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July 29, 2022

Ep 220- Lance McHan: Health Tips for #1 Real Estate Producers

Ep 220- Lance McHan: Health Tips for #1 Real Estate Producers

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0:32 everybody, what's up, this is Anthony with the hive mind, and we want to welcome to a special edition of the high with this podcast. We're taking a little pivot here, we're still gonna, of course, we're gonna continue to talk about real estate. But something that's really been weighing on my mind lately is that a lot of us that are doing well that might have an audience in real estate. I feel like some ways a lot of ways people look up to us. But you know, it seems like the people that are on kind of on the stage in the spotlight that are actually doing it, it might seem that they're like superhuman, right? So this podcast is going to be a little bit different, because it's not going to tell you about all of our superhuman feats. This one's going to be we would like to have like a more health oriented podcast that talks a little bit more about some of the challenges faced when you are a top earner or top producer, and what we do right to come up, overcome some of those challenges. So for Episode One, we're looking at episode 205. But for episode one of this type of podcast is going to be the health mind podcast. We have a very special guest he's from Stockton, California. He is a top producer in his market. The gentleman has is in the top 1% of producers in Stockton, California. So please welcome Mr. Les McCann. Hello, everybody. What's up? 1:46 Thank you for having me. As you know, we're like we were talking today. And people, people only see us, like you said superhuman. And so to have this opportunity to share, like the ups and downs of success. It's really important, 2:04 dude, man, I got that vibe from you. It's pretty cool earlier because I was just talking to you. And then you kind of went into what I've been doing what's really been weighing on my mind lately. I feel like you know, it's not necessarily being fake, right? But we're only showing people one side of what it looks like or feels like to be successful. And then when you shared your story with me, I'm like, boom, this is it. Man. You know, somebody as successful as yourself. We see you on words. 2:27 Still podcast? Well, 2:28 you never expected you to be able to jump on instantly, man. So I appreciate you being so accessible and ready to contribute. I think this is really going to help a lot of people, man, it's been on my heart to share this type of information. Yeah, cuz 2:41 like I was sharing with you. About two weeks ago, I was I felt like, I just have this cloud over my head. I was like, I don't know what's wrong, like, and somebody in my office said, don't be discouraged. Like, they're gonna discourage me. And I was like, Man, that's a perfect word. For the way I feel like I have all this stuff going on in my life. And I just couldn't shake it. And, you know, one of my co workers, he's like, come in, let's go grab a coffee. And, you know, my broker was like, I knew he might my broker put him up to it. He was like, thank you for doing that. You know, it means a lot. He's like, do you know for him or take me a walk? He's like, No, he didn't walk. He didn't take you for a walk. He was walking beside you. Like, you always have somebody to lean on. Like, we have your back here. Sounds like man, that's profound, like walking beside you. And so you're moving forward. I was talking to you today. And you were like, yeah, it was like working out. Like I got to work out because I feel like if I don't like it kind of makes me depressed. So you were saying, how many days a week you do CrossFit? 3:59 Two days, man. It's all I need. Two days. And three weeks? 4:06 You said that it just something just said like, I gotta share this with you. I have two kids in I feel like I'm, I'm developing them. I'm not raising them. I'm developing them a dad operating like 100% 110% I'm always optimistic. And I was like, You know what? I need to share this with my kids. Because I don't want them to feel like they can't. Like they're gonna let me down if they're not at 110% on time. Am i Hey, I did it separately. I have a daughter who's she's gonna be 17 Is son who's 20 Like, hey, this is what dad was going through. These past few days. Dad was discouraged. I didn't know why I just felt like things weren't going right. Even though things were you know, fine, right. And I was like, Is this what depression is like? I just didn't know And I share that with them. They just looked at me and they're like, Thank you for sharing that. Like they could see the look in their face and the appreciation and know that they didn't have to always hold themselves to that high standard. And then you were saying, for kind of forget what you how you kind of pivoted from there. And you were saying something about, you know, about something about being superhuman to people on social media. 