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July 27, 2022

Ep 218- Building The A Team An Immigrants Rise to Fame With Manny Cash

Ep 218- Building The A Team An Immigrants Rise to Fame With Manny Cash

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Hey what's up everybody this is Anthony Welcome to another episode of the hybrid this podcast. My name is Anthony Guyana and I'm a land flipper from San Antonio Texas. My partner's in California is name is Daniel Martinez. He runs the back end of my real estate company and the hive mind software today we have an amazing guest his name as you might know him as Manny cash. Man is the perfect story of somebody who comes into this business as a brand new person puts in there the hard work and dedication and now he's he's a superstar. Yeah, you got a million views on Facebook on one of your reels. Yeah, yeah, that was one of my videos went viral and got a million million views on it. Yes. Yeah, dude. Yeah, I've been watching those videos. Man, that's really cool to see you on there and sharing the content man, because I feel like a lot of gurus they have like a paywall, like, pay me 10 grand, and I'll teach you the game. So very valuable. What about what you're doing? You're just like helping people sharing the a little bit of quick, brief content, and then bam, Facebook pays you for it. Yeah, because I gotta philosophy, the Anthony will, by the way, Daniel entropy, thank you for inviting me here to the show. You know, it's always grateful to be part of this and put the content out there. And of course, my story, but you know, touching base on that I have a philosophy of, if in 30 days, I can help 30 people at least add a one 2% value in their life. That extra 30 days that 30% that I add to those 30 people, I believe it will come back to me somehow. So I'm not expecting and expecting anything from those 30 people, because I know God will reward me so hard in my life and my business and my personal career. So that's how I like to look at things. Of course, you know, when it comes to more in depth, like oh, hey, you know, a whole program or a mentorship that's different. But if I have the chance to at least add one more time 1% or 5% of value to somebody that needs help. I'm gonna get them. I'll go ahead and do it. That's amazing, man. I got that vibe from you. And I think that I didn't even know I've never even heard you say that. But that's kind of I never I never said that before. You get that energy, man. That's dope, you know, and the universe God is paying you back for it. You know, me and Daniel, we have the same philosophy. Like, we're just helping everybody. We don't even know it's coming back or not. But like, it always seems to come back. And we're usually pretty blessed. Yeah, it's, it's one thing that the producers always producing the tickets always take. So you're producing something good in the world. Something always comes back from it. And there's always something there's always something you never know that measure what you're actually going to do. You never Yeah. And you'll you guys I'm going to show you if you have experienced this with other people you have held where you just never know what's gonna come from. You never know what's gonna convert. You don't even know what the size is going to be sometimes like, Dude, it it will just smoking that I bet when then the reward was like, you know, you're like, Oh, wow. You know, that's a blessing. So, yeah, it feels good to give it I like that quote that says, Whoever said money can't buy happiness has never given enough away. hasn't even been a I like that. Yeah, it's good. It feels good to give it to be able to give and produce more. What's that quote? Daniel, there's another one to where it says something about like the people that always take or they always need something. And people that always give always have it to get or something like that. That's in the Bible. That's actually who has will always He who has will always receive and he who doesn't will be taken away from something like that. Whoa, man. Yeah, I gotta find that we had to put that on the back of one of my shirts that and when you do like it took me it took me a minute to understand that. You know, because they were you know, where I come from, you know, work? Well, yeah, where I come from, but how I got here to United States was a whole different 316 in my life. So I didn't have anything to do when I when I first came here. And so it was hard to like, you know, like, Man, when you don't have to use like, you know, you're like, Yeah, then after, you know, I saw that phrase, and I read it. And I actually start thinking now so when I started getting I'm like, make sense. Here's how you enter the US. Nine years and four months, and years. That's amazing. I'm April 6 2013. That was the first day of put it for an American. Why don't we Why don't we do a little background real quick like a maybe just like a 10 second background. So tell us where you're from? What brought you here and then how you got into real estate and How you got to where you are now? Can you give us a summary tries to summarize that in 35 seconds, I'm from Venezuela, that's where I'm from I was born and raised there. For those of you guys that don't know, I like to specify because some people like Where's where's Venezuela, so it's a both Brazil next to Colombia. That's where my country's that was born and raised there and grew up there until I was 17 years old. 1617 then I flew all the way from Valencia, which where I'm from to Chicago, April 6 2013. I lived in Chicago for about two years. And then, you know, I when I came here, I was by myself, I didn't carry my mind and come with my dad, I just just kept by myself, I had no friends, no family, little to no money. 