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Aug. 19, 2022

Ep 225: Steve Trang Collective Intelligence, Tokenized Real Estate, and Fatherhood

Ep 225: Steve Trang Collective Intelligence, Tokenized Real Estate, and Fatherhood
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0:32 Welcome, welcome, welcome. Welcome to the hiring sales podcast. This is episode 225. And I want to Well, we have a special guest today. If you all are here today, it means you got to fly or move to marketing out there. And you're here today. So we appreciate you coming out today. And if you're listening this later, I'm not alive. Definitely appreciate you joining us. We do a special yesterday Mr. Steve train. I met Steve train over three years ago, for the first time, but I found him through the real estate disruptors podcast. And it has been an amazing, interesting journey since then, since I've met Mr. Steve train. But we might come to that we might not but appreciate you coming on. Here's Mr. Steve Trang. And of course, have my partner Anthony as well as CO hosting. Boom. I don't say I don't say Steve. 1:21 I'm doing great. I'm doing good. 1:24 So we're gonna hop right into it. We're gonna hop right into it, because we're not going to ask you what your backstory is. Because every eBird you should know that like, you've been doing this for a long time. There's another video in other videos like that. So we're gonna skip right over the fluff. What does your business look like today? is number one question. 1:43 I mean, I guess the question, right? The high level, we got multiple businesses going on, right. So we got, you know, we just we just shut down our brokerage last month. So we do have our title company still. I'm still a licensed Realtor, right. So we moved everyone in a brokerage over to Real. We're also a company where education company, we are starting up our media company started a certainty company, which revolves a lot around blockchain. So when you say what was my business business look like today? I mean, we have an army, and they're all conquering their own different sections. 2:24 That's amazing. I think that's kind of what the I was interested in this question is because we want to know what your real estate company looks like today at this point, because imagine, you know, with the amount of lead flow deal flow that you have, first of all, how do you onboard? You know, the heavy amount of deal flow? And then how are you structured? As far as like, is it just like a typical brokerage? I know, you said he moved everybody over to Real. So if you want to talk about that, that's amazing. I've been watching that business model for a while 2:47 about the brokerage, the traditional side. I mean, the traditional side, it's not what it used to be, you know, back a few years ago, we used to do like 100 deals a year. But these days, and it's slowed down quite a bit. I mean, I'd be shocked if I was doing more than 15 deals a year. And the deals we're doing are straight, like referral, or like, coming from our leads, right, you know, our cash calling for cash offers. So I'll probably throw out 15 deals is that as sexy as I once was, because it's not been a focus, it's been kind of like whatever fill in the place is kind of what goes over there. 3:27 It's what does the investor type deals? 3:30 No, it's predominantly still motivated sellers, not as distressed. But people that you know, want to sell their house, but they don't want a cash offer. And one of the ways we'll pivot is to is to a listing. So you know, if it goes that direction, we pivot to a listing agent have been listed, as listed for us. 3:54 What's really cool is that you've kind of pivoted out of real estate, so you're currently doing real estate anymore. It's a side job. But that's kind of Yeah. Entrepreneurship and kind of goes in different directions and flowers, you know, 4:07 yeah, I mean, for a long time, I kind of knew, like, I wasn't ever really passionate about real estate, or I was really passionate about what I could do with real estate. I look at real estate, like a vehicle for entrepreneurship. You know, so I've always been an entrepreneur. The joke I've said for a long time was I love everything about real estate, except for houses and people, you know. So it was just a vehicle for to express my entrepreneurial spirit, and real estate's a super high margin business. So it works. It's a lot more forgiving for mistakes and everything else. So that's that's the reason why I'm in real estate. I love serving people, I love helping people. But I don't like you know, dealing with complaints on a regular basis. So I'm where I need to be in my business so I can still help people without having to deal with the day to day irritations. 4:58 What is your what is your day to day look like right now, Steve. So what is your main focus in as far as business and entrepreneurship goes? And how are you working with people and leveraging people? 5:07 My day to day is predominantly running the leaders, right, like working within the leader. So you know, we we do a lot of level 10 meeting. So, Monday we have a level 10 meeting for the leadership team, which is the owners are the leaders of all the companies, right? So 9am Every Monday, it's a leadership meeting with all the leaders of all the companies. And then 1030 We do for the wholesale company, and then 12 o'clock education company, right? Oh, yeah. Forgot, that's the other company, right education company. So on Mondays, we have three level team meetings. And then after that, I do our coaching calls, right? We have people in our coaching program or mentorship program. So that's Monday. Tuesday, I have a couple of coaching calls Wednesdays podcast is my favorite day of the week, you can now Thursday, Friday, we have podcasts as well, we apart into disruption, we added for Thursday's uncertainty talks on Fridays, but I will say a bulk of my time is dealt meeting with the leaders and helping them grow, the company has given them the support that they need. 6:11 So he's on the Education Committee, real estate education, 6:15 its sales training. So we focus predominantly on sales. So we focus on you know how to have a conversation with the homeowner, from the moment they call in, or even when you're cold, calling them from the moment you cold call them. Until you close escrow, I think the conversation is so important. So we focus a lot on that. And then we are in the process of potentially branching out into sales management training. Because you know, it's great for all these hustlers that are getting sales, right? They're closing deals, and so on. But at some point, you don't want to be doing the sales anymore, and you want to have salespeople, and I love my salespeople, but I hate managing them. And so we're going to, we're rolling out a program where we're going to teach people how to identify great salespeople, how to onboard them, how to train them, how to manage them, and ultimately how to retain them. Because how many people have you talked to you? We've got great salespeople that become the competitor. So that's something that we're we're looking to grow into? 7:21 Can you tell us a little bit about that? Like, I don't know, if you care to share the cost right now, what does somebody get? Is it regular meetings is hourly, is it like modules that he kind of like go through themselves or weekly meetings. 