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Dec. 1, 2022

Ep 284: Tykes & Hivemind Real Estate & Crypto

Ep 284: Tykes & Hivemind Real Estate & Crypto
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And of course to get our $1 course on how to make more than six figures on one Landale you can schedule your free demo today at hive mind 1:02 Get some people joining in what you've been up to the all day Tony. 1:07 I just went and showed a wrench actually to Mitzi Diane and she said she'll take 20 acres for one of my properties. So pretty happy about that. About that makes me about 60% sold out. 1:20 Awesome. I just seen that she posted that. She just committed that 20 acres today I didn't realize is your 20 acres guilty. Is that the Castroville you're working on or a different one? 1:35 No, this is 54 acres I signed up off of 37 down in Pleasanton. Castroville is about to go down to you. I just talked to their attorney on Friday, that the family had it in a trust. And that was gonna be the main thing because I was trying to take over the mortgage. And they didn't know if that was going to trigger the due on sale clause. So the I was on the phone with the two sellers and their attorney. And he said, we're good to go. I can go ahead and take the trust over so that one's in the bag, man, that's a slam dunk. It should be minimum like 1.5 1.7. 2:07 Um, I guess we can get this kicked off at 705. People can keep coming in as they come in, in but it doesn't catch us can go back and listen to the recording. But yeah, so basically this week, I had a speaker scheduled that wasn't able to make it today. So I texted Anthony, or I think I called the Anthony about two hours ago. And I was like, Hey, man, you want to come on today or for this evening. And everybody doesn't know, Anthony is my mentor. He's the guy that taught me everything that I know about real estate. There isn't a coaching program out there that can teach you how much I've learned from Anthony over last year. Now there might be something close to it. But it won't even come close to the amount of information that I've learned from Anthony, just by being close to him, you know, over the last year. So thank you, Tony, for doing everything you have done for me so far. And hopefully we can share some of that knowledge to tonight in this Twitter spaces. 3:11 Yeah, thanks for having me. I'm pretty excited about this. It's pretty cool. First first time I've ever been in Twitter space for someone that I hung out with all the time. So pretty cool. 3:20 Well, for everybody that doesn't know me and Anthony actually bought the border of Beast together. So for everybody in here that's thinks that knows the border and beast as me. I guess I manage it, but we're actually in on it together. So Anthony is just as much as border and beast as I am. He actually came to the beast border, the first border based meetup in Vegas. And he had his wife in town. So he stayed for about an hour and then took off. But I'm managing this side of the business, for the tax thing that we have the types of investment, I should say, not the business. But yeah, happy to have it with me, and to bring value as this thing evolves. And just like yesterday, we I saw were a couple days ago, I saw that pace more be jumped in. And so I sent him a message last night on Instagram. And he saw we started talking and trying to get him in on one of these calls that we're doing. We'll see how that goes. But it's in the future. I think it will happen and probably be after Tech Summit. But we will be hopefully be hosting paste in here one night. 4:33 So let's just dive right into it, Tony, you know, look, tell me a little bit about your history or tell everybody about your history. I know it but tell everybody else about your history. How long you've been in real estate. What you focus on the whole nine yards. 4:48 Cool, man. Yeah, awesome. So I probably consider myself like the luckiest guy in real estate because I wish I could say that I've done everything that I'm doing and come as far as I have in such a short amount of time because I'm really intelligent. But I just think it's just that I'm lucky, I'm in the right place at the right time a lot. I just been networking a whole bunch. And I've been able to move some little mountains. You know, in my short career in real estate, I have a marketing background, I've been in marketing for almost 15 years. And I come from construction. So you know, I was a kid and my dad said, getting a truck going to work, he started a painting and construction company. So that's the background I have Well, with that it was either feast or famine. So we were always starving to death, or we had a ton of work and nothing in between. So I was always marketing, like, I was trying to figure out how we can get more jobs. So I was always really, really focused on marketing as like, I guess, as a primary business model, just to be able to beat that kind of stuff. So you know, fast forward, what, 20 years later, you know, looking for some land that I could buy for my family to build a house. And I started going on YouTube, and I typed in how do you buy land for cheap, and I came across the word wholesaling, and never heard that term before. And I just went down, that rabbit hole started looking and I saw that people were doing this as a business model driven by marketing. So I said, Oh, opportunity here, I didn't know that, I didn't know that you could do that, that you could just, instead of me generating construction leads, right, because I was doing like half million dollar roofs, million dollar roofs. Instead of generating construction based leads, I can I can generate real estate based leads, and then just turn around and sell the contracts. So what I was doing in construction was I was taking on these big projects, I was I was filing the insurance claim with the building owner. And then I was just wholesaling the jobs, right. So I'm the contractor, I'm the one dealing with the insurance company, I sign all the paperwork, get everything ready to go. And then once they give me a check, you know, for several $100,000 I would just find a smaller roofing company, and I would let them do the project start to finish all the labor, all the materials, everything, and then I would just make the