1000 bucks in my pocket. I learned English within three, three months, four months, I was already, you know, speaking, understand that. After that, I just worked my way up through I did everything in anything possible to you know, to get you get $1 You know, you know, waitress to painters to handyman to anything, table guy. And then a cable guy was what got me to my first opportunity. My first venture here in San Antonio in 2015. I was 19 years old, when I had now had like a little office and I have a little team that I'm training and I was under this, you know, businessman that had a big contract with when he used to be Time Warner. So anyways, after that, for a year or so, I did that. And then I got into sales, I got into sales, I used to sell little devices in the mall, the chaos was guys that will stop you and trying to sell you something. So that was me. And do that was the blessing that was a blessing. Because when I found that I was good at it. Like I was like, Man, I can I can talk I can I speak Spanish, I speak English, you know, like, I was younger, I was like 21 I was like, okay, you know, I can sell so and I was selling just $100 $200 product that was the that the average, right? And do back then that was like, wow, I can get $200 for somebody, like, within 510 minutes. That was my brand, which is going nuts, right? Because I'm like, wait a minute, if I can get you on $1 for somebody within 510 minutes, how much more you know, but of course adding value, you know, like selling Sunday, like how much more can I do right to, to trade to exchange? And that's when the 10x mindset came in, can you please I'm gonna hate you know, why don't just 10x days and, and the Commission Why don't make my commission bigger. And so that's when 2006 and 2018. I was 22 years old. That's when I jumped into real estate. And I came across my controls and hbhs man, and then since then I never looked back, took me a month just for the records here took me a month to close my first deal. It was painful, but I learned a lot, learn how to be patient and learn about myself. I learned that you know, and those a month, I saw so many people coming in and leaving the business because they just couldn't you know, sustain yourself. They, you know, they things happen, right? Life happens and they just just quit. But then I was the only one that just took to it. And then eight months later, boom, hit the first contract, what's a great deal. And then after that, do I just never look back. And so for four and a half years forward, here I am now owning my own company and doing fix and flips. I have Airbnbs you know, moving up to multifamily. And yeah, so that's crazy. It's it's amazing to see, like, I hope that if you're if you're an immigrant, you hopefully get some value from that if you're not an immigrant, somebody can come into this country and really make success out of that. And I think one thing me and Anthony really want to hone in on is that we're both minorities and ourselves. We really want to uplift minorities as a whole. So it's amazing to hear that nine years, it's been a crazy journey view. And when people people tell me sometimes, you know, I got a comment. It's like, oh, yeah, cuz, you know, you got lucky you got into real estate. I'm like, Dude, it's been it's been nine years, bro. Like, I don't even count the real estate years. I constant the moment I can. Like, was like my I switched it like it was a whole. Okay, I'm here now like, what's up? I'm in America, like I'm in. I'm in the best country ever existed in the world. I gotta take this opportunity. Like, seriously, you don't I'm saying like, bro, like, I took it personal like, Man, I know people back home. They're not they don't have the opportunity to be here where I'm at. So I took it too personal. And that drives me to like, Okay, I'm gonna make the best out of it. And in nine years, I mean, I'm proud of myself and I've made my family proud and I'm gonna do it. I know I'm doing a good job on it. So do We're in. Yeah, we've been watching you since the beginning. So I always like to ask people, you know, that come on the show, you know, because we do have a lot. A lot of our audience is a newer right investors, because that's where they're coming, joining the mastermind trying to figure it out, like how can we get into game? What takes him to the next level? And then of course, we have a lot of people on our team that are just animals that are, you know, buying in the millions every month. Yeah, but I always try to just gear it a little bit towards the beginner, especially when somebody who's who's already gone from that beginning stage to more, you know, advanced in this business. Can you talk about a little bit about what that curve looks like? Like what takes a person from just getting involved in the game and struggling to being able to start to get more consistent deals over time and distance? Like what do you feel like the catalyst was for you? Where you went from from just getting started and maybe struggling? To getting where you are? Now? Can you? Can you kind of walk us through that? Sure. And what I always say is this. Number one, we have to have a why. Right? We have to have a why and why we're doing this you know, real estate, it's a great business, and real estate has a different avenues, you know, fix and flip wholesale, buying whole and why not? But if you're going to get into real estate, you're gonna start doing wholesale, ask yourself, Why am I doing right? So? Are you doing this because you want quick cash? And then you want to move up to something else? Are you doing this? Because you really want to build something out of it? So your way right? And why are you doing it when I sell? So are you doing it for yourself? Are