7:32 So right now at a very high level, because we're still kind of like feeling this out. So at a very, very high level, because I'm talking about it publicly, right? I posted about it on Facebook, like three weeks ago, that's like the only thing I've talked about it. So a very high level, they'll be coming to one of our live events in my office in Tempe, Arizona. And then from there, they're going to be meeting with us at least twice a month, in a group setting for probably six months, because we're gonna be talking about, again, like how to find the, the, how to be able to clearly articulate your company's purpose, but then also how to identify their purpose, what keeps them motivated, how to keep them geared towards hitting their metrics? Because a lot of times when I have to say, Daniel, why aren't you hitting your numbers? It's like very uncomfortable conversation. But if we can just modify it like, Hey, Daniel, I remember when we first met, it was really important to you. I mean, this can be personal. He was like, Hey, Dan, I remember when we first met was really important to you to get to your trucking business, right? I know, you got some credit card debt, and you want to be able to, you know, your your wife is expecting, you want to actually have a bigger family. And these are all things you said you wanted to do. And so like, what do we need to do for you to hit these metrics for you to? What do we need to do so that you can hit those goals financially? And knowing that, like, what do we need to do on a daily basis, weekly basis for you to, to hit that? And then the conversation would be like, Hey, Daniel, like, you know, when we first met at the interview, you were saying these things are important to you? Like, are these things a little foreign to you? You know, what, what hurdles, can I let out of your way so that you can be able to consistently hit these metrics so that you can hit your goals. So you know, those kinds of things, helping people build out a robust sales training program, or enjoy a robust sales training program so that they can run a sales organization that's not reliant on them, which is kind of what we all run into. Accidentally. 9:24 I think that's what a lot of people miss in this business, especially in real estate is like you get good at it on your own. Then you figured out hey, I'm gonna run out of time, right? If I don't start getting bringing on some help, and then you bring on the help, like you said, and then you end up training your competition and then it whittles down again, and then you start over again. So it's 9:40 like, it's just, it's a it's a turnstile, right like having a sales team as a turnstile. And if we could at least slow down the turnstile. You know, instead of getting six months out of a person and get two years out of a person, you know, and we don't regret them leaving right like that's cool. Someone's we've we've talked Have a valuable skill. And they're going off to do amazing things. It's just we get 24 months item instead of six months ahead of them. Like what what our business look like? 10:08 Yeah. Now it's such a such a cool, it's such a cool it's a weird concept. But you got to hold on to keep the sales trainings, even two years that's such a such a good thing. Actually have a code if anybody's interested in this, you can actually text to 10972 1842 just text disruptors if you're interested in that. I put it in the chat. There it is. Oh, yeah, that's disruptors. So I made automation for that. But I kind of pivot into the podcast, what has been the biggest value have received from doing the podcast for so long? So it's been like three years now or four years as far as 10:41 Yes. But it's more than four years, I always say the biggest thing is probably the disproportionate credibility, I get way more credit than I think I deserve. I can compare it. It's kind of like if you're a published author and the 80s, or the you are like a best selling author and 90s. You're like, Oh, my God, we got to get this person. Right. So now, having a podcast that, you know, ranks well, within iTunes, you know, depending on the week, we're in top 20. So, I think having that gives us a lot of credibility credit, and you know, people want to do business with us collaborate with us. I have a lot of opportunities that I have a really hard time saying no to I do, because all the opportunities that come along, so I think we get a lot of undue credit, undeserved credit, but I'm not gonna reject it. Right. I mean, it's like, you put in the workforce, you know, yeah, yeah. So we get the benefit of I'm gonna take advantage of it. But I do feel like it's probably more credit than I deserve. 11:38 Daniel's idea for us to start doing a podcast and I like I tried to avoid it, because I didn't want more meetings. But uh, yeah, he talked me into it. And now we have been been running with it. And I kind of get some of that same effect now is people are bringing us stuff and sharing things with us that maybe that they otherwise wouldn't share. Or people meet you. And then they feel like they already know you. Right? Because they've been binge watching your videos, like binge watched yours. 11:58 So that is pretty cool, man. 11:59 Man. It's been exciting. 12:01 You get that top of my consciousness at all times. 12:07 I know recently, it's probably been a couple of months now. But you said he hit a million downloads, has that hit 2 million yet? Cuz I know it snowballs really quick. 