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July 26, 2022

Ep 217- The Hard Truths Podcast | How CRM Tools Can Transform Your Wholesaling Business

Ep 217- The Hard Truths Podcast | How CRM Tools Can Transform Your Wholesaling Business

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Good afternoon real estate community. My name is Scott Luria. And you're here today with the hard truths with Scott Lurie. I am so grateful and excited to share with you today. I've got one of a very exciting guests with us today, Daniel Martinez. I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel about a year ago. Daniel is the co founder of hive mind CRM, we're going to describe what CRM is, for those of you that don't even understand or know what that acronym is, because a lot of people might not. So Daniel, welcome to the show. Thank you for being with us on the hard truths. And we're so glad to have you. I appreciate the opportunity. Like I said, I like giving back to the community. So anyway, so hopefully, people Yeah, they're gonna find this to be stimulating, because this is one of the topics that we get to talk about a lot in our business. And you're, you're one of those pieces of the puzzle that's in the behind the scenes, people don't really know that what's there and some of the successful people are using you guys using CRMs. And then we'll talk specifically hive mind, but people are using systems processes in place to make their real estate career and their real estate investment better. And other people have no idea what we're even talking about. And so part of it is I'd like to just maybe ask you for a brief introduction, Daniel, you know, when I met you, you got on stage here at our hustle harder event, which is 1.0. We're about to drop 2.0 here. We're super excited for August, but But you you garnered a lot of energy, right? People were like, What is this guy talking about? And who the hell is Daniel, by the way? So Daniel, you know, tell me the days you started as you were driving you you probably had a Mountain Dew you're in some 18 Wheeler. Is that true? You were an over the road truck driver. Yes, I'm originally a truck driver. I used to load trucks. I'm only 30 years old. So I've been an entrepreneur for about five years now. It'd be five years December. But I originally used to load trucks with the forklift operator got into trucking as a truck driver, and then actually started my own trucking company. So I actually had got to a point where I had five trucks that actually drove under me. And I own three of them. So actually was original overload truck driver did local regional drive, vans, all that good stuff. So this is for the guy listening today, or the girl listening in on the phone that saying, Hey, listen, I'm flipping burgers at Burger King, or I'm Rod driving for Lyft today, right? Hey, I'm just hit the 100 and 50th mile on my my 1000 mile over the road today and, and you were about to talk real estate, we're about to talk what you can be and how you got a hot what so Daniel, tell me, your your, your driving truck, or you're driving a forklift, then you start driving truck, then you start owning your own trucks. And then you do something crazy what tell us what happened here, man, I got to hear this story. So it was out of necessity, man. So I didn't know nothing about business before I got into like owning a trucking business. So I was just down that trucking path because those I didn't know what to do at that point. So I ended up starting a trucking company didn't know nothing about business. And I didn't know what about profit margins or managing employees, nothing at all. It was all new for me. So when I got into trucking, I quickly realized that Trucking is a very money intensive game and your profit margins are slim. Most publicly traded trucking companies usually operate on a margin of 3% or less billion dollar companies that are margins are 3% or less. So me as a small trucking company, realizing that I spent a lot of money wasn't really making very much money. So I had to pivot into something else after about two years doing that. And that's where I pivoted into real estate. Yeah, it's interesting pivot. Because you know, the one thing that I love about real estate, the thing that makes me so passionate about this is that you don't need a degree to get into real estate. You don't need a license to get into real estate. You don't need many things to get into real estate. But what you do need is this hustle and this desire, right? Because Daniel, the truck driver, the for like operator said, I just want to do better out of necessity, I want to feed my family, I want to take care of my family, I want to take care of me, I want to I want to yield better results. And so that's that necessity need, right? So I always say to somebody who's sitting there, right? Today's the day, man, you're sitting there driving truck that you want to be better. How do we do it? Well, Daniel figured it out at 30 years old to say, you know, something, I want to do better. And so that's this moment that we wanted to bring Daniel on today because Daniel ties into our industry, our real estate industry incredibly well. He went from a forklift driver to a truck driver to a technology company. Pretty darn quick. So So So walk us through this right so you wanted to do better. You got a partner Anthony Anthony, good guy as well came over here and visited with us. So tell me you and Anthony