you doing it for your family? Are you doing it because you know somebody is dependent on you like in my case is my family, right? That's my wife that I still have back home. So once you find your wife, the next step is just be consistent and stick to one thing. What I say be consistent stick to one thing is Anthony, when I in those eight months, I was doing everything in anything possible to get a deal I'm talking about I was doing driving for dollars, I was doing bandit sign, I was doing mailers, I was doing letters, I was doing door knocking, I was doing hangers, I was doing cold calling, I was doing everything. But what happens is we only have 24 hours a day. And as a human being we only have enough energy right within ourself. So I was spreading out too much energy and living too many different things. So what I tell people now is what I did was in those eight months, I want to say in the last month fifth, for the for those from Memphis to the eighth, I just stick to the phone axes, I didn't do nothing else, but just call calling and stick to the phone and master my craft and just hit the phone every single day for eight hours straight. So when I focused my whole energy on my whole hours on one thing, and being consistent at it, then I started becoming successful. So the answer is, whatever you're doing, if you're starting out in the business, whether he's driving for dollar drive or not, it works right. But just stick to it, stick to it, stick to it. If you're going to do SMS with hotline, make sure you just stick to SMS and get good at calling people back and making offers and building rapport, right? If it's cold call incentive. So stick to one a channel until you master it and then just start, hey, I'm gonna go ahead and hire you to do this. I'm gonna have to delegate this part. I'm gonna go ahead and delegate to this other part that now I know how to do it, but I want somebody else to do it for me. So that's that's my question. My answer to that. Dude, that's beautiful. Right there. I don't think I could have done that better than that. Yeah, I see that all the time people come into this business, and they're jumping from this. Well, that didn't work much or this that didn't work. So that right there in that that was a gem right there. I think everybody needs to pay attention to that. If you're not where you want to be in your business. Yeah, please pick one thing, you know, so cold calling man. I know, it takes a lot of nerve to do that. So I guess that's why you said you got to have your why you got to you got to have the focus, you have to do cold calling. Do I've seen so many people focus on it. Because it's just it mess you up that we can they can really it can really hurt your feelings. If you're not if you're not there, you know, and I'll be honest with you guys, if you're not tough girls or guys, if you're not tough mentally and emotionally it will bring you down at the end of the day that you're gonna get home to your wife or your or your girl or your husband and you just not gonna be want to talk to him. Because because you're just great, right? But if you see like I saw it, I don't do it as much because no I had people in Mexico doing it and I have a person here as well. But when I was doing it, I saw it as a sport to me was home to me what just a sport because I played soccer my whole life so to me it was a repetition of what numbers so I will call and say 100 peoples a day. My goal was to get 100 nose right and by the end of the day if I if I get 100 nose I was still going to be happy I was still going to be okay what I like to accomplish my goal. So for me I reverse engineering and I switched it to where my brain doesn't see it as like oh man like I'm getting nose I'm getting rejected. It was the opposite like Okay, let's go I want more. I want more of that. I was I was using that negativity to feed my wife. So that is I'm really gonna hit on that too because your goal was to get 100 nose it was No, it wasn't the essence. And then you're the reason why is because see, and I read this in the book I gotta give credit to Brian Tracy Brian Tracy for those of you guys don't know here's the old G's like the old rank Branca diner and you know, in sales, right? So he said every salesman when they started a job, and when it only has to do sales and negotiation, they always jump in on the sea and the phone with what expectation? I want to get it. Yes. I want to get a yes. So what happens is your energy, right right out of the gate, you're already like, Hi, we're all you respecting. Respecting that right? But let's be honest, sales is 85% negativity. It's just just how it is. Right? So if it's 85 90% negativities, you're going to deal with more negative stuff. Why don't you use that to food you offer that extra 20%? That is going to become positive. So on call 50 You may get a yes. Guess what's going to happen to you like, Yes, I get a 50 check mark literally bro, I will check. I will have to always have a pen and no here with me. And I will check it for 50 I gotta Yes. All right, cool. 75 Boom, I gotta Yes. So I find out that out of 100 nose, you will get about five to six. Yes. Along the way. So, you know, it wasn't a little KPIs in there. Do that's genius again, then. I liked the way you did that you kind of turned it in on itself. Yeah, I've come from a you know, pretty rough background to men and I struggled a lot in life. And I did have to play a lot of mental games with myself. I mean, a lot. You know, so it's like, if you can find little hacks like that, like to me, my goal is to get a yes, but I'm not worried about that I need to cut through 49 knows. Yes. That's a whole different ballgame because you're seeing as you're checking off those nodes, you're checking your boxes and you're