12:15 We haven't. But we're at we just passed 80,000 downloads a month. So like, last week, I posted, hey, we finally cracked 70,000 We just cracked 80,000 downloads a month, you know? So I don't know if we're at 2 million yet. But I do know were 2 million views on YouTube. We just passed that recently. So yeah, I mean, it's just, I don't know what's going on. But people are more interested in our content right now than ever before. I don't know if it's because of the way the algorithms have changed. Maybe we changed our thumbnails or titles. But I think one of the things that's helped a lot is that, because we've got a wide spectrum of content, the things that are popping right now are like Leon Johnson's creative finance, Episode, investor, lift burr method. So like, tools that are really necessary to survive today. People are watching that because it's more relevant today. So even though we recorded it a long time ago, those episodes are popping right now. And I think because people are freaking out and trying to figure out other disposition strategies. 13:19 So I really want to get your opinion on this. So I've seen so many people blow up just by creating content. So I think this quote is that you build your infamy off the content you produce. What's your opinion on that statement right there? Because I think like, it's so pivotable, so pivotal on the cat just producing content, because there's always people that are consumed in general. 13:41 Yeah, I think that's probably the single most important activity of everything else we do. You know, for a long time prospecting was the single most important activity, right? How long I was on the phones, calling people following up. So prospecting, and then follow it up with running sales appointments, right, whether it's a buyer, appointment, seller, appointment, whatever, but running appointments, these are income generating activities. And those are the most valuable use of our time. Today, the single best use of my time is creating content. And, again, I have all these companies, and all these companies are fed as a byproduct of all the content we create. So I think that if anyone is opposed to creating content, that's fine. Just know that you're leaving a lot on the table. And it doesn't have to be money, right? It could be you could be leaving options on the table, you can believe opportunity, cause you can believe in relationships. There are a lot of things that happen because we're regularly creating content that may not happen I mean, right now it's not official yet, but we're kind of on the way of maybe being on the Rich Dad Poor Dad podcast, right? Like, that definitely doesn't happen if we're not creating content so you know, the doors that opens and everything else is just a Why would you not do it? If you know? If you know without a doubt, he's going to create more opportunity for you and your life? Why would you not do that? 15:11 Real quick, real quick about Rich Dad, Poor Dad, we actually met Rich Dad Latino, so we're trying to go the Spanish route, we're going the same direction, which was that me and Anthony? Were both Spanish speakers. 15:22 Anthony, who's Latino? 15:26 Ruben Mata, Ruben Mata. So I actually met him here in LA, he lives out here in LA. And we're trying to do more to create more content in Spanish. And that's the angle we're trying to push to towards this year. And next year, is starting as awesome. Real Estate content in Spanish. 15:41 That's very cool. 15:43 Good, Anthony. Sorry, I just want to interject. 15:47 Hey, so what kind of opportunities have arisen like, how do you how do you quantify it? Like you said, it leads a lot of opportunities? I guess that's of notoriety. But what's the most quantifiable, I guess, you know, thing that you can measure, like, based on the content you're producing? So what's where's the value? Where's the return? What are you seeing the most of? 16:05 I mean, you guys have a service, right? You guys have a CRM training program? Right? I mean, I have a lot of students, I have a lot of people. I mean, Daniel came through our, our mentorship at one point, right. So I will say you can directly track revenue that may have come if not for social media. We just created well club two months ago, you know, and this for me, it could potentially be my biggest single biggest lever, we're trying to start a $10 million fund in the blockchain world, right. But using that we are trying to be notorious, right? You're saying infamous, for the people that are talking blockchain and real estate. And that conversation doesn't happen. Again, without creating content around blockchain. And real estate. You know, there's other people talking about blockchain and real estate. I'm not the only one. Yeah, but because I'm one of them. I am uniquely blessed to have some opportunities that have been open. For me that literally cost me nothing to get involved. And there's just nothing but upside. I'm talking like ridiculous upside. Yeah, no risk. 17:12 He talks about that company a little bit, or what the business model looks like or not, yeah, is 17:15 it too early? Oh, it's just, uh, we're, I mean, we got a five or six, I want to say if I was like, see, Reg D, you know, we're raising capital from people that are interested in investing in blockchain, that don't have the slightest clue about it or too busy, right, but they see the upside, they see the potential, and anyone that wants to invest in that they can, you know, Park money with us, they have to be an accredited investor, right? We're not taking people that, you know, 3000 5000, whatever. But if you're an accredited investor, and you are comfortable investing 100,000 with us, and what we're gonna do is we're going to invest it, and we're going to triple your money. And after you triple your money, we pay you back and you want to do it again. Great, but that's the avenue for someone that wants to invest with us. And, by the way, I'm not the brains behind that operation. You know, I am a I'm a student, I'm investigating it. I'm testing the what's the word I'm looking for? But I'm making sure it's it makes sense, right? It's checking all my boxes for me. So I believe in it, I believe in the project. So you know, of anyone that's interested in investing in it. They can invest with us. And again, that's an opportunity that I wouldn't have. If I wasn't out there creating content around, right? Real estate, and blockchain, right? I mean, you look at this, this is an entity I bought at the beginning of this year, which by the way, has crashed in value, right? I mean, it was a total was a total bust. But it was a pretty big loss. But at the same time, if I didn't do that, right, if I'm not out there, testing, learning, becoming a subject, not a subject matter expert, but someone that's competent and knowledgeable. These opportunities do not do not open up. 18:58 Amazing. And so just to make sure I'm clear on the business model, so they I guess, invest in a token of some sort or coin, so they're parking their cap their cash as like, 19:08 you're parking in a fund, and then we're gonna invest the money from the fund into a decentralized exchange. 