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Oct. 24, 2022

Ep 246: FlipMan Does Land Real Estate

Ep 246: FlipMan Does Land Real Estate


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0:33 Hey, what's up everybody? It's Anthony with the hive mind show get the high with this podcast, we have a very special guest today, I was watching this gentleman's YouTube videos before I ever got a deal, right? So you're just scanning through YouTube, just seeing who has information, who's sharing what type of information they're sharing. And I really found the flip man's videos really interesting and cool, because he speaks slowly, carefully and methodically. And he's just willing to share the information, you know, walking people through deals, and there's the way that he talks about stuff. He just made it seem so simple. So I was like, just always watching his videos and checking them out following his reels. And then now today, we get to hang out with him on the podcast and see what else he's doing right now. So this is uh, this for me. I'm talking. I'm interviewing a celebrity. The flip, man. 1:19 What's happening, man? 1:21 Good brother, man. Yeah, I love that shirt. Yeah, can you can we read that for the audience? Real quick. That's a good. 1:26 Yeah, a lot of progress. Yeah, it's a obviously so play on the default towards us or whatever. So the lady that would she Ohio Thursday night. I guess you would call podcast that we don't we call them flipping ours. I said at one night, and and then I told you you need to turn their shirt on that blah, blah. And so when she showed me this I like, man, that's because I have like all colors in this man. You know, cuz I only really read the stuff that brands you know what I do? I guess you guys may do the same thing. So you know? Yeah, I love it. Yeah. So but yeah, that's where it came from. So offers a free man, you know, Hey, didn't cost you anything to ask somebody for something that could be anything from take out on a date to Hey, do you want to sell this house or this piece of land and offers for free? And I got that from just real backstory, one of my friends. How would I say this? He's really aggressive with women as far as being persistent. And we used to always say that he likes to bake or whatever he said, bagging is free 2:47 it's a good closing strategy. You make it sooner or later. Somebody's gonna say yes. 2:51 Yeah, a numbers game, man. You know, I did that sales. Work. Yeah, most won't. But enough, we'll 3:01 oh, we're gonna start this off is like, I know, you've been around a long time. But I've never like like, how long have you been in real estate? And like, I know, you've all you always helped me help new people. Like I think I think it's like a driving force. 3:13 Well, but just to give a timeline on, I started in, I got introduced to real estate, like a lot of people to get into some business opportunities by mistake, or whatever, in really this time, in 2002, so 20 years ago, so October 2002, a friend of mine, and now is now wife, or going to school to become real estate agents. And the guy that normally taught the class that particular night, he wasn't there in the substitute. He didn't talk about being a real estate agent. He talked about investing in real estate and, and creative ways of doing it with no money. And so my friend No, and I was from college, I was entrepreneur and back then when I was in college, I'm old guy, and the 90s You know, if you were an entrepreneur, I said you had entrepreneur aspirations. It means you didn't when you were lazy, you didn't want to work. You know, I'm saying so but they knew that's how I was in college or whatever, coming up with all kinds of crazy business ideas. And so he mentioned it to me, and so I didn't act on it at that time. So fast forward to Christmas of that same year. The couple of days after Christmas, actually, December 27th. I was sitting at, at my mom's house with I live in Birmingham, Alabama, and but where I grew up is about three hours southwest of Birmingham. And so I was there for Christmas and just up really early, and she was preparing breakfast. And so, you know, just watching TV, and I saw one of Carlton sheets, no money down infomercials, you know, I have seen it over the years. And you know, you're like yeah, right. You know, whatever, you know, and so because you know the infomercials, don't tell you anything. And, you know, Carter helped me make this much money. Oh, he may help me make this much money. But how did you make the money? So anyway, so I was watching it about halfway through one of the episodes. And so back then, you know, once once it goes off on that channel, you go up the dial, it's on another channel, or whatever. And so I watched it from beginning to end again, it didn't tell me anything. And, but at the end of it, I thought to myself, 5:26 he can't be learning about all of this. And so back then this is 2002. My mom didn't have internet in her house. And so when I got back to Birmingham, I went on, I got online and I went to this entrepreneur, message entrepreneur, message board, I used to frequent and I asked the question, Does Carlton sheets program really work? And one person replied, It was like, yeah, it does. But Ron, the grants course is better. So I did a search for Ron's course, found it and found his website, you know, he had a package, I think it was called Quick turn real estate. And it was $1,500. And at that time, I was working at Bell South, which is now they got bought out bought up by an ATM to AT and T A few years ago. And so, you know, like about 40 45,000, or whatever, which was decent for a single man, you know, no kids or anything for Birmingham, Alabama. And so, but anyway, I didn't have $1,500 and then a point. And so and so what they had on there, and I guess just just marketing is a condensed version of the for 6999. ad dollars with shipping. So I received it, and it was in cassette tape form. And, and so I listened to it. And Ron, if you have watched it in Iran stuff, right, he'll, he'll make you think you run through a brick wall. He's very good at explaining and motivating at the same time, which is a great combination. And so I thought to myself, Man, if I had to get a second job, I'm going to save this $1,500 To get this course. Right. So I thought about eBay a couple of days later, did a search for his name on Egypt on eBay. There were actual auctions on that particular course and bid on the auction lost the auction. And back then sellers could reach out to you by email. And so what to do did is he reached out to me by email, and actually did I want a bootleg copy of it. And so we agreed on $400 which still was a struggle for me to pay something didn't get paid. I'm not sure what, but I bought it. And I went from zero knowing about real estate I mean, like literally nothing, knowing nothing about real estate to learn about wholesaling, lease options, subject to fix and flip owner financing, which is what lease lease option and subsidy to really is. Maybe a couple more things in the course. And so I was just overwhelmed with information. But what stuck to me was wholesaling, lease option, lease options, and bandit signs. Okay, and so. So it took me about three weeks to go through everything I thought I felt I had to go through everything, even though I didn't. I wasn't as as attracted to some of the other methods than those those those two methods in that way of marketing. The reason bandit signs stuck out to me because I'm an introvert by nature, and I end And so me calling someone to try to get them to do something versus someone calling me wanting something. And so that's what bandit signs did for me. So I ordered 50 bandit signs I overpaid for him. But again, I