visually seeing that you're getting closer to your goal. So that's insane. And that's another badass gym. That's dope. Yeah. Cool, man. So what's what's it like? Kind of operating because now you're doing multifamily now so what's the what's the transition like for people that are doing maybe land or houses that want to make this transition to multifamily to bigger assets? What's that look like? Sure so yeah, I still I still do my you know, I call my single families are like my bread and butter, right? Those are like the everyday money, you know. But when it comes to multi I remember my first first first deal about two years ago was the fight fight Plex here in San Antonio was designed and then it was an eight eight Plex and then now we have this 113 doors do not deal with 36 doors and why not? But the difference is then you know, it's really the same thing it's just numbers right? You just dealing with that more savvy investor right that they own you know, they bought that property to make cash flow. They bought it to get an ROI on the backend. The conversations to me, everybody that does multifamily will tell you this the conversation between a single family owner to a multifamily on owner they're just the multifamily is a lot nicer because they understand where most of most of those people started like you they started calling datasets in the mail so they understand your hustle they understand your grind. They just want to know straight to the to the cheese, bro, how much you going to offer me What's up what do you need? You just got to understand okay, income expenses, right? And what category are you buying that property for? So like I'm writing right now I'm telling you all this deal I got this deal in Laredo, or once a year live let me know is it 20% Cat rate you don't find this every 2013 doors down? You're gonna keep it away you're gonna flip out so right now I have I have I'm selling it but if nobody I have about two two people looking at it from California, one from Hawaii and two from San Antonio. And they're running numbers by this weekend we should you know hey would look that up or not but either or I'm keeping this one because it's like bro it's making 100,000 a year it's a no you don't I'm saying it's just no it's a no brainer you don't find those every day but the way you evaluate those Daniel is like I say it's income minus expenses and I purchase purchase price per door Simple as that so and that one I'm selling how much is selling that one for 485 That's a good deal man. Send that one to me and I get that one off you for it yeah anything that's a good deal and multifamily man if we don't buy it we already got it sold like literally as many as you can find. Yeah, I got to send to you afterwards. Yeah, there you go got a deal on here so Daniel for salt for those that want to get into the hammer you know, I'm doing single family and I want to start getting land like you guys do like huge like I talked to, bro we got like 1000 acres and I'm like, You did that 115 Do you know the difference and you guys might assist it just the way you look at the deal. bigger numbers. And the way you negotiate. You gotta be creative. I know actually you go huge Normally the day you go with some creative stuff, I'm like, wow, that's really, really rare. You just creative, right? But it's the day everybody's trying to accomplish something the seller, whether you're selling a one door or 20 doors, they're trying to accomplish something as where's my money? And how are you going to? How are you gonna give me my money? Whether you're buying one acre to 1000 acres, at the end of the day, they want to know how are you going to give you their money, and when they when we close it, that's it, if you can accomplish that to the other person that you're dealing with, and you can help them understand, hey, look, this is how you're gonna get paid. And this is how we're gonna buy it. And if they understand that 100% I promise you that you know, most likely you will negotiate you start negotiating with people who start dealing with more deals, because that's just you know, sales one on one simple they want to know how they're going to get paid. And if they trust you, let's say have you come across any owner finance deals in the multifamily space? I most of them have been cash. Most of them. Yeah. Most of them pay cash. It's like It's like the always like the if you can get an owner finance deal in multifamily or multifamily? Yeah, it's like, go for it. I may pitch this one. I may pitch this one that I have to ON switch back to the dude that I have it and offering a little bit more but I'm on terms. So that's kind of our go to now, man. It's like so we're gonna give you a cash offer and terms offer. And then now we're gonna be moving into some innovation stuff too. So now we're gonna, innovation is doing good. Yeah, we're just putting together we're kind of doing Novation before it was even a thing. We didn't even know what it was called. Really. Now, now we have the documents now. We're gonna move into me, I think getting those three offers theme songs strong and solid in that another question then so now you're you went now you're more advanced now you're working on bigger deals multifamily. I agree with you. I think I actually enjoyed negotiating bigger deals. It's better because a lot of people stay away from those deals, they avoid them. So I like to I'd rather talk to those people because they've been hitless Yeah. So I agree with you there. So now, can we talk a little bit more about your organization? So now where you are now? What does your company structure look like? Do you have color VAs in house guys employees? How are you running your office now? Yeah, yeah. Right now I like to stay lean. Since I branched