19:16 Okay, that you were investing in into real estate. So this is going, 19:19 that's eventually going to happen. But that's, that's it. That's our 2022 goal. That's a 2023 19:24 goal. How'd you meet man? Yeah, I would definitely like more information on that, because we talked about that, I think a year ago or more, were ideas. So if you already have you're running with something who might 19:34 like to Oh, yeah, I mean, again, right opportunities. Um, we're having active current conversation, someone who's already figured out how to tokenize real estate. You know, they've already not only have they figured out how to do it, they've got it passed. The SEC, they gotta pass FINRA, right? They've gone through legal. So like everyone's talking about, hey, wouldn't it be cool? It'd be tokenize real estate. It's been done. Right? But I'm having conversation with these guys again, because I did This thing, which again, was not a great investment was an opportunity for me to learn a lot. And because I'm out there learning it, applying it, talking about it, these doors open. So again, these doors don't open. If I am quietly doing it, when I'm doing it creating content around it, it's I get, I get some, some some mockery from it, which is fine, because I got super thick skin. So I don't mind people are laughing at me, right? Because, again, I recognize the opportunities that lie ahead. 20:30 No, I really, I really liked the people. One of the biggest things that I liked about what you said is that it's your work. Like I lost on this one. It's it was a bad deal, but other opportunity presented so far, I'm gonna make money on it. But a lot of people are afraid to lose money on certain things. I'm like, Man, you got to get better. But all in Money comes and goes, we got to make some make some 20:50 change. So. So this entity right here, right, I bought it for 142,000. Right? That's what I bought it for earlier this year. I could probably sell today for like, 18,000, maybe, I don't know, somewhere around there. Right. But I knew when I bought it, I didn't care if I lost all of it. Because the relationships, the experiences, the opportunities, was gonna pay for itself. So I was already bought in a blockchain before I bought this thing, right? So if I buy this, and it break even, then I'm ahead. Right? Like, that was my mindset. Go into it. This is a loss, I was ready to accept, to learn about it for an opportunity to create content to be that a thought leader, because I'm not a thought leader, but you know, someone that's just creating content around it. You just never know what's gonna happen. And like I said right now, and active conversations with guys that really figured out how to tokenize real estate. I'm a partner and a fun. Like, it's just, it's just ridiculous, these these, these opportunities are available to us. 21:53 That's amazing. And it sounds like you're already you're heading in a direction that we just dreamed of. So yeah, we would definitely like to probably follow you in there. Can you can you give out the name or any of that stuff yet? Or is that not? Are you not ready for release yet? 22:03 For the fund? It's there's there's a there's an actual quality name for it, but we're just calling the whale club. Blockchain, you go to Blockchain You'll find out more about it. So we'll club for that. And then as far as the tokenization. We're in negotiations with that company to figure out how we're going to work together. 22:23 Okay. Cool, man. I'm super interested in that space. Yeah, we thought we were gonna be the ones that created but why create why reinvent the wheel, 22:29 we are so far behind so far behind, like when I started talking to them about what they figured out and like, the fact that not only have they gotten past legal, but they've gotten past the SEC. Okay, like they are far ahead of us. 22:42 Yeah. Sounds like a couple 100 grand and a couple years ahead. Yep. 22:48 So I was trying to put the little club link down there. 22:54 But Blockchain It's not. It's simple Blockchain 23:00 Alright, so you've interviewed a lot of people, a lot of people, and one of the benefits you get from it, interviewing high level guests is you get high level answers. So can you think of the top three lessons you learn from your high level guests that we can condense in this episode? Because that's the benefit of bringing somebody who's interviewed somebody that when it comes to your 23:18 lessons, top three lessons I learned from the guests are top three, like observations by interviewing these people? 23:23 Both I mean, they're both so both good answers. 23:26 Alright, so top three lessons. I would say probably from Leon Johnson, you know, one thing he talked about is everyone that when they retire, you know, and he's like, 60, plus, if not 70. Plus, the regret is they didn't hold on to more properties. You know, everyone, that's the trail tail end of their career is like, Man, if I just held on to all those properties for the last 3040 50 years, where would I be? Right? So I will say from that, and it sounds really simple, right? Like, I wish I could do that today. But if you really wanted to, you could probably find a way to keep a few more of your properties. So I would say that's probably one. Number two, hi, he talks about, he's very clear in its purpose. You know, we all get into this business, spend more time with our family. And the first thing we do when we go into business, stop spending time with our family. So he's very clear, right on why he got into the business. And he's very intentional, like he gets to pick up his kids every day after school. You know, like, how many of us said we want to spend more time with our families, but are actually picking them up kids after school? That's number two. Let's see number three. I would say probably just the power of collaboration, you know, it might it might sound like man seems so I'm in business, he's in a really good spot. But you got Ryan Penedo. Right. He's been on my show multiple times. He's in a much better spot. So I think the power of collaboration, partnerships and you know, making sure you're creating the relationships with with the right people. And I think Ryan has done that better than anybody else. He's got all these businesses. He's got partners, all these businesses, right? I have all these businesses, but I don't really have partners in all these Is this and the result is he's got much more leverage. And he's made a lot further in a much shorter period of