5:29 Yeah, man. That's, I felt like, again, like I thought we might be letting people do what we do in my mind, right? When you're posting stuff, you're posting about your wins, how your day went, how you're feeling? And you seem very superficial, like, yeah, this guy's always on fire, this guy's always killing it, this guy's always on top of his game. And it's like, you play these mental games with yourself. And we have these exercise regimens, and these protein powders, whatever it takes for us to keep our heads in the game. But then I felt like we're leaving behind a lot of people that say, well, shoot, I'm not superhuman, so I'm never gonna get to that level. Because I don't operate like that guy operates. Maybe his nervous system operates differently than mine, or he didn't grow up like I do. He's entitled. Right? So I wanted to have more of these conversations, like literally, I just want to figure out like, what are the tips and tricks and the hacks for top performers like so if you can share a little bit about like, what do you do on a day to day basis to keep your head in the game? Or when you do feel like maybe that dark clouds rolling in? Like, what do you do to pull yourself out of it? And like, do you have anything you could share? 6:26 You know, going back a little bit, I wasn't entitled, I grew up poor on the east side of stalking, I had holes in my shoes and my jeans, like, you know, I didn't have a lot, I think, that drive for success, you know, just put your head down and push through the Sundays, like, I'll be in my office. I'm just like, I don't know, like, I'm setting my office and did 100 Push ups, you know, not like 100 in a row. I can't do that. But as many as I could do in a row, do 100 Push Ups just for that, that that chemical push like something accomplished, right? Or I'll take a lap, couple laps around or the parking lot, just to see if I can make it to the gym, which some days you can't like, you have appointments, all this stuff is going on. And I think it's important to to have some people to lean on, you know, friends, I'm always a call and check on my friends. You know what I mean? Like, like, during that time? When I was discouraged, one of my buddies, he's like, Hey, man, just checking on you. We talked for about five or 10 minutes and I texted later that night. Thank you, man. Like, I needed that. Like, yeah, I needed until somebody just one of my friends. Hey, bro, how are you? Good. Yeah, I'm good. I think exercise is good. eating right. Ice cream like my kryptonite. So I tried to stay away. 7:57 I try not humanize the sugar, man. I'm not gonna go too crazy. But I'm not trying to demonize sugar. So whenever I need an ice cream and a person, no questions asked 8:06 her. Yeah, you know, a girl from the office, she made a peach cobbler. I'm just like, I'm not gonna say no, I'm just gonna have a little piece right, like, moderation, moderation. What do you do for your daily mental, you know, IQ that you keep you sharp. 8:24 And I think some of the bigger things that I do is I try to get up whenever my body wakes up. So I don't like to abuse my sleep and be up at 430 in the morning. So I can start out my crazy rituals, because I feel like sometimes I am working so 1011 or midnight, and no, that's terrible. But I kind of try to let my body wake up whenever I do. So sometimes it's I get sick, sometimes it's at seven, sometimes it's later. And then first thing I'm doing when I wake up is I'm gonna hydrate. So I'll go for some water. And I've tried to do a little bit of like pink salt, maybe some lemon in there, maybe a little bit of apple cider vinegar. But first thing I'm thinking about is I need to hydrate and to get myself moving. And then if everybody's still asleep, which they mostly 9% of the time are, I'll head downstairs man, and I'll just pray and meditate, you know, so I'll just sit still. And in silence, no music, no, nothing on. And I'll kind of just like for one field, try to feel gratitude. Even if I'm tired, even if I'm stressed. Even if I got a bunch of crap going on. I'm just trying to like feel what gratitude feels like in my body. You know, just look around the house and say, Hey, I haven't seen house have a strong body. And just try to just find the things that I that I can appreciate. You know, even when it gets tough sometimes to feel like you know, I got a lot caving in on me. And maybe that appreciation feeling gets further and further away. So I try to access it and locate it before I start doing anything. And sometimes that takes five minutes. Sometimes it takes 40 minutes. But that's how I like to start my day, man. And honestly, I don't do it every day. So again, I don't want to make this about being superhuman. It probably happens two to three times a week. Right? And I find the days that I start slow like that. Those are my best days. And then I try to hit CrossFit by nine o'clock twice a week. I don't start any appointments until noon. And then reason is because I want to, like have the mornings to myself to kind of plan strategize, you know, put those things together before I start jumping into like giving myself up to the rest of the planet, so I tried to