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Oct. 26, 2022

Ep 248: Time Management Mastery With Coach Michell Welch

Ep 248: Time Management Mastery With Coach Michell Welch


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0:00 Hello, welcome to today's episode. I'm your host, Mr. Daniel Martinez. I have a special guest today, Mrs. I am Michelle Welch. She is a time management, productivity coach. And she's just an amazing person. She, we met her through Charles Oglesby, and Mr. Todd billion on Twitter. And she's part of Todd capital mastermind. And she's just been a great help and resource to the to our community. And I put my computer experiment is still going. So I hope you understand that people text me all the time, and it happens. But where do you keep them moving on? Man, that's funny. Okay, so today, we have a special guest. As you can see, we stuff happens, and we just go with the flow, and it doesn't even matter, because we're here, we're here to have a conversation, and you're here to enjoy. That's all it is. So Miss Michelle. 1:05 Um, you know, I'm blessed. I'm grateful. And I'm just happy to be here with you. I think this interview has been long overdue. And I'm just so excited to finally sit down and let's hash it out. So, 1:16 I mean, we've known each other for like, a long time. I think it's been around been around a year. Yeah, it is. The top capital mastermind has been pivotal in my business. And I think it should be to you to you and Charles, because you and Charles do a lot for the group. And you guys do a lot of education and training. So it's kind of cool and interesting to see. come full circle. 1:40 Yes, I know. It's so awesome. And thank you, that is, you know, I just I love what I do. So it's like there's enough for all of us to win. So let's win together. That's that's the mentality of the group. So. 1:53 And Michelle actually spoke at our event this past year in Fort Lauderdale. So that was cool to have. Having you and Charles come speak. So it's kind of, I don't know. It's kind of cool. Having cool friends. 2:09 It's cool. Having rich friends though. 2:11 rich friends are having rich friends are cool, because then they invite you to like, I have I have a buddy here. And he's like, Hey, if you want to go to Airbnb, I have one nearby. I'm like, Alright, sweet. So we did like a weekend trip, like two weeks later. And I'm like, This is This is dope, having rich friends. 2:26 Yeah. Like it's kind of like a win win for everybody. So cool friends, which friends got it. That is a life hack. 2:34 So one of the first things they ask is like, how did you end up in entrepreneurship? Because like, entrepreneurship is crazy. And it's not for the light hearted. And it's not like everybody's like first decision to do. So like, how did you end up in this position? 2:51 So, so I'm a single mom of two, I have two boys, Landon, he is 10. Trevor is five. And when I had my second son, I hit like, a very low moment in my life. And it was super dramatic. It was, I couldn't afford to buy my son's diapers. And I had to use money from my oldest son's piggy bank to do that. And I feel like in that moment, I had like a coming to Jesus or Jesus came to me, and I was just like, this is like, the most degrading thing I've ever been through. And something has to change. This doesn't make sense. And then, you know, I had a job at the time, but obviously, you know, it just I was just getting back into work. And I don't think I had a paycheck until like the next week. But um, it was bad because my son was premature. And I'm at work. And you know, at the time, breastfeeding wasn't as it looked at as it is now. So there was like that option there. It just wasn't there and nothing worked. And so I started getting really depressed. And one day, I had my notebook, and I had a whole plan from 2015. It was still dated. And when I worked at a call center, and I drew out clean cleaning concepts, which was my cleaning business. And I use that to open up my business like two weeks later, and I quit my job. I did it in May, I started the business. Then in July, I quit my job. And that was almost six years ago, and I've never looked back again. 4:16 Six years ago, that is amazing. Yeah. And then running a cleaning business. Are you still doing like cleans business full time and has well I 4:24 don't run it. But it's so it's so activist so does what it needs to do. I partnered up with my best friend, he owns a pressure washing company. So I didn't want to have to deal with the field and the maintenance. I did it for so long. And so now it's just he manages all of the front end and you know, bringing the money handled the books, you know, look pretty for everybody. So, but yeah, it's quite the journey that I've been on. And I just I'm a second generation entrepreneur as well. My parents, they own a daycare and a cleaning business. So I've just always been around business because I didn't go to school. I just know so Oh much. It's just I've been in it, I grew up in it. So. 5:03 So one thing I really want to hit on that you, I mean, a lot, a lot of people like those amazing, amazing, but one thing I like doing, you know, is that a lot of people feel like they have to be like the front end, and you don't, you may have to be the front end for a time, you don't be the front end forever. Right? 5:19 Yeah. And that was that was the issue with my cleaning business I was so hell bent on when I started on being the best cleaner that I was missing out on being a great business owner so that I could scale and really make the money I wanted to make. So when you focus too much on the front end, you lose out on opportunities of like the bigger bags, and you know, being more consistent with your services, and honestly, scaling. I can make $1,000 a week by myself, but I can make $7,000 a week with a team. So it's just you have to look at it and you get burnt out like you're cleaning. It's manual labor, like what are we talking about? It's it's really hard work. So you burn yourself out. And that that happens to me too. So it's just the rules of engagement with with entrepreneurship. 