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July 25, 2022

Ep 216- Educating Lady Landlords With Becky Nova

Ep 216- Educating Lady Landlords With Becky Nova

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Welcome, welcome, welcome. Good morning to you Happy Thursday, or whatever day you're listening to this. We have a special guest today special guest, Becky Nova, we're gonna start introducing her. But I appreciate everybody coming out today and listening to our podcast episode today. I hope you get a ton of value today. And we'll see where this episode goes. Here we go. Here's my here's my guest, Becca, Becky. Becky, Becky, I'm sorry about that. From New York. Yeah, that's fine. This is my real name's Rebecca. So I've gotten I've gotten Rebecca, I've gotten Becca and every other version of my name, so not a problem. So I'm really particular about names because your name is like the most powerful asset you have. And if you take it forever, you can see it with you forever. And it really amplifies what you do. So I really try and be intentional about people's names. So I apologize, but I hope you understand that. No, sure. You probably get that with Daniel all the time, too, right? People calling you like Danny, Dan, kind of changing that up on you. So no, not a problem at all. Okay, okay. So we're gonna hop right into it. So Becky, Becky from New York is a lady landlord. And she has an amazing group, Lady landlords, and she helps educate people, and women on real estate investing and landlording, which is an amazing feat in itself. Because as we all everybody loves women. I know I've never had like a woman like specific guests like this. So this is the first reason I might be, I might be out of my comfort zone a little bit. But it's just like, it's one of those things where like, there's so many smart, powerful women that do amazing things. And it's, it's interesting to have to have this conversation. So I appreciate you for coming on. And I appreciate you for giving up your time. Let's let's kind of dive into real estate. So how long have you been in real estate? So I only got started in real estate back in 2018. So I'm still Yes. And it was something I never planned on getting involved in real estate investing. But yet, here we are, I think has this as a side note, but has COVID really like capitalized and accelerated your growth in general. Because I feel like it helped a lot of people during the during the lock downs and stuff. I wouldn't say that it necessarily like helped me in that sense. I think what it did was there were just certain opportunities of properties that I was actually able to pick up during that time, right? March 2020, you know, at least where I am in New York, halfway through the month, all of a sudden, everything was canceled, everybody was quarantined. Here in New York, you actually couldn't even go see a house, you had to they've canceled all open houses. Then eventually, by April, May they allowed if you had an accepted offer, that you could finally you had to get the accepted offer first, then you were able to go see the house for the first time. So it really kind of changed the way people were doing business. But it was at that time that I just kind of decided, hey, listen, this might be a good opportunity zone for us. While nobody will everybody else is trapped. Everybody else was living under a rock people are afraid to kind of go outside. And also a lot of people didn't think that their houses would sell right. I think everybody thought that the whole housing market would crash. But yet, I feel like prices is like I was able to pick up some of my best rentals during this. Nobody else wanted to figure out what would they do what could they see what's going on with tenants that weren't paying, you know, eviction, moratoriums, all that I was actually able to pick up some really great deals. The and I think everybody knows estamos is I forget his name, but the famous traders beat greed and everybody's fearful and fearful whenever he's greedy. So you really capitalize on the situation when everybody's fearful. There's opportunity out there. I think it's it's coming up again, I think I think the opportunities coming up again, for sure. When people are getting fearful again, like really freaked out right now. You know, so I was talking to somebody about this the other day where I felt like that, you know, we've talked about the pandemic, right. And people were like, Oh, well, there's a pandemic, there's an eviction moratorium. I can't buy houses right now. Okay, well, that was 2020 2021. They said, Oh my god, well, housing prices. has a really high housing. The housing market is too expensive right now. So they didn't buy now. Oh, well now interest rates are too high and 2022. So now they didn't buy. So you have all these people that now it's been like yours. And like, what are you doing guys, like, get out there, figure out a way to make it work and get creative, rather than just waiting for, you know, the skies to open up and to have some sign that like now is the exact perfect time to be able to buy a house, you know that there's always going to be something wrong. You know, there's gonna always be something going on in the economy that might not make today the best day to buy a house. But you know what, there's 1000 of the reasons that it could be a great time to buy a house. No, I wrote, I'm really glad you hit