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Oct. 31, 2022

Ep 253: Greg Pinneo: First Real Estate Deal Story

Ep 253: Greg Pinneo: First Real Estate Deal Story


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0:00 Don't forget to do that. There we go. 0:03 Awesome. We did pretty pretty well. You're pretty savvy all it is hit a button, but there we are. We're here. Okay, so should I shut off this light? Is that is that like, bad? 0:17 No, it's fine. You find out 0:19 this surround white wall you're all dressed up so you didn't you lucky I'm not in like my sweats or something. You know? Okay, let me check the other kids come in because it could get ugly. Okay 0:47 close this blind a little bit like that being where it's actually a really good point Do Not Disturb How do I do that? How's that? That? Is that? That is great. Okay. We did it. Okay. Now volume. Let me turn up the volume because you know sold guys. Oh, there we go. Okay, how's that? That's 10. Okay, 1:19 that sounds perfect. Sounds amazing. 1:22 There we go. Okay, so now this is your first house, your first house thing, right? 1:29 Yes, yes. So 1:30 it's been a long time ago. 1:32 I know. That's what makes us awesome. 1:36 Really a long time ago. Okay, I'm ready to go. Go ahead. How do we do it? You want to? Well, 1:44 we already know Greg, your memories pretty sharp. So I know, you probably be able to remember I 1:50 can remember 46 years ago. It's last week. I can't remember. Good point. 1:55 It's a short time short. 2:01 So yeah, so this is something that I feel like God put on my heart to do for people that are interested in real estate investing. But like I said, they have so many limiting beliefs, or they're just unsure or they're just, we just want to have a collection of stories to be able to share. And so people can listen in and relate and be like, Oh, okay, well, so and so did it. Or if they could do it, I can do it. And so that's really the purpose is just to inspire and in influence, aspiring investors to do real estate. And, hey, no matter who you are, what you're doing, where you've been, where you come from, anybody can win. So it's just really creating that community. Right? Yeah. So we'll just introduce ourselves. All right, introduce you. And then we'll talk about who you are as if people don't know they know who you are. Of course, you know who you are. 2:57 I fly under the radar most. I must say that. Yeah. Yeah. 3:02 Is that wisdom in that? The right people know who you are. That 3:07 you got to watch out for the quiet 3:13 Have you met Liam? Have you? You've met Leon? Yeah. In January, we'll see him in January. Yeah. Are you coming back? Are you leaving? No, I'm here for a little bit. Okay. All right. I love you. 3:30 So yeah, we'll talk about who you are. We'll talk about your first deal. And we'll break it down into a framework. Well, we'll talk about how you found it, how you got it, meaning how you connected with the seller, how, what the challenge was, what was the solution you provided? And ultimately, how you close the deal. And then I'll ask you a ending question, which is basically what what limiting belief did you overcome or which one that you overcame made the biggest difference? And then that'll be it. 4:00 All right. I'll do my best. 4:02 There you go. Yeah, okay, good. All right. All right. Here we go. Welcome. Welcome. All right. Welcome, guys to my first deal story. My name is Leon. And I'm Brittany. Thanks for being here, guys. We've got an awesome, awesome one for you. Today, we've got our awesome guest, Greg Pineo. And man, he has been a phenomenal impact so far, my wife and I's life and we want to just be able to give him the opportunity to share his story, what his first deal was like and then also drop some a wonderful tips and nuggets and tell him tell you guys a little bit about his business. 4:39 Yes, I am excited. This is such a privilege. It's like when you finally it's when the when the student is ready, the teacher appears and this this amazing man, this, he and his wife Shauna and it's just all I say is God has been good to me and I can see I can see the favor. Are through this couple and what they've been for us and our family. So I'm not gonna get emotional. We're just gonna get into this my first deal story and I pray that you take everything I like hanging off of every word because there's so many valuable, so much valuable knowledge that he's going to impart. I know, I know I'm gonna learn something and I sure hope and pray that you do and really listen to this and share it so without further ado, welcome to the my first deal story podcast, Greg video baby. 5:31 Fireworks are something that 5:35 no, that's how it is. 5:38 Got me over energy. Yeah. That's really very special. Very honored to be here. With you. Thank you. Yeah. 5:48 Couldn't be