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Nov. 28, 2022

Ep 281: Making $65,000 On A Listed Land Real Estate With Deandre Anderson

Ep 281: Making $65,000 On A Listed Land Real Estate With Deandre Anderson
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0:00 Hey welcome today we have our special. I'm your host, Daniel Martinez. We have a special guest. This is our episode we call deal breakdown. We're caught. We're talking about interesting your crazy deals. We have a special guest, Mr. DeAndre Anderson out of Florida. What is your crazy deal? 0:19 So I'd like to start with a $65,000 deal that I did about a few months ago. So it was a lot that happened in the deal, but I'll try to like, you know, summarize it down. So I ran through the deal. It was on the market for 250,000 listed on the MLS, Zillow, all that stuff, public record, right. But when I saw the listing, it was listed as a mobile home. And it was on the market for at least a year, right? So I'm like, yo, this has been on the market for a year. It's on the market for 250k. Like why like what's going on? And by the way, this lead came through my pipeline through the hive minds CRM. So upon looking at it deeper, I realized that this mobile home, well, these two mobile homes came with four acres of land. Okay, so I'm like, Alright, there's a problem here. They have two mobile homes, they look kind of junky, that's four acres of land is missing for a year. So upon doing my research, right, the I figured out that the real estate agent who listed it, she knew nothing about Lance you none of our mobile homes, she listed it wrong. She listed it as two mobile home that come with four acres of land, not four acres of land that comes with two mobile homes. Alright, so Oh, so she if she would have did it backwards, I guarantee you that listing would have been sitting there for a year, it wasn't a prime location, it was right by airport, I guess the buyers that were looking on the market or the routes, or they didn't realize what they were missing. But I came in and already had direct contact with the seller because they already let me know that the the listing was expired. Okay. So even though it says this four year, the agent still never took it down. But when I got in contact with the sellers, direct the seller do the Hi, my CRM, they said that listing is expired, it shouldn't even be up there. So I reached out to my buyers who buy land in that area, say, hey, four acres of land, right here in this area, I'm looking for $350,000 for this property, right? So buyer comes back to me, they say, Hey, we can't do 350. But we can do 320 I was like, Oh, great. Alright, so went back to the seller said Hey, 250, no problem. Got the contract for 250 Send it to my buyer for 320. So the spread, there are 70,000 I did do a double closing so cover some extra costs. And I ended up walking away with like 65,000 and some change. So so the crazy thing about the deal, that was a contract, there was a bunch of junk on the so on that on that four acres of land, there were two trashy mobile homes like they were done, right, there was a debris of, I don't know, like storage containers, boxes, it was a whole bunch of stuff. So I had to put a clause in the contract which basically said, if these items will not remove 45 days after closing, then this will be the owner of the buyer and then we will you know move them ourselves right without the permission of the person we bought it from. So with it so we closed on it, I got my assignment fee, the sellers got their money, everything but within those 45 days, they had to move this stuff. So luckily they moved it you know, it did take them a little bit more than 45 days, but in the day they got it done. And you know, that's kind of that was kind of the end of it. But that was probably the biggest wireless deal like that. 3:45 What I love about the story is agents suck number two is that it was listed goes on option number one is that it was listed for a while and then it took the listing down. And everybody every agent that does land they don't even know what they're doing. I mean they don't know what they're doing with houses either, but we're not going to talk about that. Even worse, man oh man, that's such a good story. Because I think it man, it's just looking for the gold finding the gold out there, man. You find it. Did you find it listed or do you find it through text? 4:28 I found it through text and then when I put it in the address, it came up as listed and I looked and it was on Zillow or MLS like it was on everything so I'm like, I'm like I'm pretty sure wholesalers, maybe even you know, other builders buyers Realtors like they just all look past it. They saw two trashy mobile homes or a mobile home and said, Oh, we don't want those. No one's gonna pay 250k for these mobile homes, but they didn't look at the description of them. Read it. They didn't I don't know what they didn't do. But they didn't look and see, hey, this comes