on that. Because it's a, it's so there's so much there's like limitless opportunity where most people think like, I can't buy a house right now there's this thing that's preventing me I'm like, there's so much opportunity out there. There's so many houses, there's so much everything, there's so much everything he's got open your eyes to it, and see the opportunity in front of you. So one thing, one thing I really want to hit on is, I really want to get back to COVID. Because that's so crazy. I didn't know that they stopped viewing and everything. That's that's insane that you couldn't I remember the first so it was actually about two months in New York that Realtors just could not show houses could not show houses like you. And then when they finally allow that you could you had to get you like I said you had to have an accepted offer to be able to go and actually go into that house, right. And you had to wear gloves and you had to wear a mask. And we had a pump booties like it was like I knew how to sign all the paperwork. And you had realtors, you know giving you like a temperature check. But I remember the I saw a house on the market came on the market on like a Sunday. And Monday was when they were actually lifting restrictions that you could still do open house, then you could finally do an open house again. In New York, you didn't have to have the accepted offer. But you had to register if you had to get pre if you hadn't be pre approved. But pre approved for the open house like you had a result like actually booked like a reserve time slot. Yeah. So and they didn't really like give like much organization to what this was going to be like, but I saw this house and I was like I want this house. It's like exactly what I was looking for. For rental property. It was perfect. The numbers just were great. So my husband couldn't go my realtor couldn't go. So because it was literally last minute. So the next day, I drove upstate to upstate New York and I'm in New York and like we don't really drive, that's not our thing. So me driving like upstate, like on a highway for an hour was like a completely nerve wracking experience. So I get up there. And they didn't actually hold like the reservation time slots, they made you wait in a line six feet apart. And then the realtor took one person at a time to go view the property. So I'm waiting in line, and I was pretty early. Because I hate being late for anything. So I got online early, and I'm talking to like a couple of the people next to me. And I realize I am the only woman in this entire line of now investors coming to this property. And it just gentleman after gentleman, gentleman. I'm in the middle there. The realtor was actually a woman. And I remember when we went inside the property, I asked her a question because they had those split level heating air conditioning systems. And that's just not something that's very common where I live. So I'd asked her a question about that. And she gave me this like snarky remark of like, didn't you read like the realtors comments. And I was like, I'm not a realtor like what what are you talking about? Like it was just so rude. So I remember when actually I got the property. And a couple of weeks later, when we were doing the inspection, she actually came by to apologize to me, because she didn't realize that I that I was the buyer she thought that I was somebody Secretary sent out. I don't like you or another woman. And your first assumption was that I had to be somebody secretary, or like admin. I was I did not invite her to Lady landlords, let me tell you that. But it was a it was just really interesting just to to still see you know that there were some places that you know, I'm sometimes still the only woman in the room. But then even to have another woman just assume but I will never forget how rude she was to me on that showing the whole time she was showing me the property. I was like this, if this property was not going to be a really good rental property, I would not buy it from this woman. That's crazy. That's such a such a fitting story because you aren't seen as the normal, that normal buyer side in that transaction. So it's definitely it's definitely fitting. I'm really glad you showed her. I did well and I was I was the only woman I was also probably younger by about 20 years that most people that were there. I'm Hispanic so that also kind of stood out in the line of people you know So it was, it was just really interesting to still see how, you know, not everybody is always represented and at the table still these days, so it's really nice to be able for those of us that can to get out there and show our faces, I'm really got to say so is there other other times where you've had to like really step out of your comfort zone to like, Hey, I'm the buyer here in this opportunity, like these are these are really great, because I feel like women are seen as like passive and they're not really seen as the aggressor. But sometimes in your buying real estate, you have to be seen as the aggressor to get what get what you need done. Like with tight handling title issues, and all this dealing with agents and stuff like that, you have to do what you need to do to get stuff done sometimes. So I don't know if it's in New York, or in me, or the Aquarius in me, but I don't think most people would ever call me shy, or passive. Um, I remember the first the first property