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Sept. 5, 2022

Ep 226: Buying Multi Family With A 9-5 With Evan Scott

Ep 226: Buying Multi Family With A 9-5 With Evan Scott
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0:01 Welcome to the show the habit, this podcast. This is our segment we call meet the hive, where it's a bird's eye view of some of our clients and what they're doing and what parts markets are doing. And we're just talking business real estate in life covered a lot of different things. We're here today we have a special guest, Mr. Evans got out of LA. And I met Mr. Evans got, I want to say December, it was a sub to meet up with pace. And we're just networking. And that's how we ended up Mr. met Mr. Evan here. I'm gonna stop saying Mr. Because that sounds really retarded. And I feel like, but I might have been here about nine months ago, maybe 10 months ago. And it's been interesting. So, Evan, let's always talk about hygiene and real estate. Because that's always like a weird journey. And are you still a nine to fiver? Because I think last time I spoke to you were, 0:54 yeah, yeah. Yeah. So Well, thanks for having me on, Daniel. I appreciate it. Yeah, I still work a nine to five job. And I got into real estate. It was it was, you know, it's kind of started off, kind of kind of weird. My wife was pregnant back in 2020. And her second trimester, and we lost the kid. And it was we so she had to, basically, she had to have the baby removed. And it was very depressing time. And at the time, my wife and I listened to a lot of true crime podcasts. And true crime. Podcasts can be kind of dark, you know, and we were already in a dark state of our life and, and I said, Listen, I can't listen to True Crime anymore. I need to listen to something else. So I started listening to real estate podcast, tune into bigger pockets. I started listening to some some multifamily podcasts. And the more I listened, the more I realized, like, hey, people are doing this all over the world. Everyday people just like me, and there's no reason why I can't do this. And so that became that began the real estate journey. And I got an I got to wrap that up by saying, since that has happened, we we have a one week old right now at the house. We just had her August 10. It's our daughter, Payton Skye, Scott. And we're very blessed, you know, and it's amazing how it worked out. She was born on she was born on my birthday. So my birthday is August 10. And my wife's birthday is August 11. So it really is like the best birthday gift ever. It's we're really blessed and happy. 2:39 That's amazing, man. Congratulations, congratulations. It's a I've lost a child to so I know exactly what you're going through. It's a crazy transition point. So sorry about that. I didn't know that previously. But things happen and you move on and adjust and adapt. So i i One thing I'll always you got me with that one. Oh, man. One thing, one thing always I really appreciate you coming on the show in general is because you're a product of podcasting. And I think it's, it's a big circle to come full circle. When you're like, Man, I listen to podcasts. And I was stuck listening to them here. They are on a podcast now. So it's always cool to hear those stories, because I'm the same way like, I'm a product of podcasting. And I have my own show. And so it's kind of like, got to give back to the community in some way, in our own way. And so it's kind of cool to contribute. 3:36 Yeah, absolutely. And I want to take a second to to really appreciate what you do. And the thing that I really liked about you, when I met you is, as I noticed that you all are, you're about adding value to other people you really focus on how can I add value to these people? And how can I serve and I really appreciate that you're not looking, but I think what I got from you when I met you is like you're not really looking for what can these people do for me, you really are looking to see how you can add value and and, and be a blessing in other people's lives. And so the annual I'm really glad that I met you, and I really appreciate you and the hustle that you have, and it's it's amazing. 4:21 Oh man, I appreciate that side note, this isn't about me, but I got a sidebar myself, but I got sad about you on this one. But I really appreciate that I really appreciate the kind words it's, it's, it's, it's for me, it's a lot to they're sort of people that take from everybody they take from the world that take from every stranger they can and just take take take take take and for me and so it's like, you can't really make an impact if you're taking the Lord's gonna be doing the opposite of giving, giving, giving. So I'm always trying to find different ways to give back to the community or just give in general and like I like doing things that are recorded because I know I can give it infinite So this one call that we're doing, it's going to be out there for 1015 years, maybe even after I die. So please listen to this episode, and they can still be good receiving something from this episode and some type of information, which is why I like recording content in general, just because it's evergreen. So who knows when you listen to this episode is 2030 or 2040? Who knows? There's something holding you back from this. And I guess that's why like, that's why I like recording my content, because you don't record it. It's just disappears and you forget it ever happened? 