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Nov. 1, 2022

Ep 254: Building Trust With Henry Washington

Ep 254: Building Trust With Henry Washington


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0:03 This show is sponsored by hive mind CRM, it is more than just a CRM. It is a real estate and business mastermind that comes with an all in one CRM, you can have unlimited websites and users, you can call text, RVM, and email all in one user interface. And you can set up custom automations. For any type and multiple businesses. 65% of companies start using a CRM system within the first five years of business. Once implemented, the hive mind will save you on marketing, give you more time and make more money. One of our users had his first $100,000 month using our system in June, we want to see you automate and accelerate your business text us at 2109728 t 42. For future meetings. And of course, to get our $1 course on how to make more than six figures on one land deal. You can schedule your free demo today at hive mind CR 1:01 You have been doing a lot of traveling like me, probably more than me way more than that. What's it like traveling to new new places, meeting new people? And is it like for you 1:11 seeing new places is fun, right? And getting to speak to investors all over the country is fun and a blessing. And I don't take it for granted. Yeah, I like it a whole lot better when I get to bring my family. Yeah, obviously, them coming on every trip doesn't always make sense. But investing in real estate gives me the financial freedom to be able to do that. So I've got my whole family here. I came here for a conference that only lasts three days. I came here three days before the conference to hang out with my family. I'll do the conference for three days. And then we're staying for four days after and I'll hang out with my family then too. So 1:44 where have you been this year? Because for me, I have a list. 1:47 Yeah, this year has been nuts, man. Again, like being a real estate investor is such a blessing. So like, this is so my family's here. We also took a trip earlier, we went to Orlando for a conference. And so like my kids been to both see worlds on both sides of the country in one summer just because I get to travel and do events. And so that's just a super unique thing to be able to say she's been to see what Orlando we did SeaWorld San Diego today. She did Disney World in Orlando. We did Disney Land in Los Angeles a couple of months ago. And so we've been all over we've been this year I've been to Florida, Texas, Orlando, California, Missouri, Arkansas. And I think I just booked I'm coming back to California next month to go to Fresno to speak. Okay, awesome. The internet makes the world such a small place, man, I get stopped in airports. And it's just great. I was in Orlando, at in Harry Potter world, with my wife and kids. And some guy and his father come up to me and they're talking to me about my content. And they're glad that I put it out because he was going through a refinance and my content helped them figure out how to go through and do a HELOC on their property to pull some money out to continue to invest. And so that's super cool. Just in the middle in the middle of Florida. I'd never been there before to Disney World. And, you know, you see people that you've touched all across the country, 3:16 you don't even know the impact and reach that you have. So you're out and random. The random spaces. Yeah, absolutely. It's kind of, it's kind of cool and exciting and like scary. And 3:25 it's, it's cool. It's fun. It's, it's creepy when people are like Henry Washington and you're like, who knows my name, but, but just being able to impact people, again, I talked about all the time, the whole point of this isn't for me to keep it is to share it. If you're not sharing the information and sharing the wealth, then you could lose it. So give it away, give it away, and it comes back to you tenfold. You want some social media money making game. If you're 100%, right, whatever, you know, turn the camera on and record it. You don't have to make it perfect. You don't have to make it beautiful. All you need to do is capture it. There is somebody somewhere who would resonate with the message that you have. If you want to buy rental property and you only own one, there's millions of people that own none, who would want to be where you are, capture it and put it out there raw uncut. That's totally fine. Because putting it out there is going to build trust. That's the point of it, people see it, they want to implement it, it builds trust. And then later on, if you come back, and you have this product or service that you want to offer to the marketplace, because of your expertise that you've put out there. You've now built all this trust from people from giving them so much free information that they'd be happy to buy from you. The internet is massive. You don't need millions upon millions of people to buy your product. You just need a few people who like know and trust you. You put that information out there. It helps them change their life. They spread that word, you get to generate income you get to change the world. And it all starts by just turning on the camera and can I'm sure and it doesn't have to be perfect. 5:01 But that's the beauty of our continent is that you can you can really connect a lot of people, you can build a lot of trust, a lot of people will help a lot of people that may take your information have never meet them, never talk to them never take their hand, but they're making money with information. Yeah, absolutely. 5:14 I get messages all the time who people who have done deals from the free content I put out, right, and then I get messages from people who've spent money, and then deals from the content I put out, you have to have content to reach people at different levels. Some people want to pay for information, they don't want it for free, they don't value it for free. And so they want to pay for it. And if you and they want it from you. But if you don't have it, they will go buy it from someone else, the money is getting spent. And if they want to spend it with you, you not having a product or service to offer them is doing them a disservice. 5:50 One of the great things about it is like it's always have something to provide. And if someone wants to pay, you have some have a way to receive that money. Either way they receive it absolutely to receive it and you need the money. It's just that money is transactional, it's meant to change hands, it's meant to change has to change hands, a lot of people like take my money, like I cannot take something free from you. That's right. There's that people that want that exchange of value. And it's sometimes it's 6:12 Don't get it wrong, we're not talking about being predatory and putting out information, even though nothing about this is the thing that we do. We love it, I do deals. Every month, I'm actively doing this. And I feel like I have an obligation to share it. And so I share it for free. I share it at a low ticket, I share it at a high ticket, because people want to learn at different levels. And so if I don't have a product for the level that people want to learn, I'm doing them a disservice. So put your information out there. 