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Oct. 30, 2022

Ep 252: Being A Relentless Woman Real Estate Closer With Sonja Ray

Ep 252: Being A Relentless Woman Real Estate Closer With Sonja Ray


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0:32 Hey, welcome to today's episode with the high with those podcasts we are currently live or live Sondra. Okay? Sonya, we're currently we're currently live. So we have a special guest, Sonya Ray. She is a master negotiator master closer. She has years experience tips and tricks. We're gonna get into the nitty gritty of closing some real estate transactions and a bunch of other stuff who knows we're talking about, but I'm happy to have her today and Anthony today as well. Look at that 1:09 threesome, what do you know? 1:13 Yeah, thank you for coming on here. We appreciate it. And we got a chance to hang out when you were down here in San Antonio. When I felt like we really vibed 1:20 Yeah, well, house y'all have is a trip. 1:24 It's not too bad, right? 1:25 Oh my gosh, I felt like it was an Alice in Wonderland because you have that one little door with it. Like the handles like all super low and stuff. It's so weird. And then I was I don't know if I told you but I was exploring around in the attic and everything. 1:38 Somebody told me I was like, Where is she cool. I can't wait to meet her that I think she's in the attic. I'm like, That makes perfect sense. 1:46 Can't leave me alone. I'll just start exploring. You know, I'm like a kid. 1:50 That's cool. Yeah, 1:51 I feel the vibe is that. I thought that was amazing. This is so cool. Yeah. 1:57 So Sonya stayed at our house at our house with for the wholesaling live event. She was a she was a guest at our house for a few days. So she gets experienced that allows for something better. So I've been watching Sonya for a while. I've seen you everywhere. You do like yoga stuff you do like mindset stuff. She does all over the place, but in a good stuff. 2:20 Or plans. Yeah, there's one about 10 minutes from the office. I go there all the time. I'm actually going to take the Aussie over 2:25 there, Mike. Nice, nice. Do you go under too? Or do you just stay up of the neck? 2:30 No, I'm weak. I just do it to the neck. Oh, 2:32 you got to go under. So like, what do you go in, like, go all the way down and then pop back up again. It will really like it will help. Like just when you're transitioning for the cold. Like once you get your head cold with it. 2:43 Okay, nice. I'm actually gonna do that the very next time I go in there, I'm gonna send you a selfie video. Like, oh, she made me do it. Thanks a lot, though. Yeah, I love it actually really do love it. Like if you're having a super stressful day or like having one of those days where you're feeling just like a little bit of depression creeping in exhaustion. You get your ass in that cold plunge. And when you come out, you're gonna feel amazing. 3:03 Yeah, yeah, no, like, even like in the middle of the day. Like if I'm having to, if I'm off. I'm like, Alright, I need to get out of my head. And that's like the perfect thing because I have my cold plunge. It's right in my garage day. Yeah, next to the Hellcat. 3:18 I'm jealous of the Hellcat and the cold clench. 3:21 Please let me know when you roll in town. I have a great Uber. So I'll pick you up on the cat. And we'll come over and I have to go for a quick dip. 3:28 Hey, I'm that friend. Like if you're in a restaurant, or you're like, Hey, you want to try biting my food? I'm like, Yes. Like I'm gonna get into your food. So yeah, since you offered I'm definitely gonna take you up on 3:36 Oh, yeah, no worries. You come on over. I'll try it on it. 3:40 Nice. Thank you. Yeah. 3:42 So one of the first things we always ask is like, I've never heard the story. So I think people are interested but like, how long have you been doing real estate? And how'd you get into it? Because everybody has a random story. 3:54 Gotcha. So let's say what like which time I got into it, because I I was one of those those sad stories. So I want to say it was cheese 10 plus years ago, when we had first made the attempt to get into real estate. I was just like, I was always watching the shows and my ex at that point in time we were together and he was like 15 years remodeling contractor. And I was like doing the numbers. I'm like, Oh, we could totally do that. Well, we can go buy a house and we can fix and flip it and all this other stuff and blah blah blah. Long story short, we ended up we put everything into it. Like our whole all our life savings maxed out their credit cards. Oh, I didn't tell you this was right around 2008 Oh, nice. Oh, everything like everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, honestly. So I mean, when we did what we did the house was awesome. Like it was it was a bonding experience with us in the family like I had I had my daughter, I literally had her on my back, I'm cutting tiles. And you know, my son got to experience you know, just just ripping the house apart. Because we took it all, we gutted that thing and just redid it all up again. But by the time we were done, the market was crashing. And then at that point of time, too, I was sick. And then on that time to my ex wasn't able to get work anymore, because he was doing contracting work for other wholesalers. And I didn't know what wholesaling was back then. That was drying up. And that was his only source of income. And then on top of that, our primary house that we had was his friend, his so called friend put him in a three year ARM. And at that point of time, his house started adjusting and he was adjusting out of his house, and he would have qualified for a 30 year. That's why I said a so called friend, because I used to do mortgages way back in the day too. And he qualified for 30. So they, his friend should have put them in 30. But he put him in a three year Adjustable Arm product because he was making more money from it. Yeah, great friend. So long story short, with theirs. We ended up losing our primary home. So we're sure didn't even know about short sales or anything so and nobody came knocking on our door. It was and of course, we weren't answering the phone. You know, when you when you owe that money is like that's just you're not you're not touching phones at that point in time. But yeah, we lost the we lost our primary home. But since we had bought it the fix and flip house with all cash, we ended up moving into there because we couldn't sell it like just nobody would buy it like so we moved in there and then I got really sick and about a year afterwards, I ended up getting diagnosed with lupus because I was pretty much close to almost bedridden. Like we didn't know what was going on. I was in and out with with doctors and tests and whatnot. So part of me so that's what ended up happening there. The first time we attempted to get into real estate. The second time was somebody has started calling us and saying hey, you know, do you want to sell your place? I'm like, no, like, I don't know what you're talking about. It's not listed at blah blah blah. And I started talking with the person a bit and they're like, oh, yeah, we do wholesaling. I'm like what the fuck wholesaling? Yeah, please do that. And then they explained it to me like Oh, wow. So I was like, Okay, now I'm like, interested. What is this all about? Because I felt terrible. Because I felt like it was all on me because it was my idea to decide to do this fix and flip and we lost everything. And so I'm like, alright, well, let's let's see what this wholesaling is about. So I learned more about that. I was like, Oh, dude, this is awesome. Like, the risk is so small, like what risk you know, it's not like when you do fix and flip where like you put all your money into it. You're good like with wholesaling you just do a little marketing here and there if you get a contract great if you don't, no big deal is like you're not losing your ass. So and that was four almost five years ago when I started learning about that and and so yeah, that's my story of how I eventually got into wholesaling. 