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Nov. 11, 2022

Ep 264: Landing A $8 Million Dollar Deal Working At Sam's Club With Ruben Torres

Ep 264: Landing A $8 Million Dollar Deal Working At Sam's Club With Ruben Torres


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0:00 assassin, can't we? Sure enough, yeah, they're here, they're actually doing it, making it happen. So I don't even know what we're going to cover today. But I wanted you guys and gals to be able to hear from somebody who's fairly new to real estate, who has a full time job that has put his second deal looks like it's going to be approved now, for this group, which means that it looks like we might be able to buy two of his deals. One was 1616 and a half million, almost 17 million. And then today, we got notified that he has another one that looks like it's probably going to work for us, which is eight and a half million. So one person and your real estate never really been in the game before. What are those numbers look like? 16, five, plus 8500 or 85 8.5 mil $25 million, where the land deals submitted by one individual who's brand new. He's not even in real estate, at any, you know, high high level because he's working a full time job right now. So does this group work? Out? No. It seems to be going okay, I guess, you know, I don't know what else we could expect. So we're going to we'll cover a few different things that we're working on right now. But I wanted this gentleman to come on and just chat with you guys a little bit if y'all had any questions for him, if you're brand new, if you're already in momentum, if you're already submitting deals, you know, we appreciate it. We thank you all for sticking with this group and being here and believing in what we're doing. First of all, I think belief is like the creator of everything in your life, right? Because even myself, like as I'm pushing through to to some some bigger deals, I'm like, I've never done that size of deal before, can I do it? I don't know. You know, honestly, I can say I don't know if we're gonna be able to do it or not, I never have. So I think like what stretches me what stretches my mind in my imagination and its belief. And I'll tell you, the only two big drivers of belief that I can think of, for one for me is prayer and meditation first thing in the morning, because then I can like, clear out all the cobwebs, and I can imagine my life becoming different, you know, being able to do bigger and bigger deals. And then also going to CrossFit. Going to the gym, if if you're on this call right now, and you're not working out to some extent, I highly encourage you to do that. Because I feel like what's happening is, every time I go to the gym, I felt like it's making me believe in myself more like it's making me push myself harder, not only physically. But as you push your physical self to new limits, it also pushes your mind to new limits. So I feel like it's easier for me to believe in myself when I'm pushing my body like past what I thought it could do. So if you're not working out any kind of working out at all, I highly encourage you to do that if you need a break through your own limiting beliefs. I'm going through it right now. And I really do feel like when I leave from there, I felt like I could like knock the house down with my bare hands. And the more often I go, I feel I feel stronger and stronger. My belief in myself is going up. So prayer meditation, and working out will will help you alter your reality beyond what you currently think right now. So before we get started, I just wanted to just introduce a gentleman here that submitted. I don't know how many deals he submitted, we'll let him tell you, but we have two already that have come back from our underwriting team that said that these two deals look like they're going to work. And we're going to plunge forward on them. Yeah, are you are you on here? Ruben? Is he's here. You probably muted man if you want to unmute yourself 3:46 hey, what's going on underneath? Yo, yo, yo, how y'all doing? 3:50 Good man. Being on here, bro. 3:53 Hey, I appreciate you. I appreciate the introduction. I'm really working a full time job. I work at Sam's Club right now, actually. So yeah. Yeah, working the produce area. So luckily, I go in a little bit early in the morning, get out at 230. And as soon as 230 hits, I have hive mind set up to where I'm dropping messages at two o'clock. So I'm already having, you know, some messages coming in. I just know get straight to it and start replying. You know, I tried to figure out a way where, you know, I know how much money I'm spending spending per per month, but it kind of hard because I'm replying a lot. So I don't really account for how many times I'm replying, but it's just being consistent with it. I don't have much skin in the game really. But, you know, Daniel mentioned you don't have to be a professional. It's just you know, creating that lead flow and being able to bring in those leads and You know, some of them don't work out and they don't you just got to keep fishing really just keep throwing your louver out and hopefully somebody's gonna grab and, you know, bring it over to the team. And I like to think of us as a team. Because really, yes, we are at the end of the day, there's something I can bring to the table, I can go ahead and call Daniel Anthony. You are professionals, real professionals here. Yes, sick man. 5:26 What are you doing at Sam's Club right now? What's your position? 5:29 I'm just a stalker. I just started really, probably like five months ago. I'm just stalking right now getting like $15 an hour. So you just got to make it somehow some way work, you know, whatever your whatever it is that you you're getting, you just have to figure something out. I really don't have try not to have a plan. I mean, I shouldn't have a plan B. But you know, I try not to because it's it's my only this is my only way. Not my only way out. But you know, I see a lot of value in this. And so we're really trusting. 6:09 That's insane, bro, congratulations, man. I grew up doing tile like floors. I was in construction for over 15 years. And I mean, I could lay tile better than anybody. You know, I could put in wood floors, I can build custom showers from the ground up, like mixed mixed concrete. I mean, just badass marble showers. I did it forever. And even when I was doing that, I just thought to myself, while I'm working on these multimillion dollar houses, I'm like, you know, when I build my house like this, I'm gonna do this different. And I'm gonna make this like this. But there was never a question in my mind is like, Yeah, I'm gonna be on this level. Like, I'm not here. Like, I'm not here as anybody's servant. Right? I'm just doing what I got to do right now. So that way, when I get there, I already know what I'm gonna do. I know how I'm gonna build my house. So I was thinking about you today, man, I was like, I don't even know what this guy does for a living. I was like, that's pretty cool that you can go from working at an hourly position, you know, to making more than all the managers and probably even the owner. Right? In a day. So that's cool, man. That's it was that's a pretty cool dynamic. I'm glad you're putting in the work. So we got some questions popping in. If anybody wants to type them into the chat, or if you just want to ask live questions. Let's get a little bit of synergy going here. Let's figure out how to take somebody from being brand new, and not having momentum into actually being into momentum and actually having deals getting approved. Maybe if you can start off by telling us how many deals Have you submitted so far? How many text messages you have to send out to get there just like a couple of basics and then we'll open it up for questions for a minute. 7:34 Okay, so right now it's took me maybe two months, leads and joules per call proponent of ima says, you know, what the schedule I have, you know, it's hard to you know, keep up with all the follow ups and all that but I have mine, we create tags go in search for it, you know, right now I have board leads that I submitted ones already came back because I know and the two are still up in the air. So hopefully we can close on those. One more still. Pending, pending submit or pending approval. I have a few more than I need to get a little bit more info but hopefully I can submit a few more weeks I'm dropping about 200 messages just to like my first initial message it's about maybe 60 a day and every 30 minutes I believe it is that I haven't set up to 8:36 okay that's amazing man. One thing you said earlier is I appreciate you believing in us because you even even everybody in here shows that you all believe in us and show that we can we can deliver on all this stuff so I really appreciate everybody here including the Reuben somebody I think the citizens millionaire stalker right there and POS POS have that. So it's kind of it's kind of cool like Like honestly like this is this is gonna be crazy and like I don't even know what this is gonna pay out but this is this is crazy. It's been athletes talk about it. How is this like? We kind of projected how it will be. We didn't know what what results would come of it. But this is this is getting kind of interesting right now. To