we already agreed on. I said, but at the new price, I don't think I'm interested. I don't think I'm going to do it. 9:24 Yeah, true. And so at that point, I just kind of wanted to see what the guy would say. And you know, he just kind of fumbled around a little bit saying that the reason he did that is because he had a lot of improvements. And he put up fences and whatnot. And Anthony and I was waiting to see what he was going to come up with. And he asked them well, you know what, um, I think he asked him what his Gosh, what was your capital, capital rate or capital? Whatever, 9:50 if he considered what he's going to what it's going to the property is gonna end up costing him and capital gains because I asked him first. If he was going to 1031 the property. He said no. And they said, I said, Have you You said what, what are you planning on paying about 21%? Capital gains? Yeah. 10:04 And then he said, I think he said 14. So I mean, I don't know anything about that. And I was kind of like, okay, cool, you know, starting to get interesting. And at that point, you know, he's like, Okay, now 14, and then afterwards, like, okay, cool, you know, so what are your plans? You know, what are you gonna do what you'll do with that money? And he started talking about, he wants to look for other property. And, you know, at that point, I don't remember exactly how it happened. But I know, there was a few other points where he told him well, you know, we, you know, what kind of, you know, what are you going to invest in? He said, well want to buy property, or, you know, possibly invest in something else. And Anthony asked, What are you going to do with your money? How are you going to invest? And he brought up the fact that he had a million dollar CD that he was making 2% on. And, you know, that wasn't making them anything. So Anthony said, Well, hey, you know, what we can do also is possibly owner seller finance deal, where you can, you know, you make? Well, I don't know, my bad, let me back up. He asked him, if you would invest, if you could invest a million dollars, what kind of return would you want on it? And he's like, Well, at least 8%. And I thought it was like we can do 8% All day long, you know. So at that point, he started asking him, you know, we could do seller finance, and still pay you a percent where you're not paying capital gains tax on that property at the moment. And then you can pull it out whenever you want. And then he said, what if, what if we had other deals that you might be interested in investing in. And at that point, he kind of had his attention a little bit more. And at that point, I guess, I saw the transition where the guy went from a sale to almost like, okay, it's not just to sell, it's another opportunity for him to make money, it turned into a business conversation at that point. And that kind of excited, because I didn't exactly know what was going on. But I knew where we were going, you know what I mean? Like, I didn't understand exactly what he was saying. But I knew that it went from Hey, some of your land to some of your land and invest with me, and let's make money together. And to me, I was like, Holy shit, like, that's amazing. Because, you know, it just it switched everything around. It wasn't me, trying to kill him on his price, or Anthony tried to hit him on his price. But hey, let's work together, you make money, we make money, and everybody's happy. And it's worked out the deal that to make it happen. And at that point, he's like, Well, let me talk to my wife, you know, been in sales for a while you kind of know, when you see when, and read body language and hope that you're right, that they're going to move forward. And that's the kind of idea I got when we left and me and Anthony kind of talked about that, where it looked like he's gonna call me in a few days, at least, that's what we're praying for. But either way, it was just exciting to see and hear those new closing techniques and hear it have new weapons to use when you're in that conversation. And now I still just have to do my homework to be able to use them, if ever, you know, Anthony's not around to close that deal. Pretty simple. Well, that's simple. You know, it was just cool to watch it I was I was pretty excited. Just seeing the process and see adding those other tools to my toolbox, because they're important to have. It could have just went well, you know what, think about it, I'll talk to you later. But there was that extra, like, Well, hey, we're not just talked about price. Let's talk about the future. Let's talk about what we can do together, and I'll save you money, you know, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but we can do it, I can help you make money in the future. And to me, that's big, because it's all about not just you making money, it's about everybody making money. Because then you just become more powerful. And you put more money in the bank, by helping put on by helping other people put money in the bank. And I'm all about that, because I used to think that doing it by yourself was the way and I just keep some for you know, saying trying to be greedy and saving money. You're trying not to bring people in on your deals like that, just for me that stuff that never worked. And I've just said you know what, screw this shit, I need help. There's there's a bunch of pieces to my puzzle missing. And I need help and mean Anthony kind of phone call one day, and I started thinking about the numbers we were talking about. And it kind of just changed my life. And that five minutes because I'm like, I'm working way too fucking hard for pennies, you know, you got to just, and it took me about a year to kind of find a deal. But really, he hit the nail on the head when he said analysis paralysis, because I was thinking for about seven months about what to do and how to do it. And finally, I just took action, and I'm not gonna lie to you by the grace of God, the minute I hit that button, I got my first phone call. And it's just amazing to kind of see what's happened in the past, you know, 60 to 90 days, what taking action does. So thank you for letting me say that. 14:22 You thank you for actually having the guts to do it. I know it. I know. It hurts. And I know it feels weird to make the phone calls and do the marketing. I know what it feels like. I've been I've been in that seat before. But yeah, Mike is Mike is the he's the perfect example of what happens when you just stop thinking about it and just pull the trigger. And then what something that Daniel and myself had been harping on in this group for a long time is you don't even need all the tools. You don't need the whole formula. What you need to do is you need to convince yourself to pick up the phone or send a text message and that's it. And then you said learn comps on YouTube. Make sure you got a decent price and that's it then you bring us in you bring in the hammer you bring in the money you bring in everything else Very, very little to know about the back end process. So