say my mornings are not for sale is the quote that I use. That's 10:14 good, man. Yeah. I get you. And I think I need to make some alterations in my daily schedule, because when I wake up, drink coffee, that's a good idea, like have a glass of water first, to hydrate and then get the body going. And then, like, usually, like, I'm in appointments, sometimes 1011 You know, meeting the inspectors mean the roofer whatever, but I liked that I liked that mentality. Like, that way I could do my prospecting calls, and I could do the things that are going to generate income for me, instead of worrying about other people's problems. And then I'm more likely Wait, you know, like, I read a text message when I woke up, and I'm like, I don't remember I read. I wrote, I read it until, like, five o'clock in the evening. I'm like, dang, I forgot to call that person back later. So my phone like, it handle any business until, like, 11:19 I'm awake when? Yeah, that's another like, the one that I've really got really good at is, uh, not looking at my phone at all until I'm done with my morning. And that might mean I can say hydration, meditation prayer, then whatever's happening on the phone is important. You know, if something terrible is happening at 8am, like, I'm just not going to address it. You know? Because once you look at that phone, that's it. I mean, the world pulls you in, and you're, you're in? 11:44 No, man. It's like, it's like, these devices are our whole life. Like our whole life is filmed around them. I'm saying, Man, how did how do people do business? 20 years ago? You had a phonebook, you know, everything. Like I was talking to a lady. She's like, Oh, yeah, like I remember all my friends phone numbers on like, I can't even remember the other numbers. I remember, like my house number growing up, right. I'm lucky to remember my own cell number. 12:16 I think we've outsourced so much of our memory, that like we're losing that part of ourselves. I don't have to remember anything. My phone remembers everything. 12:25 Yeah. Do you read? Do you read a lot to do you like take? 12:30 I don't read books. But like, sometimes I can't sleep and I'm up at like 130 in the morning reading like medical papers right in the middle of the night. But I do a lot of reading about like health, like nutrition, fasting, just like stuff has to do with the body. So most of what I read is, is a lot of like health stuff. Like I've been going down some anti aging rabbit holes. This podcast was inspired. I've been looking at a lot of like peptides and anti aging, just completely unorthodox stuff, you know, not for human consumption, like research purposes only type stuff. You just can't use it. Yeah. You know, man. For my pet rabbit. Yeah, I just kind of when I'm thinking about a lot minutes, like how do we preserve ourselves, because for a long time, I felt like I was like chasing the dragon, you know, working 1012 hours a day, seven days a week. And I'm like, Where does this end? I mean, like, am I gonna frickin drop dead? And I think we talked about that on the car earlier, is like men are supposed to shove their feelings down and don't bring that shit up, you know, you know, quit being the worst. Like, just keep going. And I think that's, that's the, I think we should move past that already, man. And it's exciting, because I feel like, I feel like a macho guy. And I mean, I don't feel like like, I lack you know, masculine features or energy. Yeah. So I think it's okay to say, You know what, sometimes I'm sick and tired of this shit, then sometimes I'm just tired and fed up. And, you know, I do need a break, I need to unplug. Sometimes I'll turn my ringer off. But I think that those days of like, shove it down deeper and shut up, or it should be over by now. Like, we guys should be able to reach across the aisle and say like, Hey, you know, how do you fix yourself? Because I know what I do. I agree. 14:11 You know, I was that's what I was saying earlier, like men suffer in silence. Like we just hold it in. And then I think sometimes people turn to alcohol or you know, ways to escape and just instead of letting it go or talking with a buddy, like hey, man, like we're in a group setting. What do you do to let out not necessarily let off steam but to decompress right? So you're not angry all the time or you're not? down on yourself? Because that's what really what happens? you internalize all this stuff, and then you're just like, What am I supposed to do with it? You What am I supposed to do with all this? And then you have a conversation with me. Uh, with your buddy or a guy you barely know, like yourself or me, we're just talking. We're like, wow, this, this really connects like, you should open this up and open up this conversation. 15:11 Yeah, I mean, I think especially in the world of entrepreneurship again, because like we have this facade of being like bulletproof and you know that we can go forever and I get I'm going to 3:30am club and I can work till midnight. And, you know, I mean, like, somebody's gonna self destruct, you know, be me. 15:29 You think Anthony Robbins has a good day, every day? Like? That guy looks like behind the scenes. 