undertaxed the week that is super targeted. Are your list. Your How big is your list, are you that's super targeted man. Usually 50 to 100 acres just like we told. Okay, yeah. 9:39 Yeah, I did. So I just searched around Dallas, I pulled 10,000 records. I can't think of the name using a pulldown list, but it was I think I paid $200 per month. And it allowed me to pull up to 10,000 records for that month. So I use that month I pulled the 10,000 right Skip trace that, and I'm still going through that. I'm not going through it as fast as I can, only because I have a set budget for marketing. If not, I'll try and knock that out sooner. I mean, but it's getting somewhere. But yeah, it's a it's a list of 10,000 prospects. I was able to draw triangles around a map around Dallas, and I just targeted all around there and pulled everything I can 50 plus acres in a boat. And we went for 10:35 people. So people are asked to use prop stream. Was that a prop stream? Cool? 10:39 No, you know, it's it was similar to prop stream. But I believe, I believe Anthony mentioned it actually. Or someone mentioned it in one of the meetings and I went to it, I stated. There you go. It's gonna be that one. The data tree? 10:56 Data tree. Okay, good. Good. So data tree 266 a day or six per hour. 206 a week. This is crazy. No, no, that's shows like, they can really be niche down. And for everybody here. I think me and Anthony we talked about Dallas is super hot right now. Super, super hot. So we're all these in Dallas, the ones you submitted, or at least, 11:18 I want to say something real quick. Just based on everybody, I don't care what your previous experiences, there's no effing way that you're gonna get two solid deals and that amount of text messages. So that just goes to further proof that the target that we're going after nobody's going after this stuff. 11:35 Yeah. 100%. Like, we you, you have to text a lot of people to get that good results. So it shows that that's really, really targeted, and it's working really well for you, Ruben. 100%. 11:48 Yeah, I appreciate it. I did actually pay for the what is it like an upgrade for someone to assist you on setting up the CRM did a lot of help with that, too. And it was spent a few hours on setting up my whole campaign, making sure I was within budget. So you know, that was a huge help to. 12:11 So are you text people asking if you're calling you're just texting, right? 100%? 12:15 Yeah, 100%. If I need to call out after they've responded to a text, or they call after I fix, then I'll jump on a call. But for the most part, I'm just texting right now. 12:28 Yeah, okay. That's, that's amazing. And I always tell people like that all the time. If you if you're on a set schedule like you are, you have to schedule your stuff out. That way you can hit people and respond. Respond to people when you're available to that's super important. See, the data tree is your is the data source to pull data, Elena, 12:48 I think it does have a CRM on there too. But I was just using it to pull the list. And the fact that it was able to let me pull 10,000 leads for the first month or for every month that you're paying for it. And I just pulled I paid for that first month honestly, cancel my subscription. And when I do need it again. I'll go ahead and pay it again. But 13:10 like I signed up got my liens 13:14 no shame. Yeah. And I'm saying whatever I gotta do, you know, figure a way to get bus metal that bus that door open. And so all your 13:23 leads to come from Dallas, right? Correct. Yeah. Yeah, Dallas is hot. Dallas is hot for 100%. We've had the 120 acres we bought about six weeks ago that's outside of Dallas too. And I was like, great, great deal. We were we bought we had bought ourselves. So man, this is I appreciate you coming on and being for providing this value to everybody here that's listening, because some people are afraid to step in front of the audience and get in front of the camera. So I appreciate you standing up and much less to use as much success to you, man. This is exciting. And I'm really happy for you. I know everybody in the groups happen for you to man. 14:03 Yeah, I appreciate I mean, whatever I can do to help the next person. Eventually I want to be able to get you know, to that point, or, I mean, even right now, where I'm working at all my co workers, I just, I raved to them about real estate and how it can be you know, it's the average is the average vehicle that can turn the average man into a wealthy man. So, you know, every chance I get someone's willing to listen, sometimes, you know, people just think I'm crazy. Like you're just some just some soccer at Sam's Club. It's like soccer at Sam's Club with big dreams but 14:38 so 100% Man It's the there's there's something crazy that happens in me, Nancy talked about this whole time too is that you? When you grow, you grow out of your friends. It's no it's not that you don't have love for them or you don't want you don't want to be friends with them anymore. It's just, you kind of grow with your circle that you Now that you're wanting to be with so you're growing growing above your friends isn't a bad thing. And it shouldn't be seen as such. Like, I hope somebody listens to you, and they come with you. But it's just one of those things where like, I stopped, I stopped tracking friends that reached out to me like once a year, and they're like, What are you doing now? And I'm like, I'm doing big things. And I'm like, they'll never understand. But it's just one of the things we're like, sometimes hit people. People aren't with people only with you for a season and keep them moving. But this is crazy, man. Any more questions? I think you pretty much answered everything. If I got everything. Monster she hired a VA. Just texting. And guess anyone else? Any questions you want to ask or put in the chat? This is crazy, man. Congrats to Ruben here for putting in action. Two months. That's how we've been here. We've only been here two months. 15:58 Yeah, and yeah, that's all it comes down to is action. Imperfect Action. I did you know suffer from what people call? What is the term when they say, you know, they're just learning everything and trying to learn everything before they make that first call? It's, you know, just get out there do it. You There you go. Analysis paralysis. 16:23 So I have a question for you. You've actually talked to the sellers, because I've actually hopped on a call with Anthony, when you talk to the seller, you're actually talking to the sellers and making the introduction. So what's it like talking to the sellers? Have you gotten good feedback, that feedback or hasn't been? 16:41 Sometimes I feel like they they could see the mouse in me. Because, you know, I'm not 100% sure what I'm talking about all the time. Really, I just try and focus, you know, in and get a number and, you know, try to, you know, relate to them more than anything. Because at this point, you know, I don't know much of what I'm talking about. I'm just really trying to, you know, go out there and grab some interests, even there's any interest in selling. And from there, you know, you know, I just started asking questions, I do have something written down, but I don't follow it, you know, word for word, I just, you know, try to mirror near the seller, I did read a book that tried to help me, I'm still trying to figure out any more books that's trying to help me be more of a better talker. And yes, you know, something like that, but I did read the greatest salesman in the world, which is pretty good as the 10 commandments. You know, I try to listen to those 10 commandments in the morning, I'll try to listen to one on my way to work. And, you know, it's that's really helped me to, to be able to relate to a seller and you know, figure steps out to do it. So. Okay, one 18:03 thing I really want to I really want to say, which I think you kind of overcame is a lot of people will project their insecurities when they're talking to sellers. And I think you kind of kind of overcame that already. Because like, what if you're just talking about like million dollar, you're talking $2 million property owners, like, I'm not gonna buy this, but you have to, like, overcome that that realization that you're projecting that insecurity onto yourself, and people can hear it through the phone. So I think I think you already overcame that. It sounds like No, it's It's cool, man. I'm trying to read the chat at the same time in charge. The greatest man in Babylon. Carlos says that. And Tanisha says him speak very well. Man, this is this is crazy. Anyhow, that's all the questions I had. So how much how many leads have been gone through so far out of 10,000? 18:53 I'm gonna say I'm about 6000 leads in right now. So I got about 4000 Let go. 19:03 What's your initial text when you're texting out? 19:06 So it's real blank. My, honestly my text messages could be a little bit lower. Because my first ones real. Just rule kind of broad. So it's, Hey, my name is Ruben. Let me pull it up. 19:23 Yeah, I am for everybody here. That's why I'm pulling that up. I try and be I try and we try and be vague as well. That's what I was things where you need to get through the filters without using the spam keywords. 