had never done anything like that I spent $250 on those signs. Again, something didn't get paid, making that sacrifice. I picked them up on a Friday morning and put them out on a Sunday morning. I picked them up on a Friday evening, put them out on a Sunday morning. And now this is not going to be I don't want to anybody think this is going to be your sister or your story. But the very first Tuesday, two calls I got received that Monday morning, where deals what one one of them was a lease option deal. And another one was a wholesale deal. The lease option deal interesting story in itself. Okay, so a normal situation, parent that left the property to her son, but the house didn't have a mortgage on it. And he didn't live in the house. He had his own house with a mortgage on it. So he couldn't afford both payments. So they owe too much for it to be a wholesale deal based on what I understood about it because I was still vague on everything. I didn't have anyone to tap into. Nothing like this existed back then. You know, we're talking 20 years to go, so. 10:02 So anyway, so I explained to him how the lease option works and how I was going to get paid. And whatever the benefit was for him to be in that situation, it was just going to relieve him of that monthly payment, so the House wouldn't go into foreclosure. So, so he understood, I told him that the way I make my money, I'm gonna pay the mortgage, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna lease it out at a higher price. And I'll get the difference. I'm also going to accept the down payment upfront from whoever the tenant buyers. Also, I'm going to we're going to have a price based on what's owed on the property, but I'm going to sell it to the tenant buyer at a higher price. So I explain all that to him. Right. Alright, so just remember that I explained it all to him. So I advertised to pay the property in the newspaper this I long ago. don't exist anymore. And so this lady called me she was a nurse. And she wanted it for a family single mother, blah, blah, blah. And so I met at a restaurant. And I wanted 5000 down. And so she gave me $5,100 bills, sitting in that restaurant. Oh Charlie's on Roebuck Parkway, people in Birmingham know what I'm talking about where it used to be. It's not there anymore. But, um, and so while I was just blown away, I literally because I had tried so many other businesses before, I literally could have stopped them. Right? Because I was like, Man, this stuff works, you know, like, really. So me thinking that I was creating a win win situation. The house needed some repairs, it was livable, but it needs some stuff after she had viewed the property. Got it. By that point, she viewed the property and everything, then we met for them with the money. But so to do that, the guy that owned the house that inherited the house, he mentioned throughout our conversation that, you know, he does handiwork, you know, whatever, you know, he fix stuff. And so I thought I could, you know, put them together so he could do some of the repair she wanted on the house before she moved in or whatever. And boom. So on top of that he wanted to refinance his house. So a guy that I worked with did mortgages on the side, so I connected those two. So I shared with my friend and I work with that. I just seen him know that they hadn't seen him a years. I told him, I had a tenant, and she had already gave me the $5,000. He told him that you know what had happened, not trying to blow the deal up or anything. He just just, you know, like, hey, it's all working out. Okay, so when he was scheduled to meet the lady over there, so they were she was there. So when he got over there, and he came over there and anger and tell her to get off his property. Tyrone does not own this property, and he was going to call the police. Right. And so, of course, she had thought she had been scammed. And so she called me crying, you know, say, Hey, you just said that you don't own the property and blah, blah. You know, I don't know what happened to my money. I said, No, I'm gonna bring your money now. Where are you right now. And so even though I had spent about 700 of it, you know, but I don't remember how Okay, back up with all the 5000. But I took her money. And in our conversation with my friend at work at bell sounds with me. He mentioned that the guy was a minister that never came up in our conversation. Not that it matters but so I called him and he and I got in a serious swear match cursive person each other out and everything. And so I knew I could hit him below the belt when I said, I don't know who your the past what what congregation you're the pastor of, but I feel for your members. And he said the last. The last thing he ever said that he said to say, If I ever see you again, and then you'll be pretty so anyway, so that blew up of a face and so but I had the wholesale deal. Typical story. Similar to that one, but in the sense that mom died. Two sisters inherited the property. Like a lot of people we're not selling mama's house. We have too many members here, but I would just rent it out, rent it out to family members, and them not paying going through that for you know, four or five years having to do the renovations. They were wet, tired landlords at that point. So being tired landlords, so they called me 14:34 they wanted 20,000 for the house. At that point. I still didn't know and wasn't sure about ARV, but it just sounded like it was a deal. So I put it in the contract for $20,000. By the fact I showed up and this is in 2003. So I showed up in my this was February of 2003. I showed up in my 1985 Toyota Celica convertible Why. And to one of them's house to sign the contract actually thought I was going to have the money with me. I like not didn't work that way, or whatever. And so put it on the contract for 30 days advertise it in the newspaper, again, there's real estate agent call me, told me, Hey, you had a buyer for and I explained to him the whole day Oh, I have it under contract with the seller, I didn't know any better, it will just sell it for 20,000. He said, Oh, I'm gonna give you half of that. You know, because the his buyers gonna buy it at 25,000 25,000. That's a difference of 5000. He got 2500 of the 5000. So I was like, Okay, I didn't know, you know, so. But anyway, so I met the guys. And they, they gave me 500, I was earning some money in the park, shopping center parking lot. 10 days later, we closed it. So that was my first deal. That was March of 2003. So basically, I basically started like the beginning of February, and closed that first week of March, so roughly 30 days. And that's when a deal blowing up in my face or whatever. I often think what I would have done, if that first deal would have blown up in my face, and I didn't have the second deal right behind it. Yeah, how long would I would have pursued it? You know? Before I got to an actual deal, you know, after I guess we will never know. But I'll just so long story short. So that's how I got started as 2003. Fast forward to 2008. You know, so I love the internet, and no, just internet marketing and how Unbeliev how, how much opportunity it can provide. So when I discovered YouTube, and I tried to make money with different things, not really nothing to talk about. When I discovered YouTube, I say, Wow, I said, I could just start putting out content. And I can meet people all over the country, maybe do deals in different markets, maybe sell a course, if they want to actually deal with me personally. But I'll give the information away. Right. And I No one knew who I was. So the the the, by me just given away so much value, it creates trust, or whatever that you know, because I'm literally helping people feed their families. And it's not costing them anything but the time putting in to educating themselves. So that's how the flip man stuff came about, or whatever, I think I started actually calling myself that. Maybe 2010 or 11, or whatever. And so that's how that all came about. So the channel has been in existence since two August of 2008. You know, so over 1000 videos now whatever. So, you know, including YouTube darts. Well, but that's that's where we are. 17:55 That is amazing. What's amazing. I didn't realize you've been in the real estate game almost 20 years. That's crazy. Oh, yeah. Anthony Anthony is 14. I'm 30. 