5:28 Yeah, really good point. That's a good. 5:32 So it's a side note for me like a lot of what I do right now, I hope my kids will go back and listen to all the stuff that I did while they were young. And like, I remember, my dad used to be in a room recording, he always locked the door. And like, he always has to do that. And like, Oh, let me go listen to those episodes. So I hope my kids get like, some type of interest with that. Because like, I see both sides of the inside, and now visually watch it thrown out. I know, they don't understand. But hopefully one day they will. 6:02 Yeah, I know, like, think back 100 years ago, people wrote in their journals, and then the you know, the kids would inherit that stuff and read there. But we got video now. So you know, kids come back and watch your content. And it's awesome. 6:17 So we really went on a tangent there. But um, so you, so you still haven't identified you're still multifamily. One thing that the reason why I really, really want to dig in that you haven't identified a lot of people they get stuck on, if I have a nine to five, I can't do anything else. And the nine to five really takes some of your best hours. So let's talk about how you've kind of dedicated either time to learn time to prospect, time to even negotiate with your nine to five, and you're still your whole life going on. You just had a baby. So how do you manage that? Because a lot of people that struggle with that, like if I'm gonna if I can't do anything else. 6:50 Yeah, I think the first thing like that I that I had to accept accept is, I gotta be willing to do what other people are not willing to do in order to get where I want to be. And so if that means I work my nine to five, and then I come home, and I had dedicated family time. And then after I put the kids down, I'm on the computer, pulling new list, looking at potential properties, you know, I'm sending emails to brokers, then then that's what you have to do. And again, you just really have to wrap your mind around around the fact that it is it is not an easy journey, if it was an easy journey, everybody would be doing it. And so I kind of accepted that. I want to change my path that I'm on, I want to be out of my w two job in the next five years, and be full time real estate. So I think it starts off with like setting a goal. Whether you want to be out in three years or five years and then have making a plan on how are you going to get there each step what do I have to do to be able to be out of my w two job. Also a lot of people, the thing that's nice about having a W two job for the for the deals that we've closed, it really helps make me more lendable, you know, to be able to get loans and whatnot when I find deals. So that is really helped having a good w two job. I have a cousin who cashflows about 50,000 a month and in real estate. And he is probably one of the busiest guys that I know he runs a construction company. And then he has all his rentals. And what he told me is he said don't don't retire, he's like, you work that w two job until you literally have like no time left in the day to do your W two and your real estate. And you get to a certain point where you just have to switch over to Real Estate. And so he encouraged me to keep my w two job for as long as possible. 8:46 One thing I really want to hit on is having a W two is completely a hack. If you're trying to get assets, like completely meaning I'm literally talking about this last night because we're both self employed and like we cannot get loans for nothing like it is ridiculous. So we're always trying to raise private capital, we're always trying to do the hacks to get property and get cash. Because we are not lendable it is hard. It is really really hard and like me to answer like we need to find somebody who still has a W two who's lendable that would want to work with us because it's hard up in the streets if you don't have one. And it's crazy how that works. But it's not like us as entrepreneurs. Like once you step out of that thing. You have to have two years of tax returns before you can even get a FHA loan. And as to show you make money. So other of those struggles entrepreneurs have is like they might write off a lot of their income. So now they have no income to show that they're actually making money. So you really kind of shoot yourself in the foot. Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you still might be making money but you shoot yourself in the foot But sometimes by not being lendable. And being lendable is huge, huge, huge, huge. So I commend you to your friend who recognized that like said, there's so many ways into real estate and I don't want to knock nine to five, I don't want people to jump in and do that thing. There's so many ways into it whether your house hack, whether you're buying properties, with your W two income as because you're lendable or whether you just do straight into wholesale, it doesn't matter which way you go about it. There's no wrong way to get into it. There's 1000 ways to get into it. It's just find a way that works for you and your family. And I think that's the biggest the biggest difference. Yep, 10:34 absolutely. 