19:36 Guy and that's what I was trying to avoid. I you know, I was trying to avoid because I know they're coming out with a lot more, I guess, laws or rules on text messages. So I didn't want to include none of those keywords in my first message. So it starts Hi, my name is Ruben. Sorry to bother you wouldn't spill on So I leave that blank. So they're like, Well, what is it that I own? Or what are you looking for? And that's usually what my response is. So it's, uh, I always require a second text message. And that's where I come in with the address. Hey, you wouldn't still blank address in Salina, Texas or in a row City, Texas. 20:22 But what's crazy about that is when you when you mess up on purpose people are like, itching to like, correct you or like what's what do they really want? They're always like itching to correct you. So it gets it gets you past the spam filter, because once they respond, you get 20:37 any it was an accident, really. I didn't mean to put in the property address in the first place. But I originally dropped it, I saw that I was getting a bunch of replies. And I was like, hmm, you know what, maybe this is going to be a way to avoid that. You know that that wall of the text of text messages and not getting through or my number getting spammed out. And so far it's worked, I haven't received that I the only ones I can send a text message to are the ones that are in the do not call this. But other than that, that same message has been going for me working well. So 21:16 that's crazy, man. I think I think answers all the questions. Congrats to you, man. I hope we should begin contracts out for those soon. Ready to go. I think Anthony got texts out to talk to the sellers to confirm contracts and all that stuff. 21:31 Awesome. Cool. Appreciate it. Yeah, we share all the good words. 21:35 Carla for it tends to Carla for everybody listening. Carla asked Wow. How can you answer the phone? Anthony's literally the head of all these like real estate negotiations? What do you Well, how'd you get Anthony on the phone? Ruben 21:48 just reached out to them. And just yeah, sometimes it can be kind of, you know, intimidating even to talk to you guys only because you guys are professionals. But you got to like you said, You got to get over that. And just we're all regular human beings, you know, looking, you know, to make a few bucks. So there you go. 22:18 Yeah, Congrats, man. Yeah, keep it up. That's all I can tell you guys. It's just do the work. Man. We before I even started in real estate before I had gotten my first deal. I was talking to Michael harridge on the phone. And I was like, Man, I said, by the time I get to 1000 deals, want to own a bank, I'm gonna do all this stuff. And he's like, man, he just started laughing. He said, That's funny. He said, because you've never done a real estate deal before in your life. He goes on your radio and deal number 1000 in your mind. And it's not because of anything, not because of magic or sales skills or anything, but I just have a marketing background. Like you do enough marketing and you'll trip over some deals. It's not magic. You know that. So congrats, man, I just see you doing that and killing it and making it happen. So yeah, don't don't lose steam man. And that's another thing too. I think. If you exhaust your marketing budget, you put in already two months, three months, and you have very low traction, it's pretty easy for your brain to start telling you like this ain't gonna work like those other people are lucky. You know, this game might not be for you. You know, my brain does the same thing to me. If I'm too tired. If I worked out too much. If I haven't slept enough, my brain will tell me the same thing. It'd be like, Man, you know that one big deal you got that was a fluke. But it never happens again. And I'm like, Man, shut up brain. I'm trying to do something right now. So you gotta You still got to have those conversations with yourself. Do whatever it takes to keep your energy up. Like I said, hit the gym. Eat lots of red meat. I mean, do what you got to do to make yourself like an animal. Stay in the game. Keep on going. 23:41 Yeah, we've got your phone number in the chat. If it doesn't have it. 23:44 Yeah, put McGuane and put my phone number. If you guys send me a lead at all, you need to have the deal, the parcel ID I want to see a screenshot of the property so I can take a look at the road. I want to see flood zone. And I want to see comps. So if you're gonna send don't send me an address and say, Hey, look at this, like I want to see comps flood zone, shape of the property road frontage. I want to see the whole nine parcel ID, maybe a GPS link, there's no address, just something that I can immediately click on and go straight to the property. So a GPS address and a phone number. I mean, GPS address, a GPS coordinate, copy and paste coordinates and address 24:24 I got one thing one thing we're going to work out in the future. So we have, we're going to create another we'll have another link or posts in the group. But if you have big land deals, we want them to go to submit big land. If you have smaller deals we're gonna have we're gonna get an underwriting team to look at those two. So even if you do get some smaller we're gonna work on getting a link built up for those. So if you do something you can text to make sure you text Anthony. If you call Anthony he's probably not going to answer just because I've seen his phone 24:58 I was gonna mention that to do that. thing you brought that up, is, you guys are out there, you already marketing, you're already doing deals, this isn't the 10 commandments of the group. I hope you guys aren't only well hunting, right. So if you're pulling a list, let's not have 100% million dollar deals, like please scatter in some small deals, even east of Austin, north of Austin, north of Dallas, north of Houston, San Antonio, one acre can make you 50 grand, right. So make sure you guys are mixing in I would say half small deals, half of big deals, at least, that's a pretty good ratio, we have submit big If the deal has a value of a million or up that goes to a special place. And then we're going to create another link for small deals, any size deals one acre and up just don't send us any like infill lots like that are in some neighborhood that are 15 grand, that's not do those, let's start with at least like an acre in a really, really nice area where acres are going for like 50 grand 100 grand, 25:51 and it's it's probably going to be this link, I just put it's going to be high BC the IO is trying to be that link, I'm gonna put a comment out there that we're looking 50 30,000 or more for those deals because anything under that, it's just, it's really not worth it as an as a deal. You turn on to a creative finance deal, it's just not going to bring in that much money. You can really, really find really good deals for the 1000 and up. But the IBC I'm going to update it probably tomorrow, I'm gonna have a call to have the call after this call to work on that right now. But since we have underwriting department working on the smaller deals as well. But the key purchase price, like if you think the property law is worth 15k to a million submitted there a million and 26:38 let's make a distinction as an that's not confuse anybody. If the deal has a potential profit of 100k, and up that's still goes to submit Bigland. Yeah, but but if it's anything like 50k value, 100k value, and you could make our minimum threshold that we like to even take a look at is 20,000. If we can't make 20,000 on it, it's a waste of time, let's just move on to something else. So if you guys can push for at least that maybe, you know, 2030 4050 let's let's let's count those as small deals, but don't send anything that's going to make like five grand or seven grand or something like that, let's just skip over those completely. Because a lot of times, we're networking with agents right now to help us sell deals. And by that we pay the agent, we pay you and we pay ourselves. And then also we got to pay to send out text messages and phone calls and one of our guys to make the phone calls to sell it. Now you're splitting that deal, like five ways and it just doesn't make sense. So let's let's try to keep the minimum threshold somewhere like around like 30 grand or something. So, you know, again, if you're working in an area that super far away from town, a lot of people have been sending us deals that are like, exactly 50 miles at a time or 55 Miles know the price has already dropped significantly out there. So if you're gonna pull one to five to 10 acre tracks, you know, let's keep that revenue relative, right? Let's try to make those like somewhere 2030 miles from the city, right? Because the closer you are to the city, the better north of every major Texas City is money. Austin, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, just north of the city, you know, 510 2030 Miles is magic. In February, we did 99k on six acres in 30 days. So you know, that was North Dallas. So if you guys find anything that's, you know, one to 10 to 20 acres, let's be as close to the city as possible. Let's not look at five acres 50 miles out the reason we gave you guys a 50 mile threshold is because we're gonna be looking at deals that are 100 acres, 200 acres, that kind of stuff. 