6:06 No, I always like bringing up this conversation because like most entrepreneurs, they have to be like headstrong, and be able to fill the person in front leaving the group leading the pack. And I think it's the wrong way or right way. It's just that there might not be you 6:18 know, and it was me, it was me for a while. But I feel like with growth in business and truly understanding business in general, you realize that, like, you don't want to be on the front end anymore. You don't want to be that person that has to wear the smile all the time. Because business ownership is a lot more than an Instagram and a seat a title CEO and your caption like you, you really gotta be out here thug and like, I get it, a lot of people just sit up and make it look pretty, and it does get pretty, but you're ugly, more of the time. And you're pretty and it's just me understanding that. Now, when I get brought into a venture, or you know, if I want to start something I refuse, you know, I'd have my to do list and my to don't list. I'm not doing that. There's a wall there between me and the front end, I only want to do back end stuff. Because that's that's where my strong points are. And I'm strong in the front end. But I've done I've cleaned the toilets, enough already. I don't need to clean any more toilets. And that's in any business. I'm not cleaning toilets. So. 7:22 So for everybody listening, I hope you hope you got some nuggets from that just because, yes, you got the front you do the front end for a little bit. But when you get to a point where you can scale, do what you're good at what you're good at, focus on what you're good at, find out, find out what your strong suit is. Because like me, I'm stronger in the backend. Like I can do sales, I can be I can do front end. 7:44 I want to I want to okay, you can do it's fine. 7:51 That's so funny. 7:53 Because it's just it's not my cup of tea no more. 7:56 There's a Charles's always like, I was playing golf with him a couple weeks ago, I was like, we can have to go and he's like, he's like, I'm too old to be starting business from scratch. I'm looking to acquire them. 8:08 I like for referral. That is my whole sentiment because like, it's so good. I won't even work as a coach because I'm a coach. I won't even work with startups. i You have to have been in business for a year or more. And I need to see because that no, absolutely not us. 8:24 What's crazy is like, for everybody that's a startup wants to be a startup like it is not easy. 8:30 No, it's not. It's more than an Instagram, and a caption. Okay, it's far more than that. And it's very grueling. And I think we can feel this way because I've done like 40 startups and not just of my own. That's the type of coaching I used to do. And it's just very tedious. And it's a lot a lot of work. And if you don't have resilience, and if you don't have discipline, you're gonna just you're just gonna be spinning your wheels. I hate to break it. 8:57 It's a when you're doing a startup. It's like wherever the weaknesses it digs right into it. Like if it's a leader, if it's somebody on your team, it just it hurts. It hurts when there's a weak point in the group. And it can really kill your energy like your burnout, like you'll get stressed. Like from 9:21 talking about it. I'm starting to itch 9:25 it's crazy. It's crazy, because like I've done for I've done for startups, and I'm like tired 9:42 I just I feel like people are too indecisive and just the way that I operate I need people to know what they want. Like I can't put a plan together based off of what you think you want in this moment because then I'm gonna go you because why are we doing this right now? Like, why don't you know what you want? And that's why I just Who's not to work with it because I just don't want to be stressed out. I like what I do. Like I love this. So it's kind of like, I'm just gonna do what I love. 10:09 Now one thing that I really like that we said is like Hollywood people that are your younger because the year younger is like this, like the pressure, the pressure is on at that point. And if you don't make it past the year, I'm sorry. Sorry, but you're here to talk to me. 10:25 You know, and I just want to be realistic, guys. It's not even like mashing. But it's just true. Like, you have to be a different kind of beast to like, start a business like I'm six years in, you know how many times I failed, like what, and it's just but those failures, birth, something even greater every time. But some people aren't made to just fail. Like it just I don't know, like, you gotta have thick, thick, thick skin. 10:52 So let's, let's talk about failure. Because a lot of people, a lot of people gloss over it. And thick skin is definitely a necessity, definitely a necessity. Because, like you in your mind, just like, oh, this is my next big thing and fall on your face. And it's, the burnout happens quickly. It happens a lot faster when you're in that failure rut. That depression sets in the money and credit card debt might be getting phone calls and emails. 11:26 And that's a bad part. It's like, you know, we have too much money, not enough money, we're overstretching for our clients, we put ourselves in a space of anxiety because your finances are in shambles. Your life is a mess. It's like, people don't understand that when your life is not okay, your business will not be okay when your business is not okay. Like, everyone's like, oh, where's the balance, where's this there is no balance, it's integration, you have to learn how to coexist with each other. It is like a divorced couple. Okay, that is what we're going to call it. And if you don't learn how to coexist with your business in your personal life, which is why we are productive, which is why productivity is such a necessary skill, you're gonna fall into these places of being burnt out, I literally just did an entire series last week on burnout, because people are like screaming that they're depressed. And mind you, I don't discount anybody's mental if they have a problem. But 30% of entrepreneurs have depression and anxiety, majority of that is caused by burnout. And when you don't get proper