I was looking to buy. I actually got I was trying to find, you know, what lender I wanted to work with what REALTOR at the time, I was interviewing a ton of realtors to be able to work with, I remember this one guy that I spoke to, actually asked me, if if I had a partner, I was married, and I was engaged at the time. So I said, you know, I'm engaged. And he was just like, Okay, well, do you want to have like your fiancee call me then. So we could talk numbers? And I was like, why is that? And he goes, Well, you know, women are usually just only interested in how pretty the kitchen in the bath and how pretty the kitchen in the bathrooms look like? And I was just like, did you just say that out loud? And he was like, what I'm like, did you say that out loud to a woman that called you to buy a house from him? And he was like, ah, and I'm like, great. We're done. Thank you very much. And I just hung up the phone. But it was, you know, it's interesting, because you know, my husband and I we're now married. But to be honest, he's usually the one that's like, oh, the kitchen looks really nice. I think we should buy it. And I'm like, no, no, the numbers don't make sense. We're not buying it. So it's just interesting to see kind of what roles you play. But I've definitely had that. Or there's been times Luckily, I found actually the best Realtor in the world here in New York. He's become like just a really, really good friend of mine, he actually came to my wedding. I consider him like one of my best friends. But you know, it takes some time to find the right team members and to find the right people to be able to work with, it's not as easy as just, you know, I'll date myself here, it's not like you could just call somebody out of the Yellow Pages and find the right person to work with, you know, not all realtors, not all mortgage lenders are created equally, you really do have to find a good fit for for you and for how you'd like to work 100%. So I'm really, I'm really digging into this because, like you as a landlord are as in a position of power to and you probably get the same disregard all the time to from your tenants? Do you have problems? That's probably manage. We manage all of our properties. We self manage all of our properties. I actually don't, I feel like what's really important and what's helped me even with the way that I work with my real estate team, right? My lender, my attorney, my title company. I think I've set my expectations very clear up from the beginning, not only with my team, but also with my tenants, and what I expect. So I really actually feel that I am not a person that necessarily gets pushed around too much. Because I'm able to make those expectations clear, I have very clear guidelines for how my tenants can reach out to me how they communicate with me, what my response time will be like with them. I put all of those boundaries in place from the start. And I think that makes it clear. Also, when I bring on a new service provider, when I work with the new title company or a new attorney, and once again, the ones that I have now I absolutely love. But when I was looking for really the right people, I had a conversation with them before I hired them of what I look for how I work, and what I really expect. And I think that's made things a little bit easier. Honestly, I feel like more people like fear working with me then feel that I'm a pushover and they got ended up on the other side. Now, I'm really glad you said proper, proper expectations because I really want people to get some value from that is that send the proper expectations. Always make sure that everyone understands what what what's being done, what's going to be done. How are they gonna be done? Like if you have if you have if you have if you have a work order, this is the process you go through you don't call me. Correct, you know, or like, you know, I've had a couple of situations where I've had tenants kind of call me. I had one, her oven was not like turning off. Right, She'd cook something she turned the dial to off but it was not turn off the oven was stolen clearly, you know, still got we have gas ovens, right? So this whole situation is kind of going on and I was just like, Okay, great. Like is the fire department on its way? And she's like, No, I figured you would just come and handle it. And I'm like Okay, hang up the phone call number one Then you call me like call 911. First, if there is fire, if you smell gas, like, like, that's something that really a fire department is going to be a little bit more able to handle a fire than little Becky over here. Right? So once again, it's just making sure that like upfront that it's I make it very clear in my lease, what situations you call me for what situations you call 911 for, and what is kind of that order, like look like. And since then, you know, when we you lay things out, it just really makes the whole situation much more smooth. So I have have a really good question for you. And it's some people have different answers for this. But how do you deal with troubled tenants because a lot of people, they sometimes they're, I'm not a good landlord, because I'm too. I feel I feel for my tenants in some way. So I hate I hate being this person. But like, how, how do you deal with troubled tenants? Because it's hard sometimes if you have a feeling of like, you're not like, if you care about people, you know, it's like, really