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Oct. 19, 2022

Ep 243: The Thunder from Down Under Podcast: Daniel Esteban Martinez

Ep 243: The Thunder from Down Under Podcast: Daniel Esteban Martinez
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0:00 Hey guys, welcome to the Thunder from Down Under podcast. I'm your host, Graham Solomon, go to the Graham Solomon Thunder from Down Under podcast, sorry YouTube channel and belt, the subscribe button, hit the bell icon so you can become part of the family. And also, if you're watching on Facebook smash the like button smash the hot button and welcome our special guest that's in today from the conglomerate known as hive hive mind CRM. It's It's Daniel Martinez or Daniel Esteban Martin has come in. So thanks for coming in and joining us. Daniel, you're usually the one doing the interviews. 0:51 I am I am. I like being on the other side sometimes because I like switches that up sometimes, you know? 0:57 Yeah. Well, that's right. So I've had a few people on that actually do podcasts. And, you know, they say, Oh, wow, it's a bit bit strange coming in as a guest and talk about it. You know, you do all the hard work, you deserve to relax and talk about yourself a little bit. You know, you talk about your business and what you do. So that's cool. Thanks for Thanks for coming in. We've been trying to catch up for a while we've had to reschedule a few times, was my fault initially. But I appreciate your circling back around and coming on the on in the thunder diamond coming on the Thunder from Down Under podcast. Now, what I'll usually do Daniel is I'll usually just so the audience can get to know who you are. And what you do is, I usually just get you to go sort of in your backstory and how you got into this crazy real estate space, way back when and then just go through your journey and how you got to, you know, the business that you're involved in now. And, you know, obviously you do some speaking you do some podcasting you do. You do a heap of other things. So, if you could just share your journey with the audience, that'd be great to so they can get to know who Daniel is. 2:02 Yeah, sure. So right now, I'm 30 years old, I started entrepreneurship. When I was 25. I used to be a truck driver, I used to load trucks back in the day I did, I did a few sales jobs early on, but eventually pivoted into like the transportation industry and forklifting eventually got into truck driving. When I moved into a window to Atlanta, I knew I want to do entrepreneurship, but there's like no right time to do it. And when I found out my wife was pregnant, I was like, I have to do it now. Because there's no better time than the President. So that was about almost five years ago. So I worked my butt off for a whole year trying to make some money and start a business, started a trucking business. And my first business I started, I ran that for two years and wasn't really making as much money as I needed it to so pivoted into real estate. And then now I do real estate software and data data company. And we're starting a media company and the lead distribution company. So it's kind of turned into a lot of different things over the years. 3:06 So it's expected you sort of starting to expand it out now because all these things sort of add on donor they click onto each other once once you get into it did when you started. Daniel, did you did you start with like wholesaling first or did you What did you do first fix or flip or anything or? What? Yeah, so 3:23 I started wholesaling first. So when I, when I started when I started learning about real estate in general, I'm a product of podcasting, which is why I try and contribute as much as I can on the front end, right now, just because I'm a product of it. So I've kind of come full circle now and when I'm done producing and releasing my own podcast, so when I used to church, I had, you know, a lot of time on your hands. So that's why I used to listen to podcasts a lot. But it was one of those things where like, you don't really know where you're gonna go, you just gotta go forward. 3:52 Yeah, that's exactly right. That's exactly right. I think I think a lot of people into the real estate space that way they you know, they're doing something else especially with wholesaling. You can do a little bit of a side hustle kind of you're looking at like you said, you can drive, drive the truck, you can listen to podcasts, you can educate yourself, what you're gonna YouTube when you get home, you can do some text blasting either side and some phone calls on the side. So a lot of people do get into it that way. And then some people like Lucky say Go Go the other way they they then get into real estate, real estate associated products or businesses or go go into a niche. So yeah, it's not always a one size fits all is it? You know, when like you said you had the pressure on you, you had you had a bit of pressure on you. You had to start making some money for the family. So there's nothing like having your back against the wall to get motivated. Is it? 4:44 Yeah, definitely. Like I said, it might have been a bit been the best option but it was an option I took and it's kind of made itself worthwhile in the long run. But it's just a lot of everything man. You just got to be consistent. I say this all the time, is that a lot of people will never Start so by you start in your above the rest. And the what separates you from people that start is you being consistent. If you're consistent after you start, you're gonna make it, 5:08 it's gonna be. And you'll always put a bit more that you just sort of take action straightaway. You think, right, I'm going to do this and bang, you just jump in and, and sort the details out later just to start getting a bit of momentum. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Which is, which is, like you said a lot of people that staying in business is because their action takers. So I think a lot of people are like that. I mean, if you overanalyze stuff, you get that analysis, paralysis a lot of the time and then you don't actually move. But that brings me to the question, Daniel, how did you stumble across like, CRM? Were you using a CRM and thought I could do better than, than this, I need something better than this? Or how did that come about? 5:53 It was a pain point, man. So like, everybody in the real estate space uses Podio. And it's like the number one people that people go to. And if you use Podio, you know how much of a pain it is. So when I realized how much of a pain factor was and how archaic it was, I saw opportunity to start hivemind. And that's why I just dove into that, because I know, when you're coming into business, you're always trying to find where the consumers pain point is, if you're an investor, you need to find out where sellers pain points are to find more business. So it's just figuring out what the pain points are and digging in and figuring out your niche and just go straight in man 6:30 sort itself out what we like with tech, we you say your truck truck driver, most tradesmen or truck drivers aren't traditionally tech people. Did you do a bit of tech at school? Did you? Or did you just have to start from scratch? 6:43 So that's a great question. I am lucky that I was born in Gen Z, and Gen Z and, and the millennials, they have ability to kind of they look they've seen everything. Like I remember, I remember when I was younger, my brother used to do is like term papers on a typewriter. Like I remember that. One, I got schooled access to computers. So he's typing on computers. I remember like he would have to like he couldn't mess up his typing, because if they've had an error, then mark them against it. So he had to type perfectly and no backspace is because you can see where it blacked out the ink where you went back. So like I and for people my age and younger, like you have an advantage because we kind of grew up in that age like, I people, my school phones were cell phones were barely coming popular. And I didn't get cell phones. I was 18. So like, I still felt the effects of like, I still felt the effects of like, hey, like every kid now is 10 years old and older, has a cell phone like I didn't get a phone till I was 18. And that was a flip flop. But like my parents was like, Hey, if you need a phone, ask the kid next to you. And I'm like, okay, because they got a phone type of deal. So I was one of those things. We're like, We're the people older than my generation and the like, hey, I'll be here at four o'clock. If you're not here, I'm gonna leave you type of thing. And if I can't find you, I can't find you. 8:12 Yeah, well, that's right. I tell stories to my sons when I used to go out, you know, into the city nightclub. And if you got cut from the herd, there was no mobile phones that you had to befriend some strangers and go out, you're gone. So go ahead and just survived. And it's like, yeah, look, they're the same as us. I mean, the younger, that bit younger than you, but they're, they're millennials. But what actually happens is they just grew up with that technology in their hands from babies, hitting iPads and doing stuff and it just doesn't seem daunting to them. Whereas I grew up in a time you're talking about, you know, typewriters, I there was a tablet and a hammer, and a chisel. That was how to do things on, you know, on. On way back on Generation X, I grew up I went to school in the 80s. So it was pretty pretty prehistoric, then we had those big box computers. And it was, it was ridiculous. But yeah, it's it's definitely a good point. Because I noticed that a lot of younger people, even if they haven't done any tech at a school like that can pick it up really quickly. So but I mean, the fact that you probably were working in a different industry would be a good thing, because then when you look at the CRM that you were, you're building out, you would probably think I need to keep this simple for people that aren't that great with tech as well, because because some tech people can go a bit crazy, can't they? They can have these beautiful CRMs and systems and about 80% of wholesalers can't use them. They're just too complex. 9:50 I feel for those people like there's there's tons and tons of clients out there like those just kind of people like that. And I always tell people like whatever that one thing that You need done focused on that one thing and don't worry about everything else that you can do. So I always bring up my, my client, Matt Rogers, he's he's not that he's older, but he's just he's like, I don't care what else the system does. I just want to learn how to text. Alright, I understand that let's let's focus on that one thing, you become proficient at it. So I just show them how to text. He picks up a contract important is just often texting and doesn't need still, he's been a client for over a year doesn't use anything else in the system, but texting still to this day. So it's one of those things we're like, yes, the system can do a lot. Yes, it can be a little overwhelming. But you don't have to set the Learn auditor that day one. If you need to use it for texting, if you need to use it for website campaigns. Just learn that one thing and expand as you go. 10:43 Yeah, and there's a lot more. I don't know whether you guys trained VAs or have VAs that