I want to kind of break this down a little bit more. Do you have time to hang out for a bit? Make? Sure. Okay, if you got a bill, just let me know. But feel free to also chime in and interrupt me just like if you if you think of something that you know, that just brings to your attention, just go ahead and just jump right back in. 15:18 If you don't mind. What's that? I'd like to say one thing, if you don't mind, please. Yeah. So when I talk to Anthony, I guess a year or so ago, I just said I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to mark it on the internet. And I've been on Facebook for a while. And it's kind of just survived a little bit. Doing real estate deals there. I have my realtor license for about 16 years. And I finally said, Screw it, I need to do something because I'm not doing anything at this moment. So I started with bandit signs, putting them out on 1604. And I started getting phone calls. You know what I mean? I got one deal, I was this guy selling three acres. And I didn't know what the hell I was doing. But I started talking to him learning a little bit. And I couldn't sell it. And then I got another call off the sign. And this guy was selling four acres, and they literally spent like almost a year and a half, I'm still selling those damn four acres, okay. Today, I just actually I'm about to contract the first two acres off of that property, you know, just because it had it finally happened. So from there, I got calls from on another property and it just kind of started escalating back and forth to 10 acres. I sold those 10 acres, lady down the street called me off that sign Hey, what are they selling for? Now she's you know, we're about to put her property under contract, and just kind of got tired of putting out signs, right. But I know I get phone calls. So if the property sitting there I go put out signs, I get calls, the property gets sold, and I literally have my suburban full of 50 signs right now that I was going to go pull out because I need to get those 10 acres off my books, right. And we went to go show this property. And after we were done. And I heard about the million dollars and 8% and making money and borrowing money and throwing it here and putting it there. And I was like fuck those signs. I don't even want to put them out anymore. But I already spent the money already spent a few hours getting them ready. You know, I put out a few and I ran out of time because I was going to come do this. So I'm going back out tomorrow to put up those signs anyways. But it just blew my mind that, you know, I was telling my friend this morning. You know I what I like 17:06 about life during during, during your morning meditation in prayer. Yeah, during 17:10 my morning meditation and prayer, actually, we talked, we talked about manifestation. And one of the things that I thought about when I was there was hey, I need to be able to borrow $10 million. So I could find the land and buy as much as I can. Right. And that was one of the things that blew my mind. Because when he started talking about money, they both connected there and I was like, oh shit this crazy. You know, it just it that's the way how quickly things happen. And, you know, I guess all I can say is just take action. You know, I'm just grateful that I was telling my friend also that you every now and then you get a piece of the puzzle. You know, like Anthony gave me a tip a year ago about buying land and cutting it up. And it blew my mind was like, holy shit. My next investment, that's what I'm gonna learn about, that's what I'm gonna do. I did my homework. And then I was telling her a few days ago, I said, Hey, look, I'm excited because I got one deal under contract. But now I'm like, looking ahead in the future. What's that next idea? What's that next investment that's going to come along that next tip I'm gonna get when I talked to somebody new. And when I heard Anthony talking to him about capitalization rates and borrowing money and lending money and making eight points, I was like, Holy crap, that's a whole nother business. And I automatically I knew at that moment, like, holy shit, like, that's another investment opportunity. where of course, once we have money, we can do so. But it just, you know, things happen funny and just want to say thank you, bro. You know, thank you for your time. Thank you for the tip. Thank you for the teaching me those little things today to like, because it, it feeds me man like me, it gets me excited to go find another deal. Which matter of fact, I got another one. But we'll talk about that later. 18:43 I don't know. Thank you for taking the action. And for just listening. Like I said, we're on these meetings and calling Daniel myself has been on these calls for almost two years now. And it's frustrating, you know, because people say like, I don't want to ask a dumb question. And, you know, it's it's cliche, but you say like, the only question you don't, the dumb question is when you don't ask. So I had a guy today I was just talking to before this call. And he said, he said, I'm gonna have a bunch of dumb questions. And I said do is I'm going to sound dumb. I said, Dude, there's no way to sound dumb when you're asking a question. I said, You know what? sounds dumb to me. 19:17 silence 19:20 because you have a question, and then you're too afraid to ask it right? So that's what sounds dumb. So no, did I just appreciate you taking the action and kicking butt and then for coming on here and sharing that with the group. It really does go to show you guys is that. You know, when you when you do have a hive, you have a network of people that can that can back you up and support you. exchange knowledge with you, right? You put in the hard work by going out and getting the deals and then we come in on the back end and then do what we're trained to do. And it's a perfect partnership is a perfect marriage. Like we couldn't be doing these deals without you. Right? Because you went out you found them you did the hard work. Now it's time for us to do the stuff that we do on the backside and make the deals happen. So I just want to further break down a little bit about how this deal When, like I said, if you feel if you come up with something or you get inspired to share something just pop right back in, okay. The seller, we talked about this a lot on these calls is that these sellers, they, they don't need the money, right. And so in the whole entire 99% of the real estate investors out there, they're looking for a motivated seller. Right. But in this room in this group, we're looking for non motivated sellers, specifically. Right. And I think they're easier to deal with. And this is something we got on a call, you know, to kind of like, D load after the after the meeting to just talk about what happened. And I was telling Mike, I said, when you have an intelligent seller, they're easier to close. Right? You everybody in this room, if you're doing deals, you've dealt with the seller before, that's not very intelligent, you