better. Man. What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving for us. So take it away, tell them who you are. 5:59 I would say first, you guys that in my wildest dreams? Did I ever imagine being involved in real estate? No, I didn't. I was very interested in sports. When I was a kid. I love the outdoors sports. Real Estate didn't occur to me as as even being a thing. What did occur to me and was made very clear when I was young. By two very hardworking, well meaning awesome parents. It was made very clear to myself and my brother, that that the night you graduate from high school, you're an adult. And when you look up adult in our family dictionary, it meant you don't live here. It and this this sounds every time I say this, people are like, Oh wow, how cruel or something. It never felt like that it felt exciting. And it was made clear that it was their job to help prepare for the reality of adulthood that now you're on your own. And if you go to college, and we hope you do, we hope that works out for you. Right. And in other words, you're on your own man. You don't live here, you're functioning, we'd like you to come Thanksgiving, Christmas, you know, and bring something not your dirty laundry, right? My dad, my dad, especially in this My dad's a, you know, a big, strong, quiet guy. And he had a lot of humility, I will say that my mom and dad never had a dad that they ever met. And so they had these mothers that raised them. And unfortunately, the mothers were alcoholics and didn't really add up too much. So when they got together, they turn their own personal compass 180 degrees from everything they'd ever known. And so they were self taught in terms of how to move along in life. And yet, they knew that they didn't really know anything. My brother came along when my parents were 19 I came along when they were 21. Right. And so what do you know it 19 and 21. You know, you don't know anything, even if you think you, you really don't know anything. But, but but they let us know that they said listen, we're doing our best. And there's some things that we really believe in. And so they taught us to work hard. We did everything as a family. And that day we know is was coming with my brother, the reality of a coming attractions was always in front of me because he's two years older than I am. I'd see what he was doing. And I knew it was coming my way. Right. And so when he graduated from high school the next night, he was not there. And I'm like, Well, this is this is real. And it wasn't it was exciting. It wasn't scary. It wasn't didn't feel oppressive. But it was serious. My dad's six four to 30 played tight end for the Huskies. He you know, he just kind of says it and that's it. There's no more discussion and so I took it seriously. I'm also as as You know, Bret or anybody that really does know me, I am I'm an extreme introvert. So the idea of living, like at a dorm, or a fraternity or at home, I got that. And so all I could think of and all I knew is that, okay, I need a place to live. And I, if I could get into the University of Washington, that's where I wanted to go. And so I did get in and, and but I started, I started looking at rental houses, like in my junior year of high school. And, you know, I just tried to find something that would work close enough to the university that it would work and, and so it started getting serious as I rolled into my senior year, right now the clock is ticking, and I'm really 10:58 I'm looking at rental houses. And then and so in, in early March of, you know, I'm graduating in June. So like late February, early March, I'm out looking at a at a rental house lay, I pulled up in my crummy Datsun 510. And, and this house was, I mean, I just even on the outside, it was just horrific. And I went, Oh, wow. You know, darn it, you know, that kind of thing. And I got out in this. And this guy, the door was open. And he goes, he goes, well walk through and let me know what you think. And I said, you're gonna give me the tour. And he said, No, just walk through. And I walked I walked like a couple rooms. And it was so nasty. I couldn't believe anybody would run an ad for this. Like, are you really expecting somebody say yes. And it's Duncan. It was just, it was nasty. And I, I was in there all of 30 seconds, and I came out and the deck, you almost fell through the front deck and walked down this dirt little driveway? And and he said, So what do you think? And I'm, I'm a shy kid. You know, for me, just to be bold about what I was thinking I didn't, you know, I felt. And I've been taught to respect my elders and these things. And I said, I kind of went, because Give it to me straight. I said, well, not meaning to, you know, start something. But if you really want to know what I think I think it's just a mess. It in every corner of this thing i All I see is work that needs to be done. And, and