know your system. But there's a lot a lot of VAs and that now that have have worked for few real estate companies. So they seem to know a lot of the systems, they know a lot of the CRMs that are out there, they've used them before. And even if you know someone that's going to VA and you can sort of borrow them for a while to set some stuff up. That's that's another option too. And that's, that's something else you can do is 11:10 Yeah, so we have our team in place. Like if you're like, hey, I don't even want to learn the system. I know it works well. Can you do it? Aren't we have a team available, ready to do things if you need done on your site, so you don't have to, like hire any third party and figure out who's the person right person to do it, we already have a team in place to help facilitate anything you wanted to do. And, you know, say want to learn? 11:31 So you gotta you've got a done for you. Product and have you got to lock a cord like you teach people how to do it? Is there a sort of like, because a lot of people have, do it yourself, will teach you how to do it, or will do it for you sort of thing. So you'll have you got all three or 11:48 so we have training videos that are free for everybody. Yeah. And then we have like an internal, like training searchable system. So like, if you want to learn about texting, you can search texting, and a whole different thing comes out and how to use texting. So it's kind of done for done for, like training wise, or you can train your team how to do it. I've had clients like, Hey, I sent my VAs your training videos, and they got it sounds like one of those things where like, different levels, different people, different people need different help and different things. There's little hang ups when people get hung up on. I took some icons all the time. It's like if you get hung up anywhere, just let us know where you're hung up at. And it might be something you already know how to fix it. I literally just got a call before this one. And they're like, hey, my website's doing this. And we already know the issue. I already know the issue. He's like, Well, this doing this and like, I already know the issue, go to this, this and this and fix it. He's like, okay, 12:40 yeah, yeah, definitely. And you get, you know, you get a VA that comes in and knows what they're doing. And you're screenshare with them, and you're watching them doing it. And it's just amazing, you know, and you sort of think like, someone might just go, why would I have that would take me 10 years to learn that I'm better off just outsourcing that to someone that actually really like you said, someone that's younger, that's grown up with it, and they enjoy doing it. So, yeah, it's different. Definitely. You know, I think there's a certain percentage of people and a certain person that just says, Now I don't think I'm ever going to learn that. And that's like dinosaurs like me. But even some people just say, Now look, I'd rather focus on acquisitions, and on the phones and talking, I'll leave that for someone else. So yeah, that's good. That's good that you got systems in place? Because, yeah, you do, it does take a little while, even for someone that knows what they're doing to learn a new system anyway. So you've got training videos, and all that sort of stuff. And you want to just give us a bit of an overview of the CRM as in, you know, obviously, you love the product, it's your projects, it's your baby, what are the key features in the CRM that you thought well, I really want to put these in for the particular clients, you know, real estate investors that that, you know, our our clients, what, what are the key things that you're pretty proud of, with the system? 13:59 So one of the one of the key things is texting, emailing cold calling, dialer. rpms. Like most of these products, you have to use like 10 different products use like one service as is one thing. This kind of brings everything in house, you can kind of coordinate coordinate and formulate CES, follow up systems, emailing follow up systems, unlimited users, there's there's, there's companies out there like oh, we're gonna charge you 60 100 bucks per user. I'm like, Yeah, as quick as your team grows. So unlimited users unlimited websites, they can't some other platforms that limit how many websites you can get, like, you really go crazy with this system and anything that's not inside of it can be connected to Zapier. So we have clients who are like, Hey, I still want to use Podio But can I just have mine too? I'm like yeah, you could do that. So it's really customizable to based off of whatever your business looks like. You can customize it to whatever you need. 14:52 Yeah, that's the thing they have a technology is amazing that you can you can bolt stuff on as well. Like you say you can do add ons through Zapier and all that sort of stuff. Do you have, like, drip sequences and that built in like, 15:07 because yeah, there's so many custom built campaigns, custom built websites, just add your logo, add your number and go to go crazy. So I literally built a follow up system and follow up sequence for a client. And two minutes knowing what and I'm like I could every lead will get followed up with with this one follow up sequence. And like, every Wednesday was the follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up, but like 30% of your deals are gonna come from follow up. So if you don't do follow up, or if you're not doing it properly, you're missing an opportunity just by that having follow up systems in place. 