spread whatever it was on the back end, and they were they were pretty substantial. So I was already kind of you know, familiar with the the process of wholesaling leads. And once I saw that there was an opportunity without in real estate, you know, it just, I just immediately shut down everything else I was doing, and started focusing just on real estate. And since I had a construction background, I thought I was going to be like a house flipper. You know, thought I was gonna be doing like buildings or houses or something. Since I have a very extensive knowledge and construction. I'm gonna license homebuilder in a general contractor. But my first deal second deal. Second contract I got that turned into profit was 46 acres in a town called Grandview, Texas just south of Fort Worth. And I made $85,000 on one of my first deals, you know, still not knowing anything. So that made me kind of just pay attention to land. So there's something going on here something that I should be paying attention to, that I didn't hear a whole lot of people talking about. So I just I stuck with land woodland 7:52 was the one that you would ask me what the Batwing mower was, wasn't it? 7:57 Yeah, man. So again, I have horrible feedback again. No, I think it was me. Okay. Yeah. So, you know, I know Evan, he grew up farming with his dad, his dad's a super intelligent business person that owns a lot of land. And I called him and I said, Hey, dude, I said, Can we get your dad on the phone? He's like, why I'm like, I'm trying to buy this farm. I know nothing about farms. I know nothing about land. You know, I know nothing about I don't again, I'm just the lucky guy. I'm not super intelligent. I'm just trying to figure this out. I don't know what to do to piece this deal together. But I saw the grass was like five or six feet high talk to the seller, you know, said Hey, she's in China, right? So I said, Why don't you let me make some improvements to the property. So that looks presentable. That way, we can source the buyer and get this thing sold for you. So that's why I called him and said, Hey, man, I gotta get this thing shredded. But looks like a big job, right? 50 acres of five, six foot high grass may look like a damn forest. And yeah, I called him in. And we kind of put a little game plan together, and we got that sucker sold, turned out to be really good. And since then, I've gone on to do a lot of land deals, you know, to the tune of 100,000 120,000 155,000. I have one I bought right now for 175. We just listed it for 600. And then I have right now I would guess I have about 5 million plus on your contract. And I should contract another 2.5 million on one deal, hopefully next week. So we're stacking them up just as quick as we can find them. I'm looking at one north of Dallas for 17 million that we're trying to contract. But they're just popping up now left and right that I've kind of made a niche out of focusing on deals that are a million dollars and up and nothing under and we're just getting our wings now. And that now that people see what we're doing. We're trying to attract a lot of capital. There's a lot of people that are interested in this business model and they're seeing us have success, and more and more people are starting to offer us capital. So we're just trying to figure out where to put it and be diligent, right? Because if it's our money, it's okay, if we lose it, we can make it back. But when it's somebody else's money, it's a lot more risky and just an area that we're we're kind of moving into uncharted territory here. So we're just trying to be a little bit more intelligent about what we buy, and the offers that we make, especially moving into this weird economic area that we're moving into. 10:02 Yeah, for sure. Um, one of the things that Tony has taught me a lot on is creative deals. So like, basically, you know, when I first started listening to Tony talk about real estate, I was still working a W two job. He kept saying, Come, come do this with me, come do this with me. Come do this with me. And I'm like, why? What are we going to do? How are we ever going to come up with millions of dollars in cash, and he's like, we don't need to come up with millions dollars in cash seven. He's like, come with come learn this with me. And I'll show you how to do it. So when I finally got my wits about me, gave him a call came down San Antonio. And for the last, I don't know what's been 1516 months now, I've been learning it from Tony. But I call sorry, if just everybody knows I called Tony, Tony. Everybody else calls him Anthony. But his family calls him, Tony. So I feel like I should be able to as well. Feel like we're brothers now. But yeah, so kind of go into a little bit of the creative side of stuff and how you lock up deals? Because you typically come in, you know, you got million dollar deals, but your million dollar deals are the sale price. But you come in for way less than that. And how do you lock up deals? 11:15 Yeah, so that's I guess that's one of the niches that I found out again, just from being dumb, lucky, and not super intelligent is just we didn't have too much cash on hand to invest when we first started. So I had to be as creative as possible. So on that Grandview deal, she wanted to 25. And I just told her, like, what do you need right now? Like, I know, you don't need to under $25,000. Tomorrow, what exactly do you need right this second so that you can be above par, while I go in and make some improvements to the property so we can sell it. And she said, I just need $10,000. So I gave her 10,000 in her hand, and I immediately listed it for 330. And it sold right away. So you know that again, that kind of that green light came on, it's not something where I learned or took a course or, you know, saw somebody pitching that creative financing on YouTube, that was just being resourceful, and trying to do as many deals as possible with the limited resources that I had. So if you think about it, right, like, if you're gonna do a sub to deal, right, like on either house commercial, or whatever you're gonna do, they're few and far between, right? I mean, you might have to talk to 100 150 homeowners before you can find one sub two deals not more than that. So the same with land, right? Instead of us coming in, from