I remember saying, Listen, I It's not that I'm afraid of hard work. I mean, I my dad has taught me how to do probably everything this house needs. I could put on a roof. I could I could. I could do a lot of things to this. But if I was going to put all that work into this thing, I'd want to own it rather than rent it. Now I have no idea why I said that. Because what do I know about buying a house? Wow. And it's the last thing on my radar. But that's what I said. And he's and this guy looks at me says he says, Well, maybe maybe you should buy it from me. And I'll add it. I'm like that he kind of called my hand and I'm like, I'm, I'm not even 18 years old yet. I'm I'll be 18 in like a month, you know, and I had no idea. And I kind of looked confused, I'm sure. And he said How much do you have saved up? And I said, Well, I have $1,000 saved up, which I thought I was that was kind of impressive for my age, you know? And he kind of goes What's your resume look like? And resume I mean, I've worked for my uncle Bob was not a blood uncle. But my dad's best friend use a contractor. I worked for him since I was 10. So, you know, I, but I thought well, I that isn't really what he's asking. I said, Well, you know, I've worked for my uncle Bob and and so I know construction, you know, little bit and I'm thinking well, I'm a pretty good student, but I have to work hard at it. I'm a pretty good student because if I came home with anything less than a B, it would not go well. All right. That's right. And I said, I'm a pretty good athlete, probably for the same reason, you know. And then I was thinking like, I gotta come up with more than that and, and I said, Oh, I'm, I'm the state's youngest Eagle Scout, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. And he looked at me and goes, All right. And he pulls this book out of his pocket, this little book, like a little book. And he starts going like this, and he's looking through his glasses. And he goes, Can you afford $206.10 a month? I didn't know what this book was, what he was looking at, or really what he was even asking I and I kind of went, 15:55 made maybe, you know, I didn't know what to say, I didn't know what he was doing. He grabs this notepad, and he writes down, 25,000 1000 down. You're going to owe me 24,000 payment 206 10 a month. And then he says, Are you are you 18? I said not not yet. But like, in a month, I will be. He rips the sheet off. And he says take this home to your parents. And if they thinks, you know, ask them what they think. And if they if they say okay, I'll sell you the house. Wow. And I didn't have a clue. I didn't know. But I remember I said okay, and I got his phone number and I drove home and my dad was in the garage. And he's working on the workbench and I walked in and kind of came around we said Hey, Dad can look to me, Dad doesn't say much. And I handed him the sheet. And I said I looked at this rental house today. But the guy said that he would sell the house to me. And here's I guess how he would do it. He'd sell it to me instead of renting it or what should I do? And he looks at it for like three seconds and He hands the sheet back doesn't even look at me hands the sheet back and he goes probably better than renting Wow. And I and then he started to walk out of the garage like walk away and I go so that so I should do it and as he's walking away he goes probably better than renting. Wow and i i Wow i and I didn't know what any of this stuff on the sheet men right on the guy back and I said well I talked to my my dad and he says that it you know needs a lot of work but probably better than renting. So you guess we'll do it because all right he says Allah they started using all these words I didn't know what he was talking about. All draft the purchase and sale agreement, I'll open escrow order title, you know, all these words. And all I remember is that within an hour I was looking up words. I was trying to figure out what how does this work and what do I do and I knew nothing. And he walked me through the steps and I turned 18 and I gave him my $1,000 as earnest money and down payment and and that was it i i Close this guy even he even deferred the accrual of interest. Or like the months of let's say be like the months of April May and June. Wow. And my first payment wasn't due until July because it needed so much work plus I didn't graduate from high school till June. So I was I was over there all the time leading up to when I graduated. And and the night I graduated from high school I moved in I didn't have a payment still for like a month and so and I in everything that it needed was you know, in today's terms of the projects you guys do and I've done it really was just it was my own eyes look like oh, it needs all this work, but it wasn't heavy duty, got it and remodel it that I did do a little bit more in the bathroom. But mostly it was just clean and paint and trim and carpets and I did put a roof on it and I did build the deck out front and you know, things like that. But I don't know, I didn't have much money. So I did it with whatever I could do it right. But anyway, there now I'm there. Now I did the word did get out with my two good friends Jeff and Kelly. That every day after school I was you know, right when baseball's it was done. I was zipping over there and I was working too late and and where are you going? What are you doing? I said, Well, I bought a house. 