come up with a company called hive mind. So before you tell us about hive mind, can you just bring No CRM, right? Because I think I know what it is. But let's share what a CRM is with everybody on on the audience. CRM is a customer relations management tool. Most small businesses, I think it's like statistics, like 70% of small businesses don't use a CRM for the first five years. But it does much of blow your mind, right. So don't use CRMs. Right. And so CRMs run from like, they're, they're basically a live active database of all of your, all of your communication and contacts with people, right? That's what it does. So when you have a hot lead, and they say, I want to buy from you, you know this and you know how to execute on that sale. And when you said 70% of them, I think that's probably low. But CRM is so critical. So customer relationship manager tool is what a CRM is, it's basically a ability for you to manage your customers. That's it. So So talking about this, because this is going to baffle people. Right, right. So here's what I'm thinking is, so I'm a real estate investor, right? I don't have customers. I don't have customers, right? I'm I want to buy your house. I don't have a customer. But the reality is they Daniel, tell us, that's not true. Your your sellers and sellers you talk to are your customers that you serve us. So us in the real estate industry provide a service to customers, which is an easy transaction, no matter what situation they're in to sell their property. That's what we do. So So can you so when you say the sellers, meaning the people that I'm selling my disposing my house to is part of my CRM, they're my customer, right? Is that Is that what you're referencing? It's your homeowner sellers. And it could be your Investor Buyers are your customers as well. So break this down for the guy, Daniel, because this is really, I think, really an important piece for people, right? Because if I say I don't have customers, the answer is you actually, in the wholesale business have two set of customers, right? Yep. Okay, so can I bring down the bias? So let's just talk by side for a minute, because I think it's so important. So when wholesalers are out there, right, who's the customer? Right? Who's the customer? It's your buyers that buy from you and your sellers that sell to you. Okay, so So breaking it down from the buyers and the sellers, right? So we have two different sides of a transaction, right? So when I am going to look for new leads, or take leads and go look for new homes to buy, those targets are my customers, right? So those would be in my CRM with hive mind would be my customers, and I'm trying to go and buy from right so yes, customers can be someone you're paying, versus the opposite side of what most people would intuitively think as a customer is someone that pays you. So in this scenario we are in in the real estate industry, you would say to yourself, no, no, no, guys, let's pay attention. Right. So the customer on the on the onset of the first part of the wholesale is where we're buying houses, the customers are your lead base, your your leads, right? Your your lead gen right, who you're going to solicit for so so tell us a little bit about that process? Because how does you know what I'm interested in? What the What the guests are really interested in Daniel's so that how does the buyer right? How does the customer meeting me? I'm looking to go buy some houses? How does someone get that lead? Or that list? And then how does hive mind or a CRM help them procure a buy? Sure, sure. So there's tons and tons of sources to find sellers that want to sell. So you can go to the county, there's data tree, there's lists source, there's a million providers out there that provide data, fire lists, water lifts, tax foreclosure lists, the tax list, the deed list, I mean, there's a million lists out there that you can do to get that list from Sol, sol, sol, sol, sol, sol Daniel so so so if I'm a real estate investor, I'm sitting in my truck, today, I'm on the road, I'm at my job at McDonald's, and I'm taking a break and I'm listening to this, what you're saying from a granular level is that there is a service out there that provides you with lists of data that you would then would would import essentially into hive mind into your CRM to start cultivating a relationship with that person right? So if I take one of your list for example, take the water fire list right simple list right so a water fire list is somebody that has sustained a loss an insurance loss or whether it's a let's just say a fire loss, right because that's the call I get all the time and whenever I've had a fire and one of my properties I get 50 investors that call me and so So walk us through that right so investor or owner of property had a fire last evening list is updated and it gets into hive mind right? Or it gets to a user of hive mind to the CRM tell us through that process. So we're Hey Mr. Seller we're reaching out to you need to understand recently had a fire would you be interested in selling your property fire damaged as is in current condition? So we're trying to negotiate that price point because if it's a fire damage property and really got fire damage, they're gonna get an insurance check for the damage the complete value of the property, right? The stuff that's inside of it and potential merchandise, personal belongings, it gives them that opportunity to get out of a property that they