10:36 So let's talk about selling your lendable. Now, you recently bought a property and I think I don't know what to sell. So your last acquisition you got 10:47 we closed on a property in Cleveland. It's a 14 unit property, it's a unit, it was a direct to seller. property. So my I have a virtual assistant. And that's one of the things when you when you work a nine to five job, you have to find a way to because you have to find a way to leverage other people's time. And so you know, have a virtual assistant out of the Philippines and I pull this for her and she calls us less while I'm at work, because that's just about, yeah, and that's the thing about investing out of state from California, in Cleveland, there's a three hour time difference. So by the time I get home, you know, if I get home at five o'clock at night, it's already eight o'clock, it's kind of late to be calling over there. So I really need to be like those people need to be contacted while I'm at work. And it's, it's not fair to my employer, if I'm secretly making phone calls during the day, I feel like if you do have a nine to five job, be really good at it and, and give your employer what they deserve. And so in order to do that, I decided to you utilize a virtual assistant, and then I will follow up on my on my days off with that with that person. And I don't have to spend hours you know, calling. And so anyways, we got that direct to seller, 14 unit and Cleveland. And the it was an out of state investor. And what I've what I've found is that a lot of the people that we've made contact with like that we've had success with it's a lot of tired out of state owners. And this guy was actually from Pismo California, and he just had a bad property manager. He property management is huge. It can make or break whether or not you're successful and in real estate. And so he had a very bad property manager, that person was stealing from him was not filling his units as they would go vacant, was not getting Max rent. And so So yeah, it was it was a great deal. We ended up picking it up, we closed at 570,000 for this 14 unit. Initially, we went under contract for 650. And we kind of just worked it down. Worked it down from there. So but yeah, that's actually being remodeled right now. 13:14 So that's cool, man. What was the Capri you bought it that? And like was it a lot of vacancies and stuff like that? Let's talk a little bit about the deal. 13:23 Oh, yeah. So so we bought it at a 10 cap. So while it's there was let me let me let me rephrase that there was actually a lot of vacancies. So that's what that's part of the reason why it went from a 650 purchase price, he was trying to sell it as like a at a certain amount of occupancy. And when we were doing our due diligence, we also we got an appraisal so I think it's, it's really it's really good to get an appraisal in multifamily. Because what they're gonna do a lot of, here's the here's the mistake that people make people will buy based off of the after repair value. And like right now with the way that the markets going, that is that is that is not a great way to buy people are trying to sell stuff still, I'm still getting stuff from wholesalers that are like, Oh, this is what this is going to be after you fix it up. And therefore, they're trying to sell it at a higher price. With a multifamily they're gonna they're gonna it's gonna get evaluated best based off of the net operating income. So when they come in to do the appraisal, the appraiser is going to be looking at what is the occupancy right now and how much rental income is coming in. And then what are the expenses and then that gives you your net operating income. And they're going to base the appraisal on the net operating income divided by the capitalization rate of that area. So so the great thing about getting an appraisal is it protects you from buying for overpaying for a deal And that's exactly what happened with us. So you can use as leverage to negotiate and negotiate down. Yes, exactly. Yeah. And so to answer your question, like the, this was so mismanaged, you know, and that only goes so far though the net operating income because at some, at some point, a building, the property has its base value, right? It's a brick build, the nice brick building has a newer roof. It's got newer windows, in that that's value in and of itself. So. So at some point, you know, the net operating income, if it was 0%, occupancy doesn't mean that you know, that it's now just worth nothing. So there was only like four people living in this 14 unit apartment. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. And so. So when we got that we first thing we did was fired the property manager, because we realized that this guy was just, he was horrible. And so we got our property manager in there. And I think that's another important thing to mention is, if you're trying to get into a certain market, it is really important to start networking and building a team within that market. Before you get a property, it can be a game changer for you. And so we have a really good property manager who also is a contractor over there in Cleveland. And so she's remodeling those units for us right now. She's already got five of those units filled for us remodeled and filled, and she's got the rents at market rent, which were way higher than what they were so yeah, yeah. So we're excited. 