hard to kick people out and do what you need to do. There's, listen, there's a balance, right? Like I care about my tenants, my tenants, are there my clients, right, like we are in a, I think one thing that people don't think about is that actually being a landlord is really being a customer service. Business, right? I'm there to make sure that my tenants have a clean, safe home. That's, that's really my role, right? So you know, a lot of landlords get like, upset when they get like phone calls about like this or that. But if something needs to be fixed, if things need to be taken care of like that's, that's really what our role is. So when you say troubled tenants, to me, I feel like those are two different situations, right? There's a difference between, hey, I lost my job because of a worldwide pandemic that has not occurred and you know, hundreds of years, and I can't work versus, hey, I decided to go on vacation. I don't want to pay you your money this month. You know, I think those are, those are two very, very different situations, right. And those two need to be treated with a different response. So when same thing back to 2020, in March of 2021, New York City shutdown, I messaged all of our tenants, and said, Hey, we don't know what this thing's going to look like. We don't know how long things are going to be shut down. You know, just communicate with us. Let us know what's kind of going on in your situation. And we can make sure to kind of put something in place, depending on what's going on in your situation. And my tenants want me back automatically, like, you know, hey, thank you. That's really nice. Like, we really appreciate you like asking, being concerned about us, one guy automatically said, I'm not going to be able to pay April's April's rent, because I'm not now working the last two months, two weeks of March. And he was in a kind of a paycheck to paycheck situation. So we were able to really talk and work out a plan with him. I had all of my tenants pay outside of that one person throughout the entire pandemic. And that one person when he got stimulus check when he got his unemployment check. He paid us back every single penny he owed us because we had open lines of communication. Right? If a tenant, on the other hand, and we've had this, you know, I've gone to court multiple times with tenants, we had a tenant, she told us, like a few days before Thanksgiving, she was on a month to month lease. She said, Hey, I'm moving out in 10 days, right? And you got Thanksgiving in the middle of there. Right? So I was just like, okay, you know, thank you for letting me know, you're, you know, you're on a month to month lease, which means you need to tell us 30 days before the start of the month, which means you're still responsible for December's rent. And she said no, I'm not I'm not responsible for that. I said, Yes, you are. I sent her a copy of the forms that she had signed. And she still was like, Well, I'm not paying that. And I said, Great, you have two choices, you can either pay, and I gave her options, you know, you can use put her on a payment plan, I gave her an option for a credit card. You know, I hear those options. And then we could be done with this by the end of the year. Or you're going to be seeing me all all year and 2022 Because we're going to be in court, I'm going to be at your job garnishing your wages, we're not going to have to follow this up, you're gonna have to see your ex husband, because you kicked him out. But now he's going to be on he's on the lease, which means you're gonna have to see your ex husband over in small claims court. So this is your choice. It is your choice to meet the obligations that you agreed to. Or it's not. And in that situation, I'm sorry, I can't really I don't really feel bad. Yeah, right when somebody is is doing something wrong to me. That's really on them. Yeah. 100% I think I learned a lot. The first time I went through, I went to court to pick somebody that I was hosting. I was wholesaling a property and he didn't want to deal with it. So I'm like here science paperwork saying I have the right to evict this person. And so I went through the process of evicting them. And it was it was it was interesting. It was very, very interesting. Yeah. But like, I helped them move out, I test out the property like, like, it was one of the scenes like I really tried to like, help them. But that's also okay if like this person had like the house being sold out from underneath him, you know what I mean? Yeah. So, you know, you really have to look at everybody's individual situation, and see where we can help. And you know, once again, we are in the business of being human. You know, I get, but there you have to kind of be able to bounce that between where is this a business versus where is this a charity. And I would love to have a house that I could just let people live there for free. Because I'm a good millionaire and can do that. But I'm not in a financial position right now where I could just give away free housing. Yeah, it's a it's interesting that it's an interesting dynamic. And I think part of the like, hard part was landlording is like, the situation I hope that that owner out of the with the with their tenants, it was actually family members that were abusing, using using their own family member. So it was one of the things like they didn't want to deal with their own family