15:36 After his events, I bet you he's in bed for a weekend. I mean, the guys, he's turned up like, it's like you have a an electricity, like, you'd have electrical system, right? So if you unplug something from the socket, cut it and touched it, I mean, that electricity is going to flow through your body because we're hardwired, like an electrical system. So you can imagine how many votes are running through that guy's body? Right for days on the road? I mean, he might die on stage someday. And I mean, hopefully not. But I mean, you can only run so much like votes through your body before it becomes like detrimental. And I think that's what people that that perform or that like maybe the spotlight of people expect us to perform at a certain level. Set. Yeah, we're not we're frying our nervous system. Right? So how do we how do we, we should have these conversations about protecting each other, helping each other out and digging each other out of these holes. And then like you said, bringing it up, like you and I we've connected a few times, but we're not like we never hung out and freaking, you know, so too in the in the morning. Like, hey, you know, we know each other well enough, and then just having that conversation today is like, Hey, man, what do you do when when things are getting tough? So I think these conversations are gonna become more and more important. And I'm really interested in I felt like we have a lot to offer. If we're letting people know to again, being vulnerable, saying, Hey, I'm not superhuman, I try to be every day I'm gonna push to beat but it's just it's not the case. Yeah. 16:52 I mean, there's, you got to have the drive, right? You got to have some type of drivers like I was. People who may be not happy with with the way they look physically, it's like, you can't just want it to be one way or the other. I used to go to volunteer my my daughter's school and my son school. And then I have the other kids read to me. And I would ask him, who's your favorite athlete? Kobe Bryant, okay, great. Do you think he wants to be good? Or do you think he practices? Right? It's like, you have to move forward to where you want to do. But yeah, you have to also not like overdo it. I mean, there's nothing wrong with pushing yourself. But like you said, you only have so much electrical impulses, and then you're gonna crash and burn. I don't know what it's like to be depressed or be one of those people who are up and down all the time. But I feel sorry for those people, because I couldn't imagine having a life like that. But at the same time, I think you have to just move forward, like some days, I always say, I'll do 100 Push ups in my office, just to have some type of movement in my life, something I'll do, I call it mindless work. Like we were touched on that earlier. Like, if I'm having a problem, I'll go wash my car with some people, like, I'm not gonna wash my car, but just, you don't need to think about washing your car, you just do it. So it's kind of like a meditative state where you can do a task that you don't have to think about, and then somehow you just kind of it just, when you shut your brain off, you put in that Newt in neutral, it just finds the right gears. That's what I'm gonna do. 18:49 I think it's it, there's some times to hammer it out. And then you have to know when it's time to like, take your foot off the gas. And it's 120s Man, I mean, I used to just blow and go, like I said, seven days a week. And I remember I would sleep for like a day and a half. I mean, like you just like giving it so much surprise, I didn't have the damn stroke. I didn't know when it was time to turn it off. And then now being able to recognize that as like, hey, like, my brain feels hot. My body feels hot. I need to shut it down for a little while. So I'll turn my cell phone off. And I liked that you identified that pretty quick as like that mindless work. So there's like a read a lot about meditation and you know, finding stillness and peace no matter what. And it says it like everything can be a meditation. It says like washing the dishes taking shower. So like you said, you know washing your car, that everything can be a form of meditation, right? We realize that 19:39 genius not scary. But that's good to know. Like I was I was onto something 19:46 new. That's really huge. Actually, that's really really huge. Being able to like find peace in your work. I am a religious guy. So I do like to quote stuff. I'm just not good at Scripture like some other people and because I always watch quotes, but I forgot who it is. But there has a quote in the Bible that says that like to just pray and pray unceasingly. Right. So I kind of think that's what they meant by that is just like, everything can be a prayer, everything can be a form of meditation, like just slow down, like, everything's gonna be okay. And I let myself like, Oh man, I got a meeting, I got a meeting right after that I got a phone call right after that, like I got to the office today, I want