15:40 And the automation that you're talking about, I look at the front end to look, if you have a lead come in, can you automate it that like an email goes out tomorrow or a messenger message. So that's all automated as well. So you've got 15:55 that monster demonstration literally about 30 minutes ago, okay? On Facebook ads, so like you do a Facebook ad and whenever a lead comes in, you send a text to them, Hey, thanks for filling out the form, our team will contact you as soon as possible. And then you send a text to your team. Hey, John Smith, just fill out a form and subject city, here's the full address, phone number and email, contact this person. So now there's a there's a instant instant, out to the customer and instance your team really quickly and efficiently. 16:24 Yeah, yeah. Because that's, that's part of it. And it frees up time, especially if you're a bit of a solid solopreneur, where you're trying to wear 10 hats, if you can automate stuff. And once again, you know, once you build up a little bit, you can get a VA in to cover a lot of that stuff. And that frees you up to do a lot of the other stuff. So yeah, no, that's cool. We've had a few comments coming in, we've got I think it's Ruben Who's Who's In Who's probably one of the foundation members of my actual Facebook group. And he said good stuff. I need this from my website. So you might have a customer already. I'll, when we wrap it up a bit later, Daniel, I'll give him the contact points so you can reach out to you. But what's he say? I'll have to visit him. So there you go. You've already got to someone that's interested. But yet, I mean, it's sort of really hard to in Portland, Oregon, he's in Portland, Oregon. It's really hard to imagine, like if just a couple of years ago how primitive things were, you know, like, and I know, there's a lot of people that say, Oh, I still use a folder and papers that well, that's fair enough. But once again, to have that automation on the front end, and that you don't forget to follow up their deals. I know that's money, if that makes it two or three deals a year because you've got that automation and drip and follow up and you get PayPal. 17:43 I had I had a client he was doing Excel spreadsheets and paper. He literally got into this. And now he's doing he's done multiple 100k months. Yeah, there's about 10 or 15 deals a month, right now. And he'll be our first millionaire we've created and he was using spreadsheets and paper. So think of this as like amplification, amplification of your time. So our whole thing is automation before delegation, because you might have to delegate it all. Like I talked to the client, they're like, oh, I need my I need my keys, maybe how to do this, this and this and make sure the follow up campaigns are set up and all that stuff. And I'm like, Well, if you set this up once, it just works, you don't have to actually have a process for him to do this every day. And he's like, Oh, what am I gonna have to do now? Like, Well, you got to figure out what he needs to do based off of what the system can't do. You gotta naps. So a lot of this is like it can, it can really limit like if you have a bunch of bas that can limit one or two VAs and what they actually do, where it actually pushes them to do revenue generating activities versus just activities. 18:43 Yeah, 100%. And, I mean, we all know from the other end, when you're when when you fill out a landing page, or you do something, all of a sudden the emails come and, look, I have a monthly mastermind to get people to register. So I can send them the Zoom link in that. And we do reminders right up because we're all busy. And if you haven't got automated stuff in place, people forget. I mean, sometimes people say look, I had it all but I had it in my head. And then I got an email that morning went Oh, I'd forgotten about that. So the automation is crucial not just for it for your side of it, but for the other side, like you know, so that you have I mean, you think about a motivated seller they're getting hit from all over the place if you don't if you don't keep following up with them, you'll lose them someone else will get them so yeah, it's it's very, very important and the automation and systems and that is just going through the roof at the moment it's I wish I was a techie because I can see the concept of it I get really excited but then when I try and go in and do it i i struggled so I've got to outsource all that now but it is pretty exciting with what you can do because frees up so much time. So yeah, I mean, you can you can also you can also do social media and all that sort of stuff, throw it to you so all your leads come through and you You can have messenger, you can have all sorts of bolt ons can do with it. 20:04 Yeah, so we integrate with Facebook and Instagram messenger. So you can set up like Auto Replies, and people reply to certain thing we integrate with Google My Business. I literally had a client come over to my house. And he's like, he has a local like brick and mortar store. And all I did for him was set up his Google and Google My Business and like a simple website that goes directly to a shop. And he said, he gets a lot of foot traffic just off having been on Google and who my business and website, simple thing. And I haven't touched his account on like over a year. And I just have that simple, basic stuff and just let it go. And it still works. 