20:45 They didn't know what the thing was that. And they come over, you know, late at night, I'd be there painting and they're like, hey, so they were they both got into the University too. Huh? Hey, you might if we I mean, you got room here you might if we live here and the way it was set up as are these these two more like one bedroom but the stairway going upstairs, you turn left to one right to the other. But it's all like open. But there were two little Nuxe at the top of the stairs. I mean, you can barely call them bedrooms, but there were little rooms. And then downstairs there was the laundry room that was about 10 by 10. So there was enough room in there for a bed and a desk and in the laundry. So I thought well, okay, well you guys can go upstairs and all have my bedroom slash laundry room slash office in my little 10 by 10 room downstairs. And so they moved into and and you know, I you know Brittany, you've probably heard me tell the story. But But still, I'm starting the University of Washington, I'm going to be a PE major wreck major, something I don't know why I'm going to school to be honest with you. But my dad went to U DUB and thought well, okay, I'll go there, and I'll figure something out. But I'm sitting there writing out my first installment check. The very first payment. I met my little desk, and I'm writing out $206.10 You know, I'm right in the middle of writing this check. And Jeff and Kelly pop their head in my room and say, Hey, we're gonna go run around Green Lake, you want to go around Green Lake. And I said, I said, Man, I'm I got things to do, guys, I you know, have fun. Like, okay, here's the rent. And they just each through $100 bill on my, on my desk. I said, Oh, thanks. I don't even remember saying how much the rent was, I don't even know. Maybe that just threw it. Maybe they just decided that's how much it was themselves. I don't know, whatever. remember talking to them about paying me rent. It was kind of assumed they do something. But anyway, these $200 Bill and they left. And then I looked down and I'm literally right in the middle of 200. And while I'm staring at $200 Yeah. Wow, can I It sounds so crazy. But I've told this story 1000 times and every time hair kind of stands up on my arms because my heart started pounding. I didn't know anything, but I stood up and like it. That was the first lightbulb. Jeff and Kelly are buying me my house. I own this house that they're paying for it. That little light bulb. And I remember like kind of pacing but there was hardly any room to PACE I just couldn't. And the best way I can describe it is I just stopped and it it was like this. You it was like a marriage of two thoughts. Because you know you remember when you're 18 you got all these things in your heart and mind you want to do that at least I had no clue how I was going to pull that off. Right? I want to do this I want to do that. Whoo. I'm an adult. I'm free. But I have no money I have no and somehow in that moment, it's as if a limousine pulled up. Somebody opened the door and said anywhere you want to go just get in. Hmm, wow. More of this. That was 46 years ago. And and I became instantly, instantly obsessed. 24:58 I would have changed my mind. Each year I would have done anything. I couldn't been off campus by 11 o'clock out looking to buy more houses. I mean, I, you know, it sounds crazy. And I'm not saying it's right. But when you're that taken by something, I went through six years of the university, undergrad postgraduate, I never went to one sporting event. I never went to one party. I never went anywhere on spring break or any thing. Nothing. I worked 18 hours a day, seven days a week and loved every minute of it. I was off doing my thing, and I couldn't get enough of it. I just literally couldn't get enough of it. And and so I that, that changed my life. I couldn't buy houses fast enough. Then I started buying apartment buildings. And then I couldn't find those enough. So I started building them from scratch. And you know, a couple 100 units of that later. I'm like, man, okay, now what are we go, you know, and it has been, I liken it to my other passion, which is aviation, that it starts with like a 172 Cessna. And then of course, there's the space shuttle. And they're both they're both