a buyer's perspective, where we say, Hey, I'm going to come in here, and I'm going to throw down $2 million on this piece of land, I'm going to come in there, and I'm my, my first go to is I'm just gonna try to take it over creative, I'm gonna try to get in there with nothing. And that's where we're at right now, we've been going in and negotiating with sellers talking to just tons and tons and tons of property sellers that have land valued at a million and up. And we're just asking them, you know what the situation is. So not really coming in looking for motivated sellers, because you're gonna find that people that own you know, farms and ranches that are worth millions of dollars, they're not hurting for cash at all. They're not motivated, they don't need the money. You know, sometimes it's been in their family for 1020 years. And so you just got to kind of get in there, see what they're thinking? What is your situation, kind of what's on their mind? And then that's when we'll kind of lean into the creative Hey, well, if you don't need the money anyway. And you're seem to be in no hurry. What if we could, you know, get something going with this property where we can put some cash in your pocket, or help you move it from one property to another? And it's been going really, really well. We've met a lot of good people that are very, very sharp, that own a lot of real estate. And yeah, every now and then, they're willing to let us take a crack at it. Sometimes with nothing out of pocket. I have wondered, I'm negotiating right now, the gentleman wants 2.4 million 400 acres, it's right on a 35, which is the main vein that's in that runs through Texas. And we're offering him 100,000 down, and then no payments, no interest for 15 months, while we come in there and try to find another buyer. So that's what we're doing lots of creative, you know, just lots of just imagining deals. And again, not based on any structure, anybody's training, we're just coming in just as like a regular guy, just talking to the sellers and seeing if we could put a deal together. 14:07 Yeah, definitely. That's what I think one of the things that I've excelled that when I've been with you on different jobs and looking at jobs, and then the one on my own was just talking to the seller, like a human being, and just trying to figure out the problem, and not trying to come in and have it come in as a strategy, but try to figure it out as we go. And then like really be creative on what that person wants, and then how we can provide that transaction to happen. So but yeah, so one of the things you know, Tony, that you're probably a lot more apt in than anybody else is the web three side of things. So you have big visions, and that's one of the reasons we got into Tikes. But go into your kind of vision a little bit and I mean, your vision, our vision, you know, go into like your thing. in any ways, web three and where it's going to take and where it's gonna go to from here 15:13 you will get we'll talk a little bit about that like blockchain is what I'm talking about and NF Ts and how that's gonna change as we go down the road and, and how you see it changing. And we've talked a lot about it between me and you 15:33 know, can you guys hear me okay? 15:36 Yeah, can you hear me now? Go ahead. 15:38 Sorry, man, I got another call on the line by accident and wouldn't let me back up like I couldn't hear anything at all. Probably because I'm downstairs. Probably because I'm downstairs. 15:48 I thought maybe I had you stumped on the web three thing there. Sorry, man. Yeah. 15:51 Sorry, man, you started again. And yeah, if you're gonna hit me with a web three questions, I'm stumped already. 15:59 You're probably one of the only people in real estate that has that probably will be in on one of these talks that kind of understands web three and where it's going, or at least have an idea on it. Obviously, you're a board. Remember in tikes and I know you're kind of following my lead on this. But you also have a lot of visions on where NF T's are gonna go blockchain technology is gonna go. So you know, maybe you're not spot on, but kind of just, you know, describe your vision with it. 16:28 Okay, yeah. So I've been talking to Daniel about this, maybe Daniel can chime in on this, because we do a lot of like, I don't even know what you call it. We're where we envision the future. And we recorded a couple podcasts where we pointed out, you know, what might happen in our business with hive mind those kinds of things. And we did talk about the same, you know, something similar to what Ryan has envisioned before, where it's like everything right now that's valuable in the world, I would say that real estate investors are like Neanderthals, because we can only think about what we can see touch and feel, where we're moving into a space where you're not gonna be able to do that anymore. Right? So some of the most valuable things in this planet are going to be non physical, or they're gonna be in the digital world. So I think that real estate is gonna move into a space where you can convert hard assets into into digital, right, so I can see people buying a $10 million mansion in cyberspace, right? So they're never gonna be able to take it anywhere that I could be able to move it anywhere, but they're gonna have, they're gonna own it, and they're gonna pay real money for it. And so if anybody in this room thinks like, Well, it seems a little far fetched, you know, I get what you're saying, but maybe not so quite dramatic. But that's exactly where we're headed. And we're going to end up there pretty quick. Because we live in a world where, you know, a lot of things are like peer to peer entertainment, peer to peer marketing. So you're gonna have a space where somebody like Logan Paul is just gonna buy $100 million mansion just to say he owns it. So that way, when you happen to the metaverse, you're gonna go to his 100 million dollar mansion in the metaverse, right? So it's gonna have clout notoriety, you can rent it out, same thing like physical real estate, but it's in the digital world. So the people that capitalize on that digital transition first are going to be able to position themselves similarly to if you started buying real estate 100 or 200 years ago. That's nothing. That's