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Oct. 14, 2022

Ep 240: Dean Rogers: First Real Estate Deal Story

Ep 240: Dean Rogers: First Real Estate Deal Story


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0:00 Hi, I'm Eduardo, I gotta get it together. All right, everybody, welcome to another edition of the my first deal. My first deal story, that kind of podcast I am your hostess with the most is Brittany Thompson, creator of get my first, which is a program I used to help people get their first deal. But today is about highlighting yet another incredible. Like I was I was saying this URL, I was like, Oh my gosh, I'm fangirling. He's a celebrity. Everybody's a celebrity that comes on this podcast. If you don't feel special, when you get off, I didn't do my job. So what I want to do is I want to introduce Mr. Dean Rogers, look, he went from the NFL to real estate investor and now has done hundreds of deals has the portfolio of about 10 mil Millie, like this is crazy. So if you hear me Listen to me. And he's looking to build more meaningful relationships with other rockstars in the business and inspire you guys. So you're welcome to the stage, the Roger. 1:12 Thanks for having me. I'm gonna I'm gonna use this energy for the rest of the day. Yes. 1:21 Welcome, Dean, I appreciate you for coming on. And look, just take it away. Tell them who you are, where you're from, what you're doing. And then we'll get into talking about your first deal. And this is this is real talky, let's have a conversation. Tell us Hello. Let's 1:35 go girl. All right. So me I'm Dean Rogers, you know, grew up in a small little town farm town in central California. With hopes and dreams of being something big one day you know, and I was Mr. sports guy. And so did sports my whole life. And we'll come back to that story in a little bit. But you know, flash forward to where I'm at today. Now I you know, married my high school sweetheart. I got three kids and another on the way and I'm living in La Jolla, San Diego area and live in the Golf Cart Life drive a golf cart around so my workouts to the you know, restaurants, grocery stores, the beach, and, and, you know, just just trying to live my best life. 2:29 That is amazing. I want to live that life too. When I grew up. You're actually not too far from us. We're in. We're in Orange, California. So yeah. That's exciting. And congratulations on the new one coming. That's 2:46 yeah, awesome. It's gonna be busy. 2:49 I mean, 2:51 I feel tired. I feel tired 2:53 already. Right. We got three and we were we weren't ready. And then we got the third one and we're like, oh my god, this is not happening. Well, awesome, man. Well talk to us. I hear you say you've come from the sports you want to live your best life and then that in real estate, like there's a massive gap. So if you could kind of take us through the journey from the sports live to the integration into real estate. 3:21 Yeah, so I mean, growing up I wanted to be a professional athlete you know, when you got a little sheet in class what do you want to be when you grew up? I wasn't thinking about a doctor fireman or anything like that. Like I wanted to be a pro athlete and and maybe it was because I've been thinking about this and kind of laugh and like I grew up in a small little town farm town dairy town where there wasn't a beach to go to and go surfing and you know go chase around girls like there wasn't the San Diego Zoo there wasn't like all these entertainment things to do it was like you go to school and like the the most fun thing outside of that is a play sport. So I was just super sports driven and loved it you know, I love that and that's all I really thought about hanging out with my friends and playing sports So kind of going through high school you know, I excelled and did great and you know got all the honors and all that kind of stuff was was recruited by teams but I was kind of under recruited that was kind of my story like throughout the whole process like I was under recruited I played maybe it's because I was playing running back and I wasn't like the fastest I had some speed but like I wasn't the you know all star recruit so I got recruited as a tight end by a couple of different colleges and ended up going to a smaller football school UC Davis and and play there and then same thing, Excel degrade got scouts looking at me coming to games, doing all that kind of stuff. And and then to flash forward through some some stories there. I ended up getting the call from the San Diego Chargers that yo get your bags packed, you know, you're coming to the team. So there's there was some drama that happened in between there with like, it was the year of the lockout. So like, it wasn't the normal process, where you go to like mini camp and have all the same communication. It was like, Hey, you're talking to you know, 10 different teams and then radio silence for six months. And it was like, oh, what's gonna happen, you know, so but as soon as it lifted, I got the call showed up. And it was crazy from there. Like it was so surreal. You know, what, the week before I was training, working