members. So they were like, help me please. Yeah. And that's, that's a whole different. You talked about family members right. Now all of a sudden, like, renting the family. do business with family. That's a whole nother realm. nother can of worms isn't like strict, no no's, like especially like that, that you will like, I would never don't work with family. Yes. Yes. I like other strict things that I say no to. Yeah. Like, if you're, let's say, let's say you're looking at and I've seen a lot of this on tick tock. Like, if, if are you dating? Are you dating? Are you dating somebody? Are they gonna sign the lease and they lie to you, and then trying to move after? Like, there's like ways to filter out potential bad clients that you like, I've seen this trick before. I'm not gonna fall for it again. Um, I think definitely like, I mean, over time, like, if I look back to like, the first property that I bought versus now like, we're actually closing on our sevens tomorrow. They're like, there's so many things that like, it's just funny now that like, I'll say and be like, oh, man, like, there's no way I would do that. But meanwhile, I don't even know that that thing even existed when I bought the first property. So it is interesting to see like how you've kind of like refined what you look for, what your preferences are, you know, what you like, what you don't like, for example, the property that we had, that we're closing on tomorrow, the town was not able to get us we were closing on Friday. The town is not able to get us the final water bill until Monday. So okay, we'll just put some money in escrow. Right. That's the easy response to that. So we don't have to, we're dealing with a rate lock issue. Clearly, interest rates have gone up. So I don't want to have to deal with that. So, you know, the first thing that like when I heard water bill and money in escrow, I called my attorney automatically. The reason for that is because there was a previous situation on the first property I bought that the title company missed a $7,000 water bill. So then that that took some time to get sorted out, right. And I the title company did pay for that. But they missed it. And it was weeks of a headache of what am I going to do with a $7,000 water bill that then became a lien on my taxes. And I'm like, I've owned a home for like two days. What do you mean, I owe an extra seven grand in taxes, right? So that was so I already didn't like when I hear the word water bill that kind of gives me like, you know, goosebumps here. And then the second was money in escrow. I bought a property back in 2019. And I bought a property from it's a four family and a parking lot here in New York. So parking is a big thing for us. And I bought it from this elderly couple that were to be in all honesty, they were absolute hoarders, they had some thing we would call garbage, they would call their precious commodities all over every single inch of this property. So they also needed to stay in their apartment and one of the units after we closed on the house, so we rent it back to them. They had to meet certain conditions about still cleaning up the property after we had closed. So there was a lot of money in escrow. We ended up having to go to court to get that money out of escrow. And it took us years before we were actually able to get our check. So to me when I heard water bill and money in escrow I automatically am like No, no, we are rescheduling this closing screw it like I'm not I'm not dealing with those two situations. So it was just something that like just once again it brought up I said to my attorney I was just like I just had like PTSD when I hear like, you know water bill and anything with escrow because those were two horrible situations. This was nothing like it here we're talking like three $300 And you know, a water bill being paid or not paid is a little bit Turn your key for escrow rather than, rather than the previous situation I was in. So, so it's just, it's just your experience talking, you know? Right, exactly. But it was, it was just like, Okay, well, how else can can we kind of get through this but you know, so there are certain things that like my husband and I, we were like no after, after that court case, with that money in escrow that took us years, we were like, That's it, we're never putting money in escrow, we were told it was so easy to get the money from escrow and that was so but you know, now when the end of the full process, and we probably will not come across, say, three year legal battle for money in escrow? Again, I hope people see that I hope people see that one. That's a good one. It's a good little tidbit. I mean, one thing about real estate is like every every deal you do, there's another curveball you gotta face in some ways. Yeah, every property is completely different and has its complete set of different challenges. Every, it's completely different every single time. Right. But when you go through it, you're right, like you pick up these little things from experience that make things easier. And then what else do you got to learn here? What else can you learn there? And it does, it definitely gives you the availability to, to problem solve. I think that's really what being a real estate investor is, is it's just being really good at solving problems and coming up with solutions. That's it. That's it right there. What is let's talk a little a little kind