rest, when you are constantly in motion you we have decision fatigue, exhaustion, fatigue, we go through these things, because every day, we have to make choices and decisions that are going to either change our lives or keep us in the same space that we're in. So the pressure is on us in general. And I don't think we take that like we take it with a with a grain of salt. And it's like, we have entrepreneurs that are living off of Starbucks, not feeding themselves correctly, not focusing, not sleeping, because there's this odd competition of who can work the longest hours and get the least amount of sleep. And it's like, Do you not understand that like rest is a requirement in business? Like, how are you going to be able to manage yourself for years to come? And you can't even you're not even you when was last time you seen a doctor, like, are you been drinking water like, and I just look at people and I'm like, that's why you're failing? Because you're failing to take care of yourself. If you don't feel good, you don't show up? Why do you think your business isn't working? It's not because it's not working, you're not working. And people like to put their business here and put themselves here. It's like, No, you are together. Okay, no matter how much you want to be divorced, you're together. And if you don't take care of both of you, one of you is going to fail, and it's not going to be you. It's going to be your business. So it's like, failure is such a normal thing for me. Because I risk a lot all the time. I'm like balls to the wall. I'm like, How can we do more like what can we do? Because what's the worst that can happen? Yeah. And I think with being in this for so long, and losing a lot of money and relationships and learning and growing, I've realized like, I don't fear anything, like a loss is a loss. I can go get a job making $150,000 Tomorrow, like what are we talking about? So if you're really not willing to bet at all, like, who cares if you fail? I think the biggest failure that I took in my cleaning business was I didn't vet an employee properly. And they ended up stealing, like $13,000 worth of damage. Like they did 13,000 worth of damages in some restaurants that we had. And that was a moment for me because I was like 26 years old. And I'm like, what, like, I didn't even know what to do. And so I'm calling my dad and I'm calling everybody and I'm just like, oh shit, like, I'm upset. It's cute right now like this is something serious. So we got everything worked out, but it was like that could have tore me down and I could have been like I'm done like that. That's too much of a risk. Yeah, that was no it. Let's go bigger. I'm not doing little jobs anymore. Now I want big six figure contracts. I was like, forget this, this little money is where all the problems happen. We're going to strip the company down, rebuild it, make it better learn how to really vet these people and go all in and then you know, $500,000 Later, you know, we just we did so. 15:24 Okay, okay. All right. I, I because Michelle, I see you, I see you. There's a one thing one thing, I think it's funny because like a lot of entrepreneurs, like automate entrepreneurs, like worthless and what the reality is, is like, you leave your 40 hour a job, 40 hour, 40 hour, 40 hour week job to work 80 hours, sometimes sometimes 15:45 more than that, because like, what? 15:49 Do they really want to hear this balance? Because like, if I'm awake, and this is where like, when I first started, when I'm awake, I answered the phone. And like, right now I'm like, I'm at, I'm at a point in my business where I'm like, if I don't have your number saved, I'm answering the phone. 16:03 Yeah, like, you don't do this for me. I don't answer the phone during the day. Like you have to leave, send me a message, because those are my working hours. And its boundaries that I set in place. Because if I was to answer every text and call when I got it, I would never get work done. Never. And I think balance has a big thing to do with boundaries. You can't have balance, if you aren't having people understand where that balance lies. Like, if you don't want people if people are going to call you regardless. But excuse me, if you want people to respect your time and space, then hey, I'm not I don't take calls from 10am to 2pm. That's, I don't take calls from that time. Put your phone on DND and don't take calls from that time. And if it is that urgent, if they need you then they can send a message you can reach back out in the internet fine. Okay. You have to you have to set that precedence for people and my back 17:21 now you're back. 17:23 See, I told me this and it's funny. But is that you have to have boundaries? You can't expect people to you because remember, yes, we have our lives but as entrepreneurs. Printers, our lives weird people are so dependent on us. No. All right, your back. Okay, my back. You're back. We have to create space. I feel like I've explained this like four times, we have to create space. So initiate boundaries with people set work hours for yourself, set work hours for people to talk to you. I only talk to clients, like when I do my calls on Wednesdays, set certain days for certain things and you'll create that balance that you're looking for. I hope I answered the question I hadn't really explored. 18:27 I know I know broke up for everybody. I hope we apologize. But we'll edit that a little bit part out but those a lot of good in there. And I think this importance of setting the boundaries, setting the time blocking to make sure you're being productive when you're supposed to be productive. And not necessarily doing too much because it could be a bad outcome per se. 18:53 Yeah. I'm definitely so time blocking is really dope because this is 19:07 right? Yeah. 19:11 This is crazy is a backup. 