8:25 So now we saw the the dark side of wholesaling and real estate investing. So tell us about the rainbows and butterflies now, like how are things going for you now? What are you doing? What are you working with? What markets are you in? Right? 8:37 So I will say this, it was a bit of a rough start on my end to things such as like learning about like marketing and doing cold calling, and like I didn't think I didn't know about like, oh, you hire a VA and they do all that. So at first it was like I had a bit of troubles. And then I ended up hearing somebody doing a interview. And they kept saying, Oh, hey, we have all this all these leads to call. But we don't have somebody to be able to call it for us. So I reached out to them and said, hey, I'll work for you for free. So then I can get the experience on the phone. So I started doing that. And I worked with them. The first year end up locking up, ended up, they ended up doing we end up doing like a 30,000 assignment. And then we just solidify the relationship from there and we worked together for a little while. They were still new with doing things so we just cut but we work together for a little bit. And then we just kind of split ways because it was just too much stuff going on. And then after that I was back with my just working with myself. I partnered up with somebody else for a little bit. We actually did door knocking and I'm in Arizona and during summertime so we were door knocking foreclosure homes. And what we would do is I would go on the county website. And if they had just dropped that day, we would go to their door. So because most people were when they get The Foreclosure stuff, it's usually the next they'll get it that next day is when when everybody's buying the list. So we were attempting to be like ahead of people. So and then even at one point in time we had a printer, we had a printer in there. So we would just print out the records like showing them like, hey, you know, you are about to go into foreclosure, have you considered selling and whatnot. So I ended up doing that for a little bit, and ended up doing like a fix and flip right down the street from my house, it worked out really well. That person I ended up splitting for a while ended up going back with the other company I had worked with prior. And I was with them for about two years. And last year with them. I was not only their main closer, but I was also to training other companies across the country and their sales team. I was also basically the team manager of the company. So I was reading the the guys and I was all virtual to I was the only virtual person in there. So I was doing that as well as running the running the teams and stuff like that. And as well, on top of all that, I was also part of helping them sell their education, part of everything with that company too. So I basically was wearing like four different hats in that company. And like I say, and I and I ended up closing last year close to 1.5 million in acquisitions. Could you imagine if I was just straight acquisitions at that point in time, like what I would have done. So I ended up splitting splitting waves with them, just spin out my own. So I do in two different things right now to stay relevant. And in the market. I still do doo, doo doo, excuse me. I still am in wholesaling. I'm currently over in the Kansas City area, also to in the Georgia area. And a little bit around in the Phoenix area, I have my daughter working for me part time, she's 13 years old. And what I have her doing is basically googling for dollars. So she'll go online, and she'll find like she'll I gave her a certain zip code to be looking in, and then she'll go find like all the little shitty houses. And she'll copy and paste the addresses onto an Excel spreadsheet. And then I've shown her how to make it into I always screw up the name. It's either CSV fires, or cvs file, whatever. 12:24 Yeah, CSV. Hey, go. Perfect. 12:27 So to have her go into that, so once I get that, all I got to do is just load it up to get it skip trace. And I take that and give it over to my my VA to start calling and such like that. So I do that part of things, like I say, because I see too many times when people start going into education, and like coaching and consulting, like they're not on the phones anymore. Yeah, they're just only doing that and I wanted to stay relevant. So that's why I still do it that way. And so I'm still making the calls and like most, so I've got got to one, I've got my one cold caller and then I also do PPC marketing. But I get more from my PPC marketing than I do from my cold caller currently at this time. 13:06 Yeah. I like that you put your daughter to work at 30. And that's amazing. Mike, Mike, my babies are all small. So hopefully I'll teach them the game eventually. 13:15 If you do mailing or even if you do any mailers, like at home, you can have them like write out the the word, the return address and stuff like that. Or they can stuff envelopes. And there's always something 13:31 Yeah, it's such a it's such a cool thing, like passing on that legacy of all the stuff you've learned over time and just educating in general, which is like the the funny thing about like, sidenote, because the reason why I do so much like video content, like right now is because my kids are all younger than they don't understand what I'm talking about. They're all five and under. So I'm like, this is they go back and watch all this stuff. They can see what I'm doing now, but it's just like, Well, it seems like it you can't really have that conversation with analysis. Yeah, 13:59 now, even my 13 year old, she's like, Yeah, whatever. You know, I remember when I first got my car, she's like, whatever I was like, like your friend's car racing. I was like, just wait till High School. Trust me like they're gonna think that's really cool. Yeah, 14:17 it's cool. It's cool. The journey that like a lot of people think like it's just like, you can be a couple overnight success and you got you cleaned out the first time the first time you did this, but it's a learning lesson. And so the thing that separates everybody else is just being consistent and coming back from war and separating yourself out doing it. 14:35 The one thing I can say that I really was a huge a huge thing for myself, personally wise, was when I was working with the other company for the two years, I was able to basically solely focus in on just pretty much sales. That's all I did was sales, because if I wasn't locking up my own my own stuff, I was training and teaching the sales guys that on the teams or that I was also doing the coaching with other companies out there, so I was always always in like, just just really fine tuning the craft, you know, 15:09 that's it's such a cool interesting spot to be in because like a lot of people would think they need to do everything. But like if you find out what your skill is, which Anthony, above me is still a sales. So like, that's all he does. And I've run a lot of the backend stuff. So it's just finding what you're good at. Focus on that. 15:23 Yeah, and run with that. Because what ends up happening to like you attempt to, to get good at something else that you're not it's like, Why Why waste time and energy? Find somebody that can fill in that for you? And then just go with it? 15:36 100% 100% 15:38 I got a question. So I would like to pray for you. I would like for you to speak to like, how does a woman break into real estate right, which from the outside looking in, it looks like it might be like, predominately like a man's world. Right. So what, what did you do to differentiate and set yourself apart? Just like I'm just going in there and just killing the deals, crushing it and just building a name for yourself that way? Like, what did you did you even see anything because you strike me as that personality type that that might not even appeal to you or appear to you. You're just like, I'm just gonna put the doors. 