know, and they're just kind of like, they're motivated, they're got themselves in some kind of financial trouble. And they're harder to negotiate with, the further they're in. And I'm not trying to sound arrogant or anything like that. I don't mean to demean anybody. But if they're lacking a certain amount of intellectual technology, they're harder to close. And they're harder to negotiate with, you know, just because they don't have the tools to kind of, I guess, share that that information back and forth with. So this guy specifically, he indicated that he had quite a few properties, and that he had a million dollars put away in a CD, you know, so he's doing okay for him. So he's not, he's not I guess he's not super wealthy, but he's doing okay for him. So. But red flag for me is he has a million dollar CD at 2% interest, gaining 2% interest, right. So that was a little, you know, notch in our in our little tool in our belt that we could pull out later. But I always mentioned in this group, I say it over and over and over again, is to always ask the seller what they plan to do with the money. And I know, I know what that sounds like. So I know the people in this room are thinking like, Man, I don't want to ask that. That's a hard question. I don't want the guy to get mad at me and hang up on me, it's probably the single most important question that you can ask a seller. Right? Especially if they're savvy, especially if they have investments, especially if they have a lot of money in their pocket. So I already knew what I was going to do. I knew he was too high. He's trying to like back out of the deal. After we had already agreed on it. I've never met the guy in person. So the first thing I did is I told Mike, I said, Hey, I need to get face to face with this guy. You can have these types of conversations over the phone, it still would have been okay. But specifically, if the guy's in San Antonio, I'm gonna get in front of him. So I said, get me in front of this guy that's gonna walk the property tomorrow. And he sent us an email late last night that you want to change the price. So we get out there already, I already knew what kind of where I was gonna go, we're driving the property. So I'm trying to find excuses to lower my price. Right. So the dirt, is it Sandy. The entrances are kind of funny the way that they are there, what the back entrance is off of a private road on top of the county roads. So that's concerning from a subdivide perspective. So I'm asking these leading questions by just having him without saying the property's crap without, and I never talked bad about it, always tell them how amazing the property is. But I'm asking these leading questions, knowing at the end of the conversation where I'm going to take this guy. So right now I'm loving the property and telling them how cool it is. But in the back of my mind, I'm going to end up telling him that I don't want the property at his new price, right, because he's the one that changed the deal, I did it. So we get back to the area where the garage is, and we get off the truck and we start talking, I said, Man, I really liked the property. I really want to do this deal with you. I told him, but I'm not going to buy it at your new price. It's exactly what I said. I said, I'm ready to do this deal. Today, we'll sign the contract today, at the price we already agreed on. I don't I'm not going to invite it the new price is at least I'm not going to buy by myself at the new price. I said if I'm going to buy it at that price, I said I'm going to bring in a partner, because I'm not going to share I'm not going to take on all this risk for this property at that price. I'm just not interested. I said so if you're stuck on that number. So I'm going to have to get this property in front of quite a few of my partners to see if we can JV on this deal. I said because I'm not going to give you the amount you want out of my pocket. I'm just not going to do it not interested at that price at all. So what did I do their massive takeaway, I'm ready to walk away from the deal at your new price. I set it up to bring in a new buyer, right and you a partner, somebody else is going to bring the capital, I'm not going to put my capital into this deal with that price. I don't want to carry the risk. Right. And he immediately kind of got a sense for what I'm saying. And I said, you know, just think about it. I said you know sleep on it for a little while talk to your wife about it. And then maybe we can revisit at a future time and said, We're in no hurry to buy it sounds like you're in no hurry to sell said You know, so. Yeah, just just let us know what we can do if there's anything we can do in the future. So what happens is, when you're in a sales situation with somebody, they're gonna start to blow up on you. Right? Because he had expected us to come in like a regular wholesaler would and start beating him up on the price. Well, he needs a roof the bathrooms up like drab, you know I'm gonna need to buy cabinets you know? The house is a piece of junk, I'm going to need a discount. Right? So in this when you do that to a seller, they start to pull up. Their all their defenses come up, because now you're talking about about what they own right? It's like if somebody says, Hey, your car's a piece of junk, and make you feel bad, you know, you're not your own car, but it'll make you feel bad if you're talking bad about your possessions, your property, right, you don't know what the backstory is on that house, maybe he raised his kids in the house, maybe it was grandma's house. So if you start to talk bad about the property, he's immediately going to blow up on you, and he's gonna get prepared to defend himself, right. And when somebody is in that fight or flight part of their brain, they're not ready to negotiate, they're not ready to talk numbers, they're ready to fight or flight, which means they're ready to end the sales situation, they're ready to move on, they're ready to hang up on you, they're ready to ask you to leave the property. I'm good. I'm just gonna hang on to it. So the way that you defuse that person immediately, is you tell them you do. It's called a takeaway, and sales and sales psychology, it's called a takeaway to say, I'm not buying this property. 