19:14 Kind of all right, you're gonna get 19:22 okay. I'm so scared to explain. Your time blocking, right? Yeah, time blocking. Okay, so time blocking is really dope, because it allows you to create blocks of time with certain tasks that you want to complete. Now for you to know what those tasks are. You need to have like a to do list. You can do that by initiating a brain dump. Brain Dump is where you get everything down on paper that you need to get done. Then you can take two color highlighters make one a high priority and a low priority. Highlight the high priority highlight the low priority. What you can also do is you can get a no card You can take it everything that you need to do for a specific, you know, group of something, you can then time block this note card and say, Hey, from 1030 to two, I'm just gonna work on these tasks on this note card. That is one way to time block. Another way is to take each individual item, and then say, hey, from 930 to 10, I'm gonna work on this from 1015 to 1020. I'm going to work on this and then you can just go through it that way. So those are the two ways that I timed out personally. And it works out pretty well for me, honestly, I'm not even gonna lie like those. I love those ways. 20:33 Yeah, I'm, I'm of the calendar. I like my Google Calendar is about it. If it's not my Google Calendar, I'm not showing up. 20:39 Yeah, because why would you? We don't do that type of stuff around here. We don't really willy nilly our time, like, what does this look like? 20:48 Yeah, cuz it's my wife's, like, what do you have the day I'm like, Well, I got one appointment today at this time, and it should be done at this time. And then you can do whatever you 20:55 see and isn't happy. Why? Because she knows what's going on. She's not confused. You're a smart man. 21:04 So like, I'll tell her like, this day and this Secretary really, really busy. I have back to back appointments throughout the whole day. But if you want to do something, you can do it on Friday, because Friday is wide open. 21:16 And why? Because you have a schedule. Yeah, I'm so proud of you, Daniel. 21:21 I mean, I learned this yesterday. I mean, I learned I learned through the hard times. And not answering the call at midnight when I was awake. But like, it depends with calls me so like, I still have 21:35 you answer a phone at midnight. 21:37 I mean, if I'm awake, so like me, I sleep in. So like for everybody here. I'm I get up, I start work like 10am 21:47 have I? I'm not attacking you. Okay. I just know. 21:54 Okay, so, my work hours, I usually after my kids go to bed, I usually work two to three hours. So if I'm awake, and he wants to talk, I'll tell clients or for midnight, Daniel. I've done it before. 22:05 I don't think you should do that again. 22:08 I mean, it's just, I mean, I was awake. 22:13 I'm not attacking you. I'm sorry. The prime management in me was like, 22:17 I mean, this, I've gotten better. I've gotten a lot better nowadays. This is old. Daniel. This isn't new. This is a Now Daniel. Okay. This is this is 22:29 after the episode. A conversation? 22:33 Well, I mean, like I said, it's one of those things where like, I wouldn't. And like, ever since I kind of got myself on a schedule, it's been a lot more peaceful. 22:42 Right? You're just you're just selling me at this point. Because like, guys, time management is like, the essential to living a peaceful life. Life is chaotic, because you have no idea what you're doing, literally. Get a schedule. 23:00 Yeah, and it's, uh, it's, I become more efficient. I do team meetings every Tuesday. I have like, set things that I do throughout the week, that it's set, I do podcasting recordings from the summers time of meetings in between there. And I can come up. And then those times where I was like overbooking myself, or it was like back to back meetings every day. And I'm like, You know what, I need a day off. I need an extra day off if I'm going to work this much. So now I have like an extra day off that I kind of work in where I don't necessarily schedule anything at all is completely clear. And then now I'm like, now I actually have time to go golfing once every two weeks. So I'm like, Okay, this is nice. 23:44 I can't wait to get out there and go golfing with you guys are such so much fun. And I just know me being out there. We just have so much fun. 23:53 It's a it's a it's, I had one of my clients go last time and he's like, I'm always in the office. And it seems like there's always a fire burning, and I'm like, you just gotta like leave, let it burn. Like it's not gonna, it's not gonna burn down by the time when you leave the office and come back. It's not gonna burn down. It's still gonna be fine. Any question that was important, because it's still gonna be important three hours later. So I told him like, dude, just come, we're going at this time on Wednesday. Show up. He's like, I'll be there. He's like, I'll be there. And then he texted me afterwards is like, thank you for putting the pressure on me to show up because I wouldn't have showed up if the pressure was on me to show up. And I really enjoyed myself, somebody alright. 24:35 And I just hate so much that as you know, sometimes business owners feel so obligated to constantly be in their business like that is why Daniel I advocate for productivity the way I do because it's not necessary for us to put this unprecedent stress and pressure for what the same result you will get three hours to right now in three hours. Like you know what I'm saying? So it's just like we have To stop with this chokehold that we have on ourselves, this unrealistic expectation that can just really diminish the way we feel about our brands and our business, and I just think we just gotta like, shift our mindset, our business does not need us. 24/7 you, we need us 24/7 And we're not even showing up for ourselves like, and it's just so sad. I hate that for us sometimes. 