18:05 So yeah, I'm 52. 18:09 And that's amazing, man. So hey, just real quick on that deal. Why did it blow up? He didn't understand that you were going to like sell it on a rapper 18:15 that the most important way he thought he should got he shouldn't he should have gotten all of that money. That $5,000 Yeah, that's why he was mad. He never He was 18:26 with him just to kind of like take it over, like as a lease, and he didn't know how much you were gonna make on the deal. 18:30 Yeah, yeah. But I explained it to him. But you know, he didn't. He didn't. He didn't, he got it, probably, but he didn't get it. But once my friend told him, you know, the lady had already gave me $5,000. You know, a lot of that was based on him being broke, or whatever. And him being angered because whatever his found that the situation was, he thought that money should have been his or whatever. So that's what he was angry about. 18:56 And now you know, better we know, to put the paperwork in place and do all that other stuff. So they can't make a lot of it anymore. 19:02 Well, well, yeah. Well, we had paperwork in place, you know, he had signed an agreement, or whatever, but you know, he was he was not going to allow that situation to exist, or whatever you should. So it's just best to walk on that. And well, especially back then, because I didn't know it. I didn't know what I was what I was doing, or whatever. So yeah, 19:24 let's say I was a pretty complex deal, man. That had to be a really good course because you did a pretty complex deal for like your very first deal. 19:31 Yeah, I I explained it to him. I understood the process. And you know, and why was important that I explained how I was going to make money or whatever, even though it didn't matter to me, because he still blew the deal up or whatever. So but yeah, yep. Oh, it was it was a great course it was a great course, or whatever. Because again, I didn't know anything. I still had questions, because you're just still unsure. You know, some of the lingo and stuff or whatever, but If you always prefer to have someone to lean on, it's doing it. But it was it was very a very good course we're taking someone that didn't know anything about real estate investing, to being able to get out there and actually start to make some money. And I feel like I owe. I owe Ron $1,500. But if I ever met him, I had an opportunity, I got invited to an event a year or so ago, and he was going to be there. But I couldn't make it there was too short notice or whatever, but I was going to have his bread for him. But people said, well, you really paid him back in the sense that you've helped so many others over the years. Yeah, you know, has been paid forward, you know, who knows how many times So, or whatever. But yeah, that's how 20:47 I love the model, man. And that's why I like I love your instantly loved your channel like that. I can say, because you're giving away the information. And I've seen those courses to I've seen the price tags on him. So it's like, why would somebody take time out of their day to like, give away all this information online? So can you tell us what that's led to? You said, are you doing deals in different markets? Are you still JV with people? And also, do you have a course? 21:07 Yeah. So so so I'll have it, we'll go with the course part of it first. Well, let's go into why I started doing the channel. Okay. So initially, okay, so when I, you know, I'm just a, I guess a given person by nature, sometimes they get you in trouble, or whatever. But, so I would just tell family and friend about friends about what I was doing. And for the most part, most of them never did anything with them, a couple of them did a deal or two, or whatever. And so I would sit down for an hour or however long they wanted to talk about it, and then nothing would happen. And so I said, Well, wait a minute, you know, my time is, is too valuable for that. So I said, if I'm going to actually spend my time to tell people about something that I know, that can change their financial situation and change it quickly. I'm going to get paid for it. So I started charging $97 For me to train you on how to do this. And I will. Yeah, I will literally sit down with someone and train them for 97 bucks. Right. And so obviously, the prices went up over the years or whatever. And so a lot of the stuff that you see, probably. So the channel has been around since Oh, eight. And so this is 22. So what are their 14 years, probably the first, the first 1011 years, everything that you see I did, and you probably tell, now I'm still involved in a lot of the technical stuff or whatever. Got so that's just how I am. But, um, so that was one of the reasons why. Okay, so I'm going to tell people about how to do this, I'll give away the information for free to build an audience number one and trust, but if you're going to deal directly with me, whereas I'm going to coach you to deal then that's going to be a cost. Now, for years, I saw unlimited coaching for like, under 500 bucks for years. Right. And so a lot of people taking advantage of it over the years. And then at the end, it just started to well, I'll get to that point. But so the other reason was, is that say at one day, I'm gonna have so many people out there all over the country that I can network and we can do residential and commercial deals just all over the country, that sort of happened, it just has not happened like I really want it to happen. And it really didn't. I really hadn't really started to push that until I met Jamil Damji and paste Morbi right and and Jamila qinglian And they're actually doing and I was thinking about and they were doing it and doing it on a on a high level so it really didn't click to me that it could really happen that way. So I started you know, just putting my energy into a lot of setting up stuff to do that to pursue that side of it because you know, I can't be everywhere and you know you have individuals in all these different markets like a property that's in the middle of nowhere in Texas as a self storage facility you know I just sent out a text messages just people in Texas the other two days ago and you know I just got an unbelievable response of individuals wanting to help or whatever so I'm the guy went out and actually took the video and photo of the property you know, so that's the Self Storage Facility in a place called Andrews Texas, where you 24:39 sell it you're gonna keep that one or sell it now 24:43 we're gonna wholesale it. Let me look at it. Oh, I got some better ones. But I anyway, so So anyway, so that was the part of it. So I just have a lot of like minded people. out there, that we can network and get money together win wins, man. So you know, it's not money out here 10 times over 10 100 times over, when you start talking about real estate, because there's just so much real estate, so many ways to make money with it, too. It's just, it's just mind boggling. I just got a, you know, your wish before we started, so I just got really turned on the land not really turned on to it, but turned on to it this year, or whatever. And did like three deals and made