airplanes. Yeah. And that's what real estate has been, for me, it's been it started with a 172 Cessna, a little tiny house couldn't couldn't have been more 800 feet. But I'm still flying. I'm still upgrading my plane, as it were always, literally and metaphorically. And so the thing, the thing I love most about this is that if a B student like me, hardworking parents, I didn't come from any money. They didn't. They haven't given me any money. You don't have any money to give. Right? My dad still has the pedal that shirt he bought when he was 17 years old. And he still wears it every week. They wear things out, you know what I mean? They're hard working depression raised. But I have loved that it's challenged me all these years. I've never gotten bored with it. All the various product types, all the various, you know, the old structuring, I've been obsessed with it for 46 years. And so now, what's crazy is that I get the privilege of, of teaching people. What all those years how it's all added up. And it's not always been easy. I mean, I've been the first guy in the door, you know, the first guy in the door gets shot sometimes. You know what I mean? And but I've always looked at it like, well, that that left a mark. But hey, I have learned some things here. It's always been like, all I'm trying to do is keep learning and growing. So that was too long of a story for my first house. But there are no beautiful 28:13 There you go. It's like listening to a bedtime story. And now you're gonna go dream about it. So good. It's so good. Thank you. Leon. I mean, I'm just in awe. 28:26 Oh, man. It is amazing. I've heard that story once, but it's almost like, I've heard it again. But it was like you when you hear it a second time and a third time, the fourth time you pick up more details about your story. And like, I don't remember saying that little piece last time. Yeah, it's awesome. Yeah, I 28:45 think I think it's the it's the principle of and I hope the listeners really hear this when I say it, but I think it's the principle of when it goes from Head to Heart. Yes, it doesn't become a thing you do. It becomes a lifestyle becomes a way and so I'm I mean, I'm gonna listen to this over and over again myself, because I feel like we need to be reminded that of those beginning 29:07 Yes, yeah. Why why what what made you get started? Yeah, 29:11 like for well, and that lead from that place? 29:16 Leaving that place? I agree with you. I you know, I see a lot of people doing what they do as a means to an end. Yes. It wasn't about doing anything. It was about becoming something I could I focused on the B side of the equation, not the do side and and you know, now I'm now now I'm just obsessed. I'm looking for any shred. That would help me be more of this than than I was yesterday. Anything that I could become to be more of this world and and And of course, along the way, you, you talked about limiting beliefs, you know, along the way, you, you, you have this desire to like I want to go from here to here. But what's holding me back and, and this, this became a big part of the equation, I had so many tremendous beliefs that were installed by my mom and dad that were just fantastic. I believe them to this day and teach them. But there were a few things that I ran across that I had to really dig in and figure out like, what is what is going on here. Here's the funny story. But it it. It wasn't short. It wasn't a few years after this, you know, every stupid kid like, wow, I'm buying houses, I'm seeing how this works. You know, I mean, I'm just, I'm a and what you got to have a goal. Great. You got to have a goal. Well, I've always loved Porsches. And I thought, you know, if I ever get enough money in the bank, you know, real brilliant thing to think but I'm gonna buy a Porsche, you know. And so, I get done with some escrow check. I'm like, 1920 years old. And, and I go through the drive thru and give them the check. I said, Hey, can you tell me like how, what much like I have, because I'm not real good bookkeeper. And they say, Oh, you mean like an account balance? That's what they call Yes. And so this gal puts this little thing through the drive thru, and I look at it and I go, Well, I think that's enough to buy a Porsche. And I drove right from the bank in my 66 Chevy pickup, to university Porsche, Audi, and I walked in, in my car, Hart boots, muddy pants, you know, and there was right there in the showroom floor. That's the one black on black 911. That's the one I want. And I started walking around it, and maybe it was a little the salesman came up with like, okay, what are you doing here, you know, kind of thing, you know, you look like you're 12 and you're muddy, and don't sit in the car kind of thing. You know, I just, but when he left I, there was something going on. And it wasn't him, it was something inside