20:39 So So now you've you've obviously you've built that up. And you're, you know, like I said, You're doing all the bolt ons, you're making it like a smooth machine. That's, that's just got everything. So I guess every time a client asks you for something, you build something else out, and it just gets better and better. The other thing is that you're going to start doing less pulling in that you're going to start doing services attached. Like that, as well. 21:03 Yeah, I actually did that before I got into the CRM business I've been. So that's what you did first? Yes, I did. First I actually did real estate. Then I got into the list business analyst polling and skip tracing business. And then I got into CRM. So okay, a lot of a lot of everything that we do is just like, I don't force people to like, there's other companies like, you have to use my direct mail company, because I make make money off of using direct mail. Yeah, you have to use this certain company to do this. And like, I don't care, like I provide it if you want to, if you don't want to, if you want to go to another provider, I'm all for it. Whatever gets you success and makes you win, use it. 21:42 Okay, so So you do the list pool, you do the skip tracing, you got the CRM, is there any other things? You you think you're going to add to that as you go? Like, yeah, we're 21:51 thinking, We're launching a new program called the hive leads, hyperlink XyO. Essentially, it's going to be hot leads delivered instantly, it's into your CRM or phone or in or whatever CRM we're using, in general, whether using hive mind or not, that whole thing is because texting is regulations changing in the US. So we're providing like an inbound model. So that's something we've been using for the last three years for our real estate business is inbound leads. So we're providing that as a service as well, in the future. People that do video content, we're launching a media company, video editing service, just because if you want to bring in bringing, bringing whatever you want to bring people to educate them based on real estate, whatever you're trying to do, like so we're doing a lot of different things in the real estate business in general, but it all correlates to each other. Yeah, it 22:39 all works with each other. So the I mean, obviously, with the media, that's, that's pretty cool. I mean, so if I come in and said, Look, I want to do some videos, and some marketing videos, you work with someone like me, and get it all, get, get it all happen and get it all scripted, and filmed and edited and do all that sort of stuff to you. So 23:01 it's more of like an editing piece. Like we can transcribe, we can edit your videos, we can create reels on all you have to just to reach more social media outreach. So that's handy. I mean, it's not it's not a necessity, because we do it ourselves. Like half of my team is social media. I have a social media manager in house and I have two editors in house. So like, man, if we're doing this for ourselves, we can offer this as a service as well, because it's something that we're doing at a high level. 23:27 Yeah. And once again, it's old time and yeah. So you'll sign that I'll basically send you say, a podcast and you pull reel, you put pull the highlights out of it, you do realize you do content. And yeah, so you can you can get about three or four different social media, little little tick tock videos, and all that sort of stuff. So once again, you can outsource it and save a bit of time. Because, yeah, it's, I've done a bit of that myself, and I struggle with that as well. So it's probably outsource as much as possible. And also, I think a lot of people have the same now, Daniel, I think a lot of people say, Look, I'd rather just try and I'm good at talking on the phone, I'm good at getting buyers, I'm good at this and that. They just don't, you don't I mean, you can't do everything. It's just getting so fast paced now that you just can't do everything. So I think guys like yourself, that are building sort of done for you products and a heap of products in one place, people just come in and just park it in one place and sign right. If they like you as a person. They like your business ethic, they like your team, they'll just come and say, Look, you do that. Just give me a price for the month. I'll pay that and I just know that that's a part of my business expense, which when you you know we were talking before about the automations. And the follow up if it gets you another couple of deals per year because you're actually organized and someone's presenting you professional that pays for the whole thing for the year anyway. Yep. So I think a lot of people are starting to wake up to that set of working 18 hours a day and trying to grind and trying to do it all himself. You have to actually with technology and everything you have to embrace I certainly have to get people like yourself that that are really good at it and have good times. 25:05 Yeah, I was talking to my partner. And he said that just by him doing podcasts and him being online, as far as like Google Apple being on Google, he's gotten like five or six deals just brought to him just because people build into the credibility and trust them just because he's online. 