16:08 I don't think about that. I don't separate myself. Oh, just because I'm female or whatever. I'm just gonna just frickin go at it. Like, I don't. I don't see it as a separate thing. Like, oh, like, I gotta go throw some heels on? And I don't know, I don't have an answer for that. Because I don't look at it. Like, oh, I'm a female in a man's world. I'm just like, I'm a person in the world. And I'm just frickin going at it. And that's what I do. 16:32 I'm just gonna kill it just because that's who I am. Yeah, exactly. 16:36 Whether I've got a you know, or not, you know, 16:40 I hear women complain about that all the time. They're like, how do you break into this industry and you're like, pick up 16:45 the phone. I'm like, there. It's not like a secret sort of thing. It just like you just go and just do it. Like, who cares? There's a whole bunch of dudes in it. Perfect. You know why? Because now you're gonna be different than everybody else on the phone. Because some of these guys are like Uber aggressive, like, Oh, you don't want somebody else? What a good hang up the phone. And then somebody like me comes on the phone, like, Hey, how are you? And you know, people tend to open up a bit more with women versus men. True. 100% true. You know, I don't I don't really understand why, you know, females would be intimidated, because there's more guys in it than than chicks. 17:23 I wonder if they feel like there's some kind of like disadvantages, and it's weird. And like you said, it's probably like an advantage. Right? 17:29 It's a total is the total with this like to like, I don't know if you ever see like when I posted up on IG, I was like, I've got a timezone advantage. Like, I could start work over here at six o'clock. Because it's nine o'clock Eastern. You know, and then I can be done. I can be here. I can still be working on five and it's eight o'clock there. And they think I'm like, Oh, wow, you're so awesome. Thanks for staying up late. I'm like 17:56 You're welcome. Yeah, 17:57 well, that's the other thing too is like you always want to make that person feel special that you know you're doing this extra for them. But you know, sometimes you're like, Okay, can you call me back at midnight? Sure. Nine O'Clock my time. 18:09 That sounds great, actually. 18:12 But I don't sleep much. So it's all good. Like, even if they want me to call early, you know, like if so anytime I wake up and I and I was showing Daniel earlier what time I got up today. I don't use and I didn't tell you I don't use an alarm. 18:28 I love it. I don't either. 18:29 I so I was I clocked in on IG. So what I do on IG is I throw up a like a quote. And then I put the time and then I put the day I put the day also too because like sometimes, like all my day started blending in with each other. So I started putting the day up there like oh, yeah, it's Thursday. Cool. Oh, but yeah, I put the time but yeah, so I think what this morning was about 320 I was up at 18:57 Dang. Okay, yeah. I'm not getting up at that time. 19:05 That's crazy. 19:06 Oh, it says you are built for this. It's in your blood. It goes. I see that. You strike me like as a natural like somebody? Yeah, like if you're just gonna do something like yeah, I'm gonna knock it out real quick. No matter how bad it is. Yeah, well, 19:21 that was the other thing too is I have like some some backstories and, like a lot of people don't know, like, I used to be in a wheelchair. Not that long ago. Shoot, 19:32 I didn't know that. Yeah. 19:35 Well, you don't really talk about this side of stuff like well, you know, hey, you're in sales, like you know, teach me some sales tips and tricks and whatnot. And you don't go into like the backstory of shit. But you know, like 19:47 the wheelchair to standing up on the ballot stare on the staircase and 19:52 crawling through the attic and whatnot. And, yeah, so remember how earlier I said I got really sick. I was like really close to bedridden, and I got died. So I was dying. I've been diagnosed with lupus now for cheese, almost 12 years. And that ended up happening because of something else I can't really get into. But because of that, when I had broken my foot a while ago back, I ended up getting it's another kind of autoimmune condition. It's called chronic regional pain syndrome. And so what ended up happening, what happens with that when you get that is your pain receptors just go frickin nutballs And they just keep multiplying. So I kept feeling the same pain as when I originally hurt my foot. And I didn't realize I broke it, I was like, I'll be fine because they said if you break it that you just gotta just wait it out. So I got confirmed it was broken like two weeks later, I'm like, man, but I'm in a lot of pain. I don't understand. This is weird. So long story short, my legs are changing color. Like it looked like he went to Hawaii, my other leg was white as hell because that was the other thing too. With the lupus. I started getting allergic to the sun, like the sun would literally drain all my energy. And I would literally used to be so bad. I've got so much better on control in control now. But it used to be at a point where if I was outside in the sun too long, I would come inside and I would pass out for like 14 hours and wake up and feel like I was completely hungover. I had no rest. It was terrible. It was like I had a frickin like I got drunk, but I got drunk from the sun. But anyhow, so like I said the other leg was super white. And the the one that was hurt was like just all tan. So it ended up happening where I couldn't walk on that leg anymore without being in a huge amount of pain. I used to literally take I was walking crutches and I would usually I would like literally like drag my feet because it hurts so bad just to walk. They did nerve block injections, they had me on constant pain pills. They were attempting to put a device in my back that would have given me like shock treatments to help with it because they said there's nothing they can do to help reverse it. It was it was really, really bad. And then I ended up in a wheelchair because I just couldn't walk anymore. It was just it was so painful. I mean, I got to a point to where literally, like I was about ready to kill myself. And it was it was so it was so bad. It was so hard to see my family. Watch me and being so much pain because I I would literally like lay on the couch and just cry because I was it was hurt so bad. And there was nothing anybody could do. So I ended up doing I don't know how it happened. But I was doing some research on YouTube. And there were some sort of clinical trials for this treatment. And I found out it happened to be in Scottsdale, I went and applied for it. And they took me I was one of like two or three other people. And I did six months of the treatment. And it was really hard to it was it it? I ended up losing about 15 pounds because the treatment made me so sick like afterwards, I was always like, throwing up and all this other shit. But it it worked. Because I mean, you see me now like I'm not in a wheelchair. That's also true. Why were like cool last, like high tops. I'm not able to wear high heels anymore because of my foot. But hey, that's the only only thing like I really don't give a shit. So because that's why that's freaking high tops now. But uh, but yeah, so that's the kind of story with that whole thing. And I remember to like a couple years ago back like, I went to go hike up a mountain. And I couldn't do it all the way it was just, I had to I had to work my way to it. And so literally, there was a group of people of real estate people that would go hiking on Sundays and they go to the top and I had to go on different days just to get the endurance enough just to even to make it and then finally I was able to make it to the top. So maybe that's maybe a little bit more about me like why I just frickin just go out and I don't care. 24:25 Relentless, relentless. 