25:25 Well, I'm glad I'm glad you're advocating for and somebody's saying it. Because there's not many people that like, a lot of problems with entrepreneurs. And sometimes they are workaholics and they ruin relationships over over their business and their family falls apart and everything else. But like, if they're, if they're the whole reason why you're doing it, why do it. 25:48 And I say that all the time, because I used to, you know, I'm, you know, I have my boys. And I'm like, always like, they're my wife, they're my wife, they are my wife, I have other ones as well. But they're the ones that suffer the most, because I'm like, I have to work, I have to do this, I have to do that. And so just recently, a couple weeks ago, I started implementing things for us to do together, because I'm like, You are the very reason why I started and I became this woman. So how is it that I don't have time to pour into you. And I realize I'm like, that's being selfish. That's really being business selfish, because like, this business is so important that I can take 20 minutes to spend with my kids. So wash the dishes, make cookies, paint something like you know what I'm saying? 20 minutes of your time means everything to them. And this is not just for kids. This was for spouses, this is for relationships, this is for parents, like, you know, I just lost my grandma six weeks ago. And it's just like, I made so many excuses in the last six years of I don't have time, and the time has gone. So it's like, what are we really doing? You know, we say we don't have time, well, then why are we not all millionaires? If we spent so much time in our businesses, why are we not wealthy already? What where? Why haven't we broken all the generational curses, we're wasting time, because we don't want to take accountability, that we don't understand the skill of time management and productivity. And we feel like it's so my new and cliche, oh, to manage your time to get a schedule, that we don't take it serious. And it's just like productivity will change your life. It'll change your business, because what it forces you to do is have discipline, that is what it takes to run a business, discipline, and consistency. That is what productivity forces you to do. Because if you don't align with your schedule, your money doesn't align. If you don't, if you don't follow your schedule, the content can't get posted. So it's like it holds you accountable. But we run from that, because it's like, oh, I don't want to sit down and write down the schedule. I don't want to do it to do lists. I don't want to bring down well, why not nothing else work for you? 27:52 What's your opinion? What's your opinion on outsourcing and revenue generating activities? 28:00 I am a big delegator. I have a to do list and to don't list that to don't list get sent to either my EA or my admin. Because when you sit and do things that you don't want to do, you don't get them done. And it's the truth. I don't want to do this. So you keep pushing it off, you keep How many times do you make it to do lists with the same task on it, and you're like, Well, damn, I put it on 15 times now. So it's just like, delegation is the heartbeat of a business. Because number one, what it allows you to do is it takes you away from having to do tasks you don't want to do, which allows you to focus on the high priority tasks through revenue generating task, and getting those things done. Number two, as a business owner, there are certain things you shouldn't be doing. You should not be running your own payroll, if it's not necessary. You're not an accountant. You should not be cutting your own content up. You're not a videographer editor like that. You just shouldn't you need to be getting the money, whether that be speaking building courses to go get the money, so that we can continue to employ people. So it's just really understanding where you need to be in the business. Like what is it that you want to do? The CEO is not supposed to also be the janitor, the teacher, the educator, the copywriter, the mailman, like what are we doing? So that's where all that comes in the revenue generating task. That is how you can determine on your task list. If the task is a high priority or low priority. Is this getting to the bag directly? Or is this giving me an ollie hoop to get the task done? Which is then gonna get me to the bag? Which one is quicker? Am I gonna see this return in a week or two weeks? So I'm a very big person, that when you don't know what to do, you don't know what's a priority, put a price tag on it, because if you see something that's worth $1,000, you're gonna say, Oh, I'm going to do that because I'm gonna get that money. I'm gonna get that bag, do what works for you. But always make sure that whatever you're doing, it's either getting you to the bag, or getting you in a space to get the bag it's like a one to two week turnaround period. That's that's a priority. To me, I want to check now. So you just have to determine what money works for you. And that's the the breakdown of that. 30:10 What I like what I like about this is that it's no longer when you when you actually put a figure on that that task, you're like, why am I going to do that? $5 An hour task? Why am I going to do that 10 hour task, when there's $1,000 An hour task that needs my part that needs to be done right now. Exactly. That's, that's, that's the key. Personal side, how much do you dedicate towards your cleaning business weekly? 30:37 Ah, um, man, like, probably, I'll do like an hour, maybe hour and a half a day on it. You know, the thing is, is that I don't like it anymore. I lost my I didn't lose my passion. Because I'm obsessed with cleaning coaching. I think what it is, is now that I'm older, and I've done the front end stuff, and I've done all of that, like I'm my passion is educating is telling people you know how to do it. So when it comes to how much am I investing in my cleaning coaching side, because I'm also a cleaning industry coach? Yeah, how do the same amount of time that I do pre med, so it's like, all day, all my life, like, that's all I do is I tweak my programs, I rebuild the website, I make things more effective, I create templates, like, I love educating so much, because there's, I have so much knowledge and experience. And so, you know, the cleaning business, it it, I love it so much. And me and it have such a personal relationship because it saved me from being where I was at. But I had to work so hard, and COVID really messed up a lot of things because we weren't able to keep staff, so I had to work a lot. So that resentment of being so tired and having to push through and you know, with everything