26:02 Not gonna buy. 26:05 So what happens is the guy immediately he cannot be bought up anymore. In his mind, psychologically, he's not preparing to defend himself, because you already told him, I'm not prepared to fight you. I'm not prepared to engage into this conversation. I'm not prepared to engage into this situation. I'm done. I'm not gonna buy this property. So boom, now all the walls come down. Now he's ready to negotiate. Now he's not in his fight or flight brain. Now he's back into his intellectual part of his brain. Right? Because he wants to He's good. He knows it's not going to work anymore. So he's already like, been disarmed. Now we can talk numbers. Okay, you saw what happened there to his brain to his psychologically, like what happened, he's not ready to argue with me, because I already told him, I'm not going to buy it. So now, I immediately dig back in. And I said, I would still like to do the deal at that price that we've already agreed on. When we send you the contract on we're ready to, we're ready to do that deal. Right, the second. And he wanted to close a few months earlier said and we can close on your timeline. That's not a problem. And now I go in and say, Look, I bought I bought a property before, and it was a sandy lot, and it took me a really long time to sell it. Alright, I think your price is probably fair six months ago. But now moving into the new economy that we're moving into, prices are going to fall, and they're gonna continue to fall for a few years. So if I buy this sandlot, which is already a challenging, so at the very top of market, right now, today, I might get stuck with this thing for a year, two or three years, or four years or five years. So I'm not prepared to do that. So if I am gonna buy it, I'm gonna buy with a partner, but I'm going to use somebody else's funds, and then bringing in a partner is going to reduce the profit on my side. Right? So if I bring in third party capital, that's going to cost me money. So now the deal gets even skinnier again. So let me ask you this, what are you going to do with the money? And I said, you're gonna buy something else? You're gonna buy something? Yeah, I'm gonna look for some more land. Maybe I'll buy kirbyville and probably get into buying out there. Perfect. Have you already identified a property? Are you going to do a 1031? No, no, I kind of don't want to be locked into that timeline. So I'm not going to 1031 it, I'm going to end up just probably be just having the cash liquid so that we want to find something I can pull the trigger on it immediately. You said it's so kind of like for investment for Yeah, investment and, you know, something that I want from my own personal home. I said, Okay, I said, so, you know, roughly you're looking at paying 21% capital gains. And I said, you know, maybe two or 3000 bucks. And he was like, well, because it's probably gonna be closer to 15%. And I said, Okay, he said, so 150 200,000. Yeah. And I said, Is that why you raised your price? 200,000? Right. So you knew you were going to take a $200,000 hit, and you're trying to sell it to me, you're trying to make me pay your taxes? I didn't say that. But that's what I insinuated. Right? He's like, No, well, no, it's not that. I think I know what's going on here. I said, I think you're just trying to maximize your profit. I said, You're not trying to make us pay your taxes. You're not trying to do anything crazy. I said, all you want to do is you want to make the most amount of money possible for this property. Is that right? Yeah, that's right. That's exactly what I want to do. Okay. I said, Look, I think there's a way for both of us to win in this scenario, right, without anybody having to take a hit. Were at a very fair price already agreed on and you just want to make a little bit more, right. Yeah. And you don't have anywhere to place this capital immediately. You're just going to sit on it for a little bit. Yeah. I said, Why don't we do this to maximize your profit? I said, Why don't we get you a downpayment? Maybe like 250, maybe 500. I said, and we'll carry the rest on a note for you at about 8% interest. So you're getting 2% What am I getting, like seven 8%? And he says, Yeah, 8% I take that all day. Okay. I said, Well, if you're just trying to maximize your profit, I said, we'll be back at that same number we were at, which was about 200,000, less than your, than your last offer. I said, we'll go back to our original number that we already agreed on, right? That's called putting it back on the seller, when we say what we have already agreed on. Right? So in that person's mind, they're like, crap, I did already agree to that. Right? So now you're kind of making you're putting them in an uncomfortable situation and saying you are you have already said yes to this. And now you're changing your mind. So I said, let's go back to the number that we already agreed on. Now, if we carry the rest of that paper at 8%, you can start puts putting some of that money back in your pocket that you are going to lose out on. Right? Or that you are you that you want to make some extra money, we're gonna put that back in your pocket now with interest. And I said, and we can get it done quick. We can get it done in a couple years, three years, five years. Yeah, I don't want to hang on to it for very long. I said, Well, I said, here's the benefit to you. I said, if you're sitting on this paper at a very high interest rate, and then you do find something that you want, and two months, three months, four months, five months, I said you can you can liquidate that property, you can liquidate that mortgage, take your cash out and put it into something different. So I said there's your not your hands aren't tied by any means. I said, and you stand to maximize your profit. I said, so you're winning a bunch of different ways. I said another thing we can do, I said, if you find the perfect property, and it's 300 acres, but you only want 50, I said, We'll buy the 250, you buy the 50. I said, so you can make some upside there. So we can help you find properties at a discount. You know what, in whatever area you're looking, you tell me the zip code, and I'll help you locate your new property. And I hope you find it at a discount below market. So you're not gonna lose money by doing business with us. So there's no way you could lose money, here's what we do professionally. And then he started getting really excited. And he said, Yeah, I do have money parked, I need a place and that would be good. He says to 8% would would be amazing. He said, I gotta ask my wife he's like, but I would love that I'm making 2% right now and a million dollars. So the guy really, really opened up. And he was really excited about the possibility of investing with us. He saw the benefit of him taking the lower offer. I kind of put them on the spot and told him that he's trying to get us to pay his taxes. So I mean, he kind of probably felt like, oh, shoot, like, this guy caught me trying to manipulate the price. So lots and lots and lots of wins today. I wish there was a camera there. It was just perfect textbook negotiations, perfect textbook setup. It's everything we teach everything we've been talking about for months now on this on this call. And that was it. And and that's what I wanted you guys to hear from Mike and I wanted to share with you how these negotiations go. And again, you can't get there until you start marketing and start start reaching out to these people and get us on the phone. Let us help you come in and let us help you do the magic. So right now guys, we have 30 minutes left, 20 minutes left. So we're just gonna open it up for questions right now. It can be about anything, it doesn't have to be related to what we just talked about. But let's go ahead and just open it up and just tell us where you need help. But where can we provide support? Or if you want me to elaborate on something that we just covered, but we can do that too. 33:00 Anthony, our heart, Kurt here. I have a quick question in terms of clarifying in terms of seller financing. So when we propose seller financing, you're for the seller, they're avoiding capital gains tax Correct. 