28:22 Yep. And, and north we found we found we figured this out recently is that all of our deals that we've done have always been north of the city. So like let's just focus the north of the city because that's where all our deals been closing. Because before it was like that 50 miles around the city. And we've we've realized like man, it's always been the north side. And even when I lived in Atlanta all the action was happening on the north side for whatever reason. It's crazy. All the rich I used to live in Chicago, all those people live in North South Chicago. It's crazy how that works. But Northside is where you get to get a lot more traction is what it seems. Data tree data tree and this is Camry ask question. What are some lists sources apart from data tree and prop stream? 29:05 I probably steer you away from Prop stream. A lot of people have been having a lot of success on data tree. I feel like maybe prop stream has been abused. Yeah, we've been getting a lot of good feedback from data tree. 29:16 Yep, a lot of good feedback on data tree from a lot of different people. And like I said, if you guys can't do certain parts partner with somebody in the group that has we I think we've had a couple people in this group. bunch up together. So if you're feeling alone and helpless, there's somebody out there that can use your home. Yeah, Alfred 29:35 says use priced. We've been hearing good stuff about priced as well. So there's another confirmation right there PR YC D. And then I guess that's what Daniel mentioned. The reason that we even created hivemind was to have a mastermind of people helping us do land deals. And then sure enough, a year and a half later, look at this room in right a whole room full of hungry beasts that are ready to take the world down. So I would tell you guys right now that the reason we created a community, a community based real estate company instead of us because we got our license turned into agents hired agents, you know, I mean, like, just kind of build it the traditional way. But the reason we wanted to go community based because it's, I think it's more aggressive of a platform. And then there's also like less red tape. So the idea was, let's crowdsource our ideas, let's crowdsource our capital, let's crowdsource our leads, let's crowdsource our time, right, and let's just put this together into one machine, it's cranking on all cylinders. So if you have more time than capital, don't be embarrassed to put that in the group. One thing I think that has made a hive mind go further than a lot of other real estate companies in a very short amount of time, is we're both not afraid to stand up in a room full of super, super rich and successful people and say, Hey, I don't know what the hell I'm doing, who can help me? Right, just having the humility to say I need help. I'm a new guy. I don't know what I'm doing. Somebody grabbed onto me and pointed the time, you know, we'll ask questions, we'll ask dumb questions in a roomful of highly successful people. And we don't think twice about it. Daniel's the same I'm the same, like we're not proud people at all. We're not like trying to like front or we just straight up tell you like, Hey, I've never done that size of the Oh, hey, I've never been involved in that, like, What do I got to do that? And that's, that's where the magic happens is, uh, is not having to worry about, you know, I need to be successful first, or I need to have something to prove first, before I can ask my question or, you know, just just stand up in the middle there and go to the million dollar page on that group. You can say, hey, I have some time to make some phone calls. You know, and if nobody answers it, nobody responds to it, start going through the messages, start going through the old posts, and see when people say, Okay, where are you getting this from? Just comments on there, Hey, did you ever pull that list, I can make some phone calls for you, hey, my hive mind set up, I can send some text out for you, you know, be aggressive. There's no rules to this game. There's no rules at all. The only the only rules that are here are just as long as it's legal and moral. And that's it. Other than that, you know, we're not going to tell you like, Hey, don't go try to you know, solicit leads from other people in the group. Like, please, if you don't have the capital, go grab somebody else that has already pulled a list because chances are, if they can pull a nice two or three or $4,000 list, they probably don't have a ton of time to work it. So grab on to somebody and say, hey, you know, don't even send me the whole list you sent me 500 Let me prove myself. Hit him on Messenger if you're embarrassed to say it on the page. You know, I mean, like, just reach out to people there's there's literally no no rules here. It's up to you to like stand up and set yourself apart and go out there and get it 32:20 shows how hungry you are. I mean, Anthony got here by doing stupid stuff. Make yourself look like idiots. 32:29 I try to I try to bring that up more often than not to tell people like me. I don't have a great memory. I'm not really good at numbers. I'm not the best guy that comes. You know, that's how I met Daniel. It's why we started working together so much is because I leaned on him for comps, you know, and I'm not embarrassed to say that I've said it on a million phone calls. It's like I found out somebody that has strengths that I didn't possess and I just leaned on them. Right now I've been doing that ever since like Ryan Logan former I text Ryan almost every single day is Logan former's partner. And I mean, anytime I need anything, I hit him up. I don't care how stupid the question is. Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting his time to do but I don't care. You know, sometimes he'll answer a question for me. And then I close the deal. And I'll send him a grant. You know, just for a 10 minute phone call. It's like the least I think I've ever paid him as a grand and up to five grand just for like answering a few text messages to help me close the deal. So don't be afraid to reach out to people. If you're putting in the work. People are gonna appreciate it. Right? If we see you guys, hey, I already ran these comps. I got these four leads. I got these comps, right here. This is what I come up with. Here's my numbers. Here's what I'm thinking. Can you help me? You know? Yeah, Heck, yeah, we can help you especially we've seen that you already done hours and hours and hours of work and you spent hundreds of dollars on marketing. It's literally our job to come in and try to help you take them down. So you're not wasting our time by any means. If you have systems problems, if you're texting, if your system crashes, if you keep getting blocked or something weirds happening, that's Daniel, if you want to build on some automations he'll probably refer you to customer service. But there's some stuff that he can do hands on with you. And then me as far as like negotiating and coming up with a an offer. That's all me. So if you say hey, this guy sounds like he's ready to talk is price. Sounds amazing. Is there any way you can make the phone call with me? The answer is usually yes. I'll just give you like, whatever time is ready for me. So is Texas A title deed state for the purchase agreement? What does it What do you mean title deed? I mean, I mean, we go to the title company, they give you a warranty deed when you check out 34:19 seems like a loaded question. 34:22 When offering the purchase agreement, you know, usually when we when we refer to a blind offer, yeah, yeah, we're sending out mail than it already has a price on it. That's fine. I mean, there's there's nothing wrong with that approach. I would also leave it open ended, right that says like, Hey, we're trying to offer at 2000 on this property. But if there's something we don't know about it, we're happy to come up even significantly, you know, please like, always make sure I think if you're sending blind offers, say this is what we're offering cash right now without seeing it. But also always, this is just a sales tactic one on one is always leave the door open, right? So if you do a takeaway from somebody, like if you're like, let's say you're marketing and you're trying to convince a guy to hurry up and sign your contract, you're like, look, man They only have cash to buy one property left this year. Right. And I would love for it to be yours. Like, please let me know something as soon as possible. Right? Yeah, that's like one way to kind of do a little bit urgency like kind of a takeaway. But then you can also add on the back end. Like, you know, this offer doesn't expire, just just call me and hopefully we can work something out. I always leave the door open for never slam the door in their face. So we send a blind offer, just put some kind of verbiage in there that says like, I'm always open to to reassess the deal. If there's something about the property that I don't know that would make it more valuable or something to that effect. 