like, a significant amount of money on just three deals. And, and I still don't know what I'm doing, right? It just was just a phone call came from a lady. And she saw something that I put out on commercial, she was calling me about what I had about going on with commercial. And she started explaining what she does, she flips it, wholesales land, blah, blah, and, and I was like, she just assumed I was doing it. I like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, we just can't go past that, or whatever. So she started to break down what she was doing. And I said, Oh, I got some of those leads in the pipeline pipeline right now. You know, so. And so, you know, three days a week later, we had that one of the properties that was already in my batch of leads. Already, that was a land that I had no, I wouldn't even go on to look at, you know, I just I just remember looking at the lead, or whatever it was in Texas. And so But But But long story short, so the purpose was to network, maybe create some income through the whatever selling courses and coaching or whatever, and, and then feed my, my, my thirst, and hobby of internet marketing. So it was a combination of three things, or whatever. So 26:55 that's how it panned out. Amazing. I tell you that right now, man. Yeah. And you have have created a lot of impacts. So I'm really glad you decided to pursue that route. And that's kind of that's the company we started hive mind. And I'm in San Antonio, Texas, by the way. That was the kind of the foundation for our company is like, let's start to network with everybody across the country and start to work deals together. 27:15 Oh, yeah, man, I can't wait to talk to you guys after this, or whatever, about this land stuff, or whatever caused, what I started doing was once once I met her, she already had registered and built a website. Did I have the website already, I had to, we buy land, right, like the number two or whatever. So like, you know, we buy land, also whatever. But anyway, so So I just started running Google AdWords. And what and I don't have to tell you guys, land owners are just for you. We do we do the same amount of we do the same type marketing for our houses. But what land the response rate is higher from from what we do now. Now, and then in most cases, they don't owe anything on the property. So you know, all the equity is there to be captured whatever that is, it just I struggle with still knowing what the value is because I would have to run and I still do it not as much as we were, but run stuff through through the lady that I met. And she had her method of going about, you know, figuring out what it would be valued at and what it where it needs to be priced. And so when she gave me a present, well, this is where I need to be at time, you know, for us to make money, I had to go back to them and make an offer, or whatever, I'll counter what they may have asked for. But um, but anyway, so what would that what would just marketing for land is just a whole is it just opened my eyes and I'm like, wow, you think about the number of deals you've turned down over the years because you were too lazy to figure it out. Right? And even another another one tax lien or tax deed properties. A lady that I met two years ago. I only reason I remembered her because she has she's from England, and so you don't have that strong English accent or whatever. And she was in Florida but she just called me about a little over a month ago and said she was in Birmingham, doing some business and so we met for lunch and she started explaining to me about tax liens and tax deeds. And I've been approached by it and had opportunities before and I just thought it was too complicated. We did you we have used it as a form of possibly generating motivated seller leads because someone had to pay the taxes button I actually taken advantage of how the system works. And when she broke that down to me, it finally clicked to me. I was like, Hey, man, what is wrong with you? Basically what she was saying she said to me, like what is wrong with you didn't know how much money you can make. You know, by pursuing the way say Alabama is one of the states that makes it easiest for investors to make money do live here, or whatever. So anyway, long story short, you don't know everything. But the point is, there's so many ways to make money out here, guys, we're real estate, if you if I rambled and winded on all directions, that's the point I'm trying to make it so many ways to make money is ridiculous. Anyway, 30:44 you heard it here, first, folks, the flip man said, lands way easier. 30:49 Oh, my God. It's easier once you figure out the value evaluation. Part of it. Once you figure that out, Oh, it's over with, like, Oh, my God, it's over with you. Because like I say that the amount of leaves that you can generate is, is it dwarfs houses. And maybe because it's probably part of this too, is that you don't you have more competition in houses. And so the a lot of the same, you know, activity is going to come to an owner versus have a property that's a single family residence versus we're laying they may not get as much activity that may be a little of it also, but from my experience just this year, but of doing this with land, it's a lot easier to, to generate leads, and to do those deals. And one of the other things I love about it, not always but in most cases, I would house it, especially if you're trying to well, let's just say it is virtually wholesaling. Land versus virtual Wholesaling Houses is night and day is night and day, you get the main reason is, you don't ever, you don't have to ever see it. Right, your buyer may not even see it and want it or whatever, the seller may not even in a lot of cases, even if the seller lives in the area, they don't even live near next door to the property, or whatever. So So now as someone trying to do it virtually, you don't have to worry about not always but in most cases, having to show the property. Because if a buyer wants to see it, they go at their own leisure. Guess why? Because the door is literally always open. Unless it's fenced or something but the doors 32:48 we had buyers jump a fence for us looking at a property that we own to go look at the property. 32:53 Oh, yeah, most people do that. I would that would be something I would do. But allegedly, but But uh, yeah, so that's the that's the other thing is that the door's always open now we had a property a lot. And I man, I I never thought we could host that at La it was in Miami and the lake down to LA was next door to where the lady lives that and it was so small. I think it was like, I don't even think it was a quarter of an acre. I think it was like, point one eight of an acre. And we ended up we ended up splitting let me say we ended up splitting I think 32,000 You know, she and the lady that helped me with it or whatever, you know, or whatever. And you know, just make no sense. Doesn't make no sense, man. I was like what I know so 33:44 yeah, I flipped a couple houses. Man. I made 40 grand, you know? 45 grand. It's like land like that's that's a pretty cool little land deal right there. 40 grand there's no roof. No toilets. No, no, no, no furnace. No air condition. Like, yeah, we're just gonna just stick with land. I'm a contractor. So I know numbers. I'm just not interested. 34:04 Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, yeah. You got it from the whole perspective then. Okay. Oh, 34:09 yeah. And now we're doing some pretty cool deals, man. We're going after like farms and ranches that are in the millions now, I think I think we got a little niche cornered. 