of pivot a little towards your Facebook group. What's what's the, what's the main goal of your Facebook group? What kind of information you're providing there? What does that look like to you? Sure. So lady landlords helps women that are looking to reach financial freedom through through real estate investing. And we help women in three different ways we help them figure out how to get started in real estate investing, how to then manage their tenants, and then also how to be able to grow their portfolio. So we provide different workshops, webinars, online courses, to really help make sure that women have the confidence that they need to be able to be great problem solvers as real estate investors. That's a such an underrated, like, niche to be in, because it's like, you really, there's a whole section and sector of investors out there that just that they need that assistance in a lot of different ways. And they need that experience that you've gone through, like, hey, what I do the situation like you do this, this and this, and this will happen. Right? Like, you know, I always just wanted people, you know, Lady landlords like we're not, we're not anti men in any way. As I mentioned, you know, my, my realtor who's one of my best friends is a man, right? My husband's a man, like, I've liked these people, but most occasions, but really what the the goal of leaders landlords is to make sure that like women really have that confidence to be able, if they need to walk into a room of men that have been doing this for 2030 years. So they can really be able to hold their own and feel comfortable with that. And to feel comfortable making the decisions that they need to within their own real estate portfolio. It's a, it's definitely a overwhelming thing, if you haven't had that experience. So it's something that having stuff like having something in your having somebody in your corner to, hey, this is what you do. That'll definitely help you carry it through 100%. Yeah, I feel like we're a little secret like back pocket, right? Like you just people come to Lady landlords ask a couple questions, hey, this is going on with my tenant, what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say? They come we talk about the situation in the group, then they can go out and they go back to their chair. And they can just be like, Yo, this is how it needs to be done. Right? Kind of unity is such an amazing asset, such an amazing acid. So for everybody listening, please go go go follow at landlords Facebook group. I am a big fan of community. And it's one of those things where like, if you don't have community of people like you that are going through the same situations as you, you feel overwhelmed, and you almost can feel alone. And that puts you in a state of depression, because you don't have anybody to count on 100%. Right. You know, and I mean, I started the group in March of 2020, for a very good purpose. Right? Yeah. I mean, I could say, I can say you're definitely making an impact and impact is priceless. And it's cool to see and I know you're the leader of the snap community, too, in my group, too. It's cool to see community leaders help other communities. So it's like, you're not physically having to do it anymore. But there's people that understand the mission and understand the goal, but they're just doing it for you. Right, like Jimmy was, you know, it was different when we were much smaller, right? You know, Lady landlords now is 30,000 women in the community. So when somebody posts a question, or ask for help, you know, to me it's just so beautiful to see literally just get like hundreds of responses of other women helping someone kind of walk them through that situation. You know, that's so cuz I was like, I don't know, I don't have kids, but like, I just feel like, you know, like a proud parent that can just like sit back. And just like, watch, like my children, like, take care of each other. You know, like, that's, that's how I feel in the group. It's really nice. It's a, it's a proud moment, it's like it brings, it brings a tear to your eye. But it's really nice. It's really just great. Like you said, it's great to see from like a community because you know, real estate investing, we tend to be on our own right, nobody learned how to invest in college, you know, I know, at least where I went, they weren't teaching real estate investing, you know, so it's something that like, we really are all people that are looking to kind of learn this new skill later on in our lives. And you know, there's not a lot of direction guidance, or and there's a ton of different My favorite thing about real estate investing is there's 1000s of possibilities of what we can really do in this industry. But that can also be really overwhelming. So it's so nice to be able to talk to people that have like Been there done that, that can just kind of make that learning curve for you a little bit easier. I appreciate you providing immunity, like my big my big thing, and it's something I say is that I help people that help people. And that's my thing. Because if we're all if we're all helping people that we're all making a difference together, one person at a time. Right? And if we all have that mentality, it'd be much nicer, kinder world. But here's what is a quote that is yours or somebody else's that you resonate with. Oh, so my, my favorite quote. I'm fortunate I have to give