25:20 Absolutely, yeah, that's that that's, I've spoke to a fair few people that do that they use their podcasts and a few other things. And they actually really, you know, promote it sponsored by that that's something I'm thinking about doing to responsible my actual real estate business, so that you plug it in, anyone's got any joy of it. And that's part of the exposure. So people are starting to rise up, like you said, with one bit of content, now you're getting about eight different bits of content reels or you, you've got to, that's the way it's going now, you've got to be seen everywhere. And that could be another three to five deals for the year. So you know, a guy I used to work with, when I was in the trade businesses for years, he's always talked about false economies, you try and scrimp and save, and you're trying to do all this yourself. And it's a false economy. Once you actually realize that you outsource issue outsell sister, and couple other things to experts, all of a sudden, you're making twice as much money. So you've got to get your head around that. And you've got to take that leap of faith, 26:24 it translate everything through life. So like I always bring this to like, like individual perspective. So like, ice cut my grass, I used to cut my grass all the time. And it was something I did every two weeks, cut the grass with grass, cut the grass. And there was a point where like, I don't want to cut the grass anymore. I can hire an expert, it's going to make 10 times better than me because there's better equipment. And I'll do it in 20 minutes. Whereas me it's gonna take me an hour. So if I can pay him tend to do it in 20 minutes. I'd rather not do it. 26:54 Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And that, yeah, you just got it, you've just got to outsource and make the most of your time because your time that hour. If you spend that hour. Well, firstly, you probably if you're at home, you're spending with the family, which is better. Yeah, but let's say you spend that one an hour, and you did extra work that could that could produce, you know, enough money to pay for him for five years. So you've got to you've got to think like that. Yeah, you know, and that's what people seem to wake up to now is, Hey, I can't do all this myself. And I need to find the right people. So it's, once again, I'm in this place, you know, you know yourself. There's a lot of people coming out with CRMs. There's a lot of people coming out with all this. But you got to find the right fit for you. You've got to find the right fit. And once you actually find the right fit. It's like any service like you said, lawn mowing, tradesmen, a good realtor, someone else. They're your person. You know, someone says, oh, yeah, that's my carpenter or that's, well, you're you're there. You're there tech guy that does a CRM does all the other stuff, you know, the editing, and everyone says, You need someone go and say, Daniel, so that's how that's how you sort of build your brand, isn't it? People tell other people? Yep. 28:05 Yeah, we're word of mouth is priceless. And then if you have the point where you can do ads, or social media, like social media is like a free place to post anything. Like I told you all the time is like, if you ever wanted to get on TV start on YouTube is your own place when you can run your own content. And you can post there over and over again. And people come back to watch your content. So like people who just don't end up on TV, they start off somewhere else. So if you think of the end in mind, 28:32 yeah, that's, that's, that's, that's actually a good point. That's a good point is you're not going to be Brad Pitt. When you start off, you're not gonna be or you're not going to be Leonardo DiCaprio, really great actor. You've got to start somewhere. And you're I've seen guys that are great YouTube presences now. And you'll see a video of them when they first started off. Actually, I interviewed a guy and he's easy to draw marketing. And he sent and he's really well polished. He does public speaking does all that stuff. And and when we jumped off the interviews that I was terrible, I keep this one video, my first ever video that I did. And I show all my students people that I mentor, and I did this look and go, Oh, well, I think I can do this now. And he sent it to me. And I was like, it wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. But he said, you know, you've got to start somewhere within a couple of years. All of a sudden, he's talking on stages. He's doing that stuff. So I think a lot of people forget that. Everyone starts off as a beginner. And you've just got to keep the faith and you just got to keep practicing. But one thing I want to I sort of want to back back and you talked about inbound leads were years pricked up when you said about inbound leads. Can you explain your system you got with that? I think I think a lot of people would like to hear that. 29:49 So there's different types of leads. Outbound lot people do outbound you got to pull the list, you got to target lists, you got to work lists, you got to follow up the list. It works Are all these marketing techniques work? But for us and what our business we like inbound inbound is somebody who already qualifies themselves to sell their property. Hey, and whether it's keyword research or and they wait your website, hey, I have property 123 Main Street, I want to sell it. Now you're not going you're not chasing that person, they're coming to you. So there's a lot of different forms of inbound leads that we like, as a whole. So we like Facebook, we like YouTube, we like Google leads just really come about as a matter inbound is the way to go. So bandit signs inbound lead, if you do anyone has ever done bandit signs, like it's hit or miss but they're inbound leads us into the phone. Yeah, the worst thing you can do with inbound leads is not answer the phone. So say there's a PPC, if you set up PPC, and you don't answer the phone, you're wasting your money. So I always advise people, if you're gonna go into the inbound leads, make sure you answer the phone because people are gonna start calling. 