out doing, you know, all the speed and agility drills and playing video games, with the guys who are now in the locker room with me. And my teammates, you know, like, it was pretty crazy. So that whole that whole experience. Have you ever seen the show ballers on HBO? Of course? Of course you have. Have you ever seen hard knocks on HBO? Okay, so ballers is is all the glitz and glamour, Hard Knocks is like the behind the scenes, we're going to take you through training camp and show you what what that's like, we're going to take you through the season and show you what that's like. So I'd say it's a combination of both because Hard Knocks is like the cutthroat business, super, super masculine energy. Everybody's hyper competitive alpha, like talking trash, always challenging you, you always got to be on the edge of your seat. And every play is like you got to give it 110% The show out. And, and then the baller side is like, Yo, look at all this money read. Look at all these girls come in around. You know, all this all these deals going down. And so it was the combination of both and it was crazy. It was cool. I was already married. I married my high school sweetheart a month out of college. Maybe she rushed it because she knew like something was gonna happen didn't want me in that world. But we weren't even thinking like that. But maybe she was maybe she was secretly thing. I don't know. But smart. She got it. Yeah, I was cool. I was cool in time. But I tell you what, I got some stories, stories off camera for you that were like this. This is crazy. This is not happening. That's awesome. But But yeah, I get questions from my teammates. Like, why don't you have two phones, you know, like one for your family and one for you know, the other people. And like, that kind of stuff really happens. Because it's accessible. I'm telling you like, you are instantly a celebrity. I had people follow me into my car and just like stare at me while I'm pulling out like just weird stuff like that. No, people just want access to you. You know? You got girls like, who are screaming, you know, in kids screaming for your autographs. And you know, they don't even know you like you've just joined the team. Like you didn't come from, you know, Alabama and we're the Heisman trophy. Winner, like, they don't know who you are. But they want to have your autograph so bad, you know, so 8:20 it was pretty nice. So it isn't tense. So I you know, fortunately, I kept like a level head and like, yeah, that's a cool because you can get you can get lost in that. Yeah, you can get wrapped up. So I think being married helped me kind of keep it calm to like, yeah, all right. Yeah, I'll look over there. They'll look over there. I'll walk over there, you know what's gonna happen? Yeah, so, um, so, from from everything besides that, like, what was so cool about it was I was feeling great. I was playing great. Norv Turner was a head coach telling me I'm gonna have a long career like, everything was looking perfect. Like, like a fairy tale. You know, having having some of the coaches being like, man, it's gonna be so fun to like, tell your come up story. Like you're the underdog. You. You came in from this school and like, look at you now and all this kind of stuff. But the twist in the plot of this movie of the story was I had my position switched. I went from tight end to fullback. And if you know anything, fullback in the NFL, you're now like a full time crash test dummy, like running full speed head on collisions. Like your mission. Your objective, if you're doing great is you're running at full speed 10 yards away from the other guy trying to kill them. And you're running through big giant linemen, and so you got to run like kind of tight through there. You're leaving with your head. Like, no matter how much you practice, there's like no way to go to the side because you're the gap is so small. So it is what it was. And I have this like, immediate lightbulb go off, maybe it went off because it kept hitting my head. But like, I just realized, you know what, everything looks perfect and amazing. But I know internally and you know, I wasn't like running to the trainers to go tell them because I didn't want to mess anything up. But like, I knew what side Holy crap. I'm gonna kill myself if I keep doing this. And it's not like I can just go to the coach and say, hey, you know what, Antonio Gates. He's in my spot. I'm the I was a tight end. He's in my spy, he's a pro bowler and like, you know, Hall of Famer? Can he just like, Can you switch with me? Like, this isn't a Can you switch with me type of thing. You know, like, Yo, you're lucky we called you, you know, you better show out and do your thing and do your job. Otherwise, we'll find the next guy like, this isn't? Uh, can you trade me spots type of deal? Let me have a turn. So I made, you know, the hardest decision of my life to this date, which was, I gotta walk away from this, even though I could go down the journey. I could try to go to another team, like, you know, try to do something different. Like, No, it just, it didn't feel like that was the journey I