exactly where we're headed right now. I can see anything that has to be documented anything that's on record, right, like title companies, those kinds of things. It's all going to be digitized. So there's going to be a lot of different business models that are going to be becoming relevant from web three, and then the space that we're headed into. 18:27 Yeah, for sure. And one of the things I see as well, is just from an aspect of being able to go out like right now you can go online, and if you want to look at a house, you can see the 3d model of it. And they're probably already working on this, I've just started as intelligent to know. But being able to put your headset on and walk through that house and see everything just like you're there. So I think that's going to be something that's, you know, right down the road. I don't see that happening, long ways out. But I think that's like, three, four years, if not less, down the road. And then also, you know, just the way like you said, tracking title companies going through and putting chains of title onto blockchain. I know that's already happening. There's a couple of counties throughout the United States that's already doing it. So basically, you know, Tony, and I are just positioning ourselves right now with tanks, and getting ourselves in that space. But also, what I would like to do in the next year, is to NFT a piece of land to a community. So I'm in talks outside of tykes with a company right now. I'm not gonna say who, but we're actually looking at some land in Texas that they want to buy as an F T type project. So obviously, whenever that develops, we'll be bringing it through tags. Everybody in this community has that opportunity as well. But that's also something that can be happening, hopefully sooner. later, Daniel, I don't, I don't want to leave you out here. Feel free to jump in here, Daniel's Anthony's business partner on hive mind. And feel free to jump in here and just talk because you do a lot of land as well. Yeah, 20:16 I would say I would say a lot of, I think a lot of what three spaces is going to do is, is up and coming. But there's plenty of opportunity for and ways to make a lot of money. So I'm just, I'm just excited to be one of the people not only you don't have to be the first person to jump on the way, but you just see it coming. And so me and Anthony, were talking about what crypto can do in the real estate space. Before even Tice came out. And now tax came out and said I was like, Okay, we're gonna be the first we can be somebody that's interested in the space and listening and see what's going on around that space. So it's kind of interesting to see who what people want different ideas are coming to fruition as the time progresses, because there's so much opportunity in this space. 21:00 Yeah, I was gonna say something that we thought about. So we hired a couple of like mentors and consultants that could help us piece together something like this right, based on our ideas and where we thought things might go. And we've had several meetings about it. And so once Evan told me what Ryan was doing, I was like, Oh, dude, yeah, I don't even want to be out in the front. Like, we're just, we're just gonna just hop on his bus, because I already know where he's going. And it's funny because I don't even have the entire vision. Like, I've been getting a lot of this third party information from Evan. But once he gave me like, just a little view of what Ryan was about to do, I was like, oh, man, count me in. I already know where this is headed. Like I said, we had already envisioned something like this a couple years ago, maybe it wasn't going to be the exact same thing. But I was like, Yeah, so like Daniel said, we're just, we're just here for the party, because I already know what this is gonna go. So if anybody in this room is not yet fully convinced, are sold on takes? Yeah, do you mean, this is the right place to be in. And even though the whole entire business plan might not be rolled out? And maybe all the nuts and bolts aren't in the correct place? Like just with the vision and the kind of people that are behind this project? This thing can explode? 22:03 Yeah, definitely. What I see about why really like what types is, not only is I think Ryan's vision, mostly on point, but also that we have, what 60 millionaires in the room that are all backing this right now. And I know throughout the and when I when I say 60 millionaires, what I'm saying is 16 business people that got to got to become a millionaire through business and creating businesses not you know, buying 24 dates or crypto punks and becoming a millionaire crypto millionaire, but actually, like growing businesses and figuring out so I just don't think tanks can lose. Unless, you know, something crazy happens that, but I don't think that can happen either. With the amount of leverage and you know, personal what's, what's the word? With with the amount of notoriety that Ryan has? I mean, he's not going to be like Ron Paul, one day. So does anybody have questions in the group? Anybody wants to ask Anthony something, but maybe about land, maybe his vision on web three, feel free to raise your hand and we can put you up here? Or if Anthony have anything else you want to talk about, kind of ran out of speaking points. So feel free to jump in and just go down whatever rabbit hole you want to go down? 23:34 Yeah, it seems, seems to work a bit better when people have questions, those types of things. So not too sure if anybody wants to chat about land or anything else that we're doing subdividing, creative finance, a lot of the real estate basics, what we're working on, again, marketing, if anybody doesn't have the marketing channel setup, that's something that we do, we could talk a little bit about hive mind and what that does, and how we use that to generate these types of leads. So there's a bunch of different things we've talked about. 