out and I opened up it's simple I got three people in Mexico two of them are lead generation is all to do just generate leads for us via the phone one of them I promoted him to be a hybrid so he do bless answer blessing he knows this. Thank you Sergio. He he has been the best lead generator person and closer already so he's already closing deals for me bro like he's closer read like five deals all I had to do was send the contract or if so maybe just walk walk the property that's how good does this do guy like I gave him access to the MLS? I gave him access to props and I gave him access to like my whole podium my whole business I trusted them by bro Here you go. MANNY I got this deal I got this Lee I'm running the comps a and he know he understands the terms ARV you understand the terms? Emile himself all the terms like any American United States, you know that there's a business like you and I you understand. So. So it's the Sergio as hybrid lead generation and closer and the two VAs that are just cold calling and bringing leads for us. Then I got this poll, Elizabeth. She She's hybrid too. She does her own deals. She's a beast getting a lot of like big deals like package deals. So we just so the first one was a four pack then she sold a nine pack. So she's focusing on like, you know, those package little package deals like nine houses. Sorry, like Yeah, okay, no houses, my houses at once all of them at once. Yeah, so that was like a million a million, something that 1.2 Something like that, here in San Antonio. And so she's a beast when it comes to like this point. She's got a good clientele when the investors. She also gets a lot of deals because she's an agent as well. So she does a little bit of both around the retail side. And then and then off mica sigh So, and then she does this for an acquisition as well. And then I have one new guy that he's starting now as an acquisition. And of course myself here, you know, in the backend, you know, making sure that okay, you know, that people may think we're doing their job. And then of course, Elizabeth, she knows what she's doing. Just Hey, we got this contract. Boom, wrap it up, send. So that's it. That's just that's my operation. And we've been we've been doing good since we opened up in February, but averaged about five deals a month. So that's a lot of deals, bro. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, this is the man how are you? How are you marketing and generating leads, it's just the through cold call right now. So right now my main thing is cold calling that whole has always been my main thing call calling and then, of course SMS with the high mind I sent SMS and yeah, that's pretty much it. I don't really do nothing else. I try some PPC, I try some PPC, I closed one deal. But man it was I didn't see the conversion rate too good on it. So I stopped that one. And that's it just just call calling SMS. And then of course Elizabeth she does a lot of off market because she's an agent as well. So she does a lot of market pocket listing, I named all a realtor. So I'll take 90% of my business comes from PPC minutes. So whenever you're ready to take a crack at that, let's run it for you who I'm gonna have to reach out to you because yes, I want to go ahead and crank that up. Yeah, that's right now we're looking to really scale up our pay per click. Real real hard. Yeah, we're about to I mean, I've tried everything to and text has been working fine for us this year. We went real hard on the texting. But yeah, PPC is my bread and butter dog. I would never have to worry. I'm gonna take your word because I want to run that up. I want to and I'm ready to like put some money on it are so good. Because if people call you and they're just like, hey, can you buy my property? And how much do you want? Okay, cool. We'll send you a contract. Well, within minutes, dude. Oh, dang. Okay, yeah, cuz obviously these people are calling you because they're not getting beat up. Right, right. Oh, dynamic, bro. Yeah, I want to get spoiled. You were spoiled. That's why when we hit the phones were like, Oh, no. I heard. Yeah, I hired my nephew. He was working two restaurant jobs. He's 22 Now, okay, like, how much are you making? I was like, come work for me. And so boom, he quit. Both of his Jobs came over here. And he's been here now for about two and a half months. He's doing really good. Yeah, that's good. Yeah, man. Look, guys, again, and this is a little parenthese for all the audience that are watching these are starting out and wholesaling started out in real estate, and say, Hey, man, I wanna you know, because everybody's see the big team, right? Like, I came from a big team, right? hbhs like Charles, Charles a character. So, you know, that's, like, unique, like, you know, those, those are very unique companies and like, you know, they're there, their goal is just like, you know, be big and, and it's cool. You want to be big, but in wholesaling, four or five people, you're good. Like four or five people, good people, you know, your, your you'll you'll make some you push, you push on numbers, you will you start pushing some numbers, you know what I'm saying? And, and that's where I like to stay up, where I lean, everybody eats and anybody you know, kind of like gets paid and everybody is half a task, but different tasks to do. And it's just easier to control to me, that's just my opinion. So this is the close parenthesis for those of you guys that are one start this you don't need, you know, just yourself has to be very well educated when it comes to your numbers, your negotiation, what are you doing right? How are you making offers and then start delegating those tasks to just few people that you know that they can do the job they're gonna get the job