24:28 I love that about you. I don't even know how to describe the personality type. Like I said, like we're just gonna just like you're gonna destroy it no matter what, like, it seems effortlessly. 24:39 No, it just I make it look like even when I do if you ever see like, some of the videos will be like when I do the cold plunge and like I'm in the water. It looks like it's not a big deal. Like oh, look, it's like nice and relaxing. You know? I mean, you you've done it. You know how it 24:56 feels. I'm dying inside. Yeah. for at least a couple of minutes, and then you get at your body gets acclimated to the temperature and then you're kind of chillin. Yeah. 25:05 Yeah. Well, the biggest thing too is like just reminding yourself, it's all just temporary. Everything is temporary. Like the pain is temporary that you're going through, like, once you get out, you're gonna feel so much better. Just like too and like people are like they're afraid to to get on the phones or whatever. It's like pick up the phone, just do it. Like you're more freaked out in your head, then then what's actually gonna happen? Yeah, 25:26 I think that's probably I think pretty much any real estate investor, any wholesaler that's having trouble getting started is because they're afraid to pick up the phone. They can't like they mentally they cannot get themselves to just pick the phone up. To me, it seems like the easiest thing in the world, like I need the money more than I need to be afraid, you know, like, right? 25:44 I love it. Because even before I was in the in real estate, like I did precious metals, gold and silver, physical gold and silver over the phone for a couple years. So like, I've always like, and I grew up in sales. So it was just, it was just pretty, pretty natural, 26:02 smooth transition. Can you tell us what your business looks like right now? So like you said, you're running some PPC are doing nationwide? Are you only in Arizona? Or what's your business look like right now. 26:13 So right now on on that side of things. So like, as I said before, I do a little bit in Arizona, and I don't do the PPC I just have my daughter doing her googling for daughter for dawn for daughters googling dollars. And then the PPC and cold calling is out in the Kansas City, Missouri in Kansas City, Kansas area, and then as well over in the Macon Georgia area. And that's all that's all PPC too as well. 26:42 Very nice. So you're doing mostly houses. 26:46 For right now. I am finishing up with cash. Cash flow, Mike, with doing like creative financing and getting more into that realm of things too. And I'm really starting to Miranda over to the Bucha Makala. I was gonna say multi level, but it's not multi multifamily. Very 27:13 nice. So you're the second person inside of three podcasts that have said that they're getting coached by cash. Cash flow, Mike. Yeah. All right. Next minute, just sort of the same thing. Yeah. So that's, 27:26 yeah, yeah. Well, well, when, when, when my when my kid came out here, because they just had the event over here he flew in. And then as well, too, that's when Max had first met Mike was at the wholesale event in Texas. And like, I already knew, Mike, because I was already training with Mike. So 27:47 yeah, we stopped him at the dinner. And now I'm sad. We didn't get a chance to talk to him more. 27:55 Now, you know, better now, you know, oh, and really, really quick. So like, if anybody is in here listening and when they have like, like picking up the phone reluctance and whatnot. The coolest thing is, when we were there in Texas for the event, there was a kid there, he was only 13. And he was making calls. By bite you he was scared to. And there is like this older guy sitting next to him. He's like, don't pressure him. Like, he doesn't need to call. I'm like, Dude, you need to shut the hell up. Like, I talked to this kid earlier, I was riding in the car with him. You know, he's my friends like nephew or whatever. Like, this is what he wants to do. I'm going to encourage him to get on the phones. You know, it took them a minute. He's looking at it. I even like recorded it too. And like, that's just cool. Like, can you imagine? Like, yeah, like your 13 year old making a call? Yeah, to record it for the first time. But like, he picked it up, and then he started dialing, didn't get a person start and then it just got easier and easier. So it does it does get easier guys. And if a 13 year old could do it. Anybody can do it. 29:02 Yeah, that's amazing. Yeah, I wish somebody had pushed me into real estate when I was 13. Push me off the bridge, please. Definitely would take that leap. 29:13 So what what's one thing because like, I feel like you're you're relentless and you're a leader. So like, what's like a leadership quality? What's a leadership trait or something that you do to like, keep everybody motivated? Because I like being a leader as multiple things as training as motivation. That's mindset as my 29:31 example, you lead by example. So you talk about this stuff and you encourage your, you know, your people around you to be doing the same thing, but you also be doing it too as well. So one of the things like with a lot of my coaching clients with their employees, we talk about I'm always I'm huge on having your script in front of you. I don't care how well you know it like I know mine forwards backwards, upside down, side to side in the dark. Whatever. However, you still want to always have that in front of you. So like here, like, I've got mine right here, I put it on the three by five card because I travel so much now. So it's easy. I used to travel with paper, but three by five cards a lot thicker and it travels better. But But ya know, the biggest thing is by example, because that's the other thing too. I've noticed out there there's like these, like positional leaders, and they'll tell you, Oh, you need to do this, do that. And then they're off not doing that what they talk about. 30:33 less of that, and especially in this industry in this business, like you said, they start coaching and now they're full time coaches, and then they forget to do deals. So then they're just on Facebook capping about all the deals they did five years ago. 30:44 Right? Or it's like, oh, I'm projected. I'm like, what projected doesn't mean anything or verbal doesn't mean anything. Like unless you've got EGOT paper. Now you're, you know, that's, that's just the started. You know, you still gotta get that that that baby sold and everything else like that. So yeah. 31:05 That's not me. It's not me, just me, Daniel. 31:08 Daniel, your ding, ding. Famous, 31:12 one of my clients is blowing my phone up. I'm gonna send Well, I'm gonna send him a link to the lie that we can watch. 31:17 You know, you've got the little thing on the side of it where you can. 31:20 It's my computer. I was hooked to the computer. side of the computer. 