35:30 I was at a meet up. This is why I network with other people. He said, literally use the words plant a seed, because everybody thinks we want to visually like plant a seed. So he's like, I just want to plant a seed. And this is where he's talking about, like maybe I started playing a seed that maybe we can give a higher offer based on if there's something else in the property that makes it make sense. This is our offer right now. I'm just gonna plant a seed. If you're open to creative offers, let me know 35:54 James coons is in the house man year, James James has been around hivemind. Since the very beginning, I think it's one of the first 10 and I'm glad to see he's doing it. I was I was waiting, man, that's my boy. What's the quickest way to run land comps, I'll let Daniel go second, because mine is quick and dirty and easy. But while I'm on the phone with the seller, I'm gonna go straight to either or So to get to realtor land site, all you need to do is go to Google and say land for sale will verde Texas done and it'll pull up the it'll pull up everything one acre tracts, five acre tracts hitting your tracks, you know, 100 acre tracts. And I just go off with that, if you're if you're doing a million dollar deal for this strategy, I will just go filters most expensive properties first. And you'll start to see that there's 100 acre tracts, 200 acre tracts, 400 acre tracts, you'll see what they're listed for per acre. And that's what I use as my quick and dirty reference point. And remember, just because it's listed at that price, doesn't mean it's going to sell for that price. So James said, Should I just knock 10% off of recent comps, you know, since we're, we're looking downward guys, right, like land has been shooting up massively for the last couple years, it might not continue to do that for the next 12 to 24 months. So let's not kid ourselves and expect that, you know, if something sold for 20,000 An acre yesterday, that that's what it's going to sell for a year from now. So we need to kind of like pack that into our, our offer, just and also to guys, don't be afraid to let the sellers know to say use those words, is, you know, Hey, man, you know, things are getting worse, right now they're not getting better, right? The interest rates keep getting raised, like the Fed is intentionally trying to correct the price of real estate right now in the price of goods and services, we had runaway inflation, so just let them know, say, hey, you know, if I'm not, I'm not, I don't read the future. But if I was to guess I would say that the price of land is not going to shoot up for the next year or two, it's gonna go down. So I know what your neighbor sold for, you know, two months ago. But unfortunately, if your property didn't sell for that price that you've been asking for, you know, six months ago, when we had the hottest economy in world history, it's probably not going to sell for that, you know, in the next couple of months, or the next year, if it didn't sell for that six months ago, just FYI. And don't be afraid to say that to people, because these, the sellers still think that everything's exploding. They see it on TV, but it hasn't registered in their mind yet that things are gonna start to go backwards. But I use and 38:14 And make sure you look at comps that are varying sizes of what you're looking at, don't look at a binder go out and compare it against a 50 acre lot isn't actually the same. And pretty much what he said. One thing I'll say too, is use. If there's a I heard this strategy recently he was you can use if the I have AV capital in place, but it costs him there's a cost of money. If I can give you your price, you can be the bank and it will be less cost of money, but I can still make this deal happen. So it's like another way of asking for seller financing. I've been taking talking to more agents as of late May in the Austin area, I was actually just five to 80% of signing a listing offer. Just selling them or low offer with a sensible explanation often leads to ghosting. Sign of agents. I saw statistic, I don't know if it's 100% True, but there's like 1.4 million agents in the US. And 800,000 of them haven't closed the deal all year. 39:22 Hey, just just to be clear on something. When we say 50 to 60 cents on the dollar offer that's like to kind of frame your show for seller finance. So seller anchoring. Yeah, so you're not punching them in the face and saying, hey, well, you should just learn from the dollar. The way that you build, there's a build up to this right and this you're gonna get the only way to get better at this is by actually making the phone calls. So what it sounds like is this. Look, how long have you had this property listed for Sir, you know, hey, it's been listed for 260 days. I'm talking to a guy today on an 800 acre tract and they've had the property listed for almost 10 years. 39:56 Right 39:59 now Have you been the same agent the whole time? It's amazing, right? So first, you got to kind of warm them up a little bit. When you say, look, here's what I'm thinking, if the property hasn't sold for that, and use whatever number they have it for three months, six months, nine months, you guys are gonna go after listed properties, it's very easy to go find properties that have been listed for nine months a year, you can see that you can see that, 40:19 especially. So if you see that 40:21 has been lifted there, you can see that they look, it looks like it hasn't moved at that price for a year and a half. Right. So as an investor, that tells me that it's probably not worth that. Because even the market there doesn't want it for that price. You know, is that kind of what you're seeing on your end? And the Roadster might be? Well, yeah, yeah, but micellar like, they're just, you know, okay, look, here's what, here's what I'm thinking. And this is how we operate. And so no hard feelings, anybody, I don't wanna hurt your feelings. But if I was gonna buy this thing, cash, if I'm going to write you a check, I'm gonna probably be like, somewhere around the other with the other wholesalers have told you guys, I'm probably like, it would be your 60 cents on the dollar. If I'm going to transfer cash from my account to yours. That's just the way it is. But what I can also do, what we've done before in the past, is we set it up to where we can get closer to what your what your seller is asking, or even offer full price, if they're willing to give us some time with the property if they are willing to give us time to pay. What how do you think they would feel about that? And of course, you'd still get your full commission. But But if your seller gave it some time to pay, do you think that's something they'd be open to? What's the key response that you want? The response you're trying to elicit is what does that look like? How does that work? What does that mean? Right? You want them to ask that. And then that means that that agents wheels are spinning, then the very next thing you want to say is you want to say, look, I still want you to get your full commission, we can make this work, I want you to get 100% of what you were gonna make anyway. I'm not trying to get you to take away. But obviously, if the property hasn't sold for that today, right, maybe it's gonna be worth that tomorrow or a year, three years, five years from now. But the market is telling you that it's not worth that price right now, today. So what I would like to do is, I would like to propose this, I would like to give you a certain amount down upfront, right? Today, tomorrow, next month, 90 days from now. And then let's wait, we could spread out the rest over a year, two years, three years, four years? Do you think that's something your seller might be open to? That's exactly how you frame that. Look, if you guys want cash, you're not gonna like my cash longer at all, you're not gonna like it, if you want me to write you a check. But there have have other solutions. That's not all I have. I'm not a one trick pony. And I say this every time to that's not the only way I could make it work. Okay, I'll tell you that right now. That's not the only way I could make it work. I have other things that I could do. But if the property is not worth that today, but you gave me two or three or four years or five years to pay it, I can make this work. The seller would be open to that. 42:45 Do you frame tax implications in with that? Are you working on doing that, too? 42:49 I only talk about tax implications. When I'm talking to the seller, I don't do it to the agent, but it probably wouldn't hurt as well. You want explain that real quick? 