done. So I agree with that man. I think I like having a small team but we have a core team there's about five of us here in the office and that I feel like we're pretty good right now other people come in and come out they go they come and go, but our main core team is about five people right people there you go. So yeah, I find out that to the five it's it's a good you know, it's like I call it I don't know if you'll know what food sell fulfill bolito like, you know, it's the soccer you know, the soccer team is 11 Right? But then you have that that five five, right? So that's my fight let's say because it's faster, you know, it's quicker you score faster. So so that's how everything because when it's 11 to 11 is bigger, the fields bigger you know, it's just more and more things to run. And what it was five to five it's just boom, boom, Chester's cranking up. Yeah, love every little core engine man. I don't know if some people were like What the hell is this guy talking about? I don't even know what that is. But if y'all know if you're Latina, you know you play soccer. You know what I'm talking about? Let me ask you this man. So how do you find those four people because I noticed something I noticed right away when I got into real estate is people come and go you know they're there for a month two months and then they're gone they go somewhere else two months they're gone. So what does it take to find that core team? Well, it all your starts with you. It always starts with the leader. He always starts with you know yourself what you believe on. You know, what are your core your core values? Because I'm also a firm believer that you attract who you are. So it's hard internet it's hard. It's hard to you don't you don't just you know find those people in the first shot. You get to take a lot of shots you got to take you know a lot of people have to come and go to just a this When it is that when it is like, for example, my people and I don't know if you noticed, but most of my, my team is virtual, it's, it's only two houses and then three virtual. So and then myself here, so three in here if you call me and then three Versa, which is what six, but really those that I got virtual man it was a lot of turn and burn. And it's based on you know, having a clear vision, having a clear vision of what you and your company wants to accomplish. You know, because, for example, I can hire Joe, Joe and Joe Joe's Hey, man, but I want to do Airbnbs in two months. It's cool, like if you have that goal, but that's not the company's goal right now. So if you're going to jump on our boat, we all have to be doing this at the same time. Because if I'm doing this and then you're doing that, then we're just going in different direction. And the boat is not gonna get to learn how we expect it to get. So it's having a clear vision and this one guys take notes I learned from Enzo Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, of course, the dude that Bill Ferrari he, when he was building his company, I saw this on the on the movie and in the book when he was building his company. He wanted the best the best agent I guess what does it producer right the maker that where it builds the best agent. And by that time whoever had that person was fear the brand feet and so when to the that do personal to his house, the hey, look, I want to come and work with me. I wanted to be part of this idea that I have. It's going to be the fastest cars and I'll be the best looking cars gonna be right. So he pitched the whole vision. He pitched the whole deal. We're gonna be big we're gonna do this. But the deal was, well, how much you're gonna pay me. He's like, Dude, I can't pay you what? What fears are fears paying you right now. But I need to see my vision. See my vision, my vision is having the sexiest red card that will ever be out there. Do you know what? I think I like that. And but the mechanic guy was like, Man, I don't have the balls to go in and talk to my boss and tell him that I wanted to work with you. And so said, Don't worry, I'm not going to talk to him. So and so when he talked to the CEO of a fiesta hey, look, I'm taking Daniel to kind of work with me. Is it No, he's not gonna go with it. You know what? We're gonna pay him What? What we're paying him? Well, he's a top a top Italian, Italian, Italy. He was like the top of the top highest pay. He's never gonna go ahead and leave us because we pay him the most. He said, Well, I want to tell you something. He opened the door. He said, What do you think? Yeah, I'm leaving. They were like, how? Round the stand. How are you leaving? Like, how much is paying you? Is like he's really not paying me anything. How like, I don't get it? Well, I just the vision that he has. It's brilliant. Then and so cam, and stood up and so the CEO of FIA and told him Hey, look, visions are contagious. Money is not do when I saw that. He was in it. I always I'm always want to live by that. Because I can tell you right now, we're going to make a million dollars tomorrow. And then what is the shit? That who really who really is a shit. Right? But if I tell you and look, we're taping this right now. Let's look back in five years do and we're gonna be like, the top of the top of the real estate buying all the land the United States. We're going to be building huge commercial buildings, we're going to be doing this. You may think, Man, this is crazy. But how is that even going to happen? But since the vision of me sharing that with you, it has sparked something else than just the million dollars that I can promise you tomorrow. So having the clear vision on everybody in your team. I think it's it's huge. That's worked for past like 10 minutes for everybody listening right there that was worth the past 10 minutes. Like