might have a mortgage on, or they might have no mortgage on but might have some value in it. So they're getting paid by another third party, and this investor will be able to come in and say, so going, I want to focus on hive mind for a minute, I really want to focus on the CRM process, because we come through that so we take this list, right, we have a list. Now I click import into my CRM. Right. So then you you just went through a phone call that that you would make as the investor Right, right. But But So now tell us what else what else the CRM can do for us, right? So I called John Smith right. I say John Smith, you just had a fire at your house, man. I'm so sorry about your fire. Would you be interested in selling the house? Hey, Mr. Investor, stop calling me because he just had a bad day was up all night with the fire department and you hang hangs up on you. Okay, okay. Well, that happens all the time. Right. So what else happens? Right? What else can hive mind do for me? What does it give me an opportunity to call them back tomorrow? Does it give me an opportunity to send them an email? Does it give me an opportunity to text him? Does it put him in some type of drip funnel? What happens? Because because I know what happens. Rejection sucks, right? Hey, there's a beautiful young lady, you're 16 years old. You go to her and say, Hey, young lady, I'd like to take you out for a date. And she says, Hey, do get lost, right. And now you're rejected, embarrassed, you're back home, you're saving in your room crying and you're saying that didn't work out too well. Right. So now let's fast forward to the 28 year old trucker who just made his first phone call because he wants to get involved in real estate. And Mr. Smith who just had a fire hose up to five in the morning, you call him and he tells you everything under the sun while you're the biggest piece of donkey in the world and never to call them again. Click right to me as the investor as a seasoned investor. That's just the opportunity man, we got to get the no to a yes. But how do we do that? Walk us through the hive mind CRM percent so it takes seven to 12 context to get that first contract. So Tina one more time, by the way, so seven to 12 rejections or communication with this buyer to get to a yes, that's a if you make a phone call, are we going to yes, you're lucky the first time so it's going to be repeated action to contact that person to get them to agree to whatever terms you're trying to qualify so when you put it into the CRM, you can email them Hey, Mr. Seller, I'm sure it was a bad time. We might have just got off the phone with with the fire marshal. When's the best time to speak with you send them a text Hey, I just sent you an email you can check it out whenever you're available. I'm sorry about what's going on. We're here to help. Yeah, you can put them in his follow up campaign just a week later, two weeks later 30 Days Later whatever that looks like depending on the lead like a fire damage you might want to hit up like maybe two weeks later put them on the same Hey send another email similar to the text so they can make that phone call again. Hey, last time I spoke to you or in about yours events it was a bad timing I'm really sorry about that is now a better time to speak with you about your about your fire damage property. Yeah and so so going through the multiple levels right so so what what you what you what you can't do when the person hangs up on you hive mind allows for you to do via email right which is give them a way to get back to you right? Because borrow Mr. Fire Man who just was just had a fire is vulnerable right now. Right? He's sensitive, he's upset he might be pissed off at his tenant. He's might have not had something who knows. But but you then call him he says, go pound sand you hang up, right? If you do nothing after you hang up, guess who's getting that deal? The next guy is getting that deal, right and so so what you've just said I think is so important that we discuss process in place is don't take the rejection personally, he doesn't know you and you don't know him. You're trying to offer some consult or some consultant about a fire that hurt this guy somehow. But the reality is, you might have got him at the wrong time. hive mind and CRMs really help you foster that relationship right because you're gonna forget that you call this guy but if you immediately put him into the system, and it says follow up in two days via phone call follow up in three days via text follow up in five days via email and immediately emailed immediately text and what happens right he has your number he has your email. So when he when he when the adjuster finally leaves the property right. So now the adjuster comes. He says, Man, you have a great insurance policy, you get to get a check for 500,000 smackers, and he said, Great, I don't want to deal with this crap anymore. Now your text message now what means something to him, right? So how cool is that? So walk me through it. So walk me through this. So hi, my call we get hung up on we send them an email, we send them a text. We don't hear from the guy for two days. What else can What does the CRM do for me right because don't read it that day. I just called 50 people, right because there's 50 losses in the markets on a I'm targeting, I talked to 50 people I was hanging up on. Yep, you guessed it 50 times. So you've put them on Follow Up campaign and hope hopefully it's real