credit. So I have two favorite quotes my the one that I actually usually always talk about with real estate investing, I'm gonna have to actually give credit to Nike just do it. Right, or whoever wrote that slogan, because I feel like real estate investors, we get stuck in analysis paralysis when we get stuck, like I mentioned, like we were talking about the beginning of the call, right? Oh, you know, there's a pandemic, oh, interest rates are too high. Oh, prices are too high this year, maybe next year, maybe next year, maybe the market will crash. Right. But what I find really important. And what I find interesting is when you ask any real estate investor, like what they wish they'd known about real estate investing, you know, at the beginning, they always say, I wish I got started sooner, right? So I just that the concept of really just like going out taking action and actually making a difference in your life today. Not tomorrow, not the next day. But today really just resonates with me. Man, I tell people, I tell them all the time is like, separates separates everybody else from 99% of the people is that people that just they just do something, it doesn't matter what it is doesn't have to do a lot. They just do something. They're there then creating something which is 90% of the world is consumer. So if you create anything, any little bit of thing, you're already a step above everybody else, and you're already moving forward. And then from there, she's being consistent. So baby steps, eventually take you up a mountain. Yeah. Well, I think I think what you're kind of talking about too, is it's really difficult with like, a lot of social media today, right? You could go online and like two seconds, you can hear about people that are buying, you know, 14 houses overnight, or, you know, are doing all these things that like it's it makes people feel like those little baby steps really isn't or not enough. But everyone has to start out somewhere. And you're right, doing something is still better than doing nothing. 100% 100% I'll take you down Instagram and go take action. So perfectly. Where's your Instagram, Instagram handle? Lady landlords on Facebook? Where can people find you? Sure. So those that identify as female can find us in our Facebook group at lady landlords otherwise, everyone can find me on Instagram at Becky NOVA 24. Or we also do have a lady landlords podcast as well. And that's really, you know, once again, everybody can listen to that podcast. So just some easy ways to find me. You know, I had this whole interview. I forgot to mention the podcast. What's your many episodes, your podcasts that and what's your what's your release schedule right now. So I do once a week I release new episodes every single Tuesday. We are in season two, so that would mean I would have about 75 episodes. Oh my god. Oh my God, would that really be 75 episodes? That's crazy. Yeah, the podcast, honestly, the podcast came out of you know, whenever I see a common topic in lady landlords, I'm like, great, that'll be an episode. That'll be an episode like whatever I see, like everybody kind of talking about or a lot of things that I felt like I was just answering similar questions over and over again. I said, you know, let me be able to kind of create some content so people can get their answer without kind of having to come to the group and ask a similar question. Let's just get the real answer out there. That is such a such a such a cool note the you're getting feedback and what's even talked about from your podcasts from your group, groups and Facebook every everybody out there started Facebook group. She started hers this way March I think we're shoulder Yeah, March March of 2020. And now you're making a huge impact and it's one of those things where like, I tell people like if you want to make a difference Facebook group it might take a while like for me I started I started my in January I got 2200 but no discounts on me but I started from zero just like you did, right. It's just make it make an impact, provide valuable content, be a creator, not a consumer and make a difference in the world. Right? And be passionate about it. be something that you really enjoy. Do we do it because it makes you happy not for the not for the money not for fame? Do it because it makes you happy? Those Those there's a I listen to a podcast the other day and it was one of the things we're like being intentional. I'm using the word intentional means that you're you're really wanting to with a great purpose. Make something better. So being intentional. And it's such a such a powerful word like intentional intentional. I love that word. It's intentional. Be very intentional. So I hope you found value today. Go check out her Facebook group for podcasts. If you need help. And your lady, go check out lady landlords. Appreciate your time, Becky, and hope. I hope I helped us out to see in a few years and see we'll see the big difference you can make. Exactly no we're in we're in touch now. Right. Could you touch with good people? So now well, let's see what we can do together next. All right. Thank you. Have a great day. Appreciate you coming on. I hope you found value in this episode. Please like subscribe and share it with your friends. Have a great day y'all see on the next episode.

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!

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