that was amazing. Because, like it inspired me because I think it's one thing it's really good to have as a business owner or a business leader is to inspire make sure every employee has a vision because it's it really portrays where they're going. And 100% like I'm agreeing with this 100% Because we've we've dealt with this meeting and he's dealt with recently, we've had people trying to leave us for different reasons. And we just hey, this is what we're doing. I'm saying if you want to leave, but this is what we're heading, you want to participate or not. And they've come on just for the vision. And that's not even about the money at that point. Yep. And it's been crazy inspirational that that story that's why like I didn't want to interrupt because I'm like, I've never heard the story before but this is amazing story. That's a true story. Yeah, man, that's dope. I think about that a lot. And if you find the people that you want to work with the people you want to be around I already know kind of like I guess when I'm when I'm we're not going to work with somebody that was Mike how much you might and when he started going into the numbers and like as person doesn't get it, bro just raw bro yeah that's how you know you're heading in the right directions we're not working against each other and he has to do a lot guys with like because you know we all we all entrepreneurs we all everybody that wants to get into real estate has to intrapreneur mindset right that you want to you want to invest you want to have you want to be your own boss you want to you know, you want to be able to have financial freedom, you want to be able to have to have time freedom. But do it he goes, it goes a lot and I can go days talking about this man he goes, it's not just that it has to do a lot with mindset, he has to do a lot with you know, preparation and education, action risk risk management, he has to do a lot with like, you know, for example, I'm even though y'all y'all probably don't seem I have a short term for some time where like, you know, I just spark up great when things just hey, but I gotta ask them intrapreneurs are busy, I gotta control that. So there's a lot of things that we have to be working on ourselves. And we keep growing. I'm sure you guys and you're, of course older than me and you've been in business longer than me. We maybe can agree that hey, you know, there's things that entrepreneur you don't just, Okay, well, I'm an entrepreneur, and then I what No, it's a work in process every single day. And, and a lot of failure, a lot of success. And you got to keep track. That's another thing. You got to keep track of your failure, you got to keep track of your success. And that's how I think that's when I find out when I got it. I got it when I say okay, well, let me look back to a month and let me see what I you know, where I messed up? And where are they right? So when I put in all of them in one put in one paper and I see oh, can I see two here? Oh, I see why I made 20,000 out of this month, I see why I only make you know, five, that's not this month, when you start doing those, you know, compare comparation now you start evaluating yourself you have Okay, now I'm going to tackle and keep moving forward focus on what I did. Right? Right. So again, those of you guys starting out, you gotta keep track of your failure. You gotta keep track of what you success, and it's a work in progress. Yeah, man, I think that's something that's super, super important is also like you said, to track the lows you have. I'm the kind of guy that like when I'm, I'm switched on to the working because I cannot turn it off. You know, who were like, I need to tell the wife wants to go on vacation. I'm like, just book it. Put it on the calendar. I'll show up. Because I don't I don't have that those hobbies like, Oh, I'm gonna go hunting this weekend. I'm gonna go fishing this weekend. I'm just working. Let somebody turns me to the off position. But for for normal people. Yeah. When you when you hit those lows, you got to account for them. You got to get here. Why did they get here? This month? And what I did last month? Yep. So that's super, super important. We only want to track the winds. But yeah, you got to find out how did how did we get those URLs? Where did they come from? Where did they come from? Right. And at some time, we'll be surprised at those outcomes with our own limited belief, or because we're on their own way. Like it's so simple. I found myself since I'm like, Dude, it was me. It was nobody else it was me. Right. And now in Okay, check it off. And then come on. Let's move on. Right, let's move on. Let's move on. Let's move up. What is a quote that is yours or somebody else's that you resonate with? When not finished? Sure. Everything is possible. Oh, when nothing sure everything is possible. I leave by that one because you know, for example, me we're not sure if that deal. You know, I'm sure I mean, I was gonna say I'm sure but we're really not sure that that deal. You know, somebody that's going to all Yeah, I'm going to pull the trigger. But everything is possible. Somebody tomorrow can call me be like, Yo, bro, I take it off your hand. All we're asking 30,000 Everything's bought, especially here in America. Especially very good. So that's why I leave with that because we're not in it. Sure. Everything is possible out there. And then I'll tell you, um, me personally, is I don't know if it's a shortcoming in business, but it's just my personality. I don't really have like these quarterly goals or yearly goals. I don't do it. I tell everybody, my goal is that everything that comes over home plate, I'm gonna send it over the fence. That's my goal. And if I'm only hitting everything over the fence, and you