time. So I'd say that's probably a third lesson. And as far as observations, grit I think is one of the most underrated are things that we don't talk about a lot. But persistence, the, the desire to keep going after you get crushed, you know, like, bad things happen to us as business owners, really negative things, things that like, you know, can be, maybe you need to drink a little bit more, right? Whatever I actually, last Friday, I don't very often do this. And that's probably the second time I've done in my career. But like, on Friday, I was like, I'm going to Casino. I'm gonna play cards. Like, I just had a really rough week. I was gonna play some cards, right? That was last Friday. So I was like grit, the ability to continue. When things you know, seem tough. Be let's see, the obsession. Everyone that I've had on the show has been obsessed with their craft. Right, maybe not obsessed with wholesaling, most of them were. But if they weren't obsessed with wholesaling, they're obsessed with business and entrepreneurship. So I would say, obsession is probably a second one. And third, I would say that a lot of them are resourceful. And part part of that resource with us may come from coaching. I think that everyone that's had a lot of success. None of them figured it out themselves. None of them, right. All of them. Had someone mentioned them somewhere along the way. Paid mentorship or not, I think most of them were, but if they weren't paid, and they were they learn by working from somebody, so I think they were all mentored, I would say probably the top three observations. 26:40 That's something that I've been talking a lot about lately is that, you know, I think there's there really is no one key to entrepreneurship, you just got to be able to take a lot of punishment, you gotta be able to take a lot of pain, right? Lots of rejection, lots of like, rebuilding yourself. So one day, you're on top of the world you feel like from here on out, it's gonna be easy. And the next week, you're crushed. So 27:00 no, yeah, no, you're gonna, you're gonna keep suffering. Yeah, that's just reality. Because the alternative is you don't keep suffering, and you can stay where you're at, be complacent. And then watch someone else younger pass you by. So you're gonna have to keep going and keep growing. And as part of the price of growing is suffering. So 27:21 I think that's it right? You're always growing into a new person. So I wouldn't wanting to launch this, like this version of hive mind called hive health. And we're talking about like, how do you top performers, entrepreneurs, people that are doing amazing. What do you do like to for like, self care for like personal? So like, when you need to unwind? You mentioned playing cards? But is there any other kind of like rituals, or like health things that you have that helped you like, reset your nervous system? Or heal your body to keep you in the game longer? Mentally, physically? 27:49 Ah, no, not really. I think that, in some ways, I'm kind of broken. You know, I don't process stress most like most other people do. So it was it was a it was a stressful week, last week, but for the most part. I'm a pretty positive person. And I don't I don't really, you know, take, take a lot of what's the word look for? Supplements? 28:13 mental anguish? 28:14 Yeah, I don't think a lot of mental anguish, right. Everything's a learning opportunity. And you hear that a lot from a lot of people. But I truly believe that I truly take everything as a learning opportunity. Okay, I learned that and let's move on. Right, like, learn a lesson. Don't do that, again. 28:25 Deal with this point. 28:27 Yeah, I mean, I think I've been that way my whole life. You know, I think that part of my personality, I'm not saying this the right way or the wrong way. But you know, a personality or character attribute I have is infinite risk tolerance, right. And I think with infinite risk tolerance comes, you know, taking losses, like it's no big deal. Like I said, I planned, like, if this thing went to zero, like, I'm gonna be fine, like, I had that going into it, you know, so I think that for that. With that, I don't require as much self care. Now, what I do, do on a regular basis, is, you know, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 5:30am, I'm playing basketball. And then Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30am. I'm at the gym, working out. So I don't do that necessarily for self care. I do that. I do enjoy playing basketball, but I do predominantly to stay in shape. Because we do need to be healthy, we're going to be successful and be able to be around long enough to you know, not only play with the kids, but play with the grandkids and hopefully leave old enough to give wisdom to our great grandkids. You know, so that's, that's my goal. That's my aspiration. So in order to do all those things, I need to be healthy. So I work out. 29:42 Yeah, I think that's kind of my goal to me. And if not, I feel the mental stress more if I'm not if I'm not in the gym, you know, multiple times per week. Yeah, I feel like the it's easier to get stressed, easy to get bogged down and then you're beating yourself up instead of letting the business you know, beat you up. Yeah, 29:55 it's gotten it's kind of crazy because the first time I met Steve, he's like, Oh, we're gonna run the mile. At the park, come meet us here at 6am. And I'm like, I'm like what's a good word? Gauri. I'm sure. I definitely was not ace with them. But luckily, there's other people there that were weren't as fast as, as Steve here, because 30:17 I wasn't fast. I've just been doing it for a while. So do you run often? No, I hate it. So. 30:26 Yeah, well, once I found that once I found a 530 basketball crew, I stopped writing, right? Because I enjoy basketball and I hate running. So once I found a group of people that play basketball 530 In the morning, I just started doing that. 30:40 Yeah, I'm like, give me a barbell. You know, give me some rings. Give me Give me a pull up bar or something. But just running. It's just brutal. I'm just not interested. Yeah, at all. Yeah. Today, there was a lot of running at CrossFit. And it was just miserable. brought my daughter with me. And we were both just like, I hate this. 30:52 Yeah, yeah, I definitely rather be sitting home, you know, eating doughnuts, whatever. But snacking leaves a lot of positive success. Yeah. Go ahead, Anthony. 