wanted to go down. Even though everything was insane. Like, I just signed a seven figure contract. Like, I'm in this new like, I'm, I'm where I wanted to be in drempt though, as a kid, I'm here. And now I'm like, I'm friends with Philip Rivers. I'm friends with Antonio Gates like, this is this is cool, you know, so. But I just knew in my gut, even though I still like wake up having dreams of still playing and being in the team and stuff. Like, I just knew it was the right decision, even though it was going to be hard to tell this story for the rest of my life. You know, but I also knew that my life would be pretty darn short, if I stayed in it, because I would be an absolute vegetable. And so I made the decision to walk away. And then when I did that, I realized like, I have to start all over. I have to start all over. Like I spent all this time and effort to get to this point, this was my life. But now what, and very scary, really scary. 12:36 And part of the reason I went to UC Davis because I just had, you know, an understanding, like education will be important. Someday, you know. And there will be life after football. No matter how long I play, no matter how much money I make, there will be life after football. So fortunately enough, I had a really, really good friend who I played college football with. And he reached out to me right away, he knew what was going down. And he's like, Hey, I got a really good opportunity for you. There's this corporation in San Francisco, I started working for him. They're about to go public software company like, let me let me get you in here. So he basically short cut took me cut cut the line in front of everybody type of thing. Like didn't go through the normal weeks on end interviews and stuff like just walked me straight to the hiring manager, basically. And after the meeting, the guy was like, just let me know if you want the job. So I got the job. And it was an amazing company exactly like what I dreamt of after football. Now, what happened though, was it maybe my story would be different if I got in like a sales job where my effort? Yeah, that my pay would match my effort, right? But I joined in into a position where it's more of like, consultant type job again, great, great opportunity. But after going from a seven figure contract to a $65,000 salary. Living living in San Francisco is super expensive. Living in a 424 square foot apartment and just feeling month to month. I like I realized after busting my butt for a year and they're like, Wow, you worked so hard. You did so great. Let's give you a big $2,000 increase in salary. I was like, oh my god, okay, like I would have felt appreciated if if my my value was recognized and I went up to at least six figures you know, like, that's the space I at least need to be in. But no, that's not what it was. So I like I was taken aback Whoa, I need to figure this out because this is not going to get me anywhere fast because cuz it's not like, Hey, let me go to this other opportunity and like, make moves, and now I made an extra 10. And now I made an extra 20. And now I got this set like those, it just wasn't there. It wasn't the opportunity clearly wasn't there to make moves, it was just clock in and clock out, you get paid the same amount. So, open up my eyes just after that first year. I remember going home and thinking like, Well, what else can I do? You know, like, what other skills do I have? Not really many yet. You know, maybe I could just find something that would allow me to get in low barrier to entry. I just remember like late night infomercials from Dean Graziosi. Being a teenager like on the edge of my seat at 2am wanting to buy his course. Like, okay, well, maybe I'd want to be a real estate agent. I thought, yeah. is where my mind went. So I Googled how to get started in real estate. and up popped. Sean Terry's flip to Freedom podcast. 16:11 Oh my God does my story. 16:14 That's a lot of people story. A lot of people story. I love it. I love it. Love it, love it. And I still haven't met him in person to this day. But I'll I'll get to how I have met and talk to him in a second here. But I found his podcast and was instantly unhealthily obsessed. Yeah, obsessed. like, Man, this guy is speaking to my heart. Like, he's got the Lord Jesus behind him, giving him power. He's got just the passion behind the business. He's he's on a mission to help people learn how to get started in real estate with little to no money. And anybody can do it. Look at this plumber, who I helped Look what he's doing in his life. Now look at this other person, I'm like, hot damn, I need to do this. Like, if average, Joe can do this, I'm gonna take my effort. And my discipline that I've always had from sports. And I'm going to apply that to this. And I will definitely succeed. So day one of that Google search, all it was was audio like I wasn't even watching YouTube like today and like seeing him rep, you know, show and go through the contract. Like I just listened to how to fill out the contract. And I listened to that same podcast how to fill it out? Well, I printed out, you know, the copy, he said