31:24 You know what there is there is do you have isn't an apple? Yes, Apple there is there. I'll show you later. But it's on the upper right hand side, you can make it stop. I've learned that too. Because I was like, I kept getting dings. And while I was coaching, and I was like, Oh, crap. And yeah, somebody showed me. Yes, you're welcome. 31:45 And you'll need tech support. He's my tech support. It's funny to know that he needs tech support to 31:50 write and I'm old too. So that's even funnier. 31:56 So tell us a little bit about your coaching. Like if somebody wants to work with you, what are you offering? How does it work? Is it regular meetups. 32:04 So currently, right now, how I have by that other side of the business established, is that so I have two different things. They just pop something up right there. Because I don't right now I work with individuals, I work with companies. And my biggest thing is having personal attention for the companies I work with. And the other thing too is like a lot of the Guru's out here, they do group coaching, and I don't do group coaching, I only work with that person's team at that point of time. I'm not throwing out my other teams, I work with it and do any of that. So it's just want that that one company I work with at that point of time. So we do that we go through we have with that company will do their coaching calls or review those. And then as well, too, is we have one on ones. And all depending on how many how many killers I was gonna say how many closers they have on their team or follow up specialists they have on their teams, like either I'm doing like a 30 minute or an hour long with them with doing one on one. So not only will we go into like more like, Hey, Luke, what's up? I haven't seen you brother in so long. Oh my gosh, sorry. I'm just noticing this stuff on this side over here. Anyhow, squirrel, fuck, Baba, Baba. So we're doing one on ones. But when we do the one on ones. So like, I can help you with your technique. But the biggest thing during these one on ones it's happening is the mindset. And our mindset is that the is the biggest thing in this business, because there's so many times where like something or others going on. And like I'm able to help people, because I've experienced so much stuff to help them like get through that. So they're not taking that into their workflow of the day. So we do that as well. So what I ended up doing because I at this point of time, I don't work with individuals, I ended up making a sales course, which is the authentic closer system. And it's the AC And what I'm doing for hive is that I doing a 15% discount. So if you wanted to get that, there you go, Hey, if you wanted to get that it's high for five and you'll get 15% off of it. And just so you know, guys, like the thing is, is only like 750 And on top of it too. Not only am I going over in teaching people with the how to you know, when you're having these conversations, I'm also giving them other like tips and tricks of like, you know, hey, when you're having a shitty day, like what do you do, or just like different things that a lot of people don't talk about unless you're actually have been in the business and in that seat in that position. 35:01 Yeah, I think that's something that people they kind of don't don't factor into, like the price of any kind. Of course, your training is like all of the abuse you had to take right to get there to come up with these techniques. So I think somebody sees a price tag. And I'm like, oh, you know, that seems like something I might do someday. But I promise you, if you pull the trigger on something like that, yeah, it'll pay dividends over and over and over again, immediately, right? You can take like information, like you've already been through a crash, you've been through, you know, to hell and back, is like, if you're willing to transfer that information to somebody else for such a low price. That's something that anybody should take advantage of, for sure. 35:35 And then I go then way I teach I teach in acronyms. So that's even easier for a lot of people to remember when they're taking that person through the process. So like, when I'm so one, one part of it is called. So a lot of people it's all the same shit, honestly. So people can use they set the stage set the expectation, I call it assign the agenda. So when you're doing something like that, so I was like, Here, here's the acronym is to, so you're doing your timeline, what's the call gonna be about? And what's going to crap? I just got a blurring, freeze. 36:10 I get them all the time. 36:14 Yeah, but anyhow, nevermind. 36:17 Let's say, well, we'll come right back to it. So we'll start talking about something else. And then you'll be like, 36:21 oh, yeah, now I remember. Yeah. No, I knew that was gonna happen, too. I really did. But it is what it is. That's the whole thing. Do you guys like when you do this stuff, like, it's okay to be a fool and look stupid. 36:31 You know, that's what I was gonna say is that, like, I think people, they take this business too serious, right? It's like, because if you're not having fun, if you're not enjoying, 36:40 I knew it's coming. That's 36:45 you have to have fun doing this business. And we've been trying to like, convey that on some of these podcasts. I see a lot of podcasts. And they're like, hitting you with all these cool numbers and the facts and it just seems like more educational. And then our podcasts like it's, I think it's a little bit sillier people can really be themselves. And if you're if you treat your business, that way, you're talking to your sellers like that, they can fill it, like they know, you enjoy what you're doing here. They're gonna, if you have commission breath, they're going to be smiling that too, like what's up with this person? Like, why are they talking like this? And us, like I'm making fun of the sellers, I'm talking crap to them. We're talking to this guy about a $3 million ranch a couple of days ago on a call I did with one of our students. And like, we're talking about his eyes and his eye health is failing him. And I'm telling him that like, I'm a mad scientist, and I might have some stuff that could help with his eyes and like, completely forgot about the property. Go, yeah, let's go to dinner. Let's go have some steaks. Like I made a date with the old man instead of like closing the deal. You know, I'm saying like, and we spent talking about health. 37:36 And it's funny you say that, because one of my agreements, that one of the gentleman that I'm speaking with right now, if he does end up moving forward with me, and we close, that's part of the agreement that he's able to take me out to dinner. But I'm like, it's gotta close. I was like, it's got to not only signed the agreement, it's got to close and then yes, then you can take me out to dinner. 38:02 So I have have have a good question for both of you. Because you're both you're both sales and closers. So what is the craziest thing you've negotiated for when you're doing a real estate transaction? Because I think dinner is a weird one. 38:17 Yeah, that's actually that's, that's the first time I've ever done and agree to something like that. Oh, my gosh, screw it, but it's got to be closed. So that was the one thing because a lot of times people are like, Oh, no, I'll sign but then if you don't close, it's like dumb. I think that was a pretty. 38:33 That was the Yeah, that was like that. 38:37 I'm trying to think I'm like, man, I've dated so many old ladies. 38:44 But were any of them from buying their house? 38:50 Oh, that part I completely. 38:52 That's what he's talking about. Like we need you lock up an agreement. 