24:01 Yeah, feel free to jump into pipeline if you guys want to and just talk about what you guys do there. That's something that's tool that everybody can use and go feel free to jump into that for a while if you want to. 24:12 Yeah, so firmer, doesn't never heard a hive mind with a business automation tool to help you do more marketing. So we run all of our real estate businesses through hive mind. And that's what we do we do our texting and PPC. So we set up inbound leads, and just do a lot of texting in general. So we set like 100,000 people over the last three months, using hive mind. 24:35 Is everybody how's everybody doing? The marketing right now in this group? I'm kind of just unfamiliar with the tax community. It's been a little while since I popped into anything. Is everybody here in real estate? 24:47 So we have people that are in real estate, some people are they're just beginning in real estate this year for the web three side of things, and believe and utility. So there's a lot of different people I would say there As I would say, there's probably about 25% that are just that have been in real estate are just getting in right now. 25:08 Okay? I'll tell you, one of the reasons I'm interested in real estate is that because I absolutely love real estate, like I love seeing the properties, I love seeing the land, I think Texas is beautiful. No two properties are alike. So I do love being around, and I love being in this business, right. But I think one of the main reasons I'm in real estate is because you can move a lot of capital in a very short amount of time. So to me, it's like, I tell my kids this, I don't care what you want to do when you grow up. I don't care if you want to be a veterinarian, or you want to be an artist or a musician or YouTuber, like be whatever you want to be, but learn how to do real estate. So you can learn how to move large volumes of capital into any business or any interest that you have. Right, so I'm about to open up a charity, I'm planning on opening two, but I'm just gonna start with one right now. That's something that I'm interested in. I'm also going going to get into the medical field, I've been a bit of a scientist, you know, my whole life, I started reading bodybuilding magazines when I was 12. And went down that rabbit hole never got out of it. So now I do CrossFit. And I'm taking peptides. And I've healed a lot of people with a lot of different types of illnesses, just on my my knowledge of the body and science and just different like things that are not mainstream by any means. Some of them are not meant for human consumption. But again, it's just you can push capital into anything that you're interested in, right. But what drives that, if you're already in real estate, and you're doing well, you know exactly what drives up. But if you're newer, it's marketing. You know, there's nothing else that you need to know with very limited knowledge of real estate, very limited knowledge of how to put a deal together, and very limited capital, you can still move a lot of capital in real estate, if you understand marketing, and you know how to do it. So that's why we created we wanted to create a mastermind. But we figured like what would keep somebody in a mastermind you come in, you pay a monthly fee once or twice, you lose interest, and then you leave. So I said we need a product, it's a little bit more sticky than that. So we decided to white label a CRM. And with that CRM, we use that to generate just 1000s. And 1000s of Real Estate Leads all over the country. The main modalities that we do as for now is pay per click, and we do text messaging. So let's say you wanted to hit all of the five acre tracts in Dallas, right, we could just pull off five acres only the whole entire DFW area, and then just light them up. Just start throwing text messages, Adam, just all day every day. And of course, 99% of those people tell you to get lost, like any other real estate owner might. But a handful of them raise their hand and they say, hey, yeah, I'm ready to sell. And that's what everyone does. It's just to an interface for you to contact 1000s and 1000s of property owners and see which ones we want to sell. The ones that are not ready to sell yet, they go into a follow up pipeline. And of course, the ones that are ready to do business, they move into a hot pipeline. And it's just a way for you to manage and track doing a lot of transactions. So you can get some of that capital, moving into things you're more interested in. But that's why we decided to create hive mind, which is to scale up the volume, the number of deals that we're doing. 28:06 And it's more than just just more than a CRM tool. That's what a lot of people miss out on is, is you guys really teaching people how to do real estate and marketing and everything put together. It's not just a CRM for you guys. 28:21 Yeah, yeah, I want the one thing I'll say is like, there's a huge community and collaborations where I think we like, we like contributing to other communities as it goes, just because we love the community aspect and crossing communities. So jumping into Texas, no brainer. We've had clients work with other clients and make money. Like we had a client literally, text he lives in, he lives in Florida, but text out, and he lives in California, but was texting in Florida, and ended up getting a contract in four days, and then ended up J being with one another one of our clients in Florida. So they both end up making like $7,000 in 20 days, using our system and using the community side of it too. So a lot of people they think it's just a CRM, but there's a community side of it. Well, community side side of it as well. That can really be really beneficial no matter what state of your businesses and 29:10 market. Did you have a question? Scene raise your hand. Monica, if you have a question. You're free to talk here if you want help. She's like, sure her Daniel talk. And then she was like, No, I'm not this not. 29:30 It happens happens. Yeah. Go ahead. So the community, the community side is definitely under underutilized thing of the hive mind. So we have clients in four different countries. And we have people just networking and cross collaborating with their deals and transactions and marketing efforts. And it's just a really cool community to help that we help them Run, but not necessarily. We don't we don't really have anything on here. So this is the owners of it, we just, we call it, the janitors of it, because it's all going to be its own thing. Or people are making money through the network without even us participating. So it's kind of cool for us to