16:38 No, it's exciting because I want the 11 month multifamily as you can get a huge upside it really quick, if you can revitalize it quickly. So fixing it up getting the tenants occupied, like even after once you once you turn over all the units and get them rented out, you can get a reappraisal done, he might make 300 grand. Just just just off of creating the NOI and building up the NOI and filling up those vacancies. So amplifies your purchase amplifies your your asset just by fixing the problems that are already there. And you can get a really you can turn a good deal into a great deal just by fixing those issues. 17:17 Yeah, so you've touched on something really key there. Why multifamily? Well, the nice thing about anything, that's five units plus, and that's considered, you know, an apartment, its value really is based off of the net operating income. And so in this case, like there's a lot of potential to create more value, the rents are not at market, the expenses. They don't have like low flow, seeing slow flow showerheads, so you can decrease your your water bill, which will increase your net operating income, which adds value when you get an appraisal. So the nice thing about multifamily when you're in the single family space, your house is going to be based off of the appraisals of the surrounding area. So what did the last house in that neighborhood sell for and you know, are within a certain radius in the end, that's sort of your it, but when you're in the multifamily space, what they're looking for is what is the income that is coming in to that property. And there's so many different levers that you can pull to manipulate and increase the net operating income, that it really gives you a little bit more control over the value of the property. And the thing that's great about that is it's it just gives you a lot more levers. And it also gives you a little bit more control over your deal. And, you know, it's it's, it makes it easier to grow. When you're in the multifamily space, you know, so multifamily is great for a lot of reasons. But net operating income is probably the biggest reason why and that is really what your property is, is based off of. 19:05 So I want to ask you another question, because I think it was a great tip and I want to I really want to focus in on it was if you're investing out of state because you're investing out of state just like the owner was, what's another tip you can give them besides having a ready? Did property manager or contractor in place? Do you have any other tips as far as investing out of state? Because a lot of people are scared of that as well? 19:28 Yeah, having a partner so my partner that I got linked up with already had like 40 units in Cleveland. So it's, it's in you're gonna want to know what's crazy is how I met my partner. So if you're gonna if you want to be in real estate, the biggest tip that I can give you is tell everybody that you know, tell you about it, you know, and you know what's you want to know what's funny is I put my email on the chat there even k When I made that email on Gmail, um If I didn't have a single property, and I got the words, investors in there, so my wife's name is Catherine, my name is Evan. So it's IE Evan and Catherine investors at Gmail. And, and we didn't have a single property. But I made that, because I made that email because I was going to be reaching out to brokers, I was going to be reaching out to, you know, people, homeowners seeing if they want to sell, and I wanted to have an email. And so I told myself, and I told my wife, I said, we're going to be investors. And I made that email without us having a single property. And so I started telling everybody, I started telling my cousins, my family, my friends, and I was hanging out with one of my cousins. And I told him what we're trying to do. And he's like, Oh, I have a pastor in Santa Rosa, California. And he's buying in Cleveland. And he was like, Really, he's like, yeah, so we got in contact, we clicked right away, we had the same vision. And the way things kind of worked out is really awesome. Because a lot of people think, man, you need a bunch of money to invest in real estate. That is not, that's not, that's just simply not true. So what I what I did with this property on this 14 unit, we actually, his, his dad has a self directed IRA, and the dad, the dad cannot pull the self directed IRA funds out himself, just to buy real estate. He has to he has to invest in a company, basically, that's buying real estate, and he cannot be a managing member of that company. And neither can any of his linear descendants. So I started a company that invests in real estate with me as the Managing Member. And we were able to withdraw from his self directed IRA, with with that LLC with that business, and put that money into buying this for the down payment for this property. So So I bought I bought this, we bought this property, and I have ownership, you know, in that business, and basically it's sweat equity is what I'm bringing. So this wasn't like a an actual like SEC syndication. This was just like a started a business and then that business bought. 