going on with COVID, it was just so heavy. And I think it was just like, it was just time. And, you know, unfortunately, like I love the business because I know how to grow strong, productive cleaning companies. But like, I've just been through so much in the industry. It's just like, I want to educate and you know, that's why I had to bring in my best friend cuz I'm like, sir, wheezes, I'm gonna give this to you. And you know, thing, he needs me, I'm there, whatever. But it's not my cup of tea anymore. And I just did a whole like, a whole series on being your authentic self, the way you start is not always how you're gonna finish. I started off as the Queen of clean, and people see me and they're like, they read years ago, the book because my hair used to all be blind, but they're like, You're the girl with the blonde hair and the cleaning company. Yes, the queen of clean. And although that is my title, and that's what I'm known for. That's just not me anymore. Like it's just not. So now I'm the Oprah of productivity. And I'm moving into my new space. And I love that I still have such a heavy presence in the cleaning industry, because I always will. But it's more for educational purposes. No, 32:59 I think it's, I think growing and not necessarily pivoting. But growing into a new person is almost like a necessity in entrepreneurship. I was I made a joke on a podcast the other day was, I used to be in trucking. So one of the trucking trigger all the time and truck drivers always on their high horse. Like I got the 10 years experience. And I'm like, the same 15 You said the same one year over and over again for the past 15 years. And they would hate that answer because, like, you did the same thing over and over again. And I think it's like me and my entrepreneurship journey has been like trucking, real estate data, software, education, and I'm gonna say like, now I'm going into like, all these different like, I've kind of like regrown myself and like, had built upon what i've what I've the path that came down. And it's like, the, the journey I didn't like people ask, what's your five year goal? I'm like, I have no idea. The path is being created in front of me. And that's the path I'm not. So it's kind of like one of the things like you, you, you start somewhere be the set where you end. 34:07 I mean, I've done cleaning to I want to tax office, I've owned a catering business, I want to hear business. I've honed a product line. I mean, I've done it, I've done it all. And if I haven't owned it myself, I've opened it. I opened up a $500,000 Yogurt store at the age of 18. And it the pandemic took it out it wasn't one of the biggest malls in Orlando. Like I've done it all. So my resume is immaculate. I mean, I've tried everything I've wanted to try. And I just think now at this point, I just want to educate and talk because you know I love talking 34:43 I think it's funny I think it's I think it's funny having the conversation because it's just like the the person I was yesterday is not who I am today. 34:53 The price still goes up okay. 34:56 I had that happen today to like, Oh, I thought this was this price. So yeah, that was last month's price, not today's. 35:03 I don't know, we then figure some other formula out and now 35:10 and get the mover's advantage if they move early, 35:15 Listen, why are we waiting? You know what I'm saying? Like, because tomorrow I might be feeling 10k ish. You know, we never know. 35:23 That's funny, I think I think it's a, it's an interesting evolution. And I help you as entrepreneurs, every listening as you grow from where you start, not where you, because he should always be getting that knowledge and understanding the business more. And just build upon that to take it to that level. And like, I don't, I don't knock my past experiences, because they were learning. They're learning opportunities that made me who I am today. So for everybody that, that questioning burnout and all that stuff, though, that's what forces you to grow. All that pain that you're going through right now and stress and, and everything family pressure, it's all opportunity to grow, it's opportunity to build that muscle opportunity to take it to the next level. There's a there's some and I have somebody equate this to like, people that make a million dollars, like, I was always trying to try and post like employee mindset people, like you want to make 100 grand, you get to deal with 100 grand problems, you got to make a million dollars, you have to do a million dollar problems, you got to make $10 million, you got to deal with $10 million problems, you have problems, problems don't go away, when you go up the scale, they just get bigger. So you got to learn and grow that muscle to deal with those types of problems. 36:33 And you need that character. And you also have to honestly, like, you have to have a different type of crazy to do this, like for referrals because you get tested on every level. And it gets worse, you know, and I love to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to entrepreneurship, because everyone wants to show the glitz and the glam and I'm like, I'm gonna be realistic, it's not that easy. The key to success is working hard every single day. Like, if you don't work, there's no amount of mentors that you can buy, like, unless you're doing a done for you service. It's not gonna happen. And it's just like, the amount of work, the amount of impact, all of that stuff is just dependent on you, and you alone. And that's why you know, with certain people, you can see how long they've been working because you can see their impact. And I think that that means something, you know, the the way that you make people feel the way that you you and that's why I love being an educator, is because I get a different impact when I open my mouth versus when I offer a service. And I just I found my space. And I love it here. So I want to continue this know where 37:41 I like, this is so so crazy to me. When I started the podcast, I started the podcast because I knew it was a right thing to do. And it was down the right path. And then I grew to love it. 37:54 Like these