know, wherever we end up, it's fine with me. So it's interesting. That's interesting. I didn't I didn't expect it to be like that. I thought you weren't you're the more that okay. Well, this is to the sport you know, I'm saying no, that's nothing Daniel's brain works like that. I think Daniel is more like that. Of like, Okay, this is this is our goal. This is where we add this is what we're gonna hit. Yeah, he's, uh, he tracks a lot of the numbers and a lot of the backend stuff and for me, man, like I said, I'm like, I do a lot like meditation and fasting sometimes I'm trying to stay in the moment. Like yes, like, this is what I tell everybody to do. Like hey, do you have any training? Do you have any scripts? Do you have anything that we can go off of? And like just get me on the phone with the seller and I'll do the rest and let's go Yeah, yeah, because I already know like, if you get me if you give me the opportunity, it's going over the fence. are so yeah. I like to I do it quarterly. Every time somebody asked me hey, you know, I do my goals quarterly. And I find out that's been working for me in the last few years. Start doing a quarterly it in 90 days, he goes by the 90 days rule. It works. Don't be don't fail, at least to me. 90 days, a lot of things can get accomplished. And a lot of things can change. A lot of things can change. Business change. Yeah. So where are you doing deals and where can people send you deals? Yeah, right now I'm doing deals when it comes to multi all over Texas. Multifamily is all over Texas because San Antonio is only a handful of them. So I'm targeting all over Texas when it comes to multifamily anywhere from five to 30 units. That's my sweet spot 530 units, you can send it to instant And when it comes to a single family I'm local here in San Antonio actually flipping myself as well which is bought a house into an army Dude, this is great story another one of wonderful the book nobody wanted to buy everybody said there was no calm they last calm was like 18 months ago. Harmony wouldn't land on there. So you know what I'm gonna man up and I'm gonna buy myself bought at 100,000 putrefying boom solid for 190 like 30 days closing like that. So they so yeah, flippin here's Antonio single family and multifamily. Everything has to do on Texas. I love that army man that's my spot right there. Yeah, dude, I don't know why I don't know why really investment pass on that the exam like Well, I'm taking that on shadow. Now. We're looking at five acres and been army hopefully on Sunday. That's where my offices will make my dealership at the new office. But yeah, so I really love my man. I think that area is gonna explode forever. They will. He will. Yeah. They told me not to buy that building. My mom told me not to buy that building in one army. And I was like, No, I haven't feeling the city's going over here. And then not even a year later. They built like a million square foot Amazon right next to me. I feel pretty good about it. Yeah, I'm pretty good. So where can people find you online? And we'll follow you because you're doing really good stuff on Instagram, right? Yeah, man. Thank you. Thank you, I appreciate it online. It's on Instagram. It's many cashflow. Many cash flow it's my IG I'm always active any questions? I'm open book you guys wouldn't you know want to ask me something or happened? Do you want to look up and? Or maybe JP deal, you just send it over? And then yeah, and then we'll go from there. Boom. Man, this is a really, really good call. I hope people find a lot of value in there, especially with the Ferrari story. That makes the whole call right there. I know. We've covered a lot but that was that was my favorite part of it. Thank you. Yeah. I was excited for this podcast when I knew it was gonna be a good one not to go back and listen to it right away. So it's been a minute it's been a minute it's been a while that I haven't I haven't done this last time I did. It was in Espanol with Ariana net. Yeah, that was the last one I did and in Spanish. But yeah, I always love doing this. And when you reached out there, you know, hey, yeah, let's go ahead and rock and roll. No, no problem. So thank you guys for the invitation. And you know, thanks for being on here man. I think you and I are overdue for Jay being on a land deal and for getting some states Yes. Yes. We have to we have to multi so y'all can look at it and be okay. Yeah, right away, bro. That will be dope. I think we can get that one that for sure. So if you want to listen to the episode in Spanish with audio net, it's episode 162 with many cash so it's that one notice manual? Episode cn, certain de los santos 62 or 72 6207 de los Santos, so I can get my 10,000 10,000 all mixed up by 70. Yeah. It sounds insane to me, so go check out the episode. Let's see. We got one more comment. Last comment we got here. I was says run it that we're gonna appreciate y'all. Thanks for coming out. Thanks for listening to this episode. If you found value in it, go like subscribe, and we'll see on the next episode. Have a great day, guys. Appreciate it. Thanks, Manny. Thank you so much.

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

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I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

You can learn more about our vision and join our free mastermind by joining hivemind CRM on Facebook and all social channels

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Came to the US at age 17 by myself, Manny had to learn English from ABC again. Worked his way up to now owning a Real Estate company that does Fix and Flips project and wholesale deals from single family to multi Family, also owns 2 Airbnb properties and it's looking to move up to Real estate development.