33:13 Um, they're only responsible to pay for what they collect in that calendar year. 33:18 Okay, from that, so? Yep. Okay. Okay. Makes sense. But it's still at a save the original, like the capital gains tax percentage doesn't change. It's just the like, an instance where if they take the full whatever, like million versus 250, they'll be taxed on the 250. But at the same rate, 14 or 21? 33:41 Is it's a different? It's a different question. So if they're single, they can receive up to $40,000 annually and not pay any tax. So if they receive more than that, then they have to start paying taxes, everything over 42. If they're married filing jointly, they can receive up to $84,000. Tax Free annually. 34:03 Got it? Okay. 34:05 Yeah, and then receiving a large amount of capital that could push them into a new income bracket. I mean, there's a lot of different things. So there's too many variables to say. But, you know, it's like, Do you Do you want to collect interest right over time and distance? And then pay taxes? Or do you want to take a tax hit all today with no profit on the interest side, right? So instead of us giving you a million, right, and five years from now, we're gonna have given you a 1.25. So if your tax basis is 200,000, you can recoup that over the next couple of years by extending the timeout that you're receiving those payments. 34:36 Make sense? Okay. Thank you. That makes sense. Hit Yeah. 34:39 It's just a little, little, little tiny bullet, man. So these are things like I said that we talked about, but they don't mean anything until you get on the into a sales situation. And then you start to use these tools. And of course, you're not going to know all of this all in one go unless you're John Alexander. But if you don't have the tools and the resources to have these types of conversations, then that's why You get us on the phone and let us do the magic for you. And 35:03 ask you a question about seller finance as well. Four to five order. Alright. So when you were talking to him, you had said, you know, week instead of him instead of you paying them, He gives us some of the money, we finance the rest, you told him he can get out of it and sell his mortgage, or even a little bit at a discount or something like that, like, how does that work? 35:26 Um, you would find people that just buy notes, they, there's people that invest in notes, they're mostly private investors, stuff like that. So if you had a mortgage leftover for 800,000, then we'd find a buyer for like, I don't know, 700,000 or something to just get him out, and then they'll keep the paper. Gotcha. 35:41 Okay. He can also go to, he can also go to his own bank, and put the note of as collateral and take a loan. So that's another way that they can poke them pull cash out, they need it. Just and keep earning the interest. I mean, there'll be a spread there. So he's still making money even when he when he does it that way. 36:05 What do they do? John? Did they do 50%? On the loans at the bank? 36:11 I think you're muted. You're muted out when? 36:16 Oh, sorry. Yeah, it all depends on the relationship that they have with the bank. So it 36:22 it will very sick, man. Okay. Thank you for them. And that's super sweet. Yeah, we used 36:27 to do that on our developments. In fact, we did that on almost every development that we did. That's how that's how we could pull cash out and invest in the next one. And just kept doing it over and over. 36:40 John's a genius guys, if y'all aren't following John, yeah, check them out. We've been networking with John for a couple of years. And every time we no matter what we're talking about here, he has like 10 more levels of insight into it. So as far as like, what's your him, you're still learning, but he just likes to hang out with us just to see what we're doing. 36:59 Ali asks a question in the chat says How did sellers become how to get sellers comfortable with listing on the MLS? I'm guessing it's target sellers on the MLS is my guess. 37:08 No, they're saying like, if you can get something under contract and listed on the MLS? Oh, yeah, that's, that's not a strategy that I that I've used very often. So I don't know that could really speak to that. But way that we do it is we offer the sellers a little bit up front to take control of the property. So the guy has a million dollar property, we say, Hey, I'm gonna give you $100,000 And I'm gonna sell it for you like I'm going not, you don't want to say sell it for you, if you're not an agent, especially. But that's what we're conveying is like, Hey, I'm gonna give you 100 grand, you probably deed me over the property with a lien position on it. And then I'm going to do whatever I have to do to bring the rest of the capital into the deal. 37:43 And that's improvements. Anything we are rendering on the back end, so they don't have to do anything for it. 37:49 Property clean up everything. Yep. 37:54 Who do we use the create a note says out 38:01 you can create your own 38:01 notes. I mean, the title company can help with that. The documents are pretty simple. 38:08 You just do a seller finance addendum. 38:11 Is there anything specific that you do John to create notes? 38:16 Exactly that it's just you know, you're writing into the contracts and then the lawyer is going to draw up the notes. And what will the seller finance addendum exactly what you just said? Denso. Real simple. It's really that seller finance agenda. If you take a look at it, it's like one paragraph where you're going to put the note information, you know, the loan amount, how much your payments are, how long a period what the interest rate is real simple. Done. 38:44 I didn't know if there was a better way to do it. Actually. 38:49 Yeah, that's definitely the way to do it. Yeah. 38:52 I'm working on one of those right now. It's a small one, but can you hear me? Yeah, good. So anyways, the guy offered him 85,000 The center set up month 95. The guy said I only have 85. But I can pay you the rest over six months. So we just cut it up and added a seller financing addendum to the contract. And that's pretty much it. You know, everybody's happy the deal got done. So I've done a few of them a little bit, but 39:19 you're gonna see that happening more and more even on your lower priced properties. That's exactly what we're turning on right now. Is how to how to basically asking the seller almost every time now to get a seller financing put together. So essentially, you're creating a wrap. So you're you're financed that with the seller, you can turn around flip it on on owner financing, because your cash buyers as they draw it dry up. You need owner financing almost every time with your buyers, which means you need to be having on financing with your sellers, because you don't want to come out of pocket with cash, especially the smaller deals and big until that's totally different, but it will works on big or small really? 