38:57 I had a client from Atlanta, he negotiated a boat. He's like, I'll take the boat in the driveway to boats 39:02 and hoes. I didn't say 39:08 if you found some guns from property too, right? Yeah. 39:11 Yeah. Looks like we're trying to close on that one now. Yeah. The guy's like, 39:16 in the I know your story. You got cows. 39:19 Oh, yeah, I got free cows with the deal. Yeah, I was like so are the cows going to be removed that closing and she's like, I don't have any equipment to move them just like you can have them. I was like, Thank you, I guess. What do I say that? So 39:31 what do you do with that? Are you gonna go over there and get some fresh meat or what? 39:36 That's what I'm thinking Cory Thompson's like, send them to the sale bar. And I'm like, I guess so. I guess I could load up my refrigerator with more meat. 39:43 That's gonna be a lot of me. 39:46 Yeah. Yeah, way too much of my going to be 39:49 like giving a shit away. 39:50 There's an agent and probably getting that listing that property for us. And she's like, I'll take them off your hands. I said, Look, if you can get me a full price offer in record time. I might just give them to you. So Oh, I'm using them as a bargaining chip right now. 40:02 Might as well who's taking care of them right now? 40:05 You know, I have no clue. That's what I that's what I told the agent I said, you know, I don't know what's going on with those cows. I said, like, you need to go check on him. I know there's water out there. I mean, it's it's 123 acres with with a stream in it, so I'm sure they're okay. But I'm like, tell me if I need to pick up some bales of hay like, What do I got to do? And I'm a city boy. So, it'd be like City Slickers. Yeah, I've 40:25 ever seen them. That's when you start aging yourself. 40:29 Hey, I remember that. I'm right there. I'm right there with you. That's how I feel when I'm talking to all these like farm and ranch sellers. Like, I feel like them. They know I'm a city boy, they could they could just see it in my face. They could smell 40:40 it a mile away. They could hear it in your voice. 40:46 I'm surprised they want to deal with me. But now they end up blowing me to death. I just guess they just see that I'm just a genuine guy. So they're like, Okay, we accept Him into 40:52 our tribe. You can come into the fold for a minute. 40:57 Yeah, I've had a lot of good luck, honestly. Yeah, with like these older gentlemen that are like super wealthy that have these like million dollar properties. They just see like, I really, I would love to do the deal. But I kind of don't care. Like if we do it amazing. If we don't amazing too. Sometimes you just learn something really cool. And these guys will mentor you. Like they'll say, hey, if I want to make sure you avoid this watch out for this. So I just feel like we're just making a bunch of really cool friends. And then every now and then we do a nice big transaction and it works out good for everybody. 41:21 Right now, I actually had a guy that I had locked up just a couple months ago. And it didn't end up working out as a wholesale deal. But he ended up agreeing to doing a sub two with it. Because like, hey, you know, we've been talking for this long. He's like, I just want to I just want you I'm gonna make sure you get it. I'm like, Okay, thanks. Like it was so unexpected all affairs like, No, I don't want to do it anymore. I'm like, Alright, cool. 41:48 You know what, I want to talk about that real quick. If and for the people that are afraid to talk, to get on the phone and be like, you just gotta just do the action, right? I say you just got to start with marketing. Right? If you do the activity, you talk to enough people, people give you real estate. I can't explain that enough to people like you talk to enough people and people will start to give you shit. Like just do the work. I promise you it gets easier. It does get easier. Like Daniel right now he has a client right now that's trying to give them like, what then how many acres 20 or 30 acres or something? Then it was muted. 42:20 I mean, myself, I'm making it my friend. I'm gonna get dinged again. So I have a guy told me 24 acres right now in Atlanta, give 42:27 them 24 acres Give. 42:29 Give that. Oh, you know what, that's another thing too. There's a lot of people, I've noticed that times two that are afraid to make the calls because they're virtual. 42:42 Because they're in another market. 42:44 Yeah. And they're not in that market. They're like, Oh, I have to be in that market. Like no, you don't know. There's no rule that says that. Yeah, they're like, I'm afraid to do the opening. You know why? Because I think they have to be there so they can be able to do stuff face to face with them. I'm like, I've locked up. I didn't I've never counted how many deals like I locked up. I just counted like how much money I made it. You know what I mean? Because that's what it that's what it actually matters. Like, who cares if you've done? I've done two dozen deals, but you made five grand like, Who gives a shit I want to I rather want to know, like, Hey, this is what I actually, you know, this is how much I sold in. Yeah, but yeah, I was like, No, I've done close to this. And I've been virtual, and I've not been face to face with somebody before. I mean, I have like, years ago. I mean, but however the last few years, it's all the report I've been able to build. It's just all on the phone. I mean, I haven't even done like, you know, sometimes people I guess they'll they'll do a zoom with somebody. I want to do that. 43:43 And, yeah, we've closed deals by text messages, email. I want to I want to give a good nugget for this one right now. So if anybody's afraid to do virtual, I got the perfect workaround for this. So if they say, Hey, you know, where do you buy properties first, you can expand, right? So I'm like, Oh, I buy anywhere in Texas, in case you're trying to like disqualify me by saying, Hey, you're from San Antonio, you don't buy in Dallas, I say about anywhere in Texas. And then they'll try to disqualify you again, right. If you're virtual, they'll say, Well, you know, do you buy in Amarillo, the way that I take I take the deal out of their hands before they can take it out of mine is I say, Hey, I've never done a deal there. But I'm also not opposed to it. So it's like I turn it around on them as like, I'm pre qualifying you. Like, I don't buy there, but I might, you know, what do you have? So throws the ball back in their court now. Like you sell me on why I should buy your property virtually. Right. 44:34 Like I'm nationwide. I'll go anywhere as long as it you know, makes sense. 44:38 Yeah, yeah. Just I just put it back on them. Like I might buy your stuff. What do you have? Yeah, 44:43 maybe you told me Yeah, that's the whole thing too. It's like play a little bit hard to get like sometimes if people like Oh my Oh, there he goes. ding and again. 44:50 Okay, so there's a guy mess up my phone right here and he's in the chat too. So I'm literally this kid. Easily here's a live chat working. Stephen Henderson. You're so annoying, but he wants to know where you got your hat. What says hustler star by the way? 45:08 Okay, here we go. So it's a buddy of mines. Brand, and it's a hustle. is where you can get it up. So he's got the hats. He's got shirts, and they also just came out with coffee. I really wish I liked coffee. So, but yeah, he's got he's got they've got it's I even I even attempted it. Like just to see if I maybe I like coffee because you know how like your taste buds change over time, but apparently mine doesn't so. 45:38 So the thing about everybody in this room is everybody's persistent. And all of us are persistent in our own way. Yeah, have to be. I'm gonna I'm gonna block you, right? 