31:04 One thing I was gonna ask about, man, because I feel like you're the kind of guy right, you're a great dad. And I think you might think about stuff like this. What do you do as far as like, legacy is concerned? Like, what kind of things should that should a person have in place? As far as like, Do you have any tips on that as far as like a living trust or how you might plan to like, hand off your assets when the time comes. 31:21 So everything we have as a family trust, and the goal is to be able to pass off that trust to our kids. We want to take advantage of I can't remember the term right now. But basically, we can depreciate all our assets, and we can pass it on to them at full market value at no taxes. Right. So that's the best loophole that fully planet taking advantage of. So that's my plan. But as far as legacy, really, what's the most important thing to me is that the money or the wealth, because they can squander it. I mean, you see it happen all the time, right? Like, money doesn't last pass the generations. For me, the single most important thing is that I create a family where all my kids, all three of my girls are happy, well adjusted, human beings are contributing citizens to society. Right? If I can create that, that'd be a far more important than giving them money. Because money doesn't do anything. Wealth doesn't do anything, if you don't know what to do with it. So for me, I want well adjusted, happy, successful kids. And if they're not wealthy, like, but they're happy and well adjusted. As a father, that's good enough for me. 32:30 Heck, yeah, dude, I agreement, start taking my oldest daughter to the gym with me too, because I just want to like, build up a little bit of mental toughness, confidence, that kind of stuff. In any parenting tips, man, I see you posting some stuff on Facebook from time to time. But what can you share with us dads out there that are trying to balance our lives between entrepreneurship and being a good dad? Like, was there something you do to go out of your way to help them grow that or develop that part 32:51 of themselves? So every morning, I dropped off at school every single morning, and we listen to Darren daily on the way there, right, and they hate it. But they're learning the lessons and they're learning the language. So every morning, we listened to Darren daily, and that to summarize what they learned from that lesson, because if they don't watch it again, so now they get it right the first time. And after that, they can listen to whatever music they want. That's every day. Tuesdays Wednesdays, I pick them early, go to kung fu go to piano. And then I don't do this nearly often enough, but I like to ask them over dinner. What are they grateful for today? And what did they do that was outside of their comfort zone today? You know, so I want to hear those two things. I don't do that enough. But the other thing I do is I'm very intentional to make sure that I'm not on my phone all the time when I'm at home. So I want to give them at least 30 minutes to an hour every night of quality time where I'm not distracted from my phone. So when we're at the dinner table phone is now on the table. So they're not allowed to have the iPads on a table. I'm not allowed to have my phone on the table. So uninterrupted dinner every night. 33:56 That's amazing. Yeah, that's a tough one like trying to get disconnected. So yeah, I'll make sure the same thing and we go out movies, dinner, everything phone staying in the truck or staying at home. Yes, I do try to have that uninterrupted eye contact, that kind of stuff. And same thing for them on their phones, iPads, all that. That's amazing. I think that's pretty powerful. When I think a lot of people aren't even thinking about that right now. We're just so used to it. There's five people at the table and everybody's like, you know, weird. 34:19 Oh, it's so depressing, right? Like I'm going out to dinner and I'm watching like these teenagers or young adults on dates and on the phones all the time. Like what do you what do you learn about the other person? You know, so different worlds? 34:34 What is the quote that you resonate with? 34:38 The one I love the most still is Zig Ziglar the one I live by is you know, you can have anything in life you want so long as you help enough other people get in life what they want. That one for me for business. And another one actually just talking to my daughter about this other day was Henry Ford, right like the man who believes a can a man and believe it can't are both right. So Um, I have a mind of infinite possibility. So I have infinite options. The guys that are victims, well, they're gonna keep getting victimized. That's just, that's just the story of life. So I think that one probably more relevant today than then before. 35:21 There's a quote something like that, too. I'm terrible at quotes, but said something like the people that that are always giving, they always have to give, and then the people that need are always needing or something like that. 35:31 Yeah, I mean, you get what you give. That's, that's, that's the truth. 35:39 How do you what, what is the impact you're trying to make on the world? What's like the end goal? Do you have like, an end goal in mind is like a, like, you know, the next step of like, what how much impact I want to make? Because I think a lot of people, when you get to a certain point, you're just trying to make an impact after that point. And what's that? Is it like a step of like, hey, if I make this much impact, we're doing certain things, there's like, immeasurable to you, in your opinion? 36:05 I don't think you can quantify it. Really, I mean, I put out there 100 millionaires, and I'm pretty confident that we've created 100 millionaires, we've only been able to validate 11 Because we require people to prove that a millionaire before give them the plaques. But for me, so my history, right, like my grandparents fled China, because of communism, right? Like, that was a real thing. And then they fled to Vietnam, and my parents fled Vietnam. Because of communism, right? And so for me, I am a red blooded capitalist, right, I'm an entrepreneur through and through a mall about results. And so for me, one thing I want to do is create another generation or support another generation of entrepreneurs, people that don't fit in the regular, you know, school criteria, and so on. Like, they want to live a life where it's on their terms. And so for me, I want to create a vision, a path for entrepreneurship, because I, my family has experienced what socialism hap does twice, right? So I am very anti socialist. I am very much a red blooded capitalist. And so for me, my goal for impact is to create more entrepreneurs because the more entrepreneurs are create, the better off we're gonna be as a society. 