34:17 Okay. All right. Cool. Yeah, I can't wait to talk, man. Yeah, the 34:21 progression is pretty simple. It's the same game. You know, it's, uh, you got buyers that are after it and sellers that don't want it. 34:27 Yeah. Yeah. Cool. That's cool, man. Yeah, I'm 34:31 glad to hear that you're doing land or that you started to get into it. So that's cool. Yeah, we get excited about it. 34:36 Yeah, by accident again. You know, so one of the things that would land to and we've been a person pursuing Self Storage also here recently, is that you know, that's obviously one of the uses of it. If you find a good location for forests have stored I have another idea that I'm not going to share here with the only thing that I share with you guys later on, you can help me with it. But for some good use for laying also, but it's amazing. Like sometimes I'm not I now did do a test and you guys, I'm gonna ask you, I'm gonna interview you all right now. So. So I bought it I also I bought it. Two locks, they were right next door to each other. Jason if you want to call them. And they were in a D neighborhood. So basically the hood, right. I bought them for $500 each. Wow, the closing cost was more than what it cost to lay it out. So the land was $1,000. Both lives were $1,000 at closing costs was 1150. So you know, it costs more to close on him. So anyway, long story short, I ended up just selling them to a friend. I think I lost $100 on it. Right? I think I sold it to her for Mr. No, I think I made $150 on it. Because I sold it to over 2500 I think I was 2250 2350 or something like that in on the deal, or whatever. So but I couldn't get rid of those. What would you all have done? Well, houses in that area, I just do this. So So and your contract. So I'm assuming my line of thinking is right on this. So of houses and are not selling at a certain amount. A new construction won't make sense. Because you're the nuke the cost of the construction will be more than you know what houses are selling for. So in that situation and neighborhoods like that. Do you number one, do you all even ever y'all ever done any deals like that? And if you have, what do you do to move stuff like that? When you're talking 7060 to $70,000 neighbor neighborhood. So a new construction is not going to make sense. Unless I'm missing something. 36:55 I tell you right now exactly the strategy. We don't do little infill lots but but easy on those types of deals, people are willing to overpay for them. So like, if they're only worth 1000, you can sell them for 3000 As long as you do a seller finance. So you could have did like 100 was down. Like let's say let's say you got a 500 into it, you could have probably sold it for like 2500 with 100 Down 200 Down, and then just let them make monthly payments on it. 37:20 Okay, all right. So me, okay, I got, which I thought of that. And I really didn't want to fool with it. But I thought of that option also. But I was thinking a little more than that. Okay, but I have to be realistic, you only got $500. So you know what, so 37:36 I'm thinking well think about land buyers is that they usually like to sit on it. So like us with all our land properties that we sell, we don't even care what they do with it, if they're gonna build it or not. They just want to own it. So in that standpoint, it was our own land because they know it increases in value. So what do they build on that or not? It might we might wait for gentrification come in and actually build it 10 years from now, but you just sell the thing, whatever it is, and let them hold it. 37:59 Yeah, I have some friends that just collect those, they just buy those little tiny locks. So the game goes for these, like even before you get it under contract, right? So if you know you're gonna pick it up for 500 bucks, you could just put like a ghost ad on Facebook marketplace, and then see if anybody's buying it that price. So you could say hey, I'm gonna get it for 500 So your ad says you know land 500 down that way you know if you got 234 People interested you'll take their 500 us out to close you got zero in and I got a note for you know 5000 bucks. 38:26 I got you I got you know I did buy. I actually purchased this when also a infill lot in. In a neighborhood where the houses are selling between 400 to 450. I bought it for 5000. And I ended up not you couldn't have told me I wasn't gonna sell that for 30 plus cash. I what I had to end up doing though was I owner financed it. I sold it for 33. But owner finance he put 10 down $300 A month no interest, right? And so and then I put an ad out there to sell the note. Right and so now I have a guy that's going to pay for the pay to note he's getting appraisal on it right now. For 14 Missy What do you say 14 Five, or whatever so and so because 23,000 is still owed on it, or whatever. So I agreed to the 14 five on it, you know, but but I thought I could have sold that one cat for 33,000 I think I could have if if there was last year this time. 39:44 So usually an infill lot. It's like 20% of the neighboring houses 20 to 25% of the neighboring value. So that was worth 100 That's probably 80,000 Not a lot. 39:52 Wow. Okay. Wow. So I just should have been patient. 39:57 Yeah, that's 80,000 a lot minimum. 39:59 I I was gonna say, what I've come to find with land is that people will buy at any price if you wait long enough, like you could sell it for you can sell it for 125% of value. If you just wait, they might it might take six months, it might take nine months, but somebody will come in there and somebody's happy to wait overpay for land for whatever reason. 40:19 Wow. Oh, God should have just been patient on land. 40:24 There's a billion of them out there. So everybody's running to the houses everybody's chasing after the house isn't me and Daniel like the houses are behind us. And we're looking out to the country you know, outskirts unrestricted. The land is infinite in any direction in any major city. I mean, you just 40:37 oh, how do you all turn into interviewing y'all? 40:44 It says absolute badass hive mind I'm gonna rename it 40:50 so what so? What what what do you do about land? That's, that's that's land. That's what they call it. There's no road access, no road, oh, road access, 41:03 yeah. landlocked. You can do a historical record search and see if you can find an old easement. A lot of times when somebody pass the land on from hand to hand to hand to generation, they just forgot to record the easement, or it was never like drawn out on the plat map. So sometimes it's there. In Texas, I don't know how other states work. But you can't have a landlocked property. So if you don't have access to your property, you would have to sue some of the neighbors, one of the neighbors, if nobody wants to grant you access. 41:30 Oh, wow. Okay. 41:32 Very costly. So it needs to be like a big property that's worth a lot of money. Because if you if it's a little half acre lot, and you got to spend 50,000, suing the neighbor to get a half acre, you might as well just chase after something else. But yeah, if you find a big giant property that's landlocked, they're worth pursuing. 