to say it was maybe 1230 or something. It's 430. Now, and I have not got off the phone like meeting meeting meeting. As soon as I came in, everybody's okay, I got questions for you. And I'm analyzing deals, writing stuff down, I gotta take this phone call, like, I didn't catch a break for three hours straight. I mean, so it's that all that stuff slammed right into this podcast, you know, but, of course, everything worked out perfectly. But it's like, even in the midst of chaos, like you can just slow down, like, you can only do so much at once. And we got to constantly remind ourselves of that, especially if you're like a go getter. Because like you can train yourself is like I'm going to perform no matter what I'm going to perform, I'm gonna hit my mark. And again, it's like, you can do that very calmly, or you can do that, like chaotically. And haphazardly so. And I tend to err on the side of like, ready fire aim. So it's like, I'm not naturally like a calm person. So I have to constantly remind myself, like, I can meditate. I can fast for days in a row, like I have to constantly remind myself to ground or it might take off like a rocket engine on the moon or something. You can go 21:23 days that you could fast for days in a row, like, I've tried. 21:27 I've done 21 and 23 days on green juice and water. 21:31 Oh, wow. Like, yeah, I tried to do intermittent fasting by 12 o'clock. I'm like, Man, I don't know these people do it. I had all the classes 21:40 I'm going to take 21:42 you I need to eat and tear somebody's head off. But it's getting easier, like, so I'll stop being around eight. Like around 12, one o'clock, the other day, I went like, it was like 17 hours I was on. Like, it was starving. But I was out of the country. There's nothing to eat, except for hay. And I'm like, I hate that. So I'm like, so like, that wasn't too bad. So I know, there's a lot of health benefits to that. But I'm just kind of get into the benefits to that. And you see in work takes my body, you know what I mean? 22:20 Yeah, man. So you have something called senescence cells, right. And your senescence cells are also called Zombie cells. So these are cells that like they're, they have like a dead signal, like they're already sending out the signal, like, Hey, I'm done. But your body cannot stop to recycle them as long as you continue to eat, right, because your body's just like it's in its in its rhythm that it's caught in, and it's not going to stop. So when you when you start fasting, your body goes into like a stage, it's called autophagy, like self eating, and what it that's what it does, it starts doing cellular recycling, and it so it takes the good parts out of the cells to reuse them and the bad stuff, it just deletes them. So this doesn't 22:55 interfere with the eating at all. Like it doesn't. 22:59 There's like a caloric threshold for one. And then there's also like, what you're eating. So if I ate like a spoonful of sugar, yeah, that might kick you out of fasting. But if you can have your green juice, when it's not like it's if it was a bunch of like apples and pineapples, right, that might kick you out. But if it's just like leafy greens and cucumbers, something that's very like low caloric density, you can save yourself from getting kicked out of autophagy. So you won't lose your fasted state, if you stay below a certain threshold. That's amazing. And I do feel from from an extended fast at first, of course, you get you get the stages where your body's running on pure glucose. So you'll hit a crash. And when you hit that crash, it's like your body's like starving, like, hey, something needs to happen. So it's gonna start tearing down muscle tissue. Local tissue, it can go through organ tissue, right? So you can get into to a pretty bad state of you're doing these extended fasts for seven days before days, whatever. But as you're training your body, like anything else, it can be trained, your body will jump into a state where it's burning fat, right? So it converts fat into ketones, and you can use that directly for energy like you would glucose. So a lot of cellular recycling is happening in that statement. And when you're deep in it, you feel so good, and you're so energetic, you'll feel like man, you know what I might never eat again. That's how good you feel. 24:14 Your neighbors could barbecuing the stage like you're like, like you're asking right now. 24:23 Yeah, it would be faster than what the kids and we'd be like at a restaurant and everybody's eating and I'm just looking around like, dang, it takes some real discipline. But again, like I said, it's just it is a in some days, I'll try some days like I'm fasting this week. And then yet on Monday by lunch, I'm done. So again, you know, we're all human, but I've done several like extended fast water fast juice fast, and they're pretty powerful. And you end up in a pretty cool spot. Sometimes, like I said, once you break through and you're looking for ketosis, you just feel amazing. And it's like I said, I kind of felt like I know how Jesus and Buddha felt. You know, they're like, fasting