22:19 But it's a friends and family, not a 506. Although you're not going to the other thing is it's a direct connection in the business, you don't fall SSE guidelines. 22:31 Yeah, exactly. And so. So um, so really, what I have invested into this is like, the virtual assistant cost, which is negligible over the year, when I consider the, the deals, like I think I'm going to be paying 5500 bucks for the year to have somebody calling for four hours a day, six, six days a week. I mean, it's, it's, it's really negligible. And so what, but but the point is, I'm gonna be with with when this property is stabilized, like my cash flow from that deal, is gonna be around 700 bucks a month. And, and I don't really have much invested in it other than my time, right, but I didn't put a bunch of money in that. And so so you don't have to be really wealthy to get started in real estate. I guess the point that I'm trying to make here. 23:24 One thing, one thing I'm gonna hit on is your education is priceless, too. Because not now, you bought half a million dollar property, you know, the steps of going through it, you bought it off market, you constantly negotiate says, getting alone, like you've done a lot of what nobody will ever do. You know, we already gone through those ordinary steps. So now you have the ability, like okay, I already have this mechanism. I already understand the process. You already have the year you have the basics, understood. It's now she's raising more money at this point and to go buy more deals. 23:58 Yeah, and I think here's the other thing that, yeah, the education that kind of jumped over that. I mean, I spent about five months just like reading books, I purchased a $1,500 syndication program, which is actually really, really cheap. There's programs out there that are 30,000 to $50,000. But those have like, personal coaches. This was just like a self study. I read about three different apartment, syndicating books, and then I went to a timber rots online commercial Empire course. Yeah. And got some really good tips on how to increase your net operating income, you know, and how to remodel when you remodel. You know, what's important in the remodel, a lot of priceless steps because if you don't pay for it, and in the education, like if you don't pay for it in the course you're gonna pay for it in real life in real and it's gonna be 10 times more expensive, and you're gonna find out the hard way. You know, so invest in invest in your learning. Invest your time, by listening to podcasts, and listening to, you know, audiobooks or whatever, but also invest your money in joining some courses. It is, it is definitely worth it can save you lots of headaches is very important. 25:21 So I'm going to jump in a suicide note here. 60 episodes, we had Tim brats episode 169. And check it out. You know who that is? check out episode 169. And what's cool about this is that now you're sharing you're on the same event on a podcast, Tim Brock has been on. Yeah, that's awesome. It's cool, man. So what type of deals? Are you still looking for more deals in Cleveland? Are you in other markets? Are you just looking for Cleveland specifically in our and what type of deals are you looking for in 25:52 general? So So one of the things you know, I talked about, I just talked about telling everybody? Well, because I told everybody one of my friends also told these doctors over here in inventory, that I was buying out of state, and they were like, Oh, we want to invest out of state, but we don't have the connections. And so he gave him my phone number. And they reached they reached out to me. And so between myself and my partner, we got about $2 million, kind of pledged to us. So we're just looking for a deal right now to invest that money in. So yeah, so we're looking for deals up to 6 million, we're considering anything that is in a landlord friendly state, you know, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas. So we really are looking like in the Midwest and, and other landlord friendly states is kind of what we're looking for right now. Preferably things over 16 units. I think. I think right now. I think the market is shifting. And so we're looking for eight caps, which I know we're kind of hard to find before, but they're but they're out there. And I think they're beginning to be more readily available here in the near future. So. So yeah, so that's kind of what we're, that's kind of what we're looking for. And again, all this all this is just because I told people what I wanted to do, you know, and then I read about how to do it. I told people I really want to do this. And the next thing I know, there's money pledged to my partner and I and it's it came through like connections. So So yeah, make sure you tell people like what you're trying to do. You know? 27:39 No, I It's such a it's such a small like, yeah, just tell people you're doing it or you want to do it. And I'm like, that doesn't make sense. Like, yeah, I'm gonna one invest in real estate and like, yeah, I got money. He invested for me. Yeah, that's exactly how it works. And it's weird how it works. But it's crazy. There's people out there that are looking to invest their money for people that are actively trying to invest in real estate, and the dashes connect somehow they're networking. 