conversations, and that's what I love podcasting is because you get to really see the real side of people. And you also get to see the real side of entrepreneurship. I never go on a podcast and want to talk about all the amazing things I want to talk about how shitty shit is because someone has to be realistic with these people, like people are literally quitting their jobs thinking that they're running to the motherland of entrepreneurship. And it's like, no, you're running into the arms of depression and anger and anxiety if you don't do it the right way. And yeah, there's a right there's not a right and a wrong way. But there is you know, have a plan have some type of idea of what you really want because it's going to test you like a child test. Its mother like it's going to be like Oh, really? Oh, you think you run something? No, I'm going to show you what it's like to make $10,000 and then not to make anything for the next seven weeks and see how you decide you want to move like 38:49 you make no you make $10,000 And somebody somebody says your invoice for $11,000.03 38:56 months down the line you get the bank calling you because they charge back on you. 39:03 Oh chargebacks there's a there's a quote for everybody listening is that if if nobody owes you money, not a real boss. 39:14 Listen, I got a lot of money out here in the streets. I need people to start paying them invoices for a matter of fact, it's going on my to do list I will handle 39:30 that's it's crazy. It's so crazy. Like the business side of reality. Not not the not the business side of Instagram but the reality side. 39:47 CEOs worldwide because it's 39:51 so funny. The the reality side is, is interesting. The reality side is interesting and Um You don't really get a taste of it till you're till you're in the till you're in their 40:05 trenches. Okay, you're in the trenches 40:07 100% So what is a quote that is yours or somebody else's that you resonate with 40:20 tons of other quotes come in my head but um what is a quote that I resonate with that other people resonate with? 40:30 Is yours or somebody else's 40:33 I'll be coming up with those fire quotes too. high productivity equals higher profits if you can master your minutes, you can master millions. 40:47 I think we have that one from your from from your talk from the hive mind talk. I was that was such a good video. 40:55 I love that video so much. I looked so good. Honestly, like, I just looked at all the pictures and I'm like, You guys captured my makeup so great. Like I just look so great. I just I love dropping clips of it on my Instagram reels because I always go viral with those click like, it's you need to have another one so I can come back out and get more. 41:17 My mic my camera man, I hope he never watches this. But he's like, he's like, I like her. She's like, she looks so good on camera. Like he pulled me aside and told me all those things was pretty funny. 41:30 I actually do look really good on camera. I get um, I get asked all the time. If I'm a model, and I'm like, No, I just, I just am photogenic. Like I know I look good right now, too. I'm looking at myself. And 41:47 that's funny that that was such a such a good experience. And I commend you, I commend you. I commend you. And I don't know if I told you this, but I commend you for coming to speak. You literally drove up from from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale came up to speak spoke was there an hour and then boom, I gotta go. Yeah. That is that screen master your your minutes time management. 42:13 And I had to handle three calls driving up, I didn't cancel my day. I was like, Listen, I got my makeup done at 5am got on the road at six got there at like 11 or 12 stayed for two hours, then go straight back for my kids asleep. I don't play no games with these people. Okay, 42:31 that was I commend I commend you for doing that all in a day. Because that's crazy. But I commend you, I really appreciate you coming out to speak. And I appreciate you bringing value to my community, and you got some fire content for it. And I appreciate you, I appreciate you bringing up all the things that need to be brought up because a lot of people the I want those a point where like my family when I first started entrepreneurship, like they're called concerned about me, it's like, Hey, is everything okay? I'm like, Yeah, I'm fine. Like, well, we're getting we're getting calls and all this stuff. And I'm like, I'm fine. Like, are you sure I'm like, Yeah, I'm perfectly fine. As like, if I were anybody else, I'd be hella depressed. But I'm fine. I'm good. And it's, it's one of those conversations where like, you have to, you have to understand you have to understand and really handle that pressure. Because it's a different type of pressure that you will never feel too, that comes to that point. 43:38 And unfortunately, a lot, a lot of people, they push past that thinking that working longer hours and doing more is going to be more effective. And all you're doing is just, you know, like when your truck gets stuck in the mud, and you keep pushing the gas and pushing the gas and you're getting deeper and deeper. And unfortunately, that's where we lose control, we have to remember that like, we're human, it's human nature, we need to sleep, we need to rest, we need to have a clear state of mind. And, you know, I always push productivity, because it's the one it's the medicine, it's the remedy. It's the remedy to where you don't burn out. It's the remedies where you can take control of your business. You know, I didn't get into entrepreneurship, to be an employee of my business, I got into have freedom to be to do what I wanted and to be a better mother. And when you Dibble on the side of just kind of flying by the seat of your pants, you're going back into an employee mindset, like you're putting yourself back you're you're taking yourself back from the things that you've learned and unfortunately, it comes to the detriment of you, your family, your spouses, your kids. And, you know, all jokes aside, productivity will change the trajectory of your life. It'll make you feel better. It'll it'll make you understand why you're here. If you feel like you're losing passion, research productivity, or go to my Instagram page. I am Michelle Welch. watch some of my videos and understand like, you don't have to lose hope like it's okay, I get it. We all have our chicken little moments. But you can Chicken Little for five minutes. And now we got to create a plan because we can't keep doing it. So 45:14 yeah, and it's, it's really important to have people that have been in your shoes because I had a friend of mine call me recently and he was having a stick a little moment. I'm like, dude, man up, let's go. This time where you dig in and you make a you make a different opportunity happen. And it's always good to have that person around you that can always tell you the truth. 