for 40 days. Like I don't 24:58 know how you do that, but um, I'm trying to do like a juice fast like, because we have it's called nectar. It's all natural juice a juice everything in front of you. Yeah, let's go see what they have because I'm not going to buy a juicer for a couple days, it doesn't make sense. But as long as like it doesn't have like you said, like a lot of apples or pineapple juice in there, just keep it all greens and give that a shot. 25:24 Or a day or two, where you might grab maybe grab a mix it too, right grab one that's mostly all greens like lighter stuff like cucumbers and then maybe grab some of the pineapples in the apple and stuff like that that way in case you do get into a spot where like, your blood sugar's crashing, and you're starting to feel irritated or weak, then yeah, then you can just have a little bit of the sugar when you don't, so you kind of like having here as medicine as an emergency situation. So, you know, 25:46 I competed in a bodybuilding competition, I wanted to like it was on my bucket list, like Nay, I wanted to, but first is sort of like I want to have I want to have ABS I want to be ripped. Coaches like, bro, like, you're like, you're getting on stage, like there is no like, You're doing all this work, you might as well get on stage and like, okay. And like I was so discipline can work out three days a week, I was on strict on my diet and my, my cheat meal on Saturday, which was a double cheeseburger and a fry, and diet soda. Because it was like already, like 3000 calories like, but I was still always hungry. I was eating every six hours, I was always hungry. And I'm just like, Man, when I got to the plant, like working with people, I was so hungry, but now like doing the fasting, like I can go like to like a little 1011. And before I start to getting grumpy, I'm like how did I do that then? And how do I do this now? I'm just like, it's crazy. Because you get hangry and you're just like, man, like, I wish these people would just hang up so I can go grab something to eat. 27:00 So I'll tell you a good hack man to like, kind of train your body to go from like burning sugar to burning fat is you could you like a spoonful of like butter or a spoonful of coconut oil? Like mix that in your coffee or into a hot tea or something? Or Okay, yeah, that really does help a lot because we'll get that caffeine and then you'll get like a spoonful of fat. So you're still pretty much in that facet stage because you haven't like broken that caloric threshold, like on the glucose side. So it's like you force your body like hey, you want energy, okay, you're gonna have some ketones, so they start to recognize that it needs to go to fat for a fuel source whenever you're in that fasted state. So you can go in and out easier, so it'd be a lot easier to like to get into, like ketosis when you're doing a regular fast or a 16 eight or whatever. Maybe start to train your body that way and it actually tastes amazing. Then you put some cinnamon and a spoonful of butter or something a little bit of coconut oil in your coffee and blend it up turns into like a frappuccino or something you 27:53 had that before but the cinnamon Oh like That's good though. That sounds good. 27:58 Yeah, it almost makes it seem like it's sweet but it's not like a cinnamon like your body recognizes it like this taste like breakfast 28:04 rolls with any vitamins or anything like that to like, help or get your nutrients all from diet. 28:17 No man actually like if you look inside, I have like one cabinet in my house that's maybe I don't know four or five feet wide and it's like two doors and it's just loaded up with all kinds of crap but I use it like a medicine cabinet right so I don't take everything every single day. The main gocce that I have is a d3 Kaitou which helps your blood vessels from becoming calcified. When you are taking d3 right if it builds up you can get more calcium in your bloodstream. So make sure that your body deposits that calcium in your bones and not your blood vessels. I'm taking a DHA so like a fish oil pill one morning one at night. And I've actually been using some some CBD oil with a little bit of THC in it and just from time to time. Sometimes I'll take like two or three Yeah, like three hours before bed and then by the time it lights out time you're done and so the CBD competes with the receptors the same receptor as a THC like a so if you're if you have a CBD with it, it won't really like you won't have too many of the psychoactive effects. Okay, yeah, a 29:19 friend of mine, I was having a hard time sleeping in the cannabis world and she gave me one of those pins. She was like here just hit this before bed. Yep. I hit like she says CBD round. I can't miss seeing I never hit it before. I'm like, there's nothing in there like Kid cam hit it. Like oh, I'm like, that's like we I feel like I'm going to bed right now. So high. I think it was a mix. We're gonna be like 80% thc. Yeah, there was It makes but it's like way higher on the team. No. 30:03 Like, I did not move all night. And she's laughing. She's like, why do you do that? She's like, Please Sunday, didn't you like all night like I remember just laying down. I needed roll over all night. 