oversee that. And just watch the collaboration happening behind us. It's pretty cool. 30:22 Yeah, I wanted to kind of point something out, right. So if you want to take a look at the design of hive mind, this could apply to any business, right? So we're, we're referencing this tool, or this this community, because it's what we do what we've been building for a year and a half, even as a new company, where we'll be two years in February, we should break a million dollars in revenue, you know, this is just on the software, which I thought was interesting, I didn't even know we were growing that fast. And so Daniel mentioned it to me a couple of months ago. But the whole entire design behind it was to be able to leverage community. Because what that does is it makes you have two things, right? There's only two things and marketing are two things in business that move the needle. One is capital, and one is time. So that was the whole entire founding principle of hive mind is to be able to leverage the capital and time of millions of people, right, and so long this build, if you if you're a new person that doesn't know what to do, and you do have limited capital, you probably have more time, right? And then so there's other people in the community that do have lists, they already have a bunch of resources, they do have some capital to invest, and they're limited on time. So a lot of people have formed partnerships around that, you know, some people are just running the leads, they'll send them to us, we'll help sell them. And then like I said, some people that that have extra time, we can pull the list for them, get that list in front of them, let them go to work on that stuff. And yeah, I mean, it's been, it's been a really good run. So I'll tell you what we are where we are right now, this is the least amount of marketing we've ever done. And this is the most amount of leads that we've ever seen before. And it's just from the community, like Evan said, we're training people, we're helping them get the campaign set up, we're helping them source capital, helping them negotiate deals. So it's just, it's just an amazing, you know, experience when you have a vision for something. And then you see it come to fruition. It's like, how did this happen? You know, how did we get here? And it's, it's funny, because it's exactly what we predicted is exactly what we talked about a million times. But now to see it all happening letter for letter, it's been really, really cool. But anybody in this room, like I said, I don't care what you have in your bank account. I don't care what you're doing right now in business. But we do have a system where we can get you in front of a lot of opportunity. And you can do any size real estate transaction, and you don't need any capital at all. I'm pretty proud of what we built. 32:36 Yeah, where can they find you out there? You know, I 32:39 just recently deleted my Instagram. Ever since. Ever since Elon bought Twitter. I've been spending too much time on Twitter. So I just decided like something had to go. Because I don't want to be spread too thin on social media apps. Yeah, so I just temporary got out of Instagram. But you can find me on Facebook, Anthony. And then my last name is g o n a. And if you look up hive mind, CRM, on any platform that you can find myself in Daniel with tick tock you to Instagram, absolutely everywhere. And we have a podcast where we're pushing almost 300 episodes, we hit 1000 downloads last month, for the first time ever. So if like we're getting a lot of traction and a lot of different areas and said it's just really based would have anything to sell you. It's just based on us. You know, like I said, really putting people into momentum. And watching people grow. And they'll come back and say, Hey, I'm glad I found you guys. Like I'm doing so well now. And we've had, I would say we're pushing like 1617 clients that have had $100,000 month using the software and using our strategy. So we're doing we're doing pretty darn good. I think 33:42 one thing I asked Mark, two weeks ago when we had mark on Mark Munroe, is with the economy right now changing and it's everything kind of tightening up with, especially with real estate, what would you say, Anthony? Where should people be spending? Or be focusing on? And then what shouldn't they be focusing on? What should they like? Get out of right away? Especially for like somebody new that's jumping into the space? 34:06 As far as like real estate? 34:08 Yeah, real estate, what kind of like strategies like think land houses, like, where should people be focusing their attention? And then like, what's a common software? Like, what's a common strategy that people should be like staying away from now? 34:24 I would say you can, if you saw a sliding scale, right and the bottom, it says, you know, you have zero and at the top, you have infinity. Along that sliding scale, the closer you are to zero, you should stick to only wholesaling and nothing else. And more so than that you should be sticking to a lot of JV partnerships and opportunities where again, you're like crowdsourcing your deals and crowdsourcing your buyers. And that's something that Daniel myself have become experts in is finding buyers and it's funny because we seem to be on clubhouse all the time. And I was like, I remember digging into everybody that would come on clubhouse about real estate trying to figure out how They're doing dispo. And I feel like that's something that we've mastered now, but that's exactly what I would work on right now is wholesaling, and even trying to partner with other people that already have deals and try to wholesale their deals, the closer you are to zero, I would stay away from anything that's going to be a long term hold, like fix and flips, those kinds of things. cash flowing assets are a little bit different, like apartments, you know, self storage, shopping centers, because those that valuation of those businesses is based on rents, if it's somebody's housing, right, that's more important, that's an asset they're gonna probably hang on to. But if it's some guys, pizza shop, you know, that guy might close his doors up and head out. So I would say careful with commercial, retail, anything has to do with housing is good. But if you're planning