of me. And all I could liken it to it's like, I kept looking over my shoulder. Like who's watching me right now. Because there was like, something was happening that I just felt so uncomfortable there. And I didn't get it. I'm not that spooky type, you know, but it was like, it was like it was doing something really wrong. And I'm going, going on, get yourself together. And I finally couldn't and I bolted out the door. I can just hear what the salesman must have said like See, told you just just another idiot, you know, that kind of thing. But I bolted out the door, I got my truck, I drove two blocks away. And I pulled off the side of the road. And I started yelling at myself like what? What is going on? Get it together? What is happening? I remember yelling, great, you are not leaving here until you figure this out. If you ever tried to think about what you're thinking, it's really hard. To start, you know, like, I'm trying to think about what I'm thinking was. And I thought not just just dig in, you can do this think. And that's the first time unknowing to me, but at the time, but that was the first time that I actually went in and said, What's the conflict here? There's a conflict inside me as it turned out. As I sort of just tried to pull it apart. The anxiety was around that if I bought this car. At some point in the near future, my dad would see that I bought this car. 34:17 And my dad would look at me. And he would say, Did you need this? Yeah. We need we were raised, that you should be you should have anything you need. If you're willing to work hard and honestly for it, but boy need was the underlying word. Our shoes. were falling apart till we got another pair of shoes. You know what I mean? It's me. You don't need this. If you can fix it and it'll still work that kind of thing. And that my dad's car had 500,000 miles on it. You don't need a new one because I will still works. And so anyway, I remember thinking, okay, great. That's how you were raised. That's a belief system. But do you believe that? Or is that what was installed in your head? And boy, I'll tell you something that kind of scared me to even think about, I think I believe something that my dad doesn't just even thinking that kind of freedom. But I went, Hey, you're an adult. Now. He raised you to be an adult. You don't have to think everything like your mom and dad thing. So what do you believe? And I right there in the truck, I wrote out, I believe that I should have anything that I want. As long as I'm willing to work honestly and hard for it. And I taped it on the dash of my pickup. And I drove around for a couple months saying it like 100 times a day. I didn't know what I was doing. But that's how I was installing a new belief system. Right? And then I drove right back into that same portion. Lot, and I bought it. Drove it away. Didn't feel any problem at all. And about three months later, I pull up in front of my mom and dad's really didn't even think about it. I get out, walked in my dad opens the front door. He looks right over my shoulder. You know, he's a big guy, any kind of red face his eyes are kind of squinting goes What's that? I said what? The car? Is that yours? I said, Oh, yeah, yeah, it's mine. He was When did you get that? I said a couple of months ago. Did you need that? That's what he said. Quote. Wow. It only said no, that I didn't need it. I wanted it. It's awesome. You should try to drive it and we don't have like walked past to me for he grabbed me or something. I'm making my dad's sound really big and mean bid. But he was raised right. 30s you don't waste anything. So you know, you can't even Well, when you have a paradigm shift like that changes everything. And it's not easy to change the way you believe I mean, that you know, you get this type thing and again, there was this almost like push back for a lot of years. But I hung hung to my beliefs. And now like you know, I I can tell you last four or five years ago, I get a different plane a new plane. Hey, I heard you got a new plane. When can I see it? Ah, you see wow, yeah, using like, I kind of felt like hey, it took me a long time but you're seeing that I think a little different and you're not judging me on it. You're letting me be me. And that was awesome. Changes always challenging. But I see people all the time Britain you probably see this too that everything in their DNA they they want to win the Indy 500 But what was installed at birth was a Volkswagen bug. So they're in they're in conflict. And if we don't get those rock cat legs kicking in sync, we just get tangled up and go nowhere. I've worked as hard on how I think as the skill sets of finance acquisition negotiation and I think that that's why in in trying to teach this to people it's not just the left brain technical skills it's it's the right brain the subjective belief systems