estate's all about timing. So imagine if you if you were to call text or email him right when he received that check of $500,000. And he's in a good mood was gonna get that. So when you say when you say the follow up, though, I just, you know, I'd like to break everything down a little bit more granular for the audience, because some people we have don't even understand that not as if they don't understand it's a negative, but it's just not what they speak. Right? You and I speak this language every day. But to the over the road trucker? Who says the follow up, what does that mean? So there's a there's a system, right? So this is a computer system, guys, this is a, this is a tool, right? So when you say what is a CRM, you you added tool at the end, but it's not called C are empty. It's called CRM, and you add to it, which is I think, very cool. But but so understanding what we're talking about here, Daniel, the follow up piece of it is what can you break it down really, really granular for me, right? Like, what does that mean? So you put them into a follow up what what happens here, give me the behind the scenes, so so it's a flow, so you put them into a flow, where it automates that process where a lot of my clients previously were on paper, Hey, call so and so on the 20th to remind like, or put it in a spreadsheet, like you can't remember to do that with 50 people. So what this does is once you put them into that flow, the system remembers for you. And it might send a message for you. Whenever they respond, like, Hey, call me at 5pm, you're like, Okay, I just answered the phone, call them at 5pm. So it does a lot of that automated and reach outreach for you. So you don't have to do it manually. So you can do it. Right. So what it says is that you cannot call 100 people. And instead of writing down 100 pieces of notes, you can click follow up three days from now a follow up workflow to or whatever you want to create. And that in that period of time will maybe send you an email to call the person or get you in the system and tells you your task for the day. Or it might automatically in three days send that person another email is that is that a fair statement? 100%. And as well as, like you said longer depending on you. So a lot of people like they want to automate, automate, automate, but people are a lot of people want to delegate delegate delegate. But if you can automate that whole process where there's no human factor in place, you're gonna solve that error, potential error that could happen where you're like, I missed that follow up, because I was I was I was, I called in sick that day, or whatever my video or I didn't know to call the guy and you know, he just got off the phone with, you know, the worst call you ever get is when you forget to follow up and you follow up a day later. And he's like, oh, yeah, just sold that. I just sold it to this guy, right? Because don't forget, I mean, let's not be arrogant enough to realize that there's 50 More people calling this guy who's got the most charisma and charm and who's got the ability to follow up with the guy because everybody gets hung up the first time, right, everybody, why are you calling me click right? And then you don't know what just happened in their lives, right? So it's not personal about you. So let me back you up for a minute because Daniel, it's pretty interesting. I'm an over the road truck driver forklift guy. How the hell did you get into the technology industry. I was already a ton of tech technical knowledge, the savvy point where my truck driver trainer, like I aced my test, and he's like, What are you doing here? You're not a truck driver. Okay, that's what he told me when I took my test when I was on my trainer. So it was one of those things where like, I was just, I didn't know what I was gonna do. And I kind of the path was presented to me and I kind of ended up here. Okay. So okay, so now so now take the let's take the CRM piece of it the follow up, right? So is there follow up on follow up and then we talked about funnels you you this word funnel. And, for me the funnel come from Wisconsin is where you dump a bunch of beer in it and drink it fast. What is the funnel really mean? Right? Like, walk us through, give us the high level, what can you create in a funnel, right? Because I know that funnels can have multiple different pieces that can have multiple different statements. And what happens when you get one that becomes engaged in the funnel, right? So like, Hey, my name is Scott, do you want to sell 123 Main Street and the right back? Yes. What happens in that funnel? Right? Does the does the fire alarm go off and everyone starts like jumping up and down though. We got a live one. Walk us through that a little bit, please. So there's different types of funnels, there's website funnels, there's email funnels, there's message funnel, so there's different levels to it. So while you're talking was more of like a message funnel. So you text 10,000 people, you think of a big funnel, you put 10,000 people into it. 5000 people might not even respond the first day, they might respond a day later. So it's kind of one of those things where like you kind of filter people down. So some might say yes, some might say curse you some might say wrong person. I do the curfew by the way, almost as fun right now because I get so many Hey, do you want to sell this property and I then I have to have my moment but yeah, so so let's