42:55 Yeah, so for everybody here, capital gains tax, it's heavily heavily heavily gonna hit people, especially million dollars or up, they're just gonna get hit by capital gains really, really hard. So the way that they can limit or mitigate their tax is by paying under $42,000. In payments, there's a thing as IRS code 73, or something like that, that as long as they pay under 40,000 a year, they don't have to pay any taxes as a capital gains. So if they're, if they're selling a million dollar property, and you pay him 100k, down, they're gonna pay taxable gains tax over that 100k. Whereas if it was maybe 40 grand down, or 30, grand down and payments over time, don't have to pay capital gains tax is a way to mitigate their their tax implications. So this is where it comes down to, if we can, and this is where like, Hey, do you want to get paid a million dollars now? Or do you want to get paid a million dollars like this and pay less taxes? Because if you pay if you if it's a million dollar property, you're gonna pay a lot in taxes, depending on your tax rate and your income, especially if you sell this million dollar property for a million dollars. So you're, you're already yes, you're getting paid a million dollars, but you're really gonna get hit with taxes that might take 20 or 30% of that. Are you okay with that? No. Okay, let's go this way, we can lay down and stretch off those payments into a longer term that we can actually pay less taxes across, and that's called an installment sale. 44:24 So check this out. So there's a there's a way I use this actually today to get the seller to lean a little bit more toward seller finance. Every single wholesaler every single person that's new to this comes to me every single day, and they say the seller is not up for that the seller is not up for that they don't want payments. It's because of the way that you're framing it. You make it sound like like a Kmart special, like they're just going to hand you the property and now you're like on a payment plan. It's definitely the way that you're framing it because I'm hearing it more and more and more and I don't I if I asked for it. If it's a property that's going to work for us, they're usually at least open to hearing it. But in your mind, you're telling yourself that seller doesn't want that. Don't think that for a second. I have a seller right now he has I'm trying to give him 500,000 cash. Right. But his goal he's already told me, I said, Look, what an ask him that. What's your main objective for this property? Tell me what your main goal is here. I want to maximize my profit. Okay, cool. If I gave you $500,000, you're probably looking at at least 21% long term capital gains. 45:23 Did you ever think about that? 45:27 No. Yeah, it sounds like, correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're about to give 100 grand to the government? If I give you a check for 500,000. Sounds about right. Well, your look, you told me that you're trying to maximize your profit, right? Yes. What if I could give you $500,000 On paper plus interest spread out over the next one year, two years, two years, five years, you don't have to think about this property anymore. You don't have to worry about it anymore. You don't have to pay the taxes anymore. Every single year. Now all you're doing is collecting monthly payments now for the next three years or five years at 5%. Interest 6% interest 7% Interest. Isn't that something you might be? You don't want to mention that this is advanced. So you don't want to mention interest at all. We're trying to go for zero down zero interest. But but it but if the sellers, Max Max set on how I just want to make the most amount of profit possible. And that's my main goal. Hey, if I attached you know, two or three or 5% interest in this property sprout over the next 10 or 20 years, I don't know if your what your math looks like. But I'm showing that's about $780,000. Does that sound a little bit better than 500? Right? And if you don't spell it out for them like that, if you just say, Hey, can I give you payments? No, oh my gosh, have you ever thought about the long term implications of that cash? Right. So again, hearing this stuff over and over and over again, is one way to piece it together. But the second way is to actually just make the phone calls and talk about it. And if the first time you do it, it sounds like crap. Second, fifth time you do it, and the 25th time you do it, it sounds like crap. Sooner or later, you're gonna say it with so much conviction that sellers actually gonna start to believe you. 47:00 So here's the here's the crazy thing about this, if you think about it in their shoes, they've probably done less than five to 10 real estate transactions that are whole life, ever, ever. So you have that that perception that they don't think about, they really, they're really uneducated in the space. So it's about educating them on what's on the process in general, and what you're educating on them, what is what capital gains will do to them, educating them, he you have a you have a million dollar multimillion dollar property. If you do this, then this, they can help you actually help you. So it's educating and, and giving them options to choose, hey, I can do this cash flow, it's going to be at this price. Or we can do this and maximize this. But you pay less tax implications will ever go to your CPA. So it's just it's just laying out and educating your seller, and then let them make the decision. Look, 47:52 here's another way to frame up when you're talking to these guys right here is to say this, look, I talked to a lot of people that own properties like this, let them know that you're not a rookie, right. And the only way for you to say that would conviction is to talk to a lot of people with properties like this, right? But what you want to say is you want to say, look, I talked to a lot of guys that are in your situation right now. And the main reason they tell me they don't want to sell is because of the tax implications. Right? They don't want to pay 21% long term capital gains. And I'm not saying that's what you're thinking about, or that's what you care about, because I don't know what you're going to do with the money. But when I talk to people like you, that's what they tell me. They tell me that they don't want to pay all that money in taxes. Do you is that one of the reasons why you're saying that you kind of are not interested in selling right now. See what they say. Then the next thing you'd come up with. And again, we're just digging, guys, this is why I don't write scripts, I've probably been asked 5000 times if I have any scripts. I don't like scripts, because I want you to make the phone calls, you'll develop your own script. So we'll just give you enough bullets. So you can go in and you can say your own stuff. But somewhere else where where I always go is what do you do with that money? Cool. They're gonna you're gonna sound like you like punch them in the ears. They're gonna be like work. Yeah, that's a lot of money. Two and a half million dollars. I mean, you have a lot of debt to pay or what? No, we're debt free. Well, then why do you need two and a half million dollars for? Well, 49:14 I want to reinvest it. 49:15 Yeah, I might put it in another property. Who did you identify one already? No. So what's your goal? Then? Like? Are you trying to like just put it into something else and let it sit? Or are you trying to put it into something that actually cash flows? Like an apartment complex or self storage or something? Well, yeah, cash flow, I would definitely love the cash flow. Awesome. So if I could turn this property into cash flow for you? Is that something that you would like to 49:38 hear about? You see, the way I frame that? 49:42 You got to ask questions to get inside of their head, like, where are you going? What are you going to do with all this damn money? And half the time they don't know what they're gonna do with it either. I remember, I got to talk to my attorney. I got to talk to my CPA. Does your CPA 49:53 pay your bills for you? I 49:54 mean, what does he help you find properties? No. Well, then what do you mean like I'm just saying I'm just curious man, you're gonna You can hang up on me whenever you want. But what are you gonna do with all that money? That's a lot of money to have sitting in your bank account just collecting dust. Right? What if I could help you take that capital? Like, if you had two and a half million? What if I could help you take that two and a half million and put it into a cash flowing asset? Right, where you can start to receive monthly payments and interest every single month, instead of you having to pay taxes at the end of the year? What does that mean? Like you guys can help them find a different property? I don't know. Is that something you'd be interested in? Right. So vital, find that out? If he says, Yeah, of course, I would like to dump this $2 million dollar piece of junk and sit on something that's paying me, you know, $3,000 a month. $4,000 a month? Cool. Yeah, I can help you find properties. It's all I do all day, me and my team. That's all we do is we're looking for properties all day, every day. How much? How much would you need to make a month for this move to make sense to move this capital from here to somewhere else? How much capital would it take for this deal to make sense for you? Like, would you need 2000? a month? 3000 a month for that? Well, I don't know. I never thought about it. We'll just right now like, like, if you just had to guess if you're just shooting in the dark? How much cash flow? Would you like to see from a $2 million investment? You know, you're you're already sitting on something that's not paying you anything at all, you're getting zero? What would make sense for you, you know, to move that $2 million asset into something that cash flows? What well, what would you need to get? What's the minimum? Well, I would I would, I would need no less than 4000 a month. Hmm. Now we're on to something guys. 51:30 That's a that's a 30 year term, 2 million bucks. 0% interest? 