on doing any kind of fixer flip, fix and flip, you know, be it commercial, apartments, residential, that'd be very, very careful. Because we're moving into a space right now where the interest rates are, they're looking like they're gonna get high, you know, a lot of things could change tomorrow, but with the whole voting thing, but you know, for now, I would stay away from anything that's based on speculation, and I felt like single family real estate investing at this point right now is speculation. So if you, if you think you're gonna have a $50,000 spread, you know, that $50,000 spread can go to zero pretty quick. So if you have limited capital, I wouldn't get into anything like that. If you just have unlimited amounts of capital, yeah, then you can fix it up. And of course, if it doesn't sell, then you can just turn it into a rental. But I would stay away from anything that requires a large amount of your capital upfront base, and then you know, based on a number that you've projected that you think you could sell it for, because we're not in a point where the markets going up anymore. If anything is going sideways and hit it looks like it's gonna start trending down. I would stick to land, wholesaling land, it's quick, and it's easy. A lot of times, I've said you can lock it up zero, and it's high in demand. Still, I'd stay away from builder lots, a lot of builders are shying away from building again, because they can't predict both cost of materials, and the price of the houses that they're going to sell. But we're doing really, really well with commercial and farm and ranch properties. And those buyers are not slowing down a bit. Not yet. Not at all. Anthony, can 37:08 you kind of go into into the reason why we like land, over houses. 37:15 Um, I like land because there's no no toilets, no roof, no, nothing. I mean, it's just, it's easy to it's easy to sell a lot of the land buyers, they're not they don't give a shit what the rates are. They're not even thinking about it, they're not looking at it, and I'm talking about it, they never mentioned it to us. A lot of these guys have cash, they've been you know, they, they didn't wake up in the morning and say, Hey, I'm gonna go buy 10 acres. This is something that they've probably been saving up for, for 510 20 years. So I would say out of I don't even know how many transactions I've done anymore. But I would say at least 200 transactions. I've had maybe five people go to the bank, maybe 10 to actually go to the bank and get a loan, everybody else's cash buyers. So that's why we're definitely sticking to land. We're not going to slow down, right. So I see where other real estate investors are starting to tighten up and slow down. We're actually locking up stuff faster than we've ever done before. And like I said, as far as our marketing goes, we're able to ease off of our budget, because our community is getting bigger and bigger. But between everybody JV partnerships, IT guys just we're just going a lot faster. And we're not planning on slowing down at all. I had a phone call. But yeah, as you said that we're not going to slow down on marketing. We weren't getting faster, because we haven't seen our buyer slowed down at all. And again, I don't care what the interest rates do. I don't think it's gonna apply to our business at all. 38:42 Yeah, definitely. One thing I wanted to say and make sure that everybody's understanding when Anthony says, focus on land. He's not talking. You mentioned it builder lots. We don't really consider builder lots land. It's more of like, it's like a single use type thing in the middle of town. Right. So what were we talking on land and correct me if I'm wrong. Anthony, when you're referring to land nowadays, you're saying anything larger than 10 acres? Right. 39:11 You know, we have a the wholesaling million dollar land deals group on Facebook. So there we're specifically focused on tracks that are 50 acres and up with a value of a million dollars enough. And we don't look at anything smaller for that community. But I mean, you know, I think if you're just a wholesaler trying to eat I would probably stick to one acre and up right in the outskirts of any major Texas City. They might be different where you live, right I don't know too much about Atlanta, but I'm going to imagine that the outskirts of any major city and normally unrestricted land is the land and I think it's not going to take a hit because you know, like I haven't said where your builder lots again, that's that's based on very specific numbers on the spreadsheet, where you can buy an infill lot between two houses, for Let's say 10 or 20% of the value of the homes around it, you know, those numbers aren't gonna apply anymore, because I saw those builder lights just going higher and higher and higher based on that 10 to 20% rule for the price of the houses that are going up, but that's something that, again, it's a fixed number. And when as market starts does start to slide like it is already, if it gets worse, that builder lot is that 10 to 20% is not going to hold up anymore, right now it only might be worth five or 10% of the home values around it based on the house is crashing. So with your unrestricted outskirts land, if you're just starting out, if you have a small marketing budget, and you just need some quick wins, I would say an acre and up is good. But I think the sweet spot, like Evan said is probably right around that 10 acres and up where you can easily make 100 grand on every deal. 40:48 And then last thing, I kind of I know the answer what I would want and this but for you guys, you and Daniel, when somebody's gonna bring you a piece of land over 10 acres, what are like the first like five things you were looking for on that piece of land? Because we know on residential? You know, we're talking about a foundation, we're talking about the roof, we're talking about how the inside looks. But what does that what are those five things? Or four things or whatever, you guys have any number of things you look at on land? What do you what are your attributes you're looking for? 41:20 The main things I want to know is proximity to the city. First and foremost, how close am I from from the main part of the city, if you're an hour and a half, two hours away, yeah, that