just say that you So what he's what Daniel saying is they build a list, right? So one of these lists yields 10,000 phone numbers, how long does it take hive mind or a CRM to text? 10,000 people, you can text 10,000 people in a day or two days, in a day, or two days. So in one day, you can send 10,000 text messages. That's it. Yep. Yep. Gotta love this world, right? I've got to be honest, I love this world. You have to love this world that we can send his real estate investors 10,000 text messages. Okay, so So you send 10,000 text messages? What can I send 10,000 emails 100%. We send out right now we send about 150,000 on automation a month on automation a month. So right now, in your CRM, you're emailing 150,000 buyers or seller's? Yeah, an email campaign. So let's say you have a five email campaign across 30 days, that's 30,000 People were sending across 30 days by the times. Okay, so he has a 30,000 person list that he's sending five times 150,000 people. Wow, amazing. What? Okay, so walk us through once again. So we're in this funnel, we sent out 10,000 text messages today. And as you said, maybe 5000 never respond. Right? Is that the number about 50% never respond. So most messages are read within the first two minutes. So could you can you tell that they read that message? Um, no. Like, they're gonna get a notification on the phone? They're gonna read it or not? Some? It's a scientific statement that says that within okay. So carry on. So So you send 10,000 text messages in a day? It's read no problem. Now what? So some might ignore it all the time. They might even or some people might cuss you out, let's might take the step out of their time to know not available wrong person might hurt you. They might make fun of your grandma. They might just variety replies, but out of that 10,000 people you might get to that say, Yes, I want to sell my property or three of them say yes, I want to sell my property. Well, now those are leads that are you might get varying answers like gay, maybe not right now. Or call me call me in three months. Call me in 30 days, call me in six. And they'll they might not. Let's just Let's just fast forward. Daniel, just for the sake of time, because we're going to cover anywhere in between call me in 90 days. Let's just say that somebody says yes. Right. So do you want to sell your house? And they right back? Yes. So So tell me the fire alarm has to go off, right? Something has to dangle? You gotta. You gotta go crazy, right? Yeah. So we can set up automation 100%? If somebody says yes, you can set up a text message to set reply to them. Yes. When's the best time to talk to you, and then set up a fire alarm to your acquisitions team? Okay, so stop, stop. I want to I want to just stop because I want to just go through this process. So when somebody says yes, this CRM can auto reply, it's smart enough to understand that the word yes. So if reply equals yes, the responses, when is a great time for us to give you a call, here's the best number to reach me at. And here's my email, and here's my name. And here's our website. And here's how you can give him 50 different pieces of information to build, what you're trying to do is get the contract or try to get them so that you can build some credibility with them. Right. That's this purpose. Okay, so so so Daniel, that first piece of it means once we've got a funnel working, right, we get to the point of a yes. Right. Okay, so now we have a yes, we sent them an auto reply. Now, you just said the fire alarms going off, right? So now the acquisition team, right, your team that's out there buying deals, gets what an email, or read an emergency text message will tell us what happens here, because this is amazing. This is where like, the system actually makes you amazing. So you can set up all the above. So you can send out an email notification, a phone notification, or SMS notification, hey, this person wants to sell their property. John Smith, 123 Main Street, and Waukesha, Wisconsin, call them right now. Okay, so I'm on my phone. I'm sitting here at my desk wondering what the solitaire game I should be playing today. I'm looking at all these other things. And then all of a sudden, I get a text message from our CRM that says John Smith 123 Main Street, replied or who says Yes, right. So the team already knows what this text message should mean to them. And then what should happen? You call them right away, you're calling the guy right away or girl or the seller, you're saying, Hey, I'm, I'm Scott, or I'm Daniel and I just got notification that you would like to sell your home. Thank you so much for your interest in us and and they're gonna say how the hell in three seconds Did that yes, turn into this turn into you calling me you guys have to be legitimate right? Credibility being built right over and over and over again, we want to build credibility for the ultimate goal is that when we give them the offer, right, when we give them an offer on the home? Well, it's going to be lower than they expect right now, no investor pays more than the investors think, right? It doesn't happen. But it's going to be lower, you have credibility, that you're going to be able to close, and they're going to get their money, and they're going to be able to move on. Right. Okay, so So, so that's the 123 step. I want to take you back, though. So of the so now we sent out 10,000 text messages. And 9997 of them, either customers out or didn't respond. So tell me what hive mind does now? What can it do? So you can you can sort out by warm leads that hey, maybe not at this time, put those on a 30 day follow up? Yep, so So But Daniel, take it back, just to a really high level, right. So if somebody says Call me in 90 days, the CRM or the follow up can put them in this in what you call a drip campaign, or whatever it is to say that the computer, your your system, the hive mind system is working for you. By just following the system. If somebody replies with anything, they are automatically into the next warm leads that gets a follow up every 30 days. Is that a? Is that a fair statement? 