41:46 Gotcha. Okay. So, so, how did how long y'all been doing land? And well, let me ask you this. How long have you been doing and why did you choose it? 41:58 Man, it's funny. It's like the game chose me. I, we've we've been when the end of this year is gonna be four years for me. I thought I was going to be the best house flipper in the world, right, because of my general contractor background, which I'm not doing any more, by the way. But same thing, man, I just started running ads for everything. And randomly, I got a 46 acre farm by Fort Worth. And I didn't even know if it was a deal or not. It seemed kind of the pricing. Hi, I'm brand new, you know, I don't know what to do. But I put together a deal with that lady. And I ended up making 85,000 You know, on like, one of my very first deals. So yeah, I was like, I didn't do no rehab. I didn't remodel anything. And I didn't have to, you know, absolutely do nothing. And made that kind of cash. So like, we started paying more attention to land and houses. And sure enough, every time we got land, it was like 50,000, you know, another 100,000 120,000. So I'm like, I think we're just not going to look at houses anymore at all. Like, let's just pursue this is double down. 42:54 Oh, wow. I love it. So 42:58 you kind of had just that like that cool luck. That's that's exactly what it was. Yeah, yeah, 43:02 that's where normally you looking for one thing and something else, like, you know, hey. So, so how did you Okay, so how did you start to figure out values? Like, what are someone? When do I know I got a good deal a great deal. That's 43:25 a lot of our properties. We we used to have two different versions. So like Manetho is joke. Anthony, how big is our buyers list? Zero. We don't have a buyer's list. Okay, so it's a retail. So we're always looking for retail buyers. So how do we look for retail, we look for agents, we just go through agents as a pocket listing, or we do marketing through Facebook marketplace. 43:49 Okay, so 43:50 how do you find the valleys? How would you look them up? Because I would just call Daniel and be like, can you send me some numbers? How much is this thing worth? And then? 43:56 Well, well, well, again, I don't, I sought to know what I'm doing. But I would just send them to her, You know what I'm saying? And then now I her process? I don't think she always does. I think this is most of the time, she just start calling the land broker, I mean, agents that have listings in that area that appear to be actual land specialist and say, Hey, how much is this property worth? We're thinking about buying it. And and then on the flip side of it, what she would do is see if they would do an equitable interest listing meaning no, we don't own it, but you know, we got a contract on it. So we asked them equitable interest in it, would you list it? A lot of agents won't do it, but enough will or whatever. And so again, it's on the market at that point. And so and that's how all nominate we've done for all of my sold. So that was that's our process. So, like I say, you I'll have a shot. I think that's right thing. She has zero buyers. There's basically no because a lot of times I guess if you're doing like, I'm assuming you all market what nationwide for properties just Texas. Yeah. Okay. So but no, we were I was getting leads from all over the country. Now. We specifically I have a ton of leads in Texas we're going to talk about like, I haven't done I don't know if all love is still available because we hadn't worked them in some months. But I have just a whole thing of listing properties in Texas. But anyway, so. So so so that was the process so she didn't have buyers in those markets, you know that we were talking like Miami, we didn't have a buyer. The realtor found that buyer. Were in Texas, same thing realtor found that buyer, they want an Alabama couple in Alabama, the agent found those buyers, or whatever. So it's, I gotta get it. So I guess I've been overthinking it. So but yeah, that's same thing, no, really no buyer's list. 46:04 So we're gonna give you a really good gem right here. So the agents, the land broker agents, they don't know what they're doing either. 46:16 Just a freefall I hear everybody 46:21 talking right now, 46:23 what was the timeframe that you all put your properties on the contract for? Or do you just list them first. And then if he gets a feedback on Dan, you put them on a contract, or you go about that. 46:34 So I do a combination of both men, for the most part, we write them up for a close in 30 to 90 days, because people understand that lands gonna require a lot of due diligence, the larger the property is, the more due diligence. So if you're going to close on 1000 acres, man, you might lock that thing up for six months, right? Yeah. So the sellers understand that not everybody's gonna come in and just scribble a big giant check. So the bigger the property gets, the more time they have to give you but yeah, man, I run what we call ghost ads. So if I know that I'm going to buy a property in an area, I started tracking buyers first, right? So you're not doing anything illegal. You're not like putting the address of the property or pictures of the property online. It just says, Hey, I'm over here in this zip code, or in this little small town, we'd like to work outskirts so we don't do in the city, we work outskirts. So put an ad on like Facebook marketplace and say, hey, you know, I'm having a five acres coming up here in this area. And then based on the response I get, I don't know how good my price is, right. So the seller is like I gotta get 100 grand for this five acres. So I'll put five acres this area on Facebook marketplace at let's say 125 or 150. And then see how many buyers we get. So if I start getting flooded in my inbox, and I started just getting message after message after message, I'm like, Okay, that's a pretty solid price. And then you can test the market, you start to just drop it, right? So you listed at 150, you know, messages, you drop it to 145 141 35 130, then you'll find out where that threshold is, once you hit that threshold price, then your message box starts to go crazy. And you're like, Okay, that's my price that I need to get it out. So then, if you're at 100, before your box goes crazy, you'd call the seller back and say, Hey, I'm gonna get 75 You know, I'm an ad, because you already know that you have a ton of interest at 100. 48:06 Oh, wow. Okay. All right. Interesting. Okay, man. Wow, man, that's some brilliant stuff there. So you basically so so you may get the lead in. But well, I guess. So do you have when you when you're doing that, like continuous price drop to see where the interest is? Do you? Do you already have it under contract? Or you may sometimes I have it under contract. And sometimes we don't 48:30 have it under contract, like I said, and we're not also not like I said, we're not doing anything illegal, because you're not like trying to shop a property don't own just seeing if there's interest for five acres at this price in this area. And this area. We want to know Yeah. And then if we, if it's red hot, then we'll call the seller back and say hey, we're ready to go now. 48:50 Yeah, yeah, gotcha, man. Yeah, that that's that's good stuff. That's all good stuff. 48:55 Yeah. We surprised too because I threw a property on one time on a Facebook marketplace. I threw it on for like, 94,000. Right. I think I was getting it for 70. And man, the buyers bid me up to 125. Wow. Yeah, like people were just like, I'll take it. I'll take it. Where are you? I got 10,000 in my hand, right now I'm gonna come give it to you. Where are you at? Give me your address. In a minute, something's going on here. Because they were my inbox was exploding, like it was melting. Like I was getting a message every few minutes for like three days straight. So I was like, Hey, I already have an offer for 100 And they're like, well, I'll pay 105 I'll pay 110 I'll pay 120 I'll give you 125 I'm like, damn, and people are going all the way to like 151 70 I was like, I'm just gonna just sell this thing. I'm out of here. I'm gonna I'm gonna dump it. 49:36 So Facebook marketplace is probably one of your best places to find buyers. 