30:58 Yeah. And if you're busy, and you think you might not be able to get it, have one of those services that answered your phone for four or five hours a day. Yeah, so yeah, definitely. Inbound is a lot more of a pleasant phone call than outbound cold calling. I think it's the way to go. That did you say? Did you say something about like text? Did you say text message inbound hit? Did I hear you say that? Or was I? 31:24 So text messages that word. So it's, I mean, there's a, there's a form. So like, even like direct mail, direct mail can be a form of inbound leads, because you send out direct mail and you wait for them to respond. Same thing with texting, you can reach out and touch a lot of people through texting, and then it's just a matter of waiting for them to respond. So like it's outbound, but it's also inbound, too, because not everybody's gonna respond. So it's like a different version of inbound leads. But there's like, there's a lot of things that are like inbound, but it's just, there's like true true inbound leads is like Google PPC, ads, YouTube ads, all those are true inbound leads, where they're they're qualifying themselves to fill out the form, and then use collect information. 32:08 Yeah, do you have a certain technical tip on certain text templates that are a little bit more? Not sort of, you know, like, a lot of people Texas, I want to buy your house, you know, do you? Have you learned to craft ones that are a little bit more that they reach back out to you? Is it Is there a certain system that you believe, because you're in the business, that if you have a little bit more subtle than they'll come back to you if you keep keep them on a drip? And John, I mean, like, yeah, instead of saying, hey, hey, you got you know, look, when you do cold call, instead of trying to close someone on the first deal, you you just break the ice and you find out a bit of information. So alright, look, I'll give you a call back to you. I mean, is there is there certain things that you've worked out with that 32:48 I have a client and here's his trick he'll miss he'll misspell words on purpose. And the reason why is because people have the itch to correct people. And he'll mythical words like, like a really like, easy word who just misspell it? And then people were like, Oh, you mean this? And like, yeah, I meant that and you haven't property on? So? 33:12 That's actually, actually it's funny. I did. I remember, I misspelled something and it goes out to 5000 people. And I've fair few people corrected me if you put up correctly, but I actually had a guy once. And I thought, wow, that's brilliant mate. I text message and he says, Listen, I get these all the time, what I would do, and he wrote like a text that he would do. And he goes, wouldn't you be better off saying, hey, and he didn't get that it was mass? I mean, he must have thought I was just texting one at a time. But it was a really good point. He said, wouldn't you just write Hey, your property a 123 Main Street? I think it'd be roughly worth this much. Would you be interested in talking about it? If you know, have you been thinking about selling? Would you be interested in talking about rather than go straight for the throat? And I thought well, that's right. So I used to get feedback off people you. I mean, you obviously get the cast out and you get threatened and you get all that but there's some people that got some really good ideas that I wrote that one down. I thought that's a good idea, Mike, because you know, you got the direct mail where you, you actually can do it, they can do it. So you got the zillo price and you say Oh, can you send them a direct mail piece and basically saying, Well, you know, Zillow saying your property is where this if you'd like to sell, we'd like to talk to you. And then obviously from now, that's what Zillow says, but we what about the repairs what, but it's like you said to get people ringing you back. And this guy had a great idea. And that was just off a text message. And obviously, you know yourself like text messaging is a lot cheaper than direct mail. So if you can get those responses and misspell a few things and do things a little bit differently, you can have a huge, you know, you can have a huge success rate. And I guess you say that with your clients like you said you well. 34:55 So the key is is that it takes like seven to 12 contexts. Make sure to get a contract. So if you're sending seven direct mail pieces that might cost you 60 cents apiece, per person, or as you did through text and my costs your quarter. Well, yeah, what do you want to pay? The quarter or six bucks? 35:16 Yeah, I think text message I like testaments, it's for the initial, you know, with follow up text messages, because same thing. Fourth message, you get ghosted three times in the fourth week, I look up, I mean, to bring you back. But my daughter's in hospital, I've been in the hospital every night. And so I just think those follow ups and then from there, you can get on the phone, and then just have a not trying to close some, I mean, some people can close people on one call, but just build up the touches. From there, all of a sudden, you've got, you know, you're up to seven, eight touches, and then you can start, because I think the way the market went being so competitive, people were just, they were pretty sick and tired of just being hit, you know, hit between the eyes. So, you know, I think people actually want to walk, wanting to be a little bit more creative. So, so yeah, I mean, you guys are probably on the cutting edge of that. So one 36:10 of the cool things is that with high minuses, we integrate all these different systems, you can be really, you can separate yourselves. So you might send a text versus her sex is going to be like, hey, is this John Smith, and you have a pretty good chance is going to be John Smith. And then you send a text the next day. Hey, I sent you a text yesterday. Did you get it? Question mark? And then the voicemail? Hey, I might call medicine your texts a day or two? ago? I don't know if you got it. If you can give me a call back. I'd appreciate it. So now you're separating yourselves from Yes. Because every is gonna do Hey, would you like to buy my house? Would you like to buy my house? Whereas this you can kind of customize because you can separate gaps? See, instead of a big text page, you might text yesterday, hey, I actually text you the other day, instead of voicemail. It was a good time to talk. And then you can set up a call. Hey, I caught I sent a text the other day, I sent a voicemail? I don't know if you got it. Calling right now. Are you available? So now you can really separate yourself from other people? Because you can send individual texts based off of what you said prior? 