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Nov. 23, 2022

Ep 276: Negotiating Great Deals With Dustin Heiner

Ep 276: Negotiating Great Deals With Dustin Heiner


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0:00 Hey, it's your host, Daniel Martinez. We're back again, for a deal breakdown, which is a cool and interesting story, whether it's yours or your students, we have our special guests. Dustin Heiner, back here again, what is a cool, interesting story that you have done or when we want to your students? 0:16 Oh, man, so I love helping my students. So I myself, have had at least 30 deals that I've done myself or more. But I'll tell you, one of my students said, like they do much better than I do. So my students, they literally buy properties. And with me, and with any investing, we try to save the money. So there's a great deal. So one of my students was trying to buy a property it was $120,000 was the the value of the home that somebody was trying to sell it for. Well, I saw with the property, not actually, let's say, there weren't any offers and the price was coming down. They started like 130 135 or something like that to go down 120. And I said, Hey, let's just I love negotiating. Plus, I love helping my students to negotiate, said, Hey, let's try to put an offer to where we can capture equity. With that. I said, Let's put an offer, like I would like to see you it'd be great if you got it for like 80,000 or 78,000. And remember this 120. And he was like my students like he's new to this is his first property. So Oh, are you sure? Like we're not gonna offend them, like, it doesn't matter if we offend them, what we do is we put an offer, they want to take it, they can take it, they can reject it, whatever. So we put an offer for $72,000 because I wanted them to come down. And so with that, the first offer was or sorry, their first response to that offer, they came all the way down to like $82,000 from 120, down to $82,000. And he goes, Oh, man, that was such that was so great. Should we just accept that deal? And I said, No, of course not. It's like if we're playing poker, and usually you should have the cards when you're playing poker, poker facing you. So you're the only one that season. They literally flip the cards around, they were showing us their cards that they needed to sell us really quick. And so I said, Okay, we're at 72. They're at 82. Let's raise it up to $76,000. And he's okay. And he even said, well, Dustin, what should I say? So I literally emailed him and typed out exactly every single word of what he was supposed to say. He just copied and pasted that in there. And with that, they came down and agreed to $78,000, short $120,000 down to $78,000. And so with that, if you remember, when I was talking to you, Daniel, we talked about making $250 a month in passive income from this property. Because this is generational wealth, we will be creating, we're not going to sell these properties for a profit. Because why not give these to our kids because they make us a minimum minimum of $250 a month with that minimum of two and a $50 a month. He's now making even more. In fact, I think this property was like a grand slam you think of like baseball terms, not just a homerun. It was a Grand Slam because he got he captured like I think it was like almost $50,000 in equity. And I think he's cash flowing because he got so low, the his expenses were lower. I think he's cashflow like $450 a month in passive income from these properties. And that this was his first deal. And I'll give you one other quick one. I have another student he was hitting hitting very first property. hemming and hawing. Oh man, I don't know if I should buy this property. And we went to call after call. After three or four calls, I finally said, his name is Benjamin Benjamin, if you're not going to buy it, I will buy it and give it to me, here's a well, if you would buy it, I might as well buy it. So he went through it, he bought it. This was a Grand Slam for him. So he bought a duplex with this duplex, he actually bought it for $50,000. he cashed out all of his money, he's only into a $2,000 of his own physical cash in the deal. And he has a loan on it. And he's making I want to say it was $1,000 a month in passive incomes because he bought it so well. All that to say what we do as investors, we capture equity, we make sure we have money in passive income every single month. And on top of that, we have generational wealth, where we literally get these properties to our kids. So two quick, like awesome stories that you can do it if my this was in like Benjamin was in 2020 Like where people were going crazy. He did and 2020 and 2020 in 18 months, he got 22 units, so 12 duplexes in 18 months, he just he's doing such amazing job, my other student, literally exact same thing. It doesn't matter what market in is in. If you're an investor, you're going to find the right properties 100% That's that's that's amazing man. Getting the goat when you're gonna negotiate that well, it gives you way more cash flow 100% And you're you're you have a lot more your your debt that you're actually going to pay is so much smaller. You can capitalize on small little wins like that. Totally. And 22 years, 18 months. That's no small feat either. So congratulations to those students and taking large action. They did they did, and it does help and it's like, you know if people working with you, Daniel, you and I, we fast track people because what happens is all of our experiences that we've gone through to help ourselves to be successful. Well, we then use that to help other people. Now, people if you're going to learn some One thing you're either going to learn with time or money now you can learn what Daniel I do, you can do it on your own, but it's going to probably take you a lot of time. We took a lot of time to learn this stuff to actually do it right. So if you want to pay your pay in time, then that's fine. Just realize time is the only commodity The only thing that you have that you can only spend, you can never get more money you can always make more money, so you're going to spend with time or money I prefer now, now that I'm smarter and wiser I pay with my money rather than paying with my time. So you Daniel and I, we fast track people, we get them over the hurdles so much faster. Get them to learn the lessons that they need to learn and get them to get their properties. 5:43 There you go. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode. We'll see in the next one. Thanks for your time, Dustin, appreciate y'all Dustin Heiner on Instagram and Facebook. Go check them out. Awesome.

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I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

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