45:36 And that's why you have to also watch who you surround yourself with. We don't need Yes, man. We need people to understand what's happening and understand that enough to feed you what you need, and not what they think you want. And when you're in entrepreneurship, there's so much more that is on the line. And a lot of people will be like, Oh, coaches, yeah, this is my season. No, this is your life on the line. Like, let's get real serious, okay? Like, this is your life on the line. This is not a season, this is your life, your children are depending on you, your people are depending on you. And if you don't take it serious, nobody's gonna take you serious. And ultimately, it's gonna be the downfall of everything you've created. So it's just like stop saying, it's just your season. It's just your day. It's your you, bro, this is your life. This is our life on the line. And we are here just doing Starbucks and vibes and not being in not eating and not taking care of it not going to the doctors not listen, it's a lifestyle change. When you commit to productivity. You're committing to literally becoming the best version of yourself. Because you have no other option. You learn discipline, you learn how to say no, how many? How many people feel guilty for telling somebody? No, I would raise my hand but I know when to know. So I'm not going to it's as simple as that. Like, and yes, it's hard. But being broke is hard to choose your heart. Choose it please don't want to choose you though because 47:14 Facebook, Instagram, I am Michelle Welch. And then you also have your buddy my business What's, what's that? What's the what's the premier business agency? 47:26 Oh, premier business agency is my business development agency. We create digital courses, digital products, mastermind groups, curriculum for your business, we do trainings, I go into masterminds and I speak about productivity, I create a lot of really dope things with people as far as on the educational tip, build coaching packages, basically everything that you would need to create, you know, digital products and things like that. So that's my agency, keynote speaker, all that good stuff. So if you would like to work with me, premium business is the perfect place to go. We have a lot of different things that we offer. And ultimately, and the reason why I started this agency was because I created a digital course in 2020, called Time Management mastery. And it has changed a lot of people's lives because I really dug into productivity during the pandemic, when a lot of people didn't understand what that was. And so that turned into me creating courses for other people and creating digital products and creating coaching programs. And, you know, the Thai capital mastermind was a part of my first passion project and building a mastermind group. And we're still here two years later with, like, 400 members. So I'm pretty good at what I do. And I love doing it because I love community more than anything. Because I believe that if we are gifted with this entrepreneur thing, right, and we go through life, it's our job to share our experiences. And so that's what it's all about. We monetize your genius. That is what? 49:03 Yes, that is amazing. Please go follow her online. She's amazing. If you want to see her talk that she did. It's actually the happiest life Summit, you can get the recordings for it. Amazing. Next level stuff. We had a lot of other speakers prema basis. This is and go check out I am Michelle Welch on Facebook and Instagram. Go do that. 49:26 Huh, thank you for having me. 49:29 Oh, you're welcome. You're welcome. We'll do it again. So, 49:31 yeah, so we have to. Okay. 49:34 I hope you enjoyed this episode. Go check her out. everywhere online, producing good information and good education out there and helping entrepreneurs be better and do better. 49:46 Master your minutes so you can master millions. 49:49 There you go. Have a good one. We'll see you next time. 49:51 Bye.

Daniel Esteban MartinezProfile Photo

Daniel Esteban Martinez

Host/ Ceo/ Speaker

I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!

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Michelle Welch

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Michelle is a Serial Entrepreneur possessing years of experience in launching businesses and supporting the growth and development of women entrepreneurs throughout the nation. One of her first founding ventures was Queen Cleaning Concepts, which is a residential and commercial cleaning company, which quickly became one of the fastest growing cleaning businesses across the Central Florida area. She went on to launch another venture called the Golden Spoon For The Culture, which is a catering and meal prep company, which complemented the work she was doing within the community.

Her third business venture was Prima Business Solutions (Previously Amplify Concepts Coaching) which served as a full-service business solutions company providing services that ranged from tax preparation to branding, business management, content creation, digital product creation and more.

Michelle’s social capital coupled with her experience in leveraging resources enabled her to launch a 501.c3 non-profit organization called the Single Parent Purpose, which serves single parents who are in need of resources to propel their careers or business.