6:41 It doesn't have to be good. That's gonna be pretty fun. Oh, somebody 6:43 will resonate with somebody that will resonate with who it's for you. 6:47 One thing that's crazy is you've done so many podcasts, you always put you always plug your your Henry Washington brand. How important is branding for you? 6:56 Branding is huge for me, man. People need to be able to recognize branding is marketing, right? Yeah. And I want people to know, when they hear my name, I want them to think of real estate. I want them to think that I'm somebody who not only knows and understands this, but I do it every day. And I want to give the information to people. And so the best way I can think to do that was just to put an emblem or a symbol of who I am right within my business. Branding is huge social media seems right, you got to put a message out there. And you need to be able to have people connect the dots with your face to your brand. 7:32 So one of the things that's really interesting is that use your name, I use the sentiment incident. Oh, hivemind. Yeah, but one thing I really want to literally on Julian is the power of your name, the power of your name is you only have one name their whole life unless you change your name, which I would recommend can really build your brand. Your name and you shouldn't really leverage that gives you a word to be honest. And your name your brand. 7:54 means something. Integrity, integrity. Yeah, huge man. Huge man. You put your name out there, right. You don't want to sell me that right? Yeah, you got to put it out there. Absolutely. 8:03 What's a tip early or below on a podcast like I wanted to podcasting want to get knowledge from it was that once if you could give them? Yeah. 8:11 For me, it was getting over the imposter syndrome. Right? Okay. Like, when you are going to be putting yourself in front of a camera. The thing that holds you back the most is your perception of yourself. Right? Like you perceive yourself as not an expert. Or you'll say things like, well, nobody really wants to hear that. Or like I remember I would start talking about subjects then I go I won't say that because nobody, nobody cares about that. Right? You've got to get over that stuff like people want to once you realize that there are people that want to hear your message, you stop overthinking it, and impostor syndrome will bring you down. That's what that's what makes when people say I don't want to do social media, because I don't really want to put my face out there. That's impostor syndrome, speaking, the only person that cares about your face being on your social media, as you everybody else wants to see it. So you got to get over the imposter syndrome. And the feeling like no one wants to hear what you have to say or what you have to say is not important, or no one wants to see your face. That's all just you in your own head. Once you get out of your own head. This becomes easy. 9:14 So one of the greatest things about that, and a lot of a lot of people they struggle with this, but talk about you know, talk about your experiences, your path, your journey, because guess who knows that best you do? So what's 2023 I know we're coming in the fourth quarter. Yeah, right now what's 23 2340 units this year? 9:32 Yeah. I did. 9:34 Yeah. Projection of where you're heading. Yeah, man. 9:37 It just isn't fun to say I hit the $100 mark. Like it doesn't. Like I'm not really paying attention to that. It sounds bad. Not really paying attention to the cash flow. I buy for cash flow. So when I buy something I know it's making me money. It's just cool to be able to say I had 100 doors. What I'm really going to be looking to do in 2023 is protection, right? So there's is an element of building your wealth. And then there's an element of protecting your wealth. And there's multiple ways to protect your wealth. You know, some people do entities LLCs, they're not super protective. But that's one way some people do trust. And so I want to be recession proof at some level at some amounts of my portfolio. And for me, that's paid off properties. And so we may be looking at what do we need to sell to pay off the majority of our portfolio? Okay, so that I have a recession proof amount of my portfolio that no matter what happens in the economy, I own these they're mine. Families got that income forever. No one can take them from me. So when you're doing these deals, right, you got to buy the land in the first place. Yeah. So how are you buying the land 10:42 creatively, we're looking for creative on our finance strategy. So the good thing about land is we can get cheap for owner finance, which is what we're trying to do. 10:51 So if you get a cheap, you just pay it off. And then you owner finance it to somebody else. But if you get it owner financed, how are you monetizing on the back end, 10:58 so do it just get a really saline and whatever whatever we need to get that paperwork needs to get done, and then we'll subdivide it and sell it 11:04 off. So you'll subdivide it, release the lien, pay off the owner, finance portion, whatever you have left, then you can owner finance that 11:11 you can acquire owner finance, you can sell or to finance. Let me break 11:15 that down for you again. So what he said was, he buys land, like a big plot of land on the cheap owner finances it from the owner of the land, but he bought it inexpensively. Then he works with the city and he subdivides that big piece of land into smaller pieces of land, the smaller pieces of land are more valuable than the big piece of land. So he sells enough of the small pieces to pay off the owner who we bought the land for. And he keeps the rest of the small pieces free and clear. He doesn't owe anything on them. And then he takes those small pieces. And then he owner finances them to another person who wants to buy that land. They're making payments to him on land he owns free and clear. That's pure cash flow in his pocket and its land. There's no maintenance, there's no broken pipes, there's no washing machines that break there's no plumbing issues, no electrical issues. It's just give me my money every month and he acquired it cheaply, got creative with how we subdivided it and then sold it on owner financing created cash flow. That's how you build wealth. 12:19 The only person you have to pay is the is the note is the note company that payments Yeah 12:24 20 bucks a month. 12:26 20 bucks a month. What's that one phone call one check. One check you gotta write. That's pretty passive. Pretty passive. That's the goal. 12:37 The show is sponsored by the list guys. Do you need more leads in your local or virtual market? One intends small businesses don't invest in any kind of marketing. The list guys have over 35 plus list types to choose from and you can mix and match any list or criteria. We also used to skip trace lists and provide up to seven numbers and email addresses every list you purchase will be scrubbed against previous purchases the list guys are here to save you time. Contact the list guys today at www dot one this guy's dot com that's www dot the number one list

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I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

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