49:42 I like retail and buyers on Facebook. Yeah, like Daniel said, We text agents too. So we'll do both. We put an agent list and then we'll just text all of the agents around the property. Say hey, we got 50 acres coming up, you know, at 10,000 An acre Do you have anybody that might be interested? Okay, yeah, 49:56 that's good stuff, too. What what what do you do? As far as your main method of marketing 50:04 or inbound leads, or like for seller leads, 50:07 yeah for seller leads. Yeah. 50:09 We do a lot of texting, texting. 50:12 Yep, that works well. Yeah, texting, texting works really well, matter of fact, like I said, we will. If we do the same amount in houses, the response rate or land people is just, it just dwarfs it man. You know, I'm saying this is a mate is amazing. It is amazing. Now we do. We've done cold calling the text messaging and the PPC, or whatever, I had some, some really some really good eye land as we were running on Facebook, you know, they were really pulling in on the thing about Facebook is weird, is that a lot of times when you reach back out to him? Oh, I didn't submit that. You know. So it's a little weird. We sort of had a little kink in there, but it still produced enough it makes sense, or whatever. So wow, man, that's some good stuff, man. Pretty good stuff I like 51:09 about the land broker thing, because we didn't cover that. We're working on a deal right now. The two people that own it are both real estate agents. They listed it with the land broker. And for over a year. Wow. And we came in and we're best the property working right now. 51:24 Oh, wow. So so so do you all worry about when you're pricing that? Do you worry about whether a developer wants it or not? You just say we just want so we just know if enough people out there just like to buy land. You don't care about the developer thing? Or what? What are your thoughts on that? 51:44 And we've never sold to a developer at all, we're not looking for them. They're not on our radar, because they all want six to nine months to a year of due diligence. When you want to tie up my property for a year, you know, I only got it for 90 days or six months, you know, so yeah, we don't even use that as a strategy at all. And then right now they're all folding, you know, the developers and the builders. You know, they're getting scared right now. And the retail buyers aren't scared. 52:08 Wow. Oh, no, that's, that's nice. What's up, man? So you met? I mentioned the Self Storage to you. So you have you already bought some stuff for you just just something you're interested in? Yeah, that's 52:19 just high on my radar right now. Like, I think that's gonna like be my depreciation money. Right. So I was thinking about apartments for a long time. But I think self storage has a lot less moving parts a lot less risk, less cash, burn, that kind of stuff. 52:32 I can just give you the numbers on this property, as well. I'm gonna give the situation I only have seven hours away. husband died. There was what it was his thing not hurting. So she know nothing about it. I think only two people are paying is 22 units. We have it on the contract for 30,000. We're trying to market it for 49,000. So you know, those are? Those are the numbers on it. So we can talk more on it. If that's something you're interested in. I got I got video and photos of it or whatever. So yeah, let's look at it. Yeah. So but yeah, but like, when I interviewed this guy, AJ Osborne, about self storage. And he said, man, he said a lot of great things, you need to watch that interview. But he said that there were more self storage facilities than McDonald's and Starbucks combined, down. So I'd be able to research. So there's around I think, 13,000 or so McDonald's, right? in the country. And I think Starbucks around 11 or something like that. So that's like 23 24,000. And that's 43,000 Self Storage, at least 43. I know that. So I think it's a little higher than that. But around maybe 4546 and 30,000 of those are mom and pops, what they would consider mom and pops. That's a lot of opportunity. And we've been going now, the only weird thing about it, like you can build list with residential, and a lot of other commercial properties, types of tools that we use on that, but we self storage, it's a little bit more difficult, because a lot of times they're not zone by a county to reflect that itself, storage, or whatever. So it's a little harder to build lists. So I had I hired some guys off of Fiverr to basically scrubbed out or net to find those listings, you know, through, through through through Google or whatever. And so. So we've been building lists that way, and they can actually, they'll dive deeper into the ones that are owned by you know, LLC or some type of business entity to get the actual, you know, owners numbers or whatever. It's probably like at a 50% rate that most of the time is right is the right person. So for what we're paying for are, you know that that makes sense, especially on the high dollar, you know, asset like that or whatever, or can be a high dollar asset, or whatever. So that's what we have. We have Miss see that one there now that one that in Andrews that I'm talking about, that came through, I'm really helping someone with that one or whatever. So more so than being ours, but we got some other stuff that hopefully be in the pipeline that we can put on the contract that we can work out the numbers with the owners, whatever. So just trying to get into a niche that a lot of people are not in, at least on, you know, our side of the game as wholesalers or whatever. But you know, of course, commercial real estate is vast, similar to land, you know, because with commercial you have all different types of properties. You have your multifamily, that's five plus five units or more hotel motels, industrial warehousing retail, obviously self storage, single tenant properties. So you know, it just goes goes on and on with that, but I love this land stuff, man. 56:11 I hate you've taken this long to reach out to me what posted you, it was one of the posts that 56:22 that I've made and I think Anthony come in over a lead. I'm making fun of out I forget what it was. It was a Instagram reel that I posted or whatever 56:51 just got excited to hear it. I was like oh 56:56 okay, yeah. Oh, that's fine. So, 57:00 just being a DM and a comment goes a long way as much as you might think. Oh, there's gonna brush it off and look it over. Yeah, 57:07 I was looking at land man. I was like, He's talking about land. 57:11 Yeah, I put out a few, you know, posts or whatever on it. And hopefully, I can do a lot more with you guys. Or whatever. We can grow together with it or whatever as far as you know, building more content but uh, yeah, man, I'm glad that post created that activity to meet you guys just in just what you've told me and what we've been talking about right now. I can't even put a price on it because you made me look at it differently with all the leads we have right now which I'm still sharing with you guys that there's no there's no telling how much money we're sitting on. Right? Yeah. Because you know, I know how to turn the faucet on and generate leads if I don't know how to do anything else. But But yeah, yeah, this is more than worth it man. I love it. Yeah, I hope this has been beneficial to anyone who has been listened to because it has been Fatah Rome. 58:19 When somebody actually like sees the land vision and they see the potential in the land business like man like I feel like I'm blowing like yes like somebody saw it so like for you to see it. I'm like oh shoot, we're gonna work with flip man. Oh. 58:32 What tools do you use a UAV Oh, really? I bought land vision. I spent six almost $7,000 on that. And it's not much it's not by month a month is all upfront. Do you what tools you're used to evaluate? 58:53 We really just use Zillow. 