30:21 It was like four in the morning. I had to get up use the restroom. I was like, that's pretty good. Like to go. Like, I don't know if I could do that every night. It's just too much for me. Like, yeah, 30:36 you're THC oil. And that was just too intense. And my friggin makes my heart race and shit. And I do have trouble sleeping. So I need to have 30:42 rain just won't shut off if I'm like it. Like, it's like a little squirrel in there all the time. And I'm like, I can't do it because I can't sleep. But this time, I was just I guess you'd have like, like, 30:59 80% CBD or something? Yeah, I'll probably use that maybe like two or three times a month. Like I said, if I feel like I'm just two charges that by night, and I know I'm not going to sleep. I try not to do any like, like melatonin. Some people do that and other like sleep aids, I'd rather my body get natural sleep. So I try not to take anything. I found that low lights before bed. So you know, especially if it's just me and everybody else is busy doing something else. I'm like cutting all the lights down to nothing. You know, maybe even like a candle light like that low, right. So maybe the closet lights on and I'm operating like before bed, it was just very, very low light. And then I noticed if you do that, like an hour or two before bed, as soon as you lay down, you're pretty chill. But if you go right from blue light, like in the kitchen or anything like that, and you're up and just want 1000 miles an hour checking your phone, and then you lay down your brain like you're hormonal, you're not ready for bed yet. 31:48 The squirrels still go home. Yeah, I think Tonin but I'm like, I didn't take it the other day, and like three o'clock in the morning to wake up. Or I can sleep as like, two or three. I'm like, I gotta take some like, I'm wide awake, hear like, two hours asleep at least. It was like, oh, man, just couldn't sleep. Like, you know, when you have so much going on in your life, like, oh, this deal that deal, I gotta do this. Yeah, you're gonna call this person back. It's tough, you know, trying to get my son in the business too. So he can handle some of those small tasks, like, go meet the inspector, open the house and let the carpet guy and to get a measurement, all those little things that take a lot of time out of my day. And him to do. 32:42 Yeah, I think delegating man. And other thing is like being like a type a control freak, you feel like, if I don't touch it myself, if I don't do it myself, then it's not gonna get done, or it's not gonna get done, that can be amazing way that I'm going to do it. But I'm getting a lot better man and just handing stuff off passing stuff off, you know, making budget for it, like saying, hey, I need somebody else to hit some of my callbacks, or I need somebody else to work, you know, the CRM, for me, I'm just tired of wearing so many hats, mainly because we demand so much of ourselves. Like, I think even, it seems like some of the people that have delegated to now they probably do the stuff better than I would. Right. But I think that that letting go, 33:20 one task to do. And that's why I wanted to bring my son in to help make some calls from a call these people check in to make my life easier. 33:32 Yeah, maybe when we set up your machine to your machine is doing the following up for you. So you're not constantly having to think about that, too. There's something called a cognitive loading to I don't know the exact definition, but that's what it is like when you have too many windows open on your computer. So it's bogging down the ram of your brain by having so many things in mind that you know you need to do and all these little constant reminders of yourself. So I think having a lot of that systematized you know reminders, follow ups, all that stuff, just like relieving yourself of it is another cool little hack that kind of keeps my brain like fresh and energized. So that way I'm not like well, shoot, I shouldn't call the guy back. So I'm learning to like between the machine and humans, I'm learning to kind of like Pong a lot of that stuff off man. And it does help a lot makes me feel like like I don't, I'm not carrying so much responsibility around all the time. 34:21 And that's how we are as entrepreneurs, we're like, we've built this thing and it's our baby we are taken care of and like you said, like learning how to let some that go. And delegating helps give us that quality time back for ourselves. Like some days I'll probably drive around pillow or in the shade because I'm out in the country or I'm going somewhere, turn the music up, turn my phone off and take a quick 15 minute power nap. Even if I just sleep. It's just 15 minutes and my brain is just listening to some Metallica because it's fast, but it's like, it's fast enough, like my brain could just focus on the rhythm of the music. And I don't think about anything else. And even then I don't get to sleep. My brain just has that moment of rest where it could just reset. I feel good for the rest of the day. Because you Oh, you can over caffeinated and make yourself tired. Yeah, realize that you just you just no matter how much caffeine you drink, you just crashing it's not working 35:31 anymore. Yeah, it goes the other direction. 