the price of land is going to drop considerably. Nobody wants 10 acres out in the middle of nowhere. If that was 100 acre tract or a 500 acre tract or a 2000 acre tract, yeah, now you can go out to three hours. But for a 10 acre tract, I think that that's I call them a rich kids playground. So this is somebody that already does very well in business, probably not blue collar, probably just literally one level above that, where they want to buy a little piece of heaven, build a house on it, you know, build a big barn or shop. And that way they can have their the toys and the tools in there. In Texas people shoot, right. So you want to have like all of your equipment in there and go hunting on 10 acres, there's a lot of things you could do with 10 acres, that you know, a normal person is not even thinking about, right average Americans who's trying to put a roof over their head have Decent Homes, so they can raise a family. But by timing, we look to those 10 acre tracts, those, those are something that people are thinking about from that aspect, as opposed to just I'm just gonna throw one house on. And that's it. So these properties are still okay, if they're in the if they're partially in the flood zone, I'm looking at the amount of paved road that's touching the property. So if you can imagine that a property is long ways, and it lays along the paved road, that's going to be a lot more valuable than a property that has a little small piece of land touching the road. And then the property runs straight to the back. So I want to see orientation along the paved road. I want to know about the flood zone, proximity to the city. I like trees, I like wooded lots, I feel like they sell a lot better than a lot that's been shaved and doesn't have anything on it. Just for privacy reasons I think it makes for a nicer property. But that's pretty much it. If it has utilities, that's good. If it has public water electric, that's amazing. If it has sewer even better, but on these types of tracks. That's not that's not really like the end all be all. So you can still get away with a water well, septic tank, those kinds of things. And you could still make a lot of money on 10 acres. 43:16 Let me ask you real quick, what do you think about desert land? So we have a lot of people out? Arizona? La, you get outside those major cities Phoenix, you get into like a lot of desert land? Is that something you'd be focusing on 10 acres or more? Or is that not a piece of land that you'd consider? 43:38 Yeah, again, I wouldn't mess with it, man. Unless it's like I said, so close to the city that it makes sense. Once you're out in the middle of the desert, you know, I'd probably try to pick them up for pennies on the dollar. For instance, I bought two acres out, I think south east of Phoenix, Arizona, and I paid like $600 for each acre just because I thought it would be cool just to own land. So I think about desert squares, and you know, those kinds of things that are in the middle of nowhere, just as like kind of trading cards, right? So if you've never invested in property before, and you don't have a lot of capital, you know, you could say hey, I'm just gonna buy these 10 acres or 50 acres for my daughter because I can pick it up for 1000 bucks. Right? So I think it's cool just to have it for in that regard. Like just knowing that you own property somewhere. Like I've never even been to those those desert squares over there in Arizona, and I'm never gonna go see them. But I think it's cool that I own them. Right. So I think those are like kind of cool for being like trading cards, and people still have interest in those. So if you get them cheap enough, if you can get 100 acres for $10 an acre. Yeah, take that shove it into a drawer somewhere. And you could list them on these sites like and those guys and somebody will buy them especially if you sell or finance them. So you buy it for 1000 bucks and then you just turn around and throw it on for 2500 You know $500 down or 1000 down and now you a little a little note on a piece of property. So you said collectors will buy on. 44:57 Cool, cool, I guess You may have any questions for myself or Anthony or Daniel, anything we've talked about, feel free to raise your hand or I'll probably cut it off here in about two or three minutes or so. Not a whole lot of interest in here tonight. Well all right. Well, I guess we can shut down then. Unless you guys have anything else. Thanks, Anthony for coming on, Daniel. Miss Barbosa for hosting 45:44 Yeah, thanks, man. It was fun. Yeah. Happy to come on and chat anytime. You guys check us out. Check out my antenna guy on a Daniel Martinez. And yeah, thanks, Evan, for having us on here. Thanks for leading the way with tikes and continuing to help grow the community that I'm telling you to this place is going to the moon so I don't know like how attached people are in here to the to the community but yeah, I think there's a lot of reasons to be here and I don't think there's any chance of it failing. I just like you said there's there's so many people involved 60 board members, the minds that are behind it, it's not going anywhere. So Alright man, I appreciate everybody have a good night hey guys, if you would like to receive hot leads right to yourself wanting to text message, check out Hive And you can receive the same leads we've been receiving in our campaign for three and a half years that's made us successful in the land game checks out. 46:37 The show is sponsored by the list guys. Do you need more leads in your local or virtual market? One intense small businesses don't invest in any kind of marketing. The list guys have over 35 plus list types to choose from and you can mix and match any list or criteria. We also use to skip trace lists and provide up to seven numbers and email addresses every list you purchase will be scrubbed against previous purchases. The list guys are here to save you time. Contact the list guys today at www dot one this guy's dot com. That's www dot the number one list

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It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

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I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

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