59:01 $7,000 oh two that I didn't need me Are you effing kidding me? 59:08 Yeah, wow. I was gonna tell you Yeah, a lot what a lot of where I get my numbers from and it's I just go to and I just see what's listed and what's pending at what prices and then so I can kind of feel like the brokers and the and the realtors already did all their homework to get those properties listed at that price. So that should at least be a pretty decent indication of what it might sell retail so that we know we got to get it you know for cheaper than that. 59:29 What are presented an area where there's not a lot of activity though maybe a really rural area 59:32 so that's what we're doing we're staying like 50 miles or less from the city is what we're doing so we're going to rural like you know tertiary but not to to rural where you're out in the middle of the desert and nobody wants to drive out there they they have to be like a distance and they can commute back and forth to work from 59:48 so fit the mouse is definitely that Yeah, okay. 59:53 And that's the sweet spot because people like oh, they go on like the desert and like all these desert lots and squares but nobody lives there 59:59 and is square Yeah, yeah, we thought we targeted Arizona heavily. Oh, I got tons of leads out there, you know, just as it's great 1:00:12 to acres in Arizona for like 600 bucks for both acres, you know, but it's yeah, it's like in a little town that's like already crashed ready 50 years ago innocent little ghost town. 1:00:21 Oh, wow, not what the rolling look 1:00:29 towards the tourism? Yes. Well he's asked us, What is it that is yours or somebody else's that you resonate with? 1:00:35 Wow, that's a good question, man. So a couple of things that, I guess that I came up with. So it is it's supposed to be to help you understand that. This is not easy, but definitely possible. But as I mentioned earlier, you're in, you're in the sales business in a sense, even though you're really giving out money, whenever you're dealing with a seller, you're not calling them asking them about, you know, giving you money. But most won't, but enough, we'll and that simply means that the majority of people that you call or not, or you come in contact with is going to sell a piece of real estate, they're not going to give you a price. That's going to make sense for you, especially in this wholesale game. But if if you it's so worth it, because when you do close deals, like you said, Anthony, your first deal was $85,000 You know how many people's lives that changes? Now, that's a ridiculous amount on a deal period. And but first deal, most people situations change after an $85,000 hit from a deal hopefully gonna do more obviously. But that changes your situation now you call into question. If you're working a job that you don't even make that in a year, which a lot of people don't, or whatever, like why am I even clock clocking in anymore, or whatever. So So again, it's not easy, but it's so real um, I'm not the brightest bright brightest bulb in the pack by no means but then other thing offers a phrase that sort of ties back in to buy to two most won't buy enough we'll you know, so. And the internet so much content out here, man. Like you say I'm, I spent my my dumb and spent $7,000 And you all are using Zillow and real realtor to evaluate properties. 1:02:44 I got I got a red hook for you though. There's a friend of mine who's in Florida in Miami and he's doing he was doing a ton of houses. I mean, the guy pulls like a million records at a time. And so I converted him over to land just a couple of months ago. And he texts me yesterday actually that he's using land vision and he loves it. So maybe we could set up a car between the three of us and see how he's using it and all that 1:03:04 stuff. Okay, yeah, yeah, we definitely can do that. 1:03:08 We'll definitely make that seven grand back and when I've made it 1:03:11 back but I'd have to spend it that the front end so yeah, so I still got let me see I think I got it in either March or April so I still have not quite six months left so but yeah, man so 1:03:33 it does it's kind of funny. I don't either but yeah, 1:03:37 oh, you already know what it does. Well, one of the great things it does is it now just tripped but it will show you like the wetlands and flood zones and stuff like that, you know obviously diagrams out boundaries and you gotta pull quote unquote comps, you know, does a lot of different things or whatever but yeah, it should be cheaper to say that it should be cheaper. 1:04:07 I was gonna tell you man to look at there's some way that we could help with marketing costs or if we can put one of our people to make like to call your own list like whatever we can do to collab as far as like working old leads or generating new business. Let us know man. 1:04:19 Oh, yeah. We'll we'll we'll get together after we finish this and yeah, I need to go in. Matter of fact, I got a list right now that we sort of scrub down I hate we started well, I can still pull it from the original source. But we started scrubbed it down on possible leaves the lady that, you know, sort of got me more interested in tax liens, tax deeds. She started looking at it or whatever and gave her thoughts on it. But yeah, so you know, yeah, we'll hook up on that man. For sure. Most definitely. Like I said, we got to turn in Texas because I did a lot of marketing out there. Also, you know, so, yeah, 1:04:55 language, 1:04:57 Texas. I was in Dallas over that I was in Dallas. It's been less than 30 days. Yeah. 1:05:10 Nice man. Yeah if you're ever around the San Antonio area Yeah, you got to you got a place to stay. We have a 5000 square foot sub two house that we use as an office so you got to free Airbnb in San Antonio. And yeah, I mean, grill some steaks and everything. 1:05:21 Yeah, I'll 1:05:22 be out there I'll be out there 40 years old we're gonna do some fitness again that's the whole purpose I started this flip man stuff man is to connection you got this 1:05:34 man we're so happy we got chance to interview you man this This interview was a lot more fun than I mean I knew it was gonna be good but I know if it was gonna be this but we got a lot of laughs lots of good information glad to hear your story. If you guys are not following the flip man on all social media channels I recommend you do it now. You're on Instagram at Ask flip man 1:05:52 and tick tock and tic tac nice 1:05:55 man Yeah, always always bringing the heat man always bringing the value much much appreciated. I'm glad we finally got a chance to connect I'm excited I think we're gonna make a lot of money to get 1:06:04 oh yeah I agree man let's get it we'll be able to share that content as we as it happens guys so yeah, I'm really appreciate appreciative man that you guys reached out to me man. i This has been a great day you already man. 1:06:23 Thank you so much pika. 1:06:28 I'm finishing it up as I appreciate you continue to create content and reach out to the community because it's no small feat. And you been doing this stuff for 20 years and it's amazing. So I hope to be I hope to be 20 years from now in the trenches just like you still 1:06:42 oh yeah man still a lot of money out there to be made and a lot of people that want to be educated so you know, I'll do my part. And hopefully that'll turn into some bread at the same time so 1:06:53 you don't go fall as foot man on Instagram, Youtube and tic tac, you'll have a great day. Thanks for watching. See us next see on the next episode.

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!

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Anthony Gaona

Host/ Ceo/ Speaker

Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

You can learn more about our vision and join our free mastermind by joining hivemind CRM on Facebook and all social channels