from his website, and I'm going word by word, because that's all I got to like, try to learn how to fill it out. So I'm, I'm obsessing over all of these episodes. So much so that I took action right away and started doing one of the strategies he mentioned, which was, Well, right now a good strategy that's working is going to HUD home And HUD home. is where you can go find properties, where people that got FHA loans are in foreclosure, it's a special website, and the first 30 days, anybody who's an owner occupied buyer or a nonprofit can buy it after 30 days, investors can start bidding on it. All you needed was a real estate agent who was licensed to go login, submit your offer and see if you won. So I just listened to everything was such detail that he did so much so that I didn't even bid on properties in my area, my local market where I grew up, I bid on the properties in his market in Phoenix. Wow. Because he was saying, Oh, I'm picking up properties in Phoenix and Glendale, and, you know, this place, Peoria, so I'm like, Okay, well, I'm just gonna follow what he's doing. Like, why he's getting deals done. So I was I was willing to try anything. So I just followed to a tee while he was saying, and was making these offers. I remember like, being so obsessed, I'm in the movie theater. I just I remember I can remember this like being in the movie theater texted my agent like, hey, I need to submit this offer at this price. My wife's like, what do you do? And I'm like, Damn, I'm getting this deal. I'm so you know, and, like, Man, I just remember making these offers and it wasn't too many offers till I got my first one under contract. Yeah. And then the deal from there was okay, you got it under contract. Now you gotta go print out these papers. Yep. And you got to get $1,000 earnest money deposit to this company. I think it was an Orange County even to Yeah, everybody. You got to mail it there with the check within 48 hours. Otherwise you lose the deal. So I'm like, you know, I'm Still commuting three hours a day to my corporate job, I had to commute from South San Francisco to the East Bay by the train, and it was an hour and a half each way. So like I had very little time to print these documents out and get to the post office because I was up early and on the train, and I was out late on the train back. So like I had to go at lunchtime. Wow. And get like an Uber or friend to take me I can't even remember what I did. But I had to do that a couple times just to get to the post office and being like, so eager and anxious to get there. 20:40 And so, the very first one, I get it under contract, I get the papers there. All that stuff is going good. And then you have 30 days to close escrow. That's right. So I remember all right, well, I'm just going to do the next step. Sean Terry talks about going on Craigslist and find a buyers and doing stuff like that, like Facebook wasn't as hot as it is now with all the local groups like you can find buyers in three seconds now. But like on Craigslist, I was like, Okay, well, let me go, you know, click on these ads and post some ads. And so I had, like maybe five buyers that I was talking to and talking about the deal. And they were two of them were interested, but not quite at the price. And I'm like, man, like, what am I going to do? And I remember just like a couple of days, kind of like maybe even a week passing just feeling anxious. Oh, man, what am I going to do to get this deal? So I I just had this now this is the thing. Okay, the little lesson, I'll pause and just give a lesson. Yeah. When when you don't have resources, to find deals, to sell your deals. You don't have all the pieces of the puzzle. You don't have all your stuff together like I do now. Yeah, you got to be resourceful. Yes, you don't have resources. You've got to be resourceful. And so I got resourceful, I got clever. I thought, Well, Sean Terry's my boy, this is his area, hey, I don't have his number, though. I'm a little shy. Like, I'm not gonna reach out to him on Facebook. I'm little of nothing like, he's not gonna like, you know, care about me. Let me go to his website, because there he is on his podcast talking about his website, where he posts his deals, and stuff like that. So I got to look in on Google and was like, okay, cool. Here's his website. Let me let me pretend like I'm the seller, I'm gonna submit my deal. So submit the deal online, and his acquisition guy calls me. So this acquisition guy calls me and I start telling them what's up? And how's it going down and all that kind of stuff? Is all okay, let me put you in contact with Sean. Let's get this deal. So I'm all fangirling out. I'm like, Yeah, let's go. 22:57 I'm really gonna talk to him that way. Like, you know, I'm all nervous to talk to him. So I get it. He gets my number he calls me he's, you know, driving around somewhere. And I'm telling them what's up and oh, yeah. Okay, cool, you know, and he's like, yeah, we'll get that sold no problem. And so he, he does what he does, you know, he posted on society, you know, got it sold and contacted me already. And yeah, we got to sold. So we'll get