35:35 Rockstar, like, just finished it. I'm like, he didn't have like this, like, take a little power nap. I'm like, and then you wake up the caffeine has kicked in your brains fresh. But I don't like doing that. Because I'm you know, you're always like, at 100 miles an hour and just doesn't it's not healthy. 35:58 Yeah, I think again, like we have that habit of pushing ourselves. Like I noticed even some days when I don't even need coffee. Like I feel great. I'm feeling great. Plenty of energy. And sure enough, I just pull in for a coffee for no reason. Like what the heck. 36:13 You don't even finish it, but you just like, just knowing you have it. Yeah, 36:17 just used to it, man. So I'm trying to see if I can turn myself down. So I'll tell you one hack that I did. Building hive mind I got fat dude. Like I literally didn't work out the whole like first year of hive mind like it's just working from someone woke up to 10 was going to bed at night. Like I thought it was gonna have a damn stroke. But you know, too many cups of wine too many drinks to try to like keep myself like performing at that level caffeine, energy drinks everything. And almost no gym at all dude for like a year. And so top of this year, I mean, I got a belly bro. Like if people were abs, you know, I'm saying and I'm like, they let myself get bad again. And now consistently being back at the gym. My CrossFit. I was snowing, I was thinking like, Man, I feel exhausted when I get there. You mean like, Oh, should I gotta move around this big tub of shit. You know what I mean? I got a, I did get some strong pre workout, I got some bang pre work. I've never been a pre workout guy in my life, right? Because I'm always amped up. Sure enough, and it does help me have an amazing workout. It's like it gives me like probably like a 20% increase of output of energy. Everything and so but now I'm noticing now that I already am getting so fit again, is that I'm starting to not need the pre workout. So I think it's important to to like, if you do need like a little booster here and there. Like try to cut those out whenever you get the chance, you know, so your body can kind of retrain of operating without that stuff. 37:35 Now like, I mean, because every morning I get up have a cup of coffee. And that's how I start my day and like, and then midday, I'm having coffee. I'm just like, Man, am I overdoing my adrenal glands I need to like, but now that I'm talking with you, like, I'm gonna cut out some coffee for a few days. It's just like, you know, people who drink alcohol, right? Like I could drink a beer and. And be buzz because I don't drink that often. But then you have your buddies who could drink a six pack and highly functional. So I think bring your body back close to zero. Yeah. Right. So when you do need it, it works. 38:21 Yeah, I think so. Like I said, like, like you or I were going to strong arm our body and to making it do whatever we want it to do. But really, it's like you should be able to be able to like to skip days, like even schedule it. You know, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, that kind of stuff. So 38:37 schedule your coffee drinks. 38:38 Yeah, like this. Like, like I said, I'd be working in maybe Monday, Wednesday, Friday. That way, you're not having it every single day. And without without thinking about it, right? So we can like build our way and push ourselves into making ourselves go a certain way. But it should be easy. Like it shouldn't be, you shouldn't be able to just like we move in and move out. Like I said, like they'd like to pre workout thing. Do I need it? Probably not. But I do and I could. So I'm trying to skip it and trying to make sure that I'm not dependent on chemicals to be able to perform. 39:09 I agree. 39:12 I mean, I don't want to keep you too long. I know that we planned maybe about good 3040 minutes. I think we're reaching at the so you were on Episode One of the health mind podcast. So we appreciate you, man. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of you as we start to work together on that new campaign. Yeah, so maybe right after we get some success with that one, we'll bring you back on and let's see 39:32 what that sounds like a plan. I hope somebody gets something out of this man's like, you don't have to be superhuman every day, 39:40 man like Lance is he's in the top 1% in Stockton, California. So do you guys have any deals for him to look at both residential and commercial, he'll be able to help you move through those deals. So just keep that in mind. And yeah, man, thank you for being on here. Thank you for being humble enough to admit that we're not all superhuman. 39:59 You I will do my best to take care thanks man 40:02 to get it done

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