28:04 Yeah. So the thing that I learned about telling people, what you want to do is, is like 95% of people are going to just have this glazed over look, in their eyes, when you tell them what your vision is, when you tell them what you want to do. And it involves real estate, like I had co workers that were like, you're buying a 14 unit out of state, you're crazy. Like, what makes you think you can do that. And I'm like, nobody told me that I can't, like I'm not supposed to be able to do this or something, right. And this is like 14 units is nothing like i My vision is that someday syndicating these $30 million 300 Plus, you know, apartment buildings, so, so I'm just in the, I'm in the baby steps right now, but I'm learning, I'm learning how to do it. And so, a lot of people are not going to understand what your vision is. But don't don't let that discourage you. You know, just keep plowing forward and connect with people that have similar visions because man it is so energetic and you just really recharges your batteries to be around like minded people. 29:10 Yeah, it's a it's a lonely space and entrepreneurship and real estate. But if you're around the right kind of people, it's actually a really close knit crowd that I want to support you. That's one thing I will say it's a really hack into entrepreneurship is that you find other people that want to do what you want to do or want to already invest in businesses. You fit right in, you just hop right in. It's it feels at home, but when it's by yourself, it's kind of lonely, and everybody's ever is with a glazed glazed eyes looking at you like you're crazy. Yeah, 29:39 yeah, exactly. Yeah, so it's, you know, but once you find somebody like you said it's the relationship is just invaluable and, and I mean, I part I've met my partners it was just so random I my partner but just meeting him, like we talked to each other, we get hyped up and then all So we add value to each other. You know, that's, that's, it's great. It's great thing. 30:05 So, um, how do you balance family life doing all of this extra side work and having five? 30:13 Um, well honestly, if it wasn't for my wife, I probably wouldn't do it very well, she makes the she keeps, she keeps me in check, she lets me know, and I'm spending too much time on real estate and, and, and I've kind of realized, especially with the baby coming in that I have to definitely be more available and helping So, but at the same time, you know, there there is I'm not gonna lie, there are times where you do you know, spend hours looking at underwriting deals or looking for deals. And again, that is part of one of the things that you have to do if you're going to work your nine to five, but I make sure that I spend time with my kids, I play with them my horse play with my son, you know, I to connect with my son I kind of we I teach him stuff, like we do things together that I know that I can where I can teach him something, you know, like we've been doing boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing together and stuff. And he's getting all excited about that. Yeah, and then with my daughter, you know, I just spend time with her doing the things that she wants to do, you know, whether it's, whether it's letting her put makeup on me, whatever. 31:31 One thing I want to hit on is marrying your spouse, your spouse is such so important in your future, that it really that enables you to, like, do crazy stuff. I think, if I was American, a wife, I probably would be doing this, because she allows me to do this. It's a given a take it's a given a take on both sides. And doing entrepreneurship is a stress on your spouse and your kids because you're doing a lot of extra things. And having a spouse understands that is really, really important. And it can make or break what you do in life. It really does, it can really make or break that. So I think that's not lightly taken. Because I can say that I have my spouse allows me to help other people. And without that, like I have the freedom to do so. So yeah, and like the jobs of the kids too. So it's one of those things where like, it's a given to take on both sides and managing that and managing everything that you do with the family time. It's it's a challenge, but not impossible. 32:40 Yeah, yeah. And, and I gotta say, like the thing that allows me to spend more time with my family, and do like family game nights and stuff like that is the fact that I am utilizing somebody else's time. So really having that virtual assistant has opened up a lot of family time for me. That way, I'm not doing things all the time, when I when I when I get home, I only have to do that once in a while. So like, you know if it's the if it's the weekend and I've got to prepare like a list for her to call from you know, you can go on the list guys are getting good list or you can go like on Prop stream and and find list and get those skip traced and get those uploaded in a CRM for for her to start calling. You know that that really doesn't take as much time as it does to call you have to call for hours and hours for potential leads. So, so yeah, so utilizing someone else's time again, is very important to open up your own time and make sure that you have a good work life balance, you know, so it's something that I'm still learning how to do and really my wife has been the one that kind of showed me I need to learn how to be better. 