45:51 Dammit. No, I put up his dinner yet. The old lady got to show him. 45:59 That's so cool. Man. There's people like Steve Anderson. You know, you guys. It's like I told Daniels like all the people we're connecting with in real estate. Like all super, super cool people. Like if you were just friends with one of these people, amazing. But now we're starting to have like 30 of them. 40 of them. 50 of them. Like that's pretty badass. Like if somebody was out there. There's more maniacs out there. So I'm here right now with the house. He came from Australia like I've known to do for eight years. We've been in business together for like eight years, and I've never met him in person. So like, he come over here for a week just to hang out. And he had a friend of his I said, Oh, you're going to America? He goes, Man, it's just like a frickin movie. And so he's like, completely spazzing out of everything that he sees. He's like, it is like a freakin movie over here. He's 46:39 sure your house is like a freakin movie. Like he was there for the event. Oh my gosh, he would have been like, 46:46 yeah, I tried to get everybody here for the event. So Noah came from from Florida and that girl that came in when she came into the hive house, she walks in she goes is this how the Guru's live? Office? 47:00 It was funny. It was funny. Well, that was funny too. Because like when I go to my room, like, who are you? Hi, what do you think? But that dude has a cool last name. Anderson. Stick of the thick of the matrix. You know? 47:15 Mr. Henderson, your answers. It's my favorite movie of all time. Really? Yeah. I think we possibly are living in a simulation. That's a whole different podcast. I need to get Brian on here for that one. 47:28 That would be pretty dope. I would be like totally down for that one. 47:32 The Matrix podcast? Are we living? 47:34 I had a dream about that. Before it came out to a movie. Yeah. Before it was a movie. So when I saw that movie, it freaked me the hell out. Can you imagine like you have a dream like that? And then you see it on the big screen. I was like, 47:47 yeah, yeah, that was amazing. Yeah, I've had some pretty cool dreams that I felt like I've seen the future in some some regard. 47:54 That was called a psilocybin trip. 47:57 Yeah, that's a whole nother podcast. We did talk a little bit about psychedelics right when we interviewed Daniel. Yeah, we did. Yeah. 48:07 Oh, so saying you and I were talking about it, too. When I was at the house. 48:12 I just I find it disturbing that people think that like Tylenol and ibuprofen is perfectly cool and fine and alcohol. Right. But then you met you mentioned like psychedelics and people were like, what? That's drugs. What is why they're pounding six cups of coffee a day 48:29 on coffee, but if you do it the other way, it's much better for you. If you 48:34 like take it like I've heard of that. So what does that do? Does it cause like a purge or what? 48:41 Well what ends up happening is when you do it that way it it's so you know how it gives you guys like the energy and stuff to like to really go out it it does that for your internal systems. And so it gets that stuff like helps take take the toxins out of your body and just pull all that crap out. 48:57 Does it still give you a rush like a coffee rush? Like you drink it? A little bit? Yeah. That's very, very interesting. I've always heard of that. Yeah, I got like I did almost 10 years of like raw vegan green juice like fasting all this crazy stuff. And I just went as deep down as you can go into these crazy healing rabbit holes and I always heard of that I just never knew like, what the effects would be or what what it was like 49:19 yeah, it's uncomfortable though. It's not like something like Oh yeah. But it's uh, but the benefit of the afterwards it's just so awesome because as well too, it's just like, it's just helping your body just cleanse out like just like some old crap that you've got going on and just helps it just helps your system flow so much better. So if you got any like toxins or metals and stuff like that, it just helps pull that out of your your body. 49:46 We want to start doing more health related podcast so I wanted to talk a little bit about like lupus and what you're doing to like kind of mitigate that there's anything that you can share about that. 49:55 Oh, shit, that's all honestly like, I don't take any medicines, because when I got diagnosed, they put me on a medication, that would literally, I had to go in once a year to get my eyes checked because I could go blind from it. And on top of it, too, you still get your flare ups. So I'm still going to have pain and deal with all this other crap, and then move my visions like fuck you, there's gonna be something better. So I just started 50:23 that in the medical system right now. That's where we are, that's the epitome of health. Like, 50:28 that isn't health, that's the whole thing is is like, here's the pill, like the pill doesn't do anything for you. It just maintains you. And then it just messes up all your other organs. And then you gotta go take a pill for that. And then you got it just like just spiraling down just crapple 50:44 I'm in real estate for about five to 10 more years before I felt like I could like fully automate this beast and where we're headed. And then after that, I'm going into the medical field, I'm gonna start pushing up like a compounding pharmacies like doing peptides and like these more natural healing modalities, because that's my biggest passion. I really am a scientist. I'm a mad scientist. I love that more than I love anything more than I love real estate more than I love money. Like, all of that is super secondary. Like if medicine was number one and healing people was a first priority, then money in real estate is like number 23. Right? That's how big the gap is. Between what I love medicine. Yeah, I'm definitely going to be in the, in the medical field in the next several years. 51:25 Well, the whole thing is this, like, it doesn't matter how much money you have if your health is shit. 51:29 Or doesn't matter how much money you have, if you're seeing all the people around you getting sick and aging and dying and falling apart and you can't do anything about it. You know, that's like I have I still have my parents, thank God, but it's like, you know, they're getting older. And it's like, that's super important for me. Like if they are going to they're going to transition no matter what. But they also don't go like falling apart and you know, terribly ill and just miserable, 51:50 right? Yeah, I'm doing they could have actual quality of life. Like my mom passed away it like, fuck, she didn't make it to 50 she was 49 she had lymphoma. And like, what like that, like, she got diagnosed and like a month later, she she she passed away. 52:05 Oh, man, it's so scary. You know, one of my sellers right now one of my property sellers. She's doing really bad. I mean, she has like a growth on her face, like a black growth about the size of a golf ball. And so I ordered her a bunch of like ozone products, like somebody may met a guy yesterday that has a he's in the ozone business, like a clinic in Dallas, and I'm like, Dude, give me the website and like, I'm gonna just buy her a bunch of stuff right now. Like, I didn't even ask her permission. I just ordered it on. I'm like, Hey, you're gonna have some stuff in the next couple of days. Like 52:33 just start using your face and from cold plunge to That's what 52:37 I'm thinking. I think like if you're if you're just more active like if you're out there like finding out what are the healing modalities, take a cold plunge, do some sun, do one day of green juice fast for 24 hours, you know, do a water 52:48 fasting so good for you. It's so good for you. Because when you when you give your body that break, then because your body's always like digesting and everything else like that when you give it that break. And not even like I don't know how many how many days you do you do when you do a fast. But I tend to do at least a three day I'm unable to at this point in time to do a seven I love to unfortunately the my body just is not able to handle it. However, like on day two, like my vision gets better. But the know everything. Yeah, the biggest thing is because it's always digesting and stuff like that and you give it that break and then once it stops working that system, it starts working in other things for you, like your body will start doing that. And then you'll end up having the autophagy part of things too so when you have these really shitty cells that need to get the fuck out they die so the same thing to with a cold plunge you know the whole like you're you're getting yourself so cold like those those weak cells will end up dying off. And like with cold plunge to like your your white blood cell count, you can increase it that way. I mean, there's so many benefits for like just doing one action. 