100% 100%. So basically, that's amazing. Tell us 30 days, boom, get added to a campaign automatically. 30 days, it's gonna send a text message or an email, or a call. Yeah, and that text message can be Hey, you asked me to contact you at a future date I'm doing so they're gonna say to them, Oh, this guy knows what he's doing. This guy actually followed up, right? Because 99.9% of this world doesn't know how to follow up. And that's why hive minds in business, right? That's why CRMs are here. It's such a brilliant business. You know, you never told me this. How much do you charge? How much is how much is a CRM for a real estate investor? We charge 99 A month 990 9019 $99.90 $9 This tool is available to you $99 your life and the ability to do everything you wanted in real estate is $99. That's amazing. That's No, I just want to say that the affordability of this is, is mind blowing, not because of your product or anything but the ability to get into real estate I you know, I've I, we use prop stream here. And for 99 bucks. I'm amazed at all the data I get. I'm like how the hell can I pull this for 99 bucks? Something's amazing. I know Jerry Norton uses his own proprietary system, that's like 150 bucks. But it's so affordable to build a system and processes in real estate yet, of the investors you talk to how many of them are using CRMs? It's one of those things where like most businesses don't use them. So we almost have to like, Yep, there's other other CRMs out there, but they're difficult to manage. So it's finding you one that you like, one that works and one that's monetarily effective. Yeah. And so monetarily, I mean, at this point, guys, if you're gonna go and make an investment to try to make a 5000, our wholesale and you can make a $1,200 $100 a month annual investment into a CRM. And my best, my best guess for you is not to be a wholesaler, right? Come up with a different business plan, because there's no way you're gonna compete with the sophisticated wholesalers that are out there with CRMs and all the other data points, if you don't compete properly, right, it doesn't work. So. So I guess we probably share that thought process, Daniel 100%, if you're going to need some type of marketing budget to start this business in general to produce leads, for sure. As far as like client success, we've had 12 clients hit over 100k month in profit in a month. So the 12 clients, so you, you, you hide mine have 12 of your clients that are hitting 100k a month in profit, using your services, revenue revenue, they pay us 999 To 200 bucks. Plus, they're not only nine bucks. Yeah, $100,000 or more using our school. I don't know how to do return on investments. But my guess is that that's over a very high number. That's very good. Yeah, no, I'm kidding. That's pretty remarkable. Daniel. So Daniel, what what I want to maybe discuss a little bit with you is, you know, so we talked about the buy side, but we haven't really talked about the dispo or disposition side of the wholesale business, right? And so, so, you know, you buy an asset or we buy a contract as a wholesaler, right? We're buying and that's, that's, that's what a lot of people do, right? How do you challenge and chase down these leads and then get the contract, but what subsequently goes to that is the other side of the customer, right? So most people don't view the buyer as the customer or the The person you're buying from is the customer because you'd like to get paid to get paid to make the money. So on the Dispose side, talk us through what that looks like. Because, I mean, man, I bought 123 Main Street for 100 grand, I'm looking to wholesale it for $115,000. And now what I don't know, tell me what's going on here. So I'm assuming there's a little bit of the same process just a little, a little bit different ideology 100%. So we have the ability to build websites, all you need to do is buy a domain. So you can actually build a website, put your property on your website, 123 Main Street, three bedroom, two bath 1400 square feet $200,000. And then put that online, now you're on the web. Now you can post it on Facebook, you can send people a link to physically look at the property pictures, all that stuff. And then you can do a same thing, text, email, and text out to your potential buyers who saw you. But so you're not texting to the same people you're trying to buy from right. So you have to go and create a whole nother list, right. Other lists give us some of the categories that you're seeing that you think are part of that dispo list that you want to get. So you mentioned when we talked about the other list, you talked about water fire, say records probates, you talked about all those? What does this list look like? Right? Who are we going after? cash buyers, hedge funds, agents, agents, so let's go through