51:37 You never know, right? The guy's paying. He's probably paying 5000 8000 12,000 a month that that 108 acres that we bought over there and jet rode his freakin yearly taxes was $15,000. Right? So you think that guy wasn't motivated to sell that property? So that's what I'm saying. It's all about how you frame it. And asking those hard questions. I know everybody in this room, I would say 90% of the people in this room, at least maybe more are afraid to ask that seller what they're gonna do it the money. Why are you afraid? Who cares? If they hang up on you have a few more million people to call? Right and say, Look, man, I'm not trying to get into your business. I'm just curious. What are you going to do with all that money? That's a lot of money. Do you have a lot of debt? Are you in debt? Is the IRS gonna come kick you out of your house? No, everything I own tax free. Okay, that's what I'm trying to make sense out of, because usually people I know that are in your situation that have multimillion dollar assets. They're thinking about cashflow and interest, and you're just sitting on this $3 million latch for for 12 years. 12 years, 5000 a month, this thing should have already paid you like $12 million. And you know, it's only worth three. I'm just kind of curious what's making you sit on it. Just curious. People. If you're if you're if you're educating somebody, or if you're being condescending, making them feel dumb, like they're missing out on something, then that's, that's sad. But if you're curious, there's no way they can get mad at you. I'm just curious. I just want to know, because when I talk to people like you, this is what they tell me. I'm just very curious why you are in this amazing situation, and you haven't done anything to modify it or change it. I'm just curious. What's special about your situation? I don't know anything. I don't know any better. I'm just curious. 53:22 Well, one thing one thing that's crazy about what he's saying is that he never entered never projects as the person making the offer. He never projects as the person of what he's thinking is more projecting on them their insecurities that God knows they have. So everybody has insecurities at every level. And taxes is a huge thing. Like what do you what are you gonna do with the money? I don't know. I'm going to put it another property what type of property well probably want to buy a bigger piece of land parcel. Well, how big? Oh, what if I have 100 acres over here that you want to get? Let me talk to Anthony. I'm my partner Anthony. He does text deals all over the place. He might have the the acres you want up. You can sell you. 54:04 Yep, we got the property. We talked to a lady by Houston and she wanted $10 million for her ranch. So what are you gonna do with all that cash is I'm gonna buy another ranch by New Braunfels. I said, cool if I can help you find a ranch by New Braunfels? You bet. Yes. Find me one buddy. So she was willing to do the deal with us on this side. Because like, if you help me sell it, I'll give you $500,000 She's a broker so she knows the game. So I don't need to sign anything. I don't need anything. Everybody knows who I am. Bring me a buyer of 500,000 and if you find me arrange by New Braunfels, I'm gonna take that money I'm gonna move it over there and I'll pay you again. Dang lady, thank you. Right but but you're not going to come across those until you are somebody has one in New Braunfels send it to us. Here's what I want to start recommending and I hope everybody doesn't expect things to kind of like speed up because they're just moving as fast as they're gonna move. Sent when you submit it to Google and deals tubes also send it to me if it's if it's a hit, if you have comps if it makes sense if it's a good looking deal, plenty of roads Road touching the property paved road, send it to me to why you sent it to submit the land. I'll see if I can help you speed it up on my side. 55:07 Or just tell him you submit it to big land now I can pull it. There you go. Okay. Yeah. Like a spoke focus on this deal I just submitted. I just started doing that. And I can pull it. 55:17 Yeah, yeah, send some comms guy, send some calm, see what you got. Get good at numbers, put it together, ask those hard questions when you're talking to the seller. Look, if you talk to 10, sellers, or 20, sellers, and you blow it, who cares? Because by number 21, you're gonna feel a little bit better, a little bit more confident. And they're also going to hear that in your voice. So there's a time to be a professional on these phone calls to come in as the authority and say, Look, I know exactly what to do, here is what to do all the time I deal with these types of properties all the time, I'm not gonna let you down, I got this, don't worry about it. And then there's also a time to be brand new, right to just say like, Hey, I'm just curious. I'm just, I just want to know, like, you can even use this to your advantage, right? Because everybody thinks, Well, I'm brand new, that I can take me serious. Use that to your advantage. Say, Hey, I'm brand new. You know, I don't know too much about this. But when I talk to people that are in your situation, you know, they told me that they're more interested in insurance, interest and cash flow and stuff like that. So I'm just kind of curious, like, is that something that that you think about? Instead of you selling for a million in cash? You know, what if I got to a million plus 5% interest? And again, learn how to use those spreadsheets, put show it to them, say, hey, if I, you know, I don't show me if my math is wrong, but in six years, it looks like you'll make like a million and a half on this deal. You know, or something like that? You know, is that something that you'd be interested in taking a look at? If I paid you a million and a half instead of a million? Use those words. You know what if I paid you more, we're asking, is that something you'd want to take a look at? Or listen to? You know, I'm new? I don't know, maybe you don't? Maybe you can care less? But if I could show you that, is that something you want to take a look at? 56:53 A few more minutes. Anybody have any questions about that? John Alexander says practice on sellers on your first 10 deals, it's way to look at it. Who cares about who cares about the calls themselves? Just practice? 57:04 If you guys don't, if you never get to call number one, you're never gonna get to call number 100. So yeah, just do what John says. Towards the first 10. Who cares? Let him hang up on you yell at you laugh at you. Who cares? Because by number 11, you got you got 10 calls under your belt. What to include when submitting a deal? comps, shave with the property GPS coordinates for address. Yeah, the flood zone map a screenshot of the flood zone map and a parcel ID Yeah. 57:31 Somebody asked a question earlier too about Texas. We're doing Texas is our playground anything in Texas we'll look at we'll look at other states and just might not be our our 100% priority based off of other states were Texas. We're gonna look at 57:45 but but the new the new lead submission form for the less than a million dollar deals. That's that's gonna be nationwide. Nationwide. 100%. Yeah. So don't send us million dollar deals nationwide to submit big land, but you can send them to the secondary link. Even if they're big over a million, we still want them for some big land Texas only right now. But everything else we're gonna give you guys that's what does that secondary LinkedIn, want to post it in the chat? 58:09 And for everybody why we have different things we have. We have, we have essentially have a team in the backend looking at different size of deals. And there's full time staff on that. So we're, we have we have a team for big deals, we have a team for smaller deals. 58:23 Yeah, I would say we probably get a lead like every every hour to three hours to four hours, we're getting leads every single day, all day every day. So it gets kind of complex and confusing. Yeah, anything outside of Texas, you're gonna send them to the one that Daniel just dropped in the chat. It's www dot Hyve So hi, Buyers Club. Buyers Club. Yeah, send it to that, again, any size do but let's try to keep like a minimum threshold somewhere right around like 30 to 40,000 profit mark. Right. So not at not a $40,000 lab that you're trying to make 6000 on let's just skip those altogether. Those are okay to keep you paid and keep you in business. But let's try to look for some stuff that's going to move the needle for you. 59:06 Yep. Any other questions? Is that a great call today? I hope you all enjoyed Reubens, Reubens, testimony testimonials earlier on the call. 59:17 Man, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. I just hopefully this can help someone. So I know I said I was sending out 200 A week actually meant 200 a day. So I figured I'm paying $100 a month for the hivemind subscription. 1000 text messages cost $20 So that's $20 a week. Drop 1000 messages. 