54:00 Yes, I love it. It's like we got to revisit this we have to do like a whole nother show about this. And I'm trying to spread the word at the same way that I want to like spread wealth, right? So that's why we share real estate information. I also like I want to share like health related information because again, I think they go together right? They say health is well and I really believe that yeah, we're just out here just hammering in just crushing it and entrepreneurs but you're not taking care of yourself like not worth it. Not gonna lead to anything amazing. I can promise you that. Yeah, it's 54:27 like why did you why did you do that to yourself? Like why did you pound yourself into the fucking ground and afterwards you can't even enjoy the fruits of your labor like what's the point? 54:37 I think everybody's thinking that that they're going to do that later. Like first I'm gonna get mega wealthy I'm going to collect as much cash as I need to collect and then I'm going to focus on my health but it's just not true. You have to 54:46 do the whole thing is you don't even know if you get a later like not even though that maybe you don't even die because of natural causes or whatever you can get hit by you know color. They'd like to show many freak accidents out there too. couldn't possibly happen. Nobody's guaranteed tomorrow. Yeah, you might as well enjoy it while you can. And as be as healthy as you can with it all to it, it's just minor changes, like a really great one is like grounding every day. Like if you feeling off center and whatever, like go outside or you're having a that's another thing too, like you have to do a cold plunge. If you're having a bad day, you can go ground, just get reconnected with the earth again, you taking your shoes off or taking the socks off, you go in the dirt, you go on the grass, you go on the rocks, and just put the puppies in there and just disperse out that negative energy you've got going 55:37 very powerful. It's really every time I go to the beach, I just like set a chair by the water and I could just sit there for like two days straight and that Oh, me too. And then I'm completely like grounded out like more so than ever. And it lasts weeks after that. 55:49 That's I've been missing that I haven't been to the beach since my birthday. I went to I flew out to Florida. And I stayed out there for a couple of days. And it was awesome because nobody was on the beach because it was like 44 degrees out and people were walking on the beach with parkas and shit and I'm used to cold water so does it I was the only one in the ocean and people are walking by with frickin mittens and a hoodie. They're like, what's wrong with this person? 56:16 We're in the cold plunge at 46 degrees and shit. 56:19 Okay what is a quote that is yours or somebody else's that you resonate with? 56:27 Meyer Oh, so I'm really big on this. Which would be Yodas huge quote. resignate completely Do or do not there is no try. 56:39 I love that quote. I love that quote. And I'm all 56:43 over when people say try you're saying earlier to I kind of shut up. But try is such a non committal word. And a lot of us who are out there are just not not committal people. So like whenever you say that, it's like Don't say something like that, like you're not non committal person. Why would you even think try? Oh, I'm gonna try to be healthier. Like, come on. Really? You're gonna do it or you don't? 57:05 I'd rather a person just quit instead of Try. Try. Just quit if you're gonna. If that's all you're gonna do is try like, No, you can already quit. You can do it. 57:15 There's life and death to the power of our tongue. You know, the words we say are so yeah. 57:23 We have a mastermind and I'm always trying to get everybody in there to quit. Yeah, I 57:27 was trying to get see. 57:30 I'm trying to get them to quit like talking about that. 57:33 You're not quit now. You're not trying to get them quit just like alright, quit saying it. Because even though you're saying it to. 57:44 Yeah, yeah, true. True. True. I get it. Hey, good. So I'm not going to try to get him to quit. I'm going to make them quit now. 57:54 I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna you know. 57:57 I tell Daniel here's what I'm gonna say on the call today. He's like, I don't think you should say that. He's like, you might scare him off I'm like well, they they need a producer they need them that one or the other? Not 58:05 get off the pot. You know? Either you do or you don't it's not a halfway in sport. 58:13 I love it. Yeah, this was a super fun one. I think we need to do this again soon. Like I said, we do have the like a whole entire health show that we're launching. That's going to be outside of real estate and kind of how it pertains to that how leaders stay strong how to keep your body and your mind strong. So yeah, we definitely need to have a part two of this conversation it was super fun super amazing as always Yeah, you're a great soul you always bring that good fun energy and I hope people watching this take advantage of your your your content and also your your platform your training because if anybody's struggling out there if you're afraid to pick up the phone so there's an easy way to easier way to get involved and it's connecting with the people that already have momentum like Sonia and apparently everybody loves you because you got all the all the comments every is giving you a shout out so you're already you're well known it 58:56 is that's the other thing too like I started doing a private Facebook group and like tomorrow I'm going to do live cold cold calls 59:04 sick what's the name of the group? I forgot 59:10 like things like the authentic closer 59:13 closer you okay all right, I'll just drop the link 59:17 on my Facebook like you can see it on there because I did about there about it on there. So but yeah, it's the authentic the authentic closer. 59:25 That is so super helpful 59:26 calling live that's amazing. Okay, yeah, I'll definitely pop in there check it out. 59:30 Yeah, good join in because I'm only doing I don't like doing a live feed on your personal page because lot some of those calls are pretty personal with people. 59:39 Yeah, I agree. Yeah, that's those should be behind a closed door. Yeah. So 59:44 at least one well, thanks for coming on Sonya. We appreciate your time. Go check out go check her out Instagram mindset negotiations master closer. Sonya re route you Go 1:00:00 let her go

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!

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Anthony Gaona

Host/ Ceo/ Speaker

Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

You can learn more about our vision and join our free mastermind by joining hivemind CRM on Facebook and all social channels