this over to you know, escrow will take care of everything, blah, blah, blah. And, you know, we'll split it 5050 So you gotta sold he took care of all the escrow stuff. We got that all in wrapped up right when we needed to, and got the deal done. We made $12,000 So I made six grand, my first deal. And for me, I remember being in the office and just like remote knowing that the wire was supposed to get sent from Shawn that day and getting it and like doing a good old football Whoa. Me office. Yeah. And one of my buddies who knew what I was up to, he's like, you just close the deal, didn't you? Sir, my first deal I'm like, look. So that's for me, like six grand didn't change my life, obviously. And I just came from something that was much bigger with the NFL, but knowing that I had gone from the pinnacle of the NFL, to now starting over and literally having to fight and claw to create my own life and no one was going to do it bugged me that I had proven to myself that I could do this other new thing that had such potential and such promise to get me back to the opportunity to you know, be living in the fast lane life with the rich and famous like abundance providing for my family going on vacations taking care of you know, the people I love, and that right Air was that proof of concept like, Okay, this is cool. This is going to be it and took it from there, I did a couple more deals like that wish Ontari. And you know the story I know, this is about first deal. So I'll spare you all the other details. But you know, lots of stories, lots of learning lessons of losing money doing the wrong things that were newbie mistakes. But man, I'm so so happy that I took action right away. That's the biggest thing in that period of my life. And I'm grateful for is I did I don't know if I mentioned this. But from the first Google search, to closing that first deal was exactly three months, like right on Here is three months from the very first Google Search to insane, obsessive action. And I'm not joking. Like, there were some some days while I was listening to this podcast, this was everything. This was my whole world now. And I remember, you know, listening to it on the way to work. Sometimes during work, if it was, you know, downtime at lunch on the way back, but there'd be I'd be listening to it at night, and I'd wake up in the middle of night, my brain would stop working, it'd be like, you know, one o'clock in the morning, and I'd be listening to how to fill out the contracts, you know, like, 26:25 something so simple, so easy, but so important, as it was so new to me to try to figure that out. And I wanted to really understand and grasp it. So that's from that's, that's why I love talking about the first deal because you you have to take such massive action. And here's the biggest thing because you said it already. To me before the show. I don't know if you said it now. But some people everyone's got a different story. Some people, you know, I'll get jealous because they'll do their first deal in a week. Yes, other people who are super mega successful. And I'm like, wow, you're doing so many great things. They'll tell me, Oh, it took me nine months to do my first deal. It took me 15 months to do my first deal. Everybody's got a different story. But it's all about your willingness to do whatever it takes to get over that hump, figure it out. Because once you do that first deal, and you you prove it to yourself, the switch just goes off. And you know, oh, okay, I can do this. Yeah, now your actions that go behind the AI can help support the doing and getting the results. So I think that's the biggest thing is like, you just got to go all out for your first deal. You got to be consistent, and that that's what helped me it was there was not a day off that I took where I was just hanging out. And I'll get to that later. Like, no, I was listening to it every second. Yeah. And that's what helped me push through and finally get that first deal. And I as I watch newer people now that I'm around the people who get deals, and I see, you know, kind of struggle to get there or whatever, but then finally get it and then move past that first deal and do more. It's a lot of those newer people in my market, I actually do deals and help them get the deals done. They they I see are successful because they just have that personality, of understanding to just keep going and keep pushing. And as long as you're willing to do that you're gonna make it. 28:33 It's not for the faint of heart. I think it's Les Brown says you got to be hungry, and I'm always hungry. 28:42 Not to be hungry. And boy, I was hungry. Just again, walking away from what I was just in and saw in, in was tasting to walk away from that. I know, like, Oh, damn, I'm a Hungry Girl. Like, I gotta, I gotta get after it. Because I got some I got some making up to do here, you know, so. Yeah, 29:06 that's so empowering. I mean, and I don't know, I don't have the privilege of knowing a ton of mega athletes and things like that. But I can only imagine that the it's like humbling almost, to have such a high high. And then all of a sudden, like, go go deep in the valley. Like it's so much raishin like I know, like I can I can pretty much guarantee you you went you went through something like that you do something? 