the the things that when we can line it all up now we get exponential headway so that was long story to make a point but anyway, I've had to work hard on hand crafting my belief systems. So anyway, 39:11 yeah, this is awesome because I mean, the whole point of this podcast is to tell a story and Greg is the best at telling stories incredible we love about about our mentor here Greg video man he has also been man I am such honored for him to be on here and I know Brady's probably got some oh actually I know. Rockin 39:31 questions you know, when you hear a song the first time and like you mentioned the hairs stand up and then all of a sudden now you're on repeat and you're like over and over. And it's and you just fall in love with the melody and now you know the words and and now your your your people are looking at you crazy because you feel like you're in an opera. These these moments and listen, this is why this is really the core reason behind why we started coaching And it became less about how successful and how much we can acquire and what type of materials are available, and more about exposing the opportunity for what it is, which is a chance to think, to live to be to do differently. And so it's an incredible honor to have your time and to have you so eloquently tell the story of your first deal, how it impacts you, and how you've been equitably been able to take that impact people like me, like, like Leanna, like us. And for that I'm so I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful. Oh, 40:37 you have to, you know, I think of think of tonight, Everest is flying in for Thanksgiving, right? Everest is Shawn and I have five kids, as you know, and so Shawn has firstborn. Right? And, and I she couldn't be more excited. She's in college, she's flying in picking her up. She'll be here for Thanksgiving. And it's just like a parent, that there's there's this joy in seeing, you know, the student become the teacher, when you raise in help becoming now the one that's raising and helping others. And so no surprise that there never was a surprise that, you know, you guys are doing this, all the ingredients were there. But just to have a little bit of a little part of that journey. And then see you I can think of all the people that you've learned from, we're all just clapping like, hey, now now you get to go to the other side of the table, and you get to challenge and empower people. And, and so it's what everybody like me dreams of I, you know, I get off a plane and Eddie city in this country. And there is a very important dinner that night with one or many that I just get to see what they're doing, and how they're doing it and how they're lifting and empowering others. So it's quite a dream life. I feel like I've got 1200 kids, you know. And so, it's, it's really awesome what you're doing and how you're helping people, you know, not only with, you know, the technical side, but even more importantly, I think just the belief side that hey, just start just go you will learn as you go, you know? Yeah. So, so really, really cool. And, and I'm going to get see you guys, we're going to blink and be in sunny Arizona. And I'm telling you what a cast of characters coming to this one this is wow. Wow, I the the people showing up at this training, if you added up the units that they have together in one power players, there's over 6000 doors already owned. And 43:11 you know what? That 43:14 it's incredible. It's like man, I'm telling you I'm but it's again, it's back that that what do you want? You want your kids to do better than you? Well, I I eat a lot of dusts these days with hard driving students like you guys, and and that's okay. i But what a privilege to be there together and just stirred up. So, yes, a lot of fun. Yeah. So I'm sure you've got 8 million of these to do and I'm glad that I got to contribute. I'm glad that computer worked. And we figured it out. And so you guys have an awesome Thanksgiving. Okay. Thank you. And then like say, Well blink, and I'll see you in January and Arizona, there will be no small talk. It will be important conversations, and we'll all leave wonderfully disturbed. Sounds good. 44:07 That sounds good. Well, you get off before you get off. I wouldn't want to do anyone that this service of them not being able to learn more about you or to look into what you're doing I know power players is is was probably full. I wouldn't doubt that. It's that it's that full. But I'm sure you got something coming up in the near future. Can you share with our audience what you're doing next year and how they can learn more? 44:31 Really nice. Well, you know, you guys were just at the hangar and cheese there we were, together with with our 200 of our best friends. You know, I mean, it was that was an awesome day the couple day, the entrepreneurial couples exchange at the hangar. You