37:31 That's beautiful, man. That's kind of my kids. Like, we got to spread the news. Like once I figured out how to make a good amount of money and land and I'm teaching everybody my dad's like, Are you sure you want to teach your secrets? I'm like, Damn right. I'm gonna tell everybody. Stephen, do you have any? Do you have any kind of spiritual practice at all? 37:50 Meditation Ritual? Yeah. No, no, I probably should. But no, really. 37:57 I'm a meditator. So I'm gonna wake up in the morning. 38:00 No, I used to write I used to do the meditation affirmation is the vision board and everything else. And really, what works for me is just being surrounded by people that are doing big things. And so keeps me motivated. You know, they say that comparison is the thief of joy. You hear that a lot. For me, comparison, it just shows me what's possible. And once I see it as a possibility, then I can decide whether I want to do it, whether I want to pursue it, whether I want to dedicate resources to it. So for me, I think just being in a mastermind, full of people that are kicking your butt is the best thing for me mentally because it motivates me inspires me. And then again, it gets to this side, that's the key we all have to remember right? Take a step back and decide, is this something I want to pursue? 10 years ago, I was pursuing it right away, at all cost. Now I slow down and figure out this is something I want in my life. Comes with that wisdom. Yeah. You screw up enough times, was that you screw up enough times? 39:03 Yeah, that's what it is. I said, I'm not I'm not smarter than you. But I just hit my head on more stuff than everybody else. 39:09 Does that old Buddhist saying right or Shaolin monks saying is that? It's not that I'm better than you? Is that failed more than you? I failed more than you try. And 39:19 yeah, that's what I feel like I felt it so many businesses and so many things. When my friends used to make fun of me, they're like you you fail at everything you always try. Somebody's always trying to get rich quick, and I'm like, I'm just relentless that wasn't trying to get rich quick. I was like, I'm just never gonna give up. Like you said, like, your only 39:32 new one the pop, you only want to pop. It's gotta be right once. 39:37 Yeah. So we I think we have this question. So what is something that you would tell your younger self when you started entrepreneurship to kind of that you struggled with early on that you're like, man, I was stupid for doing that. But I'm gonna kind of boat forward, like, what's the what's the shortcut you can give? Or tell yourself that? Maybe collaborate sooner? I don't know. Let's start a podcast. So 40:00 yeah, I mean, I would say probably, this is this isn't the most helpful answer. But I wish I was better at understanding how to use other people's money. Because when I started in 2007, this is when the market was going down. Right? And I met a bunch of hard money lenders who are lending at 18%. And what did I do, right? Because I'm really smart and everything else, I completely dismiss it as a percent. No one's stupid to borrow money. 18%, right. If I had the wherewithal to understand how to use other people's money, I could have bought a lot of real estate that time because there are a lot of houses that were going for 44 3040 $50,000. There are now worth 300 400,000. Right? So like, if I just had the wherewithal to understand that borrowing 18% is not a stupid decision, right? Because I'm too focused on the percentage versus the cash flow principle. If I buy a house for 30,000, at 18%, that's 300 bucks Nuts for 250 bucks a month, but I can rent it for 600 bucks a month. Like, how ridiculously dumb was I? But back then, it was a stupid financial decision about 18%. So I dismissed it entirely. And man who knows where I'd be right now. 41:17 free real estate with other people's money all day, every day. Yeah, I'm just getting to that point myself right now, where more people are starting to offer us more capital. So this is like we have more capital than deals right now. So we're trying to get better at deal finding opportunity finding. Do you have any advice or tips for people right now in today's market? You know, we're heading into uncertain waters right now. You've already been through this before, it looks like sounds like 41:39 um, yeah, I think that the key here is, and I try to figure out yourself, I think the key here is surround yourself with the right people. I've been through one of these, but I haven't been through two of these. Right. And so Eddie, speed is someone I look up to. And you know, you and I are potentially collaborating, right? He's been through like three or four of these. Right? So I think you don't have to do this alone. Right? Find someone that's done it. I'm not gonna say the old thing, right? Well, the golden find them add value, because I think adding value is one of those things that everyone says but Shana, yeah. It's how do I put it? It's not enough, right? If I say, Hey, Anthony, how can I add value to you? Hey, Daniel, how can I add value to you? Not really helpful, right? But I say, Hey, Daniel, you know, or Anthony, I just heard you say, do the lands like, Hey, Anthony, I've got this parcel of land, just outside of Bakersfield. Would you be interested in taking a look at it? Yes, you're calling me back, right? I'm adding value here because I know what you're looking for. Right? So if I know what you're looking for, then I can go see if I can add value for you. Versus Hey, Anthony, how can I add value to you? Like I don't know. 42:58 So that's a great distinction. Yeah, knowing what the person wants in the first place, instead of saying, Hey, I'm just offering you help, like, well, what specifically? What area? Right. Like that. And that's, so you talked about connecting with the right people? You talked about mentorship? Being in masterminds? Who are your mentors right now? Do you have any? 43:17 Yeah, I got a lot right now. I mean, Eric Brewer, great friend, mentor. He's helped me out of some difficult situations like talking things through. Gary Harper, I think everyone knows who he is. Larry Ash is a Navy SEAL. He's coaching my whole team on leadership. Dan Nicholson, Nick Peterson, Paul sparks. These are all the guys that are my partners in the in the fund. Right? These guys are super smart on certainty. So what else there is, and really, I will say, the leaders of my organization, because they really surprised me of how much they've grown and stepped up and like they provide really valuable input. You know, I'm trying to lead the company. But they're leaders in their own right, that they don't really need me anymore, which is pretty cool. So I will say my team as well. 44:08 That's amazing. Go ahead, and and what 44:12 I was gonna say, power your leaders, a lot of people think that like, Oh, nobody does as bad as me as good as I do. But you gotta partner leaders just to step back and let them flourish and grow and mess up and learn their way through. 