29:36 I did, but I kind of didn't allow it to affect me because I just focused on that next thing. Now. The bad thing about a lot of professional athletes is even if they had a long career, a lot of them just kind of fade off and just kind of get lost after because they just had the world in their hands and they had All this, you know, fame and, and all this money and all this access to almost anything that you want. I mean, you know, the only the only time where I got denied was from access was not when I was at a club in Chicago I was trying to get back in I was with some boys, we just got done doing, you know, tables over here are going to this next place. And I remember like, having to do the Hey, man. Oh, you know, I was in the NFL, you know, like, was my thing he's like, yeah, no, and I was like, about some money. And then I look over to my right. And Jason Jason Derulo is like, Yo, man, let us in let us and they wouldn't let his acid to. So I was like, Ah, cool. If you want to. I guess I won't get too offended. You know, it's, yeah, that's funny. Wow. But, but yeah, to walk away from that. And to go back to just being a civilian, like, in military terms people use like civilian life, you know, it's almost like that, because you just went from being on a pedestal to now. Oh, I'm just anybody now. And that's kind of weird. It's kind of weird when you go from one place to the next. And, like I said, like you said, It was humbling. And at the second, it was like, oh, shoot, I'm hungry. Let's I gotta go get this, you know, eat, I guess. Yeah. 31:25 And then you're like doing deals with Sean Terry. And I'm doing the other shots. 31:31 That's, that's what I I love telling it. I love telling the story. Because I did my first deal was Sean Terry, the OG the man who I was listening to like, I still haven't met him in person. But we've, we've talked several times on the phone, we've talked, you know, I'll fangirl out and message them on Facebook sometimes like, Hey, you remember that deal? We did is Oh, yeah, I remember. And, but I think I'm gonna see him here. This month, actually. And I'm gonna fan girl out, I'm gonna get like, I'm gonna take pictures with them all that kind of stuff. You know. 32:10 He's really cool. I had the opportunity to meet him. 2017 when he did his flip to freedom conference, and he's what just the person he is when you see him on the on the YouTube and all that versus in person. Same guy. Cool, dude. So I mean, 32:25 he's just, he's a, he's almost a quirky nerd, you know? Like, he's just like, he's so passionate. His voice gets all high. And he says 32:37 yep, yep, his hits 12k. And 37 days is what got me started. That was my 2am YouTube video. And just like, boom, so that's, that's really, that's really cool. Thank you for sharing that. And thank you for being transparent, because you could easily be like, Well, I'm not, you know, I'm not gonna tell people what I went through. But there's just so much empowerment, really behind what you've shared. And then, you know, you addressed like, the business and the real estate and the football. And then you had a whole family like I can, your wife must be mega supportive. She's got to love you, bro. Like that that's inside. Because a lot of people don't have that they don't have the supportive spouse or significant other. So you know, some of them will say, Hey, keep going, keep pushing, because sometimes showing is the way to go. But, you know, no matter what, make sure you get with somebody who's gonna hold you down for black who like a battle. No, I love I love hearing that. And I'm excited for you to see where you go. And I don't know if you're gonna be hanging out at the end of this month. Are you gonna be hanging out in this month? Yes. Go, I will be there too. So I'm sure we'll have a blast. But yeah, man. Thank you. Thank you, Dean for sharing your time, your story. Just just inspiring. The people that are listening are going to end up listening in and tell people how can they reach out to because I heard you mentioned that, you know, you're still doing deals, you're still partner with people in your hometown. Like, if somebody wanted to reach out if they got a whole year deal? What would they need to do next? 34:16 Yeah. So what's funny is I actually I've been basically like a virtual investor since day one, technically. So I lived in San Francisco when I got started. And then I ended up moving back down to San Diego, but I invest in central California where I grew up. So I got a whole team there and all that kind of stuff. But with with getting in contact with me, you guys can reach me at Dean You'll see all the social media contacts stuff on there, which you know, for Instagram, it's at Dean Rogers Real Estate for YouTube. It's just forward slash Dean Rogers. You know, I talked about deals on there that we're doing, do interviews with cool people like you and and So I absolutely love to stay in contact with people. So please reach