33:48 That's all good, man. It's all good. What is a quote that is yours or somebody else's that you resonate with? 33:55 So So Tim writes, Tim, one of Tim writes his quotes is, you know, you're getting sunshine takes no sunshine away from me. And you know, he said wealth is like sunshine, you know, you're getting sunshine takes no sunshine away from me. So this wealth mindset is a lot of people feel like and you'll see this when it comes to knowledge, like in a W two job to somebody that's good at something, but they don't want to teach somebody else how to do these things because they're worried about, oh, they might replace me or they might, you know, take my job from me. And so, you know, and I feel like I feel like you have this mindset to like, if you have a wealth mindset, you are okay with partnering, sharing information with people trying to help other people win. And by doing so, you yourself are being fulfilled, you know, you you are you by creating by creating value for other people, you yourself are being fulfilled. There is so much wealth out there. You don't have to just, oh, I'm gonna keep this deal and I want this deal off for myself. And our you know, I don't, I'm worried this person is going to steal this lead from me or steal these investors from me. You know, I think it's great to get out there and network, open up to people talk about your vision, talk about your method talks about what you're doing, and share and bounce ideas. And don't worry, because people, people are gonna see that and they're gonna invest in you as an individual, who you are, and what your mindset is, and that, that that quote, really hit me because, you know, there are so many people that are that are in that they're, they're scared, you know, there's really is what it is. And so, you know, just come from a place of abundance have an abundance mindset. And and don't don't worry about scarcity, you know, because you're going to create so much value for people, they will in return give you value back. 35:55 So much value out there. Well, you 35:58 know, and I say that you're a good example of that, because I remember I logged into one of your to one of the calls one time and there was a guy like on your show that was pitching his own. Like basically like a CRM that was kind of trying to do what hive mind was doing. And I was like, look at Daniel's got people on here, letting them pitch, something that kind of is in competition with what he's doing. But you don't care, because you don't see that as competition, you just see that as creating value for each other. And so that really comes from an abundance mindset and not a scarcity mindset. So I really, that's one thing that I really appreciate about you, it really impressed me that she had that guy on there. 36:38 It's, I had a call today and they're like, oh, I want to buy this and like, well, what providers are using right now I'm like, obviously, if you get results with them, use them. I provide a service, you don't have to use me it's one of those things where like, I just, I'm with you get results, continue using the product gets you results. I'm not going to sway or force you to do anything that you don't want to do. And when it comes down to it, I just want you to win. Whether you're winning or losing somebody else's product for mine, I just want you to win. That's it. So where can people find you online? I'm gonna put your email on here again, looking for deals in the Midwest, real estate friendly states, landlord friendly states should I say? And where can people find you online? Man? Well, if they want to talk to you. 37:29 Yeah, I'm on. I'm on Instagram. I think I'm just having Scott 1983 years my birthday. But I really don't have a website. I need to make a website. But yeah, I'm on Instagram. If you're on the hive mind, you can find me following the hive mind as well on Instagram. Just type in Evan Scott and I love connecting with people. If you have any questions on multifamily, you can reach out to me. I'd love to just, you know, be a value if I can. I know I reached out to a lot of people. And there was a lot of people that were willing to help me and coach me so feel free to reach out. 38:10 Alright, man, thanks for coming on. I hope you found value today. As you said Evan Evans here nine to five real estate investors still doing it still make it happen. Hopefully one day helps to fully transition but he's not there yet. Yeah, he's not busy enough yet. That's right. That's right. Thanks for coming on. Appreciate it. If you liked this episode, and like other episodes like it, you'll check us out. Hi, man's here. I'm on all platforms. Go like subscribe, follow do the thing. You click on things. alarm bell, whatever it is, whatever channel you're on, go check it out. Appreciate you coming on. Have a great day. Enjoy your weekend and enjoy life. Enjoy. 38:47 Thank you Daniel. Take care. 38:48 Bye bye

Evan Scott


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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

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