37:15 Yeah, yeah, it's, um, it's a real little eight inches in a little things that you do can separate you and make make you you know, if you close a few more deals than the guy next year, so yeah, that's it'd be good to be good to be a fly on the wall in your office, you guys must be thinking about it all the talking about it all the time, you know, I heard the client, he actually tried to pull this one, he did this one. And that works. You know, so you know, what's working and what's not working. But what I'll do is I've got all your stuff up on the screen, Daniel, I've got your Facebook, your personal Facebook there, I've got your, your group, so people can actually come in and join your group. And obviously, you know, you've got a fair bit of content in there, and people can actually then reach out, tag you into something and if they want to go further, and I've got the website there, WW dot hive mind So that's where people can sort of reach out to is there a form that they can fill out to sort of connect with you or about any of the products or which which is the best way and of those three to contact you. 38:18 They can go to my CRM anywhere, anywhere online where a lot of different places Yep, we have our own podcast hybrid, those podcasts. If you'd like to learn how to make six figures on one land deal, you can text land, or you can text to 10972 1842. We're actually doing a land mastermind we do weekly calls, pretty much educating people how to find larger deals, you can text the lamb to the same number 210-972-8042 Thanks ever writing a lot of value in our own little way, and hopefully doing bigger deals. 38:51 And that actually just for wrap it up, Daniel, do you have like a little demo? Like if you Google it? Have you got like a little demo, someone can watch just to check out the product or even in your Facebook group that you would have any demos in there. So someone can go in and go Yeah, look, I like the sound of that. Can I go and check it out? Look, I know Ruben will because he's he's, he's been watching. So have you got some a demo? Because I know what are the platforms like a while ago, when I was doing a bit of texting. You can just google google it and then follow it follow at the end up with a bit of a demo just to give you an idea of what features it's got. 39:26 So you can actually take this demo to same number or you can go to hymens here on the Ohio there's a demo button. 39:32 Okay, beautiful because that that's where a lot of people like to actually just check it out. And if they like it, then they'll go the next step. I'll just go yep, love it. Because yeah, I mean, like I said, there's more and more now. I mean, everyone's everyone's like, you know, batch and all that. You know, they've just expanded and they've got a lot of different products. So people like to actually check out individually what suits suits them because I noticed a lot of different people in different niches tend to go for different CRMs and different stuff. You know, there's something more specifically designed for Facebook or something like that. So. All right, cool. Well, thanks for joining us and sharing all that with us. I hope I hope we can drive a few people over there that just happen to be looking for a CRM and to organize themselves a little bit better Daniel, and get him over. And, you know, like I say, jump in the Facebook group and then start watching your podcasts because, like you said, you're putting as much content out there as you can. And I'm pretty excited to hear about this. The media, so I can actually get someone to cut me videos do me real somebody because I'll just, I think it takes me four times longer than the average editor. You know, you focus on one Yeah. Yeah, so that sounds good. Sounds like you're really it's grown into, you know, you're covering a lot of bases now. So it sounds like you're doing really well. And thanks for coming on and sharing your time with us. I know I know. You're pretty busy. And you had a fair bit on today, but you've still come in and shown up and given us have given us a few tips and tricks as well on some text messages and everything so appreciate it and yeah, all the best hope it all hope it all you know, grows and expands and I'm thinking by the sounds of it, you'll probably end up having a complete done for you from start to finish system within about two years. Is like you said, you You start off with a few things and that now you're just adding stuff to it. So that's good. And once again, like I said, a lot of people are trying to get a done for you thing to say here, Daniel, what do I Yeah. And they're quite happy with that. So good stuff. Alright, mate, I'll let you go. And as I always say, thanks to Daniel Esteban mountaineers, you guys have been thunderstruck. Alright guys, catch you later.

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