44:25 I mean, my goal is to be irrelevant, right? If I could just spend all day creating content. All right, then I can just do the lead gen stuff. And they can just run it without me. Like, how powerful will you be if they didn't need me at all? And all I could do was just do that single one most important, prospecting activity, which is creating content that could do that all day. And they could run the company smoothly. How far can we go? I think the opportunities are boundless. 44:56 That's about where my F bet where my office is right now. I have my son This was my main admin, then I have Elizabeth she's like my number one acquisitions person. And then my guy Evan here, he's like, super at numbers like Daniel is. So they really only bring me for like high level negotiations, creative stuff, you know, those kinds of things. So I'm like, trying to extract myself, I just need to teach them just a little bit more. 45:15 Well, I think the question is, right, it's not teach them a little bit more. So how can they learn a little more? Because they're gonna ask me up sooner or later? Well, that's great, though. Like, I used to be afraid of that. But that's great, right? So if you have to teach them, right, they're gonna keep relying on you. But they can figure out how to do this without you. Or you can ask the questions, you can provide the input, but they can do this figured out more, and you become irrelevant, then, then life is great. 45:40 So one thing I saw on Twitter the other day was, is that a great teacher is when the student passes you up, because they've taught them knowledge. And they were able to build upon that and surpass them, because they This means that a great teacher, so I think I think it's really good that you're trying to teach your people to be become self sufficient, and even grow past the point where you are. And they're doing things more efficiently than you are, and they can take the business to the next level. And as long as you have that, that that that business ability of leadership, people from behind the scenes, you can build a great organization. 46:16 In finance, I mean, yeah, I mean, I my goal, right? It's just, they just need 10 to 15 minutes from me a week, we can get to that point. Pretty solid, pretty solid. 46:27 Working on that one, too. I don't know if my mentors named Ryan McDonald. He's my main real estate mentor, and who's actually partners with Logan Fullmer who was on your show. 46:36 Oh, yeah. Yeah. Super, super smart dudes. 46:40 Yeah. So just being around them since the beginning of my career has like, accelerated me into the future. Yes. Oh, I 46:44 bet for sure. Yeah. Yeah. 46:47 I'm hoping my team is feeling the effects too. But yeah, man, pretty, pretty good little group that we have here. 46:53 So I think we're, I think we're good to hear man, I really appreciate your time. Sales Training, I have record highly recommend Steve's doing sales training, I went through it, I still use some of his strategies. And I don't necessarily push it out myself. And I'm like, I learned this from Steve train. I still use some of his techniques in some of my conversations. Because now as you incoherently created leaders around you, just the impact you made, now I'm teaching other people to do the same thing. So that's kind of a snowball effect that I hope you feel for generations, you know, it's 47:29 absolutely, it's pretty cool. It's pretty cool to see, you know, see the stuff that we're putting out there and seeing it impacting people. Seeing the I think Ryan Ryan sent that message like, hey, I'll let you know. Like, I became a millionaire watching your podcast. I know. You've never heard of me. But thank you, like, man, that's like a pretty cool, pretty cool message. 47:48 So yeah, they are making waves man, for sure. Yeah, like I said, 47:52 I have a special bonus for you. So with the Hi Fi we created, we've had 13 clients that six figure months, and we're creating two so it's a sub layer of creating laner. So hopefully, you've received that benefit as well. 48:06 Oh, yeah. 100% That's mean, again, right? Like, that's like, I'm sure. The impact we've created, we probably create over 100 We just can't prove more than a lot of it. 48:14 Yeah, yeah. Do you need like liquid cash or like assets that are paid off? What do you hit a million? 48:22 I need something signed off by your CPA says that I am Anthony's accountant. And I can verify that his net worth is exceeds a million dollars. 48:33 Okay. And then also like, what about for the show? What are the requirements for the show? Is that 100 a month? 48:39 A million a year? A million 48:41 a year? Okay, cool, man. We're coming for you. I think we'll be ready for you by next year. 48:46 Perfect. I will love it. I would love to see that. 48:50 We might hit a million this year in hive mind. 48:53 Yeah. Hi, my revenue. Yeah, just on the software. 48:56 That's incredible. Good job, guys. 48:58 We want our plaque bro. We want our plaque. It's not going to have my name or Daniels name. It's gonna say Hi, my name on it. 49:04 It's gotta be individual. I'm sorry. Yes, next. 49:11 We appreciate you man. This was awesome. I think it's cool to take a deeper dive with you because a lot of like stuff you talk about here about real estate on these conversations. So to get a little bit better snapshot of who you are as a person then we super super appreciate you and this was really fun. 49:23 Yeah, it's my pleasure. Thank you guys for having me. I appreciate it. I think hopefully, you know people that are watching are getting value from it. And I know I'm not the most exciting person on the planet, but hopefully I can get you guys you know, you have a different perspective. On some ideas. 49:35 You're changing the world and changing lives. Yeah, we appreciate you. 49:40 Man, I hope you all enjoyed the episode. Please give a like subscribe. Check him out on channels. Check out the real estate disruptors podcast on all platforms too. And if you're interested in Steve sales training, you can text 210-972-1842 just text disruptors. Definitely check it out. We appreciate you Steve. Thanks, everyone for listening. Have a great day guys. 49:59 Thank you Hey

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