40:08 Do can, John, do you want to tell us why we're moving into an environment where seller financing has become going to become more prevalent? 40:20 Yeah, because, you know, the main reason is, you know, as we come into the to a market crash, this is what happens every time. buyers tend not to want to risk money anymore, and people don't have money to risk either. So you had to fold there, right. And so their option is, well, finances some form or fashion, they can't really go to banks on land. So they're, they're at the mercy of being and even if you can, it's hard to get them because even the banks are saying, Hey, you don't lend is more risky. So your interest rates are much higher, it's harder to qualify, etc. and sellers also learn, there'll be learning more over say, the next six months, which is why I'm training all right now, we're at a point where sellers still want cash, but you can still get them to that point. But you know, six months to a year, it'll be more standard, that you go in with a seller finance option to begin with. At some point, you may even stop offering cash on deals like over 50,000. So So yeah, so So you've got the buyers out there who want to conserve cash flow, they still want to buy for the future. So a lot of them are locked out of buying homes. So their mentality goes, Okay, well, I'll buy land right now, pay it off, and hopefully the interest rate comes down. And then I can afford to build a house on that excetera, that kind of thing. That mentality. And that the same time, even larger acreage is, it's happening there. So in order for sellers to sell, which is what you spoke to perfectly, you even your numbers were right, Anthony, we're in a normal environment, we have not been in a normal land environment in the last four years. But in a normal environment, if you if you want to sell your land, say it's 50 100 200 acres or whatever, you're listing it on the MLS for two years minimum, to find a buyer at that price. So if you want to sell faster, and there's a plenty of people that need to sell faster than you have no choice but to offer owner financing. So when we come along, we're offering owner financing going in. 42:36 I have a question for John. If, okay, so today I saw Anthony use, like the investment part of it to sell the seller finance that he can make money on the interest of whatever the balance of the note is. And I've had a lot of debate with a lot of people on, you know, 10 five acres where they're like, No, I want cash. How do you sell that situation from what you've seen in the past? 43:04 While you do have you that there are techniques, I mean, they're more elaborate techniques that you can use. At the end, those are the things I teach, you know, really in my mentoring thing, because there it's not something I can just say, Okay, well, here's the simple 123 on it. Sure. But, yeah, there's definitely ways of getting to that point. In fact, I'm in one right now. And I'm using that as an example in the training right now. But you know, it's a three week process to explain it. 43:35 Gotcha, gotcha, because I have a 10 acres at the center one's 204. And I've been having a problem selling it. And this guy said, yesterday, he's like, look, I can give you like 100 grand down and pay the rest off in here. And which is like a 4300 a month or something like that. But the seller has been adamant that she wants cash. So I'm kind of like, well, you know, if I can leverage it and make some money, myself, I will. But then I gotta find a second buyer for the other side of the property or whatever. But I'm just I'm still kind of learning, but I understand it a little bit. So I'll just learn whatever techniques I can do. Show them how it the advantages for them of carrying that know, for 12 months, maybe making a little bit of money on the interest within those 12 months. So they walk away with a little bit more cash, as opposed to waiting six months, not selling it. And the money is just sitting there. 44:21 Yeah, well, the I mean, you can you know, and it really a lot of this comes down to selling the seller, you've got to convince him to sell now on owner financing. And, you know, because they're their downside, some of the other things that you would bring up in that conversation is that if they keep waiting, the market is only going to get worse. So they could see half of their value. Leave in the meantime, you know, while they're waiting, trying to sell it for cash, and they're not going to be able to sell it for what they can now, six months to a year from now, at all for cash on board or on payments. They're going to be at half the price. I mean, that's going to be The retail price or in order to move it. 45:03 I mean, I know that you know that from experience and watching it, how do I show them that in real time like to prove to them? Okay, this is what's happening as far as the trends are concerned. So they're probably most likely going to get worse, right? 45:15 Yes. So right now, how do you know that? How do you know things are getting worse right now, 45:19 things have slowed down just in general, you know, just watching and selling basic residential real estate and rates going up and all of those things, right, 45:26 right. So there's your sales point. So you grab some articles, you know, online, with actual numbers. And you know, you've got to, you know, the more exact, and the more proof that you can throw out at the butter. 45:39 Cool, thank you so much. Sure. 45:44 Along the lines with what John is talking about, the seller finance deals, that's something that we've been starting to pitch a lot more now to. So you don't have to do any of this stuff until you feel comfortable, right? And you get a little bit more advanced. So if you're not comfortable saying it, don't worry about it, I'd rather you say it and mess it up, then not say it at all. But here's what I'm telling people, I'm saying, Look, if I'm going to move the cash from my account to yours, right, I'm assuming your risk, right? I'm giving you all of my cash, if your land didn't sell at this price, in the greatest economy in the history of the United States, right? Why do I want it at that price? If I'm going to move my cash into your bank account, I'm assuming all of your risk that you got by getting this property right. Now, if I go get the cash from somewhere else, if I bring in a lender or a third party, a private guy, a bank, that money is going to cost me capital, it's going to cost me money. So you're asking for a million, if I gotta go borrow a million from somewhere, and leverage that, and I gotta pay the interest and all the payments and everything else on top of it, this property's not costing me a million anymore, now