with four acres of land where you can easily move these homes and then build something. townhomes towards container home, whatever apartment buildings like it was zoned for all of that stuff. And it was bought, like I said, within five minutes from a major airport. So I mean, like that fuel was go, it was go. 5:24 Nah, it goes to show like, I think it's funny because we did a deal like this to where we texted. We texted a listed property ended up getting it, and it was still listed. But it was it was improperly listed. But I think it's funny, man. It's funny when you go with texting, you're like, I'm gonna hit everybody and see what happens. And you get you get some gold that digs out of it was the debris. Debris moved by the seller was it moved by you as the buyer, like who doesn't the property 5:53 was moved. So the major things like the containers, there was like some storage boxes and stuff like that it was moved by the seller. But the sellers put every all the other stuff like in a big trash pile, and they left it so we're asking like, Hey, are you guys done? Right? They said they were done. So we just made sure like everything in this pile you guys don't care about they said no. So they moved everything that they cared about everything that they didn't want, they just left it in a huge pile. So the buyer ended up you know, hiring the builder to clean the rest of that pile off. So long story short, they moved majority of the big stuff though. Yeah, cuz 6:28 something that they actually needed to pull or you're using for storage or whatever, you want to take away their personal personal property. Now, it's interesting then 6:42 that also left out that there was, um, there was a daughter and one of the trailers who wasn't you didn't. I just thought about it. There was a daughter in the trailers, she wasn't paying rent. I mean, the parents owned it, it was kind of a you know, so they, you know, incident. The other thing is, she couldn't walk, she was like in a wheelchair. So I did do a $1,000 escrow hole back in case they had to evict her off of the out of the trailers. So they can, you know, demo them or get them moved off. But she didn't give too much of an issue. The problem was with the parents who owned it, they didn't want to give us you know, her contact information to say, hey, we're buying this you got to find somewhere to go like there was no lease there was no not there was nothing. It was just hey, daughter staying here. This is the best you can do at the moment, I guess. But we finally got the doors contact information. And she was cooperative. And she was still there after closing. But like I said, I did a $1,000 escrow whole back for the people who don't know what the whole back is, right? So in that area to do an eviction is going to run you between let's just say 500 800 bucks. So the buyer was like, hey, we'll close on it, right with her in there. But we need we're gonna need you to pull back $1,000 In case we need to evict her, and we got to pay for the out of that. So I was like, that's fine. So, you know, so she ended up leaving, so I got my 65,000 Plus when she left out of there, and they confirmed I got an extra 1000. So my so really it was 66 grand, you know? Yeah, so it's actually 66,000 and some change. 8:16 What was your, like, start to finish like 30 days. 60 days? 8:20 Oh, it was a it was a 3035 day closing a 35 day closing. 8:25 I was like asking that question because people like, do bigger deals take longer and like sometimes, 8:30 yeah, sometimes but that one was, that was that's probably the biggest facet is the deal. I've done biggest spread and it closed really quick. Most deals like that. I do take 60 days, 90 days, but that 130 days ended up and I know it has some title issues as well. That didn't you know, it was you know, it wasn't too bad where it was it was like unresolvable, but everything got resolved in those 30 days nothing deleted past 35 8:57 So where are you doing deals now where people send you deals. 9:01 People can send me deals in Jacksonville, Florida, Central Florida like Volusia County areas. You know any really any parts of Florida mainly infill lots. If you do send me some bigger acreages, I'll take a look at it. But mainly deal with things that are you know, acre and under, and then maybe up to five acres depending on the area. But I will say anywhere in Florida, send it to me or I may be a buyer on it, and I may buy it. 9:26 So flipping contracts J on Instagram, flipping contracts straight. You go I appreciate your time, man. Thanks for coming on. That's the interesting story. And there's gold unlisted properties if they've been in there a long time. Got they good? Yeah, thank you, man. I appreciate it. And use hive mind to text. 9:46 Yeah, you have mine the texts. 9:48 There you go. Thanks for coming on. We appreciate your time. Check out us on the next episode of a deal breakdown that may be interesting to you.

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