those a little bit in category right so cash buyers, so you're going down and you're you're pulling a list of buyers and a purchase real estate in an LLC that have no mortgage on it. Right. So that's the qualification, right? So cash buyer, right? Yep, cash fire or hard money lender. These are some type of hard money loan. Right? Hedge Fund buyers, they usually buy a lot of property. So we're looking for a big buyer LLC that buys multiple properties per month. Okay, sometimes a well funded hedge fund buyer. And then the one we like the most is Agent list. Agents usually have a Rolodex of potential buyers that are want to buy properties in the area. So if you text enough agents, you can easily find a buyer that way as well. So you would text a real estate agent you say, Hey, dear, Miss Mr. or Mrs. Real estate agent, I have 123 Main Street available for sale. Do you know any buyers, please call me or please text back? We pay commission is a good one for them. Because I was gonna get into that for a minute because those real estate agents don't get paid without getting commission, right. That's how they earn their living. Right. So that one slogan in the bottom there that says we pay commissions. There we go, the fire alarms going off in their head, right? I can get paid I can get paid for so yeah. Okay, so So we're talking about those three categories are basically so you would go and cultivate lists of real estate agents who will cultivate list of cash buyers or people that use hard money lenders or private lenders, or you would go get hedge funds, basically people that are buying large amounts of properties that would be interested potentially in your in your disposition of a property. So sorry. So this hive mind allow for us to have both of those prop categories in our CRM together, concurrently? Yes, yes. Yes, it's a it's a tag based system. So you can tag your sellers as sellers and your buyers as buyers, and then search and text potential worry, right. So what what I think what Daniel is saying, just so you understand is that every time you import a list of somebody, you're importing them, and then when you import them, you add a tag to them, so that you can then filter out of this tag, right? So what you're saying is that the the realtor agent, they're coming in as a real estate agent, and you can tag and send a real estate agent, a different message on the dispo side than you would a hedge fund. Or then you would a cash buyer, because you don't want to necessarily say to a cash buyer. We pay commissions because they're like pay commissions on what what are you talking about? We want to buy the damn house. But to a real estate agent, the message is do you have a buyer, because we want to pay you commission to buy this house, right? And so the messaging can be set up based on these tags. And so tags can people have multiple tags, unlimited tags, unlimited tags, so you can be tagged as a buyer or a seller, a real estate agent. So I'm an investor. I'm also a real estate agent, and I'm also a cash buyer. I can have those three tags. Yeah, and we can, we might go down to the point where like, if I'm building relationship with you, what county Do you buy in? Property? Do you buy a three bedroom, two bath, a single family in this specific counties, what I'm looking for, you can tag them all that that way, when you salvage specific property you want to sell, you can search by those tags and sell to people that actually want to buy those properties. So Daniel, you just brought up an amazing point, right? So dispo teams right are created by people that are at their disposal do to create the sales side of the wholesale right. But when they're not selling, what can they be doing to foster relationships and you just said something that's so powerful that I don't know if everyone caught on to but I'm gonna bring it back so everyone kind of pays attention here. So here's what he said. If you call of your desk To call the buyers and you ask the buyers, hey, do you buy in Milwaukee County Do you buy in Waukesha County Do you buy and they say, I don't buy in Milwaukee County, but I buy in Waukesha County, you can tag them, Waukesha County, and then you can filter, I want to filter cash buyers Waukesha County, and Aha, now the list is not going from 400 people, but there might be six people that you could actually now get on the phone with them and said, Hey, I remember when I spoke to you on jun 12, you said you buy Waukesha County, I've got a great asset for you in Waukesha County, and they're gonna say no kidding, how the hell do you remember that conversation? A hive mind CRM. That's why right? That's the whole this isn't a commercial about hive mind or CRM, it's a commercial systems and processes that make you better, right hive mind is one hive mind is a phenomenal asset, right? But we have to think through it to say, Hi, here's what makes sense out of it. So, man, that is amazing. So both sides of the CRM are great, right? Can you tell me one of the things we talked a little bit about white labeling? Is that still an irrelevant piece in in CRM world? Or in our space of investor space? Is that still viable? Oh, I mean, there's there's a lot of opportunity out there doing different things. But one thing about the real estate industry is that there's a plethora of niches you can do in real estate to kind of separate yourself from everybody else. So there's there's special people that specialize in troubled