out, like if you got questions or stuff like that. I just launched a coaching program a couple of months ago, and got students in there getting really good results. So that's something I'm passionate about. And like you said, one of the coolest parts of our business just with the whole abundant mindset, of wanting to add value and help other people. I've been working with so many people in my market, that last year, we did a million dollars in revenue just from JV deals alone, just JV deals alone. And the same is looking good this year as well. So yeah, we love love, love working with other people, because obviously, we've got the experience, we're really good at maximizing the deal, getting it under contract for the best price, yes, selling it to if we're wholesaling it, sell it to a cash buyer, top price, making sure everything gets done correctly through escrow. So the same thing that Sean Terry did for me. Yeah, maximizing that deal, is what I'm doing with other people. And it's just, you know, definitely come full circle. And it just it's really rewarding. 36:05 That is so good to hear that it's exciting. But before I let you I do have to ask you one question, too. For the people listening in, what would you say is one major, major limiting belief that you had to overcome in your journey in real estate? 36:23 Yeah, I would say the first, the first thing that I had to overcome, right, because I just came from where I came. And now I basically started all over and life was so expensive, so quick after that first year that it's like, oh, no, I don't have money to go just invest in all this stuff. Like I walked away from a big contract, like, the money is not there. So how do I start a new career? How do I go start my own business. And so the biggest limiting belief I had, which I just punched in the face right away and kind of kept fighting, it was the idea that you had to have money to make money like you needed to be established, you needed to have a career to be an investor. And you also needed to have experience. That was the combination of having the money and needing to have the experience to be able to do a deal because now here I am talking on the phone after my first deals of the just online auctions, which I thankfully didn't have to interact with sellers yet. But then Sean Terry's next step was go do direct mail. Right. So now I'm talking to sellers. And here I am little me, starting from from scratch with really no legitimate experience in buying houses and being an investor. I'm having to tell the seller I can buy their house for cash. So so having the limiting belief that you know what, I actually don't have the cash or, you know, what, how am I going to be able to buy their house? How can I really help this person and their situation, but Sean Terry, really hit it home that no, you are helping this person, this person is in need. Yeah. And you are the person that's coming in helping them in this situation, and also creating a great opportunity for an end cash buyer like this. You're doing good stuff here. You're doing good work. And so for me, that was like, the push I needed to hear from Sean to be able to like, get in there, overcome it and get the job done. 38:36 Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing that as powerful. I wish I had like the technical know how to do the remember. That is so good. Thank you so much, Dean again, for taking time away from your business, your family, what you could be doing to be here and to share your story. I'm just so honored and grateful for y'all. I hope that y'all heard his story because there were some crescendos, there's some peaks and valleys in there. And I know that it's gonna speak to so many people. So if y'all hadn't heard them, if you want to reach out to him, and look, just disconnect, you never know what to come out of a connection, go to Dean And he's, he's, what you see is what you get, and I'm getting that I'm getting that vibe. So I'm excited about that, because that's rare in the streets. So I'm excited to meet you. I'm excited for other people to be exposed to your story and hopefully be impacted, inspired and empowered. For those of y'all that are interested in investing in real estate and don't know where to start don't know who to write with don't know what to do feeling overwhelmed. I'm going to ask you right now go to get my first Register we do free challenges five day challenges every month and they're meant to just equip you don't how to find get in close your first deal. And hey, maybe maybe we can get you through the program. We can get you wrapped up get get you the blueprint and then send you to go hang out with because he's gonna make you think he's gonna take you to the next level that's the goal. The right people in the right places so they can take you to the top. So if you're hearing this message like I said, check us out there. Don't forget to check them out. Thank you for tuning in. It's Brittany Thompson with the my first deal story podcast. I don't even know what episode this is, but coming back to you soon, peace, go do something. Take massive imperfect action by