20 bucks you guys Yeah. 20 bucks. So since my message is so broad and blank, I always get a response not always get a response. But I want to say about 70 80% I'm getting a response just because it's so broad and they want to know like, what do I own? You know, what do you want to know of what that I own? But yeah, if your first text message is really is really pinpoint on you're including the address and you just want to get straight to the point $20 A week will get you 1000 text messages to draw and of course you have to account for what what you're going to reply and all that but you know that's that's the route online and it's it's slowly but surely, you know, coming through 1:00:34 we're getting Pay Per Click leads for like they're there sometimes run 6080 100 bucks each. So for $20 For to touch the 1000 people or something you're doing pretty good. 1:00:47 Lauren asks, What's the profit on JV deals? JV deals, we kind of work a little different. So if we're gonna buy it with our own cash, we have a, we have a hard cost because we have to wait till it sells. So we just pay your fee on top. If we JV as far as like, wholesaler, we might have a buyer for it was good 5050 on it. It depends if we have to put a capital up or not. 1:01:09 Yeah, yeah, it was just quick wholesale. We tried to get through as much as possible. But if you were putting cash into the deal that changes everything. You guys have unlimited fun, literally have unlimited funds. I mean, we've called this week to borrow 100 140,000. We've called to borrow a million this week. So yeah, whatever kind of deal you come across, if it's a deal, we're going to help you make it happen. Like there's there's no reason that you're going to lose out on a deal if the seller needs to close quick, but they're willing to do like a fire. So price, then, yeah, we need to move on it real quick, we can make the deals happen. 1:01:42 And like I said, if you submit a deal that is about a fire sale price would usually close tell us that to like, Hey, I just submitted one they'd need closer than two weeks because of some pending thing, foreclosure, whatever. Let us know that immediately. Especially because there's like other notes on the bottom. Make sure you put that in the other notes. Owl says direct mail or texting. Pros and Cons direct mail is expensive, expensive, expensive, expensive. But this is just contacts. Texting is the cheapest way to get contacts. 1:02:11 You know, I would say scrub your list and the people that have never text you back or you just couldn't find a good address or phone number for that. Then if you guys if you're still brand new that you absolutely still don't know what to do, and you're still scratching your head on outreach of John Alexander's on this box. He was a legend. He's been with hivemind. Since the beginning, he's mentored me for two years and Daniel for two years. So hit up John Alexander, if you just need complete brand new basic training, like you just don't know exactly what to do. The guy's a beast, and he'll help you get into momentum. But yeah, man, just who he does, he covers melee, he covers a lot of that stuff. 1:02:48 So nobody in here, hey, 1:02:51 let me see if I can just jump in here on that note. So to male, a male is very expensive, it's effective, don't get me wrong. Yeah, you're gonna be you're gonna be paying about $100 for 100 pieces of mail versus 1000 texts for 20 bucks. So there's a vast difference between the two. So if my advice to new people coming in, start texting, you use that to get to the end, at some point, you can add mailing and after that. The other thing I wanted to mention is the pricing you guys are doing you're going to be doing on these deals where we're talking about 30,000, say 200 200,000. And those in that price range. Those pieces of property are going to sink in value over the next year. And there and that price is not coming back to where it is right now for probably another seven to 10 years before they see that price again. So you're doing everybody a favor right now by buying their property before it gets to those lower marks, you know, where we're headed. And how do I know this because it's happened to me four different times. I've been doing this for 40 years, and every crash. That's what happens in that price range for land. It's not like houses houses go down a little bit. And then they start to go back up and they go back up fairly quickly. Land is like a snail crawling next to a car compared to houses. So you're doing them a good favor right now. Plus, it's something you can talk about. So if you're talking to them, you know, you kind of if you can educate them a little bit. That would be the way to do it. You know, let them know like the lat you can tell that hey, the last crash. It took until about three years ago before prices got back up to where they were from 2007. So that was a long that was a long haul to get back to those prices. So and that's just the fact of land that's how it is it just takes a long time for land prices to move. 1:05:01 That's great information. 100% John Alexander has been around the block for a long time. 40 years doing this. Definitely taking advice, man. And what price point is that? Is that really gonna affect? Again, 1:05:13 that's on all the smaller acreage is. It's not as a sec, it doesn't affect as much on the higher end like the, you know, the million dollar properties. Were you talking about, you know, whatever the you know, 235 $1,000 an acre, but you're talking about 100 acres, 200 acres, whatever. It's on the smaller deal. This is like an acre is five acres is 10 acres. It's those is those deals and smaller, even even infill lots and all that which, you know, we're trying to avoid, but all of its gonna get crushed here. Gotcha. It's already starting to get crushed. So, so now, now's the time to act and get these people as much money as they can get out of it. They just, but they're not in the real estate business, like Anthony was saying earlier, so they don't know what's happening. Yep, they absolutely have no clue. 1:06:02 No, yeah. Don't Don't be afraid to educate these guys. And it's not in a condescending way. It's a way of you're saying like, Hey, I'm on your side. I would, I wouldn't. I'm trying to get you as much as I can. But I'm also trying to stay in business. Right? So just just know things are not getting better. They're getting worse, quick. Yeah, 1:06:21 that angle that guy's the angle that Anthony is teaching you about not being you always want to make them smarter than you. That is just like that 101 salesmanship. That's the way you want to position yourself coming in. And just drip a little knowledge here and there throughout your conversation. Like, oh, you know, I know that, you know, from my research. This is what happened back in 2008. Two prices, and the crash before that as well. And then then their ears perk up. Oh, wait, wait, wait a minute, maybe I need to sell now. Because it's only gonna get worse. 1:06:59 Boom. You heard it from the man himself. 1:07:02 There you go. I hope he also notes on that one. You're already Anthony. Any final thoughts? 1:07:08 No, I'm good. Right now. I think we're good. If you guys have any questions, it's best if you post them inside of the group so we can answer them as a collective as opposed to like messaging one of us. 1:07:16 I tell me that all the time. If you message me something about the million dollar group post in the group, that way we can answer it live and every else can see. Because for us, we can really help the collective as everybody if you have a question, just put it there we and everybody else can answer that same question they might have had to ask. So definitely put in the group. 1:07:33 I appreciate you guys being here with us. Thanks, John for hanging out and coming in and then teaching us some game and just like I said, Go in there and let these peoples know that you know things are not going to get better don't be afraid to say that you're not bringing doomsday you're telling the truth and even say that say like I'm not I'm not trying to rain on your parade. I'm not trying to make you feel bad. Things are not getting better, sir. You're about to get a lot worse. And like John said, I didn't know this. You said the prices are gonna be down for the next five to seven to 10 years. I'm trying to get through as much as I can today. Right and just let them know that you know, don't be afraid to say those types of things and see the responses you get then you can develop your pitch as we go but I appreciate you guys sticking with it and hanging out with us and putting in the work don't get tired you know some of these deals take can take 90 days six months a year. We had a lady come in she wanted 1.3 million you close over a year later at 300,000 Right? So stick with it don't get worn out, go to the gym, eat your Wheaties eat some steak and stick with it. You know things you just more marketing. We didn't we haven't turned on marketing downward turning it way, way, way up, expecting things to crash. So the only way to be a magician at this game to make yourself look good and smart is to do a ton of marketing. That's the only way to make yourself look like if you're you're a professional and you're a killer at this business. Because if you're doing a ton of marketing, so don't get tired, you know time to go harder not to go not to get weak or tired or slow 1:08:49 down. I will see you all next week. Have a good day guys. Bye. Thank you. Thank you

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!

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I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

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