title and airships and unlocking properties. There's people that shovel that, that might specialize in in software, or data, there's people, there's companies out there that might specialize in specific type of property assets, like an office or in retail, or in single family or land or storage. So there's so many different asset classes and niches in the real estate industry that you can be a real estate investor or real estate business in real estate, but not necessarily do real estate directly. That's that's such a powerful thing. Because, you know, I think people lose sight of it now does your does hive mind? Does your CRM connect with phone systems like RingCentral, or whatever the other ones that are out there, eight by eight or whatever. So we integrate with Twilio. We're having a whatsapp integration coming out soon. But it's one of those things where like, Twilio is a phone system. So dial it comes with a single line power dialer, our VMs voicemails calling capability, texting capability, or and we are on an app base, so we can actually call texting. So, so tell me something, Daniel, because I know you've done a lot of podcasts. And we're getting towards the end of our time here. And I just want to give this audience because I don't think people really understand the breadth of you, right? Like, when you came up and spoke at our hustle harder, I'm like, Guys, are you guys paying attention to this? amazingness? And then I'm like, Well, I don't think so. And I wonder how many people left that there was 200 people in the room. I wonder how many people left and got hive mind? And I'm gonna say probably two people, right? And it's irritating to me, because it's like what I want to I want to wholesale, I want to do this, I'm like, Well, did you go get your CRM? Did you start the process? Have you built a system and your funnels, and everything else? And they're like, What are you talking about? I'm like, Well, you need to start paying attention. So Daniel, tell me, how does someone learn more about hive mind? How do people get to you as a as a CRM expert, right? Because Because you're, you're you're a truck driver, man, you were a truck driver. And now you're running a technology company that is amazing, and offering so much value for a measly $99 a month? And how do they get to talk to me just give us your contact information? And give us how we can get it get to you? Is there any and one last thing, I'm sure you probably have some funny social because you seem like a funny guy. So give us your your Instagram handle as well. So Instagram is Daniel underscore dot underscore Martinez. Best way to get a hold of me. We have a private Facebook, it's a public Facebook group. It's a hive mind serum on Facebook. But if you really want to see what automation looks like, and you're like, How can I physically tangibly see this, you can text us at 210-972-1842 just text the keyword course CRC or HIV hive. And you can kind of get put in our automation, you can see what it does. If you have any questions about I'm sorry to say the number just slower. So guys write this number down and text it and you'll get to be put into the system and you'll be able to see it so give us the number please 210-972-1842 and text that number. What should they text course to that number course we offer $1 course of how to make six figures on one land deal for $1 for $1 I feel like I want to give the first 100 guests of the $100 for you. Okay, so give me the number one more time 210-972-1842 And if you put in the word hard money, the course that you charge for on paying for as a consideration to get your butts out of the truck. Get your butts off the Wherever you are, get your butt out of the W two job. Yeah, where you ever are to see how you can become a master in CRM and real estate investing. Is that a deal? Yeah, actually, that takes hard money. That's amazing text hard money, guys, come on. Let's pay attention here. Daniel, I'm so grateful for our time today, I very ungrateful that you're not coming to our hustle harder event to but you have an event that you do on your own. So there's more information about that that we can get. We'd like to share with our audience if they can attend us and they can attend you would like to still have people educating and learning through real estate. So Daniel, I just want to say with a with a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for joining me Scott. Larry on the heart truce with Scott. Larry. You've been a phenomenal guest. I think what you're doing for the real estate community is a phenomenal blessing to everybody is that they can get out there for $99 and become a business you can become a business for $99 guys go and do it today. The dollar course that you're paying, I'm paying for you text him hard money and and let's get started Daniel at hive mind, thank you so much for being a host guest for us today on the hot shoes with scholary. Thank you, man. I appreciate it. Thanks for having thanks for having me. And thanks for hope we'll see you at the next event. Not this one. But the next one will be there will be to you and you come to us. Take care of yourself guys in all of our listeners out there. I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy investing and thanks for listening to us on the archers

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I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

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