know, and by the way, just so people don't get freaked out. That's a free event. It's on me. And Miss Shawna. We want Anybody that can that's in this that's a couple to come and be supported with other entrepreneurs. And we have a great day of conversation. It's an exchange, no right answers, no wrong answers, we just talk. But what a gas, you know, for Shawn and I to be a part of that, and we had some great food and in a fun setting, and so we'll definitely be doing that this next year for sure. All right, we'll definitely be doing that. And matter of fact, there's already there's already over 100 people that said, they were coming. Well, how much? No, no, no. They've heard about it. So it's gonna be a big one next year. Oh, it was big this year. I've taught this will be the 32nd power players. That intensive is a four day intensive, I've taught that intensive This is the 32nd time coming up in January, which you guys will be at that event. You as returning power player, Brittany, and now Leon gets step into the crosshairs of pain, you know, first time, but that's going to be awesome. And yes, that that one power player sells out a long way in advance. And so that one's that one's sold out. However, the next power players next year, the last two days of July, the first two days of August in Park City, Utah. So incredible setting in the mountains of Utah, and and I think we have eight or 10 spots still available for that power players in 2022. The biggest Well, at least the thing that Miss Shauna and I are so excited about the roundtable Leadership Forum in Las Vegas in June. Oh, yeah. And, and wow, that that that is a who's who of power showing up at that place. Let me tell you, we've got a huge room. And it's it can hold as many as we could bring. It's one of those kinds of events. But that's a two day conference on leadership. It's, you know, everywhere Miss Shauna, and I look right now we just see this desperate need for leadership. Yes. And people say, Oh, you're a born leader? No, no, no, leadership is a is a calling, and then a training to step into leadership. And we're going to unpack leadership, we're going to have this incredible exchange made up of all these roundtables, we have we have 26 table captains that are that are going to be hosting many conversations at their table, that we will direct you from the front. And then after every little mini conversation, everybody moves to a different table and a different people and a different so it's like you'll look at your name as a client. Okay, next one, I go to table 17 Okay, next one, I go to table seven, next one table 21. And, and the point of that is, is every table then is shuffled with new people with a new question. And and the table captains are there to make sure everybody's contributing, they're thinking and so and you mentioned Alex Pardo right Alex will be a table captain and Zack Childress is a table captain and you know what I mean, these this is these are awesome people. I mean, you know, so many of them. So anyway 48:56 Miss Shauna is passionate about leadership. You know, she was born and raised at the Military Academy at West Point. Right? She understands leadership. And we're really excited for that event in June. So, you know, between the couples thing at the hangar, that's just everybody coming in on us Leadership Conference, power players, that those are at least a few big rocks for next year. And yeah, yeah, that's, that's the end. And then of course, we have five kids and and we we travel 100 days a year. I've got these things to the introverts speaking schedule is how is it booked? I have no idea. I have no idea but 49:47 this is gonna be amazingly I know, I'm excited. Like I'm fired. I'm always fired up. But no, it's already like you said it's already booked. Sorry. We already know that. That part of our schedules, we're going to be be there and we're looking forward to the fellowship and the learning and the growing and the stretching that's going to take place. 50:06 Well, we're gonna blank and I'll see you in Arizona. Okay? 50:09 Yes, sir. Thank you, again, so much for contributing for my audiences, I hope that you're taking notes. I hope that you all took it seriously. This kind of this type of wisdom is just not commonly found in this world. So I hope and pray that you hear it, you listen again. And when you think about taking your first step toward getting your first deal, that you consider that you can and you will, and that the opportunity is present that you just have to take action like Greg has shown in his example. Just just just take action and everything will work itself out. So thank you for tuning in. And Greg, thank you for sharing and giving your time and blessings and thanks, Thanksgiving to you and the fam and we'll see y'all soon. 50:55 Sounds good bread. Thank you. Bye. Bye bye. Bye now.