it's gonna cost me 1112. And now I'm way over. Right? So if, if you want, if you need capital right now, and you want my capital, there's there has to be some kind of like cost for that. right for me to move my account my cash from my account to yours. Right? So it's, that's a very easy way for you to say is that the cash that you're asking is not the cash value of the property. Right, so you're doing the same thing I'm doing, we're both doing the same thing, sir. You're trying to put a million dollars into your account, that's fine. But then if I gotta go get the million now I'm paying one two for the property. And now I'm way over market value. Right. So the appropriate cash price for your property is probably somewhere right? Around 700,000 or eight, it's not a million. Because if you sell it for a million, somebody else has to pay 1.2 for it. So now you're way over. Right. So that's just something to consider, just to let people know is that there is a cost to capital, money's not free, right? You can't borrow a million dollars for 0% interest from anybody probably, unless you got, you know, some very powerful friends in high places. So don't be afraid to bring those kinds of things up. Alright, just to say like, there's a cost cost to moving capital around, and these people understand it, these people that have a lot, that's worth 1,000,002 million, 5 million 10 million, you know, they're not stupid. So I'd rather negotiate with an intelligent seller, because it's easier for them to explain these concepts. So they're not foreign to these guys, don't be ashamed to say it is very common to talk about. So just let them know that I say that all the time. If I'm going to move my capital to your account, now I'm assuming the risk of the property that you have, right, so I gotta have a lot of good reasons to assume that risk, especially in a down market, when things are going to continue to crash and spiral out of control for the next year or two. I said, that's a mic to the guy today. And I looked at Mike and I said, you know, you know, we're moving into uncharted territory here, and nobody knows where the bottom is. And and you said, and your your property is at the very, very, very top of market. Right? So by us the price that we offered you, we're splitting the risk, we might make some profit, we might have to hang on to this thing for five years. But we're sharing the risk by us giving you our capital for your land. So you can list it, you can list it, you know, I sell these kinds of locks all the time. So I'm I've had a sandlot that. It took me a year to move. I said, so if you're prepared to sit on it for a year, two years, or three years or five years, you know, I said that's, that's fine. I said, but that that might be what it takes. And so look, this is a perfect setup, guys, again, like for psychology purposes, and selling and closing. So what I get the sellers to say is that they're not in any hurry to sell the property. Right. And if you hear that, you're thinking like, dang, he's not in a hurry. He's not motivated. But we use that to our advantage. Right, and we'll tell you exactly how we do it. So I told the guy, yeah, you can list it with a realtor and try to sell it traditionally, but you might have to sit on it for a year, two years or three years or five years. And he's like, Well, I don't have to sell it. I got money put away I have more properties. I'm good to go. Right? And that in your mind that shuts you down, you're like, Oh, dang, he's not motivated. But what I said that they gave me the perfect opportunity to say, Well, if you're in no hurry to get the capital, you're sitting on this dead asset. It sounds like you want to sell it. What if we can get you some cash in your pocket now and get you the rest with a high interest rate? Bang. So now he just told me he doesn't need the money in a hurry. So your money is sitting dead, or your money is sitting here collecting 8% interest? So as soon as they say I'm not in any hurry, that right there is the perfect segue into asking if you can get some time with the property to pay them. Does anybody have any other questions or anything? We got about 10 minutes left? If not, we can wrap this one up early. 50:54 Anthony. Hey, so I got a I got a property that's like inside a town. And I look on the catch it it's already been assigned blocks. Is that Is that something you guys can work with? 51:10 It's already been assigned to what now? Blocks? Like it's already been subdivided on paper? 51:15 Honestly, I'm not quite sure I haven't. I haven't seen it before. I can share my screen quick. If it's disabled right now. You should. There 51:30 you go. All right, I 51:31 got it. So yeah, this is 51:39 our this is probably going to be a John Alexander question right here. Because I've seen these lots before. And I don't know what the heck to do with them. 51:51 I know, 51:52 I think they said like it was seven days or something that it was it was happening a lot where somebody would buy a big tract of land, draw it up on paper, get it planted, and then promise the buyers that they were going to do a subdivision there, and then just never delivered on the infrastructure, like the roads and utilities and all that stuff. 52:11 Yeah, unfortunately, that's exactly what they did. And then basically, they blew all the money. Because the money to to, to put in your infrastructure is the money they basically stove. And it was just common all the way up until they made a new law, I think in about 1988. That mandated they put up a bond or the equivalent of the money for the improvements. And that's what stopped this. But yeah, there's a lot of these things that are unfortunately just wasteland basically. Yeah, there's 52:48 nothing you could do with it, right? Because now you have 100 owners on that little 50 acre track. 52:53 Yeah. And they're also usually not in the best areas that have buyers and want to buy in that area. So they purposely went to areas like this, because they could buy even cheaper than they would subdivide. And then they would sell these lots nationwide. I mean, people from all over the country would buy them, and they would sell them, you know, on television and in radio and in backup newspapers. I mean, it was crazy back then. The, you know, the Ozarks was done the same way it was developed out the same way. So you have you have this kind of stuff all over. They were able to develop about the Ozarks because of the location. But, you know, Texas has some really a lot of bad subdivisions all over the place because of that. And Florida to Florida sucking up. 53:40 Dang, man. That's crazy. I'm 53:42 glad they changed the 53:43 laws. Yeah, definitely. Um, there's a lot of people and I've talked to them. Oh, I got taken, you know, 1978 a lot. I paid 15,000 For that lot. I mean, I've heard that a lot. 15,000 for a lot. going, Oh, I'll give you $10 for today. 54:03 We had one of those today. Somebody sent me a lead just right before this call, and we're analyzing it. And the lady wanted like 10 grand and there was no road going to it. I'm like, I don't know, offering 500 bugs. 54:15 Yeah. Yeah, I mean, you can't lose the 500. But I've picked up a lot of them for free. I just take it off your hands. So both Stop bugging you from the tax office. And let's just give it to me. 54:24 That is a super veteran move right there. The only other person that I ever heard say that is Logan forma and Ryan McDonald. We went looked at a property one time that had a busted old mobile home on it and they're like, give it to you. I'm like, What do you mean? I'm pretty new at this point. What do you mean? Just tell them you'll take it off their hands. It's telling me to take it for free? And I'm like, is that a thing? They're like, yeah. 54:48 I guess you had to be in the game for a while to pull that one 54:51 that I've picked up. Over the years. I've picked up probably 100 of those like that. They just came to me. 54:57 Can I just have it? Yeah, that's Only do you don't take it off your hands? I love that I'm gonna start using that to go and we're gonna walk a million dollar ranch and be like, can you just give it to me? I'll just take it off your hands. That's funny. Thanks, John. Man super helpful, as always, appreciate it, where can people find your training? John, 55:18 you can find it, we have a free Facebook page called land mogul. So under groups, you can search for Facebook land mogul, join there, or you can go to John And some of my books are there. And you can also reach out to me if you want to talk about getting in any of my other classes, my main classes at Land, 55:47 Daniel just dropped one into the chat, boom, now both are in the chat. Yeah, check those out and get polished up on your land skills. Sometimes handling these big deals is a little bit easier if you've had some training, because they 55:58 are because what you said they're smarter. And they when you can talk to somebody, you know, on a higher level, you know, we're talking taxes, and we're talking real numbers, and you don't have to educate them on the market, they know what the market is, you know, so you can go right to your deal. So and that was that was beautifully done, you know, your presentation today, absolutely. Beautifully done. Which is why, you know, when you when you start this business, you see the techniques that he used, right, and you know, it always is better coming from a veteran, because not only can this he know what to say he's gauging the reaction at the same time. So he knows the proper next thing to say, because there can be you know, there can be 20 3050 Different things that need to be set at the right time. And you get that with practice or watching, you know, somebody like Anthony do that. And so when you get involved with a business, if somebody came to me even, you know, early on and said, I'll talk to the seller for you, hey, I would have just been all in, you know, because you just gonna close more deals than you trying to figure it out the hard way. And, and learning from hard knocks, because there's two skills there, there's the knowledge of what needs to go in the deal, which is what Anthony pointed out taxes and interest, and that will twist, you saw motivation, okay, this guy needs money, he's interested in making money. So you have that level, but then you have the other level, which is salesmanship, you've still got to be able to sell and close. And so you know, in a in a Polish person has been doing this for a while, both of those items are going on at the same time. And he's listening to every word that the other person says, and he's watching every reaction that he can, if he's physically there, it's even better, you can get really good on the phone, as I'm sure he is, and people are after they do this for a while. But it's a combination of those two that really knock the so that you can, you're not going to lose deals. In other words, so if you don't really have a deal there, you know, it's not going to close, this is not going to go anywhere. But if they're really motivated to sell, then you know, bring those two skills together, and you're going to put the deal together. Boom, 58:18 boom, yeah, words of wisdom. And anything that John ever says, I'm like, This guy is so good. And it does come with time, it comes with time just having these conversations over and over and over again. I know in this group, there's a lot of people that like you want to get momentum quickly, right, you want to see results immediately, like we all do, but there's nothing that's going to get you to where time will get you. So that's what these deals are big, they could take six months, it could take a year, right. So that's why we say like mixing the small deals, we weren't going to work on small deals in this group, at least not on these meetings, but you can send them to myself and Daniel and we can help you analyze them, buy them sell them everything. So same same targeting like geography, but if you get small deals that are an acre five acres 10 acres, I mean, I made 100,000 In February on six acres by Dallas. So there's still plenty of money to be made on smaller tracts but you want to be as close to the city as possible on those and if it has sewer touching it one acre five acres 10 acres a one acre tract can be a million dollar deal if sewers touching it on commercial. So just keep that in mind. There's there's a lot to be done and said out there and lots of fun to be had. But nothing's gonna do with time will do for you in this business. So don't get discouraged. Keep rocking and rolling. You have all of the resources, you have the connections, you have the closers. You have the money, you have the contracts, you have the attorneys to help you do unlimited size deals in this business. And we're trying to lock up one right now for 17 million we were negotiating one for 33 million by Dallas, you know it fell through but you have a lot of firepower on your side guys. So I hope you take these words tonight. Hope it was inspirational hearing Mike, come on here. Thanks, Mike for hanging out with us and thank you for taking out Action and bringing deals. One guy, almost $4 million to the table. Right? So this is a big room. There's a lot of hitters in here. There's a lot of cool confident people in here. I know all of you. So let's get out there. Let's make some money this week. And if you need guys, if you guys need help talking to sellers, I mean just ping me or Daniel, we'll get on the phone. We'll make some magic happen for you. We appreciate you guys hanging out here guys. As always, I will see you all soon. See you next time. 1:00:23 Thank you guys have a good night. Thank